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Agregue Mas quotes by Sandra Chami Kassis
#1. Instead of protesting and cursing others because they write "X-Mas" instead of "Christmas"; try being Christmas. Live Christmas. Breathe Christmas. Act Christmas. Speak Christmas. Reflect Christmas. Listen and feel Christmas
Christ doesn't care how you write Christmas; he cares how you live Christmas all year long. #Quote by Sandra Chami Kassis
Agregue Mas quotes by Emma Donoghue
#2. Ma's in Room still, I want her here so much much much. #Quote by Emma Donoghue
Agregue Mas quotes by David Mas Masumoto
#3. I know of no trunk full of old heirlooms, no felt hats or army uniforms. There are no tarnished medals or gold watches. I've stopped dreaming of discovering the old shoe box filled with the history of our family, the documents and letters that recorded our family's arrival and the historical milestones as my grandfathers left their mark on a place. There is no journal or diary. I do not know if they knew how to read or write. I could easily dismiss their existence. Their lives seem empty and still, void of emotion. I cannot tell if they wear scars. I only know of my grandfathers as broken old men. #Quote by David Mas Masumoto
Agregue Mas quotes by Mas Oyama
#4. A man who understands decorum and the courtesies is a great treasure; I hope to train and send into society as many such men as I can. #Quote by Mas Oyama
Agregue Mas quotes by David Mas Masumoto
#5. Opportunity is born with each new year. #Quote by David Mas Masumoto
Agregue Mas quotes by Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer
#6. Sobre la falda tenia
el libro abierto;
en mi mejilla tocaban
sus rizos negros;
no veiamos las letras
ninguno, creo;
mas guardabamos entrambos
hondo silencio.
Cuanto duro? Ni aun entonces
pude saberlo;
solo se que no se oia
mas que el aliento,
que apresurado escapaba
del labio seco.
Solo se que nos volvimos
los dos a un tiempo,
y nuestros ojos se hallaron,
y sono un beso.

Creacion de Dante era el libro,
era su Infierno.
Cuando a el bajamos los ojos,
yo dije, tremulo:
Comprendes ya que un poema
cabe en un verso?"
Y ella respondio, encendida:
Ya lo comprendo!"

On her skirt she had
an open book
on my cheek
her black locks of hair
we didn't see the letters
any of them, I think
though we kept between us
a deep silence

How much did it last? Not even then
I could know
I only know that I couldn't hear
anything more than her breath
that fastly went out
of her dry lips

I only know that we both
turned our sight at same time
and our eyes met the other
and a kiss was heard

The creation of Dante was the book
it was its Inferno
when we both turned down the eyes to it
I said, trembling:
'Do you already understand that a poem
fits in a verse?'
And she answered lightened up:
I understand! #Quote by Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer
Agregue Mas quotes by Soraya Diase Coffelt
#7. Did you know that Christmas means "Christ" (Jesus) and "mas" (a celebration)? The story about Jesus is found in the name of that special day when we celebrate His birth! #Quote by Soraya Diase Coffelt
Agregue Mas quotes by Mas Oyama
#8. As far as possible, I want nothing more than to don my training gi and teach Karate. #Quote by Mas Oyama
Agregue Mas quotes by Mas Oyama
#9. Karate is Budo and if Budo is removed from Karate it is nothing more than sport karate, show karate, or even fashion karate-the idea of training merely to be fashionable. #Quote by Mas Oyama
Agregue Mas quotes by Mas Oyama
#10. If you do not overcome your tendency to give up easily, your life leads to nothing. #Quote by Mas Oyama
Agregue Mas quotes by Mas Oyama
#11. A human life gains lustre and strength only when it is polished and tempered. #Quote by Mas Oyama
Agregue Mas quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#12. What is the spirit of Christmas, you ask? Let me give you the answer in a true story...
On a cold day in December, feeling especially warm in my heart for no other reason than it was the holiday season, I walked through the store sporting a big grin on my face. Though most people were far too busy going about their business to notice me, one elderly gentleman in a wheelchair brought his eyes up to meet mine as we neared each other traveling opposite directions. He slowed in passing just long enough to speak to me.
"Now that's a Christmas smile if I ever saw one," he said.
My lips stretched to their limit in response, and I thanked him for the compliment. Then we went our separate ways. But, as I thought about the man and how sweetly he'd touched me, I realized something simply wonderful! In that brief, passing interaction we'd exchanged heartfelt gifts!
And that, my friend, is the spirit of Christ~mas. #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
Agregue Mas quotes by Huntley Fitzpatrick
#13. There's an opening at Mom's campaign," I say. "She needs all the help she can get
now that she's totally distracted by Clay Tucker."
"Who the hell's Clay Tucker?"
"The ... " Nan lowers her voice, even though all she says is: " ... younger man
Samantha's mother's dating."
"Your ma's dating?" Tim looks shocked. "I thought she pretty much confined herself
to a vibrator and the shower nozzle since your dad screwed her over. #Quote by Huntley Fitzpatrick
Agregue Mas quotes by Emma Donoghue
#14. Grandma says there's more of him."
"Persons like him, in the world."
"Ah," says Ma.
"Is it true?"
"Yeah. But the tricky thing is, there's far more people in the middle."
Ma's staring out the window but I don't know at what. "Somewhere between good and bad," she says. "Bits of both stuck together. #Quote by Emma Donoghue
Agregue Mas quotes by Stella Gibbons
#15. All the same, I don't mean nothin' you wouldn't like yer mas to know about, see? That's straight, that is. It's Art, and that makes all the difference. *When it ain't Art it's dirt, but if it's Art it's all right, see?* #Quote by Stella Gibbons
Agregue Mas quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#16. Dee's hand fluttered around her as she spoke. "I was outside, and it looked as if a light show was going on in your bedroom. Daemon said you were probably mas - "
And Dee also knew no boundaries.
"Ah, no, please don't finish that sentence." He lowered his hands, eyes narrowing at his sister. "Don't ever finish that sentence. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Agregue Mas quotes by Mas Oyama
#17. True courage is born only when it is accompanied by justice. #Quote by Mas Oyama
Agregue Mas quotes by Emma Donoghue
#18. All this reverential - I'm not a saint." Ma's voice is getting loud again. "I wish people would stop treating us like we're the only ones who ever lived through something terrible. I've been finding stuff on the Internet you wouldn't believe. #Quote by Emma Donoghue
Agregue Mas quotes by Tehmina Durrani
#19. To me, my husband was my son's murderer. He was also my daughter's molester. A parasite nibbling on the Holy Book, he was Lucifer, holding me by the throat and driving me to sin every night. He was Bhai's destroyer, Amma Sain's tormentor, Ma's humbler and the people's exploiter. He was the rapist of orphans and the fiend that fed on the weak. But over and above all this, he was known to be the man closest to Allah, the one who could reach Him and save us. #Quote by Tehmina Durrani
Agregue Mas quotes by Oscar Zeta Acosta

Life is not as it seems,
Life is pride and personal history.
Thus it is better that one die
and that the people should live,
rahter than one live
and the people should die.

~Lopitos #Quote by Oscar Zeta Acosta
Agregue Mas quotes by Mas Oyama
#21. Come ye trials and challanges; come life's big waves, for I am ready? #Quote by Mas Oyama
Agregue Mas quotes by Tiffany Reisz
#22. There are twenty-five positions in the book. We just need to try out about five of them to give a fair review."
"Five?" Ben tried to mas his disappointment. As turned on as he was he could have tried out five tonight alone.
"Maybe more if we have time. I know you're busy this week. I don't want to impose on your cock."
"Impose on it. Please."
"Should we get started?"
"I will literally, actually, in reality die if we don't. #Quote by Tiffany Reisz
Agregue Mas quotes by Kilburn Hall
#23. Taking "Christ" out of "Christmas" just reads "Mas" which is Spanish for "More." Seems Americans just want "mas," "mas," "mas." But when is more ever enough without Christ in it? More Christ? #Quote by Kilburn Hall
Agregue Mas quotes by Mas Oyama
#24. Aspirations must be pure and free of selfishness. Arising from the depths of the soul, aspirations are spiritual demands penetrating all of a human life and making it possible for a person to die for their sake. A person without aspirations is like a ship without a rudder or a horse without a bridle. Aspirations give consistent order to life. #Quote by Mas Oyama
Agregue Mas quotes by Mas Oyama
#25. Each of us has his cowardice. Each of us is afraid to lose, afraid to die. But hanging back is the way to remain a coward for life. The Way to find courage is to seek it on the field of conflict. And the sure way to victory is willingness to risk one's own life. #Quote by Mas Oyama
Agregue Mas quotes by Mas Oyama
#26. If you have confidence in your own words, aspirations, thoughts, and actions and do your very best, you will have no need to regret the outcome of what you do. Fear and trembling are lot of the person who, while stinting effort, hopes that everything will come out precisely as he wants. #Quote by Mas Oyama
Agregue Mas quotes by Liz Murray
#27. Since as far back as I could remember, I'd felt that Lisa's responses toward me usually bordered on the brink of hostility. Years later, a therapist would explain that growing up with few resources had turned us into competitors- over food, over our parents' love, over everything. At the moment, we were competing for who had the better handle on Ma's illness, and we both knew she was winning. #Quote by Liz Murray
Agregue Mas quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#28. Bel m'es quant ilh m'enfolhetis
E·m fai badar e·n vau muzan!
De leis m'es bel si m'escarnis
O·m gaba dereir'o denan,
Qu'apres lo mal me venra bes
Be leu, s'a lieys ven a plazer."

full poetry

De dezir mos cor no fina
Vas selha ren qu'ieu pus am;
E cre que volers m'enguana
Si cobezeza la'm tol;
Que pus es ponhens qu'espina
La dolor que ab joi sana;
Don ja non vuelh qu'om m'en planha.

Totz trassalh e bran et fremis
Per s'Amor, durmen o velhan.
Tal paor ai qu'ieu mesfalhis
No m'aus pessar cum la deman,
Mas servir l'ai dos ans o tres,
E pueys ben leu sabra·n lo ver.

Ni muer ni viu ni no guaris,
Ni mal no·m sent e si l'ai gran,
Quar de s'Amor no suy devis,
Non sai si ja l'aurai ni quan,
Qu'en lieys es tota la merces
Que·m pot sorzer o decazer.

Bel m'es quant ilh m'enfolhetis
E·m fai badar e·n vau muzan!
De leis m'es bel si m'escarnis
O·m gaba dereir'o denan,
Qu'apres lo mal me venra bes
Be leu, s'a lieys ven a plazer.


The desire of my heart is endless and only devoted to her, beloved among all others. And my will, I guess, abuses me, if lust deprives me of her. For it's keener than a thorn, this pain that heals with joy, and for which I don't want to be pitied.

#Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Agregue Mas quotes by Grace Lin
#29. Do you remember the story I told you about the paper of happiness? And the secret, which was one word written over and over again? … I have thought a long time about what that word could have been," Ba said. "Was it wisdom or honor? Love or truth? For a long time I liked to think that the word was kindness."

Ma's face remained hidden in Minli's bed, but her sobs had stopped and Ba knew she was listening.

"But now," Ba said, "I think, perhaps, the word was faith. #Quote by Grace Lin
Agregue Mas quotes by Becky Albertalli
#30. Ma's Instagram profile is classic Ma. She heavily filters photos of meals and selfies. She's a total abuser of hashtags. #It #Is #Really #Hard #To #Read #Entire #Captions #Like #This. She noticed when I stopped following her. #Quote by Becky Albertalli
Agregue Mas quotes by Martine Leavitt
#31. The soul, it longs for its mate as mas as the body. Sad it is that the body be greedier than the soul. But if you be happy all your days, as I was with your grandfather, subdue the body and marry the soul. Look for the heart-and-soul love. #Quote by Martine Leavitt
Agregue Mas quotes by Mas Oyama
#32. Reading good books implants good ideas in the mind, develops good aspirations, and leads to the cultivation of good friends. #Quote by Mas Oyama
Agregue Mas quotes by Cormac McCarthy
#33. He said that like every man who comes to the end of something there was nothing to be done but to begin again. No puedo recordar el mundo de luz, he said. Hace muchos años. Ese mundo es un mundo fragil. Ultimamente lo que vine a ver era mas durable. Mas verdadero. #Quote by Cormac McCarthy
Agregue Mas quotes by Delia Owens
#34. ...Somehow Ma's mind had pulled beauty from lunacy. #Quote by Delia Owens
Agregue Mas quotes by Mas Oyama
#35. Although it is important to study and train for skill in techniques, for the man who wishes to truly accomplish the way of budo, it is important to makehis whole life in training and therefore not aiming for skill and strength alone, but also for spiritual attainment. #Quote by Mas Oyama
Agregue Mas quotes by Mas Oyama
#36. The path of Martial Arts begins and ends with courtesy. So be genuinely polite on every occasion. #Quote by Mas Oyama
Agregue Mas quotes by Sangu Mandanna
#37. If Sean's voice is layers of wood, and Mina Ma's is the voice a copper pot, then Mathew Mercer's is the voice of a wild animal. I suddenly think of a movie Ammara and I loved when we were little, and I think of Scar, the lion who murdered his brother to become king. That kind of voice. #Quote by Sangu Mandanna
Agregue Mas quotes by Alexa Riley
#38. I have loved you from the moment I heard your voice. Thank you for coming here, and being my Christmas miracle. #Quote by Alexa Riley
Agregue Mas quotes by Lucas Remmerswaal
#39. X is for X-mas Concentrate your energies, your thoughts and your capital. Put all your eggs in one basket and then watch that basket, then all your Christmases can come at once! #Quote by Lucas Remmerswaal
Agregue Mas quotes by Carlos Drummond De Andrade
#40. No Brasil não há outono
mas as folhas caem

- In Brazil there is no autumn
but the leaves fall #Quote by Carlos Drummond De Andrade
Agregue Mas quotes by A. Perez
#41. Un asno viejo sabe mas que un potro. (An old ass knows more than an old colt.)-A Wrinkle in Time #Quote by A. Perez
Agregue Mas quotes by Delia Owens
#42. She looked at the painting - so pastel, so peaceful. Somehow Ma's mind had pulled beauty from lunacy. Anyone looking at these portraits would think they portrayed the happiest of families, living on a seashore, playing in sunshine. #Quote by Delia Owens
Agregue Mas quotes by Bijou Hunter
#43. EMMETT (on being a 'mama's boy'): Poppy teases me for being a mama's boy. She ain't wrong, but my ma's worth acting stupid over. She raised me in a rough world without losing her ability to be tender. #Quote by Bijou Hunter

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