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Aron Warner quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#1. He held you captive and managed to fall in love with you in the process. #Quote by Tahereh Mafi
Aron Warner quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#2. I've become obsessed. I carry her notebook with me everywhere I go, spending all my free moments trying to decipher the words she's scribbled in the margins, developing stories to go along with the numbers she's written down.
I've also noticed that the last page is missing. Ripped out.
I can't help but wonder why. I've searched through the book a hundred times, looking for other sections where pages might be gone, but I've found none. And somehow I feel cheated, knowing there's a piece I might've missed. It's not even my journal; it's none of my business at all, but I've read her words so many times now that they feel like my own. I can practically recite them from memory.
It's strange being in her head without being able to see her. I feel like she's here, right in front of me. I feel like I now know her so intimately, so privately. I'm safe in the company of her thoughts; I feel welcome, somehow. Understood. So much so that some days I manage to forget that she's the one who put this bullet hole in my arm.
I almost forget that she still hates me, despite how hard I've fallen for her.
And I've fallen.
So hard.
I've hit the ground. Gone right through it. #Quote by Tahereh Mafi
Aron Warner quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#3. I'm having a panic attack, you inconsiderate ass. #Quote by Tahereh Mafi
Aron Warner quotes by Marina Warner
#4. I do not think commodities are taken for granted. One of the convergences in time I noticed, and to me seemed very important, was the emergence of paper money. There had been permissionary notes, exchanging money by writing it, but there was no duplicated form of guaranteeing an exchange. #Quote by Marina Warner
Aron Warner quotes by Sylvia Townsend Warner
#5. There are not enough poems in praise of bed ... #Quote by Sylvia Townsend Warner
Aron Warner quotes by Raymond Aron
#6. Intellectuals cannot tolerate the chance event, the unintelligible: they have a nostalgia for the absolute, for a universally comprehensive scheme. #Quote by Raymond Aron
Aron Warner quotes by Gerald Warner
#7. We should be long past applauding politicians of any hue: they got us into this mess. The best deserve a probationary opportunity to prove themselves, the worst should be in jail. #Quote by Gerald Warner
Aron Warner quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#8. You sick piece of shit," Adam says to him, his voice low, measured.
"Such unfortunate language." Warner shakes his head. "Only those who cannot express themselves intelligently would resort to such crude substitutions in vocabulary. #Quote by Tahereh Mafi
Aron Warner quotes by Jackie Warner
#9. It's not how long; it's how strong. #Quote by Jackie Warner
Aron Warner quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#10. He kisses me again, his occasional gasps for air hot against my skin, and I taste him, his mouth, his neck, the hard line of his jaw and he fights back a groan, pulls away, pain and pleasure twinning together as he moves deeper, harder, his muscles taught, his body rock solid against mine. He has one hand around the back of my neck, the other around the back of my thigh and he wraps us together, impossibly closer, overwhelming me with an extraordinary pleasure that feels like nothing I've ever known. It's nameless. Unknowable, impossible to plan for. It's different every time. #Quote by Tahereh Mafi
Aron Warner quotes by Chandler Warner
#11. i love to read your books #Quote by Chandler Warner
Aron Warner quotes by Julie Delpy
#12. I've proven that I'm not a complete failure. Every film has done well. It's like, 'So, okay, when do I get my deal at Warner Bros?' #Quote by Julie Delpy
Aron Warner quotes by Jackie Warner
#13. I think that older lesbians definitely didn't take care of themselves. They didn't exercise. But the younger lesbians, they're very different. They go to the gym. They manage their eating. They're much more fashion-conscious. #Quote by Jackie Warner
Aron Warner quotes by Brad Warner
#14. So I'm skeptical and cynical about the whole thing and it's only if something seems to be genuine that I would pursue it. That's why I've stuck with Zen for so long and not gone on to some other path with it. #Quote by Brad Warner
Aron Warner quotes by Marina Warner
#15. Behind every book for young people and every global product of family entertainment, the hum of boardroom discussion about the politics of the work can be heard. #Quote by Marina Warner
Aron Warner quotes by Aron Ra
#16. But the biggest problem with being fed lies about how great we are is that people won't be prepared for how evil this government has already been and therefore can be again. #Quote by Aron Ra
Aron Warner quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#17. Get your hand off of her before I bury a bullet in your head"
Warner's eyes close very slowly. He steps away very slowly. His lips twitch into a dangerous smile. "Kent"
Adam's hands are steady, the barrel of his gun pressed into the back of Warner's skull. "You're going to clear our exit out of here."
Warner actually laughs He opens his eyes and whips a gun out of his inside pocket only to point it directly at my forhead. "I will kill her right now."
"You're not that stupid" Adam says.
"If she moves even a millimeter, I will shoot her, and then rip you to pieces."
Adam shifts quickly, slamming the butt of his gun into Warner's head. Warner's gun misfires and Adam catches his arm and twists his wrist until his grip on the weapon wavers. I grab the gun from Warner's limp hand and slam the butt into his face. I point it at Warner's eyes. "Don't underestimate me."
Warner coughs through a laugh, steadies himself, and tries to smile as he wipes the blood from his nose. "I never underestimate you," he says to me. "I never have. #Quote by Tahereh Mafi
Aron Warner quotes by Brad Warner
#18. If you come across an insane person who's talking gibberish, you can't make any sense of it at all and that would be one way that enlightenment is different. If you read Dogen, a lot of his stuff is very strange and is coming from a different place than what we're used to, but at the same time, it's not senseless ramblings and that's part of what attracted me to Dogen. I didn't get it, but it was sane. It's not some guy raving about UFO's or Moses living in his bathtub, it's was actually something sane that I just didn't get, if that makes sense? #Quote by Brad Warner
Aron Warner quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#19. A tired starving dog so thin and frail it looks like it could be knocked over by the wind. But it's staring at me. Unafraid. Mouth opened. Tongue lolling.
I want to laugh out loud.
I glanced around quickly before scooping the dog into my arms. I don't need to give my father anymore reasons to castrate me, and I don't trust my soldiers not to report something like this. That I would play with the dog. #Quote by Tahereh Mafi
Aron Warner quotes by Aron Ralston
#20. dum spiro, spero
-Part of the official state motto of South Carolina. Literally, "While I breathe, I hope" Or more loosely, "Where there is life, there is hope. #Quote by Aron Ralston
Aron Warner quotes by Brad Warner
#21. When you're so committed to the future, it's real easy to let your life right now turn to shit. #Quote by Brad Warner
Aron Warner quotes by Aron Ralston
#22. Everything happens for a reason, and part of that beauty of life is that we're not allowed to know those reasons for certain. #Quote by Aron Ralston
Aron Warner quotes by Gertrude Chandler Warner
#23. Will all you children come and visit and tell me more about the house?"
"If you'd like," Jessie said. "Someday maybe Grandfather will bring you to your old home so you can see it again."
"That would be my pleasure," Grandfather said.
Mrs. Collins stood and walked to the door with the Aldens. "Someday I will call you, and my housekeeper can drive me to the old house. I would like to see it again and to meet your cousins."
She kissed each of the children and shook Grandfather's hand. "I can't thank you enough for giving me back my father."
The Aldens got into Grandfather's car and rode in silence for a while. Then Jessie said, "I'm so glad we found Celia."

The Mystery of the Singing Ghost #Quote by Gertrude Chandler Warner
Aron Warner quotes by Wendy Aron
#24. Behind every humorist who delights in knifing hypocrites is a major self-critic. #Quote by Wendy Aron
Aron Warner quotes by Neal Stephenson
#25. it has left a neat bomb-shaped hole in the deck, just like a panicky Warner Brothers cartoon character passing at high speed through a planar structure such as a wall or ceiling. #Quote by Neal Stephenson
Aron Warner quotes by Marina Warner
#26. Angela Carter ... refused to join in rejecting or denouncing fairy tales, but instead embraced the whole stigmatized genre, its stock characters and well-known plots, and with wonderful verve and invention, perverse grace and wicked fun, soaked them in a new fiery liquor that brought them leaping back to life. From her childhood, through her English degree at the University of Bristol where she specialised in Medieval Literature, and her experiences as a young woman on the folk-music circuit in the West Country, Angela Carter was steeped in English and Celtic faerie, in romances of chivalry and the grail, Chaucerian storytelling and Spenserian allegory, and she was to become fairy tale's rescuer, the form's own knight errant, who seized hold of it in its moribund state and plunged it into the fontaine de jouvence itself.
(from "Chamber of Secrets: The Sorcery of Angela Carter") #Quote by Marina Warner
Aron Warner quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#27. I can well imagine the extent of his relationship with my father,' Warner says, shaking his head. 'And that he has managed to survive it at all, and with more humanity than I did?' A pause. 'No,' he says. 'I cannot hate him. And I would be lying if I said I didn't admire him. #Quote by Tahereh Mafi
Aron Warner quotes by Aron Ra
#28. Whatever laws we make mixing religion with government for the sake of appeasing our (currently) predominantly Christian constituency will only pave the way for the next religious majority, who will take advantage of whatever permissions we've already established and which we thought were harmless enough at the time. Christians very often have no concept of the value of a secular government, until or unless they understand that they won't always hold the majority. Once they realize that their religion is in a general state of decline even in this country and that the fastest growing religion globally is Islam, then the math isn't very hard to work out. #Quote by Aron Ra
Aron Warner quotes by Aron Ra
#29. I would sooner damn myself to Hell than be forced to serve the insufferable despot that the Bible portrayed God to be. In #Quote by Aron Ra
Aron Warner quotes by Claire Warner
#30. Standing in the corner of room with a glass raised to his lips was a young man. Impeccably and dramatically dressed in dark blue and gold he stood aloof from the crowd, watching the proceedings with little interest. #Quote by Claire Warner
Aron Warner quotes by Sylvia Townsend Warner
#31. It is best as one grows older to strip oneself of possessions, to shed oneself downward like a tree, to be almost wholly earth before one dies. #Quote by Sylvia Townsend Warner
Aron Warner quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#32. In this new, turbulent reality, the one person I recognize is him. My memories of him - memories of us - have done something to me. I've changed somewhere deep inside. I feel different. Heavier, like my feet have been more firmly planted, liberated by certainty, free to grow roots here in my own self, free to trust unequivocally in the strength and steadiness of my own heart. It's an empowering discovery, to find that I can trust myself - even when I'm not myself - to make the right choices. To know for certain now that there was at least one mistake I never made.

Aaron Warner Anderson is the only emotional through line in my life that ever made sense. He's the only constant. The only steady, reliable heartbeat I've ever had.

Aaron, Aaron, Aaron, Aaron.

I had no idea how much we'd lost, no idea how much of him I'd longed for. I had no idea how desperately we'd been fighting. How many years we'd fought for moments - minutes - to be together.

It fills me with a painful kind of joy.

- Ella #Quote by Tahereh Mafi
Aron Warner quotes by Marina Warner
#33. Aarne-Thompson-Uther index #Quote by Marina Warner
Aron Warner quotes by Charles Dudley Warner
#34. The wise man does not permit himself to set up even in his own mind any comparisons of his friends. His friendship is capable of going to extremes with many people, evoked as it is by many qualities. #Quote by Charles Dudley Warner
Aron Warner quotes by John Steinbeck
#35. I've tried to figure it out. When we were children we lived in a story that we made up. But when I grew up the story wasn't enough. I had to have something else, because the story wasn't true anymore. Aron didn't grow up. Maybe he never will. He wanted the story and he wanted it to come out his way. He couldn't stand to have it come out any other way. I don't want to know how it comes out. I only want to be there while it's going on. We were kind of strangers. We kept it going because we were used to it. But I didn't believe the story anymore. When you're a child you're the center of everything. Everything happens for you. Other people? They're only ghosts furnished for you to talk to. But when you grow up you take your place and you're your own size and shape. Things go out of you to others and come in from other people. It's worse, but it's much better too. He couldn't stand to know about his mother because that's not how he wanted the story to go - and he wouldn't have any other story. So he tore up the world. #Quote by John Steinbeck
Aron Warner quotes by Elaine N. Aron
#36. It is true that even when exhausted you still are providing something to those you serve. But you are out of touch with your deepest strengths, role-modelling self-destructive behaviour, martyring yourself, and giving others cause for guilt. #Quote by Elaine N. Aron
Aron Warner quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#37. I'm not falling for Warner," I say quietly.
"Sure you aren't."
"I'm not," I insist. "I'm just
I don't know." I sigh. "I don't know what's happening to me."
"They're called hormones. #Quote by Tahereh Mafi
Aron Warner quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#38. This , I think , is the way to die.
I could drown in this moment and I'd never regret it. I could catch fire from this kiss and happily turn to ash. I could live here, die here, right here, against his hips, his lips. In the emotion in his eyes as he sinks into me, his heartbeats indistinguishable from mine.
This. Forever. This. #Quote by Tahereh Mafi
Aron Warner quotes by Brad Warner
#39. We ourselves are not something apart from our circumstances. What we are and where we are are one and the same. #Quote by Brad Warner
Aron Warner quotes by Gertrude Chandler Warner
#40. rolled the door shut, and then it really began to rain. #Quote by Gertrude Chandler Warner

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