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Apperceptive Of Husband quotes by Phyllis Diller
#1. I've been asked to say a couple of words about my husband, Fang. How about short and cheap? #Quote by Phyllis Diller
Apperceptive Of Husband quotes by Willa Cather
#2. One realizes that human relationships are the tragic necessity of human life; that they can never be wholly satisfactory, that every ego is half the time greedily seeking them, and half the time pulling away from them. In those simple relationships of loving husband and wife, affectionate sisters, children and grandmother, there are innumerable shades of sweetness and anguish which make up the pattern of our lives day by day, though they are not down in the list of subjects from which the conventional novelist works. #Quote by Willa Cather
Apperceptive Of Husband quotes by Fanny Kemble
#3. The Southern newspapers, with their advertisements of negro sales and personal descriptions of fugitive slaves, supply details of misery that it would be difficult for imagination to exceed. Scorn, derision, insult, menace - the handcuff, the last - the tearing away of children from parents, of husbands from wives - the weary trudging in droves along the common highways, the labor of body, the despair of mind, the sickness of heart - these are the realities which belong to the system, and form the rule, rather that the exception, in the slave's experience. #Quote by Fanny Kemble
Apperceptive Of Husband quotes by David Vann
#4. She had made him into a kind of husband,her own son. #Quote by David Vann
Apperceptive Of Husband quotes by Julie Garwood
#5. She sat down at the table and spent a good hour talking about her husband. She told Judith how they'd met, how he relentlessly pursued her, and finished by mentioning just a hundred or two of his special qualities.
The only thing the man wasn't capable of was walking on water ... yet. Judith made that comment when her friend paused for breath. #Quote by Julie Garwood
Apperceptive Of Husband quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#6. There are lot of things to be thankful for; the gift of life, the gift of a wife, the gift of a husband, the gift of parent, the gift of grandma, the gift of grandpa, the gift of family, the gift of children, the gift of relations, the gift of nature, the gift of friends, the gift of relatives, the gift of siblings, the gift cousins, the gift of aunties, the gift of niece, the gift of nephews, the gift of in-laws and many more. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Apperceptive Of Husband quotes by Amanda Lindhout
#7. Many, including the Canadian and U.S. governments, try to provide family support while also maintaining a hard line about further fuelling terrorism and hostage-taking through ransom payments ... Still, try telling that to a mother, or a father, or a husband or wife caught in the powerless agony of standing by. #Quote by Amanda Lindhout
Apperceptive Of Husband quotes by Marie Curie
#8. My husband and I were so closely united by our affection and our common work that we passed nearly all of our time together. #Quote by Marie Curie
Apperceptive Of Husband quotes by Louisa May Alcott
#9. Liberty is a better husband than love to many of us. #Quote by Louisa May Alcott
Apperceptive Of Husband quotes by Chanakya
#10. Constant travel brings old age upon a man; a horse becomes old by being constantly tied up; lack of sexual contact with her husband brings old age upon a woman; and garments become old through being left in the sun. #Quote by Chanakya
Apperceptive Of Husband quotes by Gene Stratton-Porter
#11. Had I life to live over, I see now where I could do more; but neighbour, believe me, my highest aspiration is to be a clean, thrifty housekeeper, a bountiful cook, a faithful wife, a sympathetic mother. That is life work for any woman, and to be a good woman is the greatest thing on earth. Never mind about the ladies; if you can honestly say of me, she is a good woman, you have paid me the highest possible tribute ... To be a good wife and mother is the end toward which I aspire. To hold the respect and love of my husband is the greatest object of my life. #Quote by Gene Stratton-Porter
Apperceptive Of Husband quotes by Vivian Swift
#12. Romance is showing my new husband the places and things that mean the most to me.

I can't help it if some of those places and things are in France. #Quote by Vivian Swift
Apperceptive Of Husband quotes by Anne Sebba
#13. Although still viewed as lovely and alluring by many, Winston Churchill's mother shocked society when at 46 she married a man 20 years her junior. Most malicious of the many jibes launched at her was that of one lady who went about peering into perambulators. When asked her reason, she replied, "I am searching for my future husband." #Quote by Anne Sebba
Apperceptive Of Husband quotes by Josie Litton
#14. For once in her life, the thought of being on the back of a magnificent horse did not command Rycca's attention. She was far too busy looking at her magnicifent husband as he removed his sword belt and blithely shucked off his trousers. Naked, he walked straight into the pool, submerged completely, and came up a few minutes later, tossing streams of water from the thick mane of his hair.
"Hand me the soap,would you?"
Such a simple task, yet to fulfill it he would have to come closer.Or she would.
"That's a lovely gown," he said, smiling.
"All my gowns are lovely thanks to the Lady Krysta and your own generosity."
"It would be a shame to get it wet."
She looked at him in alarm, wondering if he would actually do such a thing. His answer was a look of pure innocence, which immediately confirmed her suspicions.
"Do you have any idea how any women must have labored so long to make this gown?"
"No,do you?"
"Well,no,not actually because I never had a gown like this before, but even so, surely you wouldn't do anything to damage it?"
"Just to be safe,why don't you take it off?"
Oh,yes,that would certainly be safe. Indeed,never was she any safer than when was she naked and in his arms. Except, of course, from the danger of her own emotions.
"I bathed when I awoke."
"The day is warm."
"The pool looks deep.Recall, I cannot swim."
"Recall I mean to teach you. #Quote by Josie Litton
Apperceptive Of Husband quotes by Andrew Sullivan
#15. It's also one thing to see a celebrity or some kind of character on a TV show being gay. It's a totally different thing when you know your husband ... not your husband, but your brother or your friend or the dude you hung out in high school was gay. I mean, that is what changes people's minds, what changes people's minds. #Quote by Andrew Sullivan
Apperceptive Of Husband quotes by J.D. Jordan
#16. I was the luckiest girl. Don't you think because I didn't have no proper man or husband I was anything else. Wasn't no place I'd rather be than right there. Even now, I pine for that uncomfortable rock. Because he was watching over me and loneliness was some far off thing, echoing off the Rock from other folks. Wasn't nothing could ruin it for me. #Quote by J.D. Jordan
Apperceptive Of Husband quotes by Kristen Ashley
#17. Our fates are in the hands of humanity. I don't understand that. I also don't like it." "Humans have the capacity for a great deal of love. Generosity. Kindness. Hope," she told him. "They also have the capacity for a great deal of hate. Judgment. Envy. Prejudice. And they've proven over centuries that they do not handle fear very well," he returned. She slid her hand to his jaw. "This is true, husband, but that's the stuff that gets all the attention. You've lived long but not often close to humans. Trust me, the good stuff happens far more often, but it doesn't make headlines." "I #Quote by Kristen Ashley
Apperceptive Of Husband quotes by Ayn Rand
#18. I would step in the way of a bullet if it were aimed at my husband. It is not self-sacrifice to die protecting that which you value: If the value is great enough, you do not care to exist without it. #Quote by Ayn Rand
Apperceptive Of Husband quotes by Lady Gregory
#19. My husband was in the war of the Crimea. It is terrible the hardships he went through, to be two months without going into a house, under the snow in trenches. And no food to get, maybe a biscuit in the day. And there was enough food there, he said, to feed all Ireland; but bad management, they could not get it. #Quote by Lady Gregory
Apperceptive Of Husband quotes by Paul Bloom
#20. Maybe one of the most heartening findings from the psychology of pleasure is there's more to looking good than your physical appearance. If you like somebody, they look better to you. This is why spouses in happy marriages tend to think that their husband or wife looks much better than anyone else thinks that they do. #Quote by Paul Bloom
Apperceptive Of Husband quotes by Padmasree Warrior
#21. My mom taught me the power of love. I learned to focus on the long-term big picture from my father. His sense of humor and light-hearted approach always make me smile. My husband is a pivotal anchor in my life. His influence encourages me to be independent and take risks. #Quote by Padmasree Warrior
Apperceptive Of Husband quotes by Oscar Wilde
#22. At last, liveried in the costume of the age, reality entered the room in the shape of a servant to tell the duchess that her carriage was waiting. She wrung her hands in mock despair. "How annoying!" she cried. "I must go. I have to call for my husband at the club, to take him to some absurd meeting at Willis's Rooms, where he is going to be in the chair. If I am late he is sure to be furious, and I couldn't have a scene in this bonnet. It is far too fragile. A harsh word would ruin it. No, I must go, dear Agatha. Good-bye, Lord Henry, you are quite delightful and dreadfully demoralizing. I am sure I don't know what to say about your views. You must come and dine with us some night. Tuesday? Are you disengaged Tuesday? #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Apperceptive Of Husband quotes by Henry Home, Lord Kames
#23. Beauty is a dangerous property, tending to corrupt the mind of the wife, though it soon loses its influence over the husband. A figure agreeable and engaging, which inspires affection, without the ebriety of love, is a much safer choice. #Quote by Henry Home, Lord Kames
Apperceptive Of Husband quotes by Eleanor Robson Belmont
#24. I was trained by my husband. He said, If you want a thing done go. If not send. I belong to that group of people who move the piano themselves. #Quote by Eleanor Robson Belmont
Apperceptive Of Husband quotes by Lisa See
#25. I am still learning about love. I thought I understood it
not just mother love, but the love for one's parents, for one's husband, and for one's laotong. I've experienced the other types of love
pity love, respectful love and gratitude love. But looking at our secret fan with its messages written between Snow Flower and me over many years, I see that I didn't value the most important love
deep-heart love. #Quote by Lisa See
Apperceptive Of Husband quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#26. I'm a wallflower. I only agreed to take part in the Season to keep my sister Cassandra company. She's my twin, the nicer, prettier one, and you're the kind of husband she's been hoping for. If you'll let me go fetch her, you could compromise her, and then I'll be off the hook." Seeing his blank look, she explained, "People certainly wouldn't expect you to marry both of us."
"I'm afraid I never ruin more than one young woman a night." His tone was a mockery of politeness. "A man has to draw the line somewhere. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Apperceptive Of Husband quotes by Ann B. Ross
#27. A good wife always encourages her husband in his interests. For one thing, they keep him occupied and out from under foot most of the day. #Quote by Ann B. Ross
Apperceptive Of Husband quotes by Sarah MacLean
#28. And Tottenham shan't be able to to resist me in this dress. No man could."
"Olivia!" the marchioness said from her place. "That is entirely unladylike."
"Why? That is the goal, is it not? To tempt one's husband?"
"One does not tempt one's husband!" the marchioness insisted.
Olivia's smile turned mischievous. "You must have tempted yours once or twice, Mother."
"Oh!" Lady Needham collapsed back against the settee.
Madame Hebert turned away from the conversation, waving two girls over to work on Pippa's hem.
Olivia winked at Pippa. "Five times, at least."
Pippa could not resist. "Four. Victoria and Valerie are twins."
"Enough! I can't abide it!" The marchioness was up and through the curtains to the front of the shop, leaving her daughters to their laughter. #Quote by Sarah MacLean
Apperceptive Of Husband quotes by Suzanne Finnamore
#29. I think: I would like to take N back to a story right now, like a rake.
I would say, "Oh, this rake is uneven. Do you have any where the tines go straight across?"
I would like to do a straight exchange.
But there are things that cannot be returned. Errant husbands are one of them. Wives are not. Wives can be exchanged; I have always known this. #Quote by Suzanne Finnamore
Apperceptive Of Husband quotes by Mark M. Bello
#30. Can you imagine sitting in the passenger seat and back seat of a car and watching a cop shoot and kill your husband and father? #Quote by Mark M. Bello
Apperceptive Of Husband quotes by Glenn Beck
#31. Never forget who you are; a daughter of a Heavenly Father. You have royal heritage, and anyone who makes you feel like less that is not a man,husband,father, or friend,simply someone who is afraid of you because he knows who you are, but doesn't know who he is. #Quote by Glenn Beck
Apperceptive Of Husband quotes by Brett Tate
#32. Staring at my smoldering hot date, her husband stands tall for the first time in a decade, adjusting his toupee while flashing a horrid green toothy grin that looks more like a Steven Hawkins muscle spasm. In his hands, a frightened beer bottle is choked with the steel grip of a sexually repressed Preacher. #Quote by Brett Tate

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