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Famous Quotes About Akai Shuichi

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Akai Shuichi quotes by Hisaya Nakajo
#1. I'll try to see you as just a friend, but it's gonna take a while. So please be patient, okay? Let me be in love with you for just a little longer. #Quote by Hisaya Nakajo
Akai Shuichi quotes by Shuichi Yoshida
#2. Kazuko was worried about him, calling him a hikikomori, a self-imposed shut-in. #Quote by Shuichi Yoshida
Akai Shuichi quotes by Shuichi Yoshida
#3. When people count on someone, the person they're counting on doesn't realise it. I mean - they might notice it, but they don't understand how seriously, how desperately, the other person's depending on them. #Quote by Shuichi Yoshida
Akai Shuichi quotes by Shuichi Yoshida
#4. If you break out of this world you'll find this world again, only one size larger ... #Quote by Shuichi Yoshida
Akai Shuichi quotes by Steven Erikson
#5. The Jaghut drew weapons. Beside Onos Toolan, Haut said, 'Join us, First Sword. If we must die, must it be on the back step? I think not.' His eyes flashed from the shadows of his helm. 'First Sword – do you see? Forkrul Assail, K'Chain Che'Malle, Imass and now Jaghut! What a fell party this is!'
Gedoran grunted and said, 'All we now need are a few Thel Akai, Haut, and we can swap old lies all night long! #Quote by Steven Erikson

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