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Always There For You quotes by Aimee Carter
#1. Love is the way I feel for you, the way you fill something inside me whenever you so much as walk into the same room. Sometimes love is quite, lingering in the background until you least expect it. But love it always there for you #Quote by Aimee Carter
Always There For You quotes by Jayda Skidmore
#2. Jesus Christ is always there for you. He longs to aid you, He longs to be by your side, to help you through your struggles, to heal your aching heart and to mend your broken soul. He's standing there with His arms outstretched, waiting for you to come to Him so that He can comfort you and guide you and help you through the changes you may be experiencing. Change may be scary, but it can be a great thing. Christ and His Atonement have helped the blind to see, the deaf to hear, the lame to walk, the dead to live again, and the sinner to repent. Because of His love for us, we have a way to be cleansed and to change our hearts and our souls. As we strive to align our goals and desires with the principles of the Gospel, we will grow closer to our Father in Heaven and will understand more and more how we can live with Him again. #Quote by Jayda Skidmore
Always There For You quotes by Meg Cabot
#3. But as you age, you lose other, even more important things, like friends-hopefully only bad friends, who maybe weren't as good for you as you once thought. With luck, you'll be able to hang on to your true friends, the ones who were always there for you ... even when you thought they weren't.
Because friends like that are more precious then all the tiaras in the world #Quote by Meg Cabot
Always There For You quotes by Devon Ashley
#4. Why can't our existence be like the stars? Happily twinkling and dancing in the night sky, bringing light and entertainment to all who see? The stars make everyone ponder unanswered questions, makes everyone smile. And no matter who you are, where you are or what you've done, they're always there for you. No matter what. #Quote by Devon Ashley
Always There For You quotes by Miranda July
#5. We had fallen in love; that was still true. But given the right psychological conditions, a person could fall in love with anyone or anything. A wooden desk - always on all fours, always prone, always there for you. What was the lifespan of these improbable loves? An hour. A week. A few months at best. The end was a natural thing, like the seasons, like getting older, fruit turning. That was the saddest part - there was no one to blame and no way to reverse it. #Quote by Miranda July
Always There For You quotes by Anonymous
#6. A best friend isn't someone who's just always there for you.It's someone who understands you a bit more than you understand yourself #Quote by Anonymous
Always There For You quotes by Shannon Leto
#7. If you feel alone and you've got nowhere to run to, always remember that your family is always there for you. It's their duty. #Quote by Shannon Leto
Always There For You quotes by Taylor Swift
#8. You can never forget the people who were always there for you from the beginning. #Quote by Taylor Swift
Always There For You quotes by Albert Alexander Bukoski
#9. That invisible ice around my heart thaws
Once thick as forever ends...and nothing begins
where love and hate are born.

Laying besides you as
We are the Lillie's that dance in the lights of the stars
As if the universe was made for us.

My love touches your love,
My dreams dances along your dreams
My thoughts are powered by your thoughts
My body melts into your flesh
As yours into mine to thaw this ice my love.

Harbor yourself in me, held by time that will never.
For my love, that never began nor ended
It was always was there...
See my love, it can't was always there for you
As if the universe was created just for us...
The stars, moons, every little atom..everyone carries my love for you.
And everything has you in it.

As I see you, touch dear...
Dreaming of you..yet I'm awake..I'm alive
We are the universe..we are the dancers in night sky that shines..
My are in me..I am in you... #Quote by Albert Alexander Bukoski
Always There For You quotes by Nikita Dudani
#10. Tarot Card are the best friend you can ever have. They are always there for you. #Quote by Nikita Dudani
Always There For You quotes by Tonya Hurley
#11. A true friend is someone who is always there for you, with no agenda other than the friendship itself. We rely on our friends to lift us up in bad times, to keep us grounded in good times, but most importantly, to be there for us when we need nothing at all. #Quote by Tonya Hurley
Always There For You quotes by David Mezzapelle
#12. A force in your life, whether it be God, a friend, a mentor, or a higher being, is always there for you. Remember that when you are down, and focus on your appreciation. It will deliver but you need to recognize and acknowledge. #Quote by David Mezzapelle
Always There For You quotes by Iris Blobel
#13. It's not the money that makes you rich. It's the knowledge that the other person loves you and is always there for you, no matter what. That makes you content and, therefore, rich. #Quote by Iris Blobel
Always There For You quotes by Sadhguruuru
#14. Divinity never forces itself upon you. If you are willing, it is always there for you. If you are not willing, it is not there for you. So all you need to do is create the right kind of willingness and receptivity. Just to bow down and not have a will of your own is the biggest receptivity. It is the easiest way to receive. #Quote by Sadhguruuru
Always There For You quotes by Jan Myrdal
#15. Traveling is not just seeing the new; it is also leaving behind. Not just opening doors; also closing them behind you, never to return. But the place you have left forever is always there for you to see whenever you shut your eyes. #Quote by Jan Myrdal
Always There For You quotes by Michael Scott
#16. Bros before hos. Why? Because your bros are always there for you. They have got your back after your ho rips your heart out for no good reason. And you are nothing but great to your ho, and you told her that she was the only ho for you, and that she was better than all the other hos in the world. And then ... Then suddenly she's not your ho no mo'! #Quote by Michael Scott
Always There For You quotes by Alice Bag
#17. During my 20's and 30's at some point I started to think, "I have to give it up and I have to grow up." But the truth is that I can never give it up and that's another thing that I always tell people, especially young people: don't even bother thinking that you're going to give up whatever your art or your creative thing is. It's always there for you. #Quote by Alice Bag
Always There For You quotes by Joseph Heller
#18. For war there is always enough. It's peace that's expensive. #Quote by Joseph Heller
Always There For You quotes by Fergus Kerr
#19. The central thesis of Surnaturel, then, is that, neither in patristic nor in medieval theology, and certainly not in Thomas Aquinas, was the hypothesis ever entertained of a purely natural destiny for human beings, something other than the supernatural and eschatological vision of God. There is only this world, the world in which our nature has been created for a supernatural destiny. Historically, there never was a graceless nature, or a world outside the Christian dispensation. This traditional conception of human nature as always destined for grace-given union with God fell apart between attempts, on the one hand, to secure the sheer gratuitousness of the economy of grace over against the naturalist anthropologies of Renaissance humanism and, on the other hand, resistance to what was perceived by Counter-Reformation Catholics as the Protestant doctrine of the total corruption of human nature by original sin. The Catholic theologians, who sought to protect the supernatural by separating it conceptually from the natural, facilitated the development of the humanism which flowered at the Enlightenment into deism, agnosticism and ultimately atheism. The conception of the autonomous individual for which the philosophers of the Age of Reason were most bitterly criticized by devout Catholics was, de Lubac suggested, invented by Catholic theologians. The philosophers which broke free of Christianity, to develop their own naturalist and deist theologies, had their roots in the anti- #Quote by Fergus Kerr
Always There For You quotes by Paul Auster
#20. I have always been a plodder, a person who anguishes and struggles over each sentence, and even on my best days I do no more than inch along, crawling on my belly like a man lost in the desert. The smallest word is surrounded by acres of silence for me, and even after I manage to get that word down on the page, it seems to sit there like a mirage, a speck of doubt glimmering in the sand. #Quote by Paul Auster
Always There For You quotes by Virgil Kalyana Mittata Iordache
#21. Dear solitude, how I missed you in the times I was so attached to the illusion of loneliness, how I secretly longed for you in times of distraction with music and addiction, how I desired to dive into the creativity of your silent whispers.. oh solitude, I remember you there when I wrote my first book, I recall your inspiring voice when that pen hit the paper.. When I was no longer by your side, oh solitude, how you silently tried to draw me back to you, by showing me the continuous struggle to feel full among unfulfilling relationships or restless nights of loneliness.. Oh solitude, if it wasn't for you, where would I find all that you could provide, only you.. #Quote by Virgil Kalyana Mittata Iordache
Always There For You quotes by Michael Smith
#22. Immortality: "It is impossible to be conscious of being unconscious."

It is not possible to be aware of being unconscious from your own perspective. You cannot be aware of not being aware. You can be less aware/conscious, such as when you are asleep, but not completely unconscious (dead), because time would stand still for you. A billion years could pass, and you would not know it.

How do you know you are dead? It is not possible to be aware of any gaps in life; it is continuous and never-ending from your own point of view.

Death and birth are a continuous event from your own perspective.

You will die physically, but you will be born into a new physical body. Being born happens, or you would not be here now. You were born into this life. It is what we know happens. There is no evidence anything else happens. True or false? #Quote by Michael Smith
Always There For You quotes by Harlan Coben
#23. The pain flooded in again. It was always there, of course. Through the shaking hands and slapping of the backs, the grief stayed by his side, tapping Griffin on the shoulder, whispering in his ear, reminding him that they were partners for life. #Quote by Harlan Coben
Always There For You quotes by Jewel E. Ann
#24. Family is not a career. It's why you have a career. If you can't be there for the big moments, then why are you doing it? #Quote by Jewel E. Ann
Always There For You quotes by Carson McCullers
#25. You think out everything in your brain. While us rather talk from something in our hearts that has been there for a long time. That's one of them differences. #Quote by Carson McCullers
Always There For You quotes by Bryce Courtenay
#26. God is too busy making the sun come up and go down and watching so the moon floats just right in the sky to be concerned with color ... only man wants always God should be there to condemn this one and save that one. Always it is man who wants to make heaven and hell. God is too busy training the bees to make honey and every morning opening up all the new flowers for business. #Quote by Bryce Courtenay
Always There For You quotes by Sanjo Jendayi
#27. The past is there to teach you. The present is for you to be present and the future is the sum result of how you handled the past and the present. #Quote by Sanjo Jendayi
Always There For You quotes by Jerry Robinson
#28. So, I'm thinking of a name for a villain that has a sense of humor. I thought of 'The Joker' as a name, and as soon as I thought that, I associate it with the playing card, as my family had a tradition of champion playing; my brother was a contract champion bridge player. There were always cards around the house. #Quote by Jerry Robinson
Always There For You quotes by Emily Henry
#29. You don't know everything," he says softly. "Not yet you don't. And when you see those good things - and I promise you, there are so many good things - they're going to be so much brighter for you than they are for other people, just like the abyss see,s deeper and bigger when you stare at it. If you stick it out, it's all going to feel worth it in the end. Every moment you live, every darkness you face, they'll all feel worth it when you're staring light in the face. Okay? #Quote by Emily Henry
Always There For You quotes by Thich Nhat Hanh
#30. If you know how to be happy with the wonders of life that are already there for you to enjoy, you don't need to stress your mind and your body by striving harder and harder, and you don't need to stress this planet by purchasing more and more stuff. The Earth belongs to our children. We have already borrowed too much from it, from them; and the way things have been going, we're not sure we'll be able to give it back to them in decent shape. And who are our children, actually? They are us, because they are our own continuation. So we've been shortchanging our own selves. Much of our modern way of life is permeated by mindless overborrowing. The more we borrow, the more we loser. That's why it's critical that we wake up and see we don't need to do that anymore. What's already available in the here and now is plenty for us to be nourished, to be happy. Only that kind of insight will get us, each one of us, to stop engaging in the compulsive, self-sabotaging behaviors of our species. We need a collective awakening. One Buddha is not enough. All of us have to become Buddhas in order for our planet to have a chance. Fortunately, we have the power to wake up, to touch enlightenment from moment to moment, in our very own ordinary and, yes, busy lives. So let's start right now. Peace is your every breath. #Quote by Thich Nhat Hanh
Always There For You quotes by Dogen
#31. The zazen I speak of is not learning meditation. It is simply the Dharma gate of repose and bliss, the practice-realization of totally culminated enlightenment. It is the manifestation of ultimate reality. Traps and snares can never reach it. Once its heart is grasped, you are like the dragon when he gains the water, like the tiger when she enters the mountain. For you must know that just there (in zazen) the right Dharma is manifesting itself and that, from the first, dullness and distraction are struck aside. #Quote by Dogen
Always There For You quotes by Simon Barnes
#32. Behind every footballing tough guy there lurks a mincing aesthete with a love of art for art's sake, football for football's sake. A win without art is somehow less than a victory; less, almost, than a beautiful defeat. In football, the romantic and the pragmatist are ever at war in the same breast. Beauty, it must be understood here, is not Barcelona's aim but their method. And last night they were ready to use this method at every opportunity - quick-fire passing of wit and purpose in the danger areas, seeking always to produce an unlooked-for player in a position of threat. #Quote by Simon Barnes
Always There For You quotes by Christine Feehan
#33. He knew she was his lifemate when she was just a child, and he had given her time. Space. Unconditional love. He never demanded anything of her. He never told her how difficult it was for him - that she was his salvation - just out of his reach. He had always been there for her, in the middle of the night, when her violent past was too close and she couldn't sleep, when nightmares haunted her to the point she couldn't breathe. He was there, in her mind, holding all those terrifying memories at bay. Dimitri. Her Dimitri. #Quote by Christine Feehan
Always There For You quotes by Clive Barker
#34. I really believe that there is an enormous appetite amongst readers for an originality of vision. In other words, be true to your own dreams and there will always be people who want to hear them. #Quote by Clive Barker
Always There For You quotes by Miguel Angel Ruiz
#35. There is nothing to learn about love. Everything is already there, in our genes, in our nature. We don't have to learn anything except what we invent in this world of illusion. We search for love outside ourselves when love is all around us. Love is everywhere, but we don't have the eyes to see ... Your heart can create any amount of love, not just for yourself, but for the whole world. When we know that our heart is a magical kitchen, we are always generous and our love is completely unconditional. #Quote by Miguel Angel Ruiz
Always There For You quotes by Stephen King
#36. I always drank, from when it was legal for me to drink. And there was never a time for me when the goal wasn't to get as hammered as I could possibly afford to. I never understood social drinking, that's always seemed to me like kissing your sister. #Quote by Stephen King
Always There For You quotes by Julia Child
#37. There is nothing nicer than a kitchen really made for a cook. Things that are designed to be used always have an innate beauty. #Quote by Julia Child
Always There For You quotes by Abbi Glines
#38. That woman is your mother, she carried you, gave birth to you, loved you from the moment she knew of your existence, lost sleep caring for you, and would die for you if asked. But not only that, she is mine. She is what completes me. And I won't allow ANYONE to speak to her that way. Including our children. Because without her, there would be no you. Do I make myself clear? #Quote by Abbi Glines
Always There For You quotes by Catherine Nomura
#39. Unique Ability is the essence of what you love to do and do best. There are four characteristics of Unique Ability: It's a superior ability that other people notice and value; you are passionate about using it and want to use it as much as possible; it's energizing both for you and others around you; and there's a sense of never-ending improvement - you keep getting better and better and never run out of possibilities for growth. #Quote by Catherine Nomura
Always There For You quotes by Michael Josephson
#40. Successful or not, acts of physical courage always bring honor. It is the smaller forms of valor - standing up for principle at the risk of social disapproval, economic loss or injury to career - that require the greatest moral will power. Since there is usually little upside to winning and a significant and often lasting downside to losing, moral courage often requires as much character as physical bravery. #Quote by Michael Josephson
Always There For You quotes by Voddie T. Baucham Jr.
#41. The law is a mirror. God gives us His perfect law so that we can look at His law and see into our souls, so we can see the sinners that we are. There is none righteous, no not even one. There is none who does good, there is none who seeks after God, no one. And just in case you think you are that one, here's my law, how's that working for you? You keeping it? Not are you just forbidding yourselves from fulfilling those desires that are in you; that's not the question. Are you keeping it? And the answer is no. #Quote by Voddie T. Baucham Jr.
Always There For You quotes by David Ortiz
#42. My mom, she's still always there for me. Always. #Quote by David Ortiz
Always There For You quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#43. I'd face down a horde of spiders for you, baby." I grinned at the sound of his laugh again. "For real."
"Thats true love there. Some serious stuff," he teased.
"It is. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Always There For You quotes by Olivia Parker
#44. Do you know what I think?"she asked, rearranging the blanket to wear around her shoulders like a shawl.
"Not this again."
"I think there's more to you than you let people believe. I think you actually do care what people think. Oh sure, it's fun having everyone think you're dangerous and cold, but inside, where it matters, you're just warm pudding."
"Warm pudding?"
"Quite," she uttered confidently, with a firm nod.
The things that came out of that woman's mouth never failed to astound him. "Well, I'm going to... to leave now," he said slowly, as if he thought her the strangest creature on earth- just to tease her. When she laughed at herself, he smiled and muttered, "Good night, my sweet Charlotte." Fists on the edge of the couch, he made to push himself up.
"Wait," she said. And he froze.
Slowly, she sat up more fully, swinging her legs down. Which put her knees between his planted fists.
He couldn't help but give a low chuckle. "Charlotte, if I didn't know you better, I would venture to say that you are deliberately tempting me."
"Tempting you to what?" she asked, her tone utterly oblivious.
He had had enough. "Remember that little problem I forewarned you about? The one about a man and a woman never being able to become friends because lust gets in the way? That eventually, one or both of us would end up wanting something very intimate from the other?"
She nodded jerkily.
"Well, I'm there. I've been there. For yea #Quote by Olivia Parker
Always There For You quotes by Emily Dickinson
#45. There is always one thing to be grateful for - that one is one's self and not somebody else. #Quote by Emily Dickinson
Always There For You quotes by Stan Persky
#46. For a while, I decided to worship God. It was a God I arrived at through a method of logical deduction. If there is a God, what would he be like? I asked. He would be a real person in my life, I reasoned, adhering to a literally anthropomorphic view of the sacred. He would be beautiful and I would desire him. Since a friend of mine named Trevor had all those attributes, I concluded that Trev was God. Having settled on him, I then further deduced God's other characteristics from Trevor's behaviour. He was narcissistic, perplexed, rather dispassionate, flawed in various ways, etc. So was God. At night I prayed to him by name. My entreaties seemed about as effective as other people's prayers to their Gods. And with Trevor there was the added advantage that if my prayers failed to reach him, I could always phone. #Quote by Stan Persky
Always There For You quotes by Dale Carnegie
#47. When you seek friendships with those who are successful, there is no guarantee they will want success for you too. You might have to work to overcome being perceived as a relational leech. On the other hand, when you seek success for those who are already friends, you can just about guarantee that these same people will want success for you. #Quote by Dale Carnegie
Always There For You quotes by Jill Leovy
#48. It might not seem self-evident that impunity for white violence against blacks would engender black-on-black murder. But when people are stripped of legal protection and placed in desperate straits, they are more, not less, likely to turn on each other. Lawless settings are terrifying; if people can do whatever they want to each other, there are always enough bullies to make it ugly. Americans are nostalgic for the village setting and hold dear the notion of community, so the idea that the oppressed do not band together in solidarity is counter to our myths. But community spawns communal justice; the village gives rise to the feud. #Quote by Jill Leovy
Always There For You quotes by Melissa De La Cruz
#49. For a moment she was truly terrified. This was Abbadon the Cruel. The Angel of Destruction. He could and would destroy her if he had to. If he felt like it. He had destroyed worlds before. He had decimated Paradise in the name of the Morningstar.
She trembled in his grasp.
All his gentleness, all his kindness, all the bright shining gorgeousness of his love, he had always given to
someone else. He had adored Gabrielle, had worshiped her, had written her poems and sang her songs, and for Schuyler there were novels and love notes and sweet kisses and furtive tender meetings by a fireplace.
But for his twin, Azrael, he had shown nothing but his anger and violence. His strength and destruction.
He saved the best of himself for those who did not deserve it. Never showed his true face to those damnable Daughters of the Light.
For Azrael, there was only darkness and annihilation.
Rape and carnage.
War and pillage.
A tear escaped from her eye and glittered in the moonlight. #Quote by Melissa De La Cruz
Always There For You quotes by Martin Lewis Perl
#50. Experimental science is a craft and an art, and part of the art is knowing when to end a fruitless experiment. There is a danger of becoming obsessed with a fruitless experiment even if it goes nowhere. It is always a good plan for a speculative experimenter to have two experiments going, or at least one going and one being built. #Quote by Martin Lewis Perl
Always There For You quotes by Leigh Newman
#51. There was always some germ of joy, some little paramecium of happiness wriggling around, waiting for a chance to get out. #Quote by Leigh Newman
Always There For You quotes by Scottie Thompson
#52. Don't try and do the right thing, because there is no right thing; there's just the right thing for you. #Quote by Scottie Thompson

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