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Alpino Chocolate quotes by Laini Taylor
#1. It's an open horizon before us, as far as the eye can see: no angst and no games, just mutual delight. So simple, but so rich. Like chocolate. Not a gold-dusted truffle or a foofy pastry tower teetering on a crystal platter, but a plain, honest bar of the best chocolate in the world. #Quote by Laini Taylor
Alpino Chocolate quotes by Lish McBride
#2. Despite her obvious stress, my mom still managed to pour the hot chocolate into mugs, cover them with whipped cream and a pinch of cayenne, and add a cinnamon stick to them. She was like the Jedi master of hot chocolate. #Quote by Lish McBride
Alpino Chocolate quotes by Patrick Skene Catling
#3. Other things are just food. But chocolate's chocolate. #Quote by Patrick Skene Catling
Alpino Chocolate quotes by Marisa De Los Santos
#4. Pen realized it: Sometimes there is nothing to do but surrender yourself to wonder ... You must stop measuring - over and over - the line between loving and being in love. You must offer yourself, whole, to the cobalt starfish (and the orange one and the pale pink one and the biscuit-colored one with the raised, chocolate-brown art deco design) and to the clear, clear water and to the sweep of shining sky and to the silver scattershot of leaping fish (an entire school skipping across the ocean like a stone.) #Quote by Marisa De Los Santos
Alpino Chocolate quotes by Joan Rivers
#5. I'm grateful for every day I'm still alive. Everything is still working. I attribute it to eating a lot of processed foods. I think it's the preservatives that keep me going. That, and I eat as much chocolate as I can get my hands on. #Quote by Joan Rivers
Alpino Chocolate quotes by Kevin McHale
#6. I love chocolate mousse, that's probably my favorite. I'm a big strawberry shortcake fan as well. I'm not mad at classic vanilla either. I'm not, I'm not sure what the word is. Cake discriminatory? Cakeist? #Quote by Kevin McHale
Alpino Chocolate quotes by Hunter S. Thompson
#7. California, Labor Day weekend...early, with ocean fog still in the streets, outlaw motorcyclists wearing chains, shades and greasy Levis roll out from damp garages, all-night diners and cast-off one-night pads in Fricso, Hollywood, Berdoo and East Oakland, heading for the Monterey peninsula, north of Big Sur...The Menace is loose again, the Hell's Angels, the hundred-carat headline, running fast and loud on the early morning freeway, low in the saddle, nobody smiles, jamming crazy through traffic and ninety miles an hour down the center stripe, missing by Genghis Khan on an iron horse, a monster steed with a fiery anus, flat out through the eye of a beer can and up your daughter's leg with no quarter asked and non given; show the squares some class, give em a whiff of those kicks they'll never know...Ah, these righteous dudes, they love to screw it on...Little Jesus, the Gimp, Chocolate George, Buzzard, Zorro, Hambone, Clean Cut, Tiny, Terry the Tramp, Frenchy, Mouldy Marvin, Mother Miles, Dirty Ed, Chuck the Duck, Fat Freddy, Filthy Phil, Charger Charley the Child Molester, Crazy Cross, Puff, Magoo, Animal and at least a hundred more...tense for the action, long hair in the wind, beards and bandanas flapping, earrings, armpits, chain whips, swastikas and stripped-down Harleys flashing chrome as traffic on 101 moves over, nervous, to let the formation pass like a burst of dirty thunder... #Quote by Hunter S. Thompson
Alpino Chocolate quotes by Josie Loren
#8. I would be lying if I said I cut out all dessert. When I'm training, I try to satisfy those cravings with a slightly healthier dessert, like a piece of dark chocolate or whipped cream and strawberries. Those are two of my favorites! #Quote by Josie Loren
Alpino Chocolate quotes by Kelly Keaton
#9. I don't want blood to rule my life like it does some. Once you take it, it's like a drug." He stared out the window to the masked revelers in the courtyard. "Warm, rich, never enough."
I nodded, fidgeting with my mask. "Kind of like chocolate." I tried to hold in my grin. Casey always said I had a weird sense of humour that came at the oddest times.

He blinked before bursting into laughter. He had the nicest laugh and the most incredible smile I'd ever seen. It lit his grey eyes and sliced attractive little dimples into his cheeks. "Yeah. I guess it is like chocolate. #Quote by Kelly Keaton
Alpino Chocolate quotes by Melody Sohayegh
#10. I had a dream about you. Your skin was sandpaper and your armpits were hollow, filled with dark chocolate and prunes. You offered me coffee and when I said no you handed me black coffee with a note that read "12 reasons not to drink coffee". I knew we would get along. #Quote by Melody Sohayegh
Alpino Chocolate quotes by E.B. White
#11. A shaft of sunlight at the end of a dark afternoon, a note of music, and the way the back of a baby's neck smells if it's mother keeps it tidy," answered Henry.
"Correct," said Stuart. "Those are the important things. You forgot one thing, though. Mary Bendix, what did Henry Rackmeyer forget?"
"He forgot ice cream with chocolate sauce on it," said Mary quickly. #Quote by E.B. White
Alpino Chocolate quotes by Jamie McGuire
#12. When Pidge wakes up, let me know, okay?" he said in a soft voice. "I got spaghetti,
and pancakes, and strawberries, and that oatmeal shit with the chocolate packets, and she
likes Fruity Pebbles cereal, right, Mare?" he asked, turning.
When he saw me, he froze. After an awkward pause, his expression melted, and his
voice was smooth and sweet."Hey, Pigeon."
I couldn't have been more confused if I had woken up in a foreign country. Nothing
made sense. At first I thought I had been evicted, and then Travis comes home with bags
full of my favorite foods.
He took a few steps into the living room, nervously shoving his hands in his pockets.
"You hungry, Pidge? I'll make you some pancakes. Or there's uh…there's some oatmeal.
And I got you some of that pink foamy shit that girl's shave with, and a hairdryer, and a…
a….just a sec, it's in here," he said, rushing to the bedroom.
The door opened, shut, and then he rounded the corner, the color gone from his face.
He took a deep breath and his eyebrows pulled in. "Your stuff's packed."
"I know," I said.
"You're leaving," he said, defeated. #Quote by Jamie McGuire
Alpino Chocolate quotes by Jimmy Fallon
#13. In her new book, Sarah Palin says she once gave up chocolate for an entire year just to prove she could do it. Still think she's not qualified to be President? #Quote by Jimmy Fallon
Alpino Chocolate quotes by Ammon Shea
#14. Hamartia (n.) The flaw that precipitates the destruction of a tragic hero. Hamartia is a noble word, with a fine history (the OED says also that it refers particularly to Aristotle's Poetics). If you have any decency or soul, please do not use this word to refer to your own weakness for something such as chocolate. also #Quote by Ammon Shea
Alpino Chocolate quotes by Ruth Reichl
#15. She designed the cakes and I worked out the recipes. The first year we each created a signature cake. Genie's was called the Goddess: really tall, all white on the outside, wrapped in mountains of coconut and whipped cream, with a passion-fruit heart."
"And yours was called the Shrinking Violet. Unassuming on the outside but pretty special once you worked your way in." She reached over and squeezed my wrist.
"Wish I'd thought of that. You'd understand if you knew my sister." By now I was a little drunk. "One year Genie came up with Melting Cakes. You know, like flourless chocolate, the kind that are melted in the middle? They were gorgeous neon colors, and I made the flavors intense- blood orange, blueberry, lime, hibiscus, and caramel. #Quote by Ruth Reichl
Alpino Chocolate quotes by A.J. Walters
#16. You've got to be fucking kidding me!" The words are out of my mouth before I can put my brain into gear.

He must have felt the pain from five pairs of eyes burning straight into the side of his head. Red hot, radioactive beams buzzing onto his temple as he quickly turns his attention to the group of people staring at him. Then his eyes fall on me. Yet again, I melt on the spot at the chocolate pools looking at me. #Quote by A.J. Walters
Alpino Chocolate quotes by Geoff Nicholson
#17. It occurred to me, not exactly for the first time, that psychogeography didn't have much to do with the actual experience of walking. It was a nice idea, a clever idea, an art project, a conceit, but it had very little to do with any real walking, with any real experience of walking. And it confirmed for me what I'd really known all along, that walking isn't much good as a theoretical experience. You can dress it up any way you like, but walking remains resolutely simple, basic, analog. That's why I love it and love doing it. And in that respect
stay with me on this
it's not entirely unlike a martini. Sure you can add things to martinis, like chocolate or an olive stuffed with blue cheese or, God forbid, cotton candy, and similarly you can add things to your walks
constraints, shapes, notions of the mapping of utopian spaces
but you don't need to. And really, why would you? Why spoil a good drink? Why spoil a good walk? #Quote by Geoff Nicholson
Alpino Chocolate quotes by Lyndsey Cole
#18. Chocolate. I hope you enjoyed the story. Click here and start reading my next book today! Behind the scenes with Lyndsey Growing, and of course eating, fresh picked strawberries is one of my all-time favorites. The nice thing about growing your own strawberries is that if you plant ever-bearing varieties in the spring, you could be harvesting your own juicy delicious fruit later in the summer. With the June-bearing varieties, #Quote by Lyndsey Cole
Alpino Chocolate quotes by Christopher Michael Cillizza
#19. Valentine's Day gifts like teddy bears, chocolate and perfume are SO lame. How about be thoughtful and original? #Quote by Christopher Michael Cillizza
Alpino Chocolate quotes by Carla Gugino
#20. I'm a sensualist. My two main indulgences are dark chocolate and massages. #Quote by Carla Gugino
Alpino Chocolate quotes by Kerrigan Byrne
#21. The Indian lamb curry centered the meal as the main entree, surrounded with fragrant flat breads. Partridge compote steamed next to a fried savory forcemeat pastry made of garlic, parsley, tarragon, chives and beef suet enclosed in a buttery crust. The appetizer included oysters cut from their shell, sautéed, and then returned to be arranged in a bath of butter and dill.
The footman reappeared, and while he set a second place, Farah counted the admittedly obscene amount of desserts. Perhaps they should have left out the cocoa sponge cake, or the little cream-and-fruit stuffed cornucopias with chocolate sauce. She absolutely couldn't have chosen between the almond cakes with the sherry reduction or the coriander Shrewsbury puffs or... the treacle and the vanilla creme brûlée. #Quote by Kerrigan Byrne
Alpino Chocolate quotes by Suzan Battah
#22. The divorce papers remained unopened in the crisp yellow envelope. He had thrown it on his desk without a backward glance. Between his lashes, his dark chocolate eyes burned with fury but there was something else in the depths that she hadn't seen in a long time, passion. #Quote by Suzan Battah
Alpino Chocolate quotes by J. Lynn
#23. I have cookies."
"Cookies?" My brows rose.
"Yeah, and I made them. I'm quite the baker."
For some reason, I couldn't picture that. "You baked cookies?"
"I bake a lot of things, and I'm sure you're dying to know all about those things. But tonight, it was chocolate and walnut cookies. They are the shit if I do say so myself. #Quote by J. Lynn
Alpino Chocolate quotes by Ray Bradbury
#24. A good night sleep, or a ten minute bawl, or a pint of chocolate ice cream, or all three together, is good medicine. #Quote by Ray Bradbury
Alpino Chocolate quotes by Amor Towles
#25. For the next few minutes, there was a thorough rehashing of the courses (That meat was delicious. The sauce was perfect. And ooh that chocolate mousse.) This was a social nicety that seemed more prevalent the higher you climbed the social ladder and the less your hostess cooked. #Quote by Amor Towles
Alpino Chocolate quotes by Brooke Cumberland
#26. Can I bring my friends, Kindle and Chocolate, with?" I #Quote by Brooke Cumberland
Alpino Chocolate quotes by Sarah Jessica Parker
#27. I got to thinking about relationships and partial lobotomies. Two seemingly different ideas that might just be perfect together - like chocolate and peanut butter ... #Quote by Sarah Jessica Parker
Alpino Chocolate quotes by Nanci Rathbun
#28. There's no point in wasting calories on cheap chocolate, always opt for the darkest and richest. #Quote by Nanci Rathbun
Alpino Chocolate quotes by Jenny Colgan
#29. This is what you British do not understand about the French. You think you must work, work, work, work and open on Sundays and make mothers and fathers with families slave in supermarkets at three o'clock in the morning and make people leave their homes and their churches and their children and go shopping on Sundays.'
'Their shops are open on Sundays?' said Benoît in surprise.
'Yes! They make people work on Sundays! And through lunchtimes! But for what? For rubbish from China? For cheap clothes sewed by poor women in Malaysia? For why? So you can go more often to KFC and get full of fried chicken? You would rather have six bars of bad chocolate than one bar of good chocolate. Why? Why are six bad things better than one good thing? I don't understand. #Quote by Jenny Colgan
Alpino Chocolate quotes by Jane Harvey-Berrick
#30. Everyone knows that if you break the chocolate first, the calories fall out. Right? #Quote by Jane Harvey-Berrick
Alpino Chocolate quotes by Blake Lively
#31. When I have bad days, I just eat lots of chocolate ice cream and dance to the 'Lion King' soundtrack. It's really odd, but it's true. #Quote by Blake Lively
Alpino Chocolate quotes by Oksana Rus
#32. The art of sensuality encompassing the exploration and experiencing of all our senses... Those images are being born from and through living the moments of eating favorite chocolate cake with ice-cream, tranquil meditating, walking the beach and feeling the warm breeze on your face and the soothing sand beneath your feet, watching a never repeating its symphony sunset, dancing and feeling your body move through space, smelling flowers in a garden, painting or working with clay, with your fingertips gently touching piano keys or pulling the tense strings of guitar, caressing your ears with the whispers of one's soul, diving into the depth of loving you eyes, and, joining in a passionate kiss of life...the life of the artist... #Quote by Oksana Rus
Alpino Chocolate quotes by Melyssa Winchester
#33. Something tells me that you sneak bars up to your room a lot. In fact, you probably have a whole little shoebox dedicated to them."
"I don't think I am. Tell the truth, Emery. Do you hoard chocolate bars?"
"Eww! Hoarding makes it sound gross. It's not like I collect them or anything. I just keep a few on hand when the craving hits."
"And how often is that?"
He's pushing me. It's evident by the grin on his face, but there's something about the way his eyes are lighting up, the first time they've done it since he got here today, that makes me wanna answer him just to keep it going.
I like the way he is right now. It's much better than the tense and angry way he was before.
"Every single day." I admit and along with the smile comes a thick rumble of laughter.
"So, you admit you have a problem. That's the first step. Now that you've admitted it, I can properly treat you."
"And how do you plan on doing that?"
"You solemnly swear never to take home and hide another chocolate bar, and I'll make sure that every day, you have your daily dose of it. #Quote by Melyssa Winchester
Alpino Chocolate quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#34. I closed my eyes, flared my nostrils, and let the scents flood in. The strongest of them, caramel and brown sugar, smell as yellow-orange as the sun, came first. That one was easy. The one that anyone would notice coming into the shop. And then chocolate of course, the bitter dark and the sugary milk chocolate. I don't think a normal girl would've smelled anything else, and part of me wanted to stop there. But I could feel Sam's heart pounding behind me, and for once, I gave in.
Peppermint swirled into my nostrils, sharp as glass, then raspberry, almost too sweet, like too-ripe fruit. Apple, crisp and pure. Nuts, buttery, warm, earthy, like Sam. The subtle, mild scent of white chocolate. Oh, God, some sort of mocha, rich and dark and sinful. I sighed with pleasure, but there was more. The butter cookies on the shelves added a floury, comforting scent, and the lollipops, a riot of fruit scents too concentrated to be real. The salty bite of pretzels, the bright smell of lemon, the brittle edge of anise. Smells I didn't even know names for. I groaned. #Quote by Maggie Stiefvater
Alpino Chocolate quotes by Rachel Caine
#35. Can I come back and see you sometime?"
"Long as you bring me some chocolate," Gramma said, and smiled. "I'm partial to chocolate."
"Gramma, you're diabetic."
"I'm old, girl. Gonna die of something. Might as well be chocolate. #Quote by Rachel Caine
Alpino Chocolate quotes by Elin Hilderbrand
#36. Nick was chocolate and cigarettes and whiskey and danger, and everything I should stay away from. #Quote by Elin Hilderbrand
Alpino Chocolate quotes by Douglas Adams
#37. After a moment or two a man in brown crimplene looked in at us, did not at all like the look of us and asked us if we were transit passengers. We said we were. He shook his head with infinite weariness and told us that if we were transit passengers then we were supposed to be in the other of the two rooms. We were obviously very crazy and stupid not to have realized this. He stayed there slumped against the door jamb, raising his eyebrows pointedly at us until we eventually gathered our gear together and dragged it off down the
corridor to the other room. He watched us go past him shaking his head in wonder and sorrow at the stupid futility of the human condition in general and ours in particular, and then closed the door behind us.

The second room was identical to the first. Identical in all respects other than one, which was that it had a hatchway let into one wall. A large vacant-looking girl was leaning through it with her elbows on the counter and her fists jammed up into her cheekbones. She was watching some flies crawling up the wall, not with any great interest because they were not doing anything unexpected, but at least they were doing something. Behind her was a table stacked with biscuits, chocolate bars, cola, and a pot of coffee, and we headed straight towards this like a pack of stoats.

Just before we reached it, however, we were suddenly headed off by a man in blue crimplene, who asked us what we thought we were doing in there. We e #Quote by Douglas Adams
Alpino Chocolate quotes by Marie Osmond
#38. I mind my body by eating whole, healthy foods. I learned from Nutrisystem to eat consistently all day; otherwise, your body hoards fat. Of course, I also mind my body when it occasionally whispers, 'Marie, you need some chocolate.' #Quote by Marie Osmond
Alpino Chocolate quotes by Geneen Roth
#39. Chocolate ... is not something you can take or leave, something you like only moderately. You dont like chocolate. You dont even love chocolate. Chocolate is something you have an affair with. #Quote by Geneen Roth
Alpino Chocolate quotes by Pamela Clare
#40. I know from experience that females need a certain amount of chocolate. We have two of them in the house. I don't want them growing restless. #Quote by Pamela Clare
Alpino Chocolate quotes by Lemony Snicket
#41. The passageway was still as dark as a bar of extra-dark chocolate sitting in a planetarium covered in a thick, black blanket #Quote by Lemony Snicket
Alpino Chocolate quotes by Jonathan Coe
#42. They sat and drank their pints. The tables in which their faces were dimly reflected were dark brown, the darkest brown, the colour of Bournville chocolate. The walls were a lighter brown, the colour of Dairy Milk. The carpet was brown, with little hexagons of a slightly different brown, if you looked closely. The ceiling was meant to be off-white, but was in fact brown, browned by the nicotine smoke of a million unfiltered cigarettes. Most of the cars in the car park were brown, as were most of the clothes worn by the patrons. Nobody in the pub really noticed the predominance of brown, or if they did, thought it worth remarking upon. These were brown times. #Quote by Jonathan Coe
Alpino Chocolate quotes by Laura Madeleine
#43. The towering stacks of profiteroles, the mille-feuille and champagne creams were banished in favor of the sweet and the simple; pans of clafoutis with preserved cherries, slices of tarte tatin and cups of hot chocolate. #Quote by Laura Madeleine
Alpino Chocolate quotes by Laura Wilkinson
#44. I love chocolate chip cookies - really anything with chocolate will do! #Quote by Laura Wilkinson
Alpino Chocolate quotes by Atticus Poetry
#45. All she wanted was that cozy love the kind that felt like hot chocolate, rainstorms or wood fires in small houses. Hard to describe but you know when you got it. #Quote by Atticus Poetry

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