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Alunos Em quotes by Ziggy Marley
#1. Society and the system and politicians don't want people to be aware of things. They want people to believe what they have to show 'em. #Quote by Ziggy Marley
Alunos Em quotes by Elzhi
#2. Put your hands where I can see 'em, so they look like 12 PM
On the dot, see this Glock? Don't make me give these shells freedom. #Quote by Elzhi
Alunos Em quotes by B.L. Berry
#3. The old Ivy feared parental reaction from each tiny act of defiance. But the new Ivy says, "Fuck 'em all!" a sentiment that Rachel will surely appreciate. My new motto? Be who you are and own that shit-because only with true self-acceptance comes peace and joy. #Quote by B.L. Berry
Alunos Em quotes by David Mitchell
#4. The lovelorn, the cry-for-helpers, all mawkish tragedians who give suicide a bad name are the idiots who rush it, like amateur conductors.A true suicide is a paced, disciplined certainty. People pontificate, 'Suicide is selfishness.' Career churchmen like Pater go a step further and call it a cowardly assault on the living. Oafs argue this specious line for varying reasons: to evade fingers of blame, to impress one's audience with one's mental fiber, to vent anger, or just because one lacks the necessary suffering to sympathize. Cowardice is nothing to do with it - suicide takes considerable courage. Japanese have the right idea. No, what's selfish is to demand another to endure an intolerable existence, just to spare families, friends, and enemies a bit of soul-searching. The only selfishness lies in ruining strangers' days by forcing 'em to witness a grotesqueness. #Quote by David Mitchell
Alunos Em quotes by Kristen Ashley
#5. These boys need women who can take the heat without meltin' like butter, and sometimes that heat is fiery. They need women who can give back their shit so they don't walk all over 'em and get bored out of their fucking skulls. And they need women who can go soft when the situation demands because they get hard knocks on a regular basis, sometimes literal y, and comin' home to somethin' soft is the only way to cope. #Quote by Kristen Ashley
Alunos Em quotes by Will Rogers
#6. We have been just going like a house afire, and we couldent see any reason why we shouldent keep right on burning. Our tastes were acquired on credit, and we wanted to keep on enjoying 'em on credit. #Quote by Will Rogers
Alunos Em quotes by Ree Drummond
#7. What is it?" I asked, pasting a magazine photo of a football--found in an old Seventeen magazine spread--on my beloved's collage.
"Well, a bunch of cattle trucks just showed up," he said, trying to talk over the symphonic mooing of cows all around him. "They were supposed to get here tomorrow night, but they showed up early…"
"Oh, no…that's a bummer," I said, not quite sure what he was getting at.
"So now I've got to work all these cattle tonight and get 'em shipped…and by the time I get done, the store in town will be closed," he began. Our appointment with Father Johnson was at ten the next morning. "So I think I'm just going to have to come over there really early tomorrow morning and do the thing at your house," Marlboro Man said. I could hardly hear him through the cattle.
"Are you sure?" I asked. "What time were you thinking of coming over?" I braced myself for the worst.
"I was thinking around six or so," he said. "That would give me plenty of time to get it done before we go."
Six? In the morning? Ugh, I thought. I have only one more week of sleeping in. After we're married, there's no telling what time I'll have to get out of bed.
"Okay," I said, my voice dripping with trepidation. "I'll see you in the morning. Oh, and hey…if I don't answer the door right away it probably means I'm doing some weight training or something."
"Gotcha," Marlboro Man answered, humoring me. "And hey--don't pull any muscles or strain yourself. We're g #Quote by Ree Drummond
Alunos Em quotes by David Nicholls
#8. Em, we've known each other five or six years now, but two years properly, as, you know, 'friends', which isn't that long but I think I know a bit about you and I think I know what your problem is. Here it is. I think you're scared of being happy, Emma. I think you think that the natural way of things is for your life to be grim and grey and dour and to hate your job, hate where you live, not to have success or money or God forbid a boyfriend. In fact, I think I'll go further and say that I think you actually get a kick out of being disappointed and under-achieving, because it's easier, isn't it? Failure and unhappiness is easier because you can make a joke out of it. #Quote by David Nicholls
Alunos Em quotes by Harriet Beecher Stowe
#9. Treat 'em like dogs, and you'll have dogs' works and dogs' actions. Treat 'em like men, and you'll have men's works. #Quote by Harriet Beecher Stowe
Alunos Em quotes by Danielle Hawkins
#10. I've always remembered the celebrant at my friend Eileen's wedding saying that one of the most important things in marriage is for the woman to abandon herself to her husband,' Em said. 'Not to submit to him, or obey his every wish, but just to trust him completely with her heart. #Quote by Danielle Hawkins
Alunos Em quotes by Billy Bob Thornton
#11. Directing is a big responsibility to take on. I think I'm only good at doing things I know very well. I don't direct movies because I get offered the new vampire movie or science fiction movie. I don't get offered those, anyway, but if I did, I would just tell 'em, "Look, I'm the wrong guy." I only do things about people and situations, and I do the ones that I think I'm the best guy for the job on, which is usually something I generate myself. #Quote by Billy Bob Thornton
Alunos Em quotes by Carmine Appice
#12. My cousin Joey played the drums. We used to go to his house, I liked beating on his drums. I beat the hell out of 'em, you know? Finally in 1961, I don't know, I guess I was about 15, I got serious about it. My parents bought me a little drum set and I was playing for about 6 months when I started doing gigs. #Quote by Carmine Appice
Alunos Em quotes by Tamora Pierce
#13. The Lower City is MINE, Its People are MINE.
If I Find Them That's Doing All This Kidnapping
And Murdering, They'd Best Pray For Mercy,
Because Once I Get My Teeth In 'Em
I Will NEVER Let Them Go. #Quote by Tamora Pierce
Alunos Em quotes by William Landay
#14. Don't worry about how things look. People are going to think whatever they think. To hell with 'em. You can't worry about it. #Quote by William Landay
Alunos Em quotes by Stanley Crouch
#15. If you got the grits, serve 'em! #Quote by Stanley Crouch
Alunos Em quotes by Joe Abercrombie
#16. Well don't just hit 'em, you lazy bastards!" he shouted in a broken voice. "Pull 'em! #Quote by Joe Abercrombie
Alunos Em quotes by Kady Cross
#17. This is delicious," she said, when she finally recovered enough to speak.
Jack was watching her in a curious manner. "You could have 'em every morning if you want. #Quote by Kady Cross
Alunos Em quotes by Siegfried Sassoon
#18. When Dick was killed last week he looked like that, Flapping along the fire-step like a fish, After the blazing crump had knocked him flat ... . How many dead? As many as ever you wish. Don't count 'em; they're too many. Who'll buy my nice fresh corpses, two a penny? #Quote by Siegfried Sassoon
Alunos Em quotes by Christopher Moore
#19. Isolate 'em. That's why all your loony-toon cult guys have to get their people out in the boonies somewhere where no one can talk any sense into 'em. Just #Quote by Christopher Moore
Alunos Em quotes by John Steinbeck
#20. Crooks avoided the whole subject now. "Maybe you guys better go," he said. "I ain't sure I want you in here no more. A colored man got to have some rights even if he don't like 'em. #Quote by John Steinbeck
Alunos Em quotes by Joe Biden
#21. Stand up, Chuck, let 'em see ya." –-Joe Biden, to Missouri state Sen. Chuck Graham, who is in a wheelchair, Columbia, Missouri, Sept. 12, 2008 #Quote by Joe Biden
Alunos Em quotes by John Green
#22. Have you really read all those books in your room?"

Alaska laughing- "Oh God no. I've maybe read a third of 'em. But I'm going to read them all. I call it my Life's Library. Every summer since I was little, I've gone to garage sales and bought all the books that looked interesting. So I always have something to read. #Quote by John Green
Alunos Em quotes by L. Frank Baum
#23. Perhaps I should admit on the title page that this book is "By L. Frank Baum and his correspondents," for I have used many suggestions conveyed to me in letters from children. Once on a time I really imagined myself "an author of fairy tales," but now I am merely an editor or private secretary for a host of youngsters whose ideas I am requested to weave into the thread of my stories...My, what imaginations these children have developed! Sometimes I am fairly astounded by their daring an genius. There will be no lack of fairy-tale authors in the future, I am sure. My readers have told me what to do with Dorothy, and Aunt Em and Uncle Henry, and I have obeyed their mandates. They have also given me a variety of subjects to write about in the future: enough, in fact, to keep me busy for some time. I am very proud of this alliance. Children love these stories because children have helped to create them. My readers know what they want and realize I try to please them. The result is satisfactory to the publishers, to me, and (I am quite sure) to the children. I hope, my dears, it will be a long time before we are obliged to dissolve partnership. #Quote by L. Frank Baum
Alunos Em quotes by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
#24. They say women have no conscience about laws, don't they?" Mrs MacAvelly suggested.
"Why should we?" answered her friend. "We don't make 'em– nor God– nor nature. Why on earth should we respect a set of silly rules made by some men one day and changed by some more the next? #Quote by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Alunos Em quotes by Lucas Grabeel
#25. I was just passing buy some racks of socks and remembered I needed some. So I picked 'em up. 1 black, 2 grey and 3 white pairs. #Quote by Lucas Grabeel
Alunos Em quotes by Langston Hughes
#26. I've been scared and battered. My hopes the wind done scattered. Snow has friz me, Sun has baked me, Looks like between 'em they done Tried to make me Stop laughin', stop lovin', stop livin'
But I don't care! I'm still here! #Quote by Langston Hughes
Alunos Em quotes by Lewis Carroll
#27. I didn't know that cats could grin.'
'They all can,' said the Duchess, 'and most of 'em do. #Quote by Lewis Carroll
Alunos Em quotes by Dance Gavin Dance
#28. The Robot With Human Hair Pt2"

Said it's the coming of man
And I forget when you went away
Like a kick to the face
Not winning the race
(Lion, I've seen you from afar)
I've seen her in the car
Knowing that you deserve such more
Deserved to know you're free

Leave, I'm the director
Agree to the role of the pilot inspector
Breathe, pilot inspector
Feed off the role of the radar detector
Leave, I'm the director
Agree to the role of the pilot inspector
Breathe, pilot inspector
Feed off the role of the radar detector

Well, then, you said you could do this on your own
I'm sorry baby, I can't aid you
(And then you say, hands down, right now, I'll let this go)
Well, now it's up to god to save you

Save you from all of those bruised,
bruised and battered wounds
(Wave right with a gun in his hand wave right)
Can you taste this blood
Dripping sweeter than...?
And over your eyes
And I, and I fall to both knees
Not to beg for your forgiveness
But to hate the word
And you speak

Take a right off these cliffs
The ground is staring at your wounded weapons
Wounded weapons
(And I can't believe that you're right)
You can bank the night on this its round
And glaring at your well
I get hyphy
Tell 'em I get hyphy

And this is where it ends

Well, then, #Quote by Dance Gavin Dance
Alunos Em quotes by Sam Shepard
#29. So they take off after each other straight into an endless black prairie. The sun is just comin' down and they can feel the night on their backs. What they don't know is that each one of 'em is afraid, see. Each one separately thinks that he's the only one that's afraid. And they keep ridin' like that straight into the night. Not knowing. And the one who's chasin' doesn't know where the other one is taking him. And the one who's being chased doesn't know where he's going. #Quote by Sam Shepard
Alunos Em quotes by Jack Kerouac
#30. Oh these dumb dumb dumb Okies, they'll never change, how com-pletely and how unbelievably dumb, the moment it comes time to act, this paralysis, scared, hysterical, nothing frightens em more than what they WANT- it's MY FATHER MY FATER MY FATHER all over again! #Quote by Jack Kerouac
Alunos Em quotes by Ashlyn Chase
#31. Finn stood abruptly. "We need to follow 'em."
"But aren't they followin' us? If we go after them, the five of us will be goin' around in circles. #Quote by Ashlyn Chase
Alunos Em quotes by Harriet Beecher Stowe
#32. Tom read, - "Come unto Me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."
"Them's good words, enough," said the woman; "who says 'em?"
"The Lord," said Tom.
"I jest wish I know'd whar to find Him," said the woman. #Quote by Harriet Beecher Stowe
Alunos Em quotes by Thomas Otway
#33. Shining through tears, like April suns in showers, that labour to overcome the cloud that loads 'em. #Quote by Thomas Otway
Alunos Em quotes by Drizzy Drake
#34. Now she want a photo
You already know though
You only live once: that's the motto nigga YOLO
We bout it every day, every day, every day
Like we sittin' on the bench, nigga we don't really play
Every day, every day, fuck what anybody say
Can't see 'em 'cause the money in the way
Real nigga what's up? #Quote by Drizzy Drake
Alunos Em quotes by KSI
#35. They should just open lots of YouTube schools ... as well as, like, a games school, where you can play all types of games. Like, if you want to play racing games, you go there and become a pro at that. Same for football or a shoot 'em up. #Quote by KSI
Alunos Em quotes by Sarah Palin
#36. I can tweet before going to bed at midnight or 1 and know that they're up and at 'em, and they're going to have to respond. #Quote by Sarah Palin
Alunos Em quotes by Dorothy Gilman
#37. People need dreams, there's as much nourishment in 'em as food. #Quote by Dorothy Gilman
Alunos Em quotes by Elliot Ackerman
#38. Damn Army's a screwup factory. They take guys who aren't screwed up, screw 'em up, then tell 'em they're too screwed up to be a part of the screwup factory. #Quote by Elliot Ackerman
Alunos Em quotes by Buck Owens
#39. I was always very grateful to 'em and am grateful to 'em now. I went back a couple of years ago and did their 20th anniversary show. But the longer I stayed on Hee Haw, the worse things got for me musically. #Quote by Buck Owens
Alunos Em quotes by Cormac McCarthy
#40. I just meant maybe you could set here and drink one of em with me.
He squinted at her. You ever notice how women have trouble takin no for a answer? I think it
starts about age three.
What about men?
They get used to it. They better. #Quote by Cormac McCarthy
Alunos Em quotes by Karen Chance
#41. They-" He stopped and just blinked at me for a minute. "You know, people are always saying that you're cuckoo. Looney Tunes. Off the freaking edge. But I tell 'em, no, she's okay. She's got some ... anger management issues. But you know what? They're right. You're nuts. #Quote by Karen Chance
Alunos Em quotes by A.S. Peterson
#42. (Topper) I'll story 'em, Fin. I'll story 'em clean. #Quote by A.S. Peterson
Alunos Em quotes by Garth Ennis
#43. When it comes to Vought, or any corporate outfit really, all that counts to them is profit. They send their kids on planes built by the lowest bidder. They travel on the fuckin, things themselves. Company jets or first class, they still go on 'em. Safety costs. Money's God. #Quote by Garth Ennis
Alunos Em quotes by Will Rogers
#44. Candidates have been telling you that if elected they would 'pull you from this bog hole of financial misery.' Now is a good chance to get even with 'em, by electing 'em, just to prove what a liar they are. #Quote by Will Rogers

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