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Around The World quotes by Noam Chomsky
#1. So understood, anarchism is the inheritor of the classical liberal ideas that emerged from the Enlightenment. It is part of a broader range of libertarian socialist thought and action that ranges from the left anti-Bolshevik Marxism of Anton Pannekoek, Karl Korsch, Paul Mattick, and others, to the anarcho-syndicalism that crucially includes the practical achievements of revolutionary Spain in 1936, reaching further to worker-owned enterprises spreading today in the Rust Belt of the United States, in northern Mexico, in Egypt, and in many other countries, most extensively in the Basque country in Spain, also encompassing the many cooperative movements around the world and a good part of feminist and civil and human rights initiatives. #Quote by Noam Chomsky
Around The World quotes by Bernie Sanders
#2. I will do my best to transform our trade policy and take on these corporations who want to invest in low-income countries around the world rather than in the United States of America. #Quote by Bernie Sanders
Around The World quotes by Steve Kluger
#3. Romance isn't just about roses or killing dragons or sailing a kayak around the world. It's also about chocolate chip cookies and sharing The Grateful Dead and James Taylor with me in the middle of the night, and believing me when I say that you could be bigger than both of them put together, and not making fun of me for straightening out my french fries or pointing my shoelaces in the same direction, and letting me pout when I don't get my own way, and pretending that if I play "Flower Drum Song" one more time you won't throw me and the record out the window #Quote by Steve Kluger
Around The World quotes by Gary Kovacs
#4. I don't know why, but I'm continually amazed to think that two and a half billion of us around the world are connected to each other through the Internet and that at any point in time more than 30 percent of the world's population can go online to learn, to create and to share. #Quote by Gary Kovacs
Around The World quotes by Barack Obama
#5. Around the world, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela
what they did was hard. It takes time. It takes more than a single term. It takes more than a single president. It takes more than a single individual. #Quote by Barack Obama
Around The World quotes by Victor Pinchuk
#6. Ukrainian business must really embrace global competition. We need to understand that competition for resources and clients is not with competitors from across the street or from another city, but with millions of businesses around the world. #Quote by Victor Pinchuk
Around The World quotes by Nicholas D. Kristof
#7. It's time for a 21st-century abolitionist movement in the U.S and around the world. #Quote by Nicholas D. Kristof
Around The World quotes by Melinda Gates
#8. We started our foundation because we believe we have a real opportunity to help advance equity around the world, to help make sure that, no matter where a person is born, he or she has the chance to live a healthy, productive life. #Quote by Melinda Gates
Around The World quotes by Abdul Sattar Abu Risha
#9. It is every Muslim's duty to fight those of a different belief until only Allah is worshipped around the world. Everybody has the opportunity to accept Allah and to change to the right path. #Quote by Abdul Sattar Abu Risha
Around The World quotes by Dan Millman
#10. My parents were only one part of my lineage. I also met a number of mentors, one of whom I nicknamed "Socrates" after the ancient Greek, and wrote about in my first book, Way of the Peaceful Warrior. That book emerged in 1980, as a result of travels around the world and decades of preparation, eventually leading to 15 other books written over the years, culminating in my newest offering, The Four Purposes of Life. #Quote by Dan Millman
Around The World quotes by Karen Lord
#11. For some in my audience, a tale is like a riddle, to be solved at the end. To them I sail the best tales leave some riddles unanswered and some mysteries hidden. Get used to it. For others the tale is a way of living vicariously, enjoying the adventures of others without having to go one step beyond their sphere of comfort. To them I say, what's stopping you from getting on a ship and sailing halfway around the world? Tales are meant to be an inspiration, not a substitute. #Quote by Karen Lord
Around The World quotes by Tina Fey
#12. Now let me be clear; millions of women around the world nurse their children beautifully for years without giving anybody else a hard time about it. Teat Nazis are a solely western upper-middle-class phenomenon occurring when highly ambitious women experience deprivation from outside modes of achievement. #Quote by Tina Fey
Around The World quotes by Metta World Peace
#13. Changing my name was meant to inspire and bring youth together all around the world, #Quote by Metta World Peace
Around The World quotes by Rand Paul
#14. To put everyone in government housing and food stamps and bring them in from around the world I think is a mistake. To give of your own money, I've given to my church. My church has helped people that came from Bosnia. That's a good thing. #Quote by Rand Paul
Around The World quotes by Jimmy Tudeski
#15. How comes when a man likes an attractive female, is he helping to exploit women around the world, yet the moment he doesn't fancy the female in question, he only hates on her because she's empowering women? Seriously, I don't get it - Rihanna and Nicki do exactly the same thing as far as I can see. They both sing, dance and gyrate their sexy stuff on stage, yet one empowers women, the other is being exploited, depending on which one I fancy the most at the point of being asked the sodding question. How the fuck does any of this make sense? #Quote by Jimmy Tudeski
Around The World quotes by Kina Grannis
#16. I get to travel around the world and meet all of these amazing people, and they're singing my songs! And to me, that's crazy. #Quote by Kina Grannis
Around The World quotes by Jennifer Morgan
#17. Time is running out for nature and wildlife around the world #Quote by Jennifer Morgan
Around The World quotes by Cathy O'Neil
#18. Racism, at the individual level, can be seen as a predictive model whirring away in billions of human minds around the world. It is built from faulty, incomplete, or generalized data. Whether it comes from experience or hearsay, the data indicates that certain types of people have behaved badly. That generates a binary prediction that all people of that race will behave that same way. Needless to say, racists don't spend a lot of time hunting down reliable data to train their twisted models. And once their model morphs into a belief, it becomes hardwired. It generates poisonous assumptions, yet rarely tests them, settling instead for data that seems to confirm and fortify them. Consequently, racism is the most slovenly of predictive models. It is powered by haphazard data gathering and spurious correlations, reinforced by institutional inequities, and polluted by confirmation bias. #Quote by Cathy O'Neil
Around The World quotes by Sundar Pichai
#19. For me, it matters that we drive technology as an equalizing force, as an enabler for everyone around the world. Which is why I do want Google to see, push, and invest more in making sure computing is more accessible, connectivity is more accessible. #Quote by Sundar Pichai
Around The World quotes by Victor Ortiz
#20. When you're growing up, it's always nice to have someone you can relate and look up to. I'm proud of how I conduct my business and how I have accomplished all that I have accomplished, and hope that I can be a positive influence on not only the Mexican community but also young boxers and people all around the world. #Quote by Victor Ortiz
Around The World quotes by Aung San Suu Kyi
#21. Fires of suffering and strife are raging around the world. #Quote by Aung San Suu Kyi
Around The World quotes by Greg Brown
#22. I think the Internet has real potential for building community. People all around the world talking to each other can't be a bad thing. #Quote by Greg Brown
Around The World quotes by Jack Kerouac
#23. It's all the same to me as long as it can be exciting and goes around the world. #Quote by Jack Kerouac
Around The World quotes by Felix Baumgartner
#24. If the Wright brothers hadn't put their lives on the line, we would not be flying around the world these days. So we need pioneers. #Quote by Felix Baumgartner
Around The World quotes by Jon Stewart
#25. Planet Hollywood has shrunk from seventy-five locations around the world to just over thirty-five over the past two years. No new Planet Hollywoods are opening, which in turn has caused a 100 percent decline in opportunities for Bruce Willis to play the harmonica. #Quote by Jon Stewart
Around The World quotes by Deyth Banger
#26. So far I see the end of the world a virus spread around the world. #Quote by Deyth Banger
Around The World quotes by Bonnie Blair
#27. The sport I love has taken me around the world and shown me many things. #Quote by Bonnie Blair
Around The World quotes by Steven Van Zandt
#28. C-17s should be ready to go at various military bases around the world packed with water, food, medical supplies, sleeping bags and tents, all prepared to be air dropped in alongside soldiers and doctors to begin relief efforts. #Quote by Steven Van Zandt
Around The World quotes by Franklin Graham
#29. Syria, for all its problems, at least has a constitution that guarantees equal protection of citizens. Around the world, we have seen that this is essential where Christians are a minority and are not protected. #Quote by Franklin Graham
Around The World quotes by Robert C. Solomon
#30. To the extent that the United States has, I don't like the word hegemony, the United States has influence around the world, I don't think that's based on to any significant degree on the fact that countries use the dollar as their major reserve. #Quote by Robert C. Solomon
Around The World quotes by Katherine Schwarzenegger
#31. When I was younger, I played sports and went to camp. As I got older, my parents began to instill in us the importance of giving back to the community, especially those places around the world that are less fortunate than my very privileged life growing up in Los Angeles. #Quote by Katherine Schwarzenegger
Around The World quotes by M.F. Moonzajer
#32. For many people around the world ethnicity is not a language, it is a religion. #Quote by M.F. Moonzajer
Around The World quotes by Mark Zuckerberg
#33. With some of the issues around the Snowden leaks and what the NSA was doing I think have scared people around the world and I think in many ways rightfully so. #Quote by Mark Zuckerberg
Around The World quotes by Carl Levin
#34. The intelligence failures with respect to Iraq were massive and have damaged our credibility around the world. #Quote by Carl Levin
Around The World quotes by Julian Assange
#35. The aim of Wikileaks is to achieve just reform around the world and do it through the mechanism of transparency. #Quote by Julian Assange
Around The World quotes by Denis McDonough
#36. Part of what makes America great is that we stand by the countries that share our values around the world. That's why throughout its history, the State of Israel has had no greater friend than the United States of America. #Quote by Denis McDonough
Around The World quotes by Sanjay Madan
#37. People all around the world look different, they wear different kinds of clothes, prepare their food differently, and speak different languages, but their hearts beat for the same emotions -- this is the one and only universal human connection. #Quote by Sanjay Madan
Around The World quotes by Ben Dreyfuss
#38. American films are the best films. This is a fact. Cinema is - along with Jazz - the great American art form. And cinema in a very real sense created the American identity that has been exported around the world. #Quote by Ben Dreyfuss
Around The World quotes by Howard Schultz
#39. I've traveled around the world, and what's so revealing is that, despite the differences in culture, politics, language, how people dress, there is a universal feeling that we all want the same thing. We deeply want to be respected and appreciated for our differences. #Quote by Howard Schultz
Around The World quotes by Oliver DeMille
#40. Government intervention is not solving the problems, and in fact the governments around the world that are intervening the most in their economies are struggling more. #Quote by Oliver DeMille
Around The World quotes by Ahmed Yassin
#41. The Hamas has taken the path of avoiding causing harm to Zionist interests outside of Palestine, not from weakness or lack of ability to do so, but because Hamas does not wish for further fronts to be opened against it around the world #Quote by Ahmed Yassin
Around The World quotes by Jimmy Carter
#42. A country will have authority and influence because of moral factors, not its military strength; because it can be humble and not blatant and arrogant; because our people want to serve others and not dominate others. And a nation without morality will soon lose its influence around the world. #Quote by Jimmy Carter
Around The World quotes by Quentin Bryce
#43. The bonds that women share around the world, wherever we come from, they're very powerful and they have an ease of communication because we share those very important things of our families, our mothering, of improving opportunities for the next generation. #Quote by Quentin Bryce
Around The World quotes by Hillary Clinton
#44. It is a fact that around the world the elites of every country are making money. #Quote by Hillary Clinton
Around The World quotes by John Lasseter
#45. You make a movie to entertain audiences. That's why you make a movie. The product sales is because people love the characters, and to me, that is a testament to how our movie has become so ingrained in family's homes all around the world and that's why I make movies. #Quote by John Lasseter
Around The World quotes by George H. W. Bush
#46. We join Armenians around the world as we remember the terrible massacres suffered in 1915-1923 at the hands of the rulers of the Ottoman Empire. The United States responded to this crime against humanity by leading diplomatic and private relief efforts. #Quote by George H. W. Bush
Around The World quotes by Michael Shermer
#47. No such individual would find the Golden Rule surprising in any way because at its base lies the foundation of most human interactions and exchanges and it can be found in countless texts throughout recorded history and from around the world
a testimony to its universality. #Quote by Michael Shermer
Around The World quotes by Tomas Borge
#48. Our pledge is to hold elections in the year 1985. The form of elections has not yet been determined, but there is a group of representatives of the political parties in Nicaragua who have been traveling around the world studying various electoral alternatives. #Quote by Tomas Borge
Around The World quotes by David Platt
#49. God has given us his grace to extend his glory not just to areas of need here but to areas of need around the world. Not either here or there, but both here and there. In #Quote by David Platt
Around The World quotes by Matt Haig
#50. Do you know how magic works?
The kind of magic that gets reindeer to fly in the sky? The kind that helps Father Christmas travel around the world in a single night? The kind that can stop time and make dreams come true?
That's how.
Without hope, there would be no magic. #Quote by Matt Haig
Around The World quotes by Ajaypal Singh Banga
#51. The 2.5 billion adults [around the world] without access to financial services are disproportionately women and young people. There are at least 44 million unbanked or underbanked people in the United States, so clearly financial inclusion is needed in all markets. #Quote by Ajaypal Singh Banga
Around The World quotes by Craig Detweiler
#52. This celebration of The Bible will inspire people around the world to rediscover a beloved text in new ways. This is a passion project nurtured with love and care by Mark Burnett, Roma Downey and the entire creative team. I was thoroughly impressed by the deep faith expressed throughout this epic series. #Quote by Craig Detweiler
Around The World quotes by Rick Perry
#53. There is no one who's gonna be sitting on that stage who has the record of job creation I have. There's one in particular who's created jobs all around the world. While he was the governor of Massachusetts he didn't create many jobs. #Quote by Rick Perry
Around The World quotes by Ambrose Bierce
#54. Monsieur Franqulin, inventor of electricity. This
illustrious savant, after having made several voyages around the
world, died on the Sandwich Islands and was devoured by savages,
of whom not a single fragment was ever recovered. #Quote by Ambrose Bierce
Around The World quotes by Jon Oringer
#55. When a user signs up for Skillfeed, they get unlimited access to thousands of video courses and creative and technical skills, all as a part of one inexpensive monthly subscription. Instructors from around the world can apply to have their course from Skillfeed and earn money based on how much their courses are viewed. #Quote by Jon Oringer
Around The World quotes by Colin Powell
#56. When we have dealt with bin Laden and his network we will then broaden the campaign to go after other terrorists all around the world. #Quote by Colin Powell
Around The World quotes by Jennifer E. Smith
#57. So you're just here - "
"For a couple of days," she said, ducking her head. "To see you."
He smiled. "Really?"
She nodded, wincing already, and he understood why; he knew better than anyone how it sounded, realized how crazy it was to fly halfway around the world to see a person you hardly knew. But he also knew exactly what to say to make her feel better.
"Me too," he said, moving close so that there was only the rustle of clothing and limbs and beating hearts as he looped an arm over her shoulder. "I only came to see you. #Quote by Jennifer E. Smith
Around The World quotes by Jonathan Haidt
#58. Understanding the simple fact that morality differs around the world, and even within societies, is the first step toward understanding your righteous mind. #Quote by Jonathan Haidt
Around The World quotes by Kenny Marchant
#59. Since September 11, 2001, the powerful coalition of nations, led by the United States, has seen many successes against al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups. It is imperative that we remain united and steadfast in the quest to defeat terrorism around the world. #Quote by Kenny Marchant
Around The World quotes by Queen Noor Of Jordan
#60. You can see that in people around the world who struggle to survive with little or nothing. Whether they've been inspired by faith or by loving relationships, or whether it's just something innate that gives them that ability to shine and inspire others. #Quote by Queen Noor Of Jordan
Around The World quotes by David Zaslav
#61. If you could position the best platform media company around the world with the best content, we could get explosive growth. #Quote by David Zaslav
Around The World quotes by Cassandra Rose Clarke
#62. You know, that pissed me off. We'd traveled half around the world to get to him, and there were monsters chasing us and Naji's curse was impossible to break, and here he was cracking jokes about our professions. #Quote by Cassandra Rose Clarke
Around The World quotes by Barack Obama
#63. We [Americans] are a nation of immigrants. We all understand what this country has become because talent from all around the world wants to come here, people who are willing to take risks, people who want to build on their dreams and make sure their kids have an - even bigger dreams than they have. #Quote by Barack Obama
Around The World quotes by Paulo Coelho
#64. The Blue Sphere Exercise

Seat yourself comfortably, and relax. Try not to think about anything.

1. Feel how good it is to be alive. Let your heart feel free and affectionate; let it rise above and beyond the details of the problems that may be
bothering you. Begin to sing softly a song from your childhood. Imagine that your heart is growing, filling the room – and later your home – with an intense, shining blue light.

2. When you reach this point, begin to sense the presence of the saints (or other beings) in which you placed your faith when you were a child. Notice that they are present, arriving from
everywhere, smiling and giving you faith and confidence.

3. Picture the saints approaching you, placing their hands on your head and wishing you love, peace, and communion with the world – the communion of the saints.

4. When this sensation becomes strong, feel that the blue light is a current that enters you and leaves you like a shining, flowing river. This blue
light begins to spread through your house, then through your neighborhood, your city, and your country; it eventually envelops the world in an
immense blue sphere. This is the manifestation of the great love that goes beyond the day-today struggle; it reinforces and invigorates, as it provides energy and peace.

5. Keep the light spread around the world for as long as possible. Your heart is open, spreading love. This phase of the exe #Quote by Paulo Coelho
Around The World quotes by Ryszard Kapuscinski
#65. Our world, seemingly global, is in reality a planet of thousands of the most varied and never intersecting provinces. A trip around the world is a journey from backwater to backwater, each of which considers itself, in its isolation, a shining star. For most people, the real world ends on the threshold of their house, at the edge of their village, or, at the very most, on the border of their valley. That, which is beyond is unreal, unimportant, and even useless, whereas that which we have at our fingertips, in our field of vision, expands until it seems an entire universe, overshadowing all else. Often, the native and the newcomer have difficulty finding a common language, because each looks at the same place through a different lens. The newcomer has a wide-angle lens, which gives him a distant diminished view, although with a long horizon line, while the local always employs a telescopic lens that magnifies the slightest detail. #Quote by Ryszard Kapuscinski
Around The World quotes by Ed Begley, Jr.
#66. We have lots of other problems with plastic in our oceans. There are five different big gyres of plastic out in the ocean. There are problems with air pollution around the country that we need to deal with, and around the world. We have a great many problems to overcome, so I work on a lot of different boards trying to help in those important areas. #Quote by Ed Begley, Jr.
Around The World quotes by Jared Leto
#67. I never really expected "Hurricane" to be censored and banned around the world, but I think the good thing that came from it was that it created a dialogue, a conversation, a debate and a discussion. And that's a great thing. It brought all of us together in a unique way. And it made us look a little deeper in ourselves. I think it's a good thing. #Quote by Jared Leto
Around The World quotes by Francois Lelord
#68. I didn't intend 'Hector' to be a self-help book when I first started writing. I wrote it as a little tale about a psychiatrist, like me, who sets off around the world in order to discover the vital ingredients for happiness. #Quote by Francois Lelord
Around The World quotes by Gregg Sulkin
#69. When I was young I was very close to my parents. I never liked staying at my mates' houses, I always wanted to be with my parents and then suddenly at 17 I was like, "Oh well, maybe I should just move half way around the world." #Quote by Gregg Sulkin
Around The World quotes by P. J. O'Rourke
#70. There are a few things that people all around the world need to admit to themselves. Trade restraints slow economic growth, the euro is not a reserve currency, and scoreless sports ties are boring. #Quote by P. J. O'Rourke
Around The World quotes by Jim Fowler
#71. Almost all these hotspots around the world, most have been destroyed to the point where there is no wildlife and very little of the natural world left. #Quote by Jim Fowler
Around The World quotes by John Sununu
#72. I believe our foreign assistance should be scrutinized, should be debated, and that we should strike the right balance, but in all cases the foreign assistance that we provide around the world should be used to further our national security interests. #Quote by John Sununu
Around The World quotes by Edward Snowden
#73. The United States has faced threats from criminal groups, from terrorists, from spies throughout our history, and we have limited our responses. We haven't resorted to total war every time we have a conflict around the world, because that restraint is what defines us. That restraint is what gives us the moral standing to lead the world. #Quote by Edward Snowden
Around The World quotes by Bill Gates
#74. China has many successful entrepreneurs and business people. I hope that more people of insight will put their talents to work to improve the lives of poor people in China and around the world, and seek solutions for them. #Quote by Bill Gates
Around The World quotes by Horst Rechelbacher
#75. We are clearcutting virgin forests around the world, and 95 percent of species in the clearcut zone have never been studied. So we clearcut a part of the virgin forest and now part of our ecosystem has been wiped out. Some of it may grow back, and some of it won't. #Quote by Horst Rechelbacher
Around The World quotes by Paula Creamer
#76. We are a global sport. I mean, golf is obviously played all around the world. But when you have your National Championship, of course, everybody in America is rooting for an American. #Quote by Paula Creamer
Around The World quotes by Alan Alda
#77. Until I was twenty I was sure there was a being who could see everything I did and who didn't like most of it. He seemed to care about minute aspects of my life, like on what day of the week I ate a piece of meat. And yet, he let earthquakes and mudslides take out whole communities, apparently ignoring the saints among them who ate their meat on the assigned days. Eventually, I realized that I didn't believe there was such a being. It didn't seem reasonable. And I assumed that I was an atheist.

As I understood the word, it meant that I was someone who didn't believe in a God; I was without a God. I didn't broadcast this in public because I noticed that people who do believe in a god get upset to hear that others don't. (Why this is so is one of the most pressing of human questions, and I wish a few of the bright people in this conversation would try to answer it through research.)

But, slowly I realized that in the popular mind the word atheist was coming to mean something more - a statement that there couldn't be a God. God was, in this formulation, not possible, and this was something that could be proved. But I had been changed by eleven years of interviewing six or seven hundred scientists around the world on the television program Scientific American Frontiers. And that change was reflected in how I would now identify myself.

The most striking thing about the scientists I met was their complete dedication to evidence. It reminded me of th #Quote by Alan Alda
Around The World quotes by Rebecca MacKinnon
#78. Can companies just claim a total lack of political responsibility in how their technology is used in all instances? It's something that companies should be thinking about when they sell their technologies around the world. #Quote by Rebecca MacKinnon
Around The World quotes by Drew Gilpin Faust
#79. We are in an international marketplace for talent, and American colleges and universities need to be able to attract students and faculty from around the world if we want to sustain our excellence. #Quote by Drew Gilpin Faust
Around The World quotes by Malala Yousafzai
#80. We cannot succeed when half of us are held back. We call upon our sisters around the world to be brave, to embrace the strength within themselves and realize their full potential. #Quote by Malala Yousafzai
Around The World quotes by Fredrik Backman
#81. So many hearts broke the day Elsa was born. Shattered with such force by the wave that the shards of the glass were dispersed all around the world. Improbable catastrophes produce improbable things in people, improbable sorrow and improbable heroism. #Quote by Fredrik Backman
Around The World quotes by Maya Goded
#82. I am in any way glorifying or simplifying prostitution. The reality of prostitutes around the world is so complex. I've tried to focus on the humanity. #Quote by Maya Goded
Around The World quotes by Rebecca Solnit
#83. A person in her twenties has been a child for most of her life, but as time goes by that portion that is childhood becomes smaller and smaller, more and more distant, more and more faded, though they say at the end of life the beginning returns with renewed vividness, as though you had sailed all the way around the world and were going back into the darkness from which you came. #Quote by Rebecca Solnit
Around The World quotes by Ace Boggess
#84. This sludge oozes like a dying sea snake, though it tastes like it's already dead. Some evil force made up this concoction, intending to release it to wreak havoc on an unsuspecting world. But the creator made the mistake of tasting his creation and passed on. The world was saved for a moment. Still, like the black plague, this thing refused to fade out forever. I'm sad to report that our good friend Cliff behind the bar rediscovered it. Now it's spreading around the world as if carried by rats. #Quote by Ace Boggess
Around The World quotes by Britney Spears
#85. Traveling around the world is really strenuous for me, being in a different bed every night, flying and everything. #Quote by Britney Spears
Around The World quotes by Chris Christie
#86. When I think about the folks who are out there at home tonight watching ... They know that this country is not respected around the world anymore. They know that this country is pushing the middle class, the hardworking taxpayers, backwards, and they saw a president who doesn't understand their pain, and doesn't have any plan for getting away from it. #Quote by Chris Christie
Around The World quotes by Irene Rosenfeld
#87. I think all of us are multitasking a little more today than we used to or than we would like to. And I think that the issue of work-life balance is a critical issue for every company around the world. #Quote by Irene Rosenfeld
Around The World quotes by Angela Ruggiero
#88. I'm able to give a voice to the athletes around the world - use my degree for something other than the power play. #Quote by Angela Ruggiero
Around The World quotes by Ai Weiwei
#89. This nation is notorious for its ability to make or fake anything cheaply. 'Made-in-China' goods now fill homes around the world. But our giant country has a small problem. We can't manufacture the happiness of our people. #Quote by Ai Weiwei
Around The World quotes by Tom Brokaw
#90. I am simply the most conspicuous part of a large, thoroughly dedicated and professional staff that extends from just behind these cameras, across this country and around the world, in too many instances, in places of grave danger and personal hardship. They're family to me. #Quote by Tom Brokaw
Around The World quotes by Alan Weisman
#91. In the days when money was backed by its face value in silver or gold, there were limits to how much wealth could flow around the world. Today, it's virtual money that the bank lends into existence on a computer screen. "And unless the economy continually expands, there is no new flow of money to pay back that money, plus interest." ... "As it stands now, if banks start loaning money more slowly than they collect debts, the quantity of money in the economy goes down, and it's impossible to pay back debts. So we get defaults on houses ... our economy plunges into misery and unemployment. Under our current monetary system, the only alternative to that is endless growth. So one absolute thing we have to change is the whole nature of the monetary system ... we deny banks the right to create money." ... There's a challenge with that solution, he admits. "You're trying to take the right to create wealth away from some of the wealthiest people on the planet. #Quote by Alan Weisman
Around The World quotes by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
#92. There is in fact no good reason al-Ghazali and his ilk should have the last word in defining Islam. Muslims around the world cannot go on claiming that "true" Islam has somehow been "hijacked" by a group of extremists. Instead they must acknowledge that inducements to violence lie at the root of their own most sacred texts, and take responsibility for actively redefining their faith. #Quote by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Around The World quotes by Daniel J. Levitin
#93. Former secretary of state George Shultz, reflecting on forty years of United States foreign policy from 1970 to the present, said, When I think about all the money we spent on bombs and munitions, and our failures in Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan and other places around the world . . . Instead of advancing our agenda using force, we should have instead built schools and hospitals in these countries, improving the lives of their children. By now, those children would have grown into positions of influence, and they would be grateful to us instead of hating us. #Quote by Daniel J. Levitin
Around The World quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#94. Anything good has a magical power! Say something good; it travels around the world without legs; do something good, it flies around the world without wings! Everything good has a mystical power! #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Around The World quotes by Serj Tankian
#95. In America, there's more of the question, should music be political or should it just be for entertainment purposes, whereas around the world that's not even an issue. I think people just assume that music should be everything. #Quote by Serj Tankian
Around The World quotes by Liza Featherstone
#96. A Hillary Clinton presidency would symbolically break the glass ceiling for women in the United States, but it would be unlikely to break through the military-industrial complex that has been keeping our nation in a perpetual state of war--killing people around the world, many of them women and children. #Quote by Liza Featherstone
Around The World quotes by Martin Gore
#97. There are Depeche Mode parties around the world where people listen to our music all night long. The more remixes we can give them, the more interesting those nights have got to be. #Quote by Martin Gore
Around The World quotes by Leisel Jones
#98. I've achieved everything I ever wanted. I've done three Olympics, world championships, I've been around the world and made good friends. But I still have the inner drive to do more, to be not just good, but to be great. #Quote by Leisel Jones
Around The World quotes by Nido R. Qubein
#99. Jim Rohn is a legend. Millions of people around the world have benefited immensely from his teachings. #Quote by Nido R. Qubein
Around The World quotes by Jenna Morasca
#100. Very few people around the world know that cancer kills more people than HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined - until we get everyone to realize that, it will be tough to get them to act. #Quote by Jenna Morasca
Around The World quotes by Miranda July
#101. I cried in English, I cried in french, I cried in all the languages, because tears are the same all around the world. #Quote by Miranda July
Around The World quotes by Michael Arrington
#102. Journalists are supposed to put the people first, even before themselves. Around the world and throughout history, journalists have died to get the truth out. #Quote by Michael Arrington
Around The World quotes by Lisa Henry
#103. 'Maybe you out to go back there.'
'Can't. Gotta stay where ... where I know what's what.'
Where I don't forget what I am, and that I don't deserve anything better. Would wreck anything better.
'I Reckon that's what most of us think. But there's more strangers where you're from than in some sandland halfway around the world. And more strangers in your head than any place on the map.' #Quote by Lisa Henry
Around The World quotes by Barack Obama
#104. We know that ISIL and other terrorist groups are actively encouraging people, around the world and in our country, to commit terrible acts of violence, oftentimes as lone-wolf actors. #Quote by Barack Obama
Around The World quotes by Sha Zukang
#105. The MDGs have been a fundamental framework for global development. A clear agenda, with measurable goals and targets, and a common vision have been crucial for this success. There is now an expectation around the world that sooner, rather than later, all these goals can and must be achieved. #Quote by Sha Zukang
Around The World quotes by Shawn Lukas
#106. As a kid I never knew what I wanted to be when I grow up, but the only thing I knew was that I wanted to create things. And then I wanted to be an astronaut. I would paint stars and the atmosphere and then frame and hang the universe up on my bedroom wall. A few years down the line while I was still stargazing, I came to realize that I'm halfway around the world chasing something and the whole time it's in my backyard. From the very beginning I was who I always wanted to be. #Quote by Shawn Lukas
Around The World quotes by Aloe Blacc
#107. People in the Middle East may consider the U.S. an evil hegemony that has tainted their culture, but when I look at the growth of racial and ethnic tolerance and understanding in my generation in the U.S., and see those sentiments make it around the world, it makes me feel proud. #Quote by Aloe Blacc
Around The World quotes by Aaron Spelling
#108. When we did Dynasty, it was the clothes. I think the clothes affected every woman around the world. I got so many letters, I think we made the designer a millionaire! #Quote by Aaron Spelling
Around The World quotes by Steve Stockman
#109. The new fad thing that's going through America and around the world. It's called global warming. #Quote by Steve Stockman
Around The World quotes by John F. Kennedy
#110. Our goal is not victory of might but the vindication of right - not peace at the expense of freedom, but both peace and freedom, here in this hemisphere and, we hope, around the world. God willing, that goal will be achieved. #Quote by John F. Kennedy
Around The World quotes by Richard Branson
#111. The balloons only have one life and the only way of finding out whether they work is to attempt to fly around the world. #Quote by Richard Branson
Around The World quotes by Simon Winchester
#112. I do as much bookish research as I can but when I sit down to write, often I think, 'Wait, I was there.' That is one of the great advantages of having wandered around the world and lived in so many places and met such fascinating people. #Quote by Simon Winchester
Around The World quotes by Nathan Wolfe
#113. Seasonal flu is now a pandemic that lasts for years and years because you've got so many people that it's jumping back between northern and southern hemispheres and moving itself around the world. By the time it gets back to where it started, it's changed sufficiently so that people are no longer immune. #Quote by Nathan Wolfe
Around The World quotes by Miguel Ruiz
#114. In the dream of the planet it is normal for humans to suffer, to live in fear, and to create emotional dramas. The outside dream is not a pleasant dream; it is a dream of violence, a dream of fear, a dream of war, a dream of injustice. The personal dream of humans will vary, but globally it is mostly a nightmare. If we look at human society we see a place so difficult to live in because it is ruled by fear. Throughout the world we see human suffering, anger, revenge, addictions, violence in the street, and tremendous injustice. It may exist at different levels in different countries around the world, but fear is controlling the outside dream. #Quote by Miguel Ruiz
Around The World quotes by Bill Gates
#115. It is my belief that industry and government around the world should work even more closely to protect the privacy and security of Internet users, and promote the exchange of ideas, while respecting legitimate government considerations. #Quote by Bill Gates
Around The World quotes by Abby Wambach
#116. The growth of women's soccer and women's sports all around the world has been slow. #Quote by Abby Wambach
Around The World quotes by Rachel Roy
#117. I'm inspired by different cultures around the world and love to incorporate these facets into my collection. #Quote by Rachel Roy
Around The World quotes by Nina Ardianti
#118. You know, I've been around the world, but still can't find another girl that can steal your shine. #Quote by Nina Ardianti
Around The World quotes by Ernst Zundel
#119. You know, many people have called me, friends from the nationalist camp, revisionists and so on, from around the world, have called me over the years - and now again because of what happened - and they are all very cynical about the police and the authorities. #Quote by Ernst Zundel
Around The World quotes by Queen Noor Of Jordan
#120. I've seen it around the world, in the poorest countries and in countries riven with conflict, It is women who are the key to breaking out of poverty, breaking out of stagnation. It's women who can contribute to achieving real security - not bombs and bullets and repressive governments. #Quote by Queen Noor Of Jordan
Around The World quotes by Zach Wamp
#121. For twenty years, Islamic Jihadists have been attacking American interests around the world and we did not take them seriously until September 11th, 2001. #Quote by Zach Wamp
Around The World quotes by Linda Wertheimer
#122. Hundreds of scientists from around the world are gathering in Washington, D.C. for what some say could be a historic meeting. They are attending an international summit to debate one of the most controversial subjects in modern science , editing human DNA. #Quote by Linda Wertheimer
Around The World quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#123. By the rude bridge that arched the flood,
Their flag to April's breeze unfurled,
Here once the embattled farmers stood,
And fired the shot heard round the world.
The foe long since in silence slept;
Alike the conqueror silent sleeps;
And Time the ruined bridge has swept
Down the dark stream which seaward creeps.
On this green bank, by this soft stream,
We set to-day a votive stone;
That memory may their deed redeem,
When, like our sires, our sons are gone.
Spirit, that made those heroes dare
To die, and leave their children free,
Bid Time and Nature gently spare
The shaft we raise to them and thee. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Around The World quotes by Billy Graham
#124. Traveling around the world and preaching for over 70 years did not give much time for reflection. #Quote by Billy Graham
Around The World quotes by George W. Bush
#125. I'm not so sure the role of the United States is going around the world saying this is the way its gotta be. #Quote by George W. Bush
Around The World quotes by Theophilus London
#126. I collect a lot of clothes when I travel around the world. #Quote by Theophilus London
Around The World quotes by Kim Young-ha
#127. It's an open secret: Even now, in the 21st century, Korean executives often consult spiritual advisers before making major business decisions - decisions that can affect their employees around the world. #Quote by Kim Young-ha
Around The World quotes by George W. Bush
#128. Torture continues to be practiced around the world by rogue regimes whose cruel methods match their determination to crush the human spirit. #Quote by George W. Bush
Around The World quotes by Peter Matthiessen
#129. The sun, coming hard around the world: the island rises from the sea, sinks, rises, holds. #Quote by Peter Matthiessen
Around The World quotes by Jessica White
#130. I want young girls that I mentor and young girls all around the world who want to be a model to be able to see that there's a great deal of sacrifice. #Quote by Jessica White
Around The World quotes by Richard Dean Anderson
#131. They are a fairly aggressive conservation organization that was started to protect the great whales particularly, but in general all marine life around the world. So those are the people I'm trying to attach my name to. #Quote by Richard Dean Anderson
Around The World quotes by Eric Schneiderman
#132. High-frequency traders are firms all around the world. They're massive investments. #Quote by Eric Schneiderman
Around The World quotes by Marvin Hagler
#133. In some ways that fight gave me more respect around the world and helped me be even more popular because so many people felt my pain and saw that I was robbed. #Quote by Marvin Hagler
Around The World quotes by L.R. Knost
#134. I know the concern over the events in our nation doesn't end at our borders. Because there are no borders, really, if you think about it. Everything we do on this planet has repercussions that reverberate around the world. Because we're connected. We belong to each other. And we need each other. We will get through this. Together. And we'll learn and grow and overcome. Together. I believe the good things in this world outnumber the sad. And I believe the good people outnumber the bad. We are the lights sparkling in the darkness, and our hope and love are going to set the world on fire. I believe in us. #Quote by L.R. Knost
Around The World quotes by Robert Mueller
#135. I think around the world, our agents are the best collectors of information you'll find. #Quote by Robert Mueller
Around The World quotes by Neal Stephenson
#136. It's ironic that Juanita has come into this place in a low-tech, black-and-white
avatar. She was the one who figured out a way to make avatars show something
close to real emotion. That is a fact Hiro has never forgotten, because she did
most of her work when they were together, and whenever an avatar looks surprised
or angry or passionate in the Metaverse, he sees an echo of himself or Juanita -
- the Adam and Eve of the Metaverse. Makes it hard to forget.
Shortly after Juanita and Da5id got divorced, The Black Sun really took off.
And once they got done counting their money, marketing the spinoffs, soaking up
the adulation of others in the hacker community, they all came to the
realization that what made this place a success was not the collision-avoidance
algorithms or the bouncer daemons or any of that other stuff. It was Juanita's
faces. Just ask the businessmen in the Nipponese Quadrant. They come here to
talk turkey with suits from around the world, and they consider it just as good
as a face-to-face. They more or less ignore what is being said -- a lot gets
lost in translation, after all. They pay attention to the facial expressions
and body language of the people they are talking to. And that's how they know
what's going on inside a person's head-by condensing fact from the vapor of
Juanita refused to analyze this process, insisted that it was something
ineffable, s #Quote by Neal Stephenson
Around The World quotes by Dwight D. Eisenhower
#137. There is very little that our government or any government can do to plant the seeds of international understanding in the hearts and minds of people around the world. If people by the millions can reach out their hands in friendship and communicate directly warmth, personal interest and respect, it will be a real beginning in the struggle for a peaceful world. #Quote by Dwight D. Eisenhower
Around The World quotes by John F. Kennedy
#138. I can assure you that every degree of mind and spirit that I possess will be devoted to the long-range interests of the United States and to the cause of freedom around the world. #Quote by John F. Kennedy
Around The World quotes by Bill Gates
#139. In energy, you have to plan and do research way in advance, sometimes decades in advance to get a new system that's safer, doesn't require us to go around the world to get all our oil. #Quote by Bill Gates
Around The World quotes by Steve Berry
#140. no different from the myriad of other politicos he'd bought and sold from around the world, men and women eager for power and lacking in conscience. #Quote by Steve Berry
Around The World quotes by Madeleine Albright
#141. When Hillary served as Secretary of State, I watched her partner with President Obama to restore our country's reputation around the world. #Quote by Madeleine Albright
Around The World quotes by Ryan Holmes
#142. Silicon Valley isn't the only game in town. Tech is increasingly decentralized. Around the world, new tech centers with younger companies are able to embrace a different approach to talent: recruit locally, identify homegrown prospects and, in a phrase, bring them along for the ride. #Quote by Ryan Holmes
Around The World quotes by John F. Kennedy
#143. For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence
on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed. It conducts the Cold War, in short, with a war-time discipline no democracy would ever hope or wish to match. #Quote by John F. Kennedy
Around The World quotes by Arthur Dong
#144. If Hollywood is the global producer for [media] products all around the world, that's of concern. If all audiences around the world know of America is what they see from Hollywood, then we're in trouble. #Quote by Arthur Dong
Around The World quotes by Rebecca Solnit
#145. The surprises, liberations, and clarifications of travel can sometimes be garnered by going around the block as well as going around the world, and walking travels both near and far. #Quote by Rebecca Solnit
Around The World quotes by George W. Bush
#146. I wouldn't join the International Criminal Court. This is a body based in The Hague where unaccountable judges, prosecutors, could pull our troops, our diplomats up for trial. And I wouldn't join. And I understand that in certain capitals of, around the world that that wasn't a popular move. But it's the right move not to join a foreign court that could, where our people could be prosecuted. #Quote by George W. Bush
Around The World quotes by Alan Dershowitz
#147. I'm not a single-issue person, but I spend so much time on Israel because it is so unfairly condemned around the world. #Quote by Alan Dershowitz
Around The World quotes by Daryl Hall
#148. I've been traveling around the world forever. #Quote by Daryl Hall
Around The World quotes by David Graeber
#149. The International Monetary Fund basically acted as the world's debt enforcers - "You might say, the high-finance equivalent of the guys who come to break your legs." I launched into historical background, explaining how, during the '70s oil crisis, OPEC countries ended up pouring so much of their newfound riches into Western banks that the banks couldn't figure out where to invest the money; how Citibank and Chase therefore began sending agents around the world trying to convince Third World dictators and politicians to take out loans (at the time, this was called "go-go banking"); how they started out at extremely low rates of interest that almost immediately skyrocketed to 20 percent or so due to tight U.S. money policies in the early '80s; how, during the '80s and '90s, this led to the Third World debt crisis; how the IMF then stepped in to insist that, in order to obtain refinancing, poor countries would be obliged to abandon price supports on #Quote by David Graeber
Around The World quotes by Claudio Reyna
#150. It is an honor to be on the cover of this game because the World Cup is such a big thing around the world. My kids are really quite impressed so that's fun. #Quote by Claudio Reyna
Around The World quotes by Cathy Freeman
#151. My story has resonated around the world. I am just Catherine, I just like to run. And I'll run with opportunities. #Quote by Cathy Freeman
Around The World quotes by Eddie Izzard
#152. I am someone who's very positive about business, as a social Democrat. I do like the safety net of the welfare system and people setting things and creating business, and that's what I try to do with my own work: export it around the world from the U.K. #Quote by Eddie Izzard
Around The World quotes by Neil Young
#153. One of my favorite album covers is On the Beach. Of course that was the name of a movie and I stole it for my record, but that doesn't matter. The idea for that cover came like a bolt from the blue. Gary and I traveled around getting all the pieces to put it together. We went to a junkyard in Santa Ana to get the tail fin and fender from a 1959 Cadillac, complete with taillights, and watched them cut it off a Cadillac for us, then we went to a patio supply place to get the umbrella and table. We picke up the bad polyester yellow jacket and white pants at a sleazy men's shop, where we watched a shoplifter getting caught red-handed and busted. Gary and I were stoned on some dynamite weed and stood there dumbfounded watching the bust unfold. This girl was screaming and kicking! Finally we grabbed a local LA paper to use as a prop. It had this amazing headline: Sen. Buckley Calls For Nixon to Resign. Next we took the palm tree I had taken around the world on the Tonight's the Night tour. We then placed all of these pieces carefully in the sand at Santa Monica beach. Then we shot it. Bob Seidemann was the photographer, the same one who took the famous Blind Faith cover shot of the naked young girl holding the airplane. We used the crazy pattern from the umbrella insides for the inside of the sleeve that held the vinyl recording. That was the creative process at work. We lived for that, Gary and I, and we still do. #Quote by Neil Young
Around The World quotes by Adhish Mazumder
#154. There is a noticeable symphony being played around the world today. That symphony speaks of the independent, unorthodox, proud women. Yes, it is the International Women's Day! It is the day to celebrate the women in your life.

In my life I have never believed in a particular day to celebrate women though, but a date is necessary rather customary to remind you of their contributions in your life lest you forget it.

So here's wishing all those strong women who competed in a man's world, defeating them and breaking the taboos to earn the place which was rightfully theirs from the start but usurped in the past by manly morals and ego, a very- HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY! #Quote by Adhish Mazumder
Around The World quotes by Ben Bernanke
#155. Given the extent of the exposures of major banks around the world to A.I.G., and in light of the extreme fragility of the system, there was a significant risk that A.I.G.'s failure could have sparked a global banking panic. #Quote by Ben Bernanke
Around The World quotes by Stanley Victor Paskavich
#156. A few years ago a friend said that I use to hunt and fish and build houses and things but now my whole life revolved around my computer I replied But my computer revolves around the world #Quote by Stanley Victor Paskavich
Around The World quotes by Deyth Banger
#157. If you don 't have explanation of what's happening around the world... I think somebody else knows perfectly well what's happening out there. #Quote by Deyth Banger
Around The World quotes by Barack Obama
#158. More fundamentally, this kind of gaping inequality gives lie to the promise at the very heart of America: that this is the place where you can make it if you try. We tell people that in this country, even if you're born with nothing, hard work can get you into the middle class; and that your children will have the chance to do even better than you. That's why immigrants from around the world flocked to our shores. #Quote by Barack Obama
Around The World quotes by Kathleen Parker
#159. Capitalism, the ogre of those protesting Wall Street, has suffered a public relations crisis in the wake of the global economic collapse. But any remedy to the systemic corruption that led to the collapse should not displace recognition that capitalism creates wealth. Capitalism, and no other economic system, has raised millions from poverty around the world. #Quote by Kathleen Parker
Around The World quotes by Cesar Romero
#160. Everybody in Hollywood was in Around the World in 80 Days. If you weren't, you left town and made up an excuse. #Quote by Cesar Romero
Around The World quotes by Michael Bloomberg
#161. What goes on in Europe concerns us greatly because, if Europe comes apart, the E.U. comes apart, then you're going to have enormous impact on America, that's a very big trading partner of ours, and people own securities around the world in this day and age. #Quote by Michael Bloomberg
Around The World quotes by Steve James
#162. 'Generation Food' is a collaboration between myself and author/activist Raj Patel that will tell stories about efforts around the world to try to solve the food crisis - through a documentary, a book, a website and mobile apps. #Quote by Steve James
Around The World quotes by Dave Matthews
#163. She thinks, "Hey,
How did I come to this?
I dream myself a thousand times around the world,
But I can't get out of this place" #Quote by Dave Matthews
Around The World quotes by Joe Biden
#164. On the way back from Mumbai to go meet with President Xi in China, I stopped in Singapore to meet with a guy named Lee Kuan Yew, who most foreign policy experts around the world say is the wisest man in the Orient. #Quote by Joe Biden
Around The World quotes by Michio Kaku
#165. When you listen to the beautiful sounds of stereo music, remember that you are listening to the rhythms of trillions of electrons obeying this and other bizarre laws of quantum mechanics.

But if quantum mechanics were incorrect, then all of electronics including television sets, computers, radios, stereo, and so on, would cease to function. (In fact, if quantum theory were incorrect, the atoms in our bodies would collapse, and we would instantly disintegrate. According to Maxwell's equations, the electrons spinning in an atom should lose their energy within a microsecond and plunge into the nucleus. This sudden collapse is prevented by quantum theory. Thus the fact that we exist is living proof of the correctness of quantum mechanics.)

This also means that there is a finite, calculable probability that "impossible" events will occur. For example, I can calculate the probability that I will unexpectedly disappear and tunnel through the earth and reappear in Hawaii. (The time we would have to wait for such an event to occur, it should be pointed out, is longer than the lifetime of the universe. So we cannot use quantum mechanics to tunnel to vacation spots around the world.) #Quote by Michio Kaku
Around The World quotes by Jim Barksdale
#166. We're no longer a small business; we're a large organization spread around the world. I can't imagine Netscape growing as fast as it has if it weren't for the way we use our products. #Quote by Jim Barksdale
Around The World quotes by John Travolta
#167. The only thing I ran into is that I am a wanderlust, as far as travel and adventure. I will go off on any given moment with the family and friends to explore the world. I go around the world once a year. I go to Africa, you know, Russia, wherever ... I love it. #Quote by John Travolta
Around The World quotes by Lee Child
#168. People spend thousands of dollars on stereos. Sometimes tens of thousands. There is a specialist industry right here in the States which builds stereo gear to a standard you wouldn't believe. Tubed amplifiers which cost more than a house. Speakers taller than me. Cables thicker than a garden hose. Some army guys had that stuff. I'd heard it on bases around the world. Wonderful. But they were wasting their money. Because the best stereo in the world is free. Inside your head. It sounds as good as you want it to. As loud as you want it to be. #Quote by Lee Child
Around The World quotes by Rand Paul
#169. You can be strong without being involved in every single civil war around the world. #Quote by Rand Paul
Around The World quotes by David Lodge
#170. Language is the net that holds thought trapped within a particular culture. But if one could only strike the ball with sufficient force, with perfect timing, it would perhaps break through the netting, continue on its course, never fall to earth, but go into orbit around the world. #Quote by David Lodge
Around The World quotes by Howard Schultz
#171. I think what we're lacking in society, not only in the U.S. but also around the world, is to find heroes once again and to celebrate these kind of people. #Quote by Howard Schultz
Around The World quotes by Ian Bremmer
#172. Climate is a global issue. Coal is still the energy that is being used more than anything else to make electricity. The United States is using less as we're turning more to gas. But, around the world, that's what they're using. #Quote by Ian Bremmer
Around The World quotes by Mikki Koomar
#173. If you will force to love someone, they will try to find the reason to loving them and they will be over confident about themselves, don't let them on sky, don't let them to fly, just keep loving of yourself, you are the only your true friend in the whole world, :) no one is love you, care you, the way you love and care of yourself :) be full of generous heart, be honest with you, be realistic, be humble, be full of joy and full of love, be careful, protect yourself and be your own HERO :) just spread the love to people :) around the world. Doesn't matter they will love you or hate you, or they are just a haters :) my love to each and every good human :) God will bless all :) keep loving and follow healthy lifestyle :) #Quote by Mikki Koomar
Around The World quotes by Catherine Zeta-Jones
#174. In Hollywood everything is so documented. If you go for a drink with somebody, it's passed around the world so quickly. #Quote by Catherine Zeta-Jones
Around The World quotes by Billy Graham
#175. Most of us do not understand nuclear fission, but we accept it ... Why is it so easy to accept manmade miracles and so difficult to accept the miracles of the Bible? #Quote by Billy Graham
Around The World quotes by Hillary Clinton
#176. I'm going to keep speaking out about what Donald Trump says, because I'm getting messages from leaders around the world who are just bewildered. They want to know what's going on. #Quote by Hillary Clinton
Around The World quotes by Warren G. Bennis
#177. Around the world, the generals are being ousted, and the poets are taking charge. #Quote by Warren G. Bennis
Around The World quotes by Barack Obama
#178. For in Asia and around the world, India is not simply emerging; India has already emerged. And it is my firm belief that the relationship between the United States and India - bound by our shared interests and values - will be one of the defining partnerships of the 21st century. This is the partnership I have come here to build. This is the vision that our nations can realise together. #Quote by Barack Obama
Around The World quotes by Clifford D. Simak
#179. For what need was there to go anywhere? It all was here. By simply twirling a dial one could talk face to face with anyone wished, could go, by sense, if not in body, anywhere one wished. Could attend the theater or hear a concert or browse in a library halfway around the world. Could transact any business one might need to transact without rising from one's chair. Webster #Quote by Clifford D. Simak
Around The World quotes by John Pistole
#180. Our pat-down approach is very similar to what is being utilized in Europe and, as we know, around the world. It's even much more thorough in other parts of the world. #Quote by John Pistole
Around The World quotes by Billy Graham
#181. I still enjoy watching a batter successfully cross home plate, but nothing thrills me more than seeing the Holy Spirit at work in hearts as the Gospel is carried into stadiums, across the airwaves, and around the world. #Quote by Billy Graham
Around The World quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#182. I am not interested in having the world revolve around me; that's too boring of an idea. I would rather revolve around the world and try to leave my fingerprints, everywhere. My fingerprints mingled in with all the other fingerprints and all the laughter and all the beautiful things like gratitude, grace, faithfulness and flowers. #Quote by C. JoyBell C.
Around The World quotes by Max Tundra
#183. There was a time when beheadings were in the public mind because people around the world were getting their heads cut off for various reasons. #Quote by Max Tundra
Around The World quotes by Marco Rubio
#184. Foreign aid is important. If it's done right, it spreads America's influence around the world in a positive way. #Quote by Marco Rubio
Around The World quotes by Karen Armstrong
#185. I want to create a rapid response team, right around the world, perhaps starting originally with our partners, similar to the one we have in the United Nations whereby, where there's a problem in our society which demands a compassionate response, an educated, informed, not just a splurgy emotional thing, but an informed compassionate response that puts yourself in the position of the other and sees all sides of the problem, not just your own, there'll be somebody poised in each society who can write to the media, write an op-ed piece, to go on TV or radio. #Quote by Karen Armstrong
Around The World quotes by Fred Rogers
#186. I recently learned that in an average lifetime a person walks about sixty-five thousand miles. That's two and a half times around the world. I wonder where your steps will take you. I wonder how you'll use the rest of the miles you're given. #Quote by Fred Rogers
Around The World quotes by Jonathan Hickman
#187. Love sends a man half way around the world ...
Just for the hope of catching it. #Quote by Jonathan Hickman
Around The World quotes by William A. Rusher
#188. I don't think she ever had a single initiative at the United Nations that was not previously [vetted] by the people at the State Department, approved of, and authorized. She did manage to get around the world an awful lot, and find other parts of her vast slum project that needed repair. But I don't think that that was the main point. The main point was that she, after all, connoted Franklin Roosevelt, who by then was long dead, and had a certain prestige and power on that account. #Quote by William A. Rusher
Around The World quotes by Richard Rogers
#189. Architects design buildings; that's what we do, so we have to go with the flow; and, even though I'm still an old Leftie, global capitalism does have its good side. It's broken down barriers - the Berlin Wall, the Soviet Union - it's raised a lot of people up economically, and for architects, it has meant that we can work around the world. #Quote by Richard Rogers
Around The World quotes by Doc Hastings
#190. We remain united with the British, and our allies around the world, in our resolve to defeat terrorism and bring those who commit these acts to justice. #Quote by Doc Hastings
Around The World quotes by Robert Jensen
#191. The United States is a society in which people not only can get by without knowing much about the wider world but are systematically encouraged not to think independently or critically, and instead to accept the mythology of the United States as a benevolent, misunderstood giant as it lumbers around the world trying to do good. #Quote by Robert Jensen
Around The World quotes by Rajneesh
#192. Jesus must have been a really great artist in creating enemies because he was only thirty-three when he was crucified, and there were only three years of work because he appeared at the age of thirty. Up to that time he was with the mystery schools, going around the world to Egypt, to India, and the possibility is even to Tibet and to Japan. #Quote by Rajneesh
Around The World quotes by Don McCullin
#193. Many people send me letters in England saying, 'I want to be a war photographer,' and I say, go out into the community that you live in. There's wars going on out there; you don't have to go halfway around the world on an airplane where there are bombs and shells. There are social wars that are worthwhile. #Quote by Don McCullin
Around The World quotes by Michael Arrington
#194. I am a partner at CrunchFund, a venture capital firm with investments in many startups around the world. I am also a limited partner in many other venture funds which have their own startup investments. #Quote by Michael Arrington
Around The World quotes by Michelle Phan
#195. Ipsy's goal has always been to create a community that inspires women around the world to express their own unique beauty. #Quote by Michelle Phan
Around The World quotes by Nik Ripken
#196. Our problem is not simply a lack of concern. And our problem is not that we are unaware or disinterested. We know what is happening around the world. Certainly, in light of what we have encountered in this book, we know about sacrifices that are made for the faith. We know more about the health and whereabouts of other members of the body of Christ today than at any other time in history. It's not enough to feel grateful for the blessed circumstances in which we live. It's not enough to do a better job remembering and praying for the suffering believers around the world. It's not even enough to identify with the other parts of Christ's Body around the world. Ultimately, the problem is one of emphasis and focus. Instead of recognizing, thinking about, remembering, praying about, identifying with and focusing on the suffering of fellow believers around the world, we would do well to shift our focus. Quite simply, we would do well to ask ourselves whether or not we are being obedient to Jesus. He is asking us - He is expecting us - He is commanding us to share Him wherever we go. He is commanding us to do that wherever we are today. It is simply a matter of obedience. If He is our Lord, then we will obey Him. If we do not obey Him, then He is not our Lord. Perhaps the question should not be: 'Why are others persecuted?' Perhaps the better question is: 'Why are we not? #Quote by Nik Ripken
Around The World quotes by Rabindranath Tagore
#197. I've travelled all around the world to see the rivers and the mountains, and I've spent a lot of money. I have gone to great lengths, I have seen everything, but I forgot to see just outside my house a dewdrop on a little blade of grass, a dewdrop which reflects in its convexity the whole universe around you. #Quote by Rabindranath Tagore
Around The World quotes by Adora Svitak
#198. Hoping to instill my love of learning in other children, I taught my first class at a local elementary school the year my first book, 'Flying Fingers,' debuted; since then, I have spoken at hundreds of schools, classrooms and conferences around the world. #Quote by Adora Svitak
Around The World quotes by Elisabeth Hasselbeck
#199. What's behind these terribly low diagnostic rates? "One of the reasons celiac disease is so grossly underdiagnosed in this country," says Dr. Green, "is that the pharmaceutical industry has such a major role in the direction of health care here. In many countries around the world, where there are national health plans, doctors are actively encouraged to diagnose celiac disease. In this country, the pharmaceutical industry provides eighty percent of the money for medical research. It also provides a lot of money for postgraduate education, and there just aren't any drug companies that are interested in researching celiac disease. There's basically no money in it - no drug company will provide funds for the research." Simply put: Since there are no drugs to treat celiac disease, pharmaceutical companies stand to gain no profits from encouraging its diagnosis. #Quote by Elisabeth Hasselbeck
Around The World quotes by Angelina Jolie
#200. With my family, I'm trying to raise them to have respect for all people and make friends around the world and feel at home with the world and really live a truly global [life] because I think it's what forms them and it's really important to me. #Quote by Angelina Jolie
Around The World quotes by Barack Obama
#201. I think that Canada is one of the most impressive countries in the world, the way it has managed a diverse population, a migrant economy. The natural beauty of Canada is extraordinary. Obviously there is enormous kinship between the United States and Canada, and the ties that bind our two countries together are things that are very important to us. #Quote by Barack Obama
Around The World quotes by Cat Sebastian
#202. Honor was a luxury item, like hair pomade and snuff. Its only purpose was to show the world that you could afford to be impractical, that you had enough money to behave in a way that was compatible with some ludicrous code instead of acting out of self-preservation like the rest of humanity. #Quote by Cat Sebastian
Around The World quotes by John Wilmot
#203. I have to speak my mind. Because what is in my mind is always more interesting than what is happening in the world outside my mind. #Quote by John Wilmot
Around The World quotes by Miranda July
#204. In an ideal world, we would have been orphans. We felt like orphans and we felt deserving of the pity that orphans get, but embarrassingly enough, we had parents. #Quote by Miranda July
Around The World quotes by Mata Amritanandamayi
#205. Our efforts to remove hatred and indifference from the world begin by trying to remove them from our own mind. #Quote by Mata Amritanandamayi
Around The World quotes by Kate Lattey
#206. I unhooked the partition and pulled it back, revealing the donkey's shaggy coat and pot belly. She wouldn't win any beauty pageants, but she looked to be in fairly good health. I clipped up her lead rope and led her to the top of the ramp where she stopped and looked around, swivelling her huge ears like antennae. Skip and Forbes were in the furthest corner of their paddock, staring in horror at the truck and snorting loudly at each other, clearly not impressed with the newest addition to the family. "What #Quote by Kate Lattey
Around The World quotes by Leah Konen
#207. 1. Romantic: One who ruthlessly believes in love in its finest form and impresses those feelings onto his or her various relationships. May result in scaring off partners, falling for the wrong person, and desperately trying to turn life into a movie with glamorous Old Hollywood actors. May also result in some of the best, most inspiring, and deepest relationships around. #Quote by Leah Konen
Around The World quotes by Ernest Bevin
#208. There should be a study of a house directly elected by the people of the world to whom the nations are accountable. #Quote by Ernest Bevin
Around The World quotes by Elena Ferrante
#209. I recognized in them what I had never had and, I now knew, would always lack. What was it? I wasn't able to say precisely: the training, perhaps, to feel that the questions of the world were deeply connected to me; the capacity to feel them as crucial and not purely as information to display at an exam; a mental conformation that didn't reduce everything to my own individual battle, to the effort to be successful. #Quote by Elena Ferrante
Around The World quotes by Alan Moore
#210. The relentless onslaught of this stupefying imagery that pounds our inner landscapes flat, a carpet-bombing of the mind. The language of the world, that overwhelms us. #Quote by Alan Moore
Around The World quotes by Jason Fuchs
#211. I got stuck on the Peter Pan ride when I was nine years old with my dad at Disney World. We got stuck on that part of the ride when you're suspended in the pirate ship above the miniature London, and I was fascinated by the why of it all. 'Why is Peter Peter Pan, why is he in Neverland, how did he learn how to fly, etc.?' #Quote by Jason Fuchs
Around The World quotes by Elisabeth Kubler Ross
#212. The ultimate lesson all of us have to learn is unconditional love, which includes not only others but ourselves as well. #Quote by Elisabeth Kubler Ross
Around The World quotes by Silas Weir Mitchell
#213. I think a really rich world to live in is where you're thinking in terms of human behavior and human types and not being super literal. In order to see the deeper truth, you need to break out of literal frame of mind. #Quote by Silas Weir Mitchell
Around The World quotes by Famke Janssen
#214. Everybody gets typecast in movies, but you have to make wise choices. I'd say around 90 percent of movie casting is about the way you look, so you have to fight that. If producers had their way, I'd only be in action films, but I'm interested in a more varied career than that. #Quote by Famke Janssen
Around The World quotes by Alisa M. Libby
#215. What is heaven," he asked, staring into my eyes, "but freedom, and beauty, and comfort?"
"And salvation," I added.
"Yes, of course"-he smiled-"but what is heaven alone? It is a dream for these pitiful creatures blundering through their common lives, eager to see what lies in the world beyond in the hopes that it may be better than what they have here. #Quote by Alisa M. Libby
Around The World quotes by Chad Harbach
#216. There's certainly a large literature around baseball in the U.S. #Quote by Chad Harbach
Around The World quotes by Daya Pawar
#217. Annabhau Sathe's Akalechi Gosht (The Dimwit's Tale) performed in front of the temple. This had also been banned. We did not know when the police would arrive and arrest the performers. This satire was like no other we had seen; it had no kings and queens. It spoke of the exploitation we saw around us, offering an aesthetic analysis of our situation. It played all night and we learned some new songs. 'Daulatichya raja, utoon Sarjya, haak de shejaaryaala re, shivari chalaa' ('Oh kings of wealth, Sarjya, wake up, listen to what your neighbours say, let's go back to the fields') and 'Aamhi dhartichya lekra bhaagyavaan' ('We are the fortunate sons of the earth'). #Quote by Daya Pawar
Around The World quotes by Joe Wenke
#218. God's decision to flood the entire earth and kill everybody and everything is without a doubt far and away the greatest single act of genocide in the history of the world. It makes you wonder what God thought of the pathetic attempts of Hitler, Stalin and Mao to compete in the genocidal sweepstakes. They may have slaughtered millions, but there were still plenty of people left when they were done. #Quote by Joe Wenke
Around The World quotes by Michael Grant
#219. I hated the world. I hated what it did to gentle people. #Quote by Michael Grant
Around The World quotes by Roger Von Oech
#220. We grow up thinking that the best answer is in someone else's brain. Much of our education is an elaborate game of 'guess what's in the teacher's head?' What the world really needs to know right now is what kind of dreams and ideas are in your head. #Quote by Roger Von Oech
Around The World quotes by Susanne Katherina Langer
#221. The development of beings with minds is probably the highest individuation the world has ever known, and its prehistory is the history of life on earth. #Quote by Susanne Katherina Langer
Around The World quotes by Glenn McQuaid
#222. Keep in mind that we're always up to other things, so we tend to sit on things from time to time. In an uninterrupted world, I think we could have each of the tales finished, soup to nuts, in a week. #Quote by Glenn McQuaid
Around The World quotes by Chandra Prasad
#223. In the mornings I awoke with salty crust of tears around my eyes--my grief struggling to surface when I was in my weakest, lost in sleep. But by day I would not allow myself to feel. My misery was muted; it had to be. If I faced it in earnest, I would truly drown. #Quote by Chandra Prasad
Around The World quotes by Judith Lewis Herman
#224. Denying the reality of my experience - that was the most harmful. Not being able to trust anyone was the most serious effect ... I know I acted in ways that were despicable. But I wasn't crazy. Some people go around acting like that because they feel hopeless. Finally I found a few people along the way who have been able to feel OK about me even though I had severe problems. Good therapists were those who really validated my experience. #Quote by Judith Lewis Herman
Around The World quotes by Sharlto Copley
#225. I think every soft child in the world gets damaged. All of of us come into the world and get damaged. It's just a matter of how much. #Quote by Sharlto Copley
Around The World quotes by RIch Yancy
#226. Leaf, branch, vine, bramble. The rush of air in my ears. The rapid-fire scuffscuffscuff of my shoes on the trail.

Shards of blue sky through the canopy, blades of sulight impaling the shattered earth. The ripped-apart world careened. #Quote by RIch Yancy
Around The World quotes by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
#227. The Big Bang Theory: When geeky scientists can be main characters in a hit prime time series, you know there's hope for the world. #Quote by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Around The World quotes by Nikki Giovanni
#228. If everybody became a poet the world would be much better. We would all read to each other. #Quote by Nikki Giovanni
Around The World quotes by Joe Meno
#229. It would always be a put-on, high school or not, for the whole rest of the world, for the rest of our lives. You couldn't ever guess who someone was by the way they looked because, good or bad, the way they looked was always just a costume or an act. It was Halloween everyday, for most people anyway, just to feel like they weren't alone, to belong, just to keep being happy maybe. #Quote by Joe Meno
Around The World quotes by Sarina Bowen
#230. There have to be men in the world with good hearts and dirty minds. There just have to be. #Quote by Sarina Bowen
Around The World quotes by Eric Maisel
#231. We have arrived at an interesting moment in the evolution of our species when a smart person in a first-world culture is pestered by two contradictory feelings: first that he is as special a creature as nature has yet produced
and second that he's not very special at all, just excited matter here for a while and off again into universal dark matter. This first feeling inflates him and makes him want to puff out his chest and preen a bit. This second feeling makes him want to crawl in a hole, act carelessly, or sit inert on the sofa. How unfortunate for a creature to be buffeted in such contradictory ways! These twin feelings lead a person to the following pair of conclusions: that while he is perhaps quite smart, he is nevertheless rather like a cockroach, trapped with a brain that really isn't big enough for his purposes, perhaps trapped in a corner of an academic discipline, a research
field, a literary genre, or in some other small place, trapped by his creatureliness, and trapped by life's very smallness. I would like to dub this the god-bug syndrome: the prevalent and perhaps epidemic feeling of greatness walking hand-in-hand with smallness that plagues so many people today. #Quote by Eric Maisel
Around The World quotes by Oliver Potzsch
#232. ...we are trying, in a world of increasing complexity, to create a simpler and more understandable place for ourselves. No longer do we grow up in large families. We feel increasingly estranged, replaceable, and ephemeral. Genealogy gives us a feeling of immortality. The individual dies; the family lives on. #Quote by Oliver Potzsch
Around The World quotes by T. Harv Eker
#233. You can have all the knowledge and skills in the world, but if your ""blueprint"" isn't set for success, you're financially doomed. #Quote by T. Harv Eker
Around The World quotes by Colleen Houck
#234. I find that all people are fundamentally alike. We are one human family. Perhaps we have different clothes, our skin is of a different color, or we speak various languages, but that is on the surface only. We all have dreams and seek for things that will bring true happiness. To know all the world, I just need to learn about myself. #Quote by Colleen Houck

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