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Army Wife quotes by Aditi Mathur Kumar
#1. The situations we Army wives
have to deal with are not normal ones at all. The nomadic life
we lead, moving from station to station, being separated from
our husbands for long stretches of time, and the constant fear
that we live with if our husbands are anywhere near the sensitive
areas in the country ... #Quote by Aditi Mathur Kumar
Army Wife quotes by Angela Ricketts
#2. It's the wide variation of women in our little shared petri dish that makes our lives never boring. Really all that we have in common is we each fell in love with a dude in uniform. The rest of it is a wild card. . . . Each of us trying to get through the day, the deployment, and the time in between. #Quote by Angela Ricketts
Army Wife quotes by Aditi Mathur Kumar
#3. There is strong. There is Army Strong. And then there is Army Wife Strong. #Quote by Aditi Mathur Kumar
Army Wife quotes by Aditi Mathur Kumar
#4. Military Wives - Sacrificing Months of Sex for the Country. #Quote by Aditi Mathur Kumar
Army Wife quotes by Jodi Picoult
#5. My grandmother lived a remarkable life. She watched her nation fall to pieces; and even when she became collateral damage, she believed in the power of the human spirit. She gave when she had nothing; she fought when she could barely stand; she clung to tomorrow when she couldn't find footing on the rock ledge of yesterday. She was a chameleon, slipping into the personae of a privileged young girl, a frightened teen, a dreamy novelist, a proud prisoner, an army wife, a mother hen. She became whomever she needed to be to survive, but she never let anyone else define her.
By anyone's account, her existence had been full, rich, important - even if she chose not to shout about her past, but rather to keep it hidden. It had been nobody's business but her own; it was still nobody's business. #Quote by Jodi Picoult
Army Wife quotes by Catherine Jones
#6. I first got into writing because I got involved in the production of a magazine for army wives. They were short of copy one day and the editor asked me to write a piece about being an army wife "and make it funny". Good at obeying orders I did as I was told, the piece was a success, I was asked to write a regular piece and slowly it ended up as a book. #Quote by Catherine Jones
Army Wife quotes by Carl Reiner
#7. I was a Teletype operator in the army, so that's where I learned to type. One day, I went downstairs to see if I could still type - I hadn't done it for four or five years after the war. So I typed out a page and I showed it to my wife and she said, "Where did you get this?" I said I wrote it. "You wrote this?" It was something very funny. I went and wrote another page, another couple of pages, and by the time I was finished I had 13 little short stories, humorous short stories. #Quote by Carl Reiner
Army Wife quotes by Aditi Mathur Kumar
#8. Apparently officers are not 'men'. Officers are 'officers'. #Quote by Aditi Mathur Kumar
Army Wife quotes by Aditi Mathur Kumar
#9. We are all regular people, Pia,' she laughs. 'But we are not
regular wives. #Quote by Aditi Mathur Kumar
Army Wife quotes by Joel Osteen
#10. Exceed expectations

Jesus said, "Do more than is expected; carry it two miles." That's the attitude you need to have: "I'm not doing just what I have to. I'm not doing the minimum amount to keep my job. I'm a person of excellence. I go above and beyond what's asked of me. I do more than is expected." This means if you're supposed to be at work at 8 a.m., you show up ten minutes early.
You produce more than you have to. You stay ten minutes late. You don't start shutting down thirty minutes before closing. You put in a full day. Many people show up to work fifteen minutes late. They get some coffee, wander around the office, and finally sit down to work a half hour late. They'll waste another half hour making personal phone calls and surfing the Internet. Then they wonder why they aren't promoted. It's because God doesn't reward sloppiness. God rewards excellence.
In the Old Testament, Abraham sent his servant to a foreign country to find a wife for his son, Isaac. Abraham told the servant that he would know he'd found the right lady if she offered a drink to both him and his camels. The servant reached the city around sunset. A beautiful young lady named Rebekah came out to the well. The servant said, "I'm so thirsty. Would you mind lowering your bucket and getting me a drink?"
She said, "Not only that, let me get some water for your camels as well."
Here's what's interesting: After a long day's walk, a camel can drink thirty gallons of water. #Quote by Joel Osteen
Army Wife quotes by Greg Hunt
#11. My approach in life is very clear: if there is an error, I tend to apologise and indeed most mornings I'll apologise in advance to my wife for the inevitable errors I'm going to make during the course of a day. #Quote by Greg Hunt
Army Wife quotes by Edith Wharton
#12. The sensation was part of the general strangeness that made him feel like a man waking from a long sleep to find himself in an unknown country among people of alien tongue. We live in our own souls as in an unmapped region, a few acres of which we have cleared for our habitation; while of the nature of those nearest us we know but the boundaries that march with ours. Of the points in his wife's character not in direct contact with his own, Glennard now discerned his ignorance; and the baffling sense of her remoteness was intensified by the discovery that, in one way, she was closer to him than ever before. As one may live for years in happy unconsciousness of the possession of a sensitive nerve, he had lived beside his wife unaware that her individuality had become a part of the texture of his life, ineradicable as some growth on a vital organ; and he now felt himself at once incapable of forecasting her judgment and powerless to evade its effects. #Quote by Edith Wharton
Army Wife quotes by Patrick O'Brian
#13. He had pursued his strikingly beautiful, spirited, fashionable wife for years and years before marrying her in mid-Channel aboard a man-of-war: for so many years indeed that he had become a confirmed bachelor at last, too old a dog to give up his tricks of smoking tobacco in bed, playing his 'cello at odd untimely moments, dissecting anything that interested him, even in the drawing-room; too old to be taught to shave regularly, to change his linen, or to wash when he did not feel the need - an impossible husband. He was not house-trained; and although he made earnest attempts at the beginning of their marriage he soon perceived that in time the strain must damage their relationship, all the more so since Diana was as intransigent as himself and far more apt to fly into a passion about such things as a pancreas in the drawer of the bedside table or orange marmalade ground into the Aubusson. #Quote by Patrick O'Brian
Army Wife quotes by Park Chan-wook
#14. As I grow older I spend more time with my wife, and gradually my interest in the woman's world is growing. #Quote by Park Chan-wook
Army Wife quotes by Lao-Tzu
#15. Do not conquer the world with force, for force only causes resistance. Thorns spring up when an army passes. Years of misery follow a great victory. Do only what needs to be done without using violence. #Quote by Lao-Tzu
Army Wife quotes by George S. Patton
#16. A good battle plan that you act on today can be better than a perfect one tomorrow. #Quote by George S. Patton
Army Wife quotes by Marsha Hinds
#17. On Love - Any husband who stammers that he's just been too busy to tell his wife he loves her is a lazy fool or a liar. #Quote by Marsha Hinds
Army Wife quotes by Jose Saramago
#18. The doctor's wife was not particularly keen on the tendency of proverbs to preach, nevertheless something of this ancient lore must have remained in her memory, the proof being that she filled two of the bags they had brought with beans and chick peas, Keep what is of no use at the moment, and later you will find what you need, one of her grandmothers had told her, the water in which you soak them will also serve to cook them, and whatever remains from the cooking will cease to be water, but will have become broth. It is not only in nature that from time to time not everything is lost and something is gained. #Quote by Jose Saramago
Army Wife quotes by A.J.P. Taylor
#19. The great armies, accumulated to provide security and preserve the peace, carried the nations to war by their own weight. #Quote by A.J.P. Taylor
Army Wife quotes by Jeff Bridges
#20. My m.o. as far as choosing projects is I really try not to work. I try to not do the scripts that are offered me. #Quote by Jeff Bridges
Army Wife quotes by J.K. Rowling
#21. You're underage!" Mrs. Weasley shouted at her daughter as Harry approached. "I won't permit it! The boys, yes, but you, you've got to go home!"
"I won't!"
Ginny's hair flew as she pulled her arm out of her mother's grip.
"I'm in Dumbledore's Army--"
"A teenagers' gang!"
"A teenagers' gang that's about to take him on, which no one else has dared to do!" said Fred. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Army Wife quotes by Ronnie Dunn
#22. I get around OK with a toolbox. As a kid, I picked up skills following my dad through the oil fields of Oklahoma and West Texas. My wife Janine is hard to impress, but she does think it's cool when I fix things around the house. #Quote by Ronnie Dunn
Army Wife quotes by Pavel Tsatsouline
#23. Russians are easy to spot, even if you dress them like Buckingham Palace guards. They are "the white people who look seriously ticked off," as Army Ranger vet Ellis Jones, RKC, has put it on our forum. #Quote by Pavel Tsatsouline
Army Wife quotes by Edward Dyer
#24. The little smiling cottage! where at eve
He meets his rosy children at the door,
Prattling their welcomes, and his honest wife,
With good brown cake and bacon slice, intent
To cheer his hunger after labor hard. #Quote by Edward Dyer
Army Wife quotes by B. J. Daniels
#25. Unable to stand another minute in the house with Angelina, the disapproving looks of his daughters and the chance that his dead first wife might show up at his door, Buckmaster drove into Beartooth to the Range Rider.
The bar was empty this time of day, which suited him just fine.
Clete poured him a Scotch and said," Haven't seen you for a while."
He figured everyone in town already knew about Sarah. "I've never needed a drink more badly than I do right now. I'm sure you heard I now have two wives."
"I wouldn't wish that on any man... #Quote by B. J. Daniels
Army Wife quotes by Virginia Woolf
#26. I like books whose virtue is all drawn together in a page or two. I like sentences that don't budge though armies cross them. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Army Wife quotes by Rob Lowe
#27. They don't really listen to speeches or talks. They absorb incrementally, through hours and hours of observation. The sad truth about divorce is that it's hard to teach your kids about life unless you are living life with them: eating together, doing homework, watching Little League, driving them around endlessly, being bored with nothing to do, letting them listen while you do business, while you negotiate love and the frustrations and complications and rewards of living day in and out with your wife. Through this, they see how adults handle responsibility, honesty, commitment, jealousy, anger, professional pressures, and social interactions. Kids learn from whoever is around them the most. #Quote by Rob Lowe
Army Wife quotes by Steve Blake
#28. I'm pretty quiet. But I love to play sports. I like playing all sports. I'll act goofy at times around my wife and my son, around my own family. I like to have fun in general. #Quote by Steve Blake
Army Wife quotes by Blair Jackson
#29. Hunter he had these big tins of crushed pineapple that he'd gotten from the army,' Garcia said, 'and i had this glove compartment full of plastic spoons, and we had this little cooperative scene, eating this crushed pineapple day after day and sleeping in the cars and walking around. #Quote by Blair Jackson
Army Wife quotes by Anne Fogarty
#30. The kitchen is your natural setting as a woman and you should look beautiful, not bedraggled, in it. Whether you go to work or work at home- or both- take advantage of the opportunity the kitchen offers for expressing your wifely qualities in what you wear. Pinafores, organdies, and aprons look wonderful, as do gay cotton wrap-arounds that slip on over your dress while you make breakfast.

Too much attention is paid to kitchen equipment and decor; too little to what is worn in this setting. Why look like Cinderella's crotchety stepmother when you can be a lyrical embodiment of all that a home and hearth means! #Quote by Anne Fogarty
Army Wife quotes by Adam Ross
#31. 'Mr. Peanut' is not about a man who dreams of killing his wife; that's jacket copy, to me. 'Mr. Peanut' is about the dynamism of marriage and the distances - some tragic, some redemptive - that marriages travel over time, and those travels ain't always pretty. #Quote by Adam Ross
Army Wife quotes by Eric Overby
#32. All of Her

She shows me all of her insecure places
And I kiss them until she knows
They are beautiful. No dark places
To hide in which love
Doesn't shower her with acceptance. #Quote by Eric Overby
Army Wife quotes by Stephen Moyer
#33. The interesting thing about 'True Blood' is that its appeal is not contained to teenage girls. I get stopped in the street and questioned by 70-year-old men whose wives and daughters are making Bloody Marys and throwing 'True Blood' parties. #Quote by Stephen Moyer
Army Wife quotes by Frederick Lenz
#34. Let us say your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend makes you happy. If they leave, you're bound to be unhappy. You are the slave of the thing that makes you happy. You are a junkie and human relationships can be expensive habits. #Quote by Frederick Lenz
Army Wife quotes by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
#35. A man who has work that suits him and a wife, whom he loves, has squared his accounts with life. #Quote by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
Army Wife quotes by Gerald Posner
#36. Bordoni and his wife fled to Venezuela, where he used some of the stolen money to buy a $3 million home and citizenship.103 #Quote by Gerald Posner
Army Wife quotes by Kevin Hart
#37. I read so much stuff that black women say, especially about my relationship. 'Oh, he left his black wife to go be with some exotic chick.' First of all, my girl is black: she's Jamaican. #Quote by Kevin Hart
Army Wife quotes by P. J. O'Rourke
#38. The job of the president of the United States is to talk to the public, is to explain to them. Now, some presidents talk too much, like Bill Clinton. Some presidents try to talk but don't know how, like George Bush senior. #Quote by P. J. O'Rourke
Army Wife quotes by Nicole Richie
#39. Well my favorite thing about being a mom is getting to relive your childhood all over again, that's one of my favorite things. And my favorite thing about being a wife? I have more freedom to just be crazy, because he's already stuck with me. #Quote by Nicole Richie
Army Wife quotes by Drew Waters
#40. I was gonna open a gym and was in negotiation to buy the gym I was working out at. It was a small mom-and-pop and (the owner) wanted to move back to the west coast. My wife at (that) time came down with skin cancer. #Quote by Drew Waters
Army Wife quotes by Natsume Sōseki
#41. Let us not argue. You men certainly will argue about anything, and with such obvious pleasure too. I have often wondered how it is that you men can, without becoming bored, forever exchange empty saké cups with one another."

Her words, I thought, were a little harsh. But they did not seem offensive to me. Sensei's wife was not so modern a woman as to take pride and pleasure in being able to display her mental prowess. She valued far more that thing which lies buried in the bottom of one's heart. #Quote by Natsume Sōseki
Army Wife quotes by Charlotte Bronte
#42. Sir, your wife is living; that is a fact acknowledged this morning by yourself. If I lived with you as you desire, I should then be your mistress; to say otherwise is sophistical
is false. #Quote by Charlotte Bronte
Army Wife quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#43. Harry paused with his fork held in midair, mesmerized by the sight of her slim fingers twirling the honey stick, meticulously filling each hole with thick umber liquid. Realizing that he was staring, Harry took a bite of his breakfast. Poppy replaced the honey stick in a small silver pot. Discovering a stray drop of sweetness on the tip of her thumb, she lifted it to her lips and sucked it clean.
Harry choked a little, reached for his tea, and took a swallow. The beverage scalded his tongue, causing him to flinch and curse.
Poppy gave him an odd look. "Is there anything the matter?"
Nothing. Except that watching his wife eating breakfast was the most erotic act he had ever seen. "Nothing at all," Harry said scratchily. "Tea's hot."
When he dared to look at Poppy again, she was consuming a fresh strawberry, holding it by the green stem. Her lips rounded in a luscious pucker as she bit neatly into the ripe flesh of the fruit. Christ. He moved uncomfortably in his chair, while all the unsatisfied desire of the previous night reawakened with a vengeance. Poppy ate two more strawberries, nibbling slowly, while Harry tried to ignore her. Heat collected beneath his clothing, and he used a napkin to blot his forehead.
Poppy lifted a bite of honey-soaked crumpet to her mouth, and gave him a perplexed glance. "Are you feeling well?"
"It's too warm in here," Harry said irritably, while lurid thoughts went through his mind. Thoughts involving honey, and soft #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Army Wife quotes by Willa Cather
#44. It gratified him to feel like a desperate man. He had got into the habit of seeing himself always in desperate straits. His unhappy temperament was like a cage; he could never get out of it; and he felt that other people, his wife in particular, must have put him there. It had never more than dimly occurred to Frank that he made his own unhappiness. #Quote by Willa Cather
Army Wife quotes by Margaret Mitchell
#45. Sir" said Mrs. Meade indignantly. "There are NO deserters in the Confederate army."
"I beg your pardon," said Rhett with mock humility. "I meant those thousands on furlough who FORGOT to rejoin their regiments and those who have been over their wounds for six months but who remain at home, going about their usual business or doing the spring plowing. #Quote by Margaret Mitchell
Army Wife quotes by Sam Harris
#46. Harris Very interesting. So when we talk about a phenomenon like honor killing, we're not just worried about Islamists; we're worried about how the average conservative Muslim man will treat his wife or daughter in light of his religious beliefs and cultural values. And yet many of these conservatives may be opponents of Islamism. Nawaz Yes. Conservative Muslims can be very useful as allies against Islamism and jihadism, but they may oppose you on gender rights and equality and, in some cases, honor killings. #Quote by Sam Harris
Army Wife quotes by Doris Kearns Goodwin
#47. Lincoln's liberal use of his pardoning power created the greatest tension between the two men (Lincoln and Edwin Stanton, Secretary of War). Stanton felt compelled to protect military discipline by exacting proper punishment for desertions or derelictions of duty, while Lincoln looked for any "good excuse for saving a man's life." When he found one, he said, "I go to bed happy as I think how joyous the signing of my name will make him and his family and his friends."

Stanton would not allow himself such leniency. A clerk recalled finding Stanton one night in his office, "the mother, wife, and children of a soldier who had been condemned to be shot as a deserter, on their knees before him pleading for the life of their loved one. He listened standing, in cold and austere silence, and at the end of their heart-breaking sobs and prayers answered briefly that the man must die. The crushed and despairing little family left and Mr. Stanton turned, apparently unmoved, and walked into his private room." The clerk thought Stanton an unfeeling tyrant, until he discovered him moments later, "leaning over a desk, his face buried in his hands and his heavy frame shaking with sobs. 'God help me to do my duty; God help me to do my duty!' he was repeating in a low wail of anguish." On such occasions, when Stanton felt he could not afford to set a precedent, he must have been secretly relieved that the president had the ultimate authority. #Quote by Doris Kearns Goodwin
Army Wife quotes by Richard Patrick
#48. I'm on this planet for another forty years at the most and I got a baby and a wife and I'm worried about their future and that kind of fear, that anger is spilling into my lyrics, I can't just sit back and talk about myself until I'm dead. #Quote by Richard Patrick
Army Wife quotes by Sarah Mlynowski
#49. A guy who treats his mom well, treats his wife well. #Quote by Sarah Mlynowski
Army Wife quotes by Nandan Nilekani
#50. My wife, Rohini, visits a lot of government schools as part of her NGO reach-out. One of the questions she most likes to ask the kids is what they would like to be when they grow up. The answers are varied--'engineer,' 'teacher,' 'policeman' and, increasingly, 'computer' [sic]. But even in the rural schools, one aspiration that they never express is 'farmer #Quote by Nandan Nilekani

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