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Amrutham Serial quotes by Scott A. Bonn
#1. I am honored and humbled by the fine reviews my new book "Why We Lover Serial Killers" is receiving. #Quote by Scott A. Bonn
Amrutham Serial quotes by Yitzhak Rabin
#2. I, serial number 30743, Major General Yitzhak Rabin, am a soldier in the army of peace. #Quote by Yitzhak Rabin
Amrutham Serial quotes by Stephen Douglass

Throughout my life, the United States has been my favorite country, save and except for Canada, where I was born, raised, educated, and still live for six months each year. As a child growing up in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, I aggressively bought and saved baseball cards of American and National League players, spent hours watching snowy images of American baseball and football games on black and white television and longed for the day when I could travel to that great country. Every Saturday afternoon, me and the boys would pay twelve cents to go the show and watch U.S. made movies, and particularly, the Superman serial. Then I got my chance. My father, who worked for B.F. Goodrich, took my brother and me to watch the Cleveland Indians play baseball in the Mistake on the Lake in Cleveland. At last I had made it to the big time. I thought it was an amazing stadium and it was certainly not a mistake. Amazingly, the Americans thought we were Americans.

I loved the United States, and everything about the country: its people, its movies, its comic books, its sports, and a great deal more. The country was alive and growing. No, exploding. It was the golden age of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The American dream was alive and well, but demanded hard work, honesty, and frugality. Everyone understood that. Even the politicians.

Then everything changed.

Partly because of its proximity to #Quote by Stephen Douglass
Amrutham Serial quotes by Jennifer Skully
#4. A door slammed next door. The serial killer looked up and over as a flurry of white fur pounded against the other side of the fence. "Don't start with me, you little runt, or you'll be next. #Quote by Jennifer Skully
Amrutham Serial quotes by Nora Dunn
#5. I think it's interesting that when you play a lesbian, people ask you if you're a lesbian, but if you play a serial killer, nobody asks you if you're a serial killer. #Quote by Nora Dunn
Amrutham Serial quotes by Marcia Lynn McClure
#6. You've been quiet for awhile. What are you thinking about?" he asked, grinning at her.
"I was wondering if maybe you're a serial killer. #Quote by Marcia Lynn McClure
Amrutham Serial quotes by Aileen Wuornos
#7. They're daring me to kill again. #Quote by Aileen Wuornos
Amrutham Serial quotes by Kim Rossmo
#8. What geographic profiling does is it takes a look at the locations of a connected series of incidents - say murders in a serial murder case or robberies in a serial bank robber case - and it spatially analyzes the point pattern of incidents, and creates a probability surface from those, working from the basis of an algorithm that says people offend close to where they live, but not too close. #Quote by Kim Rossmo
Amrutham Serial quotes by Joe Cornish
#9. And I used to buy 'Fangoria,' the horror magazine, which made my mum wonder if I was going to be a serial killer. #Quote by Joe Cornish
Amrutham Serial quotes by Stephen Richards
#10. I knew I hadn't been the most innocent of victims, but I didn't deserve this. DC Smith stood and grinned at me as he thanked me and left the room, leaving me to cry and to ponder on his not very adept handling of the situation. #Quote by Stephen Richards
Amrutham Serial quotes by Alan Moore
#11. Dan, I'm not a Republic serial villain. Do you seriously think I'd explain my master-stroke if there remained the slightest chance of you affecting its outcome? I did it thirty-five minutes ago. #Quote by Alan Moore
Amrutham Serial quotes by Jeff Lindsay
#12. She stared at me "You have a message," she said. "On you machine."
I looked over at my answering machine. Sure enough, the light was blinking. The woman really was a detective.
"It's some girl," La Guerta said. "She sounds kind of sleepy and happy. You got a girlfriend, Dexter?" there was a strange hint of a challenge in her voice.
"You know how it is," I said. "Women today are so forward, and when you are as handsome as I am they absolutely fling themselves at your head." Perhaps an unfortunate choice of words; as I said it I couldn't help thinking of the woman's head flung at me not so long ago.
"Watch out," La Guerta said. "Sooner or later one of them will stick." I had no idea what she thought that meant, but it was a very unsettling image.
"I'm sure you're right," I said. "Until then, carpe diem."
"It's Latin," I said. "It means, complain in the daylight. #Quote by Jeff Lindsay
Amrutham Serial quotes by Blake Crouch
#13. Paul Wilson) The Serial Series (with J.A. Konrath and Jack Kilborn) "Serial" (short story) "Bad Girl" (short story) Serial Uncut (novella) Killers (novella) Birds of Prey Killers Uncut Serial Killers Uncut (double novel) #Quote by Blake Crouch
Amrutham Serial quotes by Ray Bradbury
#14. Now let's take up the minorities in our civilisation, shall we? Bigger the population, the more minorities. Don't step on the toes of the dog-lovers, the cat-lovers, doctors, lawyers, merchants, chiefs, Mormons, Baptists, Unitarians, second-generation Chinese, Swedes, Italians, Germans, Texans, Brooklynites, Irishmen, people from Oregon or Mexico. The people in this book, this play, this TV serial are not meant to represent any actual painters, cartographers, mechanics anywhere. The bigger your market, Montag, the less you handle controversy, remember that! #Quote by Ray Bradbury
Amrutham Serial quotes by Susan Mallery
#15. Angel was different in every way possible. When he looked at her with those cool gray eyes, she had no idea what he was thinking. That was kind of fun, She just hoped it didn't mean he was a serial killer. #Quote by Susan Mallery
Amrutham Serial quotes by Deyth Banger

(People say that the beginning of a serial killer is - arsonist) #Quote by Deyth Banger
Amrutham Serial quotes by Stephen Richards
#17. As a child, I was attractive to paedophiles. I suppose being indecently assaulted when I was 13 years old should have warned me that there were some weird and dangerous men out there, but I had got over that episode in my life. #Quote by Stephen Richards
Amrutham Serial quotes by Chelsea Cain
#18. Maybe the reason we all picture serial killers as schlubby, middle-aged white guys is because they are the ones who get caught. #Quote by Chelsea Cain
Amrutham Serial quotes by Howard Tayler
#19. Ennesby, get the Serial Peacemaker to the beach for dustoff."
"Dustoff? You're going to run away from three guys?"
"No, I'm going to kill or capture those three guys, and then run away from the Police. #Quote by Howard Tayler
Amrutham Serial quotes by Scott Adams
#20. A matador is a guy who didn't have enough people skills to be promoted to serial killer. #Quote by Scott Adams
Amrutham Serial quotes by Jess C. Scott
#21. The laws governed people's happiness. To be lawless was to be happy. #Quote by Jess C. Scott
Amrutham Serial quotes by Dennis Nilsen
#22. I saw him ... at peace in my armchair. I remember wishing he could stay in peace like that forever. I had a feeling of easing his burden with my strength. #Quote by Dennis Nilsen
Amrutham Serial quotes by Belinda G. Buchanan
#23. That's really easy for you to say, Jack. You've gotten everything you ever wanted. #Quote by Belinda G. Buchanan
Amrutham Serial quotes by L.M. Montgomery
#24. This afternoon I sat at my window and alternately wrote at my new serial and watched a couple of dear, amusing, youngish maple-trees at the foot of the garden. They whispered secrets to each other all the afternoon. They would bend together and talk earnestly for a few moments, then spring back and look at each other, throwing up their hands comically in horror and amazement over their mutual revelations. I wonder what new scandal is afoot in Treeland. #Quote by L.M. Montgomery
Amrutham Serial quotes by George Murray
#25. I am still interested in the long or serial poem, but have written a few smaller things. I may start sending to journals again in a year or so ... that's about it. #Quote by George Murray
Amrutham Serial quotes by Margaret Atwood
#26. There would be no Sherlock Holmes if it were not for serial publication. #Quote by Margaret Atwood
Amrutham Serial quotes by Jeremy Grantham
#27. Investment bubbles and high animal spirits do not materialize out of thin air. They need extremely favorable economic fundamentals together with free and easy, cheap credit, and they need it for at least two or three years. Importantly, they also need serial pleasant surprises in such critical variables as global GNP growth. #Quote by Jeremy Grantham
Amrutham Serial quotes by Kevin Dutton
#28. The results were extraordinary. Over 70 percent of those who scored high on the Self-Report Psychopathy Scale correctly picked out the handkerchief-smuggling associate, compared to just 30 percent of the low scorers. Zeroing in on weakness may well be part of a serial killer's toolkit. But it may also come in handy at the airport. #Quote by Kevin Dutton
Amrutham Serial quotes by Arthur Shawcross
#29. She was giving me oral sex, and she got carried away ... So I choked her. #Quote by Arthur Shawcross
Amrutham Serial quotes by Jasper Fforde
#30. There are not many secure hospitals that can boast someone who thought he was Napoleon, but St. Cerebellum's could field three - not to mention a handful of serial killers whose names inexplicably yet conveniently rhymed with their crimes. Notorious cannibal "Peter the Eater" was incarcerated here, as were "Sasha the Slasher" and "Mr. Browner the Serial Drowner." But the undisputed king of rhyme-inspired serial murder was Isle of Man resident Maximilian Marx, who went under the uniquely tongue-twisting epithet "Mad Max Marx, the Masked Manxman Axman." Deirdre Blott tried to top Max's clear superiority by changing her name so as to become "Nutty Nora Newsome, the Knife-Wielding Weird Widow from Waddersdon," but no one was impressed, and she was ostracized by the other patients for being such a terrible show-off. #Quote by Jasper Fforde
Amrutham Serial quotes by Blake Butler
#31. I am a serial monogamist of sorts, and have been with my girlfriend for almost four years. In imagining my brain back to worlds where I might be around someone other sexed in that way and not know them that well, speaking out loud almost seems like requiring of demon language, or money spurting. #Quote by Blake Butler
Amrutham Serial quotes by Ted Bundy
#32. They wouldn't be stereotypes necessarily. But they would be reasonable facsimiles to women as a class. A class not of women, per se, but a class that has almost been created through the mythology of women and how they are used as objects. #Quote by Ted Bundy
Amrutham Serial quotes by Mark Billingham
#33. It never ceases to amaze me that readers who are willing to suspend their disbelief when it comes to the motivation of a vicious serial killer get high and mighty because I have put a coffee shop where there isn't one. Er ... it's a novel. I made one up. I'm allowed to make stuff up. I'd go as far as to suggest that I make stuff up for a living. #Quote by Mark Billingham
Amrutham Serial quotes by Patricia Briggs
#34. If I ever become a serial murderer, I'll be very careful to kill people in a pattern that centres around a police station - and not my home or work. #Quote by Patricia Briggs
Amrutham Serial quotes by Christopher Buckley
#35. Mum's serial misbehavior over the years had driven me, despairing, to write her scolding - occasionally scalding letters. #Quote by Christopher Buckley
Amrutham Serial quotes by John E. Douglas
#36. Shocking, sad, revealing, and deeply researched, this true account of the life and crimes of serial killer Aileen Wuornos will fascinate true-crime fans. #Quote by John E. Douglas
Amrutham Serial quotes by Trisha Wolfe
#37. Not all demons are born to the dark. And not all angels seek the light. Sometimes our circumstance demands a fusion of both. There is no good and evil. Only the time spent between both heaven and hell, where we find our peace. And love. Even the vilest of monsters deserve to be loved. #Quote by Trisha Wolfe
Amrutham Serial quotes by Pat Brown
#39. Serial killers are everywhere! Well, perhaps not in our neighborhood, but on our television screens, at the movie theatres, and in rows and rows of books at our local Borders or Barnes and Noble Booksellers. #Quote by Pat Brown
Amrutham Serial quotes by Scott Hildreth
#40. Children. Pay close attention to them. They grow up to be adults. The really heinous people we see on the news? The serial killers, murderers, rapists, and complete ass-hats of society? Yeah, they were children once. And no one paid attention. #Quote by Scott Hildreth
Amrutham Serial quotes by Douglas Wilson
#41. God could have made every creature just exactly the same, all of us round and shiny like little ball bearings one centimeter across, with all the invisible serial numbers distinguishing us one from another hidden away in the decrees and secret counsels of God. And there we would all be, pretty much all of us really bored. But what He actually did was make the gaudiest show ever, which started at the beginning of our story when Adam looked at Eve for the first time and, as already noted, started speaking poetry. #Quote by Douglas Wilson
Amrutham Serial quotes by Nick Frost
#42. The Omen is one of my favorites. Even though I'm an atheist now, I was brought up Catholic and can remember thinking that it could actually be real! The first Dawn of the Dead is a great one. We had a TV serial in Britain called Day of the Triffids and that was always really terrifying for me as well. #Quote by Nick Frost
Amrutham Serial quotes by Stewart Butterfield
#43. I don't think it ever occurred to me that I wouldn't be an entrepreneur. My dad became a real estate developer, and that work is usually project-based. You attract investors for a project with a certain life cycle, and then you move on to the next thing. It's almost like being a serial entrepreneur, so I had that as an example. #Quote by Stewart Butterfield
Amrutham Serial quotes by Ted Bundy
#44. I've met a lot of men who were motivated to commit violence just like me. And without exception, without question, every one of them was deeply involved in pornography. #Quote by Ted Bundy
Amrutham Serial quotes by Rebecca Schaeffer
#45. I know." His hand ran across the floor, making shapes in the nonexistent dust. "Have you ever seen those shows starring serial-killer main characters? Dexter? Hannibal? Some of those sexy vampire ones the mafia funds to lure victims to them? They make all sorts of excuses for the serial killers. 'It's okay, he's killing bad guys.' 'It's okay, because it happened offscreen.' I hate those. I hate when people do that to me. When they try to make me sympathetic, moralize all the decisions that aren't moral. #Quote by Rebecca Schaeffer
Amrutham Serial quotes by Barry Graham
#46. We don't know when the first star exploded, or when the sun caught on fire. We don't know when the sun will stop burning and turn cold and dark, though we know it will.

In between the fire and the cold, life beginning and ending, Laura, sometime after being born and before dying, plays a game and talks to a sister who has never existed, while Frank tells a little girl named Whitney a story about the life and death of a dog, a story that he sometimes believes while telling it.

In the cities of the Sonoran Desert, the sunshine follows you into the shade. When you drink water anywhere, however pure the water, you're drinking the piss of dinosaurs. The volume of water in this world has never varied. Nothing comes or goes, increases or decreases.

On a speck of dust in what they call the universe, David and Frank search for Laura, and Laura searches for David and Frank. La Llorona searches for her children. Whitney wants to not be sad. All of them search for love. #Quote by Barry Graham
Amrutham Serial quotes by S.J. Wardell
#47. Everything begins with chioce. #Quote by S.J. Wardell

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