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An Attacker quotes by Sara Raasch
#1. Horrible things don't happen in crowded places; they happen in the hollows of the world, where it's just a victim and an attacker and no one to hear any screams. "Hang #Quote by Sara Raasch
An Attacker quotes by Kevin D. Mitnick
#2. Since most users choose a password that is either a name or a simple dictionary word, an attacker usually begins by setting 10phtCrack (or whatever program he's using) to perform a "dictionary attack" - testing every word in the dictionary to see if it proves to be the user's password. If the program doesn't have any success with the dictionary attack, the attacker will then start a "brute-force attack," in which case the program tries every possible combination (for example, AAA, AAB, AAC ... ABA, ABB, ABC, and so on), then tries combinations that include uppercase and lowercase, numerals, and symbols. #Quote by Kevin D. Mitnick
An Attacker quotes by Roxane Gay
#3. In the self-defense class, our teacher taught us that if we couldn't imagine doing something- cracking an assailant in the head with a stapler, opening up a can of pepper spray on an attacker, digging our keys into the eyes of a would-be rapist- we wouldn't be able to act in a real crisis. Wielding the stapler, the pepper spray, and the keys, our teacher taught us the power of visualization, and I learned to imagine in advance what I might be called upon to do in an emergency... I have my keys in my hand and I am holding them like a claw. Let's turn this motherfucking system around. #Quote by Roxane Gay
An Attacker quotes by Nadine Brandes
#4. Then verses float into my mind. Verses about rising for God's glory. Verses about loving my enemies. Verses about soft answers turning away wrath and kindness heaping coals on the head of an attacker.

Heaping coals sounds good. #Quote by Nadine Brandes
An Attacker quotes by Anonymous
#5. r Be gracious to me, O God, for man s tramples on me; all day long an attacker oppresses me; #Quote by Anonymous
An Attacker quotes by Kevin Mitnick
#6. Most of the computer compromises that we hear about use a technique called spear phishing, which allows an attacker access to a key person's workstation. It's extremely difficult to defend against. #Quote by Kevin Mitnick
An Attacker quotes by Jay Woodman
#7. I never think of myself as an attacker, only as a defender - usually of rights - mine and others. #Quote by Jay Woodman
An Attacker quotes by Jack Donovan
#8. People can talk tough without having to do the primitive math of violence, because they believe that law enforcement will either intervene and stop or punish an attacker. #Quote by Jack Donovan
An Attacker quotes by Jarod Kintz
#9. I want to be able to convert sunlight to iron, because your body needs it to live, particularly if an attacker is wielding a sword at you. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
An Attacker quotes by Bill Dedman
#10. After every massacre in a school, Americans grasp at quick cures. 'Let's install metal detectors and give guns to teachers' Let's crack down on troublemakers, weeding out kids who fit the profile of a gunman. Let's buy bulletproof whiteboards for the students to scurry behind, or train kids to throw erasers or cans of soup at an attacker.' #Quote by Bill Dedman
An Attacker quotes by David Lange
#11. We do not wish to have nuclear weapons on New Zealand soil or in our harbors. We do not ask, we do not expect, the United States to come to New Zealand's assistance with nuclear weapons or to present American nuclear capability as a deterrent to an attacker. #Quote by David Lange
An Attacker quotes by Fabio Capello
#12. He will be England captain one day. Jack Wilshere is a real leader. I saw how he spoke with the referee and the other players [against Denmark]. It is difficult to find someone so young with such a big personality. I remember two defenders, Paolo Maldini and Franco Baresi, and one attacker, Raul, but for personality and confidence on the pitch he is the best young midfielder I have seen for his age. #Quote by Fabio Capello
An Attacker quotes by Christina Engela
#13. Sabotage isolated them from their home, thwarting any hope of outside help. Frantic, unreliable sightings of frightening things – horrible things - led to chaos. The crew, terrified, opted to die fighting and went hunting for their attacker. Kaine's only regret was that they found it.
It killed them all.
Systematically. #Quote by Christina Engela
An Attacker quotes by C.J. Cherryh
#14. Intimidation needs response, bait needs biting. If you do neither, the attacker has nothing to build on. #Quote by C.J. Cherryh
An Attacker quotes by Murray N. Rothbard
#15. Moreover, in the system of criminal punishment in the libertarian world, the emphasis would never be, as it is now, on "society's" jailing the criminal; the emphasis would necessarily be on compelling the criminal to make restitution to the victim of his crime. The present system, in which the victim is not recompensed but instead has to pay taxes to support the incarceration of his own attacker - would be evident nonsense in a world that focuses on the defense of property rights and therefore on the victim of crime. #Quote by Murray N. Rothbard
An Attacker quotes by Tessa Dare
#16. Her attacker turned his head, angling for a better look down her dress. His grimy ear was just inches from her mouth. Within snapping distance. If she bit it hard enough, she might startle him into letting her go. She had all but made up her mind to do it, when she inhaled another mouthful of his rank sweat and paused. If her choices were putting her mouth on this repulsive beast or dying, she just might rather die. #Quote by Tessa Dare
An Attacker quotes by Barry Eisler
#17. In my unpleasant experience, unarmed against a knife, you've basically got four options. Your best bet is to run like hell, if you can. Next best is to do something immediately that prevents the attack from getting started. Third is to create distance so you can deploy a longer-range weapon. Fourth is to go berserk and hope not to get fatally cut going through and over your attacker. I don't care how much training you've had, these are your only realistic options, and none of them is particularly good except maybe the first. Unarmed techniques against the knife are a crapshoot, and against a determined attacker with a live blade, they offer piss-poor odds. #Quote by Barry Eisler
An Attacker quotes by Johan Cruijff
#18. There are very few players who know what to do when they're not marked. So sometimes you tell a player: that attacker is very good, but don't mark him. #Quote by Johan Cruijff
An Attacker quotes by Norman Schwarzkopf
#19. I think any student of military strategy would tell you that in order to attack a position, you should have a ratio of approximately 3 to 1 in favor of the attacker. #Quote by Norman Schwarzkopf
An Attacker quotes by Timothy Zahn, Star Wars: Thrawn
#20. There are three ways to take down a wild tusklan.
The average hunter takes a large-bore weapon with which to shoot the animal. When it works, the method is quick and efficient. But if the first shot fails to hit a vital organ, the tusklan may be upon its attackerbfore a second shot can be aimed and fired.
The wise hunter takes a smaller-bore weapon. The method is less likely to produce a first-shot kill, but the second, third, or fourth shot may succeed. However if the bore is to small, none of the shots will penetrate to vital points, and the tusklan will again triumph over its attacker.
The subtle hunter takes no visible weapon at all. He instead induces a thousand sting flies to attack the tusklan from all sides. The method is slow, and destructive of the pelt. But in the end, the tusklan is dead.
And dies never knowing where the attack came from. #Quote by Timothy Zahn, Star Wars: Thrawn
An Attacker quotes by Lara Adrian
#21. What did Mira show your attacker last week? he asked, desperate to turn the attention away from himself now. Yakut shrugged. Only he can know. The girl has no knowledge of what her eyes reflect. Thank God for that. Niko hated to think of the education she might have just gotten otherwise. #Quote by Lara Adrian
An Attacker quotes by Salman Rushdie
#22. We are the Sublime Radiance, the Star of India, and the Sun of Glory," said the emperor, who knew a thing or two about flattery himself, "yet we were raised in that shit-hole dump of a town where men fuck women to make babies but fuck boys to make them men- raised watching out for the attacker who worked from behind as well the warrior straight ahead ... Is that how a king should be raised, Bhakti Ram Jain?" the emperor roared, tipping over the basin in his wrath. "Illiterate, ass-guarding, savage- is that what a prince should be? #Quote by Salman Rushdie
An Attacker quotes by Luke Rhinehart
#23. Like the turtle's shell, the sense of self serves as a shield against stimulation and as a burden which limits mobility into possibly dangerous areas. The turtle rarely has to think about what's on the other side of his shell; whatever it is, it can't hurt him, can't even touch him. So, too, adults insist on the shell of a consistent self for themselves and their children and appreciate turtles for friends; they wish to be protected from being hurt or touched or confused or having to think. If a man can rely on consistency, he can afford not to notice people after the first few times. But I imagined a world in which each individual might be about to play the lover, the benefactor, the sponger, the attacker, the friend: and once known as one of the next day he might yet be anything. Would we pay attention to this person? Would life be boring? Would life be livable? I saw then clearly for the first time that the fear of failure keeps us huddled in the cave of self - a group of behavior patterns we have mastered and have no intention of risking failure by abandoning. #Quote by Luke Rhinehart
An Attacker quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
#24. Let there be light! Abba! Father, let there be light!
In our dark moments we cry; let there be light!
Light to show us the way; light to shine before all others!
Light to see through darkness; light to change all staleness!
Let there be light! Abba! Father, we cry, let there be light!

Let there be light! Abba! Father, let there be light!
The future is always truly uncertain; let there be light!
Light to shine on the snares of darkness; light to take steps with calmness!
Light for us to see our paths well; light for us to understand your ways well!
Let there be light! Abba! Father, we cry, let there be light!

Let there be light! Abba! Father, let there be light!
We do not know who is coming in the darkness; let there be light!
Light to blindfold the attacker; light to change the sinner!
Light to give us power; light to make all things better!
Let there be light! Abba! Father, we cry, let there be light!

Let there be light! Abba! Father, let there be light!
We need freedom to do your work; let there be light!
Light to free us from bondage; light to escape attackers' carnage!
Light to lead us into your sonship; Light to empower our sonship!
Let there be light! Abba! Father, we cry, let there be light!

Let there be light! Abba Father, let there be light!
We need your light to know the truth; let there be light!
Light to enlighten our understa #Quote by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
An Attacker quotes by Terri E Apter
#25. Adolescents do get very angry with their parents, and acknowledging this anger is part of acknowledging them. If the anger is notacknowledged then its expression is increased. The parent seems super-strong. The adolescent tries to become the super-attacker. #Quote by Terri E Apter
An Attacker quotes by Mindy McGinnis
#26. What happens next is you're more likely to be a victim of sexual assault," he says, and I feel Alex tense beside me. "Girls, one in three of you." He points right at me, Alex, Sara, Branley, and Lila. "There are five right here, so let's be generous and say it's just one. Which one of you will it be?"
From the left a boy yells, "Please say it's Branley," followed by a chorus of laughter.

"Let me guess, she's the hot one, right?" Nolan says, smiling along with them. "Guess what - one of you is the one who's going to do it."

That shuts it down, fast.

"It's a small town," he goes on. "Ninety percent of rapes are acquaintance rapes - that means you know your attacker, girls. And guys, that means you know the girl you damaged physically, emotionally, and mentally. One in six of you boys is going to be sexually assaulted too, by the way. #Quote by Mindy McGinnis
An Attacker quotes by Patrick Brakspear
#27. attacker. The tusks on a hippo too are formidable weapons that are used to good effect against rivals, or as a threat display (their characteristic open-mouthed yawn). All tusks are in fact elongated #Quote by Patrick Brakspear
An Attacker quotes by Barbara Dee
#28. First rule of self-defense is: Don't ask your attacker for validation. #Quote by Barbara Dee
An Attacker quotes by Alessandra Torre
#29. People in danger typically try to put as much distance as possible between them and their attacker. They believe that space equals safety. But they are wrong, and often get hurt as a result. You see, when your enemies are close, when their bodies are pressed flush against yours, at that range they can do very little damage. They need distance to swing a punch, to extend their hands and choke your neck. Distance to reach down and unzip a zipper. The lesson is simple: Dictate your space. Keep your enemies as close as possible until you are ready to give them space. And when you give them that space, use it to destroy them. #Quote by Alessandra Torre
An Attacker quotes by G.A. Aiken
#30. Izzy immediately pulled out the sword Zachariah had given her and turned, barely blocking the weapon aimed right for her. Izzy shoved the weapon - another sword - away and spun to give herself momentum, slashing at the attacker. But her opponent blocked the move, their weapons locking. Izzy, fed up, stepped close to see who the hell would attack her here, so near her home.

Shocked, Izzy roared, "Éibhear! What the bloody hells are you doing?"

"I've come to Claim you as my own, Iseabail, Daughter of Talaith and Briec."

"Oh." Izzy lowered her weapon at his dramatic announcement. "Why didn't you say so?" She stepped back. "I'll go home and get naked." She turned to head to her house.

"That's it?" Éibhear asked, sounding disappointed. #Quote by G.A. Aiken
An Attacker quotes by Huey Newton
#31. The nature of a panther is that he never attacks. But if anyone attacks or backs into a corner, the panther comes up to wipe that aggressor or that attacker out. #Quote by Huey Newton
An Attacker quotes by Kerry Greenwood
#32. Conversation is a minefield until you learn the conventions, Jane dear.'
'I'll never learn all the rules,' muttered Jane.
'Yes, you will,' said Phryne. 'Then you can bend them. The best advice I would give you is, "If under attack, cause a diversion".'
'A diversion?'
'Yes, trip over the dog, spill a glass of wine on your attacker, burst into song, challenge your attacker to a duel. And the angrier you get, the lower your voice should be. Never shout unless you are shouting "Fire! #Quote by Kerry Greenwood
An Attacker quotes by Kirthi Jayakumar
#33. Death to the attacker was a yardstick of success, to the media person and the government, was a mere statistic. But to her, and countless other people, death had a name, a face and a story, and a countless number of emotions. And to each, theirs was the most painful. #Quote by Kirthi Jayakumar
An Attacker quotes by Kambiz Mostofizadeh
#34. Verbal jujitsu is the intentional use of language to yield in a verbal confrontation with a potential attacker, while using the language of the opponent to blend with the opponent, thereby neutralizing their words, and causing them to yield or share your thoughts/ideas. #Quote by Kambiz Mostofizadeh
An Attacker quotes by Clint Smith
#35. Make your attacker advance through a wall of bullets. I may get killed with my own gun, but he's gonna have to beat me to death with it, cause it's gonna be empty. #Quote by Clint Smith
An Attacker quotes by Leonid Brezhnev
#36. I shall add that only he who has decided to commit suicide can start a nuclear war in the hope of emerging a victor from it. No matter what the attacker might possess, no matter what method of unleashing nuclear war he chooses, he will not attain his aims. Retribution will inevitably ensue. #Quote by Leonid Brezhnev
An Attacker quotes by Johan Cruijff
#37. If my forward arrives in a one vs one situation, I always say: 'let him work it out.' Then my players say: But we can help him!'. My reply is: First, there's a good chance you'll only run in his way, and as a second attacker you're drawing a second defender with you, and two vs two is harder than one vs one.' #Quote by Johan Cruijff
An Attacker quotes by Masashi Kishimoto
#38. Being hurt inevitably breeds feelings of hatred towards your attacker. But when we hurt others, we have to deal with their hatred for us, and our own feelings of guilt. Knowing what it feels like to be hurt is exactly why we try to be kind to others. That's what makes us humans. #Quote by Masashi Kishimoto
An Attacker quotes by Elizabeth Vaughan
#39. Finally, as the sun was setting, Marcus 'killed' all my body guards, and I was facing my 'attacker' alone. Prest grinned at me as he lay dead at my feet. I looked over at Marcus, who stood there with two daggers, threatening me. "Now what?"

He tilted his head under that cloak, and glared at me. "What can you do?"

"I don't know!" Frustrated, I glared back at him.

Ander had managed to 'die' face down, and looked like he was taking a nap. "Look for a weakness," he whispered to me.

Weakness? Marcus had already proved he was deadly with those daggers, so what weakness did he have?

Marcus rolled his one eye at me.

Oh. #Quote by Elizabeth Vaughan
An Attacker quotes by Colleen Boyd
#40. Get me in here. Get me in here now!" I order. I have to get out of the swamp before it happens again.
But it does.
I feel it before I see it. Dozens of thick, razor-sharp needles pierce my right leg, sinking into my skin. It hurts like nothing I've felt before, and a strangled scream of pain escapes me.
Babette whips her head around, the motor forgotten. "Rylan! What is it!"
"Get me out! GET ME OUT!" I scream. Fearfully, I look over my shoulder, but seconds later I wish I hadn't as the attacker comes to the surface. It has a scaly body, sharp claws, feral eyes, and a long, ugly, sneering snout that's clamped around my leg.
Melanie identifies it with a shriek. "GATOR! #Quote by Colleen Boyd
An Attacker quotes by Abby Wambach
#41. Any good attacker will always beat a defender who's face-marking you. #Quote by Abby Wambach

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