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Artistic quotes by Edmund De Waal
#1. All art is the result of one's having been in danger of having gone through an experience all the way to the end when no one can go any further. This is what it is like to be an artist – you are unsteady on the edge of life like a swan before an anxious launching of himself on the floods where he is gently caught. #Quote by Edmund De Waal
Artistic quotes by Kevin Sampsell
#2. I think a lot of awesome stuff is coming out with smaller presses. Small presses don't have to have huge board meetings to talk about how to market their books or what to publish - they can take more chances. They can help new authors grow in a healthier, often more artistic way. #Quote by Kevin Sampsell
Artistic quotes by Sam Harris
#3. There is nothing novel about trying to become happy. And one can become happy, within certain limits, without any recourse to the practice of meditation. But conventional sources of happiness are unreliable, being dependent upon changing conditions. It is difficult to raise a happy family, to keep yourself and those you love healthy, to acquire wealth and find creative and fulfilling ways to enjoy it, to form deep friendships, to contribute to society in ways that are emotionally rewarding, to perfect a wide variety of artistic, athletic, and intellectual skills - and to keep the machinery of happiness running day after day. There is nothing wrong with being fulfilled in all these ways - except for the fact that, if you pay close attention, you will see that there is still something wrong with it. These forms of happiness aren't good enough. Our feelings of fulfillment do not last. And the stress of life continues. #Quote by Sam Harris
Artistic quotes by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
#4. Together with an elderly artist (I regret that I don't remember his name) he occupied a separate room in the barracks. And there Yuri painted for nothing schmaltzy pictures such as Nero's Feast and the Chorus of Elves and the like for the German officers on the commandant's staff. In return, he was given food. The slops for which the POW officers stood in line with their mess tins from 6 a.m. on, while the Ordners beat them with sticks and the cooks with ladles, were not enough to sustain life. At evening, Yuri could see from the windows of their room the one and only picture for which his artistic talent had been given him: the evening mist hovering above a swampy meadow encircled by barbed wire; a multitude of bonfires; and, around the bonfires, beings who had once been Russian officers but had now become beastlike creatures who gnawed the bones of dead horses, who baked patties from potato rinds, who smoked manure and were all swarming with lice. Not all those two-legged creatures had died as yet. Not all of them had yet lost the capacity for intelligible speech, and one could see in the crimson reflections of the bonfires how a belated understanding was dawning on those faces which were descending to the Neanderthal. #Quote by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Artistic quotes by Leonard Slatkin
#5. The conductor is the artistic leader and sometimes cultural arbiter of his or her community. It is their leadership that is looked to and should anything go wrong, they are the persons taking most of the heat. #Quote by Leonard Slatkin
Artistic quotes by Steve Jobs
#6. A computer is the most incredible tool we've ever seen. It can be a writing tool, a communications center, a supercalculator, a planner, a filer and an artistic instrument all in one, just by being given new instructions, or software, to work from. There are no other tools that have the power and versatility of a computer. #Quote by Steve Jobs
Artistic quotes by Mira Sorvino
#7. I'm doing things that are more artistic again, more close to the material that I love. I don't disparage those things that I did. They're just not as much reflective of who I am. #Quote by Mira Sorvino
Artistic quotes by Somer Brodribb
#8. The assertion that only sex is power and the arrogation of creativity to the masculine sex and the rendering of all creativity as sexual - this is patriarchal aesthetics. Patriarchal passion sees violent sex as the essential creative act, even aesthetically, through a sort of metaphysical transubstantiation. This is their romantic belief that sex with the Master can produce the artistic spirit in the student. Male creativity is thus born in another, her work is given depth through the violent transgression of her boundaries. #Quote by Somer Brodribb
Artistic quotes by Antonin Scalia
#9. Words change meaning over time, and often in unpredictable ways. Queen Anne is said (probably apocryphally) to have commented about Sir Christopher Wren's architecture at St. Paul's Cathedral that it was "awful, artificial, and amusing" - by which she meant that it was awe-inspiring, highly artistic, and thought-provoking. #Quote by Antonin Scalia
Artistic quotes by Efrat Cybulkiewicz
#10. Some people can see art in everything. #Quote by Efrat Cybulkiewicz
Artistic quotes by John Millington Synge
#11. Every article on these islands has an almost personal character, which gives this simple life, where all art is unknown, something of the artistic beauty of medieval life. #Quote by John Millington Synge
Artistic quotes by Hank Bracker
#12. Weston, having been born in Chicago, was raised with typical, well-grounded, mid-western values. On his 16th birthday, his father gave him a Kodak camera with which he started what would become his lifetime vocation. During the summer of 1908, Weston met Flora May Chandler, a schoolteacher who was seven years older than he was. The following year the couple married and in time they had four sons.
Weston and his family moved to Southern California and opened a portrait studio on Brand Boulevard, in the artsy section of Glendale, California, called Tropico. His artistic skills soon became apparent and he became well known for his portraits of famous people, such as Carl Sandburg and Max Eastman. In the autumn of 1913, hearing of his work, Margrethe Mather, a photographer from Los Angeles, came to his studio, where Weston asked her to be his studio assistant. It didn't take long before the two developed a passionate, intimate relationship. Both Weston and Mather became active in the growing bohemian cultural scene in Los Angeles. She was extremely outgoing and artistic in a most flamboyant way. Her bohemian sexual values were new to Weston's conventional thinking, but Mather excited him and presented him with a new outlook that he found enticing. Mather was beautiful, and being bisexual and having been a high-class prostitute, was delightfully worldly. Mather's uninhibited lifestyle became irresistible to Weston and her photography took him into a new and exciting art form. #Quote by Hank Bracker
Artistic quotes by Ruth Padel
#13. Poetry or science, what matters is saying it how you see it. Saying precisely what and how you saw, and no more. In science, poetry or describing a journey, accuracy is all you can do. Saying it as you saw. #Quote by Ruth Padel
Artistic quotes by Robert Carlyle
#14. My first love is art, and I see a lot of things in an artistic way. #Quote by Robert Carlyle
Artistic quotes by Hans Hofmann
#15. And so artistic creation is the metamorphosis of the external physical aspects of a thing into a self-sustaining spiritual reality . #Quote by Hans Hofmann
Artistic quotes by Kate Beckinsale
#16. I grew up as an only child and my mother was also an only child, so we were both very passionate about reading. I think I passed that on to my daughter, who went plowing through 'Harry Potter' and every other book possible! #Quote by Kate Beckinsale
Artistic quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#17. The need for beauty and the [artistic] creation which embodies it is inseparable from man, and without it man would possibly not want to live in the world. #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Artistic quotes by Rebecca Goldstein
#18. It has been claimed that Plato was an egalitarian; it has been claimed that he was a totalitarian. It has been claimed that he was the utopian, proposing a universal blueprint for the ideal state; it has been claimed that he was an anti-utopian, demonstrating that all political idealism is folly. It has been claimed that he was a populist, concerned with the best interests of all citizens; it has been claimed he was an elitist with disturbing eugenic tendencies. It has been claimed he was a romantic; it has been claimed that he was a prick. It has been claimed that he was a theorizer, with sweeping metaphysical doctrines; it has been claimed that he was the anti-theorizing skeptic, always intent on unsettling convictions. It has been claimed that he was full of humor and play; it has been claimed that he was as solemn as a sermon limining the torments of the damned. It has been claimed he loved his fellow man; it has been claimed he loves his fellow man. It has been claimed he was a philosopher who used his artistic gifts in the service of philosophy; it has been claimed he was an artist who used philosophy in the service of his art. #Quote by Rebecca Goldstein
Artistic quotes by Man Ray
#19. Speaking of nudes, I have always had a great fondness for this subject, both in my paintings and in my photos, and I must admit, not for purely artistic reasons. #Quote by Man Ray
Artistic quotes by Blixa Bargeld
#20. When I started I didn't know anything about music. I came from an absolutely non-musical, non-artistic background. #Quote by Blixa Bargeld
Artistic quotes by Richard Hornby
#21. Emotional release by itself, no matter how "real," "honest," etc. the emotion may be, is never enough to create a character ... such release has no artistic form. #Quote by Richard Hornby
Artistic quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#22. The work of the philosophical policeman," replied the man in blue, "is at once bolder and more subtle than that of the ordinary detective. The ordinary detective goes to pot-houses to arrest thieves; we go to artistic tea-parties to detect pessimists. The ordinary detective discovers from a ledger or a diary that a crime has been committed. We discover from a book of sonnets that a crime will be committed. We have to trace the origin of those dreadful thoughts that drive men on at last to intellectual fanaticism and intellectual crime. We were only just in time to prevent the assassination at Hartlepool, and that was entirely due to the fact that our Mr. Wilks (a smart young fellow) thoroughly understood a triolet. #Quote by G.K. Chesterton
Artistic quotes by Matthew Weiner
#23. My wife's an architect, so she definitely has a very high-risk artistic profession, and she gets the idea that you're really sensitive, you really care what people think, you have a low threshold for criticism. #Quote by Matthew Weiner
Artistic quotes by Nadia Gamel
#24. I am NOT a belly dancer. I have never been one, and never will be. What I do is not what Hollywood vulgarly calls 'belly dance', but it's art. I have traveled the world to prove that my dance is not a dance of the belly but a refined, artistic dance full of tradition, of dreaming and beauty. Oriental dance is primarily an expressive dance; in that resides the beauty. #Quote by Nadia Gamel
Artistic quotes by Josh Waitzkin
#25. This might sound like a dream for a seventeen-year-old boy, and I won't deny enjoying the attention, but professionally it was a nightmare. My game began to unravel. I caught myself thinking about how I looked thinking instead of losing myself in thought. The Grandmasters, my elders, were ignored and scowled at me. Some of them treated me like a pariah. I had won eight national championships and had more fans, public support and recognition than I could dream of, but none of this was helping my search for excellence, let alone for happiness. At a young age I came to know that there is something profoundly hollow about the nature of fame. I had spent my life devoted to artistic growth and was used to the sweaty-palmed sense of contentment one gets after many hours of intense reflection. This peaceful feeling had nothing to do with external adulation, and I yearned for a return to that innocent, fertile time. I missed just being a student of the game, #Quote by Josh Waitzkin
Artistic quotes by Richard Feynman
#26. No government has the right to decide on the truth of scientific principles, nor to prescribe in any way the character of the questions investigated. Neither may a government determine the aesthetic value of artistic creations, nor limit the forms of literacy or artistic expression. Nor should it pronounce on the validity of economic, historic, religious, or philosophical doctrines. Instead it has a duty to its citizens to maintain the freedom, to let those citizens contribute to the further adventure and the development of the human race. #Quote by Richard Feynman
Artistic quotes by Israel Zangwill
#27. Artistic truth is for me literally the highest truth: art may seize the essence of persons and movements no less truly, and certainly far more vitally, than a scientific generalization unifies a chaos of phenomena. Time and Space are only the conditions through which spiritual facts struggle. Hence I have here and there permitted myself liberties with these categories. #Quote by Israel Zangwill
Artistic quotes by Chris Sharma
#28. Climbing is an artistic, creative thing; it's about being spontaneous, traveling, seeing the world, hanging out. It's a balance of setting goals while enjoying the process, being ambitious without being too competitive. #Quote by Chris Sharma
Artistic quotes by Sinead O'Connor
#29. I have always had a good functioning in my artistic life, but I had problems mostly in my private life, I got very angry with my boyfriends and stuff ... I would probably have good reasons to be angry but the volume would be too high, just getting to some level of wounding that perhaps was not appropriate to the actual offence committed. #Quote by Sinead O'Connor
Artistic quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#30. I seek to sensitize and clarify the essential elements of my soul. I will leave striving for the flags of fame and fortune behind and go where the soul beckons without fearing the decisive outcome. I will travel in a world without boundaries and embrace danger and awe. I will stand as a witness to comedy, beauty, and tragedy and apply the principles of artistic and ascetic forms of awareness to overcome the inherent frustration of enduring a fundamentally painful human existence. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Artistic quotes by Anna Deavere Smith
#31. My job in my work is not to acquire power; it's to question power. #Quote by Anna Deavere Smith
Artistic quotes by Virginia Postrel
#32. Behind the criticism of fashion as an artistic medium is a highly ideological prejudice: against markets, against consumers, against the dynamism of Western commercial society. The debate is not about art but about culture and economics. #Quote by Virginia Postrel
Artistic quotes by Roger Kimball
#33. The institutionalization of the Beat ethic has been a moral, aesthetic, and intellectual disaster of the first order. (It has also been a disaster for fashion and manners, but that is a separate subject.) We owe to the 1960s the ultimate institutionalization of immoralist radicalism: the institutionalization of drugs, pseudo-spirituality, promiscuous sex, virulent anti-Americanism, naive anti-capitalism, and the precipitous decline of artistic and intellectual standards. But the1960s and 1970s only codified and extended into the middle class the radical spirit of the Beats, who, in more normal times, would have remained what they were in the beginning; members of a fringe movement that provided stand-up comics with material. #Quote by Roger Kimball
Artistic quotes by L. Ron Hubbard
#34. Every separate sector of artistic creation has its own basic rules ... data which govern it. They are contained in the textbooks on these subjects. A professional knows the rules of the game as a matter of course so that he can achieve, in the upper strata above that, a high quality of art. #Quote by L. Ron Hubbard
Artistic quotes by Ted Kotcheff
#35. I have as much artistic freedom in my television work as I have in my films. #Quote by Ted Kotcheff
Artistic quotes by Kasimir Malevich
#36. Nothing in the objective world is as "secure and unshakeable" as it appears to our conscious minds. We should accept nothing as predetermined - as constituted for eternity. Every "firmly established," familiar thing can be shifted about and brought under a new and, primarily, unfamiliar order. Why then should it not be possible to bring about an artistic order? #Quote by Kasimir Malevich
Artistic quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#37. You have to look closely to see clearly. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Artistic quotes by John Lennon
#38. I wanted to give five solid years of being there all the time (with Sean). I hadn't seen my first son Julian grow up, and now there's a 17-year-old man on the phone talking about motorbikes. No matter what artistic gains I get, or gold records, if I can't make a success out of my relationship with the people I love, then everything else is bullsh*t. #Quote by John Lennon
Artistic quotes by Thomas Ligotti
#39. Perhaps our judgement of the purple woman was unfair. No doubt her theories concerning the "approach of the Teatro" made us all uneasy. But was this reason enough to cast her out from that artistic underworld which was the only society available to her? Like many societies, of course, ours was founded on fearful superstition, and this is always reason enough for any kind of behavior. She had been permanently stigmatized by too closely associating herself with something unclean in its essence. #Quote by Thomas Ligotti
Artistic quotes by Anthony Liccione
#40. I'd rather be eccentric and artistic, than be normal and have not one inch of art flowing through my heart. #Quote by Anthony Liccione
Artistic quotes by Tom Odell
#41. I tend to write and record things quite quickly. You can tamper with things for years, and it's artistic laziness sometimes. #Quote by Tom Odell
Artistic quotes by Peter Shaffer
#42. I looked on astounded as from his ordinary life he made his art. We were both ordinary men, he and I. Yet from the ordinary he created Legends
and I from Legends created only the ordinary! #Quote by Peter Shaffer
Artistic quotes by Roger A. Caras
#43. Some of our greatest historical and artistic treasures we place with curators in museums; others we take for walks. #Quote by Roger A. Caras
Artistic quotes by Matthew Spektor
#44. There is no greater swindle than so-called realism in all its forms, and no bigger sucker than someone who mistakes pessimism for accuracy. #Quote by Matthew Spektor
Artistic quotes by Lady Gaga
#45. My fashion is my most prized possession for two reasons: 1) because it is a visualization of all the hard work I've put in to get where I am today; 2) because it is a legend to the encyclopedia of my life. It is exactly what I've aimed to seep into the artistic consciousness of people all over the world - that life is an art form. #Quote by Lady Gaga
Artistic quotes by Bruce Willis
#46. Cinema has no boundaries ... we all belong to the same artistic community. #Quote by Bruce Willis
Artistic quotes by Casey Spooner
#47. It is impossible not to react to the current state of affairs through personal action and artistic production. We have been at war for three years. One desperately feels the need for someone to speak some sort of truth, either poetic or factual. #Quote by Casey Spooner
Artistic quotes by ESPN Cricinfo
#48. WH Auden: "The first criterion of success in any human activity, the necessary preliminary, whether to scientific discovery or artistic vision, is intensity of attention or, less pompously, love. #Quote by ESPN Cricinfo
Artistic quotes by Rudolf Steiner
#49. It is the death of present art when it returns again and again to the model. Use of the model is only an intermediate stage in artistic development. Create out of a living spirituality to overcome everything naturalistic. #Quote by Rudolf Steiner
Artistic quotes by Dreezy
#50. I was really artistic. I did a lot of poetry, a lot of writing. #Quote by Dreezy
Artistic quotes by Catharine Arnold
#51. By the mid-eighteenth century, another new attitude was emerging, one which encouraged reflection on death as a spiritual exercise and a valid form of artistic expression. The experts on Victorian death, James Stevens Curl and Chris Brooks, have described this tendency as, respectively, 'the cult of sepulchral melancholy' and 'graveyard gothic'. #Quote by Catharine Arnold
Artistic quotes by Saadat Hasan Manto
#52. Literature and film in my opinion are like saloons where bottles have no labels. I want to taste each one myself and figure out which is what. If I'm denied this by labelling, then my entertainment is considerably lessened. #Quote by Saadat Hasan Manto
Artistic quotes by William Monahan
#53. London exists normally in a state of bleach bypass. There's the artistic context of "Blow Up" and "Performance" and all the Sixties and Seventies British films that I grew up on, because I did very much grow up on British films. #Quote by William Monahan
Artistic quotes by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
#54. The artist who is not also a craftsman is no good; but, alas, most of our artists are nothing else. #Quote by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Artistic quotes by Billy Corgan
#55. I've rarely done anything that's overtly self-destructive without consciously knowing what I'm doing. And then of course, the astute journalist jumps forward and says, "Why are you being calculated?" Calculated seems to assume a sinister intent. My intent is always for artistic effect. #Quote by Billy Corgan
Artistic quotes by Ben Edwards
#56. There is also an artistic element which is lead by the film maker. Issues of what is reality and objectivity are as always relevant as someone is going to edit the film. #Quote by Ben Edwards
Artistic quotes by John Cale
#57. Everyone should be encouraged ... in spiration and artistic freedom is the cornerstone of rock and roll. #Quote by John Cale
Artistic quotes by Daisaku Ikeda
#58. We should all develop the mind to rejoice in, praise and share in the gift of those who have artistic talents and a richness of heart, whether they achieve wide recognition or not. Cultivating such a beautiful mind is a very worthy effort. Culture and art are not just decorations. They are not just accessories. What matters is whether culture enriches the essential substance of our lives. #Quote by Daisaku Ikeda
Artistic quotes by Theophile Gautier
#59. The arts teach and moralise by their beauty alone, not by translating a philosophical or social formula. For the truly artistic person, painting has itself as it's purpose, which is quite enough. #Quote by Theophile Gautier
Artistic quotes by Joyce Carol Oates
#60. For isn't the artist by nature a revolutionary? #Quote by Joyce Carol Oates
Artistic quotes by Elisabeth Shue
#61. I became disconnected from the childlike play that art could be. I spent so much time fearing I wasn't good enough that I lost the sense that my artistic expression was worthy. #Quote by Elisabeth Shue
Artistic quotes by Louisa May Alcott
#62. It's a great comfort to have an artistic sister. #Quote by Louisa May Alcott
Artistic quotes by Bette Davis
#63. [On gay men:] Let me say, a more artistic, appreciative group of people for the arts does not exist ... They are more knowledgeable, more loving of the arts. They make the average male look stupid. #Quote by Bette Davis
Artistic quotes by Lascelles Abercrombie
#64. The world knows of a vast stock of epic material scattered up and down the nations; sometimes its artistic value is as extraordinary as its archaeological interest, but not always. #Quote by Lascelles Abercrombie
Artistic quotes by Paula Cole
#65. I don't like to sit and bask in my own awards. Awards represent artistic death to me. #Quote by Paula Cole
Artistic quotes by Al Goldstein
#66. Our photographs are filthier and our stories are more disgusting. We make no effort to be artistic. #Quote by Al Goldstein
Artistic quotes by Oswald Chambers
#67. We are not built for mountains and dawns and artistic affinities; they are for moments of inspiration, that is all. We are built for the valley, for the ordinary stuff of life, and this is where we have to prove our mettle. A false Christianity takes us up on the mount and we want to stay there. But what about the devil-possessed world? Oh, let it go to hell! We are having a great time up here. #Quote by Oswald Chambers
Artistic quotes by Elias Canetti
#68. The process of writing has something infinite about it. Even though it is interrupted each night, it is one single notation, and it seems most true when it eschews artistic devices of any sort. #Quote by Elias Canetti
Artistic quotes by Gilbert K. Chesterton
#69. The coming peril is the intellectual, educational, psychological and artistic overproduction, which, equally with economic overproduction, threatens the well-being of contemporary civilisation. People are inundated, blinded, deafened, and mentally paralysed by a flood of vulgar and tasteless externals, leaving them no time for leisure, thought, or creation from within themselves. #Quote by Gilbert K. Chesterton
Artistic quotes by Christian Braad Thomsen
#70. From the beginning, Fassbinder's films showed that with the help of art it is possible to defend oneself against the destructive forces of the present, and that in the artistic process there is some kind of labour of resistance and a possibility of survival. It gradually also became a fundamental theme of his films. #Quote by Christian Braad Thomsen
Artistic quotes by Joe Meno
#71. As a boy, all I ever wanted was this: a
life dedicated to art; every idea, every breath an artistic gesture. And here is this girl before me,
blowing on her hands to keep warm. And why am I so worried it's not going to last? #Quote by Joe Meno
Artistic quotes by Frederick Pollock
#72. The lawyer has not reached the height of his vocation who does not find therein ... scope for a peculiar but genuine artistic function. #Quote by Frederick Pollock
Artistic quotes by Brandon Stanton
#73. I've always felt like an artistic person. I can't draw or paint or sculpt. I never really had technical skills, but I've always felt like I appreciate really beautiful things, and part of taking a good photograph is being able to recognize beauty. #Quote by Brandon Stanton
Artistic quotes by Anne-Marie O'Connor
#74. The lawyer was Randol Schoenberg, the grandson of a venerated Viennese composer who had fled the rise of Hitler. The return of this ominous heir was anything but welcome. The painting Schoenberg sought was a shimmering gold masterpiece, painted a century earlier, by the artistic heretic Gustav Klimt. It was a portrait of a Viennese society beauty, Adele Bloch-Bauer. #Quote by Anne-Marie O'Connor
Artistic quotes by Ashlee Simpson
#75. I'm an artist, and I go in the studio and make my music. And then I'll give it to my dad and he does what he does. And he does, you know, the press, and figuring out shows and whatnot. When it comes to my artistic freedom, he doesn't, like, step on my toes or anything. #Quote by Ashlee Simpson
Artistic quotes by Shane Carruth
#76. I feel like we want to compartmentalise things and say, 'Well, that's emotional, artistic and subjective, while this is intellectual, objective and measured.' I have difficulty thinking that's the way we experience things. #Quote by Shane Carruth
Artistic quotes by Billy Cannon
#77. It is a lifetime effort to come to grips with being an artistic person. #Quote by Billy Cannon
Artistic quotes by Jerome Bruner
#78. Surely knowledge of the natural world, knowledge of the human condition, knowledge of the nature and dynamics of society, knowledge of the past so that one may use it in experiencing the present and aspiring to the future
all of these, it would seem reasonable to suppose, are essential to an educated man. To these must be added another
knowledge of the products of our artistic heritage that mark the history of our esthetic wonder and delight. #Quote by Jerome Bruner
Artistic quotes by Amanda Lee
#79. She trembles when she thinks of everything her quilrs must know about her #Quote by Amanda Lee
Artistic quotes by Daniel Radcliffe
#80. When you're seventeen to early twenties, that's the time you're trying to work out who you are. If you're trying to make some kind of artistic or creative impact, that's the age when you start to figure out how to do that. #Quote by Daniel Radcliffe
Artistic quotes by Rod Steiger
#81. Communication without a purpose is artistic masturbation. #Quote by Rod Steiger
Artistic quotes by Ingrid Michaelson
#82. There's something about having an artistic outlet that is so important to the human mind and development. It's as important as any other subject in school. I think it should be mandatory. It's part of our genetic makeup. #Quote by Ingrid Michaelson
Artistic quotes by Morena Baccarin
#83. My whole family is very artistic - my uncles are all actors and theatre directors. #Quote by Morena Baccarin
Artistic quotes by Matthea Harvey
#85. It's really thrilling to work with an illustrator - your vision expands with the addition of someone else's artwork/artistic vision. #Quote by Matthea Harvey
Artistic quotes by Marcel Proust
#86. He was one of that class of men who, apart from a scientific career in which they may well have proved brilliantly successful, have acquired an entirely different kind of culture, literary or artistic, for which their professional specialisation has no use but by which their conversation profits. #Quote by Marcel Proust
Artistic quotes by Marcel Theroux
#87. Of course, there are things that are indifferent to human opinion – gravity, the moondriven motion of the tides, the boiling point of water. But the finer details of reality – the state of a marriage, artistic merit, a person's true nature – have something delicate and consensual about them. #Quote by Marcel Theroux
Artistic quotes by John Dewey
#88. The struggle for democracy has to be maintained on as many fronts as culture has aspects: political, economic, international, educational, scientific and artistic, religious. #Quote by John Dewey
Artistic quotes by Joel Kinnaman
#89. I don't think being a star has ever been part of the plan. But I always want to do really good work, even when I made career moves with projects that made more sense in sort of a career way than in an artistic way ... like I did with 'The Darkest Hour.' #Quote by Joel Kinnaman
Artistic quotes by Pope John Paul II
#90. Beauty is the vocation bestowed on the artist by the Creator in the gift of artistic talent. #Quote by Pope John Paul II
Artistic quotes by Paul Kriwaczek
#91. Those societies in which seriousness, tradition, conformity and adherence to long-established - often god-prescribed - ways of doing things are the strictly enforced rule, have always been the majority across time and throughout the world. Such people are not known for their sense of humour and lightness of touch; they rarely break a smile. To them, change is always suspect and usually damnable, and they hardly ever contribute to human development. By contrast, social, artistic and scientific progress as well as technological advance are most evident where the ruling culture and ideology give men and women permission to play, whether with ideas, beliefs, principles or materials. And where playful science changes people's understanding of the way the physical world works, political change, even revolution, is rarely far behind. #Quote by Paul Kriwaczek
Artistic quotes by Thomas Mann
#92. Inborn in almost every artistic nature is a luxuriant, treacherous bias in favor of the injustice that creates beauty, a tendency to sympathize with aristocratic preference and pay it homage. A #Quote by Thomas Mann
Artistic quotes by Michael  Bowe
#93. Optimal Tower is a skyscraper unlike its predecessors, rising skyward as an artistic endeavor, spirited and soulful, with a steel and glass manifestation reminiscent of Claude Monet's water lilies, and instantly dismissive of the gray, steel and mortar structures of the past. The architects and builders have pilfered Monet's color pallet and painted this vertical stretch of the Cavanaugh skyline with the delicate greens and blues and grays and yellows of Giverny. Somehow, in the structure, the sensibility of an impressionist painting emerges as the muted colors are faded in splotches and sunlit in others, with gradual transitions as subtle as the delicate brush strokes of the master himself. Steel beams crisscross haphazardly throughout the towering facade, which only reinforces its intrinsic impressionistic essence by emulating the natural randomness of the lily pond. Atop the structure, a simple fifty foot spire seems to rein in the freeform work beneath it as it merges the natural splendor into one straight pinnacle skyward. This one hundred and fifteen story building reaches twenty-five stories above its surroundings, creating a gloriously artful and peaked skyline not unlike the Alps in France that will be instantly recognizable the world over and cause onlookers to gasp and utter, "C'est Magnifique. #Quote by Michael Bowe
Artistic quotes by Jaeda DeWalt
#94. Art invites us to become explorers and excavators of our vast internal landscapes, discovering new terrain and digging deep into the past to unearth forgotten experiences and emotion. #Quote by Jaeda DeWalt
Artistic quotes by Ian Somerhalder
#95. I am seeing a resurgence of entertainment that not only entertains, but inspires, evokes, and moves. I am seeing strength in the ability of artistic expression to change our future. #Quote by Ian Somerhalder
Artistic quotes by Aldous Huxley
#96. And so, resisting the temptation to wallow in artistic remorse, I prefer to leave both well and ill alone and to think about something else #Quote by Aldous Huxley
Artistic quotes by Anna Halprin
#97. I'm very excited about dance and love it with a deep passion. I also struggle, tire and become discouraged. But what has always revived me ... has been the rebirth of energy each time the creative process is awakened and artistic activity begins to unfold even in some infinitesimal measure. #Quote by Anna Halprin
Artistic quotes by Pen Densham
#98. Each time you write something, part of you grows. You're training your artistic muscles to find your voice. #Quote by Pen Densham
Artistic quotes by John Zande
#99. Life in turn organises itself along deep, observable tendrils that do not speak of discrete, careful, artistic intervention, rather scream of haphazard chance and the emergency of survival. #Quote by John Zande
Artistic quotes by John Updike
#100. Does fiction, artistic writing, have much of a future? I must say it's on the way out. #Quote by John Updike
Artistic quotes by Andre Dubus
#101. I think some people see those three numbers 9/ 11 and they walk away. That might be changing now. People are more willing to step into an artistic exploration of that subject. All you can do is let it go #Quote by Andre Dubus
Artistic quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
#102. There are directors who desire to be artistic. It is pathetic to compare the seriousness of their aim with the absurdity of their attainment. #Quote by W. Somerset Maugham
Artistic quotes by Piet Mondrian
#103. The position of the artist is humble. He is essentially a channel.
Piet Mondrian
The Artist's Way A Spiritual Path to Greater Creativity by Julia Cameron #Quote by Piet Mondrian
Artistic quotes by Alexander McQueen
#104. For me, what I do is an artistic expression which is channeled through me. Fashion is just the medium. #Quote by Alexander McQueen
Artistic quotes by Frances Mayes
#105. He said he couldn't understand a world 'shameless and cruel enough to divide its people by color when color is in fact the sign of God's artistic genius. #Quote by Frances Mayes
Artistic quotes by Jada Pinkett Smith
#106. I feel like, to me, art is a ladder to God, in my own opinion, you know. And so, for me, the more people that I can reach through many different artistic avenues, the better. #Quote by Jada Pinkett Smith
Artistic quotes by Sidney Poitier
#107. John Cassavetes once gave me some advice that has proved invaluable... He said, 'We're good friends, but never, ever do an artistic favor for a friend. Loan friends money, be there for them in every other way, but don't do them any artistic favors, because you've got to have one area of your life where there's no room for compromise. #Quote by Sidney Poitier
Artistic quotes by Don Bluth
#108. In the animation world, people who understand pencils and paper usually aren't computer people, and the computer people usually aren't the artistic people, so they always stand on opposite sides of the line. #Quote by Don Bluth
Artistic quotes by Alejandro Jodorowsky
#109. If the picture is not an artistic picture, it's show, like television. Television series are very funny, but it's a collective production. An industrial art. A car is not made by a person, it's made by a group of creators, only to go to the market to buy your cigarettes. That is a car - they are not a big art, they are a little art. #Quote by Alejandro Jodorowsky
Artistic quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#110. A person's work allows their character to form and provides a creative outlet for their inner world of imaginative thoughts and creative impulses. A person whom fails to find suitable work that allows their soul room to grow will quickly begin eroding into a withered and desiccated being. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Artistic quotes by Danai Gurira
#111. My artistic spirit is not nurtured by blogospheres. #Quote by Danai Gurira
Artistic quotes by Ira Glass
#112. When I was a bad writer, I would consciously imitate other NPR writers who I thought were wonderful. I suppose that everyone's artistic practice is different. But I collaborate and sometimes don't agree at all with my collaborators' opinions. It forces you to understand why you don't agree with something: what's the fight you're picking. #Quote by Ira Glass
Artistic quotes by Margaret Mead
#113. Some veil between childhood and the present is necessary. If the veil is withdrawn, the artistic imagination sickens and dies, the prophet looks in the mirror with a disillusioned and cynical sneer, the scientist goes fishing. #Quote by Margaret Mead
Artistic quotes by Gilbert K. Chesterton
#114. For the mass of men the idea of artistic creation can only be expressed by an idea unpopular in present discussions - the idea of property ... Property is merely the art of the democracy ... One would think, to hear people talk, that the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers were on the side of property. But obviously they are the enemies of property; because they are enemies of their own limitations. #Quote by Gilbert K. Chesterton
Artistic quotes by Wilhelm Reich
#115. The few bad poems which occasionally are created during abstinence are of no great interest. #Quote by Wilhelm Reich
Artistic quotes by Mitchell Maxwell
#116. Mitchell Maxwell's Maxims
•You have to create your own professional path. There's no longer a roadmap for an artistic career.
•Follow your heart and the money will follow.
•Create a benchmark of your own progress. If you never look down while you're climbing the ladder you won't know how far you've come.
•Don't define success by net worth, define it by character. Success, as it's measured by society, is a fleeting condition.
•Affirm your value. Tell the world "I am an artist," not "I want to be an artist."
•You must actively live your dream. Wishing and hoping for someday doesn't make it happen. Get out there and get involved.
•When you look into the abyss you find your character.
•Young people too often let the fear of failure keep them from trying. You have to get bloody, sweaty and rejected in order to succeed.
•Get your face out of Facebook and into somebody's face. Close your e-mail and pick up the phone. Personal contact still speaks loudest.
•No one is entitled to act entitled. Be willing to work hard.
•If you're going to buck the norm you're going to have to embrace the challenges.
•You have to love the journey if you're going to work in the arts.
•Only listen to people who agree with your vision.
•A little anxiety is good but don't let it become fear, fear makes you inert.
•Find your own unique voice. Leave your individual imprint on the world, not a copy of someone else.
•Draw strength #Quote by Mitchell Maxwell
Artistic quotes by Laurie Anderson
#117. I so much appreciate it when anybody tries to make something and tries to be an artist - I'm happy to see the work. #Quote by Laurie Anderson
Artistic quotes by Henrik Pontoppidan
#118. I turned to the novel, an artistic form which had in former days been neglected and had thus acquired a bad reputation, but which during the nineteenth century had developed and elevated itself to the ranks occupied by drama and the ancient epic. #Quote by Henrik Pontoppidan
Artistic quotes by Eve Ensler
#119. I believe in irony. And if V-Day has taught me anything, it's that if you go out with artistic, outrageous irony and humor, people are drawn to it. #Quote by Eve Ensler
Artistic quotes by Gertrude Kasebier
#120. To accomplish artistic work, of any individual worth, nature must be seen through the medium of the artist's intellectual emotions. #Quote by Gertrude Kasebier
Artistic quotes by Cassandra Clare
#121. Niches set back in the walls contained polished marble statues of entwined bodies. Will looked away from them hastily, and then back. It wasn't as if Magnus seemed to be paying attention to what Will was doing, and he'd honestly never imagined two people could get themselves into a position like that, much less make it look artistic. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Artistic quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#122. Behind every creative act is a statement of love. Every artistic creation is a statement of gratitude. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Artistic quotes by W. H. Auden
#123. It's a pity I am so impatient and careless, as any ordinary person could learn all the techniques of photography in a week. It is the democratic art, i.e. technical skill is practically eliminated - the more foolproof cameras become with focusing and exposure gadgets the better - and artistic quality depends only on choice of subject. #Quote by W. H. Auden
Artistic quotes by Kate Simon
#124. Not the most beautiful, or artistic, or intellectual of cities in Italy, Ascoli Piceno is certainly one of the most easy going and affable, good to look at without being awesome. It is energetic and worldly, and it eats well. #Quote by Kate Simon
Artistic quotes by Scarlett Thomas
#125. But I quite like the way you can talk about science without necessarily using mathematics, but using metaphors instead. #Quote by Scarlett Thomas
Artistic quotes by E.A. Bucchianeri
#126. I mean really, how could an artistic individual stay grounded in the nitty-gritty of how many minutes per pound meat has to stay in the oven when trying to fathom the creative philosophy behind the greatest artistic minds of the world? #Quote by E.A. Bucchianeri
Artistic quotes by Tea Obreht
#127. Being taken seriously, for a young writer, is a wonderful form of encouragement, but at the same time, I don't think one should ever feel like attempting a kind of artistic endeavor is beyond your scope just because of age or inexperience. #Quote by Tea Obreht
Artistic quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
#128. [Hayward] honestly mistook his sensuality for romantic emotion, his vacillation for artistic temperament, and his idleness for philosophical calm ... He was an idealist. #Quote by W. Somerset Maugham
Artistic quotes by Nita Leland
#129. Release and regulate the flow of your inborn creative energy to reach your artistic potential. #Quote by Nita Leland
Artistic quotes by Paul Reed Smith
#130. The world is in great need of more music education. When students play music, it allows a part of their artistic mind to express itself, which is very important in helping to balance a child intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally. #Quote by Paul Reed Smith
Artistic quotes by Judith Malina
#131. The League of Independent Theater represents a coming together of actual artistic and theatrical forces that may yet undo the difficulty of our times in maintaining the highest artistic standards in a period of economic crisis. Who can save us from the downhill trend of our economy except the vigor of our arts? Theatre, music and education are our only hopes to lift our times beyond their despair and create a viable, prosperous culture. #Quote by Judith Malina
Artistic quotes by Jesse Kellerman
#132. Part of what attracts us to artists is their otherness, their refusal to conform, their big middle finger stuck up in the face of Society, such that their very a- or immorality is what makes their art artistic rather than academic. #Quote by Jesse Kellerman
Artistic quotes by Alfonso Cuaron
#133. I left Mexico for artistic survival. If I had stayed, I would have been forced by the government, who control the movie business, to direct TV shows or commercials or infomercials for the government. #Quote by Alfonso Cuaron
Artistic quotes by Nathan  Hill
#134. You know, there used to be a difference between authentic music and sellout music. I'm talking about when I was young, in the sixties? Back then we knew there was a soullessness to the sellouts, and we wanted to be on the side of the artists. But now? Being a sellout is the authentic thing. When Molly Miller says 'I'm just being real,' what she means is that everyone wants money and fame and any artist who claims otherwise is lying. the only fundamental truth is greed, and the only question is who is up front about this. That's the new authenticity. Molly Miler can never be accused of selling out because selling out was her goal all along. #Quote by Nathan Hill
Artistic quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
#135. Derivative writers seem versatile because they imitate many others, past and present. Artistic originality has only itself to copy. #Quote by Vladimir Nabokov
Artistic quotes by Orlando Bloom
#136. Viggo Mortensen had the biggest impact on me in terms of approach, dedication, intention, and artistic outlook, and I'm nowhere close to how good he is as an artist, and I wouldn't even put myself in the same category as an actor. #Quote by Orlando Bloom
Artistic quotes by Evgeny Morozov
#137. To understand the limits and opportunities of algorithms in the context of artistic creation, we need to understand that the latter usually consists of three elements: discovery, production, and recommendation. #Quote by Evgeny Morozov
Artistic quotes by Fady Joudah
#138. Having financial independence does not increase one's chances of independent, artistic creation whatsoever. Our conditioned behavior toward mimicry for the sake of market forces is an amazing syndrome. The watchtowers guide us well. #Quote by Fady Joudah
Artistic quotes by Robert Toth
#139. Artistic creativity is a whirlpool of imagination that swirls in the depths of the mind. #Quote by Robert Toth
Artistic quotes by Julia Cameron
#140. Artistic anorexia & sexual avoidance have the same root fears – fear of intimacy, fear of exposure, fear of failure". #Quote by Julia Cameron
Artistic quotes by James Balog
#141. In some cases, I allow the edge of the set, the edge of my own artificial, artistic imposition, to show up because I don't want to hide from that. I want to acknowledge that there is a living human and a living eye and a living mind and a living heart responding to what's going on out there. #Quote by James Balog
Artistic quotes by Criss Jami
#142. An artistic perspective will jab at you from a different angle; its logic comes like a pitcher with a curveball. #Quote by Criss Jami
Artistic quotes by Sara Genn
#143. In modern times we are often encouraged to protect our ego-force and individuality by securing a private world in which to develop our unique artistic voice. Many artists find themselves solo-paddling along a private and unchallenging river ... Could rivalry be a productive system? #Quote by Sara Genn
Artistic quotes by Jerry Saltz
#144. Our culture now wonderfully, alchemically transforms images and history into artistic material. The possibilities seem endless and wide open. #Quote by Jerry Saltz
Artistic quotes by Vonda Shepard
#145. I had a very artistic bohemian childhood. My father was an actor and a mime. #Quote by Vonda Shepard
Artistic quotes by Wolfgang Puck
#146. Acting is a very artistic profession and there are thousands of people out there who think they are actors but there are very few who have real talent. #Quote by Wolfgang Puck
Artistic quotes by Milan Kundera
#147. Brod was a brilliant intellectual with exceptional energy; a generous man willing to do battle for others; his attachment to Kafka was warm and disinterested. The only problem was his artistic orientation: a man of ideas, he knew nothing of the passion for form; his novels (he wrote twenty of them) are sadly conventional; and above all: he understood nothing at all about modern art.
Why, despite all this, was Kafka so fond of him? What about you-do you stop being fond of your best friend because he has a compulsion to write bad verse? #Quote by Milan Kundera
Artistic quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#148. Pain is a crucial part of our reality; it awakens a person from a mental stupor. A person must never be afraid to discover where their pain originates, follow pain to where it emanates from, learn from its messages, and reject the mindless business and busyness of contemporary culture in order to fuel an artistic vision of the self. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Artistic quotes by Nick Hornby
#149. There was, he thought, an emotional truth here somewhere, and he could see now that his role-playing had a previously unsuspected artistic element to it. He was acting, yes, but in the noblest, most profound sense of the word. He wasn't a fraud. He was Robert De Niro. #Quote by Nick Hornby
Artistic quotes by Peter Drucker
#150. The arts alone give direct access to experience. To eliminate them from education - or worse, to tolerate them as cultural ornaments - is antieducational obscurantism. It is foisted on us by the pedants and snobs of Hellenistic Greece who considered artistic performance fit only for slaves ... #Quote by Peter Drucker
Artistic quotes by Walter Isaacson
#151. When I went to Pixar, I became aware of a great divide. Tech companies don't understand creativity. They don't appreciate intuitive thinking, like the ability of an A&R guy at a music label to listen to a hundred artists and have a feel for which five might be successful. And they think that creative people just sit around on couches all day and are undisciplined, because they've not seen how driven and disciplined the creative folks at places like Pixar are. On the other hand, music companies are completely clueless about technology. They think they can just go out and hire a few tech folks. But that would be like Apple trying to hire people to produce music. We'd get second-rate A&R people, just like the music companies ended up with second-rate tech people. I'm one of the few people who understands how producing technology requires intuition and creativity, and how producing something artistic takes real discipline. #Quote by Walter Isaacson
Artistic quotes by Miles Cameron
#152. It had been done to leave terror. It was almost artistic. #Quote by Miles Cameron
Artistic quotes by Adolf Hitler
#153. The fact that nine-tenths of all the smutty literature, artistic tripe and theatrical banalities, had to be charged to the account of people who formed scarcely one per cent. of the nation - that fact could not be gainsaid. It was there, and had to be admitted. #Quote by Adolf Hitler
Artistic quotes by Bill Jay
#154. Photographers who carry 60 pounds of equipment up a hill to photograph a view are not suffering enough, although their whining causes enough suffering among their listeners. No, if they really expect us to respect their search for enlightenment and artistic expression, in [the] future they will drag the equipment up the hill by their genitals and take the view with a tripod leg stuck through their foot. #Quote by Bill Jay
Artistic quotes by Simon McBurney
#155. When I met Miller, for me it wasn't a question of wanting to meet him because it was Arthur Miller; it was a kind of astonishment that I could meet someone who was so deeply embedded in the psyche of my artistic development. #Quote by Simon McBurney
Artistic quotes by Adam Mansbach
#156. Being Jewish is a big part of my artistic sensibility and my humor ... I think it gives me a certain take on the world on a literary level. #Quote by Adam Mansbach
Artistic quotes by Dave Legeno
#157. I always wanted to be an actor, so part of me is split between the artistic side and the physical side, but then physically I was just born as quite a healthy specimen! #Quote by Dave Legeno
Artistic quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
#158. His brown eyes would roam around the various sentimental and artistic bric-a-brac present, and his own banal toiles (the conventionally primitive eyes, sliced guitars, blue nipples and geometrical designs of the day), and with a vague gesture toward a painted wooden bowl or veined vase, he would say "Prenez donc une des ces poires. La bonne dame d'en face m'en offre plus que je n'en peux savourer." Or: "Mississe Taille Lore vient de me donner ces dahlias, belles fleurs que j'exècre. #Quote by Vladimir Nabokov
Artistic quotes by Duane Hewitt
#159. Music (Definition; Noun): The artistic organization of sound for the joy and experience of listening. #Quote by Duane Hewitt
Artistic quotes by Philip K. Dick
#160. Dear Jeff,

I happened to see the Channel 7 TV program "Hooray for Hollywood" tonight with the segment on Blade Runner. (Well, to be honest, I didn't happen to see it; someone tipped me off that Blade Runner was going to be a part of the show, and to be sure to watch.) Jeff, after looking - and especially after listening to Harrison Ford discuss the film - I came to the conclusion that this indeed is not science fiction; it is not fantasy; it is exactly what Harrison said: futurism. The impact of Blade Runner is simply going to be overwhelming, both on the public and on creative people - and, I believe, on science fiction as a field. Since I have been writing and selling science fiction works for thirty years, this is a matter of some importance to me. In all candor I must say that our field has gradually and steadily been deteriorating for the last few years. Nothing that we have done, individually or collectively, matches Blade Runner. This is not escapism; it is super realism, so gritty and detailed and authentic and goddam convincing that, well, after the segment I found my normal present-day "reality" pallid by comparison. What I am saying is that all of you collectively may have created a unique new form of graphic, artistic expression, never before seen. And, I think, Blade Runner is going to revolutionize our conceptions of what science fiction is and, more, can be.

Let me sum it up this way. Science fiction has slowly and ineluctably settled int #Quote by Philip K. Dick
Artistic quotes by Trey Anastasio
#161. I've always loved the experience of working together with other people toward an artistic goal. #Quote by Trey Anastasio
Artistic quotes by Jack Kirby
#162. I draw people as I see them. I'm not involved in making artistic masterpieces. My, my object is to mirror people and I've always done that. #Quote by Jack Kirby
Artistic quotes by Waverley Root
#163. Nature was indeed at her artistic best when she created the nutmeg, a delight to the eye in all its avatars, from the completely garbed to nudity. #Quote by Waverley Root
Artistic quotes by J.D. Salinger
#164. One cannot even light a casual cigarette unless the artistic permission of the universe is freely given! #Quote by J.D. Salinger
Artistic quotes by Carl Jung
#165. Hitler is a shy and friendly man with artistic tastes and gifts. #Quote by Carl Jung
Artistic quotes by Gilbert K. Chesterton
#166. At the back of our brains is a blaze of astonishment at our own existence. The object of the artistic and spiritual life is to dig for this sunrise of wonder. #Quote by Gilbert K. Chesterton
Artistic quotes by Scott McCloud
#167. My dad was an engineer and so I had this picture of science and technology and pursuits of the mind as being more impressive than artistic pursuits, which I saw a as kind of frivolous. #Quote by Scott McCloud
Artistic quotes by Randy Thom
#168. Sound and Visual Effects and Editing are sometimes referred to as technical awards. They're not technical awards. They're given for artistic decisions. And sometimes we make them better than others, and I guess we made a couple of good ones on this one. #Quote by Randy Thom
Artistic quotes by Jacques-Louis David
#169. The artist must be a philosopher. Socrates the skilled sculptor, Jean-Jacques [Rousseau] the good musician, and the immortal Poussin, tracing on the canvas the sublime lessons of philosophy, are so many proofs that an artistic genius should have no other guide except the torch of reason. #Quote by Jacques-Louis David
Artistic quotes by Julia Cameron
#170. Fame is a spiritual drug. It is often a by-product of our artistic work, but like nuclear waste, it can be a very dangerous by-product. #Quote by Julia Cameron
Artistic quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#171. As long as the sole ruler and disposer of the universe, the nous, remained excluded from artistic activity, things were mixed together in a primeval chaos: this was what Euripides must have thought; and so, as the first "sober" one among them, he had to condemn the "drunken" poets. Sophocles said of Aeschylus that he did what was right, though he did it unconsciously. This was surely not how Euripides saw it. He might have said that Aeschylus, because he created unconsciously, did what was wrong. The divine Plato, too, almost always speaks only ironically of the creative faculty of the poet, insofar as it is not conscious insight, and places it on a par with the gift of the soothsayer and dream-interpreter: the poet is incapable of composing until he has become unconscious and bereft of understanding. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Artistic quotes by Sharon Salzberg
#172. My experience working with lots of creative people is that they don't lose their artistic edge when they lose a fierce level of anguish. They just create from a different place. #Quote by Sharon Salzberg
Artistic quotes by Gene Wolfe
#173. I believe in some sense much akin to the belief of faith, that I noticed, felt, or underwent what I describe - but it may be that the only reason childhood memories act on us so strongly is that, being the most remote we possess, they are the worst remembered and so offer the least resistance to that process by which we mold them nearer and nearer to an ideal which is fundamentally artistic, or at least nonfactual; so it may be that some of these events I describe never occurred at all, but only should have, and that others had not the shades and flavors - for example, of jealousy or antiquity or shame - that I have later unconsciously chosen to give them ... #Quote by Gene Wolfe
Artistic quotes by James Franco
#174. Always have one artistic thing that is pure, at least one thing, where you don't compromise. You can do other things to make money, but have one pure area. #Quote by James Franco
Artistic quotes by John Walford
#175. Put crudely, one is left with a choice between two unsatisfactory combinations: artistic integrity married to spiritual compromise; and spiritual integrity married to artistic banality-or, worse, art compromised on both counts. Neither one will satisfy those who recognize the fundamental necessity of integrity in both faith and art. #Quote by John Walford
Artistic quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#176. Every person writes his or her life story similar to how a musician composes music. Author Milan Kundera noted, 'Without realizing it, the individual composes his life according to the laws of beauty even in times of great distress.' Guided by their aesthetic sense of beauty, a person transforms the intentional and fortuitous events of their life into an expressive episodic motif, which artistic creation assumes a permanent place in the composition of his or her conscious mind. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Artistic quotes by Alan Alda
#177. I know there's a creative side to artists to - pardon me - there's a creative side to scientists already, but there may be an artistic side, too, waiting to break free. #Quote by Alan Alda
Artistic quotes by Aberjhani
#178. When reading about what may be described as the lesser celebrated heroic figures of the Harlem Renaissance, we rarely get a definitive look at just how complicated and sometimes dangerous their everyday lives were. In fact, until the past ten years, many defined the period primarily by its well-known literary, musical, and artistic elements while overlooking the fact there was any political component to it at all. #Quote by Aberjhani
Artistic quotes by Khaled Hosseini
#179. The Taliban's acts of cultural vandalism - the most infamous being the destruction of the giant Bamiyan Buddhas - had a devastating effect on Afghan culture and the artistic scene. The Taliban burned countless films, VCRs, music tapes, books, and paintings. They jailed filmmakers, musicians, painters, and sculptors. #Quote by Khaled Hosseini
Artistic quotes by Rudolf Arnheim
#180. From building a fire one can learn something about artistic composition. If you use only small kindling and large logs, the fire will quickly eat up the small pieces but will not become strong enough to attack the large ones. You must supply a scale of sizes from the smallest to the largest. The human eye also will not make its way into a painting or building unless a continuum of shapes leads from the small to the large, from the large to the small. #Quote by Rudolf Arnheim
Artistic quotes by Robert Wright
#181. Certainly genetic differences matter. Some people's genes dispose them to be unusually ambitious, or clever, or athletic, or artistic, or various other things - including unusually rich in serotonin. But these traits depend, for their flowering, on the environment (and sometimes on each other), and their eventual translation into status can rest heavily on chance. No one is born to lead, and no one is born to follow. And to the extent that some people are born with a leg up in the race (as they surely are), that birthright probably lies at least as much in cultural as in genetic advantage. In any event, there are good Darwinian reasons to believe that everyone is born with the capacity for high serotonin - with the equipment to function as a high status primate given a social setting conducive to their ascent. The whole point of the human brain is behavioral flexibility, and it would be very unlike natural selection, given that flexibility, to deny anyone a chance at the genetic payoffs of high status, should the opportunity arise. #Quote by Robert Wright
Artistic quotes by Malcolm Gladwell
#182. Works were expected to be microscopically accurate, properly 'finished' and formally framed, with proper perspective and all the familiar artistic conventions, #Quote by Malcolm Gladwell
Artistic quotes by Terri Windling
#183. New York always feels more like my hometown than the places where I actually grew up (which weren't far from New York), perhaps because I did my artistic "growing up" while working in this crazy, wonderful city back in my twenties. Although I love the quieter, slower, nature-rich life I live now in the sheep-dotted hills of Devon, there are ways in which I still feel more truly myself here in New York, more than anywhere else. Even after all this time in the desert and on Dartmoor. Strange, isn't it? #Quote by Terri Windling
Artistic quotes by Katey Sagal
#184. My parents were very artistic, but busy. #Quote by Katey Sagal
Artistic quotes by Clive Thompson
#185. Truly huge artistic collaboration on the Internet seems to work only if the gang has a well-defined objective. #Quote by Clive Thompson
Artistic quotes by Earle Brown
#186. I'm convinced that in a healthy society, artistic norms should be constantly under question which is not of course, to deny the need for continuity. #Quote by Earle Brown
Artistic quotes by A.E. Croft
#187. Writing is my passion, not my job. I need to write as much as I need to breathe, if not more. #Quote by A.E. Croft
Artistic quotes by Karrin Allyson
#188. Keeping your artistic self as creative as possible is a balancing act. #Quote by Karrin Allyson
Artistic quotes by Camille Paglia
#189. Madonna can still produce a catchy pop song, but she hasn't expanded her artistic vocabulary since the 1990s. Her concerts are glitzy extravaganzas of special effects overkill. She leaves little space in them for emotional depth or unscripted rapport with the audience. #Quote by Camille Paglia
Artistic quotes by Alan Lightman
#190. There were other, more subtle artistic effects. The slow shift of the light through each day caused shadows to drift, shorten and lengthen, producing constantly changing silhouettes. The summits of mountains, which might be pink in the mornings, turned violet and amaranth in the afternoon ... Like music, (these phenomena) created a feeling that was not there before #Quote by Alan Lightman
Artistic quotes by George Carlin
#191. I sort of gave up on this whole human adventure a long time ago, divorced myself from it emotionally. It gives me an artistic detachment that I find valuable. I think the human race has squandered its gift, and I think this country has squandered its promise, for the sake of cell phones and Jet Skis. #Quote by George Carlin
Artistic quotes by Nikolai Berdyaev
#192. The essential in artistic creativity is victory over the burden of necessity. In art, man lives outside himself, outside his burdens, the burdens of life. Every creative artistic act is a partial transfiguration of life. In the artistic concept man breaks out through the heaviness of the world. In the creative-artistic attitude towards this world we catch a glimpse of another world. #Quote by Nikolai Berdyaev
Artistic quotes by Robert Bly
#193. When a father, absent during the day, returns home at six, his children receive only his temperament, not his teaching. #Quote by Robert Bly
Artistic quotes by Nancy Springer
#194. Conform, go crazy, or become an artist. #Quote by Nancy Springer
Artistic quotes by Anonymous
#195. The Skilled Craftsmen 1 Now the LORD spoke to Moses, saying, 2"See, I have called by name Bezalel, the son of Uri, the son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah. 3I have filled him with the Spirit of God in wisdom, in understanding, in knowledge, and in all kinds of craftsmanship, 4to make artistic designs for work in gold, in silver, and in bronze, 5and in the cutting of stones for settings, and in the carving of wood, that he may work in all kinds of craftsmanship. #Quote by Anonymous
Artistic quotes by David F. D'Alessandro
#196. It is not easy to build a great brand. It takes leadership to persuade the rest of the company to follow your vision. It takes an artistic sense of proportion and timing. It takes a ruthless willingness to distinguish yourself from competing brands and, hopefully, bury them in the process. #Quote by David F. D'Alessandro
Artistic quotes by Arkady Strugatsky
#197. It's a common observation that all science fiction novels say as much about the time of their composition as they do about the future. As they wrote Hard to Be a God, the Strugatsky brothers were working under considerable political pressure. Following Khrushchev's infamous visit to an exhibition of abstract art in 1962 ("dog shit" was one of his more printable responses) a wave of panicked ideological house-cleaning swept through the Soviet Union's artistic establishment. For SF writers, as Boris Strugatsky remembers, this resulted in a reminder that the only truly orthodox subject was "the collision of two worlds. #Quote by Arkady Strugatsky
Artistic quotes by Louisa May Alcott
#198. Her beauty satisfied [his] artistic eye, her peculiarities piqued his curiosity, her vivacity lightened his ennui, and her character interested him by the unconscious hints it gave of power, pride and passion. So entirely natural and unconventional was she that he soon found himself on a familiar footing, asking all manner of unusual questions, and receiving rather piquant replies. #Quote by Louisa May Alcott
Artistic quotes by David Jones
#199. Furthermore, we suggest a fractal self is capable of growth and a kind of metamorphosis. Daoists refer to a seasoned human cooperator and facilitator, working adroitly, with a natural ease in the smooth, orderly, adaptive spirit of wuwei, as a sage. Such an individual is typically embedded in a particular affinitive complex system. An affinitive system is virtually anything in nature or human endeavor that is avidly sought by an individual in pursuit of vocation or avocation-a business, social, educational, artistic, scientific, or governmental enterprise, and so forth. Such systems typically develop chaotic structures and behaviors; envisioned as geometrical forms, they often constitute complicated attractors; around the edges of their coherent existence they would tend to be fractally organized, transcending classic dimensionality (see introduction). The sage tends to develop into a leader or catalyst within his or her affinitive system as he or she progressively "evolves" over time into increasing levels of intimacy and coherence with the system. #Quote by David Jones
Artistic quotes by Masashi Kishimoto
#200. Sakura: Never figured you for the artistic type.
Sai: Looks can be decieving. #Quote by Masashi Kishimoto

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