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Army Friends quotes by Leisa Rayven
#1. It's not like I didn't have friends in high school. I did. But I was always careful to be the Cassie I thought they expected. Happy, easy-going, nonthreatening. Smart but not intimidating. Pretty but not desired. The one who acted as the go-between when someone liked a boy, but never the one the boy liked. #Quote by Leisa Rayven
Army Friends quotes by Clifton Fadiman
#2. One measure of friendship consists not in the number of things friends can discuss, but in the number of things they need no longer mention. #Quote by Clifton Fadiman
Army Friends quotes by Plutarch
#3. In this city [Tingis] the Libyans say that Antaeus is buried; and Sertorius had his tomb dug open, the great size of which made him disbelieve the Barbarians. But when he came upon the body and found it to be sixty cubits long, as they tell us, he was dumbfounded, and after performing a sacrifice filled up the tomb again, and joined in magnifying its traditions and honours. Now, the people of Tingis have a myth that after the death of Antaeus, his wife, Tinga, consorted with Heracles, and that Sophax was the fruit of this union, who became king of the country and named a city which he founded after his mother; also that Sophax had a son, Diodorus, to whom many of the Libyan peoples became subject, since he had a Greek army composed of the Olbians and Mycenaeans who were settled in those parts by Heracles. But this tale must be ascribed to a desire to gratify Juba, of all kings the most devoted to historical enquiry; for his ancestors are said to have been descendants of Sophax and Diodorus. [The Life of Sertorius] #Quote by Plutarch
Army Friends quotes by Jonathan Haidt
#4. Those who think money can't buy happiness just don't know where to shop … People would be happier and healthier if they took more time off and spent it with their family and friends, yet America has long been heading in the opposite direction. People would be happier if they reduced their commuting time, even if it meant living in smaller houses, yet American trends are toward even larger houses and ever longer commutes. People would be happier and healthier if they took longer vacations even if that meant earning less, yet vacation times are shrinking in the United States, and in Europe as well. People would be happier, and in the long run and wealthier, if they bought basic functional appliances, automobiles, and wristwatches, and invested the money they saved for future consumption; yet, Americans and in particular spend almost everything they have – and sometimes more – on goods for present consumption, often paying a large premium for designer names and superfluous features. #Quote by Jonathan Haidt
Army Friends quotes by Olivia Newton-John
#5. I used homeopathy, acupuncture, yoga and meditation in conjunction with my chemotherapy to help me get stronger again after the cancer. I also chanted with Buddhist friends and prayed with Christian friends. I covered all my bases. #Quote by Olivia Newton-John
Army Friends quotes by Leonardo DiCaprio
#6. Kate Winslet also happens to be one of my close friends who I goof off with like crazy. It was a reunion of two people who, I guess, are a little bit older, a tiny bit wiser but ultimately were the same as they were when they were 21. #Quote by Leonardo DiCaprio
Army Friends quotes by Philibert Joseph Roux
#7. Friendship is the ideal; friends are the reality; reality always remains far apart from the ideal. #Quote by Philibert Joseph Roux
Army Friends quotes by Roger Fouts
#8. Growing up on a farm taught me a reverence for all forms of life. We were a large and poor farm family, so that meant that we had to kill and eat our animal friends. When you do that you are aware of the sacrifice that someone is making so that you may live. My mother always made sure we were thankful for those precious gifts. #Quote by Roger Fouts
Army Friends quotes by Hope Alcocer
#9. And then there's that person that no matter what, they'll answer your call at 4 am. Your 4am-er. They'll say exactly what you need to hear to bring you back to earth. Your comfort, your voice of reason, your hit upside the head. And he'll always be my 4 am-er. #Quote by Hope Alcocer
Army Friends quotes by Margaret Peterson Haddix
#10. Baby smuggling is a serious crime,' he said. 'There were thirty-six babies on that plane. We could charge you with thirty-six counts of kidnapping.'
That, at least, got Second to look back at Mr. Reardon.
'Does FBI mean Federal Bureau of Idiots?' he asked. 'If any of you were any good at analyzing footprints, you would know that I fell when I was trying to sneak into the airport grounds, not out.'
'And why would you do that?' Mr. Reardon asked, hunching forward over a notepad.
'It was a dare, all right?' Second snarled. 'I was with my friends and we were talking about what it would be like to stand on a runway when a plane was landing and ... we decided to try it out.'
'That's a crime too,' Mr. Reardon said.
Second shrugged. 'It ain't thirty-six counts of kidnapping,' he said. #Quote by Margaret Peterson Haddix
Army Friends quotes by Zoe Rosenberg
#11. If one lied, or put you down, don't mourn don't grieve, for why do you care, you don't want to be friends with the mean. #Quote by Zoe Rosenberg
Army Friends quotes by Susan Dennard
#12. I told you, Hell-Bard. Everyone lies. It's in the way we banter with our friends. It's in the mundane greetings we give passersby. It's in the most meaningless things we do every single moment of every single day. Hundreds upon thousands of tiny, inconsequential lies. #Quote by Susan Dennard
Army Friends quotes by Jeff Zentner
#13. I'd say the winner of this debate is the God of Death, who's now several minutes closer to claiming all of us. #Quote by Jeff Zentner
Army Friends quotes by Cynthia Ozick
#14. It had always been my habit-- privately I felt it to be an ecstasy-- to enter, as into a mysterious vault, any public library. I was drawn to books that had been read before, novels that girls like myself had cradled and cherished. In my mind-- I suppose in my isolation-- I seized on all those previous readers, and everyone who would read after me, as phantom companions and secret friends. #Quote by Cynthia Ozick
Army Friends quotes by Jean De La Bruyere
#15. We trust our secrets to our friends, but they escape from us in love. #Quote by Jean De La Bruyere
Army Friends quotes by Kreayshawn
#16. I have always had stuff on the Internet. Way back in the Myspace days, I had a lot of friends on Myspace. And it is just all about, like, networking - contacting people and showing people, like, your mind. #Quote by Kreayshawn
Army Friends quotes by Neve Campbell
#17. I was ... the loser of my class. I had absolutely no friends. #Quote by Neve Campbell
Army Friends quotes by Nick Offerman
#18. Now, I know what you're thinking: Isn't this the guy who said, "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy"? Well, not exactly. This quote has been somewhat paraphrased and hijacked by many of our nation's craft breweries, and rightly so. It may be revisionist writing, but I for one am okay with it. What Franklin did write was, "Behold the rain which descends from heaven upon our vineyards, there it enters the roots of the vines, to be changed into wine, a constant proof that God loves us, and loves to see us happy." Beer, wine . . . come on. Six of one, etcetera. He also coined the euphemism for drunkenness "Halfway to Concord," which tickles me to no end. That, my friends, is fun with words. #Quote by Nick Offerman
Army Friends quotes by Katie McGarry
#19. Tell me what to do."
His warm breath tickled my ear. "Relax."
"Please, Noah, I don't want to do this wrong. Tell me how to make you feel good."
He shifted so that his body rested beside mine, his leg and arm still draped over me. I felt small under his warmth and strength. His chocolate-brown eyes softened. "Being with you feels good. Touching you-"he tucked a curl behind my ear"-feels good. I have never wanted anyone like I want you. There's nothing you can do wrong when just breathing makes everything right."
His hand framed my face and his tone was edget with husky authority. "I want you, but only if you want me."
I kissed him back, allowing my arms to wrap around him. His fingers gently massaged my neck, releasing the tension, erasing my unease. The kiss became a drug and i craved more with every touch. Our bodies twined so tightly to one another, i had no idea where i began and he ended.
Noah felt strong and warm and muscular and safe and he smelled, oh, God, delicious. I couldn't stop kissing him if my life depend it upon it: his lips, his neck, his chest, and Noah seemed as hungry as me. We rolled and we touched and we shed unwanted clothes. I moaned and he moaned and my mind and soul and body stood on the edge of pure ecstasy.
And i waited. I waited for that moment of pausing for protection and the burning pain my friends described, but Noah never stopped and the pain never came, not even when i whispered his name and praise God #Quote by Katie McGarry
Army Friends quotes by Delta Goodrem
#20. I have weathered many different storms and I know who I am and my friends know who I really am. #Quote by Delta Goodrem
Army Friends quotes by Milton Sanford Mayer
#21. The fact is, I think, that my friends really didn't know. They didn't know because they didn't want to know; but they didn't know. They could have found out, at the time, only if they had wanted to very badly. #Quote by Milton Sanford Mayer
Army Friends quotes by Jimmy Page
#22. I do not worship the devil. But magic does intrigue me. Magic of all kinds. I bought Crowley's house to go up and write in. The thing is, I just never get up that way. Friends live there now. #Quote by Jimmy Page
Army Friends quotes by Erich Maria Remarque
#23. We were trained in the army for ten weeks and in this time more profoundly influenced than by ten years at school. We learned that a bright button is weightier than four volumes of Schopenhauer. At first astonished, then embittered, and finally indifferent, we recognised that what matters is not the mind but the boot brush, not intelligence but the system, not freedom but drill. We became soldiers with eagerness and enthusiasm, but they have done everything to knock that out of us. After three weeks it was no longer incomprehensible to us that a braided postman should have more authority over us than had formerly our parents, our teachers, and the whole gamut of culture from Plato to Goethe. #Quote by Erich Maria Remarque
Army Friends quotes by Marilyn Johnson
#24. Libraries have always been there for me. Of course I'll stand up for them. #Quote by Marilyn Johnson
Army Friends quotes by Frederick Lenz
#25. Love knits families together, friends, lovers, societies, nations and perhaps oneday a world. #Quote by Frederick Lenz
Army Friends quotes by Dikembe Mutombo
#26. I know the president is quick. I have friends who played with him during the campaign; they say he's very good. I told the president that whenever the next pickup game is, I'll get on the plane to Washington - but sometimes they play so early in the morning. #Quote by Dikembe Mutombo
Army Friends quotes by Himmilicious
#27. A best friend is one who understands humour in your most weird jokes.. #Quote by Himmilicious
Army Friends quotes by Jenn Marie Thorne
#28. She's a good kid," the senator said. No matter how many times I replayed it in my head that night - as the plane descended and touched down, as we drove away, as my body welcomed my bed but my brain refused to yield - it still sounded like he was talking about somebody else. An intern, maybe, or a friend's child. Not his own. "She's a good kid" was the beginning and the end of that thought. It was the sentiment of somebody who wasn't curious to learn any more. #Quote by Jenn Marie Thorne
Army Friends quotes by Keisha Castle-Hughes
#29. I want to be a science teacher. My friends asked me why, but I'm intrigued by it and I'm quite good at science at school. #Quote by Keisha Castle-Hughes
Army Friends quotes by Tilda Swinton
#30. The people I'm working with tend to be people I know, who are my friends, and I like hanging out with them. There's nothing better than making a long-term project with your friends. It's just dreamy. #Quote by Tilda Swinton
Army Friends quotes by T.J. Klune
#31. Josy was certain of a few things in his life. He wanted to be an actor. He had an agent who cared about his future. He had friends he'd somehow managed to carve into a family. He liked weed and funky socks with animals on them. He was good at radio trivia (which for some reason didn't translate so well to bar trivia). He had a bong named Vlad the Inhaler, and maybe his parents would never come around to seeing that while his life would never be what they wanted, it was still a life worth living.
And Josiah Erickson was certain that what he felt for Quincy Moore went beyond simple affection. Regardless of what happened tomorrow or any day after, he would remember this moment when he felt so full of light he thought he'd burst. #Quote by T.J. Klune
Army Friends quotes by Jose N Harris
#32. At Angelita's, my favorite food was a plain bean burrito in a flour tortilla. It was simple, but tasty! I loved bean burritos. They were my comfort food. They were my "little friends!" For my first day at school, my aunt made me three of them. She wrapped them up tightly in aluminum foil and then packed them in a brown paper sack.
At lunchtime, in the cafeteria, I got ready to greet my little friends. I was nervous, as it was my first day of school, but I knew the burritos would soon warm my stomach and comfort me. I looked around the lunch room and saw other kids with their cafeteria trays and their perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with the crust neatly trimmed off and their bottle of juices and bags of Fritos and then . . . I pulled out a burrito.
"Hey! What's that?" A gringa girl shouted at me, pointing at my burrito.
"Uh . . . nothing! Nada!" I replied as I quickly shoved it back into the sack.
I was hungry, but every time I got ready to pull one out, it seemed as if there was another kid ready to stare and point at me. I was embarrassed! I loved my burritos, but in that cafeteria, I was ashamed of them. They suddenly felt very heavy and cold. They suddenly felt very Mexican. I was ashamed of my little friends and so . . . I went hungry. #Quote by Jose N Harris
Army Friends quotes by Mitch Albom
#33. I used to be a classic workaholic, and after seeing how little work and career really mean when you reach the end of your life, I put a new emphasis on things I believe count more. These things include: family, friends, being part of a community, and appreciating the little joys of the average day. #Quote by Mitch Albom
Army Friends quotes by Katie Cotugno
#34. There's no limit to the ways that we have managed to fail each other as best friends. #Quote by Katie Cotugno
Army Friends quotes by Paulo Coelho
#35. I feel like making the mistakes I always wanted to make, but never had the courage to ... I can make new friends and teach them how to be crazy too in order to be wise. I'll tell them not to follow the manuals of good behaviour but to discover their own lives, desires, adventures and to live #Quote by Paulo Coelho
Army Friends quotes by John Spratt
#36. With no other security forces on hand, U.S. military was left to confront, almost alone, an Iraqi insurgency and a crime rate that grew worse throughout the year, waged in part by soldiers of the disbanded army and in part by criminals who were released from prison. #Quote by John Spratt
Army Friends quotes by Panda Bear
#37. It's awkward, because sometimes you find new friends that are cooler than your old friends, and then your old friends desperately try to cling on to you even though you sort of hate them by now. #Quote by Panda Bear
Army Friends quotes by David Chiles
#38. Show your netiquette, to become cyber friends with those you have met, on the internet. #Quote by David Chiles
Army Friends quotes by Mother Teresa
#39. As far as I am concerned, the greatest suffering is to feel alone, unwanted, unloved. The greatest suffering is also having no one, forgetting what an intimate, truly human relationship is, not knowing what it means to be loved, not having a family or friends. #Quote by Mother Teresa
Army Friends quotes by Catherine Cruzan
#40. You will find glimpses of my friends, my family, and strangers off the street in everything I write, because I steal from life and then put it in a blender. #Quote by Catherine Cruzan
Army Friends quotes by Jenny Han
#41. I like to watch Peter when he doesn't know I'm looking. I like to admire the straight line of his jaw, the curve of his cheekbone. There's an openness to his face, an innocence--a certain kind of niceness. It's the niceness that touches my heart the most.
It's Friday night at Gabe Rivera's house after the lacrosse game. Our school won, so everyone is in very fine spirits, Peter most of all, because he scored the winning shot. He's across the room playing poker with some of the guys from his team; he is sitting with his chair tipped back, his back against the wall. His hair is still wet from showering after the game. I'm on the couch with my friends Lucas Krapf and Pammy Subkoff, and they're flipping through the latest issue of Teen Vogue, debating whether or not Pammy should get bangs.
"What do you think, Lara Jean?" Pammy asks, running her fingers through her carrot-colored hair. Pammy is a new friend--I've gotten to know her because she dates Peter's good friend Darrell. She has a face like a doll, round as a cake pan, and freckles dust her face and shoulders like sprinkles.
"Um, I think bangs are a very big commitment and not to be decided on a whim. Depending on how fast your hair grows, you could be growing them out for a year or more. But if you're serious, I think you should wait till fall, because it'll be summer before you know it, and bangs in the summer can be sort of sticky and sweaty and annoying…" My eyes drift back to Peter, and he looks up and #Quote by Jenny Han
Army Friends quotes by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
#42. We no longer dare seem what we really are, but lie under a perpetual restraint; in the meantime the herd of men, which we call society, all act under the same circumstances exactly alike, unless very particular and powerful motives prevent them. Thus we never know with whom we have to deal; and even to know our friends we must wait for some critical and pressing occasion; that it, till it is too late; for it is on those very occasion that such knowledge is of use to us. #Quote by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Army Friends quotes by Plautus
#43. Ones oldest friend is the best. #Quote by Plautus
Army Friends quotes by Jeanette Winterson
#44. I struggled in my mind with all kinds of defenses. Should I be hurt? Surprised? Should I laugh it off? I wanted to say something cruel to expiate my anger and to justify myself. But it's difficult with old friends; difficult because it's so easy. You know one another as well as lovers do and you have had less to pretend about. I poured myself a drink and shrugged. 'Nothing's perfect. #Quote by Jeanette Winterson
Army Friends quotes by Jennifer Chiaverini
#45. Two quilters who have just met will be strangers only until their mutual passion for quilting is revealed. Then they can talk for hours like the best of friends. #Quote by Jennifer Chiaverini
Army Friends quotes by Michael Bolton
#46. I have friends who've tried to break into the UK, who went back with their tails between their legs. Fortunately I've had the opposite experience. #Quote by Michael Bolton

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