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Ajiba Elizabeth quotes by Elizabeth Cady Stanton
#1. One would think that potential motherhood should make women as a class as sacred as the priesthood. In common parlance we have much fine-spun theorizing on the exalted office of the mother, her immense influence in moulding the character of her sons; "the hand that rocks the cradle moves the world," etc., but in creeds and codes, in constitutions and Scriptures, in prose and verse, we do not see these lofty paeans recorded or verified in living facts. As a class, women were treated among the Jews as an inferior order of beings, just as they are to-day in all civilized nations. And now, as then, men claim to be guided by the will of God. #Quote by Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Ajiba Elizabeth quotes by Elizabeth Strout
#2. I was standing one day on the front stoop, and as he came out of the building I said, "Jeremy, sometimes when I stand here, I can't believe Im really in New York City. I stand here and think, Whoever would have guessed? Me! I'm living in the City of New York!"
And a look went across his face
so fast, so involuntary
that was a look of real distaste. I had not yet learned the depth of disgust city people feel for the truly provincial. #Quote by Elizabeth Strout
Ajiba Elizabeth quotes by Elizabeth Knox
#3. I guess I should have said that you're a tragic loss because your brains were yours and yours alone. You were the one who could pull the sword out of the stone. And you gave it all up. #Quote by Elizabeth Knox
Ajiba Elizabeth quotes by Elizabeth Berg
#4. This is the way things work sometimes, that good things get ideas from each other, say, well now let's go ahead and let her have it all. #Quote by Elizabeth Berg
Ajiba Elizabeth quotes by Elizabeth Gaskell
#5. Thought fights with thought; out springs a spark of truth From the collision of the sword and shield.' W. S. LANDOR. #Quote by Elizabeth Gaskell
Ajiba Elizabeth quotes by Elizabeth Wein
#6. Fight with realistic
hope, not to destroy
all the world's wrong,
but to renew its good. #Quote by Elizabeth Wein
Ajiba Elizabeth quotes by Elizabeth A. Johnson
#7. I quickly realized that more than any other vegetable, the potato evokes strong reactions in people. As the head of communications for the International Potato Centre in Peru put it, 'No one gets worked up over lettuce like they do the potato.' #Quote by Elizabeth A. Johnson
Ajiba Elizabeth quotes by Elizabeth Bibesco
#8. Happiness is the moment when you cease to make an inventory of joys; it is a glow, a brightness - never a list ... #Quote by Elizabeth Bibesco
Ajiba Elizabeth quotes by Elizabeth Peters
#9. I shudder to think what unimaginable horror can have reduced him to such straights.'

'No, you don't,' said Emerson. 'You revel in unimaginable horrors. #Quote by Elizabeth Peters
Ajiba Elizabeth quotes by Letitia Elizabeth Landon
#10. How very satisfactory those discussions must be, where each party retains their own opinion! #Quote by Letitia Elizabeth Landon
Ajiba Elizabeth quotes by Elizabeth Hardwick
#11. Memory - the very skin of life. #Quote by Elizabeth Hardwick
Ajiba Elizabeth quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#12. As I got older, I discovered that nothing within me cried out for a baby. My womb did not seem to have come equipped with that famously ticking clock. Unlike so many of my friends, I did not ache with longing whenever I saw an infant. (Though I did ache with longing, it is true, whenever I saw a good used-book shop) #Quote by Elizabeth Gilbert
Ajiba Elizabeth quotes by Elizabeth Camden
#13. He slowly crossed the barn to squat down in front of her, never once looking away. His callused palm was warm around her icy fingers. "You must never lie to me," he said softly. "Whatever your story, be it good or bad, I will accept. I am not your father, who will storm and rage at you when disappointed." And the warmth in his eyes made her believe every word he spoke was true. "You are perfectly and beautifully made," Michael continued. "You are exactly as God intended for you to be, and I love you precisely as you are. #Quote by Elizabeth Camden
Ajiba Elizabeth quotes by Stacey D'Erasmo
#14. I was influenced by big, strong voices - writers like Elizabeth Bowen, Virginia Woolf, Jane Bowles; gay writers like Ed White, Michael Cunningham, Allen Hollinghurst; and contemporary lesbian writers, like Dorothy Allison. #Quote by Stacey D'Erasmo
Ajiba Elizabeth quotes by Elizabeth Hoyt
#15. She glanced again at Caliban as she said, "You and Daffodil were very brave." "And the best part, Mama," Indio said, tugging her hand to get her attention, "the best part is Caliban spoke. Did you hear him? He shouted my name!" "What?" Lily stared at Indio's filthy little face and then back up at Caliban. She absently noted that he had a bleeding scratch on his cheek. That shout right before the accident - had that been him? #Quote by Elizabeth Hoyt
Ajiba Elizabeth quotes by Elizabeth George
#16. When all is said and done, one of our rewards may be praise, but the greater reward is being faithful to follow our Lor and Savior, Jesus Christ. #Quote by Elizabeth George
Ajiba Elizabeth quotes by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
#17. And wilt thou have me fashion into speech
The love I bear thee, finding words enough,
And hold the torch out, while the winds are rough,
Between our faces, to cast light on each? -
I dropt it at thy feet. I cannot teach
My hand to hold my spirits so far off
From myself
that I should bring thee proof
In words, of love hid in me out of reach.
Nay, let the silence of my womanhood
Commend my woman-love to thy belief, -
Seeing that I stand unwon, however wooed,
And rend the garment of my life, in brief,
By a most dauntless, voiceless fortitude,
Lest one touch of this heart convey its grief. #Quote by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Ajiba Elizabeth quotes by Elizabeth Gaskell
#18. Aye, aye! good-natured, jolly, full of fun; there are a number of other names for the good qualities the devil leaves his children, as bait to catch gudgeons with. D'ye think folk could be led astray by one who was every way bad? #Quote by Elizabeth Gaskell
Ajiba Elizabeth quotes by Elizabeth I
#19. I am no lover of pompous title, but only desire that my name may be recorded in a line or two, which shall briefly express my name, my virginity, the years of my reign, the reformation of religion under it, and my preservation of peace. #Quote by Elizabeth I
Ajiba Elizabeth quotes by Elizabeth Goudge
#20. In times of storm and tempest, of indecision and desolation, a book already known and loved makes better reading than something new and untried ... nothing is so warming and companionable. #Quote by Elizabeth Goudge
Ajiba Elizabeth quotes by Elizabeth Knox
#21. Imagine a very long time passing - and I find my way out, following someone who already knows how to leave Hell. And God says to me on Earth for the first time, "Xas!" in a tone of discovery, as if I'm a misplaced pair of spectacles or a stray dog. And he puts it to me that he wants me in Heaven. But Lucifer has doubled back - it was him I followed - to find me, where I am, in a forest, smitten, because the Lord has noticed me, and I'm overcome, as hopeless as your dog Josie whom you got rid of because she loved me.' Xas glared at Sobran. Then he drew a breath - all had been said on only three. He went on: 'Lucifer says to God the He can't have me. And at this I sit up and tell Lucifer that I didn't even think he knew my name, then say to God no thank you - very insolent this - and that Hell is endurable so long as the books keep appearing. #Quote by Elizabeth Knox
Ajiba Elizabeth quotes by Erin Noelle
#22. I used to be a girl who believed in fairy tales. You know, the whole knight in shining armour riding in on a white horse that would lead me to my happily-ever-after. About eight months ago I lost hope and faith that I would ever find my prince, or to be more exact, that my prince would ever realise I was the one for him as he tried out all the other princesses. But what I discovered was that I was in the wrong damn fairytale the whole time, chasing the wrong damn prince. There' a Psyche for every Eros, an Elizabeth for every Darcy, an Abby for every Travis. And I only hope you still want me to be the Angel to your Rat. All along I was wearing the wrong wings. #Quote by Erin Noelle
Ajiba Elizabeth quotes by Elizabeth Peters
#23. Why is a man with a knife after your blood? Who sent him? I would like to write the fellow a letter of thanks! #Quote by Elizabeth Peters
Ajiba Elizabeth quotes by Richard Brinsley Sheridan
#24. No scandal about Queen Elizabeth, I hope? #Quote by Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Ajiba Elizabeth quotes by Elizabeth Yates
#25. There's a fire that burns fast the more fuel goes on it and that's shiftlessness," Violet said stoutly. "Lois is a shiftless woman and money is just so much fuel to her fire. #Quote by Elizabeth Yates
Ajiba Elizabeth quotes by Elizabeth Janeway
#26. We haven't come a long way, we've come a short way. If we hadn't come a short way, no one would be calling us baby. #Quote by Elizabeth Janeway
Ajiba Elizabeth quotes by Elizabeth Panos
#27. You should step in my shoes
Walk for a while
and maybe you will see how hard it is
to hold back the tears and fake a smile #Quote by Elizabeth Panos
Ajiba Elizabeth quotes by Elizabeth Strout
#28. They had grown up on shame; it was the nutrient of their soil. #Quote by Elizabeth Strout
Ajiba Elizabeth quotes by Elizabeth Hoyt
#29. Still, it was a sad state of the world that people judged others not by the best that they could be but by the worst thought in their own hearts. #Quote by Elizabeth Hoyt
Ajiba Elizabeth quotes by Elizabeth Berrien
#30. Everything assumes a different intensity when you are feeling the pain of loss. Be prepared. A minor annoyance that you might once have managed with a shrug now becomes a nuclear crisis! You are no doubt going to do things perfectly imperfectly. That is part of our path as humans. Forget about striving for perfection while dealing with grief! If you beat yourself up every time you forget something, have a breakdown, or don't do something correctly then you're going to end up very black and blue. I guarantee you won't want to look in the mirror! So be kinder and more patient with yourself. #Quote by Elizabeth Berrien
Ajiba Elizabeth quotes by Elizabeth Peters
#31. I lost Davey twice, retrieving him on the second occasion from the interior of a huge granite sarcophagus. I was tempted to leave him there, for a while, since he could not get out of it. But Emerson wouldn't let me. #Quote by Elizabeth Peters
Ajiba Elizabeth quotes by Rudyard Kipling
#32. Like Princes crowned they bore them
Like Demi-Gods they wrought,
When the New World lay before them
In headlong fact and thought.
Fate and their foemen proved them
Above all meed of praise,
And Gloriana loved them,
And Shakespeare wrote them plays!
Now Valour, Youth, and Life's delight break forth
In flames of wondrous deed, and thought sublime
Lightly to mould new worlds or lightly loose
Words that shall shake and shape all after-time!
Giants with giants, wits with wits engage,
And England-England-England takes the breath
Of morning, body and soul, till the great Age
Fulfills in one great chord:
Elizabeth! #Quote by Rudyard Kipling
Ajiba Elizabeth quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#33. As a creator, you can design any sort of jewelry that you like for the inside of other people's minds (or simply for the inside of your own mind). You can make work that's provocative, aggressive, sacred, edgy, traditional, earnest, devastating, entertaining, brutal, fanciful . . . but when all is said and done, it's still just intracranial jewelry-making. It's still just decoration. And that's glorious. #Quote by Elizabeth Gilbert
Ajiba Elizabeth quotes by Elizabeth Banks
#34. You know, women in Hollywood, we don't get action franchises and superheroes. The rom-coms that made Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, and Reese Witherspoon stars are out of favor right now- nobody is making them. In this business, if you are an ambitious person, you don't wait for people to hand you opportunities. You have to make a way for yourself. #Quote by Elizabeth Banks
Ajiba Elizabeth quotes by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
#35. It was a bitch living with your old English teacher, especially when your old English teacher wasn't old at all, and he had exactly the kind of body that most appealed to her, tall and lean, broad in the shoulder, narrow at the hip. Then there was his brain. It had taken her a lot of years to find that particular part of a man appealing, but she'd finally gotten in the habit, and she couldn't seem to give it up. #Quote by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

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