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Alex quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#1. Apollo had changed Hyacinth into a flower to protect him. I would give Alex back control so she could protect herself instead of making the decision for her. That's how we were different from the gods. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Alex quotes by Adele Rose
#2. PE! This word was comprised of two single letters, which would normally not cause anyone any trouble. They were two single letters that were usually associated with the further words of "health" and "extended life" and therefore, had a positive reputation. However, for me, the P and the E put together was the worst possible combination. Every time they were mentioned, I would sigh in displeasure, my heart rate would increase and I would feel lightheaded. After all, in my mind, PE = exercise and exercise = torture! #Quote by Adele Rose
Alex quotes by Alex Pettyfer
#3. I've learned by watching films that inspired me and people who inspired me like Robert Redford and Paul Newman. I love old school acting. I love subtlety, and I also love being spontaneous, and that's really what works for me. #Quote by Alex Pettyfer
Alex quotes by Ilsa J. Bick
#4. Why can't you like me?" he said, his voice breaking. His scent steamed then, hot and heady with a welter of contradictions: apples and fire and electric roil of those cold, black shadows. "Why can't you like me just a little?"
She would never know how she might have answered, because he never gave her the chance.
Instead, he kissed her. #Quote by Ilsa J. Bick
Alex quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#5. You know what? Lets go." I shot Aiden a defiant look. "Come on Seth. Let's go continue our lovers' quarrel."
"Yes my love, that sounds fantastic. Don't forget to grab a dagger so you can poke my eyeballs out. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Alex quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#6. Seth threw me a mischievous grin. "I can't have Marcus just walking in on us. What if I want to snuggle on these cold New York nights?"
My frown increased. "We don't snuggle."
He dropped his arm over my shoulder, and the scent of mint and something wild tickled my nose. "How about we cuddle?"
"We don't do that either."
"But you're my cuddle bunny. My little Apollyon cuddle - " I punched him in the side. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Alex quotes by Alex Pattakos
#7. The search for meaning in our lives takes us on paths large and small. When we go beyond ourselves-whether in forgiveness, unselfishness, thoughtfulness, generosity and understanding toward others-we enter into the spiritual realm of meaning. By giving beyond ourselves, we make our own lives richer. This is a truth long understood at the heart of all meaningful spiritual traditions. It's a mystery that can only be experienced. And when we do experience it, we are in the heart of meaning. We are no longer a prisoner of our thoughts. #Quote by Alex Pattakos
Alex quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#8. Apollo had said he knew what this kind of love was capable of. And I finally understood why Paris had risked his country and his blood for Helen. Selfish, yes, but I understood. I would burn the world if that meant Alex would be safe. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Alex quotes by Alex Mack
#9. Actually, I was lucky enough; I was a heavyweight, so making weight for me was never that much of a problem in high school. Now, it would just be near impossible, because I'm a little heavier. #Quote by Alex Mack
Alex quotes by Alex Sheshunoff
#10. Midlife crises are the best-funded stage of rebellion, because, finally, the rebel himself can lavish the amount of money he feels befits the depth of his self-pity. #Quote by Alex Sheshunoff
Alex quotes by Jon Krakauer
#11. When Alex left for Alaska," Franz remembers, "I prayed. I asked God to keep his finger on the shoulder of that one; I told him that boy was special. But he let Alex die. So on December 26, when I learned what happened, I renounced the Lord. I withdrew my church membership and became an atheist. I decided I couldn't believe in a God who would let something that terrible happen to a boy like Alex. After I dropped off the hitchhikers," Franz continues," I turned my van around, drove back to the store, and bought a bottle of whiskey. And then I went out into the desert and drank it. I wasn't used to drinking, so it made me real sick. Hoped it'd kill me, but it didn't. Just made me real, real sick. #Quote by Jon Krakauer
Alex quotes by Alex Gibney
#12. It's easy to get armchair analysts to talk, but to get people on the inside to talk is very, very hard. #Quote by Alex Gibney
Alex quotes by Alex Flinn
#13. I have a great deal of empathy for anyone who's having a hard time. I believe this ability to see another's viewpoint has served me well as a writer. #Quote by Alex Flinn
Alex quotes by Alex Ferguson
#14. I had to lift players' expectations. They should never give in. I said that to them all the time: "If you give in once, you'll give in twice. #Quote by Alex Ferguson
Alex quotes by Alex Gerlis
#15. Don't worry. It is not a crime to love the wrong person. Most people manage it at least once in their lives. #Quote by Alex Gerlis
Alex quotes by Alex Ashworth
#16. We do not love life, but simply put up with the fact that it is shit'. #Quote by Alex Ashworth
Alex quotes by Alex Morrison
#17. I would hate to see operations in the Congo held hostage to Sierra Leone but I really think that's the way it's got to be. At one point we've got to decide to get it right and we've got to be professional. #Quote by Alex Morrison
Alex quotes by Melissa Jensen
#18. Leo!
Scusi, Nonna." But he still managed to get a good, quiet curse or two out as he backed his way gingerly through the swinging door.
"Here.I got it." Tina took the beer and glass from me. "Ya know them?"
I nodded.
"She looks like butter wouldn't melt.But her kid..." She pursed brilliantly pink lips. "All that and a bag of baked tofu chips?"
I had to smile a little at the image. "No.He's not...He doesn't act like..." I wasn't entirely sure why I was defending him.He hadn't exactly been the Prince Charming of Dinner Orders. Come to think of it, I couldn't completely vouch for Alex Bainbridge being Prince Charming of Anything. Except my own little Villink fantasy. "Maybe."
"Yeah?" I have no idea what is was Tina saw in my face. Something. "Aw, sweetie." She sighed. "Want me to shake up Daddy's beer a little?"
"No," I answered. "but thanks for the offer. #Quote by Melissa Jensen
Alex quotes by Alex Delvecchio
#19. It would have been worse if we hadn't blocked the kick after Toronto's second touchdown. #Quote by Alex Delvecchio
Alex quotes by Alex Meraz
#20. I have a wife, a son, and I've had some practical life experience. #Quote by Alex Meraz
Alex quotes by Kalayna Price
#21. Once in a lifetime. Even sated in the aftermath of the best orgasm of my life, a twinge of sadness touched me. Don't be stupid, Alex: it's just tonight. We both know it's just tonight. #Quote by Kalayna Price
Alex quotes by Lauren Oliver
#22. We're standing in the middle of a graveyard. Alex #Quote by Lauren Oliver
Alex quotes by Alex Kava
#23. Being a loner and being a loner were two separate things- Fireproof #Quote by Alex Kava
Alex quotes by Lauren Oliver
#24. So: outside, and to the black rush of the Presumpscot River.
To freedom.
For me, the world was beginning. #Quote by Lauren Oliver
Alex quotes by Alex Berenson
#25. I think when you have lawyers arguing over whether you can keep a detainee at 46 degrees ... for two hours, that's not torture. It may be unpleasant, it may be coercive ... but let's say what torture actually is, and that's not it. #Quote by Alex Berenson
Alex quotes by Mike Royer
#26. In fact, sometimes when I look at something my memory does work. I remember the panel where Alex Toth told me, "Mike, if you really don't understand all that, you don't need to put it on there." #Quote by Mike Royer
Alex quotes by Alex Smith
#27. One mind awake can become stronger than a thousand zombies sleepwalking in a dying civilization. #Quote by Alex Smith
Alex quotes by Alex Gaskarth
#28. It's funny how the littlest things can make you feel larger than life; the right lyric, the most heartfelt melody, the clearest message. Love. #Quote by Alex Gaskarth
Alex quotes by Alex Steffen
#29. Americans trash the planet not because we're evil, but because the industrial systems we've devised leave no other choice. Our ranch houses and high-rises, factories and farms, freeways and power plants were conceived before we had a clue how the planet works. #Quote by Alex Steffen
Alex quotes by Alex Karpovsky
#30. To feel nervous; to feel threatened and vulnerable and alive and engaged in that sense when interacting with someone you're really attracted to? I think that's wonderful. That's usually the best part. In fact, it's almost always downhill from there. #Quote by Alex Karpovsky
Alex quotes by Alex Morgan
#31. It's a section of the country where charm oozes from the men as easily as their southern drawls, and the women are soaked in seduction. #Quote by Alex Morgan
Alex quotes by Alex Michaelides
#32. I'm forty two years old. And I became a psychotherapist because I was fucked-up. That's the truth - though it's not what I said during the interview when the question was put to me. #Quote by Alex Michaelides
Alex quotes by Alex Steffen
#33. We don't need a War on Carbon. We need a new prosperity that can be shared by all while still respecting a multitude of real ecological limits - not just atmospheric gas concentrations, but topsoil depth, water supplies, toxic chemical concentrations, and the health of ecosystems, including the diversity of life they depend upon. #Quote by Alex Steffen
Alex quotes by Lauren Oliver
#34. I remember Lena's expression when he knocked on the door; and how Alex had looked at her when she finally let him into the storeroom. I remember exactly what he was wearing, too, and the mess of his hair, the sneakers with their blue-tinged laces. His right shoe was untied. He didn't notice.
He didn't notice anything but Lena. #Quote by Lauren Oliver
Alex quotes by Nicholas Sparks
#35. If Alex has chosen you, then I want you to believe that I have chosen you as well. #Quote by Nicholas Sparks
Alex quotes by Alex Kotlowitz
#36. Freedom is like holding a small bird. If you squeeze it too hard, you will kill it. But if you don't hold it firmly enough, it will fly away. Indeed, freedom can be both fragile and elusive, and so-as the McCormick Tribune Freedom Museum so powerfully reminds us-it requires our eternal vigilance, our willingness, our ability, our conviction to stand up for that which we think is right. #Quote by Alex Kotlowitz
Alex quotes by Anthony Burgess
#37. Civilised my syphilised yarbles. #Quote by Anthony Burgess
Alex quotes by Alex Spanos
#38. All my kids have worked in the family business. I've been successful at that. My family knows how to work. We all started working very young. #Quote by Alex Spanos
Alex quotes by Alex Haditaghi
#39. Three things in life you will never have to chase: True friends, true love and your destiny! #Quote by Alex Haditaghi
Alex quotes by Alex Grey
#40. There is a need for individuals to find ways of transcending their limiting identities, of periodically committing egocide. The submission to God by following transformative spiritual practices can more safely engage the death-rebirth transcendence axis. Some cultures have elaborate and cathartic rites of passage for every stage of life. Our culture has not fostered safe death and rebirth rituals. So people create their own, consciously or unconsciously. #Quote by Alex Grey
Alex quotes by Monica McCarty
#41. He gave her everything. Everything but the promise of a future. And she met his dark strokes with a plunder of her own, holding his gaze, raking his soul of its secrets. She knew just what she meant to him. #Quote by Monica McCarty
Alex quotes by Diane  Adams
#42. Alex reached for his menu.
Jared snagged it before he could open it. "We're
having Surf & Turf," Jared informed him.
"Surf? Aw, man, you know how I feel about fish.
OW!" Alex leaned to rub his leg, glaring across the table at
"Your boyfriend's buying steak and lobster? You
smile sweet and make sure you thank him. Later. After I'm out of the truck. #Quote by Diane Adams
Alex quotes by Chris Colfer
#43. There's nothing you're going to say now or in a year that I wouldn't have thought about a hundred times," Alex said. #Quote by Chris Colfer
Alex quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#44. Tipping my head back, I screamed.
Unlocked from the depths of my soul, it kept coming and coming. I couldn't stop it. I couldn't comprehend what I'd become - the things I had done. And when I stopped, it was only because my throat was raw. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Alex quotes by Alex Berenson
#45. Big swings in the wholesale price of electricity are not unusual in the summer, when high demand taxes generators' ability to supply power. #Quote by Alex Berenson
Alex quotes by Alex Morritt
#46. The more time we spend interconnected via a myriad of devices, the less time we have left to develop true friendships in the real world. #Quote by Alex Morritt
Alex quotes by Adrienne Kress
#47. There are certain bits of stories that, because of their nature, are rather dull. This is because very little happens in them. And for some reason, they also always happen to take place over a rather tediously long period of time. So, yes, I could tell you of the five-hour trek Timothy and Alex took to reach the hidden bay. I could tell you that when they reached the fort, the view was rather impressive. I could also mention that Timothy lost his footing at one point as they made their way through the thick forest on the other side and, had Alex not grabbed the back of his jacket, his tale would have ended there rather abruptly.
But honestly ...
Let's just get to the pirate stuff already. #Quote by Adrienne Kress
Alex quotes by Donald Jeffries
#48. Questions surround nearly every aspect of the assassination. The chain
of possession regarding each piece of evidence was tainted beyond repair.
The presidential limousine, which represented the literal crime scene,
was taken over by officials immediately after JFK's body was carried into
Parkland Hospital and tampered with. The Secret Service apparently cleaned
up the limousine, washing away crucial evidence in the process. Obviously,
whatever bullet fragments or other material that was purportedly found
there became immediately suspect because of this. On November 26, the
windshield on the presidential limo was replaced.
The supposed murder weapon - a cheap, Italian Mannlicher-Carcano
rifle with a defective scope, allegedly ordered by Oswald through a post office
box registered to his purported alias, Alex Hidell - is similarly troublesome.
The two Dallas officers who discovered the rifle on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository building, Seymour Weitzman and Eugene Boone,
both swore in separate affidavits that the weapon was a German Mauser. As
was to become all too common in this case, they would later each claim to be
"mistaken" in a curiously identical manner.
In fact, as late as midnight on November 22, Dallas District Attorney
Henry Wade would refer to the rifle as a Mauser when speaking to the press.
Local WFAA television reported the weapon found as both a German #Quote by Donald Jeffries
Alex quotes by Alex Adams
#49. Are you menstruating?
You're angry. Women are often angry when they menstruate. It is the hormones. #Quote by Alex Adams
Alex quotes by Anthony Horowitz
#50. Strange though it is,Sarov still cares about you. He told me to leave you alone. But I think, this time, I must disobey the general. You are mine! And I intend to make you suffer ... "
"Just talking to you makes me suffer," Alex said. #Quote by Anthony Horowitz
Alex quotes by Alex Scally
#51. Sometimes, for bands, everything just happens too fast. #Quote by Alex Scally
Alex quotes by Alex Gansa
#52. The writing, acting and the directing all complement each other and make each other better. It's one of those amazing instances where everything seems to come together. #Quote by Alex Gansa
Alex quotes by Alex Pareene
#53. The song 'Take This Job and Shove It' spent 18 weeks on the country charts in 1977. 1970s country music fans had a clearer understanding of the ennui of wage-slavery than modern elites. #Quote by Alex Pareene
Alex quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#54. Maybe all rich people asked the wrong questions. For people like Alex, it would never be what do you want. It was always just how much can you get? #Quote by Leigh Bardugo
Alex quotes by Alex Haley
#55. One call that I never will forget came at close to four A.M., waking me; he must have just gotten up in Los Angeles. His voice said, "Alex Haley?" I said, sleepily, "Yes? Oh, hey, Malcolm!" His voice said, "I trust you seventy percent"
and then he hung up. I lay a short time thinking about him and I went back to sleep feeling warmed by that call, as I still am warmed to remember it. Neither of us ever mentioned it."
The Autobiography of Malcolm X #Quote by Alex Haley
Alex quotes by Alex London
#56. Amnesia was a soldier's best friend, and luckily, it could be taught. Missing limbs still ache, but missing memories never do. #Quote by Alex London
Alex quotes by Jo Victor
#57. Cam knew that if she succeeded, it was going to destroy her, but she could worry about that later. All she had to do at the moment was cut her own heart out without letting the wound show too much; she'd have plenty of time to bleed after Alex had gone. #Quote by Jo Victor
Alex quotes by Kate Meader
#58. She pushed him back to the desk, poking his chest.
I may punch you, bite you, crush your nuts between my thighs. It's going to be the best hate sex I've ever had. And your survival is not my first concern. #Quote by Kate Meader
Alex quotes by Alex Ferguson
#59. I have nothing but praise for the boy. He is easily the best player in the world. His contribution as a goal threat is unbelievable. His stats are incredible. Strikes at goal, attempts on goal, raids into the penalty box, headers. It is all there. Absolutely astounding. #Quote by Alex Ferguson
Alex quotes by Alex Berenson
#60. Many legal experts note that prosecutors regularly seek indictments of people or companies for destroying evidence or impeding investigations, even if they cannot prove other charges. #Quote by Alex Berenson
Alex quotes by Alex Kozinski
#61. The majority falls prey to the delusion popular in some circles that ordinary people are too careless and stupid to own guns, and we would be far better off leaving all weapons in the hands of professionals on the government payroll. But the simple truth born of experience is that tyranny thrives best where government need not fear the wrath of an armed people. #Quote by Alex Kozinski
Alex quotes by Benedict Jacka
#62. You're lucky you didn't know him back in his tech phase. There was this time in our second year when we were living in the same house. Kitchen table kept wobbling so Landis shoved this metal saucer under one of the legs. Wasn't until two weeks later we found out it was a land mine. #Quote by Benedict Jacka
Alex quotes by L.A. Gilbert
#63. Oh man, Alex. That's sad. Seriously, mate, go get yourself laid."
"What?" He gave Baldrick a quick kiss on his little head
he didn't care how stupid he looked, he loved his ugly cat
and put him down on his kitty bed in the corner.
"Isn't that what single sad people do
get cats when they've given up on human companionship? #Quote by L.A. Gilbert
Alex quotes by Alex Morgan
#64. I'd like to see you try to have my job. Around here I'm more connected than a Kennedy. As for our animals, there is no rapin' involved, they are more than willing, just ask your "girlfriend." She is probably gettin' a little animal lovin', and it's probably better than you, which is why she isn't answering your calls. Also, we aren't hillbillies, we are rednecks. Don't you have a map fucktard, no mountains in this part of the state, but you bring your ass down here, and I'll do you a solid. I'll introduce you to the fuckin' bubba-brigade. Have a good night, and if Mhisery ever rolls off the animal she is on, I'll tell her you called. #Quote by Alex Morgan
Alex quotes by Alex Honnold
#65. When I was a teenager, I did a lot of pull-ups and push-ups. Every night before bed, I'd do 150 - in sets of 30 or so. Looking back on it now, I'm not totally sure that's the best way to improve as a climber. But it did make me a lot better at doing pull-ups and push-ups. #Quote by Alex Honnold
Alex quotes by Alex Scarrow
#66. I sometimes wish I could "reboot",' said Sal. 'Empty my head and start over. #Quote by Alex Scarrow
Alex quotes by Alex Turner
#67. I'm in a difficult position in the sense that, preposterous as this might sound, I don't like being the centre of attention. I get up on stage every night and play songs, but I almost feel the songs are the centre of attention. I don't like opening my birthday presents in front of people, either. #Quote by Alex Turner
Alex quotes by Alex Berenson
#68. While Wall Street firms typically underwrite offerings in teams, the lead underwriter, or manager, of the offering has primary responsibility for selling the offering and reaps much of the fees and profit. #Quote by Alex Berenson
Alex quotes by Alex Haley
#69. I wasn't going to be one of those people who died wondering what if? I would keep putting my dreams to the test - even though it meant living with uncertainty and fear of failure. This is the shadowland of hope, and anyone with a dream must learn to live there. #Quote by Alex Haley
Alex quotes by Alex Cox
#70. In Goodfellas they have this one scene where the camera goes down some steps and walks through a kitchen into a restaurant and the critics were all over this as evidence of the genius of Scorsese and Scorsese is a genius. #Quote by Alex Cox
Alex quotes by Alex O'Loughlin
#71. I plead with my Moonlight fans to give this show a chance if they let me give it a chance. I can't do Moonlight again - it's finished. The bottom line is that my true fans will follow me where I go. #Quote by Alex O'Loughlin
Alex quotes by Alex Bledsoe
#72. Aral the Jack, formerly the noble Aral Kingslayer, is the best kind of hero. #Quote by Alex Bledsoe
Alex quotes by Lauren Oliver
#73. That's what it was like waking up in the crypts. no-longer-dead. but without her.
like burning alive. #Quote by Lauren Oliver
Alex quotes by George Sorbane
#74. So Alex was counting the days until he would step on the holy soil of Boston, ready to breathe the cold Atlantic air and sense the spirits of those remarkable people about whom he had read so much with nearly religious admiration, walk the streets in their footsteps, and pray in the churches where they had found peace and solace in times of fateful junction. #Quote by George Sorbane
Alex quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#75. I let the monster take over.

My lips moved and I spoke the words I'd heard before, words that would unlock the ultimate power - words that Alex spoke once before. I didn't understand how this worked. I also didn't care. "Θάρρος."


A shock rippled across my body, followed by a wealth of warmth. Determination poured into my chest.

"Δύναµη," I said.


Another jolt of power hit me, charging me up. The warmth turned to heat, invading my muscles, breaking them down and rebuilding them rapidly.

Someone shouted, a high-pitched scream. There was a yell, a rougher and heavier gasp.

I kept going as I stepped forward, through the shades circling Atlas. "Απόλυτη εξουσία."

Absolute power.

Amber light radiated through the room. Screams pitched higher as every cell in my body hummed with power. Glyphs appeared on my skin, swirling fast. The shades flew backward, revealing a transfixed Atlas.

I finished it. "Αήττητο. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Alex quotes by James Stockdale
#76. And so, I mean, he declared war right there and then in so many words and Alex says later in the book, nobody in the White House from that point on had any doubt that we were going to bomb the mainland of Asia. #Quote by James Stockdale
Alex quotes by Alex Callinicos
#77. For what is socialism? With the frills removed, it is people collectively running society. Instead of being the prisoners of anarchic capitalist competition and the mad rush for profit at any cost, it is working together for the common good. Our tremendous co-operative power would be controlled, not by a ruling class in the search for ever greater profits, but democratically and for the fulfillment of human need. #Quote by Alex Callinicos
Alex quotes by Alex Foster
#78. and fulfillment come from engaging in activities that are productive and you enjoy doing. Contrary to popular belief, relaxing does not bring lasting joy. #Quote by Alex Foster
Alex quotes by Alex Hirsch
#79. I feel like the best kids shows aren't just for kids. The best kids shows have something in it for everyone. As you grow up, you're increasingly proud to be a fan of the show, rather than getting to an age where you suddenly become embarrassed that you ever liked it because it's only for seven-year-olds. #Quote by Alex Hirsch
Alex quotes by James S.A. Corey
#80. Aw, you goddammed bastards! They're shootin' him while he's down! Son of a bitch!"
The ship stopped moving, and Alex said in a quiet voice, "Suck on this, asshole."
The ship vibrated for half a second, then paused before continuing toward the lock.
"Point defense cannons?" Holden asked.
"Summary roadside justice," Alex grunted back. #Quote by James S.A. Corey
Alex quotes by Alex Webb
#81. Photograph because you love doing it, because you absolutely have to do it, because the chief reward is going to be the process of doing it. Other rewards - recognition, financial remuneration - come to so few and are so fleeting ... Take photography on as a passion, not a career. #Quote by Alex Webb
Alex quotes by Paige Tyler
#82. I promise you and Tuffie can have lots of play dates," Alex said as he crouched down in front of Leo and affectionately ran his hand over the dog's head. "All you have to do is convince your mom to keep seeing me, and I'll hook you up."
Lacey folded her arms with a laugh. "Now you're trying to blackmail my dog into supporting your dastardly schemes?"
Alex flashed her a grin. "A desperate man does what he has to… #Quote by Paige Tyler
Alex quotes by Alex Kotlowitz
#83. . . .you can't talk about death without celebrating life. How amid the devastation, many still manage to stay erect in a world that's slumping around them. How despite the bloodshed, some manage, heroically, not only to push on but also to push back. How in death there is love. #Quote by Alex Kotlowitz
Alex quotes by Alex Rodriguez
#84. Walking the streets of New York, a lot of people are cheering me on. It feels good. #Quote by Alex Rodriguez
Alex quotes by Alex Newell
#85. Singing is my passion, regardless of anything else that I've ever done. That's the one thing that no one can ever take away from me is my voice, and that is what I really want to do. #Quote by Alex Newell
Alex quotes by Alex Ferguson
#86. There's a lot of satisfaction that comes from knowing you're doing your best, and there's even more that comes when it begins to pay off. I #Quote by Alex Ferguson
Alex quotes by Alex Flinn
#87. A girl always pretends to be a princess at one point, no matter how little her life is like one. #Quote by Alex Flinn
Alex quotes by Lexi Blake
#88. Alex, I remember when Eve was the touchiest, feeliest sub I'd ever met." "He raped her. He abused her. She can't go back," Alex said. "We can't go back." "Then Evans wins. He did his job, and you should just hang it the fuck up. Why bother hunting the man down? You're already dead. You just forgot to tell us to bury the fucking body, man. #Quote by Lexi Blake
Alex quotes by Mitch Winehouse
#89. I knew that Amy couldn't have died from a drug overdose, as she had been drug-free since 2008. But although she had been so brave and had fought so hard in her recovery from alcoholism, I knew she must have lapsed once again. I thought that Amy hadn't had a drink for three weeks. But she had actually started drinking at Dionne's Roundhouse gig the previous Wednesday. I didn't know that at the time. The following morning Janis, Jane, Richard Collins (Janis's fiancé), Raye, Reg and I went to St Pancras mortuary to officially identify Amy. Alex couldn't bring himself to go, which I fully understood. When we arrived there were loads of paps outside the court, but they were all very respectful. We were shown into a room and saw Amy behind a window. She looked very, very peaceful, as if she was just asleep, which in a way made it a lot harder. She looked lovely. There was a slight red blotchiness to her skin, which was why, at the time, I thought she might have had a seizure: she looked as she had done when she had had seizures in the past. Eventually the others left Janis and me to say goodbye to Amy by ourselves. We were with her for about fifteen minutes. We put our hands on the glass partition and spoke to her. We told her that Mummy and Daddy were with her and that we would always love her. I can't express what it was like. It was the worst feeling in the world. #Quote by Mitch Winehouse
Alex quotes by James S.A. Corey
#90. Oh shit, I can see Gomez," Alex said over the comm. "He's down. Aw, you goddammed bastards! They're shootin' him while he's down! Son of a bitch!" The ship stopped moving, and Alex said in a quiet voice, "Suck on this, asshole." The ship vibrated for half a second, then paused before continuing toward the lock. "Point defense cannons?" Holden asked. "Summary roadside justice," Alex grunted back. Holden #Quote by James S.A. Corey
Alex quotes by Alex Lowe
#91. Inspiring passion in family and friends has more enduring value than just staying alive for them. #Quote by Alex Lowe
Alex quotes by Simon James Green
#92. Here's what you need to understand, Alex: people don't always behave how you'd like them to, or how you expect them to. Everyone's a mess. It isn't just you. Everyone's trying to work it out, Alex. Everyone's confused, at least some of the time, if not most of the time. You could do worse than cut the poor lad some slack. #Quote by Simon James Green
Alex quotes by Jay McInerney
#93. Alex hadn't been clubbing in several years. After he and Lydia moved in together, the clubs lost their appeal. Now he felt the return of the old thrill, the anticipation of the hunt - the sense that the night held secrets bound to be unveiled before it was over. Tasha was talking about someone in New York whom Alex was supposed to know. "The last time I saw him, he just kept banging his head against the wall, and I said to him, 'Michael, you've really got to #Quote by Jay McInerney
Alex quotes by Alex Faickney Osborn
#94. Often when economic pressure is lifted, a man must pump back into himself a feeling of must. #Quote by Alex Faickney Osborn
Alex quotes by Alex Lifeson
#95. We've managed to have a long career that is still quite vibrant, yet we've never had to kow-tow to record companies who said we weren't commercial enough. #Quote by Alex Lifeson
Alex quotes by Alex Berenson
#96. Equity is the cushion that protects financial institutions from unexpected changes in the value of their assets. The greater the leverage, the smaller the losses required to wipe out a company's equity, leaving it without enough money to repay the people who hold its debt. #Quote by Alex Berenson
Alex quotes by Joanne McClean
#97. Why are you trying to be something you're not?"
I shrugged, "People change, get used to it Alex. It's not like you know me anyway."
He nodded, "You've got that right. I just hope you haven't lost yourself in the process ... it would be a real shame if you couldn't find your way back."
I frowned at him, "And what the hell is that supposed to mean Alex?"
He studied my eyes intently, "I just don't want you to forget who you truly are ... because I liked that girl. #Quote by Joanne McClean
Alex quotes by Lauren Oliver
#98. The problem is that he isn't Alex. #Quote by Lauren Oliver
Alex quotes by Alex Berenson
#99. Most companies can survive even if their debt ratings are lowered below investment grade, although they will have higher borrowing costs. #Quote by Alex Berenson
Alex quotes by Alex Lifeson
#100. Rock music seems to be very fragmented these days, I can't say that I ever really hear anything that just knocks me over. #Quote by Alex Lifeson
Alex quotes by Penny Reid
#101. You look like carp today." Ashley's eyes didn't lift from her chart as she volunteered her opinion.

"You mean crap?" I felt like crap. I was tired. My head and my heart hurt. And I was pretty sure my female reproductive system hated Alex.

"No. Carp. The fish. You're all frowny and buggy-eyed, tired and frightened." Her blue eyes lifted, scanned my face. "And you need to pluck your eyebrows."

"Do carp have eyebrows?"

"They have little weird feeler mustaches, like catfish. I suspect they tie other fish to little fishy railroad tracks. #Quote by Penny Reid
Alex quotes by Alex Gaskarth
#102. I want you to fucking pinky promise me you won't do it. No fan of mine will kill themselves. Don't do it, for me. I love you. #Quote by Alex Gaskarth
Alex quotes by Alex Morritt
#103. The 'Selfie Stick' has to top the list for what best defines narcissism in society today. #Quote by Alex Morritt
Alex quotes by Alex Gino
#104. Trying to be a boy is really hard." Mom #Quote by Alex Gino
Alex quotes by Alex Blake
#105. He was ready to go but I wasn't ready to say goodbye. #Quote by Alex Blake
Alex quotes by Alex Morritt
#106. Life is indeed colourful. We can feel in the pink one day, with our bank balances comfortably in the black, and the grass seemingly no greener on the other side of the fence. Then out of the blue, something tiresome happens that makes us see red, turn ashen white, even purple with rage. Maybe controlling our varying emotions is just 'colour management' by another name. #Quote by Alex Morritt
Alex quotes by Alex Gerber Jr.
#107. Transposed to the social sphere, holism becomes apparent as a rebalancing of values and attitudes that have become distorted -- moving from aggressive to responsive, from predominantly masculine to a balance with the feminine, from competitive toward cooperative, from primarily rational toward intuitive, from analyzing toward synthesizing. These are not either/or dichotomies, as nature, an ever-present model for wholeness, reveals. #Quote by Alex Gerber Jr.
Alex quotes by Francesca Zappia
#108. Here.' Miles unzipped the backpack and pulled out the container of IcyHot. 'Go to the dresser. Should be one of the top drawers--smear this in the crotch of every pair of underwear you find.'

'I--what?' I took the container. 'That's disgusting.'

'I'm paying you fifty dollars for this,' Miles hissed, turning toward the bed.

I went to the dresser and yanked open the top drawer on the left. Empty. Crisp white underwear and boxers filled the one on the right.

Well... at least they were clean. #Quote by Francesca Zappia
Alex quotes by Alex Z. Moores
#109. Love feels like this fog. It slinks in from some hidden place and silently overtakes me. It seems so dense, but when I reach into it, there's nothing of substance. Then, before too long, it simply vanishes. That's my perception of love. #Quote by Alex Z. Moores
Alex quotes by Alex Kingston
#110. Californians don't have that marvelous British cynicism, but then the British can be so patronizing at times. #Quote by Alex Kingston
Alex quotes by Bruce Sterling
#111. Alex direly wanted to try something stupid, but he wasn't about try anything stupid under these circumstances. He'd wait till he won their confidence, till they gave him a lot more initiative and leeway. Then he'd try something stupid. #Quote by Bruce Sterling
Alex quotes by Alex Morritt
#112. Casting a curious gaze down on planet Earth, extra-terrestrial beings could well be forgiven for assuming that we humans are programmed in every move we make, by a palm-sized, oblong, slab of glass. More perplexing than that, who on earth could convince them otherwise ? #Quote by Alex Morritt
Alex quotes by Alex G. Zarate
#113. The best thing about being an author is the unspoken approval to dream while awake. #Quote by Alex G. Zarate
Alex quotes by Alex Pettyfer
#114. Being an actor in L.A. is like being in prison: you go, you serve your time, you try to replicate Johnny Depp's career - and then you move to Paris. #Quote by Alex Pettyfer
Alex quotes by Alex Garland
#115. When you develop an infatuation for someone you always find a reason to believe that this is exactly the person for you. It doesn't need to be a good reason. Taking photographs of the night sky, for example. Now, in the long run, that's just the kind of dumb, irritating habit that would cause you to split up. But in the haze of infatuation, it's just what you've been searching for all these years. #Quote by Alex Garland
Alex quotes by Alex North
#116. The only ghosts that existed were in your head. They spoke through you, not to you. #Quote by Alex North
Alex quotes by Suzanne Enoch
#117. Reg: Speaking of blunt, dinner is on my bill tonight, mes amis.
Alex: What's the occasion?
Augustus: Lady Caroline's agreed to venture out on a picnic with out intrepid hero.
Kit: I don't know why you keep insisting she's smitten with me. I've barely spoken five sentences to her.
Augustus: It's very simple. Reg has thrown his entire being into pleasing Caroline. She knows every nuance of his thought and character. You, however, are a mystery to be explored, solved, and resolved. #Quote by Suzanne Enoch
Alex quotes by Elizabeth   Hunter
#118. We can't go back. I'm not who I was then. You're not who you were. We've grown up. Hopefully. But... You know there's still something there. Something good between us, along with the bad. Something that could be great."
Could it?
It could.
"It's complicated, Alex."
"The good stuff always is." He squeezed her hand. "I'm willing if you are, Téa. #Quote by Elizabeth Hunter
Alex quotes by Alex Gaskarth
#119. Each and every single one of you is beautiful. Believe in yourself! #Quote by Alex Gaskarth
Alex quotes by Alex Van Tol
#120. A misshapen grin twists his ruined face, and my gut knots with a sudden rush of adrenaline. "Seems like Jilly Bean's gotten herself into a whole lot of trouble," he says. Except, without his teeth, it comes out: Theemth like Zilly beanth gotten herthelf into a whole lot of twouble. I bite my lips against a sudden smile. #Quote by Alex Van Tol
Alex quotes by Erin Beaty
#121. She gazed down at the sleeping boy at her feet. Alex had died for his prince. If necessary, she would do no less. #Quote by Erin Beaty
Alex quotes by Alex Flinn
#122. What are you, in love with her?" Travis says. "You're staring like an idiot."
The weird thing is, I think I am. #Quote by Alex Flinn
Alex quotes by Pierre Alex Jeanty
#123. If they cannot meet your standards, don't lower your standards so that they can. #Quote by Pierre Alex Jeanty
Alex quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#124. The alien in my uncle hand obviously taken full control. Soon, it would claw its way out of his stomach and tap dance across my bed #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Alex quotes by Simone Elkeles
#125. Brit: What's your major?
Alex: Chemistry. And yours?
Brit: Chemistry. Kiss me so we can see if we still have it. 'Cause you own my heart, my soul, and everything else in between. #Quote by Simone Elkeles
Alex quotes by Alex Adams
#126. If the world ends tomorrow, understand that I regret saying no. #Quote by Alex Adams
Alex quotes by Alex Bregman
#127. I don't think I've changed very much. I think I'm the same kid that I was when I got here. When I came here all I wanted to do was win games. I wanted to play baseball for LSU and be the ultimate team player. That's all I want to do. If we don't end up being the last team to win the game at the end of the year then I won't be happy. That's all I'm worried about this year. #Quote by Alex Bregman
Alex quotes by Alex Cox
#128. I don't think about Hollywood at all. #Quote by Alex Cox
Alex quotes by Alex Haditaghi
#129. Women are looking for a man that currently does not exist and men are looking for a woman that no longer exist. #Quote by Alex Haditaghi
Alex quotes by Margaret Peterson Haddix
#130. But did he go to heaven?" Katherine persisted.
"That's between him and God, not him and history," JB said.
Alex started, jerking so spastically that he kicked the basketball and would have sent it spinning out into the street if Chip hadn't caught it. Amazingly, Chip still seemed to have a swordsman's quick reflexes.
"YOU believe in God?" Alex asked JB incredulously. "But you know how to travel through time. You're a scientist." He hesitated. "Aren't you?"
JB rolled his eyes.
"It amazes me how people of your time set up such a false dichotomy between science and religion. Fortunately, that only lasts for another ... well, I can't tell you that," he said, stopping himself just in time. "But I assure you, the more I travel through time, the more I witness, the more I realize that there are things that are both strange and wonderful, far beyond human comprehension." (pgs 299-300) #Quote by Margaret Peterson Haddix
Alex quotes by Alex Shoumatoff
#131. In 1990, my wife and I were married in her village in southwestern Uganda. The festivities went on for three days, and all the while a couple of dozen gray-crowned cranes, with regal bonnets of sun-shot yellow feathers, were pecking and padding around in the adjacent savanna. #Quote by Alex Shoumatoff
Alex quotes by Melissa Jensen
#132. Oh,Ella. I wish you'd had a better time at the ball."
"Fuhgeddaboudit," I muttered. Greaseball. Freddy. Freak. "It's not like she and I were ever going to be BFFs."
"I wasn't just referring to Amanda."
Of course he wasn't.
"I'll try," I moaned into the crook of my elbow. "Oh, Lord.I'll try to carry on."
"That sounds rather dramatic, even for you."
"It's Styx," I told him. "After your time, before mine. I don't know all the words,but those work for the moment. And for the record, I'm being ironic, not dramatic."
"If you say so."
I ignored him. "I have had my last flutter over Alex Bainbridge. I mean it. Frankie was right.How many signs do I need that we are never, ever going to have...anything...before I get it? Obviously, it doesn't matter that we realte to the same schizo seventies songs. Or that we can discuss antique Japanese woodblock prints. Or that when he sits next to me, he kinda takes my breath away. You would think that would count for a lot,wouldn't you?"
Edward gets the concept of rhetorical questions, so I went on. "I wouldn't even want to hazard a guess about what makes Amanda's pulse go all skittery, but I would bet anything it's not Alex. And he's still with her. He doesn't belong with her, but apparently he feels he belongs to her. Explain that,please."
"Oh,Ella.We men are not always the best at looking beyond"
"Boobs,Edward. You can say it. Amanda Alstead has boobs and blonda hair. Beyond th #Quote by Melissa Jensen
Alex quotes by Alex Honnold
#133. I've never really understood the criticism that climbing is inherently selfish, since it could equally be argued about virtually any other hobby or sport. Is gardening selfish? #Quote by Alex Honnold
Alex quotes by Alex Webb
#134. I have always felt that a lot of the most interesting work, not just mine but other people's, falls into [the] nether area, somewhere between the worlds of documentary and photojournalism (two very vague words) and the world of art. I think a lot of street photography falls into this nether area. #Quote by Alex Webb
Alex quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#135. They do." Apollo's eyes narrowed on me. "But I was hoping there was something knocking around in her brain that held the answer to that little problem But - "
Apollo smacked a hand down on my leg. "Must you always be moving some part of your body? #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Alex quotes by Alex Flinn
#136. Shakespeare's great."
Duh. Shakespeare's cool, man. #Quote by Alex Flinn
Alex quotes by Alex Johnston
#137. We are delighted that these regulations are now law, and we commend the provincial government for helping put the issue on the front burner. These requirements will push more companies to have the conversations they should be having around board and executive committee diversity and, hopefully, their talent development. Businesses need to tap the full pool of smart, talented people to stay competitive and strengthen our country's economic future. #Quote by Alex Johnston
Alex quotes by Francesca Zappia
#138. No, you're not a bad person," he said. "And Richter isn't a bad person, and I'm not a bad person. We're just people, and people sometimes do stupid things. #Quote by Francesca Zappia
Alex quotes by Alex Shakar
#139. With the Internet, we can choose the very communities we want to be a part of. #Quote by Alex Shakar
Alex quotes by Alex Ebert
#140. Hip hop was definitely, far and away, the primary influence for at least 10 years of my life. From about 7 or 8 on till about 15 or 16, that's all I listened to. #Quote by Alex Ebert
Alex quotes by Mindy McGinnis
#141. I suddenly remember Branley, her shiny, waxed legs stretched out in front of her while she talked about Alex loud enough to be heard, shooting snide glances and waiting for her to take the bait. And Alex reading Dostoyevsky like it was nothing, her own world blossoming around her.
Her own world. Population: 1. #Quote by Mindy McGinnis
Alex quotes by Alexandra Elle
#142. We can only flourish when we are truly grounded in self. keep that in mind when journeying. #Quote by Alexandra Elle
Alex quotes by Alex Borstein
#143. I don't do sketch anymore and sometimes I miss it. But I think what I really miss is that time in my life, it was kind of like college. No kids, no real responsibilities, just comedy, food and late nights. #Quote by Alex Borstein
Alex quotes by Alex Ferguson
#144. The work of a team should always embrace a great player but the great player must always work. #Quote by Alex Ferguson
Alex quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#145. Seth glanced back over his shoulder at the door. Alex, you're starting to worry me. Insult me ... or something. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Alex quotes by Alex Winter
#146. The film, even when we were making it in that budget range, which was really a coup - we got it made because we pitched it to the studio head, Joe Roth. #Quote by Alex Winter
Alex quotes by Alex Honnold
#147. Anything called the Teflon Corner is not sweet for free-soloing. #Quote by Alex Honnold
Alex quotes by Alex Tan
#148. What nature of being are we that even our dreams can be compromised? #Quote by Alex Tan
Alex quotes by Alex Ebert
#149. To be lost is as legitimate a part of your process as being found. #Quote by Alex Ebert
Alex quotes by Alex Jones
#150. The average person is either a weakling, or just a happy person who wants to get along, or thinks being tough is having big muscles and strutting around town and having a good-looking girlfriend. #Quote by Alex Jones
Alex quotes by Alex Spanos
#151. We had to take off our shoes after school to save wear on the soles. #Quote by Alex Spanos
Alex quotes by Alex Ahlert
#152. love is where your heart is wide open and any disease can come in and destroy it all. #Quote by Alex Ahlert
Alex quotes by Alex Berenson
#153. The difference between microeconomics and macroeconomics is a bit like the difference between biology and medicine. Knowing that certain genes increase the risk of cancer is relatively easy. Figuring out exactly which people will get sick, or how to cure them, is a lot more complicated. #Quote by Alex Berenson
Alex quotes by Alex Pareene
#154. Vaccine conspiracies, like so much modern cult conspiracy culture, perpetuates itself and lives on indefinitely thanks to the community-building and archiving of the Internet. #Quote by Alex Pareene
Alex quotes by Mindy McGinnis
#155. Define success," I say almost to myself.
"I didn't kill someone today," Alex says.
I laugh again. "A-plus babe. #Quote by Mindy McGinnis
Alex quotes by Alex Trebek
#156. My musical development stopped when Frank Sinatra died. #Quote by Alex Trebek
Alex quotes by Alex Gibney
#157. When we go to war, our politicians will be guided by our popular will. And if we believe that torture 'got' bin Laden, then we will be more prone to accept the view that a good 'end' can justify brutal 'means.' #Quote by Alex Gibney
Alex quotes by Alex Turner
#158. I usually sit around with the guitar in reach and grab it when I get an idea. Sometimes it lasts five minutes, and sometimes it lasts all day. #Quote by Alex Turner
Alex quotes by Holly Black
#159. Alex is the one... He's the spy. - Call #Quote by Holly Black
Alex quotes by Alex Mack
#160. A girl's got to have a few secrets. #Quote by Alex Mack
Alex quotes by Alex Chiu
#161. I think even if I did the research mentioned above, it would be a total waste of money because if those people don't believe in the testimonials, they won't believe in the research at all. They would say that I made it all up. So why waste money? #Quote by Alex Chiu
Alex quotes by Piper Davenport
#162. What I do know, is that Alex is my protector, my lover, my soul mate, and my one true love, but most importantly, he is my awakening. #Quote by Piper Davenport
Alex quotes by Alex Shakar
#163. How easy it is for men to talk about beauty, and how subtly intimidating when they do. #Quote by Alex Shakar
Alex quotes by Alex Prud'Homme
#164. Today's water arguments reflect a growing unease about how to proceed when old certainties are being pushed aside and new options seem limited or unappealing. But the stark warnings implicit in Wisconsin's poisoned wells, the intersex and dying fish of Chesapeake Bay, Lake Mead's recored-low waterline, the decay of levees across the country, and the resource war in Alaska's Bristol Bay, cannot be ignored. #Quote by Alex Prud'Homme
Alex quotes by L.A. Weatherly
#165. You know that half the girls in school would have been after you."
He gave a soft laugh. "If they were into someone who was flunking out ... I don't think I'd do too well with having to go to class when a bell rings or caring about homework ... "
"A bad boy
even better. You'd have done well in Spanish class."
"If I ever went to it."
We lay in silence for a awhile; Alex's arms felt so warm and safe that I was starting to get sleepy. "Say something in Spanish," I mumbled.
He kissed my hair. "Te amo, Willow," he said quietly.
I came awake, smiling into the darkness. "What does that mean?" I whispered.
I could almost hear his own smile. "What do you think it means?"
I hugged him, kissing his collarbone and wondering if it was possible to actually die of happiness. "Te amo, Alex. #Quote by L.A. Weatherly
Alex quotes by Alex Flinn
#166. Sometimes, when one communicates with others, one produces results. #Quote by Alex Flinn
Alex quotes by Jon Krakauer
#167. He read a lot. He used a lot of big words. I think maybe part of what got him into trouble was that he did too much thinking. Sometimes he tried too hard to make sense of the world, to figure out why people were bad to each other so often. A couple of times I tried to tell him it was a mistake to get too deep into that kind of stuff, but Alex got stuck on things. He always had to know the absolute right answer before he could go on to the next thing. #Quote by Jon Krakauer
Alex quotes by Alex Hirsch
#168. You can look at a finale as chance to make an impact or a statement, to shock people or shoot a big cannon and make a loud noise. #Quote by Alex Hirsch
Alex quotes by Alex Hutchinson
#169. The important thing is that, thanks to epidemiological studies, we know that exercise is the most powerful anti-aging tactic we've got. #Quote by Alex Hutchinson
Alex quotes by J.B. McGee
#170. This time, I want the hugs, kisses, and love that comes with a farewell … even if it's a temporary one." He takes a step and cups my head in his hands. "I want to say 'see ya later' and know that it's not a final goodbye. I want to memorize every line," he strums his finger across my face, "every line of your face, Alex. When I walk away, I want to know that I've made every last second I had with you count. #Quote by J.B. McGee
Alex quotes by Alex Chiu
#171. Same with souls. They can't survive without a body for long. #Quote by Alex Chiu
Alex quotes by Alex Haley
#172. It's always intrigued me that amidst the group called slaves there were individuals who were extremely able, who were extremely colorful, who were powerful personalities, who by no means fit the usual images of slaves. They were people who, through their personalities and abilities, were very respected in the community where they lived by both black and white. #Quote by Alex Haley
Alex quotes by Alex Winter
#173. I'm really influenced by so many different things. #Quote by Alex Winter
Alex quotes by Chris Colfer
#174. We all do our part," Alex teased. "But if it's any consolation, Red's problems are a lot like weeds. No matter how many times you pull them, they just keep coming back. #Quote by Chris Colfer
Alex quotes by Alex Ebert
#175. The goal is to be free and hopeful in the music. Because that's really the only intention you need. From there, every natural and powerful intention and feeling will, on its own, slide right out of you - out of your spirit. #Quote by Alex Ebert
Alex quotes by Alex Grey
#176. Share your presence with others, no boundaries, completely, openly, lovingly. Love is what makes us alive, that is why we feel so alive when we love. Service is being available to love. Life is the combustion of love. That we love ourselves here, that is the true magnificence in the mountains of being. #Quote by Alex Grey
Alex quotes by Alex Ferguson
#177. Critics have always questioned whether players like Pele from the 50s could play today. Lionel Messi could play in the 1950s and the present day, as could Di Stefano, Pele, Maradona, Cruyff because they are all great players. Lionel Messi without question fits into that category. #Quote by Alex Ferguson
Alex quotes by Jodi Picoult
#178. It never failed to amaze Alex how, with the brush of a hand, the
track of someone's life might veer in a completely different direction. #Quote by Jodi Picoult
Alex quotes by Pierre Alex Jeanty
#179. What good are flowers without water?
What good are promises without actions? #Quote by Pierre Alex Jeanty
Alex quotes by Alex Berenson
#180. For decades, Wall Street has charged companies a standard fee of 7 percent to sell their shares to the public. #Quote by Alex Berenson
Alex quotes by Alex Gino
#181. George stopped. It was such a short, little question, but she couldn't make her mouth form the sounds.
Mom, what if I'm a girl? #Quote by Alex Gino
Alex quotes by Alex Gerber Jr.
#182. As the systems theorist Fritjof Capra points out, humanity's social, political, economic, and environmental plights are all manifestations of a cultural crisis brought about by adherence to outdated conceptual models ... Under the reductionist paradigm, humans' concept of nature devolved from that of living organism to machine, and the predominant value system came to be based on the domination and control of nature rather than respect for and harmony with the natural world. #Quote by Alex Gerber Jr.
Alex quotes by Alex Just
#183. The bounds of our past hold no restrictions on our minds, other than those imposed by our minds" ~ Alex Just #Quote by Alex Just
Alex quotes by Alex Cox
#184. And Walker was made with a Mexican crew, although it was shot in Nicaragua. #Quote by Alex Cox
Alex quotes by Alex Turner
#185. A lot of peopletell me I'm a bit dreamy, but I like the idea of that. Of being somewhere else. #Quote by Alex Turner
Alex quotes by Alex Berenson
#186. Business cycles lengthened greatly during the 20th century, as central banks learned to manage national economies by raising and lowering interest rates. #Quote by Alex Berenson
Alex quotes by Alex Steffen
#187. There's more to being an environmentalist than occasionally signing an online petition and mailing your check to the Sierra Club. Really the most effective environmental actions you can take have to do with crafting your home and surroundings, your workplace decisions and your investment habits. #Quote by Alex Steffen
Alex quotes by Casey McQuiston
#188. The next slide is titled: 'Exploring your sexuality: Healthy, but does it have to be with the Prince of England?' She apologizes for not having time to come up with better titles. Alex actively wishes for the sweet release of death. #Quote by Casey McQuiston
Alex quotes by Alex Wayne
#189. Always treat everyone with respect. You never know who is secretly a psychopath. #Quote by Alex Wayne
Alex quotes by Alex Elle
#190. It's never too late to start over. If you weren't happy with yesterday, try something different today. Don't stay stuck. Do better. #Quote by Alex Elle
Alex quotes by Alex S. Vitale
#191. As Jeffrey Reiman points out in the Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Prison, the criminal justice system excuses and ignores crimes of the rich that produce profound social harms while intensely criminalizing the behaviors of the poor and nonwhite, including those behaviors that produce few social harms. When the crimes of the rich are dealt with, it's generally through administrative controls and civil enforcement rather than aggressive policing, criminal prosecution, and incarceration, which are reserved largely for the poor and nonwhite. No bankers have been jailed for the 2008 financial crisis despite widespread fraud and the looting of the American economy, which resulted in mass unemployment, homelessness, and economic dislocation. #Quote by Alex S. Vitale
Alex quotes by Lauren Oliver
#192. Alex, please."
He balls his fists. "Stop saying my name. You don't know me anymore."
"I do know you." I'm still crying, swallowing back spasms in my throat, struggling to breathe. This is a nightmare and I will wake up. This is a monster-story, and he has come back to me a terror-creation, patched together, broken and hateful, and I will wake up and he will be here, and whole, and mine again. I find his hands, lace my fingers through his even as he tries to pull away. "It's me, Alex. Lena. Your Lena. Remember? Remember 37 Brooks, and the blanket we used to keep in the backyard - "
"Don't," he says. His voice breaks on the word.
"And I always beat you in Scrabble," I say. I have to keep talking, and keep him here, and make him remember. "Because you always let me win. And remember how we had a picnic one time, and the only thing we could find from the store was canned spaghetti and some green beans? And you said to mix them - "
"And we did, and it wasn't bad. We ate the whole stupid can, we were so hungry. And when it started to get dark you pointed to the sky, and told me there was a star for every thing you loved about me." I'm gasping, feeling as though I am about to drown; I'm reaching for him blindly, grabbing at his collar.
"Stop." He grabs my shoulders. His face is an inch from mine but unrecognizable: a gross, contorted mask. "Just stop. No more. It's done, okay? That's all done now."
"Alex, please - "
"Stop!" His v #Quote by Lauren Oliver
Alex quotes by Kate Sherwood
#193. Let's start by taking a little responsibility, okay? Let's not say "what happened" let's say "what I did". "What happened" sounds like you weren't involved and that's bullshit, Alex. #Quote by Kate Sherwood
Alex quotes by Alex Honnold
#194. I'm sponsored by the solar company Goal Zero, and they were gracious enough to install panels on my van and a nice battery system for the inside. I have lights and a fridge inside the van. And of course I had panels installed on my mom's house. #Quote by Alex Honnold
Alex quotes by Alex Honnold
#195. My fantasy breakfast is just a really good egg scramble. Maybe I'll add a little feta, so, uh, obviously not totally dairy-free. Definitely some vegetables, maybe some really nice tortillas; something to make it like a Mexican-style breakfast. I just really love breakfast. #Quote by Alex Honnold
Alex quotes by Alex Morgan
#196. Chance could share shit like that with his brother. Chance shared everything with his brother. To him, Quinn was some sort of superhero who occasionally got knee-walking drunk, told great stories, could crack a joke, and pissed him off from time to time. #Quote by Alex Morgan
Alex quotes by Lexi Blake
#197. And Eve paid the price and she continues to pay it every single day because neither one of you can let go for a second." "If putting Michael Evans back where he belongs gives her a minute of peace, I'm going to do it. I'm her husband. I have to do this for her." Ian shook his head, his eyes grim. "You're not her husband anymore, Alex. #Quote by Lexi Blake
Alex quotes by Simone Elkeles
#198. Shelley, you think she'll take me back?" Alex asks her, his hair dangerously close to her fingers. She doesn't pull his hair . . . just pats his head gently. I feel the tears running down my cheeks at full speed.
"Yeah!" Shelley yells with a goofy, gummy grin. She looks happier and more content than she's been in a long time. Both of my favorite people are with me right here; what more could I ask for? #Quote by Simone Elkeles
Alex quotes by Alex Ferguson
#199. I was doing all the coaching schools so that I'd be able to stay in the game, and I gave myself a chance by doing that. I was only an average player, could score a goal or two, that sort of thing, but I wasn't a Bobby Charlton or a Messi, or Ronaldo. There are very, very few really great players who have become great coaches. #Quote by Alex Ferguson
Alex quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#200. Because I love you, we share each other's problems. When we fight, we fight together. I'm going to be by your side no matter what, whether you like it or not. That's what love is, Alex. You never have to face anything alone again. And I get what you're saying. I don't agree with it, but I will support you in any way I can. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout

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