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Artham Wingfeather quotes by Andrew Peterson
#1. I'll put her in charge of the puppies. I've twelve this week that need tending. How does that suit you?
Leeli's mouth hung open. She tried to say something but instead crumpled to the floor. She had fainted with joy. #Quote by Andrew Peterson
Artham Wingfeather quotes by Andrew Peterson
#2. You call that poetry? #Quote by Andrew Peterson
Artham Wingfeather quotes by Andrew Peterson
#3. Artham felt lighter and stronger, and for the first time in nine years, his mind was clear and sure. The words to a hundred of his own poems scrolled across his memory; he saw faces of old friends, battles he had fought, and even the most terrible moments of his life - and yet he remained himself. The wild animal inside that he had struggled so long to kill pulsed with power, but it was no longer his master. He rode the pain like a knight rides a horse. ...
Artham's eyes watered from the wind and from the speed and from the magnificent beauty of the land arrayed below him. Water streaked from the corners of his eyes ... and , in the vicious cold froze into silvery jewels.
He would have to write a poem about this. #Quote by Andrew Peterson

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