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Ankles quotes by Elizabeth Woods
#1. They did look tough - and tall. One girl in particular had legs like stilts. She was bent down, touching her toes with her ankles crossed. She looked like a grazing giraffe. #Quote by Elizabeth Woods
Ankles quotes by Trinny Woodall
#2. Don't look at your legs and think: 'They're fat.' Think: 'These things carry me around all day, and I don't have arthritis. Oh, and I've got great ankles.' #Quote by Trinny Woodall
Ankles quotes by Doris Lessing
#3. The Freudians describe the conscious as a small lit area, all white, and the unconscious as a great dark marsh full of monsters. In their view, the monsters reach up, grab you by the ankles, and try to drag you down. #Quote by Doris Lessing
Ankles quotes by J.K. Rowling
#4. Wow," he added, blinking rather rapidly as Hermione came hurrying toward them. "You look great!"
"Always the tone of surprise," said Hermione, though she smiled. She was wearing a floaty, lilac-colored dress with matching high heels; her hair was sleek and shiny. "Your Great-Aunt Muriel doesn't agree, I just met her upstairs while she was giving Fleur the tiara. She said, 'Oh dear, is this the Muggle-born?' and then, 'Bad posture and skinny ankles.'"
"Don't take it personally, she's rude to everyone," said Ron.
"Talking about Muriel?" inquired George, reemerging from the marquee with Fred. "Yeah, she's just told me my ears are lopsided. Old bat. I wish old Uncle Bilius was still with us, though; he was a right laugh at weddings."
"Wasn't he the one who saw a Grim and died twenty-hour hours later?" asked Hermione.
"Well, yeah, he went a bit odd toward the end," conceded George.
"But before he went loopy he was the life and soul of the party," said Fred. "He used to down an entire bottle of firewhisky, then run onto the dance floor, hoist up his robes, and start pulling bunches of flowers out of his--"
"Yes, he sounds a real charmer," said Hermione, while Harry roared with laughter.
"Never married, for some reason," said Ron.
"You amaze me," said Hermione. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Ankles quotes by Madeleine Urban
#5. May those who love us love us," Lancaster said suddenly as he held up his wine. "And those that don't love us, may God turn their hearts. And if He doesn't turn their hearts, may He turn their ankles, so we'll know them by their limping. #Quote by Madeleine Urban
Ankles quotes by Jean-Georges Noverre
#6. The defects born of habit are innumerable. I see every child occupied in some way in disarranging and disfiguring his physique; some displace the ankles through the habit they have contracted of standing on one leg only and playing, as it were, with the other; placing it in a position which though disagreeable and strained, does not fatigue them, because the softness of their tendons and muscles lend themselves to all kinds of movement. #Quote by Jean-Georges Noverre
Ankles quotes by V. Theia
#7. Lawless stood off to the side, one black boot resting to the wall, the same shade of long coat hanging down by his ankles, his shaved head and ink along his neck giving the only impression needed, he was a mean bastard when he had to be.
He was flipping a silver coin along the backs of his knuckles like he was out for the day and enjoying himself.
Crazy fucker was juiced just waiting for the call to the plate, his bag of tricks sitting at his feet as though he'd brought his gym clothes to work. There was nothing in that bag made for fun, not if you were on the receiving end anyway.
Lawless always had a lot of fun using his tools. #Quote by V. Theia
Ankles quotes by Stephanie Garber
#8. It felt like a mistake the minute she hit the water.

She missed the rocks, but it was too cold. Her wrist was too broken. Her heart was too weak. Her dress was too cumbersome. But she fought like a demon trying to break out of hell and into the heavens. She ignored things that sucked at her ankles and anything that slithered against her now-bare feet. Tella didn't escape her father, a trio of Fates, and every other trial in her life to allow herself to be killed by some cold water and a shattered wrist.

Death would have to try harder if he wanted to take her back, and she was not about to let him do that. If she perished there'd also be no one to take care of Scarlett, to make sure her sister had all the proper adventures and kissed more boys than just Julian. Scarlett deserved all the kisses. Maybe Tella wanted more kisses too, ones that wouldn't end in death. #Quote by Stephanie Garber
Ankles quotes by J.R. Ward
#9. Dear . . . God," she blurted as she recoiled. The hallway beyond was filled with the males of the house, the Brothers and other fighters and Manny sitting on the floor with their backs to the bare walls, their legs stretched out, propped up, crossed at the knees or crossed at the ankles. Apparently there had been quite a bit of drinking going on, empty bottles of vodka and whiskey littered around them, glasses in hands or on thighs. "This is not as pathetic as it looks," her Butch pointed out. "Liar," V muttered. "It so fucking is. I think I'm going to start knitting for reals." As the females emerged with her, each one of them registered shock, disbelief, and then a wry amusement. "Is it me," one of the males groused, "or did we just perform our own mass castration out here?" "I think that just about sums this shit up," somebody agreed. "I'm wearing panties under my leathers from now on. Anyone joining me?" "Lassiter already does," V said as he got to his feet and went to Jane. "Hey." And then it was group-reunion time. While the other pairs found one another, Butch smiled as Marissa came over to him and put out her hand to help him off the floor. As they embraced, he kissed her on the side of the neck. "Are you out of love with me now?" he murmured. "' Cuz I'm pussy-whipped?" She leaned back in his arms. "Why? Because you pined after me while I was watching a dirty movie with my girls that wasn't all that dirty? I think it's actually - and brace yourself - really pretty c #Quote by J.R. Ward
Ankles quotes by Don Kardong
#10. Sure, the first light snowfall may be a chance to dance giddily, leaving squeaky footprints through the neighborhood, marking the runner's right to the domain. But later drubbings of snow merely complicate running. Snow turns to ice, to slush, to ice again. Tire ruts twist ankles. New snow hides the hazards. #Quote by Don Kardong
Ankles quotes by Bill Bryson
#11. Sadly, although the source of much enjoyment, Ginger the pig progressed from hunting and killing chickens to lambs and, after a stab at my mother's ankles, was banished to the freezer before she developed a taste for small children. #Quote by Bill Bryson
Ankles quotes by Caroline B. Cooney
#12. St. Lawrence River
May 1705
Temperature 48 degrees

The dancing began. Along with ancient percussion instruments that crackled and rattled, rasped and banged, the St. Francis Indians had French bells, whose clear chimes rang, and even a bugle, whose notes trumpeted across the river and over the trees.
"Mercy Carter!" exclaimed an English voice. "Joanna Kellogg! This is wonderful! I am so glad to see you!" An English boy flung his arms around the girls, embracing them joyfully, whirling them in circles.
Half his head was plucked and shiny bald, while long dark hair hung loose and tangled from the other half. His skin was very tan and his eyes twinkling black. He wore no shirt, jacket or cape: he was Indian enough to ignore the cold that had settled in once the sun went down.
"Ebenezer Sheldon," cried Mercy. "I haven't seen you since the march."
He had been one of the first to receive an Indian name, when the snow thawed and the prisoners had had to wade through slush up to their ankles. Tannhahorens had changed Mercy's moccasins now and then, hanging the wet pair on his shoulder to dry. But Ebenezer's feet had frozen and he had lost some of his toes.
He hadn't complained; in fact, he had not mentioned it. When his master discovered the injury, Ebenezer was surrounded by Indians who admired his silence. The name Frozen Leg was an honor. In English, the name sounded crippled. But in an Indian tongue, it sounded strong.
The boys i #Quote by Caroline B. Cooney
Ankles quotes by Kim Harrison
#13. Tell me where you want it," I said.
Minias drew back, his purple robes shifting about his ankles. "You're asking me?"
"Well, unless you want a big R on your forehead. #Quote by Kim Harrison
Ankles quotes by Jonathan L. Howard
#14. Real history was unromantic, steeped in greed and blood and abject eye-rolling stupidity. An endless parade of putative Ozymandiases marching off to glory before snapping off at the ankles in the depths of the desert: that was human history. Every now and then there would be the pretence of civilisation, but soon enough the restless, hateful, atavistic hearts of humanity would tear down the towers and slide back into barbarism, squealing with glee. Decadence loves the taste of blood, even though it is poison. #Quote by Jonathan L. Howard
Ankles quotes by Richard Armitage
#15. I did mega-training with ex-military men. I'd be in the gym for two hours after a 12-hour day on Spooks, and it was so hardcore I'd throw up. I stuffed myself with food and drank protein shakes to bulk up. I used to be a dancer, but I had to strap my weak ankles every day and strengthen my wrists so I could hold a machine gun. My body just wasn't up to it. #Quote by Richard Armitage
Ankles quotes by Dwight D. Eisenhower
#16. Ankles are nearly always neat and good-looking, but knees are nearly always not. #Quote by Dwight D. Eisenhower
Ankles quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
#17. He had slowed up to avoid the inevitable end of his thought:
the frontiers of consciousness." The frontiers that artists must explore were not for her, ever. She was fine-spun, inbred
eventually she might find rest in some quiet mysticism. Exploration was for those with a measure of peasant blood, those with big thighs and thick ankles who could take punishment as they took bread and salt, on every inch of flesh and spirit.
Not for you, he almost said. It's too tough a game for you. #Quote by F Scott Fitzgerald
Ankles quotes by Christy Leigh Stewart
#18. Humor, drama, romance, whatever genre of entertainment you create or consume is only effective if it is challenging to your sensibilities. When the sexuality of seeing a woman's ankles became trumped by her calf, society changed. When the calf was later trumped by a woman offering shots of alcohol from her vagina on Rock of Love, society changed again. My hope for this world is that we can soon run out of shocking body parts and can finally see the humor in our aetheric bodies. #Quote by Christy Leigh Stewart
Ankles quotes by Jason Porter
#19. ...I could feel her burrowing into my heart. I didn't know if the burrowing was like a kitten cuddling up to its mother or if it was like a chigger depositing its larvae underneath the skin of my ankles. #Quote by Jason Porter
Ankles quotes by Eve Langlais
#20. Touch my baby and I will string you up by your ankles, bird. I will pluck your feathers one by one then douse you in some flour and seasoning before I deep fry you a crispy golden brown. #Quote by Eve Langlais
Ankles quotes by -Princess Bride
#21. Prince Humperdinck: First things first, to the death.
Westley: No. To the pain.
Prince Humperdinck: I don't think I'm quite familiar with that phrase.
Westley: I'll explain and I'll use small words so that you'll be sure to understand, you warthog faced buffoon.
Prince Humperdinck: That may be the first time in my life a man has dared insult me.
Westley: It won't be the last. To the pain means the first thing you will lose will be your feet below the ankles. Then your hands at the wrists. Next your nose.
Prince Humperdinck: And then my tongue I suppose, I killed you too quickly the last time. A mistake I don't mean to duplicate tonight.
Westley: I wasn't finished. The next thing you will lose will be your left eye followed by your right.
Prince Humperdinck: And then my ears, I understand let's get on with it.
Westley: WRONG. Your ears you keep and I'll tell you why. So that every shriek of every child at seeing your hideousness will be yours to cherish. Every babe that weeps at your approach, every woman who cries out, "Dear God! What is that thing," will echo in your perfect ears. That is what to the pain means. It means I leave you in anguish, wallowing in freakish misery forever.
Prince Humperdinck: I think you're bluffing.
Westley: It's possible, Pig, I might be bluffing. It's conceivable, you miserable, vomitous mass, that I'm only lying here because I lack the strength to stand. But, then again... perhaps I have the #Quote by -Princess Bride
Ankles quotes by Jen Lynn Anderson
#22. Failure has a hacksaw to my ankles
and right now there is nothing
I want more than to learn
how to walk on my hands. #Quote by Jen Lynn Anderson
Ankles quotes by Ransom Riggs
#23. I was left with the choice of wearing the pants either around my ankles or hitched up to my bellybutton. I decided the latter was the lesser of evils, so I went downstairs to have what would likely be the strangest meal of my life while dressed like a clown without makeup. #Quote by Ransom Riggs
Ankles quotes by Florence Welch
#24. I was a heavy heart to carry
My beloved was weighed down
My arms around his neck
My fingers laced to crown.
I was a heavy heart to carry
My feet dragged across ground
And he took me to the river
Where he slowly let me drown
My love has concrete feet
My love's an iron ball
Wrapped around your ankles
Over the waterfall #Quote by Florence Welch
Ankles quotes by Alicia Sixtos
#25. I may be crazy but I'd never smash someone's ankles in because I loved them so much. Compassion runs deep in my blood. #Quote by Alicia Sixtos
Ankles quotes by Jessica Brown Findlay
#26. Unfortunately I had an ankle problem and underwent three operations. #Quote by Jessica Brown Findlay
Ankles quotes by Michelle Tea
#27. Why were we tortured? We were in love and life was a fast current swarming around our ankles, threatening to topple us into the wet part of the planet. It was intense, that's why we were tortured. It was enormous and exploding like palm tree. Iris was my Yuri-G, my Delilah, my Stella Marie. Strong dark women you had to love with a strong dark heart that throbbed in gorgeous pain because love is terrible. I mean, ultimately. It would go away like a needle lifting from the vinyl at the end of the song, we knew this. The music would cease, one of us would die or else we'd just break up, and this drove us to drink from each other like two twelve-year-olds sneaking vodka from the liquor cabinet, trying to get it all down, trying to get as fucked up as possible before we got caught. #Quote by Michelle Tea
Ankles quotes by Clarissa Pinkola Estes
#28. She is often the broken-winged one, who does everything all wrong until people realize she's been doing it ... pretty right all along. She's the poor girl who never dressed right, who had torn hose, and they were all baggy around her ankles. She's the Raggedy Ann of the sophisticated world, who pulls it out at the last minute, flies by the seat of her pants, cackling all the way home. She is the late bloomer, the late start, the autumn bush, the winter holly. She is Baubo, all the classical Greek goddesses. She is the old girl who still blushes, and laughs, and dances. She's the truth teller, maybe that people hate to hear, but they learn to listen to. She is not dumb and in some ways is not shrewd. She works on passion, and the doll in her pocket, and the intuition that leads her into and through all the world. #Quote by Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Ankles quotes by Elizabeth McCracken
#29. Revising stuff lately, I was shocked to see how often my characters scratched their ankles, felt their feet, and touched their own ears. #Quote by Elizabeth McCracken
Ankles quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#30. One also, in our milieu, simply didn't meet enough Americans to form an opinion. And when one did - this was in the days of crew-cuts and short-legged pants - they, too, often really did sport crew-cuts and trousers that mysteriously ended several inches short of the instep. Why was that? It obviously wasn't poverty. A colleague of my father's had a daughter who got herself married and found that an American friend she had met on holiday had offered to pay the whole cost of the nuptial feast. I forget the name of this paladin, but he had a crew-cut and amputated trouser-bottoms and a cigar stub and he came from a place called Yonkers, which seemed to me a ridiculous name to give to a suburb. (I, who had survived Crapstone… ) Anyway, once again one received a Henry Jamesian impression of brash generosity without overmuch refinement. There was a boy at my boarding school called Warren Powers Laird Myers, the son of an officer stationed at one of the many U.S. Air Force bases in Cambridgeshire. Trousers at The Leys School were uniform and regulation, but he still managed to show a bit of shin and to buzz-cut his hair. 'I am not a Yankee,' he informed me (he was from Norfolk, Virginia). 'I am a CON-federate.' From what I was then gleaning of the news from Dixie, this was unpromising. In our ranks we also had Jamie Auchincloss, a sprig of the Kennedy-Bouvier family that was then occupying the White House. His trousers managed to avoid covering his ankles also, though the fact that #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
Ankles quotes by J.R. Ward
#31. All I see are ankles and wrists
and FYI, you're pulling a Mileyfrickin'-Cyrus with that belly flash. Not attractive. #Quote by J.R. Ward
Ankles quotes by Mary Woronov
#32. When she sat, she crossed her hands and ankles perfectly. Yes, yes, everything was in the classroom. We chatted, bonded, as Brandy flopped around on the silver concrete floor with the silver hook still in her bloody mouth. Both of us were excited. Celinas tried to climb in her purse, which was filled with dirty broken makeup, the true sign of a queen. I was thrilled she had let me look, even slip my hand into it for a moment. I let her huddle near me, but when she tried to clutch my hand I had to recoil. I hated being touched by anything in the human-skin package. #Quote by Mary Woronov
Ankles quotes by Brian McGreevy
#33. Roman ignored her and took her ankles and flipped them purposefully, but because of her hands she could not turn all the way and ended up with her legs scissored unintuitively, and suddenly things were different. Ashley had heard girls tell stories of getting into situations and changing their minds as though this made them victims of what happened next, like that was how it worked, that you got so far and it switched off just like that and they were not themselves to blame for being little sluts and cock teases in the first place. But now she understood: it was not like that. Changing your mind was not the thing that happened at all, what changed was your body telling you what was right and what was wrong and before now she had never known the way things can just like that go all wrong. #Quote by Brian McGreevy
Ankles quotes by Chris Owen
#34. And you would be docile strung up by your ankles," Tobias said smoothly. "One stroke. Now try again. #Quote by Chris Owen
Ankles quotes by Sally Thorne
#35. Let's put our weapons down, okay?" He raises his hands to show he's unarmed. His hands are big enough to encircle my ankles. I swallow.

To hide my awkwardness, I mime taking a gun out of my pocket and toss it aside. He reaches into an imaginary shoulder holsters and takes out a gun, putting it on his planner. I unsheathe an invisible knife from my thigh.

"All of them." I indicate under the desk. He reaches down to his ankle and pretends to take a handgun out of an ankle holster.

"That's better." I sink into my chair and close my eyes.

"You're deeply weird, Shortcake." His voice is not unkind. I force my eyes open and the Staring Game almost kills me. His eyes are the blue of a peacock's chest. Everything is changing. #Quote by Sally Thorne
Ankles quotes by Tina Fey
#36. An interim government was set up in Afghanistan. It included two women, one of whom was Minister of Women's Affairs. Man, who'd she have to show here ankles to to get that job? #Quote by Tina Fey
Ankles quotes by Bill Walton
#37. I've had 36 orthopedic operations, have two fused ankles, my knees, hands and wrists don't work, I now have a fused spine, other than that, everything is great. #Quote by Bill Walton
Ankles quotes by Rick Riordan
#38. Annabeth sat up and glared at her ankle.
"You HAD to break," she scolded it.
The ankle did not reply. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Ankles quotes by Kiersten White
#39. Lying spread-eagled in the hall with only my ankle inside
the room that kept me prisoner here. They really should have thought of that and tagged my neck or something. #Quote by Kiersten White
Ankles quotes by Robert Jordan
#40. There is some delight in ale and wine
And some in girls with ankles fine
But my delight, yes always mine
Is to dance with Jak O' the Shadows
We will toss the dice however they fall
And snuggle the girls be they short or tall
Then follow Lord Mat whenever he calls
To dance with Jak O' the Shadows. #Quote by Robert Jordan
Ankles quotes by Emo Philips
#41. My dad and I, we used to play baseball. I was the catcher. Which I liked. Until one day, I saw this game on TV, and I said, Hang on, how come their catcher doesn't have his hands tied to his ankles? #Quote by Emo Philips
Ankles quotes by Jerry Spinelli
#42. I'm not sure," she said. "There's no one answer to that. You have to
find your own way. Sometimes I try to erase myself. I imagine a big
pink soft soap eraser, and it's going back and forth, back and forth,
and it starts down at my toes, back and forth, back and forth, and
there they go-poof!-my toes are gone. And then my feet. And then my
ankles. But that's the easy part. The hard part is erasing my senses-my
eyes, my ears, my nose, my tongue. And last to go is my brain. My
thoughts, memories, all the voices inside my head. That's the hardest,
erasing my thoughts." She chuckled faintly. "My pumpkin. And then, if
I've done a good job, I'm erased. I'm gone. I'm nothing. And then the
world is free to flow into me like water into an empty bowl. #Quote by Jerry Spinelli
Ankles quotes by Sophie Ellis-Bextor
#43. The NHS is a bit iffy when you sprain an ankle, but when it's a high-priority issue, it's fantastic. They don't mess about. They're incredibly efficient when things go wrong. #Quote by Sophie Ellis-Bextor
Ankles quotes by Ayana Mathis
#44. I take in great lungfuls of air. Atom by atom, the oxygen enters my blood and pumps in waves through my veins; it is tidal, this pumping blood. My heart beats mightily. If I ran any faster, gravity would loose its claims on my ankles, and my feet would pedal into the air. #Quote by Ayana Mathis
Ankles quotes by Dionne Brand
#45. So don't tell me how love will rescue me, I was carnivorous about love, I ate love to the ankles, my thighs are gnawed with love still and yet I cannot have loved, since living was all I could do and for that, I was caged in bone spur endlessly #Quote by Dionne Brand
Ankles quotes by Anthony Doerr
#46. He could see tiny particles of dust drifting in the air between her ankles, each fleck tumbling individually in and out of the sunlight, and there was something intensely familiar in their arrangement. #Quote by Anthony Doerr
Ankles quotes by Elizabeth Acevedo
#47. Mami wanted me to be a lady: sit up straight, cross my ankles, let men protect me. Papi wanted me to be a leader. To think quick & strike hard, to speak rarely, but when I did, to always be heard. Me? Playing chess taught me a queen is both: deadly & graceful, poised & ruthless. Quiet & cunning. A queen offers her hand to be kissed, & can form it into a fist while smiling the whole damn time #Quote by Elizabeth Acevedo
Ankles quotes by Carolyn Jourdan
#48. It's hurting in a place I call my skull, between my arm and my neck, near the fingers, cause of my leg, over on the other side. It hurts. Ye might wanna jab a needle in it.... I need to get my feet and ankles xrayed. I took the flu, got diarrhea, and it went to my feet. It didn't help that I dropped a piece of wood on them either. #Quote by Carolyn Jourdan
Ankles quotes by Shannon Messenger
#49. She'd hoped to close her eyes and dream of sparkly winged horses flying through a bright blue sky. Instead, black-cloaked figures haunted her mind, snatching her from the shadows
and dragging her away in a drugged haze. Sharp bonds sliced her wrists and ankles as someone shouted questions she didn't know the answers to. Then fiery hands seared her skin and ghostly whispers swirled through the blackness.

They would find her.

She would never escape them again
. #Quote by Shannon Messenger
Ankles quotes by Gena Showalter
#50. His skin was furred like that of a horse. Snakes danced and hissed from his head, their thin bodies acting as his hair. Two long fangs protruded over his bottom lip. He had human hands, but his feet were hooves. Muscle was stacked upon muscle on his torso, and his nipples were pierced by two large silver rings. Metal chains circled his neck, wrists and ankles, and those chains kept him tethered to the pillars. "Who are you?" Strider demanded. No need to ask what the thing was. Ugly as shit covered it. He #Quote by Gena Showalter
Ankles quotes by Linda Kage
#51. It doesn't seem fair," he murmured, once again smoothing out her messy bed head. "You get all the morning sickness, the kicks in the ribs and the bloated stomach and swollen ankles, and I get nine months of sex without condoms. #Quote by Linda Kage
Ankles quotes by Lauren Kate
#52. The crowd as silent,holding their breaths.Hot wind rustled in the trees as the ax gleamed in the sun.Luce could feel that the end was coming,but why? Why had her soul dragged her here? What insight abouther past,or the curse, could she possibly gain from having her head cut off?
Then Daniel dropped the ax to the ground.
"What are you doing?" Luce asked.
Daniel didn't answer.He rolled back his shoulders, turned his face toward the sky, and flung out her arms. Zotz stepped forward to interfere,but when he touched Daniel's shoulder,he screamed and recoiled as if he'd been burned.
And then-
Daniel's white wings unfurled from his shoulders.As they extended fully from his sides,huge and shockingly bright against the parched brown landscape, they sent twenty Mayans hurtling backward.
Shouts rang out around the cenote:
"What is he?"
"The boy is winged!"
"He is a god! Sent to us by Chaat!"
Luce thrashed against the ropes binding her wrists and her ankles.She needed to run to Daniel.She tried to move toward him,until-
Until she couldn't move anymore.
Daniel's wings were so bright they were almost unbearable. Only, now it wasn't just Daniel's wings that were glowing. It was...all of him. His entire body shone.As if he'd swallowed the sun.
Music filled the air.No,not music, but a single harmonious chord.Deafening and unending,glorious and frightening.
Luce had heard it before...somewhere. In the cemetery at Sword&C #Quote by Lauren Kate
Ankles quotes by Poppy Z. Brite
#53. Stare at him," said Ghost. "They won't bite you if you keep staring at them."
Steve backed away. "They bite?"
Not really. They hiss at you, mostly. The only time geese are ever dangerous is when you happen to be standing on the edge of a cliff. I heard about a guy that almost got killed that way."
By geese?"
Yeah, there was a whole flock of them coming after him. All hissing and cackling and stabbing at his ankles with their big ol' beaks. He didn't know you had to stare them right in the eye, and he panicked. They backed him right over a fifty-foot cliff."
So how come he didn't die?"
This guy had wings," said Ghost. "He flew away. #Quote by Poppy Z. Brite
Ankles quotes by Mardy Grothe
#54. If life were like a competitive race, some people would be given a flying start and others would line up with weights tied to their ankles. #Quote by Mardy Grothe
Ankles quotes by Lucretius
#55. Another fallacy comes creeping in whose errors you should be meticulous in trying to avoid. Don't think our eyes, our bright and shining eyes, were made for us to look ahead with. Don't suppose our thigh bones fitted our shin bones and our shins our ankles so that we might take steps. Don't think that arms dangled from shoulders and branched out in hands with fingers at their ends, both right and left, for us to do whatever need required for our survival. All such argument, all such interpretation is perverse, fallacious, puts the cart before the horse. No bodily thing was born for us to use. Nature had no such aim, but what was born creates the use. There could be no such thing as sight before the eyes were formed. No speech before the tongue was made, but tongues began long before speech were uttered. and the ears were fashioned long before a sound was heard. And all the organs I feel sure, were there before their use developed. They could not evolve for the sake of use be so designed. But battling hand to hand and slashing limbs, fouling the foe in blood, these antedate the flight of shining javelins. Nature taught men out to dodge a wound before they learned the fit of shield to arm. Rest certainly is older in the history of man than coverlets or mattresses, and thirst was quenched before the days of cups or goblets. Need has created use as man contrives device for his comfort. but all these cunning inventions are far different from all those things much older, which supp #Quote by Lucretius
Ankles quotes by Jane Hirshfield
#56. When Your Life Looks Back,

When your life looks back--
As it will, at itself, at you--what will it say?

Inch of colored ribbon cut from the spool.
Flame curl, blue-consuming the log it flares from.
Bay leaf. Oak leaf. Cricket. One among many.

Your life will carry you as it did always,
With ten fingers and both palms,
With horizontal ribs and upright spine,
With its filling and emptying heart,
That wanted only your own heart, emptying, filled, in return.
You gave it. What else could do?

Immersed in air or in water.
Immersed in hunger or anger.
Curious even when bored.
Longing even when running away.

"What will happen next?"--
the question hinged in your knees, your ankles,
in the in-breaths even of weeping.
Strongest of magnets, the future impartial drew you in.
Whatever direction you turned toward was face to face.
No back of the world existed,
No unseen corner, no test. No other earth to prepare for.

This, your life had said, its only pronoun.
Here, your life had said, its only house.
Let, your life had said, its only order.

And did you have a choice in this? You did--

Sleeping and waking,
the horses around you, the mountains around you,
The buildings with their tall, hydraulic shafts.
Those of your own kind around you--

A few times, you stood on your head.
A few t #Quote by Jane Hirshfield
Ankles quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#57. Derian pulled the blanket snug around himself. "This is my added assurance."

Eena wrinkled her nose as if she thought his answer was odder than his actions. "It's your what?"

"If you recall the last time we were here standing in this very spot, you pelted me with neumberries." He held up a single berry before popping it into his mouth. "I doubt you would risk soiling your blanket, so I figure wrapping it around me this way I'm pretty much assured safety from any potential attack."

He winked playfully, and she laughed out loud.

"I'm afraid you don't know me half as well as you think," she announced. Aiming low, she flung a sizable berry at his calf. It hit its mark.

"Whoa, whoa!" He lowered the blanket to cover his legs.

"You can't hide yourself entirely, Derian," she said, aiming for his face. He ducked, raising the blanket like a shield in the process.

Another round of ammunition pelted his ankles before he decided it was time to fight back. Eena found herself bound up in her own blanket, arms wrapped securely at her sides. She laughed nonstop, unable to move within his strong hold. Derian leaned forward until their noses touched, and then he kissed her giggles silent. He kept her in the blanket, snug and close to him, but Eena managed to wriggle an arm free and drape it around his neck, holding his lips in reach. She uttered a quick count in between kisses.

"Seven," she breathed.
#Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
Ankles quotes by Mark Strand
#58. These wrinkles are nothing These gray hairs are nothing, This stomach which sags with old food, these bruised and swollen ankles, my darkening brain, they are nothing. I am the same boy my mother used to kiss. #Quote by Mark Strand
Ankles quotes by Christine Feehan
#59. I love you." He grinned unexpectedly, traced he lower lip with the tip of a finger. "What is more, I know you love me. You hide it from yourself, but I found it in a little corner, tucked away in your mind."
Shea stared up at the teasing smile on his face, then pushed at the solid wall of his chest. "You're making that up."
Jacques moved off her, then reached down to pull her to her feet. His clothes were scattered everywhere, and he made no move to retrieve them. Shea's shirt was still hanging open, and her jeans were down around her ankles. Blushing, she pulled them up. His hand stayed hers, preventing her from fastening them. "Do not bother, Shea. The pools are just ahead." He walked a few feet, then looked back over his shoulder. "I did not make it up, and I know you are staring at my backside."
Shea tossed her mane of red hair so that it flew in all directions. "Any woman in her right mind would stare at your particular backside, so you don't need to add that to your arrogant list of virtues. And stay out of my mind unless you're invited." She was staring, but she couldn't help it. He was so beautifully masculine.
Jacques reached behind him and captured her hand, lacing their fingers together. "But I find the most interesting things in your mind, my love. Things you do not have any intention of telling me. #Quote by Christine Feehan
Ankles quotes by Jettie Necole
#60. Ruby's eyes shot open when she woke, for she felt a constraint around her wrists and ankles. Feeling with her fingers, she touched cold metal. Her small movement gave the chains a slight jingle. A sinking feeling washed over her at the realization that she was chained. #Quote by Jettie Necole
Ankles quotes by Mary E. Pearson
#61. How does it feel?
The rope dug into my wrist . Numbed my ankles.
Familiar, I had wanted to answer. Being a prisoner feels familiar.
It was all I had ever been. My past held on to me me as strongly as it had when I was a child, my choices still limited, my steps still shackled. My life had been patched together with lies from the day I was born.
How does it feel?
Old. I was tired of lies. #Quote by Mary E. Pearson
Ankles quotes by Mara Wilson
#62. I'm pretty cautious and not very athletic, so I've only had really dumb injuries, like sprained ankles and allergic reactions. I did have to go to the hospital after slicing my finger while trying to cut a Kaiser roll in half. #Quote by Mara Wilson
Ankles quotes by T. J. Miller
#63. I have perfectly symmetrical ankles. #Quote by T. J. Miller
Ankles quotes by Christopher Moore
#64. Trust your faith, Peter," I yelled. "If you doubt you won't be able to do it." Then Peter stepped with both feet onto the surface of the water, and for a split second he stood there. And we were all amazed. "Hey, I'm - " Then he sank like a stone. He came up sputtering. We were all doubled over giggling, and even Joshua had sunk up to his ankles, he was laughing so hard. "I can't believe you fell for that," said Joshua. He ran across the water and helped us pull Peter into the boat. "Peter, you're as dumb as a box of rocks. But what amazing faith you have. I'm going to build my church on this box of rocks." "You would have Peter build your church?" asked Philip. "Because he tried to walk on the water." "Would you have tried it?" asked Joshua. "Of course not," said Philip. "I can't swim. #Quote by Christopher Moore
Ankles quotes by William Goldman
#65. Wesley: To the pain means the first thing you will lose will be your feet below the ankles. Then your hands at the wrists. Next your nose. The next thing you will lose will be your left eye followed by your right.
Prince Humperdink: And then my ears, I understand let's get on with it.
Wesley: WRONG. Your ears you keep and I'll tell you why. So that every shriek of every child at seeing your hideousness will be yours to cherish. Every babe that weeps at your approach, every woman who cries out, "Dear God! What is that thing," will echo in your perfect ears. That is what to the pain means. It means I leave you in anguish, wallowing in freakish misery forever. #Quote by William Goldman
Ankles quotes by Maria Dahvana Headley
#66. Some people think it's comforting to imagine being flung over a rainbow when you die, grabbed by your ankles by a bluebird, and swung into the void. #Quote by Maria Dahvana Headley
Ankles quotes by Lou Beach
#67. I lay the book on the floor, open to the middle. It's a lovely volume, green leather covers, engraved endpapers. I remove my shoes and step into it up to my ankles, knees, hips, chest, until only my head is showing and the pages spread around me and the words bob up and down and bump into my neck, and the punctuation sticks to my chin and cheeks so I look like I need a shave. #Quote by Lou Beach
Ankles quotes by Mark McKinney
#68. Two stops after I got on, these two unbelievable short people got on, and the way they were looking at me, I could tell. They wanted to bite my ankles! #Quote by Mark McKinney
Ankles quotes by Paul Levine
#69. At the prosecution table, Flagler gave me his Ivy League snicker. If I wanted, I could dangle him out the window by his ankles. But then, I was picking up penalties for late hits while he was singing tenor with the Whiffenpoofs. Okay, so I'm not Yale Law Review, but I'm proud of my diploma. University of Miami. Night division. Top half of the bottom third of my class. #Quote by Paul Levine
Ankles quotes by Rajon Rondo
#70. As I grew up, I played in sandals. I played in flip-flops all the time back in the day. That's why I didn't really care about spraining my ankles. When I first started in the NBA, I loved low-cuts. I can play (in them), because I used to grow up playing in flip-flops all the time. #Quote by Rajon Rondo
Ankles quotes by Celia Rivenbark
#71. Okay, let's see if I got this straight. The butt is the new breast, and the lower back is the new ankle. Now if only we could figure out where the brain has moved. #Quote by Celia Rivenbark
Ankles quotes by Robert Englund
#72. The last week of shooting, we did a scene in which I drag Amanda Wyss, the sexy, blond actress who played Tina, across the ceiling of her bedroom, a sequence that ultimately became one of the most visceral from the entire Nightmare franchise. Tina's bedroom was constructed as a revolving set, and before Tina and Freddy did their dance of death, Wes did a few POV shots of Nick Corri (aka Rod) staring at the ceiling in disbelief, then we flipped the room, and the floor became the ceiling and the ceiling became the floor and Amanda and I went to work.

As was almost always the case when Freddy was chasing after a nubile young girl possessed by her nightmare, Amanda was clad only in her baby-doll nightie. Wes had a creative camera angle planned that he wanted to try, a POV shot from between Amanda's legs. Amanda, however, wasn't in the cameramen's union and wouldn't legally be allowed to operate the cemera for the shot. Fortunately, Amy Haitkin, our director of photography's wife, was our film's focus puller and a gifted camera operator in her own right. Being a good sport, she peeled off her jeans and volunteered to stand in for Amanda. The makeup crew dapped some fake blood onto her thighs, she lay down on the ground, Jacques handed her the camera, I grabbed her ankles, and Wes called, "Action."

After I dragged Amy across the floor/ceiling, I spontaneously blew her a kiss with my blood-covered claw; the fake blood on my blades was viscous, so that when I bl #Quote by Robert Englund
Ankles quotes by Jamie Lee Scott
#73. Charles wore khaki Dockers, with monochrome argyle socks and leather tasseled loafers. The temperature was only supposed to be sixty-five, so he wore a pale blue rugby shirt. He put his feet up on the table and crossed his ankles. #Quote by Jamie Lee Scott
Ankles quotes by Louise Erdrich
#74. She was as sturdily made as a captain's chair, yet drew water with graceful wrists and ran dancing across the rutted road on curved white ankles. #Quote by Louise Erdrich
Ankles quotes by Nicole Krauss
#75. When your pants are down around your ankles, that's when everyone arrives. #Quote by Nicole Krauss
Ankles quotes by Ilona Andrews
#76. What happened to the alpha-wolf?"
"Legos?" It sounded Greek but I couldn't recall anything mythological with that name. Wasn't it an island?
"He was carrying a load of laundry into the basement and tripped on the old set of LEGOs his kids left on the stairs. Broke two ribs and an ankle. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Ankles quotes by Tessa Dare
#77. He lay on the bed, freshly shaven and washed, legs crossed at the ankles and arms propped behind his head. His posture said, Yes, ladies. I truly am this handsome. And I don't even have to try. #Quote by Tessa Dare
Ankles quotes by Franz Wisner
#78. Fresh start. Day two, socks around my ankles, way down, two Maori boys approached me before I could get to my desk. Probelm solved. That day and in the many enjoyable ones that followed, my classmates asked me dozen of questions about America, while detailing essential subjects for a New Zealand boy in 1976, including lollies, meat pies and chips, cricket and rugby, ABBA and Tintin comic books, and why their relatives with tattoos on their face did that funy dance while sticking out their tounges. #Quote by Franz Wisner
Ankles quotes by Liz Braswell
#79. The magicked dress danced over to the princess. Despite her misgivings, she stood up to receive it- it would have been rude not to. The dress easily smoothed itself over her. Dark green velvet skirts, full and soft, twirled around down to her ankles. Golden buttons fastened themselves up the placket on the bodice and over the elegant, tight sleeves. From her elbows, wisps of dark green mist flowed to the ground for tippets. A collar around her neck drifted out into a cape of the same material.
"Truly, you are the most beautiful princess in the world," a fairy breathed.
Aurora Rose looked at herself in the mirror of dewdrops. She was indeed the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. Long neck, golden hair, wide violet eyes, narrow waist, lips perfectly pink and rosy.
She turned, just a little bit, to see how her figure looked from a different angle. The green velvet flowed softly and majestically, making delicious little noises when its folds rippled. As talented as the castle seamstresses were, the princess had never worn anything as elegant or perfect as this. #Quote by Liz Braswell
Ankles quotes by John Fund
#80. The RNC was run so badly you could walk through their deepest competence and not get your ankles wet. #Quote by John Fund
Ankles quotes by Meg Rosoff
#81. But all I could think was in New York that kid would have been stuck in a straitjacket practically from birth and dangled over a tank full of Educational Consultants and Remedial Experts all snapping at his ankles for the next twenty years arguing about his Special Needs and getting paid plenty for it. #Quote by Meg Rosoff
Ankles quotes by Darnell Lamont Walker
#82. There are no houses to wife. only window seats to occupy when the weather needs changing & waters to flow past our ankles on Sundays as we fish. #Quote by Darnell Lamont Walker
Ankles quotes by Anson Scott
#83. She lay on her back with arms extended over her head and legs slightly spread. Cuchillo zip-tied her slender wrists and ankles to each corner of the long metal exam table and stuffed a washrag in her mouth to prevent her from crying out… Only her rapidly-moving eyes betrayed her distress, they darted from her captors to the wiry man tied to the wall…The interrogator stood close to the table, carelessly wielding a lovingly sharpened straight razor and licking his lips, while he ogled the helpless girl. Tuco felt his stomach turn when Cuchillo ran his dirty hand up the inside of her smooth leg and under the hem of her short dress. #Quote by Anson Scott
Ankles quotes by Kate Zambreno
#84. And I *know* I wrote in the above that I hate biographies and reviews that focus on the psychological, surface detail, especially when they pertain to women writers, because I think it's really about the cult of the personality, which is essentially problematic, and I think simplistically psychologizing which biographies are so wont to do is really problematic, and dangerous, especially when dealing with complicated women who just by being writers at a certain time and age were labelled as nonconformist, or worse, hysterical or ill or crazy, and I think branding these women as femme fatales is all so often done. And I know in a way I'm contributing to this by posting their bad-ass photos, except hopefully I am humanizing them and thinking of them as complicated selves and intellects AND CELEBRATING THEM AS WRITERS as opposed to straight-up objectifying. One particular review long ago in Poetry that really got my goat was when Brian Phillips used Gertrude Stein's line about Djuna Barnes having nice ankles as an opener in a review of her poetry, and to my mind it was meant to be entirely dismissive, as of course, Stein was being as well. Stein was many important revolutionary things to literature, but a champion of her fellow women writers she was not. They published my letter, but then let the guy write a reply and scurry to the library and actually read Nightwood, one of my all-time, all-times, and Francis Bacon's too, there's another anecdote. And it's burned in my brain his #Quote by Kate Zambreno
Ankles quotes by Jerry Spinelli
#85. It's hard to do nothing totally. Even just sitting here, like this, our bodies are churning, our minds are chattering. There's a whole commotion going on inside us."
"That's bad?" I said.
"It's bad if we want to know what's going on outside ourselves."
"Don't we have eyes and ears for that?"
She nodded. "They're okay most of the time. But sometimes they just get in the way. The earth is speaking to us, but we can't hear because of all the racket our senses are shaking. Sometimes we need to erase them, erase our senses. Then-maybe- the earth will touch us. The universe will speak. The stars will whisper."
The sun was glowing orange now, clipping the mountains' purple crests.
"So how do I become this nothing?"
"I'm not sure,"she said "There's no one answer to that. You have to find your own way. Sometimes I try to erase myself. I imagine a big pink soft soap eraser, and it's going back and forth, back and forth, and it starts down at my toes, back and forth, back and forth, and there they go-poof!-my toes are gone. And then my feet. And then my ankles. But that's the easy part. The hard part is erasing my senses-my eyes,my ears,my nose, my tongue. And last to go is my brain. My thoughts, memories, all the voices inside my head. That's the hardest, erasing my thoughts." She chuckled faintly. "My pumpkin. And then, if I've done a good job, I'm erased. I'm gone. I'm nothing. And then the world is free to flow into me like water into and emp #Quote by Jerry Spinelli
Ankles quotes by Jill Soloway
#86. I'm embarrassed that people will know that I can't ride a bicycle. For years, I have been feigning bad ankles and saying I wasn't in the mood for a bike ride. #Quote by Jill Soloway
Ankles quotes by Helen Mirren
#87. I am not too keen on my nose, I don't like my knees, I hate my ankles, I am unsure about my behind, I don't like my legs at all. I am not too sure about my chin, my forehead is a bit dodgy. But, overall, I can live with it. #Quote by Helen Mirren
Ankles quotes by Jere Longman
#88. Baseball may be called the national pastime, but it survives on the sentimentality of middle-age men who wistfully dream of playing catch with their fathers and sons. Football, with its dull stoppages, lost its military-industrial relevance with the end of the Cold War, and has become as tired and predictable in performance as it is in political metaphor. The professional game floats on an ocean of gambling, the players' steroid-laced bodies having outgrown their muscular and skeletal carriages. Biceps rip from their moorings, ankles break on simple pivots. Achilles' tendons shrivel like slugs doused with salt. Soccer and basketball are the only mainstream sports that truly plug into the modem-pulse of a dot-com society. Soccer is perfectly suited for a country of the hamster-treadmill pace, the remote-control zap and the national attention deficit--two 45-minute halves, the clock never stops, no commercial interruptions, the final whistle blows in less than two hours. It is a fluid game of systemized chaos that, no matter how tightly scripted by coaches, cannot be regulated any more than information can be truly controlled on the Internet. #Quote by Jere Longman
Ankles quotes by Rudyard Kipling
#89. A churel is the peculiarly malignant ghost of a woman who has died in child-bed. She haunts lonely roads, her feet are turned backwards on the ankles, and she leads men to torment. #Quote by Rudyard Kipling
Ankles quotes by Frank Yerby
#90. Ill tell you the one that I think will: when a mans in love he wants to keep the one he loves- and cherish her. He wants to build a picket fence twixt them and the world. He doesn't want it temporary, a secret, hidden. He wants the world to know. The one he loves is somebody to him, not a thing to be taken, used and tossed aside. Hell, I'm not saying he shouldn't be interested in your pretty ankles and what a nice sway your bustles got. That's part of it too; but only a part. The rest of it is the long years ahead, the laughing together, and the crying, bringing up your kids, nodding together under the lamplight when your heads have turned white, and finally lying together forever in the long dark... #Quote by Frank Yerby
Ankles quotes by Toni Morrison
#91. I welcomed the circling sharks but they avoided me as if knowing I preferred their teeth to the chains around my neck my waist my ankles #Quote by Toni Morrison
Ankles quotes by Cassandra Clare
#92. But - but ... " Will sputtered.
"Oh, leave it," said Jem, kicking Will, not without affection, lightly on the ankle.
"She annexed my plan!"
"Will," Tessa said firmly. "Do you care more about the plan being enacted or about getting credit for it?"
Will pointed a finger at her. "That," he said. "The second one. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Ankles quotes by Matt Taibbi
#93. The only candidate to really escape Trump's wrath has been Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, and that's because Cruz has spent the entire political season nuzzling Trump's ankles, praising the Donald like a lovesick cellmate. The Texas senator, whose rhetorical schtick is big doses of Tea Party crazy (his best line was that Obama wanted to bring "expanded Medicaid" to ISIS) #Quote by Matt Taibbi
Ankles quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#94. You will find that it is necessary to let things go; simply for the reason that they are heavy. So let them go, let go of them. I tie no weights to my ankles. #Quote by C. JoyBell C.
Ankles quotes by Grant Gustin
#95. The next day, we shot 'I Want You Back,' and that was a 14-hour day. That's typical. By the end of the day, my knees and ankles are killing me. #Quote by Grant Gustin
Ankles quotes by Christian Louboutin
#96. No woman wants to have fat ankles. #Quote by Christian Louboutin
Ankles quotes by J.D. Gallagher
#97. So what do you think?' He asked, holding up the book.
'I think Salinger is a closet paedophile,' I replied placidly and was surprised and comforted by this minuscule, acidic, bitter Sylvia Plath like mocking, sniping tone that had crept into my voice. 'The main character Seymour is a fully grown man and a pervert who befriends young girls with his storytelling and swimming, just to get close enough to groom them in preparation for the inevitable sexual assault he lusts after. You might have noticed for example in A Perfect Day For Bananafish he grabs the young girls-'
'He grabs Sybil's ankles while lying on the beach and again when he pushes her in the water,' I continued. 'He goes too far when he kisses the bottom of her foot which makes even a four-year-old yell out in fear, knowing a line had been crossed. Frustrated Seymour walks away and goes back to his hotel where he kills himself in shame. #Quote by J.D. Gallagher
Ankles quotes by Jean Rhys
#98. Every word I say has chains round its ankles; every thought I think is weighted with heavy weights. #Quote by Jean Rhys
Ankles quotes by Naomi Campbell
#99. The worst was when my skirt fell down to my ankles, but I had on thick tights underneath. #Quote by Naomi Campbell
Ankles quotes by Michael J. Fox
#100. If I don't get food in my mouth, I'm still happy. If my pants are round my ankles, as long as I don't get arrested for indecent exposure, I'm happy. I'm worried about keeping my hair, not how it's combed. #Quote by Michael J. Fox
Ankles quotes by Courtney Milan
#101. This time, his gaze fixed on her and stayed. The wind blew, whipping her skirts about her ankles, as if he'd called up a gale with the intensity of his stare. #Quote by Courtney Milan
Ankles quotes by Clarissa Pinkola Estes
#102. I once dreamt I was telling stories and felt someone patting my foot in encouragement. I looked down and saw that I was standing on the shoulders of an older woman who was steadying my ankles and smiling up at me.
I said to her, "no no come stand on my shoulders, For you are old and I am Young."
"No no" she insisted, "this is the way it is supposed to be." I saw that she stood on the shoulders of a woman far older than she, who stood on the shoulders of a woman even older, who stood on the shoulders of a woman in robes, who stood on the shoulders of another soul, who stood on the shoulders... #Quote by Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Ankles quotes by Nora Roberts
#103. I could come down for a couple of days, Daniel,but I'd like to bring someone."
"Someone?" Daniel's senses sharpened. He leaned forward with the cigar smoldering in his hand. "Who might this someone be?"
Recognizing the tone, Grant crunched o a corn chip. "An artist I know who's doing some painting in New England, in Winty Point at the moment. I think she'd be interested in your house."
She, Daniel thought with an irrepressible grin.Just because he'd managed to comfortably establish his children didn't mean he had to give up the satisfying hobby of matchmaking. Young people needed to be guided in such matters-or shoved along.And Grant-though he was a Campbell-was by way of being family...
"An artist...aye,that's interesting. Always room for one more,son. Bring her along. An artist," he repeated, tapping out his cigar. "Young and pretty, too, I'm sure."
"She's nearly seventy," Grant countered easily,crossing his ankles as he leaned against the wall. "A little dumpy, has a face like a frog.Her paintings are timeless, tremendous emotional content and physicality.I'm crazy about her." He paused, imagining Daniel's wide face turning a deep puce. "Genuine emotion transcends age and physical beauty, don't you agree?"
Daniel choked, then found his voice. The boy needed help,a great deal of help. "You come early Friday,son. We'll need some time to talk." He stared hard the bookshelf across the room. "Seventy, you say?"
"Close.But then true sensuality #Quote by Nora Roberts
Ankles quotes by George A. Romero
#104. Zombies cannot run. I say this definitively as the godfather of zombies. Zombies cannot run.
So anyone who has a zombie running...don't listen to that person. Their ankles would snap. I mean what did they do, go and join a spa the moment they rose from the dead? Gimme a break. They're dead. #Quote by George A. Romero
Ankles quotes by Maria Montessori
#105. If I am going up a ladder, and a dog begins to bite at my ankles, I can do one of two things - either turn round and kick out at the it, or simply go on up the ladder. I prefer to go up the ladder! #Quote by Maria Montessori
Ankles quotes by Christine Warren
#106. It might have felt easier if she'd been able to say that she moved across the room to him in a trance, as if he were a vampire exerting some kind of mind control. That would have been a cop-out, though. Not to mention a lie. She was exquisitely aware of every movement she made as she uncurled her legs, rose from her chair and walked slowly and carefully around the end of the coffee table towards him. She felt the wide hem of her yoga pants sway around her ankles, felt the nap of the blue-and-green area rug and then the cool smoothness of the wooden floorboards beneath her feet. She felt the way the thick sofa cushions gave beneath her as she sat beside him and the pull of gravity when his heavier weight made a deeper depression that her body rolled naturally into ... And then she felt everything. #Quote by Christine Warren
Ankles quotes by Melody Carlson
#107. Instead of thanking God for my two strong legs that are able to run and jump and climb, I whined about my "thunder thighs" and "thick" ankles. Instead of rejoicing that I have two capable arms that can lift and carry and balance my body, I complained about the flab that hung beneath them. I have been totally and unbelievably ungrateful for everything. Like a completely spoiled brat, I took my healthy body for granted. I criticized it and despised it. With crystal clarity, I know that I do not deserve the good health that God has mysteriously blessed me with. Not only have I been unappreciative of my body and its amazing working parts, I tortured it by overexercising, and I put my entire health at serious risk by starving myself. What on earth was wrong with me? As I watch these kids with their less-than-perfect bodies, I feel so thoroughly ashamed of myself. I mean, how could I have been so stupid and shallow and self-centered? #Quote by Melody Carlson
Ankles quotes by Ray Bradbury
#108. They sat on the edge of a brook and took off their shoes and let the water cut their feet off to the ankles with an exquisite cold razor. #Quote by Ray Bradbury
Ankles quotes by Erin Nicholas
#109. Owen felt his mouth curve into a grin as he heard the familiar clap, clap, clap behind him.
That was one of his favorite sounds - high heels on the wooden dock of the Boys of the Bayou swamp boat tour company.
He took his time turning and once he did, he started at the shoes.
They were black and showed off bright red toenails. The straps wrapped sexily around trim ankles and led the eye right up to smooth, toned calves. The heels matched the black polka dots on the white skirt that thankfully didn't start until mid-thigh, and showed off more tanned skin.
He straightened from his kneeling position in one of the boats as his eyes kept moving up past the skirt to the bright red belt that accentuated a narrow waist and then to the silky black tank that molded to a pair of perfect breasts.
He was fully anticipating her lips being bright red to go with that belt and her toenail polish. God, he loved red lipstick. And high heels. In any color.
But before he could get to those lips, she used them, to say, "Oh, dammit, it's you."
Owen's gaze bypassed her mouth to fly to her eyes. Because he'd know that voice anywhere.
Madison Allain was home.
A day early.
Not that an extra day would have helped him prepare. He'd been thinking about her visit for a week and was still as wound tight about it as he'd been when Sawyer, his business partner and cousin, had told him that she was coming home. For a month.
Owen stood just watching her, fi #Quote by Erin Nicholas
Ankles quotes by James Salter
#110. When he undressed at night he was like a diplomat or a judge. A white body, gentle and powerless, emerged from his clothes, his position in the world lay tumbled on the floor, fallen from his ankles ... #Quote by James Salter
Ankles quotes by Heidi Heilig
#111. Where are you going?"
"Out. Like you."
He raised an eyebrow, but he didn't press for more information. "One should always make one's own mistakes, instead of the mistakes of others, amira."
"Out like me, then."
"Dressed like that?"
"And what's wrong with it?"
"It looks like you chose the pieces by throwing darts. And you are terrible at darts. Besides, it's much too short." He pointed vaguely toward my ankles and winked. "The whole world can see the top of your foot. You look like a hussy."
I grabbed my skirt and flashed him my knees. He pretended to swoon. "Don't worry. This is late Victorian, not early. More permissive. #Quote by Heidi Heilig
Ankles quotes by Toni Morrison
#112. Jump, if you want to, 'cause I'll catch you, girl. I'll catch you "fore you fall. Go as far inside as you need to, I'll hold your ankles. Make sure you get back out. I'm not saying this because I need a place to stay. That's the last thing I need. I told you, I'm a walking man, but I been heading in this direction for seven years. Walking all around this place. Upstate, downstate, east, west; I been in territory ain't got no name, never staying nowhere long. But when I got here and sat out there on the porch, waiting for you, well, I knew it wasn't the place I was heading toward; it was you. We can make a life, girl. A life. #Quote by Toni Morrison
Ankles quotes by Roshani Chokshi
#113. I don't remember when the agni pariksha ended. I only remembered emerging, my ankles encircled with ash. A deafening roar--applause or resentment, fury or joy--as I left. And I remember Amar's face, one dark eyebrow arched as he surveyed the crowd, a proud smirk on his face as though he expected this all along.
All that time, I thought he was merely pretending. #Quote by Roshani Chokshi
Ankles quotes by Al McGuire
#114. If the waitress has dirty ankles, the chili is good. #Quote by Al McGuire
Ankles quotes by Kelley Armstrong
#115. (Tori) "In the real world, if we're attacked by some Cabal goon, we're going to use our fighting powers."
(Simon) "But Chloe doesn't have fighting powers."
(Tori) "Sure she does. She has a poltergeist. Well, when Liz is around. And when she's not, Chloe has the awesome power of zombies at her fingertips." Tori waved at the woods behind our rented house. "Raise a dead bunny. It can nip my ankles while I'm throwing you down." #Quote by Kelley Armstrong
Ankles quotes by Anonymise
#116. You can tell you are a soccer girl if.
You dont mind falling in the mud
You dont care if you get tripped.
You get back up again when you get pushed.
You out run all the guys.
You dont care to get a little sweat and blood on you.
You dont care about getting kicked in the ankles a million times.
You dont care about people stepping on your toes with there cleats.
You dont care what your hair looks like after you play.
All your makeup is washed off!
If you are all those you are definitely a soccer player! :) #Quote by Anonymise
Ankles quotes by Champ Bailey
#117. The street is where we all learn. I played organized football growing up as well, but when that was over, I went right to the street. I remember twisting my ankles, breaking my thumb, I hurt everything when I was little playing street ball. #Quote by Champ Bailey
Ankles quotes by Robin Hobb
#118. Amber emerged from behind the screen. But it was not Amber who stood before her. Instead, it was a smudge-faced slave girl. A tattoo sprawled across one wind-reddened cheek. A crusty sore encompassed half her upper lip and her left nostril. Her dirty hair was pulling free from a scruffy braid. Her shirt was rough cotton and her bare feet peeked out from under her patched skirts. A dirty bandage bound one of her ankles. Rough canvas work gloves had replaced the lacy ones Amber habitually wore. #Quote by Robin Hobb
Ankles quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
#119. I merely don't like drafts, or servants falling and breaking their ankles, making them incapable of serving me."
"I understand completely." Her gaze held a decided glint of mischief. "You are, after all, an unrepentant and thoroughly irresponsible rogue."
"Something it would behoove you not to forget," he growled, unnerved by her refusal to take him seriously.
"How can I forget it when you work so hard to remind us of it?"
"Damn it, Minerva-"
"I know, I know. You're my scary big brother, and all that." She waggled her fingers. "I'm off to bed. Don't get into too much trouble before morning."
As she sauntered out laughing, he couldn't prevent the smile tugging at his lips. God help any man who tried to make Minerva submit to his will. She would eat him alive and lick her fingers afterward. #Quote by Sabrina Jeffries
Ankles quotes by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
#120. As women, we were immensely powerful, Sister Aziza explained. The way Allah had created us, our hair, our nails, our heels, our neck, and ankles - every little curve in our body was arousing. If a woman aroused a man who was not her husband, she was sinning doubly in God's eyes, by leading the man into temptation and evil thoughts to match her own. Only the robe worn by the wives of the Prophet could prevent us from arousing men and leading society into fitna, uncontrollable confusion and social chaos. She #Quote by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Ankles quotes by Cassandra Clare
#121. Just remember, when your mother's gnawing my ankle like a furious mama bear separated from her cum, I did it for you. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Ankles quotes by Laurie Penny
#122. Feminism, like wealth, does not trickle down, and while a small number of extremely privileged women worry about the glass ceiling, the cellar is filling up with water, and millions of women and girls and their children are crammed in there, looking up as the flood creeps around their ankles, closes around their knees, inches up to their necks. #Quote by Laurie Penny
Ankles quotes by Andy Serkis
#123. After 'Kong,' my knuckles have never recovered because I had to wear very heavy weights on my forearms and around my hips and ankles to get the sense of size and scale of the movement of the character ... You are telling your body that you are these things and that you're feeling these thoughts and that you're experiencing these experiences. #Quote by Andy Serkis
Ankles quotes by Simon Palmer
#124. THE PLAQUE read HARVEY GOULD, P I. It was the middle of the day, but the blinds were closed. Inside a desktop sat flanked by three non-matching chairs, a creased, leather sofa and a bookcase full of fiction.
A middle-aged man lay back with a pair of briefs hanging around his ankles. A gorgeous, young lady was bent over him in a pair of pink panties that stretched over her pert buttocks. Her head was bobbing up and down and her long, thick black hair swished around her neck with each bob. Harvey lay motionless, moaning. #Quote by Simon Palmer
Ankles quotes by J.D. Robb
#125. I'll wait. By the way, sex-me-up shoes?"
"I was following a theme."
"Well." Reo turned her ankles, looked down. "They are pretty fabulous."
"They are," Mira agreed.
"I was going to say the same about yours. What a terrific color."
"Could we not talk about shoes in the box that still smells of evildoer?"
"You started it," Reo reminded her before she turned back to Mira. #Quote by J.D. Robb
Ankles quotes by John Cotton
#126. First a Christian wades in the rivers of God his grace up to the ankles, with some good frame of spirit; yet but weakly, for a man hath strength in his ankle bones... and yet may have but feeble knees.... So farre as you walk in the waters, so far are you healed; why then in the next place, he must wade till he come to the knees, goe a thousand Cubits, a mile further, and get more strenght to pray, and to walk on in your callings with more power and strength.
Secondly, but yet a man that wades but to the knees, his loynes are not drenched, for nothing is healed but what is in the water. Now the affections of a man are placed in his loynes, God tries the reines; a man may have many unruly affections, though he be padling in the wayes of grace; he may walk on in some eavennesse, and yet have of the rottennesse of his heart in the sight of God: why then, though hast waded but to the knees, and it is a mercy that thou art come so farre; but yet the loynes want healing, why, wade a mile further then; the grace of God yet comes too shallow in us, our passions are yet unmortified, so as we know not how to grieve in measure, our wrath is vehement and immoderate, you must therefore wade untill the loynes bee girt with a golden girdle; wade an-end, & think all is not well untill you be so deep, & by this you may take a scantling, what measure of grace is poured out upon you. And if thou hast gone so farre, that God hath in some meaure healed thy affections, that thou canst #Quote by John Cotton
Ankles quotes by Monica Seles
#127. It's a drag having to wear socks during matches, because the tan, like, stops at the ankles. I can never get my skin, like, color coordinated. #Quote by Monica Seles
Ankles quotes by David Levithan
#128. contiguous, adj.

I felt silly for even mentioning it, but once I did, I knew I had to explain.
"When I was a kid, "I had this puzzle with all fifty states on it--you know, the kind where you have to fit them all together. And one day I got it in my head that California and Nevada were in love. I told my mom, and she had no idea what I was talking about. I ran and got those two pieces and showed it to her--California and Nevada, completely in love. So a lot of the time when we're like this"--my ankles against the backs of your ankles, my knees fitting into the backs of your knees, my thighs on the backs of your legs, my stomach against your back, my chin folding into your neck--"I can't help but think about California and Nevada, and how we're a lot like them. If someone were drawing us from above as a map. that's what we'd look like; that's how we are."
For a moment, you were quiet. And then you nestled in and whispered.
And I knew you understood. #Quote by David Levithan
Ankles quotes by Iain Sinclair
#129. You can be so much in a room that the world outside turns to water. You've got the heater blowing out burnt air, but you still don't get warm. Your ankles are singed, but your head's in a bucket of ice. Time drips like a stalactite. The water for the coffee boils away in a tree of steam. #Quote by Iain Sinclair
Ankles quotes by James Tabor
#130. Out of the silver heat mirage he ran. The sky burned, and under him the paving was a black mirror reflecting sun-fire. Sweat sprayed his skin with each foot strike so that he ran in a hot mist of his own creation. With each slap on the softened asphalt, his soles absorbed heat that rose through his arches and ankles and the stems of his shins. It was a carnival of pain, but he loved each stride because running distilled him to his essence and the heat hastened this distillation. #Quote by James Tabor
Ankles quotes by Donald Justice
#131. Ode to a Dressmaker's Dummy"

Papier-mache body; blue-and-black cotton jersey cover.
Metal stand. Instructions included. --Sears, Roebuck Catalogue

O my coy darling, still
You wear for me the scent
Of those long afternoons we spent,
The two of us together,
Safe in the attic from the jealous eyes
Of household spies
And the remote buffooneries of the weather;
So high,
Our sole remaining neighbor was the sky,
Which, often enough, at dusk,
Leaning its cloudy shoulders on the sill,
Used to regard us with a bored and cynical eye.

How like the terrified,
Shy figure of a bride
You stood there then, without your clothes,
Drawn up into
So classic and so strict a pose
Almost, it seemed, our little attic grew
Dark with the first charmed night of the honeymoon.
Or was it only some obscure
Shape of my mother's youth I saw in you,
There where the rude shadows of the afternoon
Crept up your ankles and you stood
Hiding your sex as best you could?--
Prim ghost the evening light shone through. #Quote by Donald Justice
Ankles quotes by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
#132. He'd lapped at her ankles like a lovesick pup, and she'd been exactly what she was now, a woman born too beautiful and too rich to worry about a small thing like integrity. #Quote by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Ankles quotes by Sherri Shepherd
#133. If it wasn't for my trainer - who comes looking for me three times a week before 7 A.M. - I wouldn't get my butt out of bed and into the gym. There are many mornings when I think about faking a sprained ankle, but I just put it out of my head and make myself go. #Quote by Sherri Shepherd
Ankles quotes by Jennifer Sey
#134. Yet, every day, I miss the feeling of flying. I will never experience it again. Sometimes, if I run far enough, past my limits, I can beat my legs into numbness, almost replicating the feeling of being a young gymnast on a good day. I can make myself feel numb but heavy. Never light. And I always feel the pain later. I pay the price with sore shins, aching ankles, and "hip pointers" jabbing into my pelvis.

Still, I have a love affair with gymnastics, with that period in my life. Often, I dream dreams of weightlessness. When I feel most disheartened, heavy with the burdens of everyday life, I imagine myself buoyant, floatable. I waft, on my own accord, propelled by my own volition, in effortless control. Completely powerful, resilient, substantial, agile.

I miss it every day. #Quote by Jennifer Sey
Ankles quotes by Jack Kerouac
#135. Thousands of mosquitoes had already bitten all of us on chest and arms and ankles. Then a bright idea came to me: I jumped up on the steel roof of the car and stretched out flat on my back. Still there was no breeze, but the steel had an element of coolness in it and dried my back of sweat, clotting up thousands of dead bugs into cakes on my skin, and I realized the jungle takes you over and you become it. #Quote by Jack Kerouac
Ankles quotes by Dorothy Dunnett
#136. At the edge of the still, dark pool that was the sea, at the brimming edge of freedom where no boat was to be seen, she spoke the first words of the few they were to exchange. 'I cannot swim. You know it?"

In the dark she saw the flash of his smile. 'Trust me.' And he drew her with a strong hand until the green phosphorescence beaded her ankles, and deeper, and deeper, until the thick milk-warm water, almost unfelt, was up to her waist. She heard him swear feelingly to himself as the salt water searched out, discovered his burns. Then with a rustle she saw his pale head sink back into the quiet sea and at the same moment she was gripped and drawn after him, her face to the stars, drawn through the tides with the sea lapping like her lost hair at her cheeks, the drive of his body beneath her pulling them both from the shore. They were launched on the long journey towards the slim shape, black against glossy black, which was the brigantine, with Thompson on board. #Quote by Dorothy Dunnett
Ankles quotes by Kathryn Smith
#137. There's just one thing I don't understand," she remarked, setting the periodical aside for a moment.
"And that is?"
She tucked her skirts around her legs, denying him further glimpses of her ankles. "Would you by chance know what gamahuching is?"
Grey would have thought himself far beyond the age of blushing, but the heat in his cheeks was unmistakable. "Good lord, Rose." His voice was little more than a rasp. "That is hardly something a young woman brings up in casual conversation."
Oh, but he could show her what gamahuching was. He'd be all too happy to crawl between those trim ankles and climb upward until he found the slit in her drawers…
Rose shrugged. "I suppose it might be offensive to someone of your age, but women aren't as sheltered as they once were, Grey. If you won't provide a definition, I'm sure Mr. Maxwell will when I see him tonight." And with that threat tossed out between them, the little baggage returned her attention to her naughty reading.
His age? What did she think he was, an ancient? Or was she merely trying to bait him? Tease him? Well, two could play at that game.
And he refused to think of Kellan Maxwell, the bastard, educating her on such matters.
"I believe you've mistaken me if you think I find gamahuching offensive," he replied smoothly, easing himself down onto the blanket beside her. "I have quite the opposite view."
Beneath the high collar of her day gown, Rose's throat worked as she swallowed. "O #Quote by Kathryn Smith
Ankles quotes by Diane Wakoski
#138. Uneasy Rider"

Falling in love with a mustache
is like saying
you can fall in love with
the way a man polishes his shoes
of course,
is one of the things that turns on
my tuned-up engine

those trim buckled boots

(I feel like an advertisement
for men's fashions
when I think of your ankles)

Yeats was hung up with a girl's beautiful face

and I find myself

a bad moralist,

a failing aesthetician,

a sad poet,

wanting to touch your arms and feel the muscles
that make a man's body have so much substance,
that makes a woman
lean and yearn in that direction
that makes her melt/ she is a rainy day
in your presence
the pool of wax under a burning candle
the foam from a waterfall

You are more beautiful than any Harley-Davidson
She is the rain,
waits in it for you,
finds blood spotting her legs
from the long ride. #Quote by Diane Wakoski
Ankles quotes by Khaled Hosseini
#139. Except he'd been wrong about that. There was a monster in the lake. It had grabbed Hassan by the ankles, dragged him to the murky bottom. I was that monster. That was the night I became an insomniac. #Quote by Khaled Hosseini
Ankles quotes by W.B.Yeats
#140. Her Triumph
I did the dragon's will until you came
Because I had fancied love a casual
Improvisation, or a settled game
That followed if I let the kerchief fall:
Those deeds were best that gave the minute wings
And heavenly music if they gave it wit;
And then you stood among the dragon-rings.
I mocked, being crazy, but you mastered it
And broke the chain and set my ankles free,
Saint George or else a pagan Perseus;
And now we stare astonished at the sea,
And a miraculous strange bird shrieks at us. #Quote by W.B.Yeats
Ankles quotes by Bernard Cornwell
#141. You will not fight in the shield wall," my father said.
"No, Father."
"Only men can stand in the shield wall," he said, "but you will watch, you will learn, and you will discover that the most dangerous stroke is not the sword or ax that you can see, but the one you cannot see, the blade that comes beneath the shields to bite your ankles. #Quote by Bernard Cornwell
Ankles quotes by Dale Earnhardt
#142. If you're not a race driver, stay the hell home. Don't come here and grumble about going too fast. Get the hell out of the race car if you've got feathers on your legs or butt. Put a kerosene rag around your ankles so the ants won't climb up and eat that candy ass. #Quote by Dale Earnhardt
Ankles quotes by Anthony Bourdain
#143. PETA doesn't want stressed animals to be cruelly crowded into sheds, ankle-deep in their own crap, because they don't want any animals to die-ever-and basically think chickens should, in time, gain the right to vote. I don't want animals stressed or crowded or treated cruelly or inhumanely because that makes them probably less delicious. #Quote by Anthony Bourdain
Ankles quotes by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
#144. She seemed so happy, so at peace, and I wondered how anybody around me could feel that way when liquid fire was raging inside me, when fear was mingling with hope and clutching itself around my ankles. #Quote by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Ankles quotes by Rachel Caine
#145. It took hours, but all of a sudden as she was drawing the plug-in for a vacuum pump that felt as if it was radiating cold, although she didn't know how, Claire saw . . . something. It was like a flash of intuition, one of those moments that came to her sometimes when she thoughtabout higher-order physics problems. Not calculation, exactly, not logic. Instinct.She saw what he was doing, and for that one second, it was beautiful.Crazy, but in a beautiful kind of way. Like everything Myrnin did, it twisted the basicrules of physics, bent them and reshaped them until they became . . . something else. He's agenius, she thought. She'd always known that, but this . . . this was something else. Something beyond all his usual tinkering and weirdness.
"It's going to work," she said. Her voice sounded odd. She carefully set the vacuum pumpin its place on the meticulously labeled canvas sheet. Myrnin, who was sitting in his armchair with his feet comfortably on a hassock, looked up. He was reading a book through tiny little square spectacles that might have once belonged to Benjamin Franklin.
"Well, of course it's going to work," he said. "What did you expect? I do know what I'm doing."
This from a man wearing clothing from the OMG No store, and his battered vampire-bunny slippers. He'd crossed his feet at the ankles on top of a footstool, and both the bunnies' red mouths were flapping open to reveal their sharp, pointy teeth.
Claire grinned, suddenly full of enthusi #Quote by Rachel Caine
Ankles quotes by Roshani Chokshi
#146. I reached out to hold a daydream. They looked like they were spun from glass and yet their touch was silk-soft. As they drifted between my fingers, I felt them - a nap in the sleepy sunshine of a winter afternoon, a reverie where a sea alight with flowers and bright candles washed over my ankles. #Quote by Roshani Chokshi
Ankles quotes by Steven Wright
#147. When I was in boy scouts, I slipped on the ice and hurt my ankle. A little old lady had to help me across the street. #Quote by Steven Wright
Ankles quotes by Augusten Burroughs
#148. Normal people who weren't raised by mentally ill goats probably took the feeling of safety for granted. They only noticed when they suddenly felt unsafe. When the hands reach up for under the bed and grab their ankles, they scream, whereas I'm like Wait, can you scratch my knee before you kill me? #Quote by Augusten Burroughs
Ankles quotes by Christian Louboutin
#149. I'm always taking into consideration how the shoe will look on the foot, its relation to the ankle and the leg - that's very important. I often see shoes that seem interesting or nice until a woman puts them on. then a lot of shoes look very clunky, and nobody likes to see that. #Quote by Christian Louboutin
Ankles quotes by J.R. Ward
#150. The hallway beyond was filled with males of the house, the Brothers and other fighters and Manny sitting on the floor with their backs to the bare walls, their legs stretched out, propped up, crossed at the knees or crossed at the ankles.
Apparently there had been quite a bit of drinking going on, bottles of vodka and whiskey littered around them, glasses in hands or on thighs.
"This is NOT as pathetic as it looks," her Butch pointed out.
"Liar," V muttered, "It so fucking is. I think I'm going to start knitting for reals. #Quote by J.R. Ward
Ankles quotes by Ian Fleming
#151. Bond closed his eyes and mentally explored his body. The worst pain was in his wrists and ankles and in his right hand where the Russian had cut him. In the centre of the body there was no feeling. He assumed that he had been given a local anaesthetic. The rest of his body ached dully as if he had been beaten all over. He could feel the pressure of bandages everywhere and his unshaven neck and chin prickled against the sheets. From the feel of the bristles he knew that he must have been at least three days without shaving. That meant two days since the morning of the torture. #Quote by Ian Fleming
Ankles quotes by Nora Roberts
#152. One morning early, I couldn't sleep, so I walked down to the beach. And I saw you. For a minute- I didn't realize it was you. You were wearing this long scarf thing tied around your waist, lots of wild colors, and it blew around your legs. You had on a red bathing suit under it."
"You ... " She literally had to catch her breath. "You remember what I was wearing?"
"Yes I do. And I remember your hair was longer than it is now, halfway down your back. All those mad curls flying. Bare feet. All that golden skin, wild colors, mad curls. My heart just stopped. I thought: That's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. And I wanted that woman, in a way I'd never wanted one before."
He stopped, turned a little as she simply stared at him. "Then I saw it was you. You walked off, down the beach, the surf foaming up over your bare feet, your ankles, your calves. And I wanted you. I thought I'd lost my my mind. #Quote by Nora Roberts
Ankles quotes by Annie Arcane
#153. Hooking both thumbs into my waistband, I rocked my hips from side to side, and slid the dress pants down my thighs.
As gravity took over, pooling the fabric at my ankles, I heard her say, "Sexy."
Bullshit. "Just so you know, I feel like an idiot."
"Just so you know, you're melting my panties."
With a sarcastic snort, I grabbed a knee to pull my leg free. "Are you even wearing panties?" Chances were slim. #Quote by Annie Arcane
Ankles quotes by Lena Dunham
#154. My mother understood, implicitly, the power of it. See these hips, these teeth, these eyebrows, these stockings that bunch and sag at the ankles? They're worth capturing, holding on to forever. I'll never be this young again. Or this lonely. Or this hairy. Come one, come all, to my private show. #Quote by Lena Dunham
Ankles quotes by Jock Brown
#155. Peter Weir has just shrugged off an ankle injury #Quote by Jock Brown
Ankles quotes by J.R. Ward
#156. You will leave now," she said softly, " or I will drag you out of here by your hair."
The man had breath like a day-old tuna sandwich. "I hate dykes. You always think you're tougher than you really
Xhex grabbed the man's wrist, turned him in a little circle, and cranked him arm up to the middle of his back. Then she clipped her leg around his ankles and shoved him off balance. He landed like a side of beef, the wind getting knocked out of him on a curse, his body plowing into the short-napped carpet. In a quick move, she bent down, buried one hand in his gelled-up hair, and locked the other on the collar of his suit jacket. As she draggep him face-first to the side exit, she was multitasking : creating a scene, commiting both an assault and a battery, and running the risk of a brawl if his buddies in the Hall of Fucktards got involved. But you had to put on a show every once in a while. To keep the peace, you had to get your hands dirty every once in a while. #Quote by J.R. Ward
Ankles quotes by Tyrone Guthrie
#157. Women to whom one has just been introduced think that it breaks the ice if they scream, 'Goodness, you're tall!' How would they like it if I broke the ice first, by screaming 'Goodness, what thick ankles!' or 'Goodness, what a bust! #Quote by Tyrone Guthrie
Ankles quotes by Vince Cable
#158. Banks operate like a man who either wears his trousers round his chest, stifling breathing, as now, or round his ankles, exposing his assets. We want their trousers tied round their middle: steady lending growth; particularly to productive British business, especially small scale enterprise. #Quote by Vince Cable
Ankles quotes by Donna Grant
#159. Kyran stretched his legs out and crossed them at the ankles. "You're needed, River. It's not by accident that you know what you do about the Fae and were put in our path. You're destined to aid us in this."

When she didn't respond, he tried again. "Think of all the innocents, like your family and Jordyn's, who were killed. You have a chance to help us put an end to such things for everyone. The half-Fae will no longer need to fear for their lives. And I promise you I'll figure out who has hunted your family and end it."

Her resigned look cut through him. "You can't do that. You work for Death. I doubt you'll be given leave to help me."

"Let me deal with that. Whether you help me or not, I'm going to find out why the Dark are hunting your family. And then I'm going to make sure it never happens again."

River swung her gaze to him. She tucked a long length of hair behind her ear. "Do I have your word you'll stop whoever is after me?"

"Aye." Kyran held out his hand.

River stared at it a moment before she leaned up and took it. They shook, her small hand in his. "Then I'll help you. #Quote by Donna Grant
Ankles quotes by Tracey Emin
#160. He pulled my skirt up. I began to worry. Everyone knew he had broken in girls before and I didn't want it to happen to me. I said, 'No. Get off, please.' He pulled me down the alley and pushed me to the ground. As I lay on my back worrying about my new blue coat, he pushed his fingers up between my legs - and rammed himself into me.

I was crying. His lips were pressed against mine but I was motionless, like a small corpse. He grunted and I knew it was over. He got up, I just lay there on the ground, my tights round my ankles. The clock was striking twelve.

As he walked away, he turned and said, 'I've always wanted to do it to you. I like your mouth'.

When I got in, my mum said, 'Tracey, what's wrong with you?' I showed her my coat, the dirt and the stains, and told her 'I'm not a virgin any more.'

She didn't call the police or make any fuss. She just washed my coat and everything carried on as normal, as though nothing had happened.
But for me, my childhood was over, I had become conscious of my physicality, aware of my presence and open to the ugly truths of the world. At the age of thirteen, I realised that there was a danger in innocence and beauty, and I could not live with both.
(describing childhood rape) #Quote by Tracey Emin
Ankles quotes by Alexander McCall Smith
#161. Old friends, like old shoes, are comfortable. But old shoes, unlike old friends, tend not to be supportive: it is easier to stumble and sprain an ankle while wearing a pair of old shoes than it is in new shoes, with their less yielding leather. #Quote by Alexander McCall Smith
Ankles quotes by Laini Taylor
#162. Yearning for love made her feel like a cat that was always twining around ankles, meowing Pet me, pet me, look at me, love me. #Quote by Laini Taylor
Ankles quotes by Agatha Christie
#163. Pleased to meet you, I'm sure," he observed as he sniffed round our ankles. "Excuse the noise, won't you, but I have my job to do. Got to be careful who we let in, you know. But it's a dull life and I'm really quite pleased to see a visitor. Dogs of your own, I fancy? #Quote by Agatha Christie
Ankles quotes by Josh Homme
#164. I've always considered myself a workaholic ... The way I work, I have to turn myself upside down and hang myself by my ankles and wring myself out like a wet sweater, and I have to do that with other people, too, because I think that's where something good comes out. #Quote by Josh Homme
Ankles quotes by Janet Fitch
#165. snakes rarely bite above the ankles #Quote by Janet Fitch
Ankles quotes by J.K. Rowling
#166. News?" asked the taller of the two. "The best," replied Severus Snape. The lane was bordered on the left by wild, low-growing brambles, on the right by a high, neatly manicured hedge. The men's long cloaks flapped around their ankles as they marched. "Thought I might be late," said Yaxley, his blunt features #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Ankles quotes by Isabel Allende
#167. The girl you were died; the potion of death was what all of us women swallow sooner or later. Have you noticed how at puberty the Amazon-like energy we are born with fades and we turn into doubt-filled creatures with clipped wings? The woman left trapped in the silo is also you, a prisoner of the restrictions of adult life. The female condition is a disgrace, Isabel, it's like having rocks tied to your ankles so you can't fly. #Quote by Isabel Allende
Ankles quotes by P. J. O'Rourke
#168. [We're] told cars cause pollution. A 100 years ago city streets were ankle deep in horse excrement. What kind of pollution do you want? Would you rather die of cancer at eighty or typhoid fever at nine? #Quote by P. J. O'Rourke
Ankles quotes by Katherine Heigl
#169. When I do get pregnant, I highly doubt I'll be one of those women who don't look pregnant from behind - I'll be that chick who looks pregnant from her ankles up! #Quote by Katherine Heigl
Ankles quotes by Mavis Gallant
#170. She was a pretty girl, with a pointed face and blue-black hair. But she was an untidy, a dusty sort of girl, and you felt that in a few years something might go wrong; she might get swollen ankles or grow a mustache. #Quote by Mavis Gallant
Ankles quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#171. Procrastination is the best action against putting an ankle bracelet #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Ankles quotes by Taylor Stevens
#172. She felt invisible shackles snaking around her wrists and ankles, took a deep breath and said ... #Quote by Taylor Stevens
Ankles quotes by Diana Gabaldon
#173. Arms, ankles turning as I stepped in holes and stumbled on rocks. I had no room in my mind for any form of rational thought; I wanted only to get away from him. A heavy weight struck me hard in the #Quote by Diana Gabaldon
Ankles quotes by Fredrik Backman
#174. He locks the door, stares down at the floor; she lies on the sofa, stares at the ceiling. They don't know if they have anything to say to each other anymore. Everything has a breaking point, and even though people always say that "a joy shared is a joy doubled," we seem to insist on believing that the opposite is true of sorrow. Perhaps that isn't actually the case. Two drowning people with lead weights around their ankles may not be each other's salvation; if they hold hands, they'll just sink twice as fast. In the end the weight of carrying each other's broken hearts becomes unbearable. #Quote by Fredrik Backman
Ankles quotes by Kristen Henderson
#175. She was so cool, as she knew, ankles crossed
at the puckered hem of granite
gray sweatpants, and she also knew
I was watching from the open door
of the B train - watching her pose
in apparent comfort at the girder of this city thoroughfare. #Quote by Kristen Henderson
Ankles quotes by David Levithan
#176. There is a part of childhood that is childish, and a part that is sacred. Suddenly we are touching the sacred part
running to the shoreline, feeling the first cold burst of water on our ankles, reaching into the tide to catch at shells before they ebb away from our fingers. We have returned to a world that is capable of glistening, and we are wading deeper within it. #Quote by David Levithan
Ankles quotes by Chloe Neill
#177. I'm going to change clothes." Ethan lay down on the bed, one arm behind his head, ankles crossed. "All right," he said. "I'm ready." "Dirty. Old. Man. #Quote by Chloe Neill
Ankles quotes by Bey Deckard
#178. I cluck my tongue once to get [Murphy's] attention, and he turns right away. I fucking love how attentive he is. Still on his knees with thighs spread, he puts his ankles together and his hands behind his back, keeping his chin down as he waits… just like the good boy he is. #Quote by Bey Deckard
Ankles quotes by Emilia Winters
#179. I knew though," he said.

"Knew what?" she asked, leaning forward a bit while she crossed her ankles together under the table.

"When I woke up this morning, I knew that I would be having dinner with you tonight," he replied. #Quote by Emilia Winters
Ankles quotes by Jase Robertson
#180. A couple of years later, I found out an angry hog is even worse than an angry beaver. My buddy Mike Williams invited me to go hog-hunting with him on a cantaloupe farm. Wild boars were destroying the cantaloupe crop, and the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries gave the landowner permission to have hunters kill the hogs. They even let us chase the boars and shoot them from the back of a truck while the game wardens watched the proceedings from a distance! Now, I'd never hunted hogs, but a few of the guys I was hunting with claimed they were experts. We shot one or two hogs apiece and then chased a 360-pound boar into an adjoining cotton field.
My buddies convinced me to go into the overgrown cotton field and attempt to flush the hog out into the open. About a hundred yards into the thick brush, I heard the hog grunt. The hog was so close to me that when I put my scope on it to shoot, I couldn't tell if it was its front end or rear end! I fired my gun. Unfortunately, I shot the hog in the rear, which only made it madder! The hog turned around and charged toward me. I turned and ran out of the cotton field. I felt its tusks clipping at my ankles as I ran. Fortunately, I stayed ahead of the hog until we reached the cantaloupe field, and then to my surprise the hog fell into a heap. It was dead. I looked at my buddies and they were laughing and rolling on the ground. I thought it was a very strange response to my almost getting devoured by a vicious wild hog. I did #Quote by Jase Robertson
Ankles quotes by Neil Gaiman
#181. It's not what I'd want for at my funeral. When I die, I just want them to plant me somewhere warm. And then when the pretty women walk over my grave I would grab their ankles, like in that movie. #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Ankles quotes by Neil Peart
#182. I had spindly little ankles, and growing up in Canada, I couldn't skate. I was no good at any sports so was very much a pariah through those adolescent years. #Quote by Neil Peart
Ankles quotes by Valerie Bertinelli
#183. The only things I really love about myself physically are my ankles and my hair. #Quote by Valerie Bertinelli
Ankles quotes by Andrea Randall
#184. Guilt is intense. Suffocating. A brick, tied quietly around your ankles while you sleep. You never fall slowly into guilt-you wake up with little time to take your last breath before being pulled under. #Quote by Andrea Randall
Ankles quotes by Anthony Everitt
#185. Finally, the cognomen, a personal surname, was particular to its holder or his branch of the family. It often had a jokey or down-to-earth ring: so, for example, "Cicero" is Latin for "chickpea" and it was supposed that some ancestor had had a wart of that shape on the end of his nose. When Marcus was about to launch his career as an advocate and politician, friends advised him to change his name to something less ridiculous. "No," he replied firmly, "I am going to make my cognomen more famous than those of men like Scaurus and Catulus." These were two leading Romans of the day, and the point of the remark was that "Catulus" was the Latin for "whelp" or "puppy," and "Scaurus" meant "with large or projecting ankles. #Quote by Anthony Everitt
Ankles quotes by Kate Atkinson
#186. Teddy wandered amongst the graves. Most of the people in them had died long before his time. Ursula was picking up conkers from the stand of magnificent horse chestnuts at the far end of the churchyard. They were enormous trees and Teddy wondered if their roots had intertwined with the bones of the dead, imagined them curling a path through ribcages and braceleting ankles and fettering wrists. When #Quote by Kate Atkinson
Ankles quotes by Cornelia Otis Skinner
#187. Mosquitoes were using my ankles as filling stations. #Quote by Cornelia Otis Skinner
Ankles quotes by Sherry Thomas
#188. The aroma of chicken broth and beef pie wafted into the parlor. She set down the tray of food on the low table next to him. "Are you all right?"

He grunted.

"You don't want to eat anything?"

"No." He did not want to tax his stomach for the next twelve hours.

"So what now? Are we going on the run?"

He removed his arm from his face and opened his eyes. She was sitting on the carpet before the low table, wearing his gray, hooded tunic, but not his trousers. Her legs were bare below mid-thigh.

The sight jolted him out of his lethargy. "Where are your trousers?"

"They had no braces and won't stay up. Besides, it's warm enough in here."

He was feeling quite hot. It was not unusual to see girls in short robes come summertime in Delamer. But in England skirts always skimmed the ground and men went mad for a glimpse of feminine ankles. So much skin - boys at school would faint from overexcitement.

He might have been a bit unsteady too, if he were not already lying down.

"You never answered my question," she said, as if the view of long, shapely legs should not scramble his thoughts at all. #Quote by Sherry Thomas
Ankles quotes by Harry Whittington
#189. I sank back on that couch, looking at Peggy Walker, wanting her. It happened that fast and that terribly. If it never happened to you like that, count yourself among the lucky, and God how I pity you. That's the way it happened to me, and I looked at Peggy and knew everything I wanted was there, the ankles, the breasts, the smell of her hair. I #Quote by Harry Whittington
Ankles quotes by Beth Morey
#190. I hear talk of that slippery slope, and my heart catches for a beat. But there is the musky truth I'm standing in that I can't deny, and it tastes of so much holy. That old way, the narrow line, I see now that was a slippery, saccharine surface where my soul could gain no purchase. For the first time, my feet feel sure beneath me, and that sense is twining its way up from my ankles, racing toward my knees, my thighs, my secret places, my heart. It's in my blood now, and I can't deny it. I can't deny it.

I open my eyes, because I could see even through my clutched-closed lids that the darkness is light, that the blindness has given way to searing vision.

I can't deny it. #Quote by Beth Morey
Ankles quotes by Larissa Ione
#191. Yeah, you do. Because right now, I'm your best hope to defeat Byzamoth. So if you don't want to spend eternity bent over and holding your ankles for him, you'll back the fuck off.

~Wraith #Quote by Larissa Ione
Ankles quotes by Kristin Cashore
#192. Katsa kicked off her shoes, hitched up her skirt, and climbed into the fountain, sighing as the cold water ran between her toes and lapped at her ankles. it was a great improvement over her shoes. She would not put them on again tonight. #Quote by Kristin Cashore
Ankles quotes by Rumer Godden
#193. Towards four o'clock the dew fell, and she smelled a gust of sweetness from the roses and a paleness showed in the sky to the East. It was cold; the wetness was cold on her hands and she felt her skirt dragging around her ankles... the light spread, there were long lines of cloud in the sky and presently above them the outline of the snow peaks appeared, cold and hard as if they were made of iron; they turned from black to grey to white while the hills were still in darkness.
Then the forest came, mysteriously out of the darkness, and the light moved down, turning the trees dark blue and green, and the terrace was full of a swimming light that was colourless and confusing... Then she looked up and saw that the Himalayas were showing in their full range, and were coloured in ash and orange and precious Chinese pink, deeper in the east, paler in the west.
The people called it 'the flowering of the snows #Quote by Rumer Godden
Ankles quotes by David Levithan
#194. So that's what we did - rocketing down Sixth Avenue, dashing around the rest of the post-concert crowd, splashing our tracks until our ankles were soaked. You took the lead, and I started to lose my sprint. But then you looked back, stopped, and waited for me to catch up, for me to take your hand, for us to continue to run in the rain, drenched and enchanted, my words to Amanda no longer feeling like a requirement, but a foretelling. #Quote by David Levithan
Ankles quotes by Nicholas D. Kristof
#195. Photographs are still being taken but aren't being shown. There's one of a skeleton bound at the wrists with pants still around its ankles; if it was a woman, she was likely raped; if it was a man, he was possibly castrated. #Quote by Nicholas D. Kristof
Ankles quotes by Lee Hendrie
#196. I took a whack on my left ankle, but something told me it was my right. #Quote by Lee Hendrie
Ankles quotes by J.K. Rowling
#197. Your Great-Aunt Muriel doesn't agree, I just met her upstairs while she was giving Fleur the tiara. "She said 'Oh dear, is this the muggle born?' and then, 'Bad posture, skinny ankles.'" Don't take it personally, she's rude to everyone," said Ron. "Talking about Muriel?" inquired George, reemerging from the marquee with Fred. "Yeah, she's just told me my ears are lopsided. Old bat. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Ankles quotes by Llewellyn Rockwell
#198. It isn't a coincidence that governments everywhere want to educate children. Government education, in turn, is supposed to be evidence of the state's goodness and its concern for our well-being. The real explanation is less flattering. If the government's propaganda can take root as children grow up, those kids will be no threat to the state apparatus. They'll fasten the chains to their own ankles. H.L. Mencken once said that the state doesn't just want to make you obey. It tries to make you want to obey. And that's one thing the government schools do very well. #Quote by Llewellyn Rockwell
Ankles quotes by Harold Lederman
#199. If the referee happens to be in the way you just yell, 'move or I'll break your ankles!' which I used to do with referees. Some refs will stop and watch the fight it drives you crazy. #Quote by Harold Lederman
Ankles quotes by Eloisa James
#200. It was a stupid thing to hold onto, but when one doesn't have much to celebrate in the way of physical attributes, ankles matter. #Quote by Eloisa James

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