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Alignment In Microsoft quotes by Linsey McGoey
#1. frustration has flared up over the Common Core initiative, involving the implementation of national reading and maths standards for primary and secondary school children. The Gates Foundation played a central role in bringing the standards to fruition. Spending over $233 million to back the standards, the foundation dispersed money liberally to both conservative and progressive interest groups. The two major teachers' unions, the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers, each received large donations, as did the US Chamber of Commerce. Gates himself suggested that a benefit of the standards is that they open avenues towards increasing digital learning. In 2014, Microsoft announced it was partnering with Pearson to load Pearson's Common Core classroom material onto Microsoft's Surface tablet. Previously, the iPad was the classroom frontrunner; the Pearson partnership helps to make Microsoft more competitive. #Quote by Linsey McGoey
Alignment In Microsoft quotes by Jay Samit
#2. Microsoft first entered the living room with Ultimate TV way back in 2000 - a year before Apple's first iPod was announced. Ultimate TV offered consumers a DVR and supporting online services, including 14 days of programming and the ability to record 35 hours of programming. Microsoft's reach was then thwarted when Echostar acquired DIRECTV. #Quote by Jay Samit
Alignment In Microsoft quotes by Leila Janah
#3. We have people from places like Oracle, Microsoft, Intuit. Sama plays a huge role in why people leave lucrative careers to join a social enterprise. #Quote by Leila Janah
Alignment In Microsoft quotes by Simon Mainwaring
#4. If a brand genuinely wants to make a social contribution, it should start with who they are, not what they do. For only when a brand has defined itself and its core values can it identify causes or social responsibility initiatives that are in alignment with its authentic brand story. #Quote by Simon Mainwaring
Alignment In Microsoft quotes by Richard Sakwa
#5. In Russia's case he identifies three strands: the Atlanticists, favouring alignment with the United States and the West (the bandwagoners); the imperialists, who favour the reassertion of Russia's power in opposition to the West (the balancers); and the neo-Slavophiles, sharing the sentiments of the imperialists but who stress the development of the country's Slavic identity.8 According to Zimmerman, the fundamental divide is indeed between Westernisers and Slavophiles, in a reprise of nineteenth-century debates, with the Slavophiles intent on counterbalancing American hegemony and finding an autonomous developmental path.9 #Quote by Richard Sakwa
Alignment In Microsoft quotes by Robert Penn Warren
#6. [F]or when you get in love you are made all over again. The person who loves you has picked you out of the great mass of uncreated clay which is humanity to make something out of, and the poor lumpish clay which is you wants to find out what it has been made into. But at the same time, you, in the act of loving somebody, become real, cease to be a part of the continuum of the uncreated clay and get the breath of life in you and rise up. So you create yourself by creating another person, who, however, has also created you, picked up the you-chunk of clay out of the mass. So there are two you's, the one you create by loving and the one the beloved creates by loving you. The farther those two you's are apart the more the world grinds and grudges on its axis. But if you loved and were loved perfectly then there wouldn't be any difference between the two you's or any distance between them. They would coincide perfectly, there would be perfect focus, as when a stereoscope gets the twin images on the card into perfect alignment. #Quote by Robert Penn Warren
Alignment In Microsoft quotes by Colin C. Tipping
#7. Looked at from a spiritual standpoint, our discomfort in any given situation provides a signal that we are out of alignment with spiritual law and are being given an opportunity to heal something. #Quote by Colin C. Tipping
Alignment In Microsoft quotes by David Pratt
#8. Joey broke the silence. "MS?" he asked.
"Microsoft," said Calvin. "Or multiple sclerosis. Computer programs everyone has to use, or a debilitating disease. That's life, in a nutshell. #Quote by David Pratt
Alignment In Microsoft quotes by Satya Nadella
#9. Many companies aspire to change the world. But very few have all the elements required: talent, resources and perseverance. Microsoft has proven that it has all three in abundance. #Quote by Satya Nadella
Alignment In Microsoft quotes by Timothy Egan
#10. A survey of Canadian media consumption by Microsoft concluded that the average attention span had fallen to eight seconds, down from 12 in the year 2000. #Quote by Timothy Egan
Alignment In Microsoft quotes by Mooji
#12. Be in the spirit of Truth and any words you speak are in alignment with that spirit. #Quote by Mooji
Alignment In Microsoft quotes by Jed Diamond
#13. When our hearts are in a state of coherence, we more easily experience feelings such as love, care, appreciation, and kindness. On the other hand, feelings such as irritation, anger, hurt, and envy are more likely to occur when the head and heart are out of alignment. #Quote by Jed Diamond
Alignment In Microsoft quotes by Lebo Grand
#14. It is by aligning with our own sensuality that we can find true fulfillment in our relationships. Love works when sensuality works. #Quote by Lebo Grand
Alignment In Microsoft quotes by Lee Carroll
#15. As the planet wobbles, once every 26,000 years we visually align with the center of the galaxy. But it's such a slow movement that as we enter the galactic equator (The band of stars in the sky - The Milky Way), it takes 18 years to get to the middle of it, and another 18 to exit it. So astronomically, "The 2012 experience" is a 36 year alignment process, not something that happens on Dec 21, 2012. #Quote by Lee Carroll
Alignment In Microsoft quotes by Jen Sincero
#16. When we share what we were brought here to give, we are in alignment with our highest, most powerful selves. #Quote by Jen Sincero
Alignment In Microsoft quotes by Iyanla Vanzant
#17. I pray because I am real clear that what I am doing and how I am doing it is my service, is my ministry, and so I want to be in perfect alignment with my creator. I do not care who you are. If I do not get the okay on the inside, you will not be showing up on the outside. #Quote by Iyanla Vanzant
Alignment In Microsoft quotes by Charles Haddon
#18. For Christians to be linked in association with ministries who do not preach the gospel of Christ is to incur moral guilt. A Union which can continue irrespective of whether its member churches belong to a common faith is not fulfilling any scriptural function. The preservation of a denominational association when it is powerless to discipline heretics cannot be justified on the grounds of the preservation of 'Christian unity' ... It is error which breaks the unity of churches, and to remain in a denominational alignment which condones error is to support schism. #Quote by Charles Haddon
Alignment In Microsoft quotes by Alan Cooper
#19. A lot of people think, and Microsoft is happy to let them think, that all great things are invented by Microsoft. In fact, very, very little has been invented by Microsoft. #Quote by Alan Cooper
Alignment In Microsoft quotes by Edmund Bourne
#20. Humanity is looking for a new story. The one it has embraced since the Renaissance is no longer viable. Despite all of its positive contributions to modern life, three hundred years of scientific-technological development has left our civilization in an untenable position-at odds with its natural environment and ultimately its own deeper, collective, soul. Only a global shift in fundamental perceptions, values, and corresponding actions will allow human-kind to resume an evolutionary pat in alignment with nature and the larger cosmos. #Quote by Edmund Bourne
Alignment In Microsoft quotes by Rosalind Picard
#21. I wonder if in part why so many people are angry at Microsoft is not just because their products frustrate them so much, but also because this frustration is ignored. The computer makes people feel like they are dummies, when in fact it is the computer that is stupid. #Quote by Rosalind Picard
Alignment In Microsoft quotes by Randy Falco
#22. What drew me to this job is that Univision is a brand unlike any other in all of media. Univision has the highest brand affinity of any brand, and that includes Microsoft and Apple and some of the iconic brands in all of industry. #Quote by Randy Falco
Alignment In Microsoft quotes by Frederick Lenz
#23. Put the mind in alignment with the ten thousand radiances of enlightenment and experience them in various gradations forever. That's the total purpose of a monk. #Quote by Frederick Lenz
Alignment In Microsoft quotes by Julio Consiglio
#24. When you are in alignment with your authentic self, nothing is impossible. #Quote by Julio Consiglio
Alignment In Microsoft quotes by Shalom Melchizedek
#25. Aligning with yourself, then another and you both aligning yourselves together further in harmony will summon source energy in ways you couldn't imagine. #Quote by Shalom Melchizedek
Alignment In Microsoft quotes by Walt F.J. Goodridge
#26. If you create and market a product or service through a business that is in alignment with your personality, capitalizes on your history, incorporates your experiences, harnesses your talents, optimizes your strengths, complements your weaknesses, honors your life's purpose, and moves you towards the conquest of your own fears, there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY that anyone in this or any other universe can offer the same value that you do! #Quote by Walt F.J. Goodridge
Alignment In Microsoft quotes by Esther Dyson
#27. As an investor in small companies, I don't care how rich Microsoft is. I care about what my opportunities are. #Quote by Esther Dyson
Alignment In Microsoft quotes by Esther Hicks
#28. There are only two emotions from our perspective ... The one that feels good, that feeling of hope or happiness or love. That good feeling, that positive emotion, is guidance saying, that which you are thinking right now is in alignment with what you are wanting #Quote by Esther Hicks
Alignment In Microsoft quotes by Roger Zelazny
#29. Call themselves?" asked Yama. "You are wrong, Sam, Godhood is more than a name. It is a condition of being. One does not achieve it merely by being immortal, for even the lowliest laborer in the fields may achieve continuity of existence. Is it then the conditioning of an Aspect? No. Any competent hypnotist can play games with the self-image. Is it the raising up of an Attribute? Of course not. I can design machines more powerful and more accurate than any faculty a man may cultivate. Being a god is the quality of being able to be yourself to such an extent that your passions correspond with the forces of the universe, so that those who look upon you know this without hearing your name spoken. Some ancient poet said that the world is full of echoes and correspondences. Another wrote a long poem of an inferno, wherein each man suffered a torture which coincided in nature with those forces which had ruled his life. Being a god is being able to recognize within one's self these things that are important, and then to strike the single note that brings them into alignment with everything else that exists. Then, beyond morals or logic or esthetics, one is wind or fire, the sea, the mountains, rain, the sun or the stars, the flight of an arrow, the end of a day, the clasp of love. One rules through one's ruling passions. Those who look upon gods then say, without even knowing their names, 'He is Fire. She is Dance. He is Destruction. She is Love.' So, to reply to your statement, the #Quote by Roger Zelazny
Alignment In Microsoft quotes by Marlo Morgan
#30. When you have a thought that is not in alignment with your highest vision change to a new thought! Then and there. When you say a thing that is our of alignment with your grandest idea, make a note not to say something like that again. When you do a thing that is misaligned with your best intention, decide to make that the last time. And make it right with whomever was involved if you can. #Quote by Marlo Morgan
Alignment In Microsoft quotes by Anatoly Chubais
#31. Bill Gates finds people in Russia to hire them to Microsoft. That's the Russian interest in this process. #Quote by Anatoly Chubais
Alignment In Microsoft quotes by Jordan Ellenberg
#32. Working an integral or performing a linear regression is something a computer can do quite effectively. Understanding whether the result makes sense - or deciding whether the method is the right one to use in the first place - requires a guiding human hand. When we teach mathematics we are supposed to be explaining how to be that guide. A math course that fails to do so is essentially training the student to be a very slow, buggy version of Microsoft Excel. #Quote by Jordan Ellenberg
Alignment In Microsoft quotes by Brian Tracy
#33. Just as your car runs more smoothly and requires less energy to go faster and farther when the wheels are in perfect alignment, you perform better when your thoughts, feelings, emotions, goals, and values are in balance. #Quote by Brian Tracy
Alignment In Microsoft quotes by Jonathan Haidt
#34. The word "coherence" literally means holding or sticking together, but it is usually used to refer to a system, an idea, or a worldview whose parts fit together in a consistent and efficient way. Coherent things work well: A coherent worldview can explain almost anything, while an incoherent worldview is hobbled by internal contradictions. …

Whenever a system can be analyzed at multiple levels, a special kind of coherence occurs when the levels mesh and mutually interlock. We saw this cross-level coherence in the analysis of personality: If your lower-level traits match up with your coping mechanisms, which in turn are consistent with your life story, your personality is well integrated and you can get on with the business of living. When these levels do not cohere, you are likely to be torn by internal contradictions and neurotic conflicts. You might need adversity to knock yourself into alignment. And if you do achieve coherence, the moment when things come together may be one of the most profound of your life. … Finding coherence across levels feels like enlightenment, and it is crucial for answering the question of purpose within life.

People are multilevel systems in another way: We are physical objects (bodies and brains) from which minds somehow emerge; and from our minds, somehow societies and cultures form. To understand ourselves fully we must study all three levels - physical, psychological, and sociocultural. There has long been a division of #Quote by Jonathan Haidt

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