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Amerongen Castle quotes by Kit Castle
#1. I'm sorry about what you've had to live through," Dr. Walton said quietly. "But we're here to help you overcome your past. We're here to help you live." (260) #Quote by Kit Castle
Amerongen Castle quotes by J.K. Rowling
#2. The three of them fell silent. After a long pause, Hermione voiced the knottiest question of all in a hesitant voice.
"Do you think we should go and ask Hagrid about it all?"
"That'd be a cheerful visit," said Ron, " 'Hello, Hagrid. Tell us, have you been setting anything mad and hairy loose in the castle lately? #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Amerongen Castle quotes by J.K. Rowling
#3. Harry took the map and grinned.
"You told me Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs would've wanted to lure me out of school... you said they'd have thought it was funny."
"And so we would have done," said Lupin, now reaching down to close his case. "I have no hesitation in saying that James would have been highly disappointed if his son had never found any of the secret passages out of the castle. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Amerongen Castle quotes by Ron Paul
#4. White Castle has a unique position in the Midwest. It is a cult brand that has developed a strong, loyal following. #Quote by Ron Paul
Amerongen Castle quotes by Jayne Castle
#5. When fully fluffed they looked like oversized wads of dryer lint with six little paws and two big, innocent blue eyes. #Quote by Jayne Castle
Amerongen Castle quotes by David Castle
#6. If you were to go to a restaurant and disagree with Daniel Boulud, he'd probably throw something at you. Restaurant chefs have a problem with caterers because we accommodate special requests, but great service is about getting exactly what you want. #Quote by David Castle
Amerongen Castle quotes by Brittany Comeaux
#7. The grand castle in Cartigo, the capital city of Cierith, stood high against the full moon and cast a heavy shadow across the city. The forest surrounding the city whispered eerily throughout the night, and the townspeople bolted their doors shut in fear of the soldiers who patrolled the streets looking for an excuse to arrest someone. The man responsible for this tyranny, on the other hand, sat comfortably on his stolen throne and ruled the land with an iron fist. #Quote by Brittany Comeaux
Amerongen Castle quotes by Gwenn Wright
#8. That Abbie is such a freaking brat who doesn't know anything! My William is wasting away in that castle and that stuck up, self-righteous cow doesn't even care because now she's just all ooooo, Peter I love you! Well I don't love Peter and he's a jerk. Let's go bust down the door!" She sat back and calmly pushed her hair from her face, "Now would you get me a soda? #Quote by Gwenn Wright
Amerongen Castle quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#9. A hidden wooden cottage is much safer than a solid fortress standing in an obvious place on the hill! #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Amerongen Castle quotes by Patricia Hewitt
#10. Barbara Castle should have been Labour's - and Britain's - first female prime minister. What a role model she would have been: passionate, fiery, and absolutely committed to social justice. #Quote by Patricia Hewitt
Amerongen Castle quotes by Mike Bartlett
#11. ...I am better Thoughtful Prince than King.
Potential holds appeal since in its castle walls
One is protected from the awful shame
Of failure. #Quote by Mike Bartlett
Amerongen Castle quotes by Michael N. Castle
#12. Upon arriving, meeting their teachers and signing up for classes, these students began to realize that their attendance at Delaware State University was not a goal achieved, but rather a dream being sewn - a first step, if you will. #Quote by Michael N. Castle
Amerongen Castle quotes by Barbara Castle
#13. What we set out to do was to ensure that this system of fair shares and the planning and controls continued after the war, and when we won, that's what we did. #Quote by Barbara Castle
Amerongen Castle quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#14. We do not want joy and anger to neutralize each other and produce a surly contentment; we want a fiercer delight and a fiercer discontent. We have to feel the universe at once as an ogre's castle, to be stormed, and yet as our own cottage, to which we can return to at evening. #Quote by G.K. Chesterton
Amerongen Castle quotes by Anna-Marie McLemore
#15. That was the thing neither Roja nor the senoras understood. Sometimes what a story needed was not a girl who would do what the prince told her, who would content herself with meeting him only in the dark, who would not question why she must not open her eyes. Sometimes a story needed the girl who would find him among the crumbling stones where he did pretending all o fit was a castle. It needed the girl who took the prince's orders and crushed them between her back teeth, who bound his wrists if that was what it took to set him free. #Quote by Anna-Marie McLemore
Amerongen Castle quotes by Ann Greyson
#16. Already her mind was racing in all the wrong directions. Lorraine Krag was right to ask. Who was that woman in the castle? #Quote by Ann Greyson
Amerongen Castle quotes by Michael N. Castle
#17. And the university's reputation will only continue to grow as stories like Elaine's are spread. Delaware State University's motto 'a past to honor, a future to insure,' couldn't be any more fitting for this transitional period you are going through. #Quote by Michael N. Castle
Amerongen Castle quotes by Seanan McGuire
#18. Sugar, flour, and cinnamon won't make a house a home,
So bake your walls of gingerbread and sweeten them with bone.
Eggs and milk and whipping cream, butter in the churn,
Bake our queen a castle in the hopes that she'll return. #Quote by Seanan McGuire
Amerongen Castle quotes by Roger Lancelyn Green
#19. The big knight fell heavily to the ground, and lay there, as nearly dead as possible. His servants came running from the castle and took him in. He got better in the end, but nobody cared much about that. #Quote by Roger Lancelyn Green
Amerongen Castle quotes by Paramahansa Yogananda
#20. Build your inner environment. Practice Silence! I remember the wonderful discipline of the Great Ones. When we used to talk and chatter, they would say: "Go back into your inner castle." It was very hard to comprehend then, but now I understand the way of peace #Quote by Paramahansa Yogananda
Amerongen Castle quotes by Peter Dodds
#21. Peter Friedrich, wer bin ich? Peter Frederick, who am I? German or American? The answer was neither and both. I had German blood but an American mentality.

This trip allowed me to understand that a man can make his home where ever he chooses. If I wanted, I could live happily in America. My heart fought and pleaded, saying it wasn't true, that I was German, and only in Germany would I be content. In one of the few times in my life, intellect overruled emotion. Germany wasn't the key to my happiness. I couldn't deny what I had experienced, and my last hope for a key to the castle door died.

International adoption destroyed the connection to my heritage. It is only conjuncture to guess how my life might have turned out under different circumstances, but there is one certainty: If I had remained in the orphanage or had been adopted by German parents, I never would have suffered the loss of my national identity. If I had to be adopted by Americans, then they should have been of German descent. #Quote by Peter Dodds
Amerongen Castle quotes by Bethany Griffin
#22. I stand alone for several minutes, watching the shadows move across the stones. The mortar that holds them in place is coarse and thick, as if the stones didn't exactly fit together and had to be glued into place. The prince had the entire castle moved from across the sea. A prop for his megalomania. I shiver. #Quote by Bethany Griffin
Amerongen Castle quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#23. Food in a castle was served in the great hall, a large room usually on an upper floor. The lord's table was set up along one wall on a small dais, the rest of the tables were positioned in a perpendicular fashion to the lord's dais. Lower tables were called trestle tables, and when the meals were not being eaten, these tables were taken down and stacked in designated areas. The lord, his guests and family who all sat at the lord's table were the only ones to have chairs; everyone else sat on a bench. Breakfast was a small snack usually served after morning mass. It consisted of a hunk of bread and ale or cider for the retainers and servants. The lord, his family and guests might be served white bread with a #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Amerongen Castle quotes by Mark Knopfler
#24. The drinking dens are spilling out
There's staggering in the square
There's lads and lasses falling about
And a crackling in the air
Down around the dungeon doors
The shelters and the queues
Everybody's looking for
Somebody's arms to fall into
And it's what it is
It's what it is now

There's frost on the graves and the monuments
But the taverns are warm in town
People curse the government
And shovel hot food down
The lights are out in the city hall
The castle and the keep
The moon shines down upon it all
The legless and asleep

And it's cold on the tollgate
With the wagons creeping through
Cold on the tollgate
God knows what I could do with you
And it's what it is
It's what it is now

The garrison sleeps in the citadel
With the ghosts and the ancient stones
High up on the parapet
A Scottish piper stands alone
And high on the wind
The highland drums begin to roll
And something from the past just comes
And stares into my soul

And it's cold on the tollgate
With the Caledonian Blues
Cold on the tollgate
God knows what I could do with you
And it's what it is
It's what it is now
What it is
It's what it is now

There's a chink of light, there's a burning wick
There's a lantern in the tower
Wee Willie Winkie with a candlestick
Still writing songs #Quote by Mark Knopfler
Amerongen Castle quotes by Mark Helprin
#25. Off Castle Garden, a mile to the southeast, near the western edge of Governors Island, a ship lay resting through a foggy spring night before the long and arduous trip back to the old world - whether Riga, Naples, or Constantinople is not certain. #Quote by Mark Helprin
Amerongen Castle quotes by T.H. White
#26. It was Christmas night in the Castle of the Forest Sauvage, and all around length. It hung on the boughs of the forest trees in rounded lumps, even better than apple-blossom, and occasionally slid off the roofs of the village when it saw the chance of falling on some amusing character and giving pleasure to all. The boys made snowballs with it, but never put stones in them to hurt each other, and the dogs, when they were taken out to scombre, bit it and rolled in it, and looked surprised but delighted when they vanished into the bigger drifts. There was skating on the moat, which roared with the gliding bones which they used for skates, while hot chestnuts and spiced mead were served on the bank to all and sundry. The owls hooted. The cooks put out plenty of crumbs for the small birds. The villagers brought out their red mufflers. Sir Ector's face shone redder even than these. And reddest of all shone the cottage fires down the main street of an evening, #Quote by T.H. White
Amerongen Castle quotes by Jen Calonita
#27. Home. It felt strange to use that word about a place she hadn't lived in since she was a child, but the castle felt more familiar than she had expected. She quickly became reacquainted with the layout, her bedroom, and all the other rooms, even visiting her old friend Joan in the portrait gallery. The truth was, home was anywhere Elsa was. #Quote by Jen Calonita
Amerongen Castle quotes by Julie Kagawa
#28. Wandering back into the bedroom, my gaze immediately strayed to the large bed along the wall and the lump beneath the covers. Pale light streamed through the half-open curtains, settling around the still-sleeping form of a Winter sidhe. Or a former Winter sidhe. Pausing in the doorframe, I took advantage of the serene moment just to watch him, a tiny flutter going through my stomach. Sometimes, it was still hard to believe that he was here, that this wasn't a dream or a mirage or a figment of my imagination. That he was mine forever: my husband, my knight.
My faery with a soul.

He lay on his stomach, arms beneath the pillow, breathing peacefully, his dark hair falling over his eyes. The covers had slipped off his lean, muscular shoulders, and the early morning rays caressed his pale skin. Normally, I didn't get to watch him sleep; he was usually up before me, in the courtyard sparring with Glitch or just prowling the halls of the castle. In the early days of our marriage, especially, I'd wake up in the middle of the night to find him gone, the hyper-awareness of his warrior days making it impossible for him to stay in one place, even to sleep. He'd grown up in the Unseelie Court, where you had to watch your back every second of every day, and centuries of fey survival could not be forgotten so easily. That paranoia would never really fade, but he was gradually starting to relax now, to the point where sometimes, though not often, I would wake with him still be #Quote by Julie Kagawa
Amerongen Castle quotes by Brittney Joy
#29. The clouds behind the castle darkened and rolled, embracing the mountain and the white towers. And as the princess became more animated, the clouds rolled faster and faster. They twisted and deepened in color until a deafening crack sliced through the air. #Quote by Brittney Joy
Amerongen Castle quotes by Israelmore Ayivor
#30. Every big castle was once started with a single block; despise no small beginnings. A little step taken every day builds up the hope of greater accomplishments. Do something every day! #Quote by Israelmore Ayivor
Amerongen Castle quotes by Barbara Castle
#31. He described how, as a boy of 14, his dad had been down the mining pit, his uncle had been down the pit, his brother had been down the pit, and of course he would go down the pit. #Quote by Barbara Castle
Amerongen Castle quotes by Lori Goodwin
#32. I used to be a pile of rubble, now I'm a castle. #Quote by Lori Goodwin

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