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Famous Quotes About Andujar Yankees

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Andujar Yankees quotes by Casey Stengel
#1. Nobody knows this, but one of us has just been traded to Kansas City. #Quote by Casey Stengel
Andujar Yankees quotes by The Heckler
#2. some people might argue that a fan who roots for a losing franchise isn't a very smart fan, but you have to be pretty crafty in the head to continually enjoy cubs baseball. who do you think is smarter? the Yankees fan who can't be happy just getting to the World Series? or the Cubs fan, who can somehow manage to have the best summer of his life watching his team finish 17 games out of first place #Quote by The Heckler
Andujar Yankees quotes by Reggie Jackson
#3. I'm the straw that stirs the drink. #Quote by Reggie Jackson
Andujar Yankees quotes by Al Michaels
#4. I think the Cowboys are one of only two teams in all of sports that engender love and hate to that extreme. The other is the Yankees. You love the Yankees or you hate the Yankees. #Quote by Al Michaels
Andujar Yankees quotes by Margaret Mitchell
#5. Dear Scarlett! You aren't helpless. Anyone as selfish and determined as you are is never helpless. God help the Yankees if they should get you. -Rhett Butler #Quote by Margaret Mitchell
Andujar Yankees quotes by Thurman Munson
#6. Maybe they made me captain because I've been here so long. But if I'm supposed to lead by example, then I'll be a terrible captain. #Quote by Thurman Munson
Andujar Yankees quotes by Casey Stengel
#7. Well, the fella I got on there is hitting pretty good and I know he can make that throw, and if he don't make it that other fella I got coming has shown me a lot, and if he can't I have my guy and I know what he can do. On the other hand, the guy's not around now. And, well, this guy may be able to do it against left-handers if my guy ain't strong enough. I know one of my guys is gonna do it. #Quote by Casey Stengel
Andujar Yankees quotes by E.Y. Harburg
#8. Hammacher Schlemmer is selling a shelter,
worthy of Kubla Khan's Xanadu dome;
Plushy and swanky, with posh hanky panky
that affluent Yankees can really call

Hammacher Schlemmer is selling a shelter,
a push-button palace, fluorescent repose;
Electric devices for facing a crisis
with frozen fruit ices and cinema shows.

Hammacher Schlemmer is selling a shelter
all chromium kitchens and rubber-tiled dorms;
With waterproof portals to echo the chortles
of weatherproof mortals in hydrogen storms.

What a great come-to-glory emporium!
To enjoy a deluxe moratorium,
Where nuclear heat can beguile the elite
in a creme-de-la-creme crematorium. #Quote by E.Y. Harburg
Andujar Yankees quotes by Kim Harrington
#9. Perry would disown me for wearing a Yankees sweatshirt, but he would never know, and I was too cold to care about team loyalty. #Quote by Kim Harrington
Andujar Yankees quotes by Derek Jeter
#10. I have the greatest job in the world. Only one person can have it. You have shortstops on other teams - I'm not knocking other teams - but there's only one shortstop on the Yankees. #Quote by Derek Jeter
Andujar Yankees quotes by David Letterman
#11. Mayor de Blasio said that whenever he goes to a Yankee game he gets sick and tired of people booing and giving him the finger. Hey, what do you want? You're the mayor of New York City. It comes with the gig, pal. #Quote by David Letterman
Andujar Yankees quotes by Graig Nettles
#12. What the Yankees need is a second base coach. #Quote by Graig Nettles
Andujar Yankees quotes by George Steinbrenner
#13. I'll stick to building ships. #Quote by George Steinbrenner
Andujar Yankees quotes by Gail McHugh
#14. Please forgive me for fighting against us, Gavin. Please forgive me for not fighting for us when I knew we were supposed to be together. Forgive me for being the weak mess I am. But more than anything ... thank you for loving me. Thank you for your dimpled smile and your bottle caps. I'll never be able to look at one without thinking of you. Thank you for your stupid Yankees and your wiseass remarks. Thank you for wanting late night drives and sunset-watching with me. Thank you for wanting the good, the bad, and the in-between. #Quote by Gail McHugh
Andujar Yankees quotes by Gene Weingarten
#15. When she was too young to resist, or even to understand, I turned my daughter into a lifelong, rabid Yankees fan. #Quote by Gene Weingarten
Andujar Yankees quotes by Casey Stengel
#16. Because there'd be two languages I couldn't speak, French and English. #Quote by Casey Stengel
Andujar Yankees quotes by Joe Torre
#17. When I became the manager of the New York Yankees, it was an opportunity to realize my lifelong dream of winning the World Series. We were fortunate enough to succeed in our first season in 1996, and in the years that followed, we wrote some great new chapters in Yankee history. #Quote by Joe Torre
Andujar Yankees quotes by Joe Torre
#18. I wish I could paint that picture. As a 20-year-old kid, that was a big thrill. #Quote by Joe Torre
Andujar Yankees quotes by Bill Lee
#19. The more self-centered and egotistical a guy is, the better ballplayer he's going to be. #Quote by Bill Lee
Andujar Yankees quotes by Catfish Hunter
#20. On the day I was signed, Mr. Finley, the owner of the Athletics at that time came up to me and said, 'When you were six you ran away from home, and when your parents found you at a nearby lake, you had already caught two catfish and were pulling in a third. Now repeat it back to me.' #Quote by Catfish Hunter
Andujar Yankees quotes by Nick Jonas
#21. I'm pretty crazy about the Yankees. When I can't actually watch a game, I TiVo it. I am also a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan. I don't tell many people that because I will get made fun on because I'm from New Jersey! #Quote by Nick Jonas
Andujar Yankees quotes by Margaret Mitchell
#22. If for no other reason she hated the Yankees because they kept her from having real coffee with sugar and thick cream in it. #Quote by Margaret Mitchell
Andujar Yankees quotes by Pedro
#23. Just tip my cap and call the Yankees my daddy. #Quote by Pedro
Andujar Yankees quotes by James K.A. Smith
#24. Worship, then, needs to be characterized by hospitality; it needs to be inviting. But at the same time, it should be inviting seekers into the church and its unique story and language. Worship should be an occasion of cross-cultural hospitality. Consider an analogy: when I travel to France, I hope to be made to feel welcome. However, I don't expect my French hosts to become Americans in order to make me feel at home. I don't expect them to start speaking English, ordering pizza, talking about the New York Yankees, and so on. Indeed, if I wanted that, I would have just stayed home! Instead, what I'm hoping for is to be welcomed into their unique French culture; that's why I've come to France in the first place. And I know that this will take some work on my part. I'm expecting things to be different; indeed, I'm looking for just this difference. So also, I think, with hospitable worship: seekers are looking for something our culture can't provide. Many don't want a religious version of what they can already get at the mall. And this is especially true of postmodern or Gen X seekers: they are looking for elements of transcendence and challenge that MTV could never give them. Rather than an MTVized version of the gospel, they are searching for the mysterious practices of the ancient gospel. #Quote by James K.A. Smith
Andujar Yankees quotes by Irvin S. Cobb
#25. Free schools were an invention of the Devil or the Yankees, which amounted to practically the same thing. #Quote by Irvin S. Cobb
Andujar Yankees quotes by Jack O'Brien
#26. When I looked at the skeleton of 'Damn Yankees,' I saw an indestructible story, absolutely original characters, one of the freshest, sassiest American scores of the century, and some outmoded equipment. #Quote by Jack O'Brien
Andujar Yankees quotes by Chien-Ming Wang
#27. The Yankees are one of the best teams. I want to stay with them forever. #Quote by Chien-Ming Wang
Andujar Yankees quotes by Jim Bouton
#28. A lot of long relievers are ashamed to tell their parents what they do. The only nice thing about it is that you get to wear a uniform like everbody else. #Quote by Jim Bouton
Andujar Yankees quotes by David Letterman
#29. I heard doctors revived a man who had been dead for 4-1/2 minutes. When they asked him what it was like being dead, he said it was like listening to Yankees announcer Phil Rizzuto during a rain delay. #Quote by David Letterman
Andujar Yankees quotes by Bert Campaneris
#30. So to get to play for the Yankees was really exciting. Really exciting. #Quote by Bert Campaneris
Andujar Yankees quotes by Stephen King
#31. I prefer the Yankees,' one of the blueshirts chimes in.
'If I want your opinion, I'll rattle the bars in your cage,' Lombardazzi said. 'Until then, shut up and die right. #Quote by Stephen King
Andujar Yankees quotes by Alfonso Soriano
#32. I don't want to change. I haven't done it before, I won't do it now. #Quote by Alfonso Soriano
Andujar Yankees quotes by Nick Johnson
#33. I just wanted to go play in the big leagues. But possibly playing for the Yankees is very special. #Quote by Nick Johnson
Andujar Yankees quotes by Bert Campaneris
#34. I loved the opportunity to play for the Yankees, too. #Quote by Bert Campaneris
Andujar Yankees quotes by Yogi Berra
#35. How can a you hit and think at the same time? #Quote by Yogi Berra
Andujar Yankees quotes by John William Tuohy
#36. I developed an interest in major league baseball and the 1960s were, as far as I'm concerned (with a nod to the Babe Ruth era of the 1920s), the Golden Age of Baseball. Like most people in the valley, I was a diehard Yankees fan and, in a pinch, a Mets fan. They were New York teams, and most New Englanders rooted for the Boston Red Sox, but our end of Connecticut was geographically and culturally closer to New York than Boston, and that's where our loyalties went.
And what was not to love? The Yankees ruled the earth in those days. The great Roger Maris set one Major League record after another and even he was almost always one hit shy of Mickey Mantle, God on High of the Green Diamond. #Quote by John William Tuohy

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