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Arocena Mall quotes by Robert Thurman
#1. First of all, "no self" doesn't mean there is no self, haha. So the "no problem" is jumped at a little too fast I'm afraid. Especially in American culture where people tend to be materialistic philosophically. I don't mean running to the mall, but philosophically, you see? #Quote by Robert Thurman
Arocena Mall quotes by Rob McClure
#2. My wife makes fun of me by calling me a grandpa because I have very little patience for inconsiderate children. So if we're walking in the mall, and some kid goes by really fast on a skateboard, I become the grumpiest eighty-five-year-old man in the world and start screaming at them. #Quote by Rob McClure
Arocena Mall quotes by Sebastian Bach
#3. I get noticed for different things I've done in different areas of town. If I'm in a rock club, it'll be Skid Row, if I'm in a mall it's the 'Gilmore Girls.' #Quote by Sebastian Bach
Arocena Mall quotes by Marie Dennis
#4. such communities we join with scores of faith-filled women and men to live the great political and theological as ifs. Politically, we live as if our nation were true to its foundational documents of liberty and justice for all; as if people mattered in themselves and not for their economic or social status; as if consumerism and the shopping mall did not determine the meaning of our lives; as if our way of life were not dependent on fossil fuel; as if we were a sister nation among all the other countries of the world; as if right made might and not the other way around. Living out these as ifs in the midst of community creates a prophetic possibility at a local level, the space for modeling how things could be, ought to be, and one day will be. The characteristics of St. Francis's communities on which we have been reflecting give us a blueprint for such as if living. #Quote by Marie Dennis
Arocena Mall quotes by Julia Quinn
#5. The duke nudged his ball a bit forward from the rest of the pile. "You do realize," he said to no one in particular, "that I have never played Pall Mall before?"
"Just give the ball a good whack in that direction, darling," Daphne said, pointing to the first wicket.
"Isn't that the last wicket?" Anthony asked.
"It's the first."
"It ought to be the last."
Daphne's jaw jutted out. "I set up the course, and it's the first."
"I think this might get bloody," Edwina whispered to Kate.
The duke turned to Anthony and flashed him a false smile. "I believe I'll take Daphne's word for it."
"She did set up the course," Kate cut in.
Anthony, Colin, Simon, and Daphne all looked at her in shock, as if they couldn't quite believe she'd had the nerve to enter the conversation.
"Well, she did," Kate said.
Daphne looped her arm through hers. "I do believe I adore you, Kate Sheffield," she announced.
"God help me," Anthony muttered.
The duke drew back his mallet, let fly, and soon the orange ball was hurtling along the lawn.
"Well done, Simon!" Daphne cried out.
Colin turned and looked at his sister with disdain. "One never cheers one's opponents in Pall Mall," he said archly.
"He's never played before," she said. "He's not likely to win."
"Doesn't matter."
Daphne turned to Kate and Edwina and explained, "Bad sportsmanship is a requirement in Bridgerton Pall Mall, I'm afraid."
"I'd ga #Quote by Julia Quinn
Arocena Mall quotes by Thomas Frank
#6. Most of Roosevelt's innovations have been the law of the land for 70 years now, and yet we are still a free society free enough, that is, to allow tens of thousands of protesters to gather on the National Mall and to broadcast their slogans and speeches to the world via C-SPAN. #Quote by Thomas Frank
Arocena Mall quotes by Molly Harper
#7. Confrontations with other parents are going to happen - at your child's school, at the ball field, at the mall. The important thing to remember is that thanks to the prevalence of security cameras and smartphones, you're probably being recorded. So footage of your retribution will be held against you in a court of law. #Quote by Molly Harper
Arocena Mall quotes by Andrea Speed
#8. A spa?"
"Yeah, Avalon Spa, you know the place near the mall?"
"Oh, right. What do you do there?"
Again, the nervous glance at the floor, and the small flush of color rising up his neck. "I'm a masseur. Which I know sounds phony as hell, but I'm licensed and everything. Also, my clients are women- the only men at Avalon are the ones on staff. And while I've got nothing against women at all- I'd have no friends in high school if it weren't for women- I find them as sexually attractive as roadkill possum."
Roan had to swallow back a laugh. "Don't tell them that."
"Oh, God no! I'd never get any tips then. #Quote by Andrea Speed
Arocena Mall quotes by Janette Rallison
#9. You asked that kid to follow me around the mall and throw soda on me? #Quote by Janette Rallison
Arocena Mall quotes by Tina Fey
#10. First, Lord: No tattoos. May neither Chinese symbol for truth nor Winnie-the-Pooh holding the FSU logo stain her tender haunches.

May she be Beautiful but not Damaged, for it's the Damage that draws the creepy soccer coach's eye, not the Beauty.

When the Crystal Meth is offered, May she remember the parents who cut her grapes in half And stick with Beer.

Guide her, protect her

When crossing the street, stepping onto boats, swimming in the ocean, swimming in pools, walking near pools, standing on the subway platform, crossing 86th Street, stepping off of boats, using mall restrooms, getting on and off escalators, driving on country roads while arguing, leaning on large windows, walking in parking lots, riding Ferris wheels, roller-coasters, log flumes, or anything called "Hell Drop," "Tower of Torture," or "The Death Spiral Rock 'N Zero G Roll featuring Aerosmith," and standing on any kind of balcony ever, anywhere, at any age.

Lead her away from Acting but not all the way to Finance. Something where she can make her own hours but still feel intellectually fulfilled and get outside sometimes And not have to wear high heels.

What would that be, Lord? Architecture? Midwifery? Golf course design? I'm asking You, because if I knew, I'd be doing it, Youdammit.

May she play the Drums to the fiery rhythm of her Own Heart with the sinewy strength of her Own Arms, so she need Not Lie With Drummers.

#Quote by Tina Fey
Arocena Mall quotes by Don DeLillo
#11. He liked to mingle with shopping mall crowds. "I'm counting on you to tell me, Jack." "Tell you what?" "You're the only person I know that's educated enough to give me the answer." "The answer to what?" "Were people this dumb before television?" One #Quote by Don DeLillo
Arocena Mall quotes by Daniel Younger
#12. If you're looking for good Mexican food in Vegas, you go to the Arts District. Jonesing for stupidly overpriced jeans or a rhine- stone T-shirt? The Fashion Show Mall has you covered. How about some quiet contemplation over that lost trust fund? Lake Mead's your man. Maybe getting stabbed, shot, or beaten to death is your thing, so head on up to North Vegas. But, if you're looking for a snapshot of city history, a reasonably affordable libation, and the rare sensation of getting squeezed through a kaleidoscope's poop chute, then you can't beat Fremont. #Quote by Daniel Younger
Arocena Mall quotes by Michelle Painchaud
#13. I knew," he murmurs. I can hear him over the music only because he says it right in my ear. "Right after we talked in the mall, I knew."
"Knew what?"
"That you were going to be the first girl to break my heart."
My breath catches. I force the smile now. "I haven't broken anything yet, right?"
"You will. Someday. But everybody breaks everything. For now we're fantastic. It's just, the better we get, the harder I realize the fall will be. #Quote by Michelle Painchaud
Arocena Mall quotes by Richelle Mead
#14. So, tell me this: suppose you manage to kidnap her again and take her off to the mall. While you're there a Strigoi comes at you. What will you do?
Depends on what store we're in. #Quote by Richelle Mead
Arocena Mall quotes by Stephen Chbosky
#15. I don't know what I'm supposed to do now. I know other people have it a lot worse. I do know that, but it's crashing in anyway, and I just can't stop thinking that the little kid eating french fries with his mom in the shopping mall is going to grow up and my sister. #Quote by Stephen Chbosky
Arocena Mall quotes by Mary Frances Bowley
#16. One out of every four. I have repeated this statistic over and over and still cannot fathom the depth of what it really means. One out of every four girls is sexually abused before the age of eighteen. For boys, the number is one out of six.9 This means one out of every four women at the grocery store, at the bank, at the mall, in the pew at church, and everywhere in "normal" life have had this traumatic experience. For me as a teacher, this means that one out of every four of my precious eighth grade girls will, before they graduate from high school, become one of those victims. #Quote by Mary Frances Bowley
Arocena Mall quotes by Douglas Rushkoff
#17. Once a teen has been identified as part of the 'target market,' he knows he's done for. The object of the game is to confound the marketers, and keep one's own, authentic culture from showing up at the shopping mall as a prepackaged corporate product. #Quote by Douglas Rushkoff
Arocena Mall quotes by William Gibson
#18. Our best analyst thinks it's not a tactical design. Something for mall ninjas ...
Young men who dress to feel they'll be mistaken for having special capability. A species of cosplay, really. Endemic. Lots of boys are playing soldier now. The men who run the world aren't, and neither are the boys most effectively bent on running it next. Or the ones who're actually having to be soldiers, of course. But many of the rest have gone gear-queer, to one extent or another. #Quote by William Gibson
Arocena Mall quotes by Kathleen Parker
#19. Of course, certain religious expressions are fine. If a tribe of Aqualishes wants to boil rhino horns in frog saliva on the National Mall to honor their deity, we'd have a commemorative postage stamp ready by next December. But let a Christian mention the baby Jesus to a kindergarten class and the ACLU wants an exorcism ... #Quote by Kathleen Parker
Arocena Mall quotes by Anonymous
#20. In a mall cinema he watched a Korean film in which a man was locked in a room for fifteen years without finding out why. #Quote by Anonymous
Arocena Mall quotes by Laurie Halse Anderson
#21. I am Outcast."
"The kids behind me laugh so loud I know they're laughing about me. I can't help myself. I turn around. It's Rachel, surrounded by a bunch of kids wearing clothes that most definitely did not come from the EastSide Mall. Rachel Bruin, my ex-best friend. She stares at something above my left ear. Words climb up my throat. This was the girl who suffered through Brownies with me, who taught me how to swim, who understood about my parents, who didn't make fun of my bedroom. If there is anyone in the entire galaxy I am dying to tell what really happened, it's Rachel. My throat burns."
"Her eyes meet mine for a second. "I hate you," she mouths silently. #Quote by Laurie Halse Anderson
Arocena Mall quotes by Dennis Miller
#22. For the foreseeable future, we're going to need oil products because I don't like the idea of hydrogen cars. I'm not sure I want to be cruising around a mall parking lot filled with a thousand mini-Hindenburgs. #Quote by Dennis Miller
Arocena Mall quotes by Melissa Jensen
#23. It is time,my darling."
"You chose dare," he reminded her.
"I did," she agreed sadly, stepping up. "You're right."
It hadn't been entirely fair of him, starting the game in the middle of Neiman Marcus. The King of Prussia Mall, a zillion acres of retail-and-food-in-a-box, is many people's idea of perfect therapy. Me? If given the choice, I might opt for swimming with sharks instead. But today was about Frankie.
"So," he told her, "I pick out three outfits,head to toe. You put them on."
"Fine." Sadie pulled her jacket closer around her.This one was a muddy pruple, and had a third sleeve stitched tot he back. "But if you pick anything like that"- she pointed to a tiny tartan dress that seemed to be missing its entire back- "I will cry."
"Have faith," he replied with a slightly twisted smile, and dragged her toward women's sportswear. "What our sport is," he said apropos of very little save the sign on the wall, "I have no idea."
Ten minutes later, Sadie was heading into the dressing room with an armful of autumn color and a look like she was on her way off a cliff. #Quote by Melissa Jensen
Arocena Mall quotes by Meg Cabot
#24. All right, Simon," Gina said, lowering herself into one of the hard plastic chairs that littered the food court. "What were you up to while I was coordinating Ms. Webb's spring wardrobe?"
I held up my bag from Music Town. "I bought a CD," I said lamely.
Gina, appalled, echoed, "A what?"
"A CD." I hadn't even wanted to buy one, but sent out into the wilds of the mall with instructions to return with a new purchase, I had panicked and headed into the first store I saw.
"You know malls give me sensory overload," I said, by way of explanation.
Gina shook her head at me, her copper curls swaying. "You can't really get mad at her," she said to Adam. "She's just so cute. #Quote by Meg Cabot
Arocena Mall quotes by Joan Bauer
#25. If you can't find an answer at the mall or the library, what does that say about the world? #Quote by Joan Bauer
Arocena Mall quotes by Sherri Shepherd
#26. I worked at Sears in the Woodfield Mall as a gift wrapper. I'm actually a great gift wrapper, and the customers were so nice to me. I was only 16, and eventually Sears put me in customer service because I was so friendly. #Quote by Sherri Shepherd
Arocena Mall quotes by Ilona Andrews
#27. Shockers take six months of training and still occasionally kill their users. Why did you implant them in the first place?"
"Because you kidnapped me."
"That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard."
"Mr. Rogan." My voice frosted over. "What I put into my body is my business."
Okay, that didn't sound right. I gave up and marched out the doors into the sunlight. That was so dumb. Sure, try your magic sex touch on me, what could happen? My whole body was still keyed up, wrapped up in want and anticipation. I had completely embarrassed myself. If I could fall through the floor, I would.
"Nevada," he said behind me. His voice rolled over me, tinted with command and enticing, promising things I really wanted.
You're a professional. Act like one. I gathered all of my will and made myself sound calm. "Yes?"
He caught up with me. "We need to talk about this."
"There is nothing to discuss," I told him. "My body had an involuntary response to your magic." I nodded at the poster for Crash and Burn II on the wall of the mall, with Leif Magnusson flexing with two guns while wrapped in flames. "If Leif showed up in the middle of this parking lot, my body would have an involuntary response to his presence as well. It doesn't mean I would act on it."
Mad Rogan gave Leif a dismissive glance and turned back to me. "They say admitting that you have a problem is the first step toward recovery."
He was changing his tactics. Not going to work. "You #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Arocena Mall quotes by Marc Maron
#28. I've had this look for about a year. I usually grow this beard out around Christmas. I like to go to malls dressed as Jesus, and I like to then walk around the mall and go, 'No! No! This wasn't what it was supposed to be about, people!' Then if there's a Santa at the mall, I walk up to him and say, 'Listen, fat man, you're just a clown at my birthday party.' #Quote by Marc Maron
Arocena Mall quotes by Seth Shostak
#29. Consider that the overwhelming majority of those 40,000 near-Earth asteroids are small enough to fit on the parking lot at the mall. And while these rocky runts won't cause Armageddon, they could still flatten such popular hominid hangouts as Manhattan or downtown Des Moines. #Quote by Seth Shostak
Arocena Mall quotes by Thomm Quackenbush
#30. I have never tried to walk through a mall in the Christmas season dressed like a jolly old elf. You might as well dress up like a pork chop and walk into an alley full of starving dogs. #Quote by Thomm Quackenbush
Arocena Mall quotes by Laura Bush
#31. The National Book Festival is a great way for families and friends to share the creative works of some of America's most-loved authors, .. Readers of all ages can listen to favorite writers speaking about their books, have books autographed, meet many storybook characters and enjoy a day on the National Mall. #Quote by Laura Bush
Arocena Mall quotes by Jonathan R. Miller
#32. I run as fast as I can.

I make my way to the Employee Only exit and burst through, entering the main mall, gripping the backpack straps with both hands.

I don't see anyone else.

Some light from the sun is still shining through the skylights, making long shadows out of everything - the signs, the benches, the railing above me.

I run down the middle of the first-floor walkway, searching desperately for a way up to the second level. #Quote by Jonathan R. Miller
Arocena Mall quotes by Marian Keyes
#33. Besides, I'd seen a really nice pair of shoes yesterday in the mall and I wanted them for my own. I can't describe the feeling of immediate familiarity that rushed between us. The moment I clapped eyes on them I felt like I already owned them. I could only suppose that we were together in a former life. That they were my shoes when I was a serving maid in medieval Britain or when I was a princess in ancient Egypt. Or perhaps they were the princess and I was the shoes. Who's to know? Either way I knew that we were meant to be together. #Quote by Marian Keyes
Arocena Mall quotes by Ryan Boudinot
#34. Have you ever met a slave, Luke?" she asked. The question took me aback, coming from a black person. I stammered out a no. She said, "Really? You've never been to a mall? You've never watched shoppers with their carts piled with soda and microwaveable food? You've never stayed in a hotel where a fifty-year-old Mexican mother of six scrubs your shit stains off the toilet bowl? You've never watched TV for five hours straight? #Quote by Ryan Boudinot
Arocena Mall quotes by Dale E. Basye
#35. Damian was here in Grizzly Mall. It was that #Quote by Dale E. Basye
Arocena Mall quotes by Nick Wilgus
#36. Do you love me a lot? he asked.
I nodded.
As big as a house? he asked.
The grocery store?
The mall?
The sky?
Bigger than anything.
There isn't anything in this world bigger, I assured him. #Quote by Nick Wilgus
Arocena Mall quotes by Tina Fey
#37. And don't think that by eating freedom fries you are being patriotic and helping the war effort. Use less gasoline, read a newspaper. You know what, how about we cool it with the freedom fries anyway you fat asses. We're the fattest country in the world. Have you ever walked around an American mall? It's nothing but chick fillets and Lane Bryant track suits busting at the seams. #Quote by Tina Fey
Arocena Mall quotes by Van Jones
#38. Most people walking around in a mall or on a college campus are carrying on them better technology than the entire U.S. government had when it put a man on the moon. Each one of us is a walking technological superpower. #Quote by Van Jones
Arocena Mall quotes by Hilary Duff
#39. Like going to my favorite restaurant, it can sometimes get hard. I just can't go to the mall. #Quote by Hilary Duff
Arocena Mall quotes by Euny Hong
#40. These kinds of mini-enterprises...prolonged the precious, Elysian period of childhood in a way I did not see in the US, where kids started hanging out at the mall and acted like teeny boppers from age 9 or 10. #Quote by Euny Hong
Arocena Mall quotes by Cindi Madsen
#41. I have to admit," I said when he finished a lengthy discussion on the types of drivers, "I've been golfing and it's about the most boring thing I've ever done. Old men drive around in golf carts pretending they're sporty and getting grouchy if there's any noise. It's like the nursing-home Olympics."
Nick's mouth dropped open. "It takes great athletic ability to know how to aim and drive the ball that far."
"I get more exercise shopping at the mall," I joked. "I don't come home and tell everyone I won at shopping." Although those red shoes I got on sale the other day felt like a win. #Quote by Cindi Madsen
Arocena Mall quotes by Jhonen Vasquez
#42. Goth culture, as mired in the past as it is, even it goes through changes, so Goth when I was growing up is not what it is now. When I think of Goth culture as it is at the moment I think of mall culture. #Quote by Jhonen Vasquez

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