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Amazing Stories quotes by Peter Wohlleben
#1. But we shouldn't be concerned about trees purely for material reasons, we should also care about them because of the little puzzles and wonders they present us with. Under the canopy of the trees, daily dramas and moving love stories are played out. Here is the last remaining piece of Nature, right on our doorstep, where adventures are to be experienced and secrets discovered. And who knows, perhaps one day the language of trees will eventually be deciphered, giving us the raw material for further amazing stories. Until then, when you take your next walk in the forest, give free rein to your imagination-in many cases, what you imagine is not so far removed from reality, after all! #Quote by Peter Wohlleben
Amazing Stories quotes by Mick Garris
#2. My first teacher was Steven Spielberg. I worked on Amazing Stories. That was my first job, as a writer and as a story editor. Watching him and his command of the tools of filmmaking, and his admiration for writing and the story itself, was the greatest lesson I ever had. #Quote by Mick Garris
Amazing Stories quotes by Madhur Mittal
#3. The thing about this business is that you always end up finding these amazing stories and these amazing people who make amazing films. I just want to work with good people and keep challenging myself with different kinds of characters. #Quote by Madhur Mittal
Amazing Stories quotes by Rem Koolhaas
#4. We discovered a person in Lagos who had a fish stall, and within a single square metre she carried two children all the way to Harvard. She supported an unbelievable escape of her children into education. In that sense it was a city completed pixillated, and every pixel contained amazing stories. #Quote by Rem Koolhaas
Amazing Stories quotes by Aaron Koblin
#5. An interface can be a powerful narrative device. And as we collect more and more personally and socially relevant data, we have an opportunity, and maybe even an obligation, to maintain [our] humanity and tell some amazing stories. #Quote by Aaron Koblin
Amazing Stories quotes by David Hayter
#6. Comic books, if you're adapting a comic book - like X-Men, for example - you've got 40 years of amazing stories to dig into, things that incredible artists have been thinking about for decades. #Quote by David Hayter
Amazing Stories quotes by Johnny Depp
#7. While they'd be setting up shots, suddenly, there were 17 make-up chicks, just listening to Marlon telling these amazing stories that were probably lies. He was a fascinating individual. I learned a lot from him. #Quote by Johnny Depp
Amazing Stories quotes by Kenneth Branagh
#8. There are some amazing stories from all over this country, where people's work and contribution has been acknowledged. To be part of that is an absolutely fantastic feeling. #Quote by Kenneth Branagh
Amazing Stories quotes by Chiwetel Ejiofor
#9. Solomon Northup is one of the most remarkable people I've ever encountered in my life; one of the most amazing stories I have ever been in any kind of contact with. To not tell that story would have been disgraceful, in my opinion. #Quote by Chiwetel Ejiofor
Amazing Stories quotes by Lenny Abrahamson
#10. I'm not setting out to adapt books and work with books, but when really amazing stories come to you in that form, it's really hard to turn away from that. #Quote by Lenny Abrahamson
Amazing Stories quotes by Laurel Nakadate
#11. I think that fact alone levels everything. Slapstick amazes me, the folly of humans today, the Ponzi schemes, giving birth to eight babies at once, it's amazing ... And I know, it's horrible to have your money stolen and all that, but those are amazing stories. #Quote by Laurel Nakadate
Amazing Stories quotes by Rabih Alameddine
#12. If you go through any culture that has had wars, go to the bomb shelters, and you'll hear some amazing stories. Yes, it's a necessary thing that we actually both distract ourselves and it's a way to bond. #Quote by Rabih Alameddine
Amazing Stories quotes by Lisa Kröger
#13. Perhaps the weirdest tale is how we've managed to forget the women who created such amazing stories. #Quote by Lisa Kröger
Amazing Stories quotes by Cindy Morgan
#14. I did one of the 'Amazing Stories.' That was the first time I got to play a character who was a dumb blonde. I actually channeled Judy Holliday. #Quote by Cindy Morgan
Amazing Stories quotes by Rollo May
#15. Another root of our malady is our loss of the sense of the worth and dignity of the human being. Nietzsche predicted this when he pointed out that the individual was being swallowed up in the herd, and that we were living by a "slave-morality." Marx also predicted it when he proclaimed that modern man was being "de-humanized," and Kafka showed in his amazing stories how people literally can lose their identity as persons. #Quote by Rollo May
Amazing Stories quotes by Jamie Cullum
#16. My maternal granddad, Leonard, was full of amazing stories. He was an orphan, with 11 or 12 brothers and sisters, and he used to tell us about growing up near the Irrawaddy river and how one brother was eaten by a crocodile. #Quote by Jamie Cullum
Amazing Stories quotes by Nancy Meyers
#17. I'm no actor. And I wasn't like George Lucas or Spielberg, making home movies as a teenager, either. But I would go back and watch certain movies again and again. By the time I saw 'The Graduate' I was aware of how these amazing stories could be told. #Quote by Nancy Meyers
Amazing Stories quotes by Roberto Aguire
#18. I think actors have a huge responsibility because of the vastness of their outreach. I am a big believer of the good that film, television, and theater can do, and I want to be a part of that. Throughout my career, I want to keep telling amazing stories and inspiring people. #Quote by Roberto Aguire
Amazing Stories quotes by Samuel R. Delany
#19. Many of the early greats of sf - Hugo Gernsback (publisher of Amazing Stories) in particular - saw themselves as educators. The didactic thrust of science fiction got the genre initially pegged as children's fare. It was seen, at its best, as an extension of school and, at its worst, as teenage wish fulfillment. #Quote by Samuel R. Delany
Amazing Stories quotes by Patrick J. Adams
#20. My dad was a journalist. He was in Rwanda right after the genocide. In Berlin when the wall came down. He was always disappearing and coming back with amazing stories. So telling stories for a living made sense to me. #Quote by Patrick J. Adams
Amazing Stories quotes by Salma Farook
#21. The good news is, no one ever found anything truly amazing without searching. It is the lost who wander, and only the wanderers discover new shores. #Quote by Salma Farook
Amazing Stories quotes by Marissa Jaret Winokur
#22. We have to support each other's tired nerves, I know that sounds so Pollyanna, but really ... Mommy groups can be amazing, but haven't you ever gone to one and felt like you are back in high school, totally on the outside of the 'cool kids' club? I totally have! #Quote by Marissa Jaret Winokur
Amazing Stories quotes by Howard Kerr
#23. (Washington) Irving was only the first of the writers of the American ghostly tale to recognize that the supernatural, exactly because its epistemological status is so difficult to determine, challenged the writer to invent a commensurately sophisticated narrative technique. #Quote by Howard Kerr
Amazing Stories quotes by Caroline B. Cooney
#24. If you write a story based on a real person, you're trapped by the details of the real person and his life. It gets in the way of writing your own story. #Quote by Caroline B. Cooney
Amazing Stories quotes by Orson Scott Card
#25. I designed Ender's Game to be as clear and accessible as any story of mine could possibly be. My goal was that the reader wouldn't
have to be trained in literature or even in science fiction to receive the tale in its simplest, purest form.
If everybody came to agree that stories should be told this clearly, the professors of literature would be out of a job, and the writers of obscure, encoded fiction would be, not honored, but pitied for their impenetrability. #Quote by Orson Scott Card
Amazing Stories quotes by Iain Sinclair
#26. Why not add another yarn? That's all we are in the end, any of us, a couple of dozen unreliable stories. #Quote by Iain Sinclair
Amazing Stories quotes by Edward P. Jones
#27. Those of us with this ancient compulsion to tell stories sometimes start with a single kernel of something. #Quote by Edward P. Jones
Amazing Stories quotes by Sonia Rykiel
#28. For the collection, I am like a painter or a writer. I may or may not be a character in my own story. #Quote by Sonia Rykiel
Amazing Stories quotes by Catherine Deneuve
#29. I think one of the few times I've been involved with real-life characters was the story of Marie Bonaparte. I think it's really difficult to become someone that really existed. #Quote by Catherine Deneuve
Amazing Stories quotes by Shaun David Hutchinson
#30. There's an amazing world out there for you to discover, Henry Denton, but you have to be willing to discover yourself first. #Quote by Shaun David Hutchinson
Amazing Stories quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#31. My life is four walls of missed opportunities poured in concrete molds. #Quote by Tahereh Mafi
Amazing Stories quotes by Paddy Considine
#32. At the end of the day, my life isn't about other people's work. I've got to stop giving stuff away. I've got my own stories to tell, and a great need to tell them. I've got these images, these thoughts in my head, and I need to find a way to cope with them. #Quote by Paddy Considine
Amazing Stories quotes by Joan Aiken
#33. No moral to this story, you will be saying, and I am afraid it is true. #Quote by Joan Aiken
Amazing Stories quotes by Emily Rodda
#34. I don't want to write things that people don't want to read. I would have no pleasure in producing something that sold 600 copies but that was considered very wonderful. I would prefer to sell 20,000 copies because the readers loved it. When I write books I don't actually think about the market in that way. I just tell myself the story. I don't think I'm talking to a 10-year-old boy or a six-year-old girl. I just write on the level the story seems to call for. #Quote by Emily Rodda
Amazing Stories quotes by Megan Whalen Turner
#35. I knew I would be in the story somewhere," Eugenides interjected.
"Oh no," said Phresine, "This was a humble servant."
"Though very courageous."
"Not me," whispered Eugenides to his pillow. #Quote by Megan Whalen Turner
Amazing Stories quotes by Miguel De Cervantes
#36. Mere flimflam stories, and nothing but shams and lies. #Quote by Miguel De Cervantes
Amazing Stories quotes by Martha Beck
#37. Humans only really learn from each other by storytelling. We didn't evolve to memorize things. We evolved to hear each other's stories and feel them in our heart. Your life is the most powerful story you can tell. #Quote by Martha Beck
Amazing Stories quotes by Norm Crosby
#38. I was the first spokesperson for the Better Hearing Institute in Washington. And that's the message we tried to send out - there is hearing help out there, and the technology and options are amazing. #Quote by Norm Crosby
Amazing Stories quotes by Ellen Hopkins
#39. People inspire me. Everyone is such an individual and has unique stories. I'm a voyeur. I eavesdrop. Sometimes I ask questions. And sometimes people just want to tell me their stories. #Quote by Ellen Hopkins
Amazing Stories quotes by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
#40. As a child I scribbled; and my favorite pastime during the hours given me for recreation was to 'write stories'. Still, I had a dearer pleasure than this, which was the formation of castles in the air – the indulging in waking dreams – the following up trains of thought, which had for their subject the formation of a succession of imaginary incidents. #Quote by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
Amazing Stories quotes by Leah Hager Cohen
#41. I have been too fond of stories. #Quote by Leah Hager Cohen
Amazing Stories quotes by G.A. Aiken
#42. (Ragnar just came back from the war.)
Then Keita the Viper spun around and ran into his arms, hugging him tight. "This is all your fault!" she accused.
"What is?"
"How much I missed you! And I was shockingly worried about you. I actually cared if you were hurt or had been damaged in some way. She leaned back, squinted up at him. "You weren't, were you? Damaged?"
"Not so that I won't heal."
"Good." She rested her head on his chest. "Believe it or not, I don't know what I'd have done if something happened to you." Keita abruptly pulled back from him and punched him in the chest. "What have you done to me, foreigner? Well, let me make it plain that you'll not trap me in your evil web of amazing sex and unconditional love! I'm stronger than that!"
And Ragnar sighed ... loudly. #Quote by G.A. Aiken
Amazing Stories quotes by Kenneth Burke
#43. Stories are equipment for living. #Quote by Kenneth Burke
Amazing Stories quotes by Peter James
#44. Horror stories in many ways touch us even more deeply. Because they remind us, that despite all our veneers of civilization and all our scientific progress, there are still things out there that defy the rational, and can scare the living daylights out of us. #Quote by Peter James
Amazing Stories quotes by Thomas Jones
#45. There are a lot of black men doing really well, taking care of their families, taking care of their wives, being successful, doing the right thing, promoting the right thing. There needs to be an evolution in our portrayal. We have to come together, pool our resources and tell our own stories. People won't respect us unless we make them. #Quote by Thomas Jones
Amazing Stories quotes by John Twelve Hawks
#46. I spent my time drinking and staring at a television in the airport bar. More death and destruction. Crime. Pollution. All the news stories were telling me to be frightened. All the commercials were telling me to buy things I didn´t need. The message was that people could only be passive victims or consumers. #Quote by John Twelve Hawks
Amazing Stories quotes by Austin Mahone
#47. I just think it's super amazing that the U.K. fans are so dedicated and loving. I love them, and being with them in person is an amazing feeling. #Quote by Austin Mahone
Amazing Stories quotes by Rodman Philbrick
#48. It's fun to be amazing, to be the star of the show, to have everyone watching you - even if you have to act like a pig. #Quote by Rodman Philbrick
Amazing Stories quotes by Gaël Faye
#49. I'm neither Hutu nor Tutsi ... Those are not my stories. You're my friends because I love you, not because you're from this or that ethnic group. I don't want anything to do with all that! #Quote by Gaël Faye
Amazing Stories quotes by Jeanette Winterson
#50. I'm telling you stories. Trust me. I #Quote by Jeanette Winterson
Amazing Stories quotes by Gloria Estefan
#51. And, because of the life that I shared with these two amazing women [her mother and maternal grandmother] and the hardships and struggles that I saw them overcome, I learned an invaluable lesson: and that is that women can do anything we set our minds to ... and then some! #Quote by Gloria Estefan
Amazing Stories quotes by Sarah Silverman
#52. And there is one thing that I really, really like to have company for. Watching TV. I'm not particularly needy in relationships, I actually demand a fair amount of space. But I really like to be in bed with another human being and watch TV. That's as intimate and reassuring and tender as it gets for me. I find dating exhausting and uninteresting, and I really would like to skip over the hours of conversation that you need just to get up to speed on each other's lives, and the stories I've told a million times. I just want to get to the watching TV in bed. If you're on a date with me, you can be certain that this is what I'm evaluating you for - how good is it going to be, cuddling with you in bed and watching Damages
I'm also looking to see if you have clean teeth. For me, anything less than very clean teeth is fucking disgusting. Here's what I would like to do: I would like to get into bed with a DVD of Damages and have a line of men cue up at my door. I would station a dental hygienist at the front of the line who would examine the men's teeth. Upon passing inspection, she(I've never met a male hygienist, and neither have you) would send them back to my bedroom, one at time, in intervals of ten minutes, during which I would cuddle with the man and watch Damages. Leaving nothing to chance, using some sort of medical telemetry, I would have a clinician take basic readings of my heart rate and brain waves, and create a comparison chart to illustrate which candidate was th #Quote by Sarah Silverman
Amazing Stories quotes by Dustin Lynch
#53. It's really cool now that we have Twitter and Facebook, and it's cool that people can post their thoughts and stories and just constantly on their timelines. #Quote by Dustin Lynch
Amazing Stories quotes by Jenny Han
#54. After graduation I probably won't see any of these people again."
I throw him a hurt look. "Hey! What about me?"
"Not you. You're coming to visit me in New York."
"Ooh! Yes, please."
"Sarah Lawrence is so close to the city. I'll be able to go to Broadway shows whenever I want. There's an app for same-day student tickets." He gets a faraway look in his eyes.
"You're so lucky," I say.
"I'll take you. We'll go to a gay bar, too. It'll be amazing."
"Thank you!"
"But everybody else I can take or leave."
"We still have Beach Week," I remind him, and he nods.
"For the rest of our lives, we'll always have Beach Week," he says mockingly, and I throw a hair tie at him. #Quote by Jenny Han
Amazing Stories quotes by Leslie Cockburn
#55. Journalism, for me, has always been a calling. There are things that must be exposed to the light, truths that must be uncovered, stories worth risking your life for. #Quote by Leslie Cockburn

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