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Arostegui Miami quotes by Tiesto
#1. Miami is a really special place for me, particularly in the U.S. It was one of the first places in the country to really embrace dance music, and I've been going there for many, many years. #Quote by Tiesto
Arostegui Miami quotes by Dick Gregory
#2. People keep telling me about the white race and the black race - and it really doesn't make sense. I played Miami, met a fellow two shades darker than me - and his name was Ginsberg! Took my place in two sit-in demonstrations - nobody knew the difference. The he tried for a third lunch counter and blew the whole bit ... asked for blintzes. #Quote by Dick Gregory
Arostegui Miami quotes by Carlos Mencia
#3. I was born in Honduras, that's where I was born. I live in California, where no matter what you say, you're Mexican. You understand that? It doesn't matter what you say. See - you don't understand that, white people, because wherever you go, you're white. You're here, you're white. You go to L. A., you're white. You go to Denver, you're white. You go to Miami, you're still white. In L. A. I'm a Mexican, In Florida, I'm a Cuban. In New York, I'm a Puerto Rican. And when I come to Canada and I find out I'm an Eskimo. #Quote by Carlos Mencia
Arostegui Miami quotes by Malcolm Kushner
#4. Now, I have to tell you, this reminds me of a story. Actually, it's an old baseball story. You see, one day, old Lucifer down there from his headquarters called St. Peter in Heaven, said they wanted to challenge him to a baseball game. And St. Peter said, "Sure, let's play. But to be fair, I have to tell you all the great ones are up here. We've got Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Satchel Paige, Roberto Clemente. We've got all the best players, and our manager is the legendary Connie Mack. You won't have a chance." Well, old Lucifer says, "That doesn't matter, we'll win anyway." And St. Peter says, "How do you expect to do that?" "Well," he says, "simple, we've got all the umpires." Luncheon for Representative Connie Mack Miami, Florida June 29, 1988 #Quote by Malcolm Kushner
Arostegui Miami quotes by Dave Barry
#5. We also have a growing population of unwelcome out-of-town wildlife species that have come here and clearly intend to stay. Two invasive species in particular have caused serious concern: Burmese pythons, and New Yorkers. The New Yorkers have been coming here for years, which is weird because pretty much all they do once they get to Florida is bitch about how everything here sucks compared to the earthly paradise that is New York. They continue to root, loudly, for the Jets, the Knicks, the Mets, and the Yankees; they never stop declaring, loudly, that in New York the restaurants are better, the stores are nicer, the people are smarter, the public transportation is free of sharks, etc. The Burmese pythons are less obnoxious, but just as alarming in their own way. #Quote by Dave Barry
Arostegui Miami quotes by Hector Tobar
#6. I am in a two-stoplight town in the Alabama hill country, in the heart of the Bible Belt and Crimson Tide football mania, listening to an old-fashioned, heated argument between Cubans like the ones I've heard in Little Havana in Miami, but the moment very quickly loses its sense of strangeness and cultural dissonance. This is what America is like now
North America, I mean, the United States. The craziness of cubanos and mexicanos and guatemaltecos can find you just about anywhere #Quote by Hector Tobar
Arostegui Miami quotes by Hunter S. Thompson
#7. It was wonderful, a stunning happy ending to what began as another tragic rock & roll story, as if Bob Dylan had been arrested in Miami for jacking off in a seedy little XXX theater while stroking the spine of a fat young boy. #Quote by Hunter S. Thompson
Arostegui Miami quotes by Carl Hiaasen
#8. For once Yancy didn't mind driving to Miami. Dr. Rosa Campesino had agreed to meet for lunch. On the Eighteen-Mile Stretch he got stuck behind a minivan with a CHOOSE LIFE bumper sticker. "Choose the accelerator! How's that for starters?" Yancy was shouting, pounding on the horn. #Quote by Carl Hiaasen
Arostegui Miami quotes by Carlos Mencia
#9. I'll know America is in bad shape when Cubans in Miami get in the water and swim back to Cuba. #Quote by Carlos Mencia
Arostegui Miami quotes by Mario Diaz-Balart
#10. In my years of public service at both the federal and state levels, I have had the privilege of representing most of the communities that make up Congressional District 21, including Hialeah, Westchester, Doral, Kendall, Miami Lakes, Hialeah Gardens, Medley and Palmetto Bay. #Quote by Mario Diaz-Balart
Arostegui Miami quotes by Tracy Brogan
#11. I'm Bill Smith, private investigator from Miami, Florida."
"Private investigator?"
Shari glanced over at me.
"Yes, from Miami, Florida," he said again, as if that were significant. "I'm looking for a man."
"Oh, honey, aren't we all? #Quote by Tracy Brogan
Arostegui Miami quotes by Dave Barry
#12. I actually like south Florida. I never lived in a more interesting place than this. I've never met a wider range of people. I guess when I came here I thought there were Cubans and then there were people from New York and that was Miami. Now I know that it's Cubans, people from New York, and some people from New Jersey. #Quote by Dave Barry
Arostegui Miami quotes by Jeff Lindsay
#13. Everyone is so cheerful and happy," I said
"This isn't Mister Rogers Neighborhood, Dex. It's Miami. Only the bad guys are happy." She looked at me without expression, a perfect cop stare. "How come you're not laughing and singing?"
"Unkind, Deb. Very unkind. I've been good for months."
She took a sip of water. "Uh-huh. And it's making you crazy. #Quote by Jeff Lindsay
Arostegui Miami quotes by Enrique Iglesias
#14. I want to thank my fans for their support and love all these years, thank you Miami. Thank you Latin America. Thank you Mexico. Thank you world ! #Quote by Enrique Iglesias
Arostegui Miami quotes by Thalia
#15. You go to Los Angeles or New York or Miami or Chicago, and you see Latinos everywhere; they are involved in every part of American society. That's why they have to start being represented in Hollywood, because an 'Americano' can't walk down the street and not see a Latino. #Quote by Thalia
Arostegui Miami quotes by Axwell
#16. When i play in Las Vegas I play for money, when I play in Miami I play for holidays but when I play in #India I play for Love #Quote by Axwell
Arostegui Miami quotes by Dave Barry
#17. According to a poll by the Zogby organization, 67 percent of Americans agree either 'somewhat' or 'strongly' with the statement that 'Miami is plagued by crime.' This is very upsetting to those of us who live here and love our city. It makes us want to visit every single one of those 67 percent of Americans personally, so we can tell them what Miami is really like, and then kill them with machetes, #Quote by Dave Barry
Arostegui Miami quotes by Jimmy Johnson
#18. But I was always a bit of a gypsy, anyway. I spent five years at Oklahoma State, five years at Miami and moved on after winning the national championship, and five years with the Cowboys. So, I was ready to move on. We won back-to-back Super Bowls, and I felt that I accomplished what I wanted to accomplish. #Quote by Jimmy Johnson
Arostegui Miami quotes by John D. MacDonald
#19. By five minutes of four I was checked into the hotel. They had a lot of room. They had three conventions going and they still had a lot of room. Once inside the hotel, I was right back in Miami. Same scent to the chilled air, same skeptical servility, same glorious decor - as if a Brazilian architect had mated an air terminal with a manufacturer of cotton padding. Lighting, dramatic. At any moment the star of the show will step back from one of the eight (8) bars and break into song and the girlies will come prancing in. Keep those knees high, kids. Keep laughing. #Quote by John D. MacDonald
Arostegui Miami quotes by Tim Dorsey
#20. There was no Disney World then, just rows of orange trees. Millions of them. Stretching for miles And somewhere near the middle was the Citrus Tower, which the tourists climbed to see even more orange trees. Every month an eighty-year-old couple became lost in the groves, driving up and down identical rows for days until they were spotted by helicopter or another tourist on top of the Citrus Tower. They had lived on nothing but oranges and come out of the trees drilled on vitamin C and checked into the honeymoon suite at the nearest bed-and-breakfast.
"The Miami Seaquarium put in a monorail and rockets started going off at Cape Canaveral, making us feel like we were on the frontier of the future. Disney bought up everything north of Lake Okeechobee, preparing to shove the future down our throats sideways.
"Things evolved rapidly! Missile silos in Cuba. Bales on the beach. Alligators are almost extinct and then they aren't. Juntas hanging shingles in Boca Raton. Richard Nixon and Bebe Rebozo skinny-dipping off Key Biscayne. We atone for atrocities against the INdians by playing Bingo. Shark fetuses in formaldehyde jars, roadside gecko farms, tourists waddling around waffle houses like flocks of flightless birds. And before we know it, we have The New Florida, underplanned, overbuilt and ripe for a killer hurricane that'll knock that giant geodesic dome at Epcot down the trunpike like a golf ball, a solid one-wood by Buckminster Fuller.
"I am the native and this #Quote by Tim Dorsey
Arostegui Miami quotes by John D. MacDonald
#21. Suddenly she came racing into the lounge. She wore one of my big blue towels in sarong fashion, and had a white towel wrapped around her head. Her face looked narrow and intent. Her features looked more pointed. "That last trip," she said. "I don't know if it will help. We stopped at some sort of a boat yard in Miami. I can't even remember the name. Something about a new generator. He kept complaining about the noise the generator made. They took up the hatches and got down in the bilge and did a lot of measuring. The man said it would take a long time to get the one Junior Allen wanted. It made him angry. But he ordered it anyway. He left a down payment on it. He ordered some kind of new model that had just been introduced. #Quote by John D. MacDonald
Arostegui Miami quotes by Ozzie Guillen
#22. In life there are worse things (then being fired by the Miami Marlins) and I have experienced them. I have lived through bad moments and I will get through this with support. #Quote by Ozzie Guillen
Arostegui Miami quotes by Dawn Olivieri
#23. I wanted to find something I was passionate about, something with the possibility of upward movement, and I wanted freedom. I need to be outside living life, not stuck in an office. I figured I could either be out selling condos in Miami, or I could move to L.A. and chase after that elusive actor's job. #Quote by Dawn Olivieri
Arostegui Miami quotes by Jamie Foxx
#24. In L.A. you can hide. I can hide at the beach, hide up in the hills. [In Miami] everybody is looking at you. #Quote by Jamie Foxx
Arostegui Miami quotes by SpaceGhostPurrp
#25. In Miami, there's nothing going on. Everybody's depressed; everybody's trying to get jobs, feed their families. At three in the morning you see the fiends just walking around, ready to eat. Evil spirits lurking. #Quote by SpaceGhostPurrp
Arostegui Miami quotes by Bobby Underwood
#26. California during the 1940s had Hollywood and the bright lights of Los Angeles, but on the other coast was Florida, land of sunshine and glamour, Miami and Miami Beach. If you weren't already near California's Pacific Coast you headed for Florida during the winter. One of the things which made Miami such a mix of glitter and sunshine was the plethora of movie stars who flocked there to play, rubbing shoulders with tycoons and gangsters. Sometimes it was hard to tell the difference between the latter two.

Miami and everything that surrounded it hadn't happened by accident. Carl Fisher had set out to make Miami Beach a playground destination during the 1930s and had succeeded far beyond his dreams. The promenade behind the Roney Plaza Hotel was a block-long lovers' lane of palm trees and promise that began rather than ended in the blue waters of the Atlantic.

Florida was more than simply Miami and Miami Beach, however. When George Merrick opened the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables papers across the country couldn't wait to gush about the growing aura of Florida. They tore down Collins Bridge in the Gables and replaced it with the beautiful Venetian Causeway. You could plop down a fiver if you had one and take your best girl - or the girl you wanted to score with - for a gondola ride there before the depression, or so I'd been told.

You see, I'd never actually been to Florida before the war, much less Miami. I was a newspaper reporter from Chi #Quote by Bobby Underwood
Arostegui Miami quotes by Dave Barry
#27. The truth is that only a small percentage of Miami's population consists of violent criminals, and the bulk of those are elected officials. The rest of us Miamians are regular people, just like the people in your town: We work hard, try to raise our kids right, and are always ready to help out our neighbors by laying down covering fire when they go outside to get their newspapers. #Quote by Dave Barry
Arostegui Miami quotes by Pam Houston
#28. How will we sing when Miami goes underwater, when the raft of garbage in the ocean gets as big as Texas, when the only remaining polar bear draws his last breath, when fracking, when Keystone, when Pruitt? I don't know. And I imagine, sometimes, often, we will get it wrong. But I'm not celebrating the earth because I am an optimist - though I am an optimist. I am celebrating because this magnificent rock we live on demands celebration. I am celebrating because how in the face of this earth could I not? #Quote by Pam Houston
Arostegui Miami quotes by Nicolas Sarkozy
#29. The French like burgers, Madonna and Miami Vice. #Quote by Nicolas Sarkozy
Arostegui Miami quotes by Donna Tartt
#30. It made me think of the nice old Marimekko-clad ladies I sometimes went to see in the Ritz Tower: gravel-voiced, turban-wearing, panther-braceleted widows looking to move to Miami, their apartments filled with smoked-glass and chromed-steel furniture that, in the seventies, they'd purchased through their decorators for the price of a good Queen Anne
but (I was responsible for telling them, reluctantly) had not held its value and could not be re-sold at even half what they'd bought it for. #Quote by Donna Tartt
Arostegui Miami quotes by Tom Tancredo
#31. Look at what has happened to Miami. It has become a Third World country. You just pick it up and take it and move it someplace. You would never know you're in the United States of America. You would certainly say you're in a Third World country #Quote by Tom Tancredo
Arostegui Miami quotes by Jimmy Buffett
#32. I've done a bit of smuggling, I've run my share of grass. I made enough money to buy Miami, but I piss it away so fast. #Quote by Jimmy Buffett
Arostegui Miami quotes by Catherine Bybee
#33. conventions hosted by the Miami Morrison. The question was, what convention was Laker Girl attending? Walt had arrived at the hotel earlier in the day to find massive banners and the entire second floor of the conference hall filling up with pictures of half-naked men and women embracing. At first, he thought the competing conference had something to do with adult film. When he asked, he was told a writers convention was dominating the hotel for the weekend. By comparison, the number of people at the conference he was attending was a drop of water in the ocean. Soon the hotel would be filled with writers, readers, publishers, and agents. The genre of choice . . . romance. Books written with nothing but happily-ever-after in mind. #Quote by Catherine Bybee
Arostegui Miami quotes by Roger Federer
#34. My aim over the next few months is that I have a lot of points to defend in Miami and Hamburg, after that I can set my sights on No. 1. #Quote by Roger Federer
Arostegui Miami quotes by Tim Dorsey
#35. I'm a one-hundred-percent, made-in-Florida, dope-smugglin', time-sharin', spring-breakin', log-flumin', double-occupancy discount vacation. I'm a tall glass of orange juice and a day without sunshine. I'm the wind in your sails, the sun on your burn and the moon over Miami. I am the native. #Quote by Tim Dorsey

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