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Armata Romana quotes by Romana Kryzanowska
#1. You can say what Pilates is in three words. Stretch with Strength and Control. And the control part is the most important because that makes you use your mind. #Quote by Romana Kryzanowska
Armata Romana quotes by Christophe Wall-Romana
#2. During the 1924 controversy over ownership of the word "surrealism," Breton's most vocal opponents were Ivan Goll and Paul Dermée who, like Epstein, defined surrealism via cinema. #Quote by Christophe Wall-Romana
Armata Romana quotes by Elswyth Thane
#3. It is always the Germans who cause the trouble, what is it about Germans that they must molest and oppress?..." "They have never been civilized," said Sosthene..."They were never conquered by Roman. They remain barbarians." Phoebe stared at him. It was a viewpoint... "One is perhaps inclined to forget that even here in Britain that were four hundred years of the Pax Romana," he said gently. "In Germany, no -- only the Vandals and the Goths. Every so often they burst out. It is in the breed. #Quote by Elswyth Thane
Armata Romana quotes by Christina Baker Kline
#4. Stracciatella alla Romana 8 cups chicken broth, preferably homemade 6 ounces fresh spinach, cut into strips 4 eggs, plus 2 tablespoons water ½ cup grated Pecorino Romano cheese Salt and pepper Boil the stock and add spinach, cooking until wilted, about 3 minutes. In a separate bowl, beat the eggs with the water; add grated cheese. Whisk the egg mixture briskly into the boiling broth, and add salt and pepper to taste, then serve. #Quote by Christina Baker Kline
Armata Romana quotes by Gareth Roberts
#5. This,' whispered the Doctor to Romana, 'is going to be like trying to find a book about needles in a room full of books about haystacks. #Quote by Gareth Roberts
Armata Romana quotes by Romana Sustar
#6. The price to follow your dream is high, but the price to give up your dream is much higher. #Quote by Romana Sustar
Armata Romana quotes by Christophe Wall-Romana
#7. ...Paul Dermée. In the inaugural issue of L'Esprit Nouveau in October 1920, Dermée published "Découverte du lyrisme" (Discovery of lyricism), a piece connecting lyricism, automatism, dream, Freud, cinema, and surrealism:

"This background activity that became autonomous and functions blindly without the use of conscious will, this is what we call "automatism" [automatisme].

"We dream, kaleidoscope of images, sensations and emotions function. The film unfolds, varied and captivating [captivant] and the whole richness of inner life traverses consciousness as a broad current: our soul fills up with a spontaneous melody, it is the lyrical flux that sings!

"As for images, they must be handled with great care, by preventing them from giving objects an existence in the exterior world. For nothing must make the reader come out of his deep self. Thus no images realizable through plastic means: only their surrealism [surréalisme]. #Quote by Christophe Wall-Romana
Armata Romana quotes by Romana Kryzanowska
#8. Intelligence guided by the will using memory and imagination assisted by intuition. #Quote by Romana Kryzanowska
Armata Romana quotes by David A. DeSilva
#9. John exposes Pax Romana and Pax Augusta to be bald-faced lies. He does not allow his hearers to ignore the fact that a great deal of violence has gone into creating and sustaining empire, for example, in the brutal suppression of the Jewish Revolt. How is it truly a matter of "peace" if you use overwhelming force to subdue a country that never wished to be a part of your empire in the first place? #Quote by David A. DeSilva
Armata Romana quotes by Jerry Pournelle
#10. Paradoxically, the few eras of peace were times when men of war had high influence. The Pax Romana was enforced by Caesar's Legions. The Pax Brittanica was enforced by the Royal Navy and His Majesty's Forces. #Quote by Jerry Pournelle

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