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Alabata Phil quotes by Phil Robertson
#1. Fear God. Love your neighbor. And shoot ducks. #Quote by Phil Robertson
Alabata Phil quotes by Phil Collins
#2. I do that in whatever language of the country I'm in, because the audience appreciate it. #Quote by Phil Collins
Alabata Phil quotes by Sid Waddell
#3. Phil Taylor's got the consistency of a planet ... and he's in a darts orbit! #Quote by Sid Waddell
Alabata Phil quotes by Phil Robertson
#4. To call me in, I'm thinking I don't own a suit, a ring, a watch, a cellphone. I'm dragging up out of the woods here. You boys must be hard up these days. #Quote by Phil Robertson
Alabata Phil quotes by Phil Zuckerman
#5. The founding fathers went out of their way to establish a clear "wall of separation" between religion and state, to quote Thomas Jefferson. They reasoned, as James Madison so cleverly articulated, that both religion and government exist in greater purity if kept apart. #Quote by Phil Zuckerman
Alabata Phil quotes by Phil Humber
#6. I told my wife that since we have a little one on the way, maybe when he gets old enough, instead of just taking a vacation to the beach or Disney World or something like that, we go and do something that actually has an impact on other people. That would be neat for him to experience and for us to do as a family. #Quote by Phil Humber
Alabata Phil quotes by Phil Pringle
#7. Once the vision of the fulfillment of your dream has been planted in your mind, bring it in to your prayer life. Each time you pray the picture to mind and meditate on it. Pray over it. See it happening. Destroy all the images of failure. Replace them with the image of success. #Quote by Phil Pringle
Alabata Phil quotes by Phil Cousineau
#8. The practice of soulful travel is to discover the overlapping point between history and everyday life, the way to find the essence of every place, every day: in the markets, small chapels, out-of-the-way parks, craft shops. Curiosity about the extraordinary in the ordinary moves the heart of the traveler intent on seeing behind the veil of tourism. #Quote by Phil Cousineau
Alabata Phil quotes by Natalie Serber
#9. She named her cat Phil Donahue, hoping he'd greet her the way Donahue ran to the women in his audience, eager to hear anything they had to say about seat belts, war, or divorce. #Quote by Natalie Serber
Alabata Phil quotes by Phil Dusenberry
#10. A brand is nothing but an expression of the consumer's loyalty and trust. #Quote by Phil Dusenberry
Alabata Phil quotes by Phil Elvrum
#11. I wanted to lift the aspects of the lyrics and imagery that I found sincerely powerful and touching, plus the amazing musical extremities, and make my own thing. That's what making music has always been for me. Synthesizing a nonexistent kind of music that I wish existed because I wanted to listen to it. #Quote by Phil Elvrum
Alabata Phil quotes by Tom Morello
#12. Then about 12 years ago it dawned on me that folk music - the music of Woody Guthrie and Phil Ochs, early Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Pete Seeger - could be as heavy as anything that comes through a Marshall stack. The combination of three chords and the right lyrical couplet can be as heavy as anything in the Metallica catalogue. #Quote by Tom Morello
Alabata Phil quotes by Phil Taylor
#13. It's unbelievable to have come through a field of 64 of the best players I've seen for a long time. #Quote by Phil Taylor
Alabata Phil quotes by Noel Gallagher
#14. I'll do one eventually as life's too short and none of us is getting any younger. I'd like to make one while I still look good and before I look like Phil Collins, which, eventually, I will. #Quote by Noel Gallagher
Alabata Phil quotes by Phil Jackson
#15. Winning is important to me, but what brings me real joy is the experience of being fully engaged in whatever I'm doing. #Quote by Phil Jackson
Alabata Phil quotes by Nick Swardson
#16. No one will ever be as good as Phil Hartman. He was such an amazing genius, and may be the best sketch performer of all time. #Quote by Nick Swardson
Alabata Phil quotes by Darlene Love
#17. I think, for a long time, people thought I was a figment of Phil Spector's imagination because they knew The Crystals, they knew The Ronettes, they knew Bob B. Sox and the Blue Jeans, but had never had met Darlene Love. #Quote by Darlene Love
Alabata Phil quotes by Phil Cousineau
#18. What is sacred is what is worthy of our reverence, what evokes awe and wonder in the human heart, and what, when contemplated, transforms us utterly. #Quote by Phil Cousineau
Alabata Phil quotes by Phil Dourado
#19. You can't dominate a network with old-style leadership.

But, you can emerge, with the network's consent, as one of its leaders, regardless of your formal position or job title. #Quote by Phil Dourado
Alabata Phil quotes by Phil Knight
#20. So that morning in 1962 I told myself: Let everyone else call your idea crazy . . . just keep going. Don't stop. Don't even think about stopping until you get there, and don't give much thought to where "there" is. Whatever comes, just don't stop. #Quote by Phil Knight
Alabata Phil quotes by Phil Klay
#21. You can't describe it to someone who wasn't there, you can hardly remember how it was yourself because it makes so little sense. And to act like somebody could live and fight for months in that shit and not go insane, well, that's what's really crazy. And then Alex is gonna go and act like a big hero, telling everybody how bad we were. We weren't bad. I wanted to shoot every Iraqi I saw, every day. And I never did. #Quote by Phil Klay
Alabata Phil quotes by L.M. Montgomery
#22. To think that this is my twentieth birthday, and that I've left my teens behind me forever," said Anne, who was curled up on the hearth-rug with Rusty in her lap, to Aunt Jamesina who was reading in her pet chair. They were alone in the living room. Stella and Priscilla had gone to a committee meeting and Phil was upstairs adorning herself for a party.

"I suppose you feel kind of sorry," said Aunt Jamesina. "The teens are such a nice part of life. I'm glad I've never gone out of them myself."

Anne laughed.

"You never will, Aunty. You'll be eighteen when you should be a hundred. Yes, I'm sorry, and a little dissatisfied as well. Miss Stacy told me long ago that by the time I was twenty my character would be formed, for good or evil. I don't feel that it's what it should be. It's full of flaws."

"So's everybody's," said Aunt Jamesina cheerfully. "Mine's cracked in a hundred places. Your Miss Stacy likely meant that when you are twenty your character would have got its permanent bent in one direction or 'tother, and would go on developing in that line. Don't worry over it, Anne. Do your duty by God and your neighbor and yourself, and have a good time. That's my philosophy and it's always worked pretty well. #Quote by L.M. Montgomery
Alabata Phil quotes by Phil Harding
#23. 21st Century choice: Look after our planet and it will look after us, or don't and face the consequences #Quote by Phil Harding
Alabata Phil quotes by Phil Miles
#24. Put simply, tyranny is not the inevitable outcome of an absolutist view of truth, but is, rather, the direct product of relativism. Likewise, tolerance arises not from relativism but from the very thing that our society anathematizes--the belief in absolutes. #Quote by Phil Miles
Alabata Phil quotes by Phil Keoghan
#25. There are times where you can't always get paid to do the things you really want to do. What really epitomizes your dream job is the job that pays you to do what you want to do. #Quote by Phil Keoghan
Alabata Phil quotes by Phil Robertson
#26. I turned from my wicked ways and embraced Jesus. The next thing I knew, good times had come my way. #Quote by Phil Robertson
Alabata Phil quotes by Phil Schiller
#27. It's always been about making the best Mac we know how. Among the many benefits are making it easy to use and affordable, with great features. #Quote by Phil Schiller
Alabata Phil quotes by Phil Wohl
#28. Bruce looked at David and David asked, "Is that Harold?"
He was wearing the same Meadow Brook Basketball jacket and had only a few gray hairs left on his round head. Harold walked up to his two favorite players and exclaimed, "Give me five!" and he extended both hands and the guys lightly slapped his palms, as the other eight ex-players chuckled in the background.
The cylinders started clicking in David's mind as Harold said, "On the other side."
The guys lightly slapped the knuckle side of Harold's hand as David said, "Oh, shit! #Quote by Phil Wohl
Alabata Phil quotes by Phil McGraw
#29. You either get it or you don't. Become one of those who get it. #Quote by Phil McGraw
Alabata Phil quotes by Phil Spector
#30. Lenny Bruce died from an overdose of police #Quote by Phil Spector
Alabata Phil quotes by Laura Hillenbrand
#31. The crash of Green Hornet had left Louie and Phil in the most desperate physical extremity, without food, water, or shelter. But on Kwajalein, the guards sought to deprive them of something that had sustained them even as all else had been lost: dignity. #Quote by Laura Hillenbrand
Alabata Phil quotes by Phil Woods
#32. Denise Donatelli is a musician's singer! #Quote by Phil Woods
Alabata Phil quotes by Phil Keoghan
#33. After more than twenty-five years in television, there are days when I feel like I'm just beginning, because I'm learning new things. I want to be better all the time. #Quote by Phil Keoghan
Alabata Phil quotes by Phil Callaway
#34. Back when I was a devout Pharisee, I scowled at those who talked about grace, assuming they wanted both salvation and permission to do whatever they pleased. And when I came to discover grace as a biblical concept, it frightened me at first. The old idea of being saved by works has its benefits. It's a system where God owes you. You've been helping him out with all your good deeds. He can't very well put you through difficulty, since you're a taxpayer. You've paid your dues, you have your rights. But the beyond-belief teaching of grace is that we get what we can never pay for and more, including joy and hope and the desire to please him. I like living by God's grace a lot better than relying on my own efforts. #Quote by Phil Callaway
Alabata Phil quotes by Phil Harding
#35. To care for the natural world is the most effective insurance policy we can have #Quote by Phil Harding

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