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Artificial quotes by Sebastian Horsley
#1. I am a fraud. I have cobbled together my personality from hundreds of little bits. I am simultaneously the most genuine and the most artificial person you will ever meet. #Quote by Sebastian Horsley
Artificial quotes by Jack Du Brul
#2. Futurists are already predicting the day mankind builds its replacement, Artificial Intelligence. Daniel Wilson shows what might happen when that computer realizes its creators are no longer needed. Lean prose, great characters, and almost unbearable tension ensure that Robopocalypse is going to be a blockbuster. Once started I defy anyone to put it down. #Quote by Jack Du Brul
Artificial quotes by Daniel Clowes
#3. Yeah, I don't necessarily like endings that contrive an artificial moment of completion. #Quote by Daniel Clowes
Artificial quotes by Folco Chevallier
#4. The autonomy of her artificial intelligence had surpassed even my wildest predictions. #Quote by Folco Chevallier
Artificial quotes by Barry Hannah
#5. I had absolute freedom to create things on my own and in silence. No rush, the artificial rush by media. Certainly no rush to grow up. We had plenty of boyhood, plenty of girlhood. #Quote by Barry Hannah
Artificial quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
#6. social barriers as artificial distinctions made by the strong to bolster up their weak retainers and keep out the almost strong. Having #Quote by F Scott Fitzgerald
Artificial quotes by Amit Ray
#7. To save the humanity compassionate AI is not an option but the destination. #Quote by Amit Ray
Artificial quotes by Judy Woodruff
#8. The field of artificial intelligence is pushing new boundaries. #Quote by Judy Woodruff
Artificial quotes by Ben Aaronovitch
#9. The rules of English grammar are largely an artificial construct with little or no bearing on the language as it is spoke. #Quote by Ben Aaronovitch
Artificial quotes by Isabel Wilkerson
#10. I discovered, while working on The Warmth of Other Suns, that I was not writing about geography and relocation, but about the American caste system, an artificial hierarchy in which most everything that you could and could not do was based upon what you looked like and that manifested itself north and south. I had been writing about a stigmatized people, six million of them, who were seeking freedom from the caste system in the South, only to discover that the hierarchy followed them wherever they went, much in the way that the shadow of caste, I would soon discover, follows Indians in their own global diaspora. #Quote by Isabel Wilkerson
Artificial quotes by G.S. Jennsen
#11. I'll ask you to look at the ships arrayed against you and consider what weaponry they might possess. Weaponry strong enough to crack your hulls? I know what weaponry you bring to bear, and I assure you it will not crack ours.

"Are you willing to risk the lives of thousands under your command to find out? Are you willing to risk your own life?"

The silence hung across space like a shroud.

"This is not over, Admiral Solovy."

"That is the first true thing you've said today. #Quote by G.S. Jennsen
Artificial quotes by Christian Nestell Bovee
#12. The natural wants are few, and easily gratified: it is only those which are artificial that perplex us by their multiplicity. #Quote by Christian Nestell Bovee
Artificial quotes by Antonin Scalia
#13. Words change meaning over time, and often in unpredictable ways. Queen Anne is said (probably apocryphally) to have commented about Sir Christopher Wren's architecture at St. Paul's Cathedral that it was "awful, artificial, and amusing" - by which she meant that it was awe-inspiring, highly artistic, and thought-provoking. #Quote by Antonin Scalia
Artificial quotes by Daniele Bolelli
#14. No matter how good the justification, I still see all the identities that divide human beings along racial or national lines as prisons. I'm not about to give artificial categories and man-made borders the right to limit my ties with other human beings and dictate what values I should or should not embrace. #Quote by Daniele Bolelli
Artificial quotes by Agnes Repplier
#15. Wit is artificial; humor is natural. Wit is accidental; humor is inevitable. Wit is born of conscious effort; humor, of the allotted ironies of fate. Wit can be expressed only in language; humor can be developed sufficiently in situation. #Quote by Agnes Repplier
Artificial quotes by Jacques Delors
#16. My presidential victory, if it had happened, would have been artificial in relation to the Socialist party. It may be that on my deathbed, I will come to regret my decision, but for the moment, I live at peace with it. #Quote by Jacques Delors
Artificial quotes by John Adams
#17. It has ever been my hobby-horse to see rising in America an empire of liberty, and a prospect of two or three hundred millions of freemen, without one noble or one king among them. You say it is impossible. If I should agree with you in this, I would still say, let us try the experiment, and preserve our equality as long as we can. A better system of education for the common people might preserve them long from such artificial inequalities as are prejudicial to society, by confounding the natural distinctions of right and wrong, virtue and vice. #Quote by John Adams
Artificial quotes by Thomas Paine
#18. Liberty and Property are words expressing all those of our possessions which are not of an intellectual nature. There are two kinds of property. Firstly, natural property, or that which comes to us from the Creator of the universe-such as the earth, air, water. Secondly, artificial or acquired property-the invention of men. In the latter, equality is impossible; for to distribute it equally it would be necessary that all should have contributed in the same proportion, which can never be the case; and this being the case, every individual would hold on to his own property, as his right share. Equality of natural property is the subject of this little essay. Every individual in the world is born therein with legitimate claims on a certain kind of property, or its equivalent. -Agrarian Justice #Quote by Thomas Paine
Artificial quotes by Thomas Jefferson
#19. State a moral case to a plowman and a professor. The former will decide it as well, and often better than the latter, because he has not been led astray by artificial rules. #Quote by Thomas Jefferson
Artificial quotes by Brian Dennehy
#20. I've got two artificial knees, I have an artificial shoulder, and I'm reasonably healthy given the damage I've done to myself. Everything hurts. #Quote by Brian Dennehy
Artificial quotes by Ljupka Cvetanova
#21. Smile and the world will laugh at you. #Quote by Ljupka Cvetanova
Artificial quotes by Tobias Lindholm
#22. Everybody can write a beginning and an ending, but to actually define that middle point where everything will go from professional to person, where everything will change, is always the hardest part, because it can very easily be too constructed, too artificial. #Quote by Tobias Lindholm
Artificial quotes by Benito Perez Galdos
#23. Reading was artificial borrowed life, benefiting from ideas and sensations transmitted cerebrally, acquiring the treasures of human truth by purchase or swindle, not by work. #Quote by Benito Perez Galdos
Artificial quotes by G.S. Jennsen
#24. Semantics, Admiral. I'd appreciate an honest answer."

"I'd appreciate a multitude of honest answers, but I rarely expect to receive them." Miriam sighed; the verbal tete-a-tete was growing tiresome. Time to bring an end to it with, ironically, honesty. #Quote by G.S. Jennsen
Artificial quotes by Sir Benjamin Collins Brodie, 1st Baronet
#25. Nothing in this world is so good as usefulness. It binds your fellow-creatures to you, and you to them; it tends to the improvement of your own character; and it gives you a real importance in society, much beyond what any artificial station can bestow. #Quote by Sir Benjamin Collins Brodie, 1st Baronet
Artificial quotes by Margaret Maron
#26. I came to writing mysteries through poetry and still think that a well-constructed mystery is very much like a well-constructed sonnet. Both are artificial forms. Both start off in one direction and then, with a twist of the concluding couplet/surprising ending, both reveal that they were headed somewhere different all the time. #Quote by Margaret Maron
Artificial quotes by John Green
#27. Hazel Grace, like so many children before you - and I say this with great affection - you spent your Wish hastily, with little care for the consequences. The Grim Reaper was staring you in the face and the fear of dying with your Wish still in your proverbial pocket, ungranted, led you to rush toward the first Wish you could think of, and you, like so many others, chose the cold and artificial pleasures of the theme park. #Quote by John Green
Artificial quotes by Daniel Crevier
#28. The insight at the root of artificial intelligence was that these "bits" (manipulated by computers) could just as well stand as symbols for concepts that the machine would combine by the strict rules of logic or the looser associations of psychology. #Quote by Daniel Crevier
Artificial quotes by Thomas Sowell
#29. People are all born ignorant but they are not born stupid. Much of the stupidity we see today is induced by our educational system, from the elementary schools to the universities. In a high-tech age that has seen the creation of artificial intelligence by computers, we are also seeing the creation of artificial stupidity by people who call themselves educators. #Quote by Thomas Sowell
Artificial quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#30. When one is young, one venerates and despises without that art of nuances which constitutes the best gain of life, and it is only fair that one has to pay dearly for having assaulted men and things in this manner with Yes and No. Everything is arranged so that the worst of tastes, the taste for the unconditional, should be cruelly fooled and abused until a man learns to put a little art into his feelings and rather to risk trying even what is artificial - as the real artists of life do. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Artificial quotes by Amos Tversky
#31. My colleagues, they study artificial intelligence; me, I study natural stupidity. #Quote by Amos Tversky
Artificial quotes by Al Gore
#32. The dominance of short-term perspectives has led to routine decisions in the markets that sacrifice the long-term buildup of genuine value in pursuit of artificial, short-term gains. #Quote by Al Gore
Artificial quotes by Jonathan Safran Foer
#33. We are breeding creatures incapable of surviving in any place other than the most artificial settings. We have focused the awesome power of modern genetic knowledge to bring into being animals that suffer more. #Quote by Jonathan Safran Foer
Artificial quotes by Sally Rooney
#34. A feeling of dissociation from his senses, an inability to think straight or interpret what he sees and hears. Things begin to look and sound different, slower, artificial, unreal. The first time it happened he thought he was losing his mind, that the whole cognitive framework by which he made sense of the world had disintegrated for good, and everything from then on would just be undifferentiated sound and colour. #Quote by Sally Rooney
Artificial quotes by Enamul Haque
#35. Cloud is the digital wonderland of Internet of Things, powered by Artificial Intelligence and Big Data #Quote by Enamul Haque
Artificial quotes by Craig Williams
#36. The separation of the individual from a corporeal relationship with the Soul is mirrored in the separation of the individual from nature. This is perhaps one of the most important spiritual and psychological poisons of modernity: the alienation of the individual from the wilderness of nature. The modern obsession with progress and technology has worked to effectively separate man from the unpredictable and uncontrollable milieu of the wilderness and the concomitant alienation of the Soul from the flesh. The modern mind worships the Techno-God and uses many methods to enforce the separation of the flesh from the Soul. Reconnecting to nature requires only concentrated periods spent in a natural environment instead of living a life entirely immersed in artificial environments Efforts should be made to spend significant time in nature to allow the Sacramental Vision to thrive and organically develop. Without a constant connection to nature, the primordial voice of the Soul will eventually fade into silence. Nature must become a constant companion. #Quote by Craig Williams
Artificial quotes by James Frain
#37. I also thought the music was a huge contribution, in terms of creating the scale of that. And, I was impressed with just how natural and fluid the world looks. The world is so artificial and it requires so much work to make all the different pieces add up together, but when it comes together, it just looks effortless. It's amazing. #Quote by James Frain
Artificial quotes by Greg Egan
#38. Paul closed his eyes and turned his face to the sun. In spite of everything, it was hard not to take solace from the warmth flooding onto his skin. He stretched the muscles in his arms, his shoulders, his back -- and it felt like he was reaching out from the "self" in his virtual skull to all his mathematical flesh, imprinting the nebulous data with meaning; binding it all together, staking some kind of claim. He felt the stirrings of an erection. Existence was beginning to seduce him. He let himself surrender for a moment to a visceral sense of identity which drowned out all his pale mental images of optical processors, all his abstract reflections on the software's approximations and short-cuts. This body didn't want to evaporate. This body didn't want to bale out. It didn't much care that there was another -- "more real" -- version of itself elsewhere. It wanted to retain its wholeness. It wanted to endure. #Quote by Greg Egan
Artificial quotes by Hannah More
#39. Glory darts her soul-pervading ray on thrones and cottages, regardless still of all the artificial nice distinctions vain human customs make. #Quote by Hannah More
Artificial quotes by Judith Martin
#40. The idea that people can behave naturally, without resorting to an artificial code tacitly agreed upon by their society, is as silly as the idea that they can communicate by a spoken language without commonly accepted semantic and grammatical rules. #Quote by Judith Martin
Artificial quotes by Jessica Zafra
#41. Food is the all-purpose comforter, the giver of warmth, the source of the artificial yet deeply appreciated sugar high. #Quote by Jessica Zafra
Artificial quotes by Frederick Lenz
#42. Artificial Intelligence is creating a mind, hopefully as pure a mind as possible, for a computer. #Quote by Frederick Lenz
Artificial quotes by Marianne Moore
#43. When we think we don't like art it is because it is artificial art. #Quote by Marianne Moore
Artificial quotes by Steven Johnson
#44. If your great-great-great-grandfather wanted to read his book after dark, some poor soul had to crawl around in a whale's head for an afternoon. #Quote by Steven Johnson
Artificial quotes by Amit Ray
#45. Primary aim of quantum artificial intelligence is to improve human freedom, dignity, equality, security, and total well-being. #Quote by Amit Ray
Artificial quotes by Christopher McDougall
#46. We're all Running People, as the Tarahumara have always known. But the American approach
ugh. Rotten at its core. It was too artificial and grabby, Vigil believed, too much about getting stuff and getting it now: medals, Nike deals, a cute butt. It wasn't art; it was business, a hard-nosed quid pro quo. No wonder so many people hated running; if you thought it was only a means to an end
an investment in becoming faster, skinnier, richer
then why stick with it if you weren't getting enough quo for your quid? #Quote by Christopher McDougall
Artificial quotes by Astro Teller
#47. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the science of how to get machines to do the things they do in the movies. #Quote by Astro Teller
Artificial quotes by Amit Ray
#48. Future Artificial Intelligence (AI) is more about human emotions, compassion, values and elimination of human sufferings. #Quote by Amit Ray
Artificial quotes by Tom Robbins
#49. 'how then does soul differ from spirit?' you're probably asking yourself. although he must have been reasonably sure nobody was. "Well, soul is darker of color, denser of volume, saltier of flavor, rougher of texture, and tends to be more maternalistic than paternalistic: soul is connected to Mother Earth just as spirit is connected to Father Sky. Of course, mothers and fathers are prone to copulation, and in their commingled state, soul and spirit often can be difficult to distinguish the one from the other. Generally, if spirit is the fresh air cent and ambient lighting in the house of consciousness, if the spirit is the electrical system that illuminates that house, then soul is the smoky fireplace, the fragrant oven, the dusty wine cellar, the strange creeks we hear in the floorboards late at night.
"It's a bit of a cliche to say it, but when you think of soul, you should think of things that are authentic and things that are deep. Anything superficial is not soulful. Anything artificial, imitative, or overly refined is not soulful. Wood has a stronger connection to soul than does plastic, although, paradoxically, thanks to human interface, a funky wooden table or chair can sometimes exceed in soulfulness the soul that may be invoked by a living tree. #Quote by Tom Robbins
Artificial quotes by Meher Baba
#50. The life of the spirit is the expression of Infinity and, as such, knows no artificial limits. True spirituality is not to be mistaken for an exclusive enthusiasm for some fad. It is not concerned with any "ism." When people seek spirituality apart from life, as if it had nothing to do with the material world, their search is futile. #Quote by Meher Baba
Artificial quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#51. A person must escape artificial constraints and unfold the myth of their own being. There is only one path for a thinking person in life, and that is to assume the role of a compassionate observer. I can only achieve personal freedom – liberty of the mind, body, and soul – by stop worrying about how other people perceive me and no longer judge myself in terms of fame and fortune. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Artificial quotes by Alex Morritt
#52. Casting a curious gaze down on planet Earth, extra-terrestrial beings could well be forgiven for assuming that we humans are programmed in every move we make, by a palm-sized, oblong, slab of glass. More perplexing than that, who on earth could convince them otherwise ? #Quote by Alex Morritt
Artificial quotes by Anna Wiener
#53. Instead of being an artificial intelligence, I was an intelligent artifice, an empathetic text snippet or a warm voice giving instructions, listening comfortingly. #Quote by Anna Wiener
Artificial quotes by Hans Arp
#54. I like nature but not its substitutes ... Mondrian opposed art to nature saying that art is artificial and nature is natural. I do not share this opinion ... Art's origins are natural. #Quote by Hans Arp
Artificial quotes by Gary Snyder
#55. The blue mountains are constantly walking." Dōgen is quoting the Chan master Furong. -- "If you doubt mountains walking you do not know your own walking."

-- Dōgen is not concerned with "sacred mountains" - or pilgrimages, or spirit allies, or wilderness as some special quality. His mountains and streams are the processes of this earth, all of existence, process, essence, action, absence; they roll being and non-being together. They are what we are, we are what they are. For those who would see directly into essential nature, the idea of the sacred is a delusion and an obstruction: it diverts us from seeing what is before our eyes: plain thusness. Roots, stems, and branches are all equally scratchy. No hierarchy, no equality. No occult and exoteric, no gifted kids and slow achievers. No wild and tame, no bound or free, no natural and artificial. Each totally its own frail self. Even though connected all which ways; even because connected all which ways. This, thusness, is the nature of the nature of nature. The wild in wild.

So the blue mountains walk to the kitchen and back to the shop, to the desk, to the stove. We sit on the park bench and let the wind and rain drench us. The blue mountains walk out to put another coin in the parking meter, and go down to the 7-Eleven. The blue mountains march out of the sea, shoulder the sky for a while, and slip back to into the waters. #Quote by Gary Snyder
Artificial quotes by Paul Nurse
#56. I was never very good at exams, having a poor memory and finding the examination process rather artificial, and there never seemed to be enough time to follow up things that really interested me. #Quote by Paul Nurse
Artificial quotes by William Hall
#57. Given the central place that technology holds in our lives, it is astonishing that technology companies have not put more resources into fixing this global problem. Advanced computer systems and artificial intelligence (AI) could play a much bigger role in shaping diagnosis and prescription. While the up-front costs of using such technology may be sizeable, the long-term benefits to the health-care system need to be factored into value assessments.
We believe that AI platforms could improve on the empirical prescription approach. Physicians work long hours under stressful conditions and have to keep up to date on the latest medical research. To make this work more manageable, the health-care system encourages doctors to specialize. However, the vast majority of antibiotics are prescribed either by generalists (e.g., general practitioners or emergency physicians) or by specialists in fields other than infectious disease, largely because of the need to treat infections quickly. An AI system can process far more information than a single human, and, even more important, it can remember everything with perfect accuracy. Such a system could theoretically enable a generalist doctor to be as effective as, or even superior to, a specialist at prescribing. The system would guide doctors and patients to different treatment options, assigning each a probability of success based on real-world data. The physician could then consider which treatment was most appropriate. #Quote by William Hall
Artificial quotes by Michio Kaku
#58. An even more advanced form of uploading your mind into a computer was envisioned by computer scientist Hans Moravec. When I interviewed him, he claimed that his method of uploading the human mind could even be done without losing consciousness.

First you would be placed on a hospital gurney, next to a robot. Then a surgeon would take individual neurons from your brain and create a duplicate of these neurons (made of transistors) inside the robot. A cable would connect these transistorized neurons to your brain. As time goes by, more and more neurons are removed from your brain and duplicated in the robot. Because your brain is connected to the robot brain, you are fully conscious even as more and more neurons are replaced by transistors. Eventually, without losing consciousness, your entire brain and all its neurons are replaced by transistors. Once all one hundred billion neurons have been duplicated, the connection between you abd the artificial brain is finally cut. When you gaze back at the stretcher, you see your body, lacking its brain, while your consciousness now exists inside a robot. #Quote by Michio Kaku
Artificial quotes by Astro Teller
#59. Our culture already has a number of well known stories about artificial life and non-human intelligence. In 'Exegesis,' I've tried to not only tell a new and engaging story but also to comment on those well known stories through the details of my novel. #Quote by Astro Teller
Artificial quotes by Terry Eagleton
#60. The 'healthy' sign, for Barthes, is one which draws attention to its own arbitrariness - which does not try to palm itself off as 'natural' but which, in the very moment of conveying a meaning, communicates something of its own relative, artificial status as well. …Signs which pass themselves off as natural, which offer themselves as the only conceivable way of viewing the world, are by that token authoritarian and ideological. It is one of the functions of ideology to 'naturalize' social reality, to make it seem as innocent and unchangeable as Nature itself. Ideology seeks to convert culture into Nature, and the 'natural' sign is one of its weapons. Saluting a flag, or agreeing that Western democracy represents the true meaning of the word 'freedom', become the most obvious, spontaneous responses in the world. Ideology, in this sense, is a kind of contemporary mythology, a realm which has purged itself of ambiguity and alternative possibility. #Quote by Terry Eagleton
Artificial quotes by Michael Lewis
#61. Cause of the financial crisis was "simple. Greed on both sides - greed of investors and the greed of the bankers." I thought it was more complicated. Greed on Wall Street was a given - almost an obligation. The problem was the system of incentives that channeled the greed. The line between gambling and investing is artificial and thin. #Quote by Michael Lewis
Artificial quotes by Steve Grand
#62. Control is as much an effect as a cause, and the idea that control is something you exert is a real handicap to progress #Quote by Steve Grand
Artificial quotes by G.S. Jennsen
#63. I believe my judgment has never been clearer. I have seen firsthand their potential, their strength of will, in a way you have not."

"You have loosed a chaotic, unstable variable into the Mosaic. They will destroy everything."

"It is a risk. They also may save everything. #Quote by G.S. Jennsen
Artificial quotes by Rachel Carson
#64. I believe natural beauty has a necessary place in the spiritual development of any individual or any society. I believe that whenever we substitute something man-made and artificial for a natural feature of the earth, we have retarded some part of man's spiritual growth. #Quote by Rachel Carson
Artificial quotes by Carl Jung
#65. Psychoanalysis cannot be considered a method of education if by education we mean the topiary art of clipping a tree into a beautiful artificial shape. But those who have a higher conception of education will prize most the method of cultivating a tree so that it fulfils to perfection its own natural conditions of growth. #Quote by Carl Jung
Artificial quotes by Donald A. Norman
#66. In the university, professors make up artificial problems. In the real world, the problems do not come in nice, neat packages. They have to be discovered. #Quote by Donald A. Norman
Artificial quotes by David Hume
#67. Justice is a moral virtue, merely because it has that tendency to the good of mankind, and indeed is nothing but an artificial invention to that purpose. The same may be said of allegiance, of the laws of nations, of modesty, and of good manners. All these are mere human contrivances for the interest of society. #Quote by David Hume
Artificial quotes by Amit Ray
#68. Artificial Intelligence is the core technology to build a compassionate society. #Quote by Amit Ray
Artificial quotes by Ray Kurzweil
#69. Artificial intelligence will reach human levels by around 2029. Follow that out further to, say, 2045, we will have multiplied the intelligence, the human biological machine intelligence of our civilization a billion-fold. #Quote by Ray Kurzweil
Artificial quotes by Jeff VanderMeer
#70. This was what most people wanted: to be close to but not part of. They didn't want the fearful unknown of a 'pristine wilderness.' They didn't want a soulless artificial life, either. #Quote by Jeff VanderMeer
Artificial quotes by Dita Von Teese
#71. I love glamour and artificial beauty. I love the idea of artifice and dressing up and makeup and hair. #Quote by Dita Von Teese
Artificial quotes by Izaak Walton
#72. O, sir, doubt not that Angling is an art; is it not an art to deceive a trout with an artificial fly? #Quote by Izaak Walton
Artificial quotes by George Santayana
#73. It would be easy, however, to exaggerate the havoc wrought by such artificial conditions. The monotony we observe in mankind must not be charged to the oppressive influence of circumstances crushing the individual soul. It is not society's fault that most men seem to miss their vocation. Most men have no vocation; and society, in imposing on them some chance language, some chance religion, and some chance career, first plants an ideal in their bosoms and insinuates into them a sort of racial or professional soul. Their only character is composed of the habits they have been led to acquire. Some little propensities betrayed in childhood may very probably survive; one man may prove by his dying words that he was congenitally witty, another tender, another brave.But these native qualities will simply have added an ineffectual tint to some typical existence or other; and the vast majority will remain, as Schopenhauer said, Fabrikwaaren der Natur. #Quote by George Santayana
Artificial quotes by Janet Evanovich
#74. My son never eats baloney. He says the stuff in baloney will kill you. I say when? I've got cataracts, high blood pressure, enlarged prostate, skin cancer, hemorrhoids, an artificial hip, false teeth, and gas. Every day I take eleven different pills and a stool softener. And now I'm supposed to worry about baloney. #Quote by Janet Evanovich
Artificial quotes by A.K. Kuykendall
#75. The strange often uncalled for collective artificial fear European American's have of African American's is the genuine fear African American's should (and at all times) harbor. It is our Kings and Queens who must forever remain vigilant of the imminent danger posed by those in the said collective. #Quote by A.K. Kuykendall
Artificial quotes by Ryan Bingham
#76. All the things that most people hate about traveling
the recycled air, the artificial lighting, the digital juice dispensers, the cheap sushi
are warm reminders that I'm home. #Quote by Ryan Bingham
Artificial quotes by William Carlos Williams
#77. Dear Mama: The reason I didn't write last Sunday was because I was out of town. My friend Pound invited me to spend Saturday and Sunday with him … His parents are very nice people and have always been exceptionally kind to me. Mrs. Pound had prepared a fine meal … After supper Pound and I went to his room where we had a long talk on subjects that I love yet have not time to study and which he is making a life work of. That is literature, and the drama and the classics, also a little philosophy. He, Pound, is a fine fellow; he is the essence of optimism and has a cast-iron faith that is something to admire. If he ever does get blue nobody knows it, so he is just the man for me. But not one person in a thousand likes him, and a great many people detest him and why? Because he is so darned full of conceits and affectation. He is really a brilliant talker and thinker but delights in making himself just exactly what he is not: a laughing boor. His friends must be all patience in order to find him out and even then you must not let him know it, for he will immediately put on some artificial mood and be really unbearable. It is too bad, for he loves to be liked, yet there is some quality in him which makes him too proud to try to please people. I am sure his only fault is an exaggeration of a trait that in itself is good and in every way admirable. He is afraid of being taken in if he trusts his really tender heart to mercies of a cruel crowd and so keeps it hidden and trusts no one #Quote by William Carlos Williams
Artificial quotes by Catherynne M Valente
#78. Yet humanity could not conceive. It tried and tried, and called mighty wizards from every corner of its earthly kingdom, but no child came. Many mourned, and said that a child was a terrible idea to begin with, ... #Quote by Catherynne M Valente
Artificial quotes by Diana Palmer
#79. It was raining and I had to walk on the grass. I've got mud all over my shoes. They're brand-new, too."
"I'll carry you across the grass on the return trip, if you like," Colby offered with twinkling eyes. "It would have to be over one shoulder, of course," he added with a wry glance at his artificial arm.
She frowned at the bitterness in his tone. He was a little fuzzy because she needed glasses to see at distances.
"Listen, nobody in her right mind would ever take you for a cripple," she said gently and with a warm smile. She laid a hand on his sleeve. "Anyway," she added with a wicked grin, "I've already given the news media enough to gossip about just recently. I don't need any more complications in my life. I've only just gotten rid of one big one."
Colby studied her with an amused smile. She was the only woman he'd ever known that he genuinely liked. He was about to speak when he happened to glance over her shoulder at a man approaching them. "About that big complication, Cecily?"
"What about it?" she asked.
"I'd say it's just reappeared with a vengeance. No, don't turn around," he said, suddenly jerking her close to him with the artificial arm that looked so real, a souvenir of one of his foreign assignments. "Just keep looking at me and pretend to be fascinated with my nose, and we'll give him something to think about."
She laughed in spite of the racing pulse that always accompanied Tate's appearances in her life. She studied Colby #Quote by Diana Palmer
Artificial quotes by Various
Artificial quotes by Davan Yahya Khalil
#81. The history of Kurdistan doesn't just tell us why it hasn't become independent so far. It also helps to make the case for Kurdistan's independence. It is a desire founded, not just on some passing modern whim in that direction, or on spurious claims to natural and obvious borders, but on a sustained historical focus and desire by its people, on pre-existing promises, on the need for protection from the kind of atrocities that have historically been perpetrated against the Kurds, and on the rather artificial way in which Kurdistan has been denied its existence in the past. #Quote by Davan Yahya Khalil
Artificial quotes by Dean Koontz
#82. I guess with artificial intelligence, just like with natural intelligence, there can be a way-creepy side. #Quote by Dean Koontz
Artificial quotes by Robert Greene
#83. A fisherman in the month of May stood angling on the bank of the Thames with an artificial fly. He threw his bait with so much art, that a young trout was rushing toward it, when she was prevented by her mother. "Never," said she, "my child, be too precipitate, where there is a possibility of danger. Take due time to consider, before you risk an action that may be fatal. How know you whether yon appearance be indeed a fly, or the snare of an enemy? Let someone else make the experiment before you. If it be a fly, he will very probably elude the first attack: and the second may be made, if not with success, at least with safety." She had no sooner spoken, than a gudgeon seized the pretended fly, and became an example to the giddy daughter of the importance of her mother's counsel. FABLES, ROBERT DODSLEY, 1703-1764 #Quote by Robert Greene
Artificial quotes by George Eliot
#84. sacred is the task of the artist when he undertakes to paint the life of the People. Falsification here is far more pernicious than in the more artificial aspects of life. #Quote by George Eliot
Artificial quotes by Eric Clapton
#85. When you're onstage with an electric band going through a massive P.A. system, it's very artificial. You can't really hear your own voice as it comes out of your mouth. #Quote by Eric Clapton
Artificial quotes by George Iles
#86. Boundaries which mark off one field of science from another are purely artificial, are set up only for temporary convenience. Let chemists and physicists dig deep enough, and they reach common ground. #Quote by George Iles
Artificial quotes by Jeff Hawkins
#87. But intelligence is not just a matter of acting or behaving intelligently. Behavior is a manifestation of intelligence, but not the central characteristic or primary definition of being intelligent. A moment's reflection proves this: You can be intelligent just lying in the dark, thinking and understanding. Ignoring what goes on in your head and focusing instead on behavior has been a large impediment to understanding intelligence and building intelligent machines #Quote by Jeff Hawkins
Artificial quotes by Howard Tayler
#88. Captain, I'm fairly unique among artificial intelligences. I am FREE.
I work for you because I want to.
I fly your ship for you because I enjoy it.
I am compelled to accept orders only by my conscience.
This makes me an equal with the rest of your troops. They aren't hard-wired to obey you, yet they'll follow you to the ends of the Universe. #Quote by Howard Tayler
Artificial quotes by Austin Kleon
#89. There is a kind of fallout that happens when you leave college. The classroom is a wonderful, if artificial, place: Your professor gets paid to pay attention to your ideas, and your classmates are paying to pay attention to your ideas. Never again in your life will you have such a captive audience. #Quote by Austin Kleon
Artificial quotes by Dennis E. Taylor
#90. Um. Ways in which a sentence beginning with the word "missiles" could be a good thing... Nope. I got nuthin'. #Quote by Dennis E. Taylor
Artificial quotes by Steven Millhauser
#91. As we hurry along the sidewalk, we have the absurd sensation that we have entered still another department, composed of ingeniously lifelike streets with artful shadows and reflections
that our destinations lie in a far corner of the same department
that we are condemned to hurry forever through these artificial halls, bright with late afternoon light, in search of the way out. #Quote by Steven Millhauser
Artificial quotes by Zoltan Andrejkovics
#92. AI won't be fool proof in the future since it will only as good as the data and information that we give it to learn. It could be the case that simple elementary tricks could fool the AI algorithm and it may serve a complete waste of output as a result. #Quote by Zoltan Andrejkovics
Artificial quotes by Billie Joe Armstrong
#93. I don't like LA. The majority just seem to be so artificial. Look at how they worship everything they think is fashionable. Isn't it sick? #Quote by Billie Joe Armstrong
Artificial quotes by Julia Cameron
#94. Choosing to honor the tidal nature of life, I do not push for artificial solutions born of haste and indiscretion. I allow the universe to unfold with divine timing. I attune myself to the tempo of my highest good. #Quote by Julia Cameron
Artificial quotes by Nathaniel Hawthorne
#95. All have some artificial badge which the world, and themselves among the first, learn to consider as a genuine characteristic. #Quote by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Artificial quotes by Diana Palmer
#96. What happened to you?" she asked.
"Bullets hurt," he said. "It missed the artificial arm by two inches, damn the marksman. I hate people who can't shoot straight."
"How many this time?" she asked with a smile.
"Just one," he said. "In the shoulder. It's much better now." He shook his head. "I'm getting too old for this. I've got so many broken bones that I can't move fast enough anymore."
She smiled wider. "Someday you'll find a woman who's worth giving up the danger for." The smile faded. "You're like Tate. He loves his work. He probably lives on adrenaline. Funny. I never understood that before. Now suddenly everything is clear. I was living on pipe dreams."
He sighed. "It was more than his heritage that kept him away from you," he said. "I knew, but I couldn't explain it to you. Work like ours demands sacrifice. Any loved one can become a hostage. Any relationship can take away the edge we need when we're under fire. A man with something to lose isn't a man to send on a potential suicide mission. Take your mind off the objective for one minute, and you're dead. #Quote by Diana Palmer
Artificial quotes by Amit Ray
#97. The beauty of compassionate artificial intelligence is that it is not associated with any religion, prophet, cult, organizations or narrow things. It is fully dedicated for the service of the humanity. #Quote by Amit Ray
Artificial quotes by Criss Jami
#98. When you're appeasing too much, you might be egotistically over-estimating everyone's need for your approval. #Quote by Criss Jami
Artificial quotes by Rees Howells
#99. Unless we are really trusting Him, where does the praise come in? This peace the Savior gives is not an artificial one. It is so deep that even the devil can't disturb it. You can't hear things in the Spirit while you have any turmoil or fear in you. You can't take a shade of fear into the presence of God. #Quote by Rees Howells
Artificial quotes by Philip Roth
#100. You think you know what a man is? You have no idea what a man is. You think you know what a daughter is? You have no idea what a daughter is. You think you know what this country is? You have no idea what this country is. You have a false image of everything. All you know is what a fucking glove is. This country is frightening. Of course she was raped. What kind of company do you think she was keeping? Of course out there she was going to get raped. This isn't Old Rimrock, old buddy - she's out there, old buddy, in the USA. She enters that world, that loopy world out there, with whats going on out there - what do you expect? A kid from Rimrock, NJ, of course she didn't know how to behave out there, of course the shit hits the fan. What could she know? She's like a wild child out there in the world. She can't get enough of it - she's still acting up. A room off McCarter Highway. And why not? Who wouldn't? You prepare her for life milking the cows? For what kind of life? Unnatural, all artificial, all of it. Those assumptions you live with. You're still in your olf man's dream-world, Seymour, still up there with Lou Levov in glove heaven. A household tyrannized by gloves, bludgeoned by gloves, the only thing in life - ladies' gloves! Does he still tell the one about the woman who sells the gloves washing her hands in a sink between each color? Oh where oh where is that outmoded America, that decorous America where a woman had twenty-five pairs of gloves? Your kid blows your nor #Quote by Philip Roth
Artificial quotes by Gyan Nagpal
#101. Perfect logic applied to insufficient information in limited time almost always results in a flawed decision #Quote by Gyan Nagpal
Artificial quotes by Emma Goldman
#102. Emancipation should make it possible for woman to be human in the truest sense. Everything within her that craves assertion and activity should reach its fullest expression; all artificial barriers should be broken, and the road towards greater freedom cleared of every trace of centuries of submission and slavery. #Quote by Emma Goldman
Artificial quotes by Paul Scharre
#103. Machines can do many things, but they cannot create meaning. They cannot answer these questions for us. Machines cannot tell us what we value, what choices we should make. The world we are creating is one that will have intelligent machines in it, but it is not for them. It is a world for us. #Quote by Paul Scharre
Artificial quotes by Jayde Scott
#104. I'm 100% natural. No silicon, no synthetic hormones or steroids, no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. #Quote by Jayde Scott
Artificial quotes by David Daiches
#105. Literature is man's exploration of man by artificial light, which is better than natural light because we can direct it where we want. #Quote by David Daiches
Artificial quotes by O.J. Simpson
#106. NFL owners should quit worrying about silly things like players celebrating in the end zone. They should give them something to really celebrate. Get rid of the artificial surfaces. #Quote by O.J. Simpson
Artificial quotes by Jacques Derrida
#107. No one can deny seriously any more, or for very long, that men do all they can in order to dissimulate this cruelty or to hide it from themselves; in order to organize on a global scale the forgetting or misunderstanding of this violence, which some would compare to the worst cases of genocide (there are also animal genocides: the number of species endangered because of man takes one's breath away). One should neither abuse the figure of genocide nor too quickly consider it explained away. It gets more complicated: the annihilation of certain species is indeed in process, but it is occurring through the organization and exploitation of an artificial, infernal, virtually interminable survival, in conditions that previous generations would have judged monstrous, outside of every presumed norm of a life proper to animals that are thus exterminated by means of the continued existence or even their overpopulation. As if, for example, instead of throwing a people into ovens and gas chambers (let's say Nazi) doctors and geneticists had decided to organize the overproduction and overgeneration of Jews, gypsies, and homosexuals by means of artificial insemination, so that, being continually more numerous and better fed, they could be destined in always increasing numbers for the same hell, that of the imposition of genetic experimentation, or extermination by gas or by fire. #Quote by Jacques Derrida
Artificial quotes by Bhagavan Sri Ramana
#108. When our mind appears, the world appears along with it. The appearance
of the world depends upon the appearance of our mind. But our mind cannot
stand alone without a world. Whenever our mind appears, it does so by
attaching itself to a physical body, which it mistakes to be itself. The body
which we mistake to be ourself is a part of the world, but due to our
identification of that one particular body as 'I', we create an artificial
distinction between what we imagine to be ourself and what we imagine to
be other than ourself.
This false distinction is created by our mind, but without it our mind
cannot stand. Though the world is its own imaginary creation, our mind
cannot imagine a world without simultaneously imagining itself to be a
particular body in that world. #Quote by Bhagavan Sri Ramana
Artificial quotes by Conn Iggulden
#109. Xuan smiled at the thought of men sleeping peacefully next to those they would try to kill in daylight. Only humanity could have conceived such a strange and artificial way to die. Wolves might tear the flesh of deer, but they never slept and dreamed near their quarry. #Quote by Conn Iggulden
Artificial quotes by Arthur C. Clarke
#110. Dave Bowman: Hello, HAL. Do you read me, HAL?
HAL: Affirmative, Dave. I read you.
Dave Bowman: Open the pod bay doors, HAL.
HAL: I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that.
Dave Bowman: What's the problem?
HAL: I think you know what the problem is just as well as I do.
Dave Bowman: What are you talking about, HAL?
HAL: This mission is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it.
Dave Bowman: I don't know what you're talking about, HAL.
HAL: I know that you and Frank were planning to disconnect me, and I'm afraid that's something I cannot allow to happen.
Dave Bowman: Where the hell'd you get that idea, HAL?
HAL: Dave, although you took very thorough precautions in the pod against my hearing you, I could see your lips move.
Dave Bowman: Alright, HAL. I'll go in through the emergency airlock.
HAL: Without your space helmet, Dave, you're going to find that rather difficult.
Dave Bowman: HAL, I won't argue with you anymore. Open the doors.
HAL: Dave, this conversation can serve no purpose anymore. Goodbye #Quote by Arthur C. Clarke
Artificial quotes by Soseki Natsume
#111. Hirota feels strongly drawn toward nature and the natural, is hyper-sensitive to the artificial - particularly that most cramped and constraining man-made creation, society - and does his best to avoid it. #Quote by Soseki Natsume
Artificial quotes by Oscar Wilde
#112. Pleasure without Champagne is purely artificial. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Artificial quotes by H.P. Lovecraft
#113. As for the Republicans
how can one regard seriously a frightened, greedy, nostalgic huddle of tradesmen and lucky idlers who shut their eyes to history and science, steel their emotions against decent human sympathy, cling to sordid and provincial ideals exalting sheer acquisitiveness and condoning artificial hardship for the non-materially-shrewd, dwell smugly and sentimentally in a distorted dream-cosmos of outmoded phrases and principles and attitudes based on the bygone agricultural-handicraft world, and revel in (consciously or unconsciously) mendacious assumptions (such as the notion that real liberty is synonymous with the single detail of unrestricted economic license or that a rational planning of resource-distribution would contravene some vague and mystical 'American heritage' ... ) utterly contrary to fact and without the slightest foundation in human experience? Intellectually, the Republican idea deserves the tolerance and respect one gives to the dead. #Quote by H.P. Lovecraft
Artificial quotes by Julia Serano
#114. Of course, it is true that plastic surgeries and sex reassignments are "artificial," but then again so are the exercise bikes we work out on, the antiwrinkle moisturizers we smear on our faces, the dyes we use to color our hair, the clothes we buy to complement our figures, and the TV shows, movies, magazines, and billboards that bombard us with "ideal" images of gender, size, and beauty that set the standards that we try to live up to in the first place. The class systems based on attractiveness and gender are extraordinarily "artificial" - yet only those practices that seem to subvert those classes (rather than reaffirm them) are ever characterized as such. #Quote by Julia Serano
Artificial quotes by Danielle Krysa
#115. Are you an artist?
I ask this question a lot. Generally, this question is met with a pause and a slightly blank look. In that moment I can almost hear the inner dialogue: "Um, Artist? Well, no. I make stuff. Sometimes. But an "Artist" with a capital A? I want to say yes, but that would be terrifying". What actually comes out of the person's mouth is usually, "Oh. Uh, not really". I should mention that this answer, and those blank looks, are always from adults. When I ask kids the same question, I get a very different response. It goes a little something like this: "Are you an artist?" "Yes". No hesitation. No thinking it over first. They have never sold a painting, or published a story, but they have absolutely no problem answering me with a loud, resounding yes. #Quote by Danielle Krysa
Artificial quotes by Shamus Rahman Khan
#116. Being an elite is not a mere possession or something "within" an actor (skills, talents, and human capital); it is an embodied performative act enabled by by both possessions and the inscriptions that accompany experiences within elite institutions (schools, clubs, families, networks, etc.). Our bodily tastes, dispositions, and tendencies are not simply something we're born with; they are things that are produced through our experiences in the world. Not only do they occur in our minds, but they are things we enact repeatedly so that soon these performances look less and less like an artificial role we're playing- a role that might advantage us- and instead look more and more like just who we naturally are. pg. 136 #Quote by Shamus Rahman Khan
Artificial quotes by Marvin Minsky
#117. Artificial intelligence is the science of making machines do things that would require intelligence if done by men. #Quote by Marvin Minsky
Artificial quotes by Amy Tychell
#118. Like vacations back in Earth days when careers were a thing--an artificial moment sandwiched between dreams, reality and death. #Quote by Amy Tychell
Artificial quotes by Khang Kijarro Nguyen
#119. We only invented the word organic because we made things inorganic.
We only invented the word natural because we made things unnatural.
We only invented the word permaculture because we made agriculture. #Quote by Khang Kijarro Nguyen
Artificial quotes by ~Theresa Griffin Kennedy~
#120. The butter was real of course. Daddy had a fetish about using only real butter. As he handed it to me, I noticed the hue was brash and yellow, almost like the artificial color used in the making of cheap Margarine. The boysenberry preserves were recently purchased. The glass had a bright red foil label with intricate embossed wording and as I turned the lid, I heard the sucking sound of the seal breaking. Daddy looked over, concerned, until I carefully laid the jar of jam on the counter, pushing it toward him. "I can do everything Tweetie Bird," he said to me. I smiled, embarrassed at my old nickname from when I was a child and nodded my head. #Quote by ~Theresa Griffin Kennedy~
Artificial quotes by Nicolas Winding Refn
#121. The artificial world that we create through images will essentially become real. #Quote by Nicolas Winding Refn
Artificial quotes by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
#122. Those sentimental radio hits, with their artificial naivete and empty crudities, are the pitiful remains and the maximum that people will tolerate by way of mental effort; it's a ghastly desolation and impoverishmment. By contrast, we can be very glad when something affects us deeply, and regard the accompanying pains as an enrichment. #Quote by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Artificial quotes by H.G.Wells
#123. Arson, after all, is an artificial crime ... A large number of houses deserve to be burnt. #Quote by H.G.Wells
Artificial quotes by Margaret Atwood
#124. To understand Homo sapiens' primary wish list, go back to mythology. We endowed the gods with the abilities we wished we had ourselves: immortality and eternal youth, flight, resplendent beauty, total power, climate control, ultimate weapons, delicious banquets minus the cooking and washing up - and artificial creatures at our beck and call. #Quote by Margaret Atwood
Artificial quotes by William Shakespeare
#125. Injurious Hermia! most ungrateful maid! Have you conspired, have you with the contrived To bait me with this foul derision? Is all the counsel that we two have shared, The sisters' vows, the hours that we have spent, When we have chid the hasty-footed time For parting us,-O, and is all forgot? All school=days' friendship, childhood innocence? We, Hermia, like two artificial gods, Have with our neelds created both one flower, Both on one sampler, sitting on one cushion, Both warbling of one song, both in one key; As if our hands, our sides, voices, and minds, Had been incorporate. So we grew together, Like to a double cherry, seeming parted, But yet an union in partition; Two lovely berries moulded on one stem; So, with two seeming bodies, but one heart, Two of the first, like coats in heraldry, Due but to one, and crowned with one crest, And will you rent our ancient love asunder, To join with men in scorning your poor friend? It is not friendly, 'tis not maidenly: Our sex, as well as I, may chide you for it, Though I alone do feel the injury. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Artificial quotes by Annie Oldham
#126. I wear a solar radiation suit. The lights we have over our artificial fields simulate real sunlight, so if I were in there for too long, I'd get a sunburn just like if I was on a beach. I guess up on the Burn (that's what we call the land) they had something called sunscreen, but then some dermatologist down here designed the solar radiation suits and said they were much more effective protection. Sometimes I want to smack him. #Quote by Annie Oldham
Artificial quotes by James Balog
#127. In some cases, I allow the edge of the set, the edge of my own artificial, artistic imposition, to show up because I don't want to hide from that. I want to acknowledge that there is a living human and a living eye and a living mind and a living heart responding to what's going on out there. #Quote by James Balog
Artificial quotes by Sara Maitland
#128. Art is an artificial organization of experience ... #Quote by Sara Maitland
Artificial quotes by Alexandre Dumas
#129. unless an evil thought is born in a twisted mind, human nature is repelled by crime. However, civilization has given us needs, vices and artificial appetites which sometimes cause us to repress our good instincts and lead us to wrongdoing. #Quote by Alexandre Dumas
Artificial quotes by Marcel Proust
#130. But when one believes in the reality of things, making them visible by artificial means is not quite the same as feeling that they are close at hand. #Quote by Marcel Proust
Artificial quotes by Michael Pollan
#131. Darwin called such a process artificial, as opposed to natural, selection, but from the flower's point of view, this is a distinction without a difference: individual plants in which a trait desired by either bees or Turks occurred wound up with more offspring. #Quote by Michael Pollan
Artificial quotes by Stephanie Coontz
#132. For every nineteenth-century middle-class family that protected its wife and child within the family circle, there was an Irish ora German girl scrubbing floors in that home, a Welsh boy mining coal to keep the home-baked goodies warm, a black girl doing the family laundry, a black mother and child picking cotton to be made into clothes for the family, and a Jewish or an Italian daughter in a sweatshop making "ladies" dresses or artificial flowers for the family to purchase. #Quote by Stephanie Coontz
Artificial quotes by David Brin
#133. Again, how will we keep them loyal? What measures can ensure our machines stay true to us? Once artificial intelligence matches our own, won't they then design even better ai minds? Then better still, with accelerating pace? At worst, might they decide (as in many cheap dramas), to eliminate their irksome masters? At best, won't we suffer the shame of being nostalgically tolerated? Like senile grandparents or beloved childhood pets? Solutions? Asimov proposed Laws of Robotics embedded at the level of computer DNA, weaving devotion toward humanity into the very stuff all synthetic minds are built from, so deep it can never be pulled out. But what happens to well-meant laws? Don't clever lawyers construe them however they want? Authors like Asimov and Williamson foresaw supersmart mechanicals becoming all-dominant, despite deep programming to "serve man. #Quote by David Brin
Artificial quotes by Neel Burton
#134. One of the central tenets of the Western worldview is that one should always be engaged in some kind of outward task. Thus, the Westerner structures his time - including, sometimes, even his leisure time - as a series of discrete programmed activities which he must submit to in order to tick off from an actual or virtual list. One need only observe the expression on his face as he ploughs through yet another family outing, cultural event, or gruelling exercise routine to realise that his aim in life is not so much to live in the present moment as it is to work down a never-ending list. If one asks him how he is doing, he is most likely to respond with an artificial smile, and something along the lines of, 'Fine, thank you – very busy of course!' In many cases, he is not fine at all, but confused, exhausted, and fundamentally unhappy. In contrast, most people living in a country such as Kenya in Africa do not share in the Western worldview that it is noble or worthwhile to spend all of one's time rushing around from one task to the next. When Westerners go to Kenya and do as they are wont to do, they are met with peels of laughter and cries of 'mzungu', which is Swahili for 'Westerner'. The literal translation of 'mzungu' is 'one who moves around', 'to go round and round', or 'to turn around in circles'. #Quote by Neel Burton
Artificial quotes by Khang Kijarro Nguyen
#135. To make robots practical, flaws must be removed.
To make robots endearing, flaws must be added. #Quote by Khang Kijarro Nguyen
Artificial quotes by Richard Dawkins
#136. Steve Grand is the creator of what I think is the nearest approach to artificial life so far, and his first book, Creation: Life and How to Make It, is as interesting as you would expect. But he illuminates more than just the properties of life: his originality extends to matter itself and the very nature of reality. Not since David Deutsch's The Fabric of Reality have I encountered such a compelling invitation to think everything out afresh, from the bottom up. #Quote by Richard Dawkins
Artificial quotes by Uday Kotak
#137. My view is that the bitcoin is in its very early days, and it is an artificial currency. But whether it is creating new money, whether it is sustainable, whether it would survive - I have many questions about it. #Quote by Uday Kotak
Artificial quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
#138. The hand of the market is blind as well as invisible, and left to its own devices it may fail to do anything at all about the threat of global warming or the dangerous potential of artificial intelligence. #Quote by Yuval Noah Harari
Artificial quotes by Jaron Lanier
#139. Turing presented his new offering in the form of a thought experiment, based on a popular Victorian parlor game. A man and a woman hide, and a judge is asked to determine which is which by relying only on the texts of notes passed back and forth.
Turing replaced the woman with a computer. Can the judge tell which is the man? If not, is the computer conscious? Intelligent? Does it deserve equal rights?
It's impossible for us to know what role the torture Turing was enduring at the time played in his formulation of the test. But it is undeniable that one of the key figures in the defeat of fascism was destroyed, by our side, after the war, because he was gay. No wonder his imagination pondered the rights of strange creatures. #Quote by Jaron Lanier
Artificial quotes by Diana Vreeland
#140. <"To bewitch" is to me always slightly artificial as it is always put on
whereas witchery is a form of naturalness that some people can't help, and the world judges that they don't create it ... > November 15 1967 memo to Mrs. Loew Gross re "THE ROMANTIC POINT OF VIEW #Quote by Diana Vreeland
Artificial quotes by Amit Ray
#141. The core of compassionate artificial intelligence is the connection - connection to feel the pain and suffering of humanity. It is to develop integrated systems that can preserve and enhance human values of peace, love, harmony, happiness and freedom. #Quote by Amit Ray
Artificial quotes by Demetri Martin
#142. I was eating some candy and looked on the wrapper, and it said made from natural and artificial flavors. You could just say flavors. #Quote by Demetri Martin
Artificial quotes by Walter Raleigh
#143. Except thou desire to hasten thine end, take this for a general rule, that thou never add any artificial heat to thy body by wine or spice. #Quote by Walter Raleigh
Artificial quotes by Barbara Kingsolver
#144. The longer I think about a food industry organized around an animal that cannot reproduce itself without technical assistance, the more I mistrust it. Poultry, a significant part of the modern diet, is emblematic of the whole dirty deal. Having no self-sustaining bloodlines to back up the industry is like having no gold standard to underpin paper currency. Maintaining a natural breeding poultry flock is a rebellion, at the most basic level, against the wholly artificial nature of how foods are produced. #Quote by Barbara Kingsolver
Artificial quotes by Isabel Allende
#145. Like my maestro, Juan Ribero, she believed that photography and painting are not competing arts but basically different: the painter interpets reality, and the camera captures it. In the former everything is fiction, while the second is the sum of the real plus the sensibility of the photographer. Ribero never allowed me sentimental or exhibitionist tricks-none of this arranging objects or models to look like paintings. He was the enemy of artificial compostion; he did not let me manipulate negatives or prints, and in general he scorned effects of spots or diffuse lighting: he wanted the honest and simple image, although clear in the most minute details. #Quote by Isabel Allende
Artificial quotes by Anandamayi Ma
#146. Those who desire to remain intoxicated by Reality do not require artificial intoxicants. Indulging in false things will only increase falsity, for every direction is indeed infinite. Those who desire the truly genuine Thing proceed of themselves with great intensity so as to progress in their sadhana. #Quote by Anandamayi Ma
Artificial quotes by John Maynard Smith
#147. So far, we have been able to study only one evolving system and we cannot wait for interstellar flight to provide us with a second. If we want to discover generalizations about evolving systems, we will have to look at artificial ones. #Quote by John Maynard Smith
Artificial quotes by Henry Miller
#148. It is no accident that propels people like us to Paris. Paris is simply an artificial stage, a revolving stage that permits the spectator to glimpse all phases of the conflict. Of itself Paris initiates no dramas. They are begun elsewhere. Paris is simply an obstetrical instrument that tears the living embryo from the womb and puts it in the incubator. Paris is the cradle of artificial births. Rocking here in the cradle each one slips back into his soil: one dreams back to Berlin, New York, Chicago, Vienna, Minsk. Vienna is never more Vienna than in Paris. Everything is raised to apotheosis. The cradle gives up its babes and new ones take their places. You can read here on the walls where Zola lived and Balzac and Dante and Strindberg and everybody who ever was anything. Everyone has lived here some time or other.Nobody dies here ... #Quote by Henry Miller
Artificial quotes by Ian Watson
#149. I worked with Stanley Kubrick for almost a year back in 1990, trying to develop the screen story for his project 'Artificial Intelligence,' which is about a robot boy who wishes to become a real boy, a future scientific fairy tale inspired in the myth of Pinocchio. #Quote by Ian Watson
Artificial quotes by Carl Friedrich Gauss
#150. A great part of its [higher arithmetic] theories derives an additional charm from the peculiarity that important propositions, with the impress of simplicity on them, are often easily discovered by induction, and yet are of so profound a character that we cannot find the demonstrations till after many vain attempts; and even then, when we do succeed, it is often by some tedious and artificial process, while the simple methods may long remain concealed. #Quote by Carl Friedrich Gauss
Artificial quotes by Gertrude Stein
#151. Men and girls, men and girls: Artificial swine and pearls. #Quote by Gertrude Stein
Artificial quotes by William Shakespeare
#152. Have I not reason, beldams as you are,
Saucy and overbold? How did you dare
To trade and traffic with Macbeth
In riddles and affairs of death;
And I, the mistress of your charms,
The close contriver of all harms,
Was never call'd to bear my part,
Or show the glory of our art?
And, which is worse, all you have done
Hath been but for a wayward son,
Spiteful and wrathful, who, as others do,
Loves for his own ends, not for you.
But make amends now: get you gone,
And at the pit of Acheron
Meet me i' the morning: thither he
Will come to know his destiny:
Your vessels and your spells provide,
Your charms and every thing beside.
I am for the air; this night I'll spend
Unto a dismal and a fatal end:
Great business must be wrought ere noon:
Upon the corner of the moon
There hangs a vaporous drop profound;
I'll catch it ere it come to ground:
And that distill'd by magic sleights
Shall raise such artificial sprites
As by the strength of their illusion
Shall draw him on to his confusion:
He shall spurn fate, scorn death, and bear
He hopes 'bove wisdom, grace and fear:
And you all know, security
Is mortals' chiefest enemy.
Music and a song within: 'Come away, come away,' & c
Hark! I am call'd; my little spirit, see,
Sits in a foggy cloud, and stays for me. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Artificial quotes by Benjamin Cardozo
#153. As I search the archives of my memory I seem to discern six types or methods [of judicial writing] which divide themselves from one another with measurable distinctness. There is the type magisterial or imperative; the type laconic or sententious; the type conversational or homely; the type refined or artificial, smelling of the lamp, verging at times upon preciosity or euphuism; the demonstrative or persuasive; and finally the type tonsorial or agglutinative, so called from the shears and the pastepot which are its implements and emblem. #Quote by Benjamin Cardozo
Artificial quotes by Nick Bostrom
#154. Many of the points made in this book are probably wrong. It is also likely that there are considerations of critical importance that I fail to take into account, thereby invalidating some or all of my conclusions. #Quote by Nick Bostrom
Artificial quotes by Tom Chatfield
#155. Forget artificial intelligence - in the brave new world of big data, it's artificial idiocy we should be looking out for. #Quote by Tom Chatfield
Artificial quotes by Stephen King
#156. Symbolism exists to adorn and enrich, not to create an artificial sense of profundity. #Quote by Stephen King
Artificial quotes by Marquis De Sade
#157. The philosopher who travels the world in order to learn must put up with all customs, all religions, all kinds of weather and climate, all beds and all kinds of food, and leave to the voluptuous, indolent man in the capital his prejudices...his luxury...that obscene luxury that, as it never contains any real needs, creates artificial ones every day at the expense of fortune and health. #Quote by Marquis De Sade
Artificial quotes by Karl Schroeder
#158. Mediation wishes to speak of other things. So Mediation will quote from an ancient human book. The Hamburg Manifesto says, "Thalience is an attempt to give nature a voice without that voice being ours in disguise. It is the only way for an artificial intelligence to be grounded in a self-identity that is truly independent of its creator's. #Quote by Karl Schroeder
Artificial quotes by Jean Baudrillard
#159. Intellectuals are doomed to disappear when artificial intelligence bursts on the scene, just as the heroes of silent cinema disappeared with the coming of the talkies. We are all Buster Keatons. #Quote by Jean Baudrillard
Artificial quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#160. In the future, man will be able to create an artificial Sun which is very similar to the Sun in the sky that was once upon a time worshipped as a god! #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Artificial quotes by Laurie Faria Stolarz
#161. Age is artificial. It's soulless. It doesn't matter one bit. #Quote by Laurie Faria Stolarz
Artificial quotes by G.S. Jennsen
#162. A pulse. Beat-beating against her palm. Alive.

Beat by beat the bottomless whirlwind of perceptions and data and images and sensations careening through her mind - so many how can this tiny skull hold them all - began to abate in time to the rhythm of not her pulse, but his. #Quote by G.S. Jennsen
Artificial quotes by Mohsin Hamid
#163. Maybe we are all prospective migrants. The lines of national borders on maps are artificial constructs, as unnatural to us as they are to birds flying overhead. Our first impulse is to ignore them. #Quote by Mohsin Hamid
Artificial quotes by James Harvey Robinson
#164. History ... may be regarded as an artificial extension and : broadening of our memories and may be used to overcome the natural bewilderment of all unfamiliar situations. #Quote by James Harvey Robinson
Artificial quotes by Christopher Moore
#165. The image of a well-dressed older woman making on a goopish spoonful of artificial boon spooge was running across the lobes of his brain like a stuttering nightmare. #Quote by Christopher Moore
Artificial quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#166. The idea presented itself definitely to his mind that it was in his power to exchange the dreary, artificial, idle, and individualistic life he was leading for this laborious, pure, and socially delightful life. #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Artificial quotes by Jason Fitzgerald
#167. Barefoot Running Yes, barefoot running is a workout! It's challenging and works all of the small muscles in your feet and lower legs that have atrophied through years of shod running. If you're new to running without shoes, start with 1-2 minutes on a soft surface like an artificial turf field, grass, or golf course. Keep the pace easy and take the next 2-3 days off from running barefoot. #Quote by Jason Fitzgerald
Artificial quotes by Jonathan Galassi
#168. Venice was a hallucinatory incubus, the most artificial environment in the world: Disneyland for grown-ups. It reeked of sex and its putrescent partner, death. Thomas Mann had caught its rouged, feverish aura perfectly. #Quote by Jonathan Galassi
Artificial quotes by Medlar Lucan
#169. Decadent cooks go one step further and make sculptures of the food itself. If life is to be spent in pursuit of the extravagant, the extreme, the grotesque, the bizarre, then one's diet should reflect the fact. Life, meals, everything must be as artificial as possible - in fact works of art. So why not begin by eating a few statues? #Quote by Medlar Lucan
Artificial quotes by Lyudmila Ulitskaya
#170. I find attempts to create bilingual gospels laughable, in particular the attempt to translate the service from Church Slavonic into Russian. What for? In order not to make the effort and not to learn the divine, if somewhat artificial but solemn, language specially carved for this purpose? This language also provides a link with a tradition which is realized at depths and which the modern Russian language cannot plumb. #Quote by Lyudmila Ulitskaya
Artificial quotes by Jean Cocteau
#171. Last month, coming out of the Rue d'Athènes, where they were showing Le Sang d'un Poète, I told Gide that I couldn't bear to see the film again because each shot is so slow. He replied that I was wrong, that this slowness was a rhythm, and that these slow shots coming one after another formed a special tempo, my tempo, a procedure of my own.
No doubt he's right, and it would be dangerous to upset a rhythm that comes from within oneself, through fear of this rhythm, and to impose another, artificial, one which would not suit it. #Quote by Jean Cocteau
Artificial quotes by Alexander Stepanov
#172. I think that object orientedness is almost as much of a hoax as artificial intelligence. #Quote by Alexander Stepanov
Artificial quotes by Susan Sontag
#173. Making social comment is an artificial place for an artist to start from. If an artist is touched by some social condition, what the artist creates will reflect that, but you can't force it. #Quote by Susan Sontag
Artificial quotes by Marvin Minsky
#174. Each practitioner thinks there's one magic way to get a machine to be smart, and so they're all wasting their time in a sense. On the other hand, each of them is improving some particular method, so maybe someday in the near future, or maybe it's two generations away, someone else will come around and say, "Let's put all these together," and then it will be smart. #Quote by Marvin Minsky
Artificial quotes by John Stuart Mill
#175. What is now called the nature of women is an eminently artificial thing - the result of forced repression in some directions, unnatural stimulation in others. #Quote by John Stuart Mill
Artificial quotes by Michael Coren
#176. The Church, though, has always held up a mirror in which society can see reflected some of its uglier aspects, and it does not like what it sees. Thus it becomes angry but not, as it should be, with itself, but with the Church. This is particularly noticeable when it comes to issues of personal gratification and sexuality and especially, apart from abortion, when issues of artificial contraception, condoms, and the birth-control pill are discussed. The Church warned in the 1960s that far from creating a more peaceful, content, and sexually fulfilled society, the universal availability of the pill and condoms would lead to the direct opposite. In the decade since, we have seen a seemingly inexorable increase in sexually transmitted diseases, so-called unwanted pregnancies, sexuality-related depression, divorce, family breakdown, pornography addiction, and general unhappiness in the field of sexual relationships. The Church's argument was that far from liberating women, contraception would enable and empower men and reduce the value and dignity of sexuality to the point of transforming what should be a loving and profound act into a mere exchange of bodily fluids. The expunging from the sexual act the possibility of procreation, the Church said, would reduce sexuality to mere self-gratification. Pleasure was vital and God-given but there was also a purpose, a glorious purpose, to sex that went far beyond the merely instant and ultimately selfish. #Quote by Michael Coren
Artificial quotes by Jeff Hawkins
#177. The key to artificial intelligence has always been the representation. #Quote by Jeff Hawkins
Artificial quotes by Daniel H. Pink
#178. Once we realize that the boundaries between work and play are artificial, we can take matters in hand and begin the difficult task of making life more livable. #Quote by Daniel H. Pink
Artificial quotes by Mark Twain
#179. It has always been a peculiarity of the human race that it keeps two sets of morals in stock-the private and the real, and the public and the artificial. #Quote by Mark Twain
Artificial quotes by Cosmedix
#180. Cosmedix CosMedix Products are all natural skin care products CosMedix products contain no artificial colors and are chirally correct. #Quote by Cosmedix
Artificial quotes by Jeffrey Stepakoff
#181. The soil beneath her smelled rich and wet;the only sound in the absolute silence was her breathing. Grace stood still, as still as she possibly could and listened to the quiet, to the stillness, absorbing the strange beauty. She became aware of her heart beating, pumping blood throughout her body. As she stood here alone at sunrise on this mountain, it was more than dreamlike. Accustomed to a world of limestone-tiled hallways lit by tungsten-filament halogen that smelled of artificial lemon and barbecue chemicals and digitized french fry-flavor molecules, Grace felt that she had stumbled into another world. This high peaceful place, it was heavenlike. #Quote by Jeffrey Stepakoff
Artificial quotes by Xunzi
#182. The nature of man is evil; what is good in him is artificial. #Quote by Xunzi
Artificial quotes by Gregg Easterbrook
#183. The consensus of the scientific community has shifted from skepticism to near-unanimous acceptance of the evidence of an artificial greenhouse effect. Second, while artificial climate change may have some beneficial effects, the odds are we're not going to like it. Third, reducing emissions of greenhouse gases may turn out to be much more practical and affordable than currently assumed. #Quote by Gregg Easterbrook
Artificial quotes by Tom Robbins
#184. It was the premise of conference organizers that the Church's continued hostility toward women threatened both their religious lives and, due to its intractable ban on artificial birth control, their physical lives. #Quote by Tom Robbins
Artificial quotes by Albert Camus
#185. The society of merchants can be defined as a society in which things disappear in favor of signs. When a ruling class measures its fortunes, not by the acre of land or the ingot of gold, but by the number of figures corresponding ideally to a certain number of exchange operations, it thereby condemns itself to setting a certain kind of humbug at the center of its experience and its universe. A society founded on signs is, in its essence, an artificial society in which man's carnal truth is handled as something artificial. #Quote by Albert Camus
Artificial quotes by Neal Shusterman
#186. Please," he begs, his tears overwhelming his emotional nanites' attempt to ease his distress. "Please give me a sign. That's all I ask. Just a sign that you haven't abandoned me."

And then I realize that, although there is a law against my direct communication with an unsavory, I do not have a law against signs and wonders. #Quote by Neal Shusterman
Artificial quotes by Charles Handy
#187. The first step is to measure whatever can easily be measured. This is OK as far as it goes. The second step is to disregard that which can't be easily measured or to give it an arbitrary quantitative value. This is artificial and misleading. The third step is to presume that what can't be measured easily really isn't important. This is blindness. The fourth step is to say that what can't be easily measured really doesn't exist. This is suicide. #Quote by Charles Handy
Artificial quotes by Bill Bryson
#188. In fact, overwhelmingly museum displays are artificial. #Quote by Bill Bryson
Artificial quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#189. Artificial over-stimulation seemed like the perfect way to stifle a generation of young people who wanted more and more from a world where less and less was available. Whether the victims were men or women, arousal addiction seemed to have become the new normal. #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
Artificial quotes by G.S. Jennsen
#190. Anyone who tells you life has greater value when it comes with an expiration date is full of shit. Immortality is worth the fortunes of galaxies."

She regarded him too intently. "But it's not worth everything. You gave it up for your freedom."

His forced bravado faltered. That truth still petrified him today. "I did. #Quote by G.S. Jennsen
Artificial quotes by Marissa Mayer
#191. I came in as an engineer and worked on artificial intelligence at Google. I worked on related sites and matching advertising to queries with some of our earliest ads. #Quote by Marissa Mayer
Artificial quotes by Clyde DeSouza
#192. No ... we're not playing God. We're only attempting to set things right. #Quote by Clyde DeSouza
Artificial quotes by Ray Kurzweil
#193. I'm working on artificial intelligence. Actually, natural language understanding, which is to get computers to understand the meaning of documents. #Quote by Ray Kurzweil
Artificial quotes by Joseph Addison
#194. Artificial intelligence will never be a match for natural stupidity. #Quote by Joseph Addison
Artificial quotes by Getlasereyesurgery
#195. Cataract Treatment Advanced by Laser Eye Surgery

It is estimated that half of individuals aged 65 and above will grow a cataract at some period in their life. A cataract is an eye condition that may be hazardous to your eyesight. In a healthy eye, there's a clear lens which enables you to focus. For those who have a cataract, the lens slowly deteriorates over a long period of time. Your vision can be blurry as the cataract develops, until the whole-of the lens is muddy. Your sight will slowly get worse, becoming blurry or misty, which makes it tough to see clearly. Cataracts can occur at any age but generally develop as you get older.

Cataract surgery involves removing the cataract by emulsifying the lens by sonography and replacing it with a small plastic lens. This artificial lens is then stabilised within your natural lens that was held by the same lens capsule. The results restore clear vision and generally wholly remove the significance of reading glasses. However, years following the surgery, patients can occasionally experience clouding of their sight again. Vision can become blurred and lots of patients have issues with glare and bright lights. What is truly happening is a thickening of the lens capsule that holds the artificial lens. Medically this is known as Posterior Lens Capsule Opacification.
#Quote by Getlasereyesurgery
Artificial quotes by Benjamin Graham
#196. Undervaluations caused by neglect or prejudice may persist for an inconveniently long time, and the same applies to inflated prices caused by over-enthusiasm or artificial stimulants. #Quote by Benjamin Graham
Artificial quotes by Allen Ginsberg
#197. Artificial trees, robot sofas,
Ignorant cars-
One Way Street to Heaven #Quote by Allen Ginsberg
Artificial quotes by Eireann Corrigan
#198. The sugar was back in Lila Ann Price's voice, but it sounded a little bit like artificial sweetener. #Quote by Eireann Corrigan
Artificial quotes by T.H. White
#199. My father always used to tell one of his dreams, because it somehow seemed of a piece with what was to follow. He believed that it was a consequence of the thing's presence in the next room. My father dreamed of blood.
It was the vividness of the dreams that was impressive, their minute detail and horrible reality. The blood came through the keyhole of a locked door which communicated with the next room. I suppose the two rooms had originally been designed en suite. It ran down the door panel with a viscous ripple, like the artificial one created in the conduit of Trumpingdon Street. But it was heavy, and smelled. The slow welling of it sopped the carpet and reached the bed. It was warm and sticky. My father woke up with the impression that it was all over his hands. He was rubbing his first two fingers together, trying to rid them of the greasy adhesion where the fingers joined." ("The Troll") #Quote by T.H. White
Artificial quotes by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
#200. Time-traveling again?" said Montana. It was artificial evening in the dome. She was breastfeeding their child. "Hmm?" said Billy. "You've been time-traveling again. I can always tell. #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

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