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Armeria Plant quotes by Eugene Ionesco
#1. Since the death instinct exists in the heart of everything that lives, since we suffer from trying to repress it, since everything that lives longs for rest, let us unfasten the ties that bind us to life, let us cultivate our death wish, let us develop it, water it like a plant, let it grow unhindered. Suffering and fear are born from the repression of the death wish. #Quote by Eugene Ionesco
Armeria Plant quotes by Philip Pullman
#2. Tirelessly they flew on and on, and tirelessly she kept pace. She felt a fierce joy possessing her, that she could command these immortal presences. And she rejoiced in her blood and flesh, in the rough pine bark she felt next to her skin, in the beat of her heart and the life of all her senses, and in the hunger she was feeling now, and in the presence of her sweet-voiced bluethroat daemon, and in the earth below her and the lives of every creature, plant and animal both; and she delighted in being of the same substance as them, and in knowing that when she died her flesh would nourish other lives as they had nourished her. #Quote by Philip Pullman
Armeria Plant quotes by Jeffrey Fry
#3. May the seeds of love you plant today, grow into the tree of happiness you enjoy tomorrow. #Quote by Jeffrey Fry
Armeria Plant quotes by Asa Gray
#4. The best opinion now is, that there are multitudinous forms which are not sufficiently differentiated to be distinctively either plant or animal, while, as respects ordinary plants and animals, the difficulty of laying down a definition has become far greater than ever before. #Quote by Asa Gray
Armeria Plant quotes by Robert Plant
#5. You have to ask these questions: who pays the piper, and what is valuable in this life? #Quote by Robert Plant
Armeria Plant quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#6. It is absolutely unnecessary, and not even desirable, for you to argue in my favor; on the contrary, a dose of curiosity, as if you were looking at an alien plant with ironic distance, would strike me as an incomparably more intelligent attitude toward me. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Armeria Plant quotes by Kenny Ausubel
#7. Seeds carry life from generation to generation without end. Through the seeds speak the voices of the ancestors. Each time we plant a seed, we become ancestors for the generations to come. #Quote by Kenny Ausubel
Armeria Plant quotes by Thomas Merton
#8. Business is not the supreme virtue, and sanctity is not measured by the amount of work we accomplish. Perfection is found in the purity of our love for God, and this pure love is a delicate plant that grows best where there is plenty of time for it to mature #Quote by Thomas Merton
Armeria Plant quotes by Saru Singhal
#9. We never plant trees in other people's yard and hope them to grow. We plant them in ours, water them and take care of them. We should do the same with our lives. Never lay it on others. #Quote by Saru Singhal
Armeria Plant quotes by George Orwell
#10. The plant is blind but it knows enough to keep pushing upwards towards the light, and it will continue to do this in the face of endless discouragements. #Quote by George Orwell
Armeria Plant quotes by William C. Dietz
#11. First of all, the Captain rates the honorific 'sir.' You will render that honorific or I will plant my foot in your ass. #Quote by William C. Dietz
Armeria Plant quotes by Alain De Botton
#12. Does what is praised becomes better? Does an emerald become worse if it isn't praised? And what a gold, ivory, a flower or a little plant? #Quote by Alain De Botton
Armeria Plant quotes by Terence McKenna
#13. Plants seem like an excellent model for the kind of future that we should be building. #Quote by Terence McKenna
Armeria Plant quotes by Anthony T. Hincks
#14. You get what you reap when you plant the seeds of deceit. #Quote by Anthony T. Hincks
Armeria Plant quotes by Robert Plant
#15. I know that bands that haven't put out a record for 10 years are playing to 20,000 people a night. But that's not the achievement. #Quote by Robert Plant
Armeria Plant quotes by Glen Cook
#16. Write. Don't talk about writing. Don't tell me about your wonderful story ideas. Don't give me a bunch of 'somedays'. Plant your ass and scribble, type, keyboard. If you have any talent at all it will leak out despite your failure to pay attention in English.
[The Instrumentalities of the Night: An Interview with Glen Cook, The SF Site, September 2005] #Quote by Glen Cook
Armeria Plant quotes by Nina Fedoroff
#17. Even as the population doubled from three to six billion, we managed to race ahead with all kinds of technological and scientific events in agriculture - from using more fertilizers to mechanization to advanced plant breeding. #Quote by Nina Fedoroff
Armeria Plant quotes by Edmund Sprunger
#18. You can't tug on a plant to make it grow. #Quote by Edmund Sprunger
Armeria Plant quotes by Ronald Reagan
#19. Some years ago a top Ford official was showing the late Walter Reuther through the very automates plant in Cleveland, Ohio and he said to him jokingly, "Walter, you'll have a hard time collecting union dues from these machines." and Walter said, "you are going to have more trouble trying to sell automobiles to them." Both of them let it stop there. There was a logical answer to that ... the owners of the machines could buy automobiles and if you increase the number of owners you increase the number of consumers. #Quote by Ronald Reagan
Armeria Plant quotes by Vaunda Micheaux Nelson
#20. A person has to have confidence in what he's going to do. If he don't, he's not going to do it long. He has to have confidence first in his idea and next in himself.
Two men have different ideas and they go to work on them. Now the first fella's idea may come up soon. Your may linger a long, long time, but any idea, if it's well done, will come up in its own time.
You can plant five seeds at the same moment - tomato, potato, cabbage, lettuce, beets - place them at the same moment. ANd they all don't come up at the same time. If the beet would get discouraged because the cabbage come up in front of him, then there wouldn't be no beets. And if the cabbage would get discouraged because the tomato come up before his program, then there wouldn't be no cabbage.
Now the evidence of a test that's gonna come in your time of doing is the sacrifice. Hungry - that's in the making of the program. Broke - that's in the making of the program. All these things will discourage you. But you can't let them discourage you.
I believed that I would do a thing, and I went to work doin' it.
-Lewis Michaux, Harlem Bookseller #Quote by Vaunda Micheaux Nelson
Armeria Plant quotes by Yael Naim
#21. When I'd go to Israel, I felt like a tourist. My social and professional ties had started to dissolve, and it confused me. I didn't know whether I should stay here in Paris or go back to Israel, or even cut off all my ties with Israel so I could really plant roots here. Or maybe go somewhere else altogether. #Quote by Yael Naim
Armeria Plant quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#22. And the charming little cottage he'd taken as a symbol of the good life of a farmer was as irrelevant as a statue of Venus at the gate of a sewage-disposal plant. #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut
Armeria Plant quotes by Jonathan Safran Foer
#23. The four highest-impact things an individual can do to tackle climate change are eat a plant-based diet, avoid air travel, live car-free, and have fewer children. Of those four actions, only plant-based eating immediately addresses methane and nitrous oxide, the most urgently important greenhouse gases. #Quote by Jonathan Safran Foer
Armeria Plant quotes by Rumi
#24. With every breath, I plant the seeds of devotion, I am a farmer of the heart. #Quote by Rumi
Armeria Plant quotes by Mark Batterson
#25. All the while your brain is performing up to ten quadrillion calculations per second using only ten watts of power.5 A computer would require a gigawatt of power produced by a nuclear power plant to pull off the same performance. #Quote by Mark Batterson
Armeria Plant quotes by Bahaullah
#26. In the garden of thy heart, plant naught but the rose of love. #Quote by Bahaullah
Armeria Plant quotes by Jose Saramago
#27. This is the effect of panic, a natural effect, you could say that animal nature is like this, plant life would behave in exactly the same way, too, if it did not have all those roots to hold it in the ground, and how nice it would be to see the trees of the forest fleeing the flames. #Quote by Jose Saramago
Armeria Plant quotes by Oleg Deripaska
#28. My mum brought me to my first job when I was 12. I started electrical work at her plant. She was an engineer, a technical expert, at one of the plants in the south, and in the summer she brought me in and I learnt how industrial things work: casting, electricity, maintenance, everything. #Quote by Oleg Deripaska
Armeria Plant quotes by C.J. Roberts
#29. If you were a plant, you would be a thistle ~ Caleb #Quote by C.J. Roberts
Armeria Plant quotes by Isaac Barrow
#30. Virtue is not a mushroom, that springeth up of itself in one night when we are asleep, or regard it not; but a delicate plant, that groweth slowly and tenderly, needing much pains to cultivate it, much care to guard it, much time to mature it, in our untoward soil, in this world's unkindly weather. #Quote by Isaac Barrow
Armeria Plant quotes by Martin Prechtel
#31. Humans are amazing ritual animals, and it must be understood that the Tzutujil, nor any other real intact people, do not 'practice' rituals. Just as a bear must turn over stumps searching for beetles, real humans can only live life spiritually. Birth itself was a ritual: there was not a ritual for birth, or a ritual for death, or a ritual for marriage, for death was a ritual, life a ritual, cooking a ritual, and eating were all rituals with ceremonial guidelines, all of which fed life. Sleeping was a ritual, lovemaking was a ritual, sowing, cultivating, harvesting, storing food were rituals, even sweeping, insulting, fighting were rituals, everything human was a ritual, and to all Tzutujil, ritual was plant-oriented and based on feeding some big Holy ongoing vine-like, tree-like, proceedance that fed us it's fruit. #Quote by Martin Prechtel
Armeria Plant quotes by Jenny Han
#32. I'm about to hop out when Peter reaches across me and stops me from opening the door. "Give me my good-night kiss," he says.
I laugh. "Peter! I have to go."
Stubbornly he closes his eyes and waits, and I lean forward and plant a quick kiss on his lips. "There. Satisfied?"
"No." He kisses me again like we have all the time in the world and says, "What would happen if I came back after everyone went to sleep, and I spent the night, and left really early in the morning? Like, before dawn?"
Smiling, I say, "You can't, so we'll never know."
"But what if?"
"My dad would kill me."
"No, he wouldn't."
"He'd kill you."
"No, he wouldn't."
"No, he wouldn't," I agree. "But he'd be pretty disappointed in me. And he'd be mad at you."
"Only if we got caught," Peter says, but it's halfhearted. He won't risk it either. He's too careful about staying in my dad's good graces. "You know what I'm really looking forward to the most?" He gives my braid a tug before saying, "Not having to say good night. I hate saying good night."
"Me too," I say.
"I can't wait until we're at college."
"Me too," I say, and I kiss him one more time before jumping out of the car and running toward my house. #Quote by Jenny Han
Armeria Plant quotes by Debra Anastasia
#33. Oh God. We're talking about me being naked, in the shower with cooter cream. Please world, end. Kill me.

"I know it's not soap. I just… if it's scented… I can't do scented. Flowers and stuff like that. Fruit-flavored soaps make… things… burnish." She could tell from the peeks at his face Mr. Fitzwell had never stepped foot in bath and lotion store, wanting to try the array of fun fragrances. Nor had he purchased Peppermint Candy shower gel, foamed up his nether regions, and felt like he had dipped them in lava. Dove crossed and uncrossed her legs at the memory.

Mr. Fitzwell seemed concerned. "Okay, just a heads-up. It's definitely not good to put any fruits or plant life near your genitals." He made a V with his hands and formed his own pretend vagina in front of his pants.

Dove covered her eyes and tried to defend herself because now she could hear the sickly older woman beating her supporters with a purse.

Dove's mumbling got louder with her embarrassment. "I don't put weird things down… there. Just make sure that the cream's vagina-scented. Just plain. For vaginas." She kept her eyes on the counter. #Quote by Debra Anastasia
Armeria Plant quotes by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
#34. Stars of earth, these golden flowers; emblems of our own great resurrection; emblems of the bright and better land. #Quote by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Armeria Plant quotes by William Henry Danforth
#35. I think with the needs to feed the world's population, to end starvation, plant sciences offer great opportunities to do good and also to develop industry in St. Louis. #Quote by William Henry Danforth
Armeria Plant quotes by John Updike
#36. The thing about her is, she's good-natured. He knew it the second he saw her standing by the parking meters. He could just tell from the soft way her belly looked. With women, you keep bumping against them, because they want different things, they're a different race. Either they give, like a plant, or scrape, like a stone. In all the green world nothing feels as good as a woman's good nature. #Quote by John Updike
Armeria Plant quotes by S.I. Hayakawa
#37. Ever since man began to till the soil and learned not to eat the seed grain but to plant it and wait for harvest, the postponement of gratification has been the basis of a higher standard of living and of civilization. #Quote by S.I. Hayakawa
Armeria Plant quotes by Nancy S. Mure
#38. You are made of the same minerals as the rocks--the same water as the sea. You grow in the sun. You breathe air cleansed by trees. When are you going to get the message that you're a part of Nature? #Quote by Nancy S. Mure
Armeria Plant quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#39. I often visited a particular plant four or five miles distant, half a dozen times within a fortnight, that I might know exactly when it opened. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Armeria Plant quotes by Libba Bray
#40. He plants his feet stubbornly, adopting what he must think is an heroic post. He's just begging for a pigeon to fly by and relieve itself. #Quote by Libba Bray
Armeria Plant quotes by Louis L'Amour
#41. A forest is a living thing like a human body ... each part dependent on all the other parts. A forest needs its birds, its beaver ... all its animals and plants. The forest gives shelter to the birds, but they repay the debt with the insects they eat, the droppings they leave, the seeds they carry off to plant elsewhere. The beaver builds dams for himself, but the dams keep water on the land, and although the beaver cut trees to use and to eat, their ponds provide water for the trees during the hot, dry months ... Listen, and you can hear the forest breath. #Quote by Louis L'Amour
Armeria Plant quotes by Jan Ingenhousz
#42. I observed that plants not only have a faculty to correct bad air in six to ten days, by growing in it ... but that they perform this important office in a complete manner in a few hours; that this wonderful operation is by no means owing to the vegetation of the plant, but to the influence of light of the sun upon the plant. #Quote by Jan Ingenhousz
Armeria Plant quotes by Lewis Thomas
#43. Animals, even plants, lie to each other all the time, and we could restrict the research to them, putting off the real truth about ourselves for the several centuries we need to catch our breath. What is it that enables certain flowers to resemble nubile insects, or opossums to play dead, or female fireflies to change the code of their flashes in order to attract, and then eat, males of a different species? #Quote by Lewis Thomas
Armeria Plant quotes by Jacques-Yves Cousteau
#44. A common denominator in every single nuclear accident - a nuclear plant or on a nuclear submarine - is that before the specialists even know what has happened, they rush to the media saying, 'There's no danger to the public.' They do this before they themselves know what has happened because they are terrified that the public might react violently, either by panic or by revolt. #Quote by Jacques-Yves Cousteau
Armeria Plant quotes by Coleen Murtagh Paratore
#45. Until then, have great expectations. Keep believing you dreams will come true. And remember, when life throws you a pit ... plant a cherry tree. #Quote by Coleen Murtagh Paratore

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