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Agreement quotes by Ann Coulter
#1. It is an article of faith with the Democrats that they must fool Americans by simulating agreement with normal people. The winner of the Democratic primary is always the candidate who does the best impersonation of an American. #Quote by Ann Coulter
Agreement quotes by Adel Al-Jubeir
#2. We support any deal that denies Iran nuclear weapons, that has a continuous and robust inspection mechanism and that has snap-back provisions in case Iran violates the agreement. Our concern is that Iran will use the income it receives as a result of the lifting of the nuclear sanctions in order to fund its nefarious activities in the region. #Quote by Adel Al-Jubeir
Agreement quotes by Francis Chan
#3. Draw close to Him and let your marriage be the overflow of that. When things are right with God, your marriage can actually become what it was designed to be. Peace comes when both parties come to an agreement. Agree on God - agree on His holiness and the supremacy He deserves in your lives. #Quote by Francis Chan
Agreement quotes by Robert Gallucci
#4. Great negotiators never lose sight of what they are aiming at, which is not an agreement per se, but a desired outcome ... Getting to yes is easy, all you have to do is roll over. It's getting what you want that's hard. #Quote by Robert Gallucci
Agreement quotes by Anonymous
#5. Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness? What accord has Christ with Belial? Or what portion does a believer share with an unbeliever? What agreement has the temple of God with idols? #Quote by Anonymous
Agreement quotes by Trenton Lee Stewart
#6. Mr. Benedict: "After I woke up and composed myself, however, I realized the flowers must certainly be yours, Constance, to do with as you please. At any rate
Mr.Benedict broke off, for just then Constance jumped to her feet, snatched the bouquet from his desk, and hurled it into the wastebasket with all the force she could muster
so hard that flower petals flew up out of the wastebasket like tiny pink butterflies. Then placing her hands against the wall to steady herself, she stomped one foot repeatedly into the wastebasket as if trying to put out a fire.
"I see we are of the same opinion," said Mr. Benedict as Constance returned to her seat, and the others congratulated her on her judgment. #Quote by Trenton Lee Stewart
Agreement quotes by David Brooks
#7. Trade agreements are a net benefit for the world, and a net benefit for our foreign policy, and in the long run, given the dislocations, are a net benefit for us, too. #Quote by David Brooks
Agreement quotes by Martin Tyler
#8. McCarthy shakes his head in agreement with the referee. #Quote by Martin Tyler
Agreement quotes by Arik Maldonales
#9. When u agree to somethng u shld expect to follow thru ur only as strong as ur word #Quote by Arik Maldonales
Agreement quotes by Leila Khaled
#10. Like Mahmoud Abbas. He is not gaining anything. He puts conditions and Israel ignores them. Israel doesn't give him any hint that they will accept a single one of his conditions. Let me tell you. Arafat went to Oslo and signed [the agreement]. What did Israel do? They confined him in Muqata in one room and killed him. #Quote by Leila Khaled
Agreement quotes by Bryant McGill
#11. I see people everywhere disagreeing, who actually agree with each-other, but cannot see that they agree. #Quote by Bryant McGill
Agreement quotes by Pam McKenna, Binding Agreement
#12. What do you want?" he asked.
I want. I want.
She knew how to answer I should. I must. The occasional I need.
Kay Denehy had never been an I want kind of girl.
But she wanted now. The wanting squirmed over her skin from her scalp to her toes. It gathered heavily in her breasts and between her legs.
"I'm scared," she confessed, her voice barely audible.
"I know. You don't do this kind of thing."
She shook her head.
"But you will now. With me. #Quote by Pam McKenna, Binding Agreement
Agreement quotes by Mark M. Bello
#13. What did she think of me? Could she smell alcohol on my breath? Did she notice how far I have fallen? Was she sufficiently impressed with my legal knowledge? Must have been, she signed the retainer agreement, didn't she? Did she notice how excited I got when I heard what the case was about? That wouldn't be good. A big, fat settlement check will take care of everything. #Quote by Mark M. Bello
Agreement quotes by Wesley Chu
#14. Whoever said a good agreement was a compromise neither side was completely happy with just had poor negotiators. #Quote by Wesley Chu
Agreement quotes by Mo Mowlam
#15. People working together can overcome many obstacles, often within themselves, and by doing so can make the world a better place. #Quote by Mo Mowlam
Agreement quotes by Steve Earle
#16. To me, religion is an agreement between a group of people about what God is. Spirituality is a one-on-one relationship. #Quote by Steve Earle
Agreement quotes by Jane Austen
#17. Where the waters do agree, it is quite wonderful the relief they give. #Quote by Jane Austen
Agreement quotes by Roberto Calas
#18. The tears brimming in her eyes make me stop. I cannot suffer a woman to cry. Elizabeth and I have an agreement: she does not cry in arguments anymore and I let her win them all. #Quote by Roberto Calas
Agreement quotes by Ron Wyden
#19. Because of the Korean free trade agreement, South Koreans who want Oregon blueberries are gonna see their prices go down because we will be getting rid of a 45 percent tariff on this Oregon product. #Quote by Ron Wyden
Agreement quotes by James Luceno
#20. Chewbacca woofed in agreement. #Quote by James Luceno
Agreement quotes by Alberto Fujimori
#21. You can't talk about peace nor agreement while terror is used as the main argument. #Quote by Alberto Fujimori
Agreement quotes by Chanel Miller
#22. Women are raised to work with dexterity, to keep their nimble fingers ready, their minds alert. It is her job to know how to handle the stream of bombs, how to kindly decline giving her number, how to move her hand from the button of her jeans, to turn down a drink. When a woman is assaulted, one of the first questions people ask is, 'did you say no?' This question assumes that the answer was always yes, and that it is her job to revoke the agreement. To defuse the bomb she was given. But why are they allowed to touch us until we physically fight them off? Why is the door open until we have to slam it shut? #Quote by Chanel Miller
Agreement quotes by Kristin Billerbeck
#23. We have an agreement," she explained. "I watch nothing to do with a hobbit, Vulcan, or comic book hero, and in return, Dexter's not forced to sit through a foreign romance, a BBC production, or one my classic films. #Quote by Kristin Billerbeck
Agreement quotes by Wayne Gerard Trotman
#24. Where there is great love there is great harmony of thought. #Quote by Wayne Gerard Trotman
Agreement quotes by Lorrie Moore
#25. If I had a staff of even one person, or could tolerate a small amphetamine habit, or entertain the possibility of weekly blood transfusions, or had been married to Vera Nabokov, or had a housespouse of even minimal abilities, a literary life would be easier to bring about. (In my mind I see all your male readers rolling their eyes. But your female ones - what is that? Are they nodding in agreement? Are their fists in the air?) #Quote by Lorrie Moore
Agreement quotes by Marissa Meyer
#26. Unless you think he is as lucky as you are." "I'm pretty sure he's luckier." Thorne nodded in agreement, #Quote by Marissa Meyer
Agreement quotes by C.P. Snow
#27. No scientist or student of science, need ever read an original work of the past. As a general rule, he does not think of doing so. Rutherford was one of the greatest experimental physicists, but no nuclear scientist today would study his researches of fifty years ago. Their substance has all been infused into the common agreement, the textbooks, the contemporary papers, the living present. #Quote by C.P. Snow
Agreement quotes by David Ben-Gurion
#28. A partial Jewish State is not the end, but only the beginning ... I am certain that we well not be prevented from settling in the other parts of the country, either by mutual agreements with our Arab neighbors or by some other means ... [If the Arabs refuse] we shall have to speak to them in another language. But we shall only have another language if we have a state. #Quote by David Ben-Gurion
Agreement quotes by Confucius
#29. Make fair agreements and stick to them #Quote by Confucius
Agreement quotes by Steve Albini
#30. The band cannot sign to another label or even put out its own material unless they are released from their agreement, which never happens. #Quote by Steve Albini
Agreement quotes by Richard Engel
#31. Every country where the the United States maintains troops has a status of forces agreement. #Quote by Richard Engel
Agreement quotes by Oswald Chambers
#32. To be a holy person means that the elements of our natural life experience the very presence of God as they are providentially broken in His service. We have to be placed into God and brought into agreement with Him before we can be broken bread in His hands. Stay right with God and let Him do as He likes, and you will find that He is producing the kind of bread and wine that will benefit His other children. #Quote by Oswald Chambers
Agreement quotes by Kresley Cole
#33. I groaned. "All the time. I thought I was going crazy."
"Duude," he said in agreement. "And before the Flash, all kinds of freaky shit was happening to me. I started speaking this wierd Language. And stuff started transforming- but only in front of me. I saw my cat walking on the ceiling, saw lava coming out of a faucet. The worst? I was doing this girl, and suddenly she looked like my gym teacher! #Quote by Kresley Cole
Agreement quotes by Janet Malcolm
#34. Society mediates between the extremes of, on the one hand, intolerably strict morality and, on the other, dangerously anarchic permissiveness through an unspoken agreement whereby we are given leave to bend the rules of the strictest morality, provided we do so quietly and discreetly. Hypocrisy is the grease that keeps society functioning in an agreeable way, by allowing for human fallibility and reconciling the seemingly irreconcilable human needs for order and pleasure. When Buckley and Wambaugh said bluntly that it's all right to deceive subjects, they breached the contract whereby you never come right out and admit you have stretched the rules for your own benefit. You do it and shut up about it, and hope you don't get caught, because if you are caught no one - or no one who has any sense - will come forward and say he has done the same thing himself. #Quote by Janet Malcolm
Agreement quotes by Joe Budden
#35. When you're young and you're comin' up, and you dream of gettin' this record deal, and then you actually get it, and, you know, its apples and oranges from everything that you pictured. The line was pretty self-explanatory to me: once I got in my major label agreement, I definitely couldn't deal with it. It was drivin' me crazy, givin' me gray hairs at an early age. #Quote by Joe Budden
Agreement quotes by Jonathan Wells
#36. The many meanings of 'evolution' are frequently exploited by Darwinists to distract their critics. Eugenie Scott recommends: 'Define evolution as an issue of the history of the planet: as the way we try to understand change through time. The present is different from the past. Evolution happened, there is no debate within science as to whether it happened, and so on ... I have used this approach at the college level.'
Of course, no college student - indeed, no grade-school dropout - doubts that 'the present is different from the past.' Once Scott gets them nodding in agreement, she gradually introduces them to 'The Big Idea' that all species - including monkeys and humans - are related through descent from a common ancestor ... This tactic is called 'equivocation' - changing the meaning of a term in the middle of an argument. #Quote by Jonathan Wells
Agreement quotes by Ron Chernow
#37. Washington quibbled with Hamilton on one or two points but otherwise stood in perfect agreement. His letter to Hamilton again corroborates what the Jeffersonians found difficult to credit: that Washington never shied away from differing with the redoubtable Hamilton but agreed with him on the vast majority of issues. #Quote by Ron Chernow
Agreement quotes by Graham Greene
#38. (Segura) "...surely you realise there are people who expect to be tortured and others who would be outraged by the idea. One never tortures except by a kind of mutual agreement. ... Dr Hasselbacher does not belong to the torturable class."
(Wormold) "Who does?"
(Segura) "The poor in my own country, in any Latin American country. The poor of Central Europe and the Orient. Of course in your welfare states you have no poor, so you are untorturable. In Cuba the police can deal as harshly as they like with emigres from Latin America and the Baltic States, but not with visitors from your country or Scandinavia. It is an instinctive matter on both sides.... #Quote by Graham Greene
Agreement quotes by James Cameron
#39. I try to live with honor, even if it costs me millions of dollars and takes a long time. It's very unusual in Hollywood. Few people are trustworthy - a handshake means nothing to them. They feel they're required to keep an agreement with you only if you're successful or they need you. #Quote by James Cameron
Agreement quotes by Laurelin Paige
#40. Megan resumes darting her eyes back and forth between me and my sperm donor.

"So," she says after several seconds pass in silence. "Is someone going to fill me in?"

"There's nothing to fill," I say, then blush because I'm a bad liar and because Chase has been filling me quite well.

Apparently, he's also turned me into a pervert.

Megan narrows her eyes. "Are the two of you…?"

"No!" Chase and I say at once. Like that's not obvious.

"I'm helping Pop with his computer," I say in a rush, eager to make this situation seem anything other than what it is. Though, at this point, I'm not sure what it is. This morning's activities have had nothing at all to do with our contractual agreement.

"Ah. I see." Megan doesn't seem convinced, but she turns to her grandfather anyway, and says, "I told you Phil would help you with that, Pop."

"She's nicer than Phil," Pop says, nodding in my direction. "She's prettier than him, too." He winks as though he knows he's part of a cover-up.

And because I've completely fallen for this old man, I wink back. #Quote by Laurelin Paige
Agreement quotes by Charles Darwin
#41. Now when naturalists observe a close agreement in numerous small details of habits, tastes and dispositions between two or more domestic races, or between nearly-allied natural forms, they use this fact as an argument that all are descended from a common progenitor who was thus endowed; and consequently that all should be classed under the same species. The same argument may be applied with much force to the races of man. #Quote by Charles Darwin
Agreement quotes by Albert Einstein
#42. I should much rather see a reasonable agreement with Arabs based upon living together than the creation of a Jewish state. #Quote by Albert Einstein
Agreement quotes by Mavis Leno
#43. There's a difference between silence meaning agreement and being silenced. #Quote by Mavis Leno
Agreement quotes by Ibn Taymiyyah
#44. As for the people of Tasawwuf, they affirm the love of Allah, and this is more evident among them than all other issues ... the affirmation of the love of Allah is well-known in the speech of their [old] and recent masters, just as it is affirmed in the Holy Qur'an and the Sunnah and in agreement of the ways of the early generation (Salaf) #Quote by Ibn Taymiyyah
Agreement quotes by Rand Paul
#45. As long as I sit at Henry Clay's desk, I will remember his lifelong desire to forge agreement, but I will also keep close to my heart the principled stand of his cousin, Cassius Clay, who refused to forsake the life of any human, simply to find agreement. #Quote by Rand Paul
Agreement quotes by Lord Edward Cecil
#46. Compromise: An agreement between two men to do what both agree is wrong. #Quote by Lord Edward Cecil
Agreement quotes by Enrique Pena Nieto
#47. The North American Free Trade Agreement marked a fundamental change in the global trade scheme. #Quote by Enrique Pena Nieto
Agreement quotes by Jim Bishop
#48. Gimme: an agreement between two losers who can't putt. #Quote by Jim Bishop
Agreement quotes by Scott Hildreth
#49. Why? Because, Michael whatever your middle fucking name is Ripton, there's something about that boxer fist bump handshake - something about that agreement we made - that tells me for the first time in your fucked up little life that you're not going to fuck me over, #Quote by Scott Hildreth
Agreement quotes by Michael Heisley
#50. I've never seen the Collective Bargaining Agreement. #Quote by Michael Heisley
Agreement quotes by Louis Stokes
#51. There are some classified documents there that we received from the CIA. Our arrangement with the CIA was that we could by mutual agreement declassify these documents, but we had no authority to unilaterally declassify them. #Quote by Louis Stokes
Agreement quotes by Ben Tolosa
#52. Agreement on disagreement is at least an agreement. #Quote by Ben Tolosa
Agreement quotes by Epicurus
#53. There is no such thing as justice or injustice among those beasts that cannot make agreements not to injure or be injured. This is also true of those tribes that are unable or unwilling to make agreements not to injure or be injured. #Quote by Epicurus
Agreement quotes by Charles Bukowski
#54. When women agree with me I always do the other thing #Quote by Charles Bukowski
Agreement quotes by Mark Doty
#55. To choose to live with a dog is to agree to participate in a long process of interpretation, a mutual agreement though the human being holds most of the cards. #Quote by Mark Doty
Agreement quotes by Judith Hanson Lasater
#56. To cultivate empathy means to see the world through the eyes of another without judgement, without trying to "fix" it, without needing it to be different. It is acceptance independent of agreement, understanding without any implied coercion for oneself or the other to change. There is also no sense of wanting to "educate" the other person about how their perspective is wrong and ours is right. #Quote by Judith Hanson Lasater
Agreement quotes by Julien Smith
#57. So if you see no one like you, no one who agrees, don't worry. There are actually hundreds of people like you, and they're waiting for a leader. That person is you. #Quote by Julien Smith
Agreement quotes by Miguel Angel Ruiz
#58. When you feel good, everything around you is good, when everything around you is great, everything makes you happy. You are loving everything that is around you, because you are loving yourself. #Quote by Miguel Angel Ruiz
Agreement quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#59. Psychic was not so much a personality type as a skill set. A belief system. A general agreement that time, like a story, was not a line; it was an ocean. If #Quote by Maggie Stiefvater
Agreement quotes by Sarah Schulman
#60. When I think about moving forward, in mutual recognition, towards resolution, I think about the word agreement. Not that we would hold the same views, but rather that we would communicate enough to agree on what each of our different views actually are. #Quote by Sarah Schulman
Agreement quotes by Persi Diaconis
#61. Daniel Bernoulli: "Then this distinguished scholar informed me that the celebrated mathematician, Cramer, had developed a theory on the same subject several years before I produced my paper. Indeed I have found his theory so similar to mine that it seems miraculous that we independently reached sch close agreement on this sort of subject. #Quote by Persi Diaconis
Agreement quotes by Celso Cukierkorn
#62. The financial game is a team sport. God established a covenant with Noah after the flood, and later he established a covenant with Abraham. A covenant is an agreement between two parties. In order to prosper, you must establish what I call a "carevenant" with your family #Quote by Celso Cukierkorn
Agreement quotes by Mike Nichols
#63. No doubt you are as alarmed as I by the tragic decline in America's language skills. If 10 people read the following sentence: Two tanker trucks has just overturned in Alaska, spilling a totel of 10,000 gallons of beer onto a highway. two would find an error in subject-verb agreement, two would find an error in spelling, and six would find a sponge and drive north. #Quote by Mike Nichols
Agreement quotes by Jay Heinrichs
#64. You fight to win; you argue to achieve agreement. #Quote by Jay Heinrichs
Agreement quotes by John Flanagan
#65. King Duncan looked up and swept his gaze slowly around the room. Cassandra, he saw, was defiant as ever. Arald's face was set and determined. Halt and Crowley's faces were inscrutable in the shadows of their cowls. The two younger men were both a little wide-eyed- obviously uncomfortable at the emotions that had been bared in the room. There was still a hint of admiration in Will's eyes, however, as he continued to stare at the Baron. Rodney was nodding in agreement with Arald's statements, while Gilan made a show of studying his nails. #Quote by John Flanagan
Agreement quotes by Andrew R.  Williams
#66. After changing shape several times, the ball eventually turned into a huge face. It floated alongside the air-car. This time, time instead of sending him a mental message, the face spoke out aloud and the whole air-car vibrated with its intensity. "If you are foolish enough to renege on your contract, you will be severely punished. For your sake, I hope you wouldn't do such a thing." When Tarmy made no attempt to respond, the face turned and pressed itself against the millipede-free window. A moment later, Tarmy felt the fat slug entering his mind, the sign that the face was attempting to use its powers to obtain his response by other means. But as the slug dug deeper, Samantha's cover stories began springing out of the corners of his mind. Instead of obtaining Tarmy's agreement, all that the face saw was a burning army transporter surrounded by bodies. Undeterred, the face continued its assault. Samantha had anticipated that Tarmy might come up against an adept, so the mental images of death and destruction flowed unchecked. After failing to break Tarmy's defences, the face removed the slug and tried reason. "You can't win, Mr Tarleton, so why don't you do yourself a favour and cooperate? It will be better for you in the long run. Now, where is the miniature pulse drive engine?" Tarmy realised why the millipedes hadn't been allowed to attack. It was obvious that the Great Ones were hoping to retrieve the engine. When Tarmy didn't respond, the face said, "I am prepared to ove #Quote by Andrew R. Williams
Agreement quotes by Dada Bhagwan
#67. What is trust? It is when there is no objection in the 'parliament' (comprised of mind, intellect, chit and ego) that is within; when there is agreement amongst all; that is called trust. #Quote by Dada Bhagwan
Agreement quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#68. And therefore the Christian, who is subject only to the inner divine law, not only cannot carry out the enactments of the external law, when they are not in agreement with the divine law of love which he acknowledges (as is usually the case with state obligations), he cannot even recognize the duty of obedience to anyone or anything whatever, he cannot recognize the duty of what is called allegiance. #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Agreement quotes by Robin Cook
#69. I can't accept collective responsibility for the decision to commit Britain now to military action in Iraq without international agreement or domestic support. #Quote by Robin Cook
Agreement quotes by Ayn Rand
#70. Roark looked at him and understood. Roark inclined his head in agreement; he could acknowledge what Cameron had just declared to him only by a quiet glance as solemn as Cameron's. #Quote by Ayn Rand
Agreement quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#71. If you care about the points of agreement and civility, then, you had better be well-equipped with points of argument and combativity, because if you are not then the "center" will be occupied and defined without your having helped to decide it, or determine what and where it is. #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
Agreement quotes by Hamza Yusuf
#72. Modesty becomes blameworthy if it prevents one from denouncing what clearly should be denounced, such as tyranny or corruption. This form of modesty results in meekness at a time when one needs to be forthright and courageous. Something condemnable (munkar) is condemnable regardless of the status of the person who is engaged in it - whether he or she is a close relative or a person of status, wealth, or authority. There must be agreement, however, among scholars on what is condemnable. One cannot, for example, declare decisively that something is considered condemnable if there is a difference of opinion on it among the scholars. Scholars knowledgeable of the plentitude of juristic differences rarely condemn others. They refrain from such condemnation not because of modesty but because of their extensive knowledge and scholarly insight. Unfortunately, many people today are swift to condemn, which creates another disease: self-righteousness. #Quote by Hamza Yusuf
Agreement quotes by John F. Akers
#73. Set your expectations high; find men and women whose integrity and values you respect; get their agreement on a course of action; and give them your ultimate trust. #Quote by John F. Akers
Agreement quotes by Jose Bergamin
#74. Do we have to talk in order to agree or agree in order to talk? #Quote by Jose Bergamin
Agreement quotes by Andrew Murray
#75. The complaints of many Christians as to lack of joy and strength, as to failure and want of growth, are simply owing to this - the place God gave Holiness in His call they have not given it in their response. God and they have never yet come to an agreement on this. #Quote by Andrew Murray
Agreement quotes by Teri Hall
#76. Understanding and agreement are not the same thing. #Quote by Teri Hall
Agreement quotes by Mark Walden
#77. Good night's sleep?' she enquired, still smiling.

'For Wing, certainly,' Otto replied, 'though possibly not anyone within a hundred yards of him. If whales snore, that's what it sounds like.'

Wing smiled guiltily. 'I did warn you.'

'It's a sign of a good healthy set of lungs, at least that's what my dad always used to tell me,' Laura said, chuckling, 'though I think there were a few nights where my mum was not far from taking a kitchen knife and checking to see if his were as healthy as he claimed, if you know what I mean.'

Otto nodded in agreement. 'I wonder if you snore after you get hit with a sleeper?'

'Don't even think about it,' Wing replied. #Quote by Mark Walden
Agreement quotes by Vernon Howard
#78. Ignorant people remain ignorant because they have a secret agreement to call one another intelligent. #Quote by Vernon Howard
Agreement quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
#79. The food surpluses produced by peasants, coupled with new transportation technology, eventually enabled more and more people to cram together first into large villages, then into towns, and finally into cities, all of them joined together by new kingdoms and commercial networks. Yet in order to take advantage of these new opportunities, food surpluses and improved transportation were not enough. The mere fact that one can feed a thousand people in the same town or a million people in the same kingdom does not guarantee that they can agree how to divide the land and water, how to settle disputes and conflicts, and how to act in times of drought or war. And if no agreement can be reached, strife spreads, even if the storehouses are bulging. It was not food shortages that caused most of history's wars and revolutions. The #Quote by Yuval Noah Harari
Agreement quotes by Zygmunt Bauman
#80. Justice' primes the human habitat for peaceful and friendly togetherness. It sets the table - the round table - for polylogue and negotiations guided by the will of agreement. Justice is the most 'socializing' of values. #Quote by Zygmunt Bauman
Agreement quotes by William Golding
#81. A crowd of grade-three thinkers, all shouting the same thing, all warming their hands at the fire of their own prejudices, will not thank you for pointing out the contradictions in their beliefs. Man is a gregarious animal, and enjoys agreement as cows will graze all the same way on the side of a hill. #Quote by William Golding
Agreement quotes by Hillary Clinton
#82. There is still work to be done, but that remains a crucial lesson, you cannot bring peace and security to people just by signing an agreement. In fact, most peace agreements don't last. #Quote by Hillary Clinton
Agreement quotes by Aristotle.
#83. What is the highest good in all matters of action? To the name, there is almost complete agreement; for uneducated and educated alike call it happiness, and make happiness identical with the good life and successful living. They disagree, however, about the meaning of happiness. #Quote by Aristotle.
Agreement quotes by Philip Wylie
#84. Faith's the agreement to abandon detachment, John! To supplant a packaged security for open integrity. To agree not to learn anymore. It is the acceptance of a channel, by a man who was previously able to move on the whole terrain #Quote by Philip Wylie
Agreement quotes by Bertrand Russell
#85. My sad conviction is that people can only agree about what they're not really interested in. #Quote by Bertrand Russell
Agreement quotes by George Orwell
#86. The animals listened first to Napoleon, then to Snowball, and could not make up their minds which was right; indeed, they always found themselves in agreement with the one who was speaking at the moment. #Quote by George Orwell
Agreement quotes by George Orwell
#87. Unpopular ideas can be silenced, and inconvenient facts kept dark, without the need for any official ban. Anyone who has lived long in a foreign country will know of instances of sensational items of news - things which on their own merits would get the big headlines-being kept right out of the British press, not because the Government intervened but because of a general tacit agreement that 'it wouldn't do' to mention that particular fact. So far as the daily newspapers go, this is easy to understand. The British press is extremely centralised, and most of it is owned by wealthy men who have every motive to be dishonest on certain important topics. But the same kind of veiled censorship also operates in books and periodicals, as well as in plays, films and radio. At any given moment there is an orthodoxy, a body of ideas which it is assumed that all right-thinking people will accept without question. It is not exactly forbidden to say this, that or the other, but it is 'not done' to say it, just as in mid-Victorian times it was 'not done' to mention trousers in the presence of a lady. Anyone who challenges the prevailing orthodoxy finds himself silenced with surprising effectiveness. A genuinely unfashionable opinion is almost never given a fair hearing, either in the popular press or in the highbrow periodicals. #Quote by George Orwell
Agreement quotes by Archibald Marwizi
#88. He is a trouble causer who acts without intent. In other words, living on purpose means you must act with known intent. Develop an objective sense that asks the why questions as you pull out action thoughts. Why do I want to do this? Why do I want to do it now? Why do I want to stop this? Why do I want to enter into this agreement? Why do I want to change? You will discover that when you have a known intent, you have enough motivation to sustain the success of your decision. #Quote by Archibald Marwizi
Agreement quotes by Miroslav Volf
#89. The goal of pursuit of justice must not simply be that justice happens but that reconciliation also happens. #Quote by Miroslav Volf
Agreement quotes by Stephen King
#90. I've always believed in God. I also think that's the sort of thing that either comes as part of the equipment, the capacity to believe, or at some point in your life, when you're in a position where you actually need help from a power greater than yourself, you simply make an agreement. #Quote by Stephen King
Agreement quotes by Suzanne Collins
#91. Start with that. Chaos. No control, no law, no government at all. Like being in the arena. Where do we go from there? What sort of agreement is necessary if we're to live in peace? What sort of social contract is required for survival? #Quote by Suzanne Collins
Agreement quotes by Terry Pratchett
#92. I recall no arrangement, Mau, no bargain, covenant, agreement or promise. There is what happens, and what does not happen. There is no 'should #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Agreement quotes by Idries Shah
#93. The important place held by Jesus among the world's six hundred million Moslems ... and the agreement of both religions about the necessity for surrender to God as the means of salvation, thus makes it comparatively easy for a Moslem to address himself to Christians: the sympathy and the history are already there. #Quote by Idries Shah
Agreement quotes by Anonymous
#94. This is a secret they won't tell but that I, in my shadowy fashion, have overheard - the more they speak of me and the less they do about me, the more popular they become. What geniuses! The louder they squabble, the brighter they shine! Wisely and with calculating cunning, they have reached a tacit agreement - that, when it comes to immigration, there will be no common agreement. #Quote by Anonymous
Agreement quotes by Francis Weller
#95. Grief is subversive, undermining the quiet agreement to behave and be in control of our emotions. It is an act of protest that declares our refusal to live numb and small. There is something feral about grief, something essentially outside the ordained and sanctioned behaviors of our culture. Because of that, grief is necessary to the vitality of the soul. Contrary to our fears, grief is suffused with life-force.... It is not a state of deadness or emotional flatness. Grief is alive, wild, untamed and cannot be domesticated. It resists the demands to remain passive and still. We move in jangled, unsettled, and riotous ways when grief takes hold of us. It is truly an emotion that rises from the soul. #Quote by Francis Weller
Agreement quotes by Taylor Stevens
#96. Subterfuge as a woman was always more complicated than subterfuge as a man; the guise of femininity required further insight, required understanding of the cultural context in which the costume would be viewed.

For a man, changes in accoutrements and clothing created changes in status perception, but, no matter the culture, a man was a man. A woman, on the other hand, was never JUST a woman.

A woman was an object, a canvas, upon which society and culture painted labels and framed unspoken expectations, a collectively owned piece upon which shame, scorn, and punishment should be heaped if she failed to confirm to the prescribed design. Even in the most forward-thinking countries, subconscious collusion and tacit social agreement put the value of the opinions and contributions of women at less than those of a full person - somewhere between child and adult. Subterfuge as a woman was always more complicated because a man in a suit was a man in a suit, but a woman in a dress with a hemline two inches too short was a slut, and, in the wrong part of town, a whore, and, in the wrong country, a corpse not quite yet dead. #Quote by Taylor Stevens
Agreement quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#97. Ravelly pointed to the illustration as he told his friend that he used to read the same story nightly to his son, Wahlister. "Imorih's Journey - quite the moralistic quest."

Unan nodded in agreement. "I read it to Ian and Eena when they were children." Then he held up the opened page with the picture of Imorih and the tiny, shouldered bug. He asked curiously, "Why do you say this is your favorite part, Master Ravelly?" The question caught Eena's interest. Her ears tuned in to their conversation, but her eyes continued to scan the lively crowd below.

The old Grott went on to explain. "That is the part where Imorih realizes the whispered voice she has been listening to, the advice she has been heeding, doesn't belong to her conscience as she first supposed. It shocks her to learn that for the more part of her journey she has been following the promptings of a negligible, albeit well-intentioned, creature. That's when two things happen in her life. First, she comprehends how cunning and manipulative the power of suggestion can be. Secondly, she learns to recognize the difference between her own voice - her own desires - and someone else's."

Unan hummed a sound of accordance. "That's right. Things change quite drastically after that discovery, don't they?"

"Yes, yes, they most certainly do. For the best, I recall."

"Because she becomes master of her own destiny after that."

"As we all should be."

Unan no #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
Agreement quotes by Rush Limbaugh
#98. Rights are either God-given or evolve out of the democratic process. Most rights are based on the ability of people to agree on a social contract, the ability to make and keep agreements. #Quote by Rush Limbaugh
Agreement quotes by Hank Stuever
#99. I'm pretty sure the world is in solid agreement that "The Wire" is worth watching all the way through. #Quote by Hank Stuever
Agreement quotes by Pope Francis
#100. We see that there are two worms that eat the fabric of the Church, weakening Her. Rivalry and vainglory go against this harmony, this agreement. #Quote by Pope Francis
Agreement quotes by Jules Verne
#101. A moving wall of oxen advanced, and our mighty elephant himself was brought to a standstill. There was nothing to regret in this enforced halt, however, for a most curious spectacle was presented to our observations. A drove of four or five thousand oxen encumbered the road, and, as our guide had supposed, they belonged to a caravan of Brinjarees. "These people," said Banks, "are the Zingaris of Hindostan. They are a people rather than a tribe, and have no fixed abode, dwelling under tents in summer, in huts during the winter or rainy season. They are the porters and carriers of India, and I saw how they worked during the insurrection of 1857. By a sort of tacit agreement between the belligerents, their convoys were permitted to pass through the disturbed provinces. In fact, they kept up the supply of provisions to both armies. If these Brinjarees belong to one part of India more than to another, I should say it was Rajpootana, and perhaps more particularly the kingdom of Milwar. #Quote by Jules Verne
Agreement quotes by Juvenal
#102. Even savage animals can agree among themselves. #Quote by Juvenal
Agreement quotes by Anthony Trollope
#103. One doesn't have an agreement to that effect written down on parchment and sealed; but it is as well understood and ought to be as faithfully kept as any legal contract. #Quote by Anthony Trollope
Agreement quotes by Isabel Briggs Myers
#104. The sensing types are not in such close communication with their unconscious. They do not trust an answer that suddenly appears. They do not think it prudent to pounce. They tend to define intelligence as "soundness of understanding," a sure and solid agreement of conclusions with facts; and how is that possible until the facts have been considered? #Quote by Isabel Briggs Myers
Agreement quotes by Albert Einstein
#105. That little word 'we' I mistrust and here's why:
No man of another can say, 'He is I.'
Behind all agreement lies something amiss
All seeming accord cloaks a lurking abyss. #Quote by Albert Einstein
Agreement quotes by Friedrich Hayek
#106. Presupposes a much more complete agreement on the relative importance of the different ends than actually exists, and that, in consequence, in order to be able to plan, the planning authority must impose upon the people that detailed code of values which is lacking. #Quote by Friedrich Hayek
Agreement quotes by Russ Feingold
#107. Why should we believe people who constantly try to push these trade agreements and won't even admit when one has gone wrong? It makes working people feel like the process is rigged. The reason is, it is rigged. #Quote by Russ Feingold
Agreement quotes by Arthur Gordon Webster
#108. Was it possible that a bustling display of energy might only be a camouflage for a spiritual vacuum? The thought so impressed me that I mentioned it next day to the French purser, at whose table I was sitting. He nodded his agreement. "Stevenson is right," he said. "Indeed, if you will pardon my saying so, the idea applies particularly to you Americans. A lot of your countrymen keep so busy getting things done that they reach the end of their lives without ever having lived at all." #Quote by Arthur Gordon Webster
Agreement quotes by Michelle Franklin
#109. It would be obscene in me as a gentlemen to set my men upon you without warning. A gentleman always tells his enemies he is going to attack them before he does it. It gives them time enough to write to their mothers. #Quote by Michelle Franklin
Agreement quotes by Linus Pauling
#110. Nations keep agreements, keep their treaties so long as they continue to do them good. #Quote by Linus Pauling
Agreement quotes by John Ralston Saul
#111. Money is not real. It is a conscious agreement on measuring value. #Quote by John Ralston Saul
Agreement quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#112. As somebody who, in my second marriage, insisted on a prenuptial agreement, I can also testify that sometimes it is an act of love to chart the exit strategy before you enter the union, in order to make sure that not only you, but your partner as well, knows that there will be no World War III should hearts and minds, for any sad reason, change. #Quote by Elizabeth Gilbert
Agreement quotes by Miguel Ruiz
#113. I did my best." There are no regrets. That is why we always do our best. It is not an easy agreement to keep, but this agreement is really going to set you free. When you do your best you learn to accept yourself. But you have to be aware and learn from your mistakes. Learning from your mistakes means you practice, look honestly at the results, and keep practicing. This increases your awareness. Doing your best really doesn't feel like work because you enjoy whatever you are doing. #Quote by Miguel Ruiz
Agreement quotes by Wayne Grudem
#114. I believe that there is still much hope for the church to attain deeper and purer doctrinal understanding, and to overcome old barriers, even those that have persisted for centuries. Jesus is at work perfecting his church "that He might present the church to Himself in splendor, without spot or wrinkle or any such thing, that she might be holy and without blemish" (Eph. 5:27), and He has given gifts to equip the church "until we all attain to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God" (Eph. 4:13). Though the past history of the church may discourage us, these Scriptures remain true, and we should not abandon hope of greater agreement...In this book I have not hesitated to raise again some of the old differences in the hope that, in some cases at least, a fresh look at Scripture may provoke a new examination of these doctrines and may perhaps prompt some movement not just toward greater understanding and tolerance of other viewpoints, but even toward greater doctrinal consensus in the church. #Quote by Wayne Grudem
Agreement quotes by Malcolm Lowry
#115. Indeed, on the face of it, this man of abnormal strength and constitution and obscure ambition, whom Hugh would never know, could never deliver nor make agreement to God for, but in his way loved and desired to help, had triumphantly succeeded in pulling himself together. #Quote by Malcolm Lowry
Agreement quotes by Steve Goodier
#116. We don't get harmony when everybody sings the same note. Only notes that are different can harmonize. The same is true with people. #Quote by Steve Goodier
Agreement quotes by Nalini Singh
#117. Raw pain scored his insides, but the bear was in agreement with the man: as long as Silver lived, he could take the pain, take the loss that would haunt him always. He had this big body for a reason. It could take a lot of punishment. As long as she breathed, he'd survive. He'd watch over her from afar, and he'd survive because his mate was alive. #Quote by Nalini Singh
Agreement quotes by Garry Kasparov
#118. The most hopeful approach to peace in Ukraine is the Minsk Agreement, which includes Moscow. #Quote by Garry Kasparov
Agreement quotes by Soseki Natsume
#119. They kept on together by force of a steadfast mixture of resignation and forbearance, seemingly without the balm of hope or any prospect for a better future. As for the past, they rarely spoke of it. Indeed at times they appeared to shun even the mere mention of bygone days, as if by by tacit agreement. #Quote by Soseki Natsume
Agreement quotes by Jan Masaryk
#120. If you have sacrificed my nation to preserve the peace of the world, I will be the first to applaud you. But if not, gentlemen, God help your souls.
Czechoslovakian foreign minister Jan Masaryk to Lord Halifax as reaction to announcement of allies' betrayal in 1938. #Quote by Jan Masaryk
Agreement quotes by Thomas Brooks
#121. #4. Spend more time considering areas of agreement than disagreement. The doctrines you share with other true believers are the foundational doctrines; the ones you do not share are necessarily less central to the faith. Acknowledging that you and those with whom you disagree will spend eternity together should encourage you to not allow peripheral doctrines to separate you here on earth. #Quote by Thomas Brooks
Agreement quotes by Ain Eineziz
#122. Friendship means understanding, not agreement. It means forgiveness, not forgetting. It means the memories last, even if contact lost #Quote by Ain Eineziz
Agreement quotes by Pierre-Joseph Proudhon
#123. Of a real, true contract, on whatsoever subject, there is no vestige in Rousseau's book. To give an
exact idea of his theory, I cannot do better than compare it with a commercial agreement, in which
the names of the parties, the nature and value of the goods, products and services involved, the
conditions of quality, delivery, price, reimbursement, everything in fact which constitutes the
material of contracts, is omitted, and nothing is mentioned but penalties and jurisdictions.

"Indeed, Citizen of Geneva, you talk well. But before holding forth about the sovereign and the
prince, about the policeman and the judge, tell me first what is my share of the bargain? What? You
expect me to sign an agreement in virtue of which I may be prosecuted for a thousand
transgressions, by municipal, rural, river and forest police, handed over to tribunals, judged,
condemned for damage, cheating, swindling, theft, bankruptcy, robbery, disobedience to the laws of
the State, offence to public morals, vagabondage,--and in this agreement I find not a word of either
my rights or my obligations, I find only penalties!

"But every penalty no doubt presupposes a duty, and every duty corresponds to a right. Where then
in your agreement are my rights and duties? What have I promised to my fellow citizens? What
have they promised to me? Show it to me, for without that, your penalties are but excesses of
power, your la #Quote by Pierre-Joseph Proudhon
Agreement quotes by Jimmy Carter
#124. On balance, my life has been a constant stream of blessings rather than disappointments and failures and tragedies. I wish I had been re-elected. I think I could have kept our country at peace. I think I could have consolidated what we achieved at Camp David with a treaty between Israel and the Palestinians. #Quote by Jimmy Carter
Agreement quotes by Jubal
#125. Morality is your agreement with yourself to abide by your own rules. #Quote by Jubal
Agreement quotes by Ilona Andrews
#126. This agreement predates our marriage," Elara said into the sudden silence, pronouncing each word clearly. "According to the contract you signed, it is exempt from your input. I don't need your permission. This exchange will go forward. And you will remember that you are a married adult responsible for the welfare of four thousand people. You'll reach deep down, find a pair of big-boy pants, and put them on. If I can pretend not to cringe every time you touch me in public, you can pretend to be civil. Bury that hatchet, and if you can't, hide in your room while they're here. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Agreement quotes by Nick Hornby
#127. We have one of those conversations where every thing clicks, meshes, corresponds, locks, where even our pauses, even our punctuation marks, seem to be nodding in agreement. #Quote by Nick Hornby
Agreement quotes by Dutch Sheets
#128. PRAY the Power of Hope Father, I am so grateful for the treasury of tools purposely placed in Your Word for overcoming hope deferred. Your mercy, love, and power are so great that the moment I reposition my heart toward You, You meet me at my point of pain with Your healing presence. Today I choose to draw close to You, and I choose to come into agreement with Your words of life and truth. Come and enthrone Yourself in my heart. No longer will I allow painful circumstances to control my life. I position my heart to heal. SCRIPTURES #Quote by Dutch Sheets
Agreement quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#129. I certainly didn't concur with Edward on everything, but I was damned if I would hear him abused without saying a word. And I think this may be worth setting down, because there are other allegiances that can be stress-tested in comparable ways. It used to be a slight hallmark of being English or British that one didn't make a big thing out of patriotic allegiance, and was indeed brimful of sarcastic and critical remarks about the old country, but would pull oneself together and say a word or two if it was attacked or criticized in any nasty or stupid manner by anybody else. It's family, in other words, and friends are family to me. I feel rather the same way about being an American, and also about being of partly Jewish descent. To be any one of these things is to be no better than anyone else, but no worse. When confronted by certain enemies, it is increasingly the 'most definitely no worse' half of this unspoken agreement on which I tend to lay the emphasis. (As with Camus's famous 'neither victim nor executioner,' one hastens to assent but more and more to say 'definitely not victim.') #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
Agreement quotes by S.W. Lothian
#130. We must remember that the mortals prefer plant-life for food, for next time."
The other statue nodded in agreement and replied. "Yes. Every day we learn new things Donkor. These mortals have some funny ways don't they?" - Quest Two: The Cursed Nile #Quote by S.W. Lothian
Agreement quotes by Kwame Anthony Appiah
#131. I am urging that we should learn about people in other places, take an interest in their civilizations, their arguments, their errors, their achievements, not because that will bring us to agreement, but because it will help us get used to one another. #Quote by Kwame Anthony Appiah
Agreement quotes by Judith McNaught
#132. What are your terms?" he asked, and he made a final effort to tip the balance of power into her hands and out of his by adding, "I'm scarcely in a position to argue."
Elizabeth hesitated and then slowly began stating her terms: "I want to be allowed to look after Havenhurst without interference or criticism."
"Done," he agreed with alacrity while relief and delight built apace in him.
"And I'd like a stipulated amount set aside for that and given to me once each year. In return, the estate, once I've arranged for irrigation, will repay your loan with interest."
"Agreed," Ian said smoothly. Elizabeth hesitated, wondering if he could afford it, half-embarrassed that she'd mentioned it without knowing more about his circumstances. He'd said last night that he'd accepted the title but nothing else. "In return," she amended fairly, "I will endeavor to keep costs at an absolute minimum."
He grinned. "Never vacillate when you've already stipulated your terms and won a concession-it gives your opponent a subtle advantage in the next round."
Elizabeth's eyes narrowed suspiciously; he was agreeing to everything, and much too easily. "And I think," she announced decisively, "I want all this written down, witnessed, and made part of the original agreement."
Ian's eyes widened, a wry, admiring smile tugging at his lips as he nodded his consent. There was a roomful of witnesses in the next room, including her uncle, who'd signed the original agreement, an #Quote by Judith McNaught
Agreement quotes by Jacque Fresco
#133. Money is only important in a society when certain resources for survival must be rationed and the people accept money as an exchange medium for the scarce resources. Money is a social convention, an agreement if you will. It is neither a natural resource nor does it represent one. It is not necessary for survival unless we have been conditioned to accept it as such. #Quote by Jacque Fresco
Agreement quotes by Frederick Seitz
#134. This treaty [Kyoto] is, in our opinion, based upon flawed ideas. Research data on climate change do not show that human use of hydrocarbons is harmful. To the contrary, there is good evidence that increased atmospheric carbon dioxide is environmentally helpful ... agreement would have very negative effects upon the technology of nations throughout the world, especially those that are currently attempting to lift from poverty and provide opportunities to the over 4 billion people in technologically underdeveloped countries. #Quote by Frederick Seitz
Agreement quotes by Yasmina Khadra
#135. Of course, I'm aware of the animosities destroying brain cells on both sides, and I know all about the obstinacy of the warring parties, their refusal to reach an agreement, their devotion to their own murderous hatred ... . #Quote by Yasmina Khadra
Agreement quotes by Marwan Barghouti
#136. Resistance is a holy right for the Palestinian people to face the Israeli occupation. Nobody should forget that the Palestinian people negotiated for 10 years and accepted difficult and humiliating agreements, and in the end didn't get anything except authority over the people, and no authority over land, or sovereignty. #Quote by Marwan Barghouti
Agreement quotes by Jose Saramago
#137. Standing there, the doctor's wife watched the two blind men who were arguing, she noticed they made no gestures, that they barely moved their bodies, having quickly learned that only their voice and hearing now served any purpose, true, they had their arms, that they could fight, grapple, come to blows, as the saying goes, but a bed swapped by mistake was not worth so much fuss, if only all life's deceptions were like this one, and all they had to do was to come to some agreement, Number two is mine, yours is number three, let that be understood once and for all, Were it not for the fact that we're blind this mix-up would never had happened, You're right, our problem is that we're blind. The doctor's wife said to her husband, The whole world is right here. #Quote by Jose Saramago
Agreement quotes by Libba Bray
#138. In Chinatown, a large rock painted with a message - CHINESE GO HOME! - shattered the front window of Chong & Sons, Jewellers. An arsonist's fire gutted the Wing Sing restaurant overnight; Mr. Wing stood in the softly falling wisps of soot-flecked snow, his sober face backlit by the orange glow as he watched everything he'd built burn to the ground. […] Fear was everywhere. At a eugenics conference in the elegant ballroom of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, genteel men in genteel suits spoke of "the mongrel problem - the ruin of the white race." They pointed to drawings and diagrams that proved most disease could be traced to inferior breeding stock. They called this science. They called it fact. They called it patriotism. People drank their coffee and nodded in agreement. #Quote by Libba Bray
Agreement quotes by Edgar E. Peters
#139. Fundamental analysis often works, but it often fails. Technical analysis often works, and then it does not work. Economists speak of economic cycles, but none can be found analytically. Traders speak of market cycles; they too cannot be proven. To top it off, the critics of the EMH have been unable to offer an alternative that takes all the discrepancies into account. In few other areas are theory and practical experience in such little agreement. #Quote by Edgar E. Peters
Agreement quotes by Joan Didion
#140. This process, one of trading the state to outside owners in exchange for their (it now seems) entirely temporary agreement to enrich us, in toher words the pauperization of California, had in fact begun at the time Americans first entered the state, took what they could, and, abetted by the native weekness for boosterism, set about selling the rest. #Quote by Joan Didion
Agreement quotes by Mary Balogh
#141. I perceive," he said, "that you are of the half-empty-glass school of thought, Miss Osbourne, while I am of the half-full school." "Then we are quite incompatible," she said. "Not necessarily so," he said. "Some differences of opinion will provide us with topics upon which to hold a lively debate. There is nothing more dull than two people who are so totally in agreement with each other upon every subject under the sun that there really is nothing left worth saying." But #Quote by Mary Balogh
Agreement quotes by Pedro Okoro
#142. There is nothing as potent as agreement and unity of heart in spiritual warfare. #Quote by Pedro Okoro
Agreement quotes by Lauren Smith
#143. Lucien and his fellow warriors were all gazing at Linus's prone body. At last he got up and brushed himself off.
"Didn't we pace it at fifty feet?" Lawrence asked. "I thought Avery said they wouldn't be able to throw anything that far?"
"Or that heavy," added Avery.
"Perhaps not that far," said Linus. "One of them must have snuck up closer and we didn't see them. Search the trees for scouts. Mother has a surprisingly powerful arm."
Sir John's lips twitched. "Do you mean to tell me that you lads purposely put the ladies at a disadvantage both physically and numerically?"
"Clearly you have never engaged our women in a snowball fight, Sir John," Lucien said with a low chuckle. "They cheat and therefore any measures we take are simply precautions to protect ourselves against the inevitable."
His brothers nodded in agreement.
"They are ruthless," Avery said in all seriousness.

-His Wicked Seduction #Quote by Lauren Smith
Agreement quotes by John Scalzi
#144. There was general agreement that Brahe was correct, until Gell-Man taught the squad to swear in Arabic. #Quote by John Scalzi
Agreement quotes by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
#145. In the end Alicia had accepted that heavy piece as she done with so many of Leandro's offerings, in a tacit agreement of submission and pretense, where the unmentionable was sealed with a cold smile of politeness and a veil of silence, #Quote by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
Agreement quotes by Raven Foundation
#146. For scapegoating to occur, a community must agree on a target who can be blamed for anything that goes wrong. Sometimes a community just needs someone to BE wrong all the time, so they can know they are right. It really doesn't matter if the person is actually guilty or wrong, as long as everyone agrees on it. That agreement allows the community to act against the scapegoat and feel justified. They can hate, abuse, ridicule, neglect, expel, wound or kill the scapegoat and actually experience feelings of joy and well-being afterward. #Quote by Raven Foundation
Agreement quotes by Tina Fey
#147. Maternity leave is over for Tina Fey of Saturday Night Live. She'll be back behind the Weekend Update anchor desk for this week's episode, her first show since giving birth to daughter Alice on Sept. 10. I had to get back to work, .. NBC has me under contract; the baby and I have only a verbal agreement. #Quote by Tina Fey
Agreement quotes by David Hoffman
#148. Nixon tried to wrap the Soviet Union into a web of agreements that would constrain its behavior. What happened is that many people lost faith in that approach, not the least because of how the Soviets handled it. #Quote by David Hoffman
Agreement quotes by William Shakespeare
#149. Haply a woman's voice may do some good
When articles too nicely urged be stood on. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Agreement quotes by Eyden I.
#150. Arguing with a woman is like reading the Software License Agreement. In the end, you ignore everything and click I agree. #Quote by Eyden I.
Agreement quotes by Jeffrey Zeldman
#151. There could be no filmmaking without industrywide agreement on frame rates, lenses, and audio recording equipment. #Quote by Jeffrey Zeldman
Agreement quotes by Albert Einstein
#152. Agreements about what is good or not, are usually not worth much. It is very much like art, is it not an art to lead a good life? #Quote by Albert Einstein
Agreement quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#153. Consider what stuff history is made of, - that for the most part it is merely a story agreed on by posterity. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Agreement quotes by Woody Allen
#154. There's a tacit agreement between myself and the audience that I will entertain them when they buy their ticket, and I've been the one that has screwed that up. Once in while I indulge myself and try something else, and I keep my fingers crossed that it will come out good and there'll be enough people who will enjoy it, but that doesn't often happen. #Quote by Woody Allen
Agreement quotes by Stephen Harper
#155. Those of different faiths and no faith should seek areas of common agreement based on their different perspectives. #Quote by Stephen Harper
Agreement quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
#156. Most people do not really want others to have freedom of speech, they just want others to be given the freedom to say want they want to hear. #Quote by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Agreement quotes by Condoleezza Rice
#157. I think the word of the United States has been as good as gold in its international dealings and its agreements. #Quote by Condoleezza Rice
Agreement quotes by Chip Heath
#158. To make good decisions, CEOs need the courage to seek out disagreement. Alfred Sloan, the longtime CEO and chairman of General Motors, once interrupted a committee meeting with a question: "Gentlemen, I take it we are all in complete agreement on the decision here?" All the committee members nodded. "Then," Sloan said, "I propose we postpone further discussion of this matter until our next meeting to give ourselves time to develop disagreement and perhaps gain some understanding of what this decision is about. #Quote by Chip Heath
Agreement quotes by Laura Moriarty
#159. Well," Leigh said, because there was nothing else. She looked back at the picture of herself and Pam in the blue dresses. "We did have it easier than she did. I'm sure we did. And I should thank her for that, I guess."

Pam nodded. She looked calm, untroubled. Leigh, tapped her foot on the ottoman and glanced at her mother's photographs. "But it felt like that was all she saw when she looked at us." She leaned forward to get Pam's attention. She wanted her sister to understand, to see things the way she had. "You know? I always felt like she never saw me, me as a individual. Do you know what I am saying? She gave us everything she ever wanted. But she never thought about what we wanted that it may be different. Or that we might need something that she didn't. She never saw us separate from herself. She never saw us." She paused, nodding in agreement with herself. That was it. She decided. She'd never put words to the feeling before, but that was it. That had been the whole trouble between them.

But when she looked back at Pam, her satisfaction vanished. Her sister's mouth was pulled tight, her eyes wide. She looked away from Leigh, saying nothing, still the loyal confidante. But Leigh already knew. She knew what she couldn't guess before, what Pam thought of the two of them on the porch swing, Kara talking, Pam listening. Leigh didn't have to guess anymore. She could hear the words come out of her daughter's mouth as clearly as they'd just come out of #Quote by Laura Moriarty
Agreement quotes by Kelly Corrigan
#160. We'll bury our mothers and fathers - shuttling our children off for sleepovers, jumping on red-eyes, telling eachother stories that hurt to hear, about gasping, agonal breaths, hospice nurses, scars and bruises and scabs, and how skin papers shortly after a person passes. We will nod in agreement that it is as much an honor to witness a person leave this world as it is to watch a person come into it. #Quote by Kelly Corrigan
Agreement quotes by E.L. James
#161. Relationships like this are built on honesty and trust. If you don't trust me-trust me to know how I'm affecting you, how far I can go with you, how far I can take you-if you can't be honest with me, then we really can't do this. #Quote by E.L. James
Agreement quotes by Tessa Dare
#162. He pierced her with a look. "I thought we had an agreement. I keep my men away from your ladies, and you keep your distance from me. You're not holding your end of the bargain."
"It's but a momentary interruption. Just this once."
"Just this once?" He made a dismissive noise, rifling through papers. "What about just now in the church?"
"Very well, twice."
"Try again." He stacked his papers and looked up, devouring her with his intent green gaze. "You invaded my dreams at least a half-dozen times last night. When I'm awake, you keep traipsing through my thoughts. Sometimes you're barely clothed. What excuse can you make for that?"
She stammered to form a response, her tongue tripping against her teeth. "I ... I would never traipse." Idiotic reply.
"Hm." He tilted his head and regarded her thoughtfully. "Would you saunter? #Quote by Tessa Dare
Agreement quotes by Neal Stephenson
#163. At this point, all of the responsible adults in Lawrence's life seemed to arrive at a tacit agreement that the best way to raise him - certainly the easiest - was to leave him alone. On the rare occasions when Lawrence requested adult intervention in his life, he was usually asking questions that no one could answer. At the age of sixteen, having found nothing in the local school system to challenge him, Lawrence Pritchard Waterhouse went off to college. He matriculated at Iowa State College, which among other things was the site of a Naval ROTC installation in which he was forcibly enrolled. The #Quote by Neal Stephenson
Agreement quotes by Hosea Ballou
#164. If we agree in love, there is no disagreement that can do us any injury,
but if we do not, no other agreement can do us any good.
Let us endeavor to keep the unity of the spirit in the bonds of peace. #Quote by Hosea Ballou
Agreement quotes by Josiah Royce
#165. Our will makes constantly a sort of agreement with the world, whereby, if the world will continually show some respect to the will, the will shall consent to be strenuous in its industry. #Quote by Josiah Royce
Agreement quotes by Ben  Rhodes
#166. As we headed into the final year of the Obama presidency, we inhabited two distinct worlds. In one, we'd achieved a global climate change agreement, the Iran deal was being implemented, the economy was growing, twenty million people had signed up for healthcare, and Obama's approval rating was rising. In another, Republican presidential candidates were painting a picture of a dystopian nightmare of crime, rampant immigration, ISIL terrorism, and wage stagnation in America. Because the two realities were so far removed from each other, and because Obama wasn't running, it was hard to do anything but put our heads down and focus on what we could get done. #Quote by Ben Rhodes
Agreement quotes by Sandro Veronesi
#167. We would go to visit a wholesaler, say in Napoli. We would go out, have a very long lunch, mozzarellas, wine. We would reach an agreement. And then the client would pay with a cheque that was postdated by six months, nine months. They were financing themselves by delaying their payments. #Quote by Sandro Veronesi
Agreement quotes by James E. Talmage
#168. Belief is in a sense passive, an agreement or acceptance only; faith is active and positive, embracing such reliance and confidence as will lead to works. Faith in Christ comprises belief in Him, combined with trust in Him. One cannot have faith without belief; yet he may believe and still lack faith. Faith is vivified, vitalized, living belief. #Quote by James E. Talmage
Agreement quotes by Suzanne Enoch
#169. What sort of agreement?'
'A truth for a truth, a secret for a secret, until you feel that you hold enough of my life in your hands to trust me with yours. #Quote by Suzanne Enoch
Agreement quotes by Scott Bakula
#170. I am very much against weapons in space. And I wish we could be spearheading that program to come to some kind of international agreement so that doesn't happen. That is my only - fear - in further space exploration like always, we hope it doesn't get abused. #Quote by Scott Bakula
Agreement quotes by Nestor Kirchner
#171. An agreement cannot be the result of an imposition. #Quote by Nestor Kirchner
Agreement quotes by A. Bartlett Giamatti
#172. A convention is a social pattern we have chosen to prefer over whatever the raw world simply proffers. It is a sign of the operation of the mind, drawing the assent of a sufficient number of other minds so that the agreement will be widely operative. A convention is not a custom; a custom is a habit in which a sufficient number acquiesce. A custom can appear as a convention, but it is really a lesser act, the result of passive acceptance rather than of the imposition of design. It is the difference between learning to live by the annual flooding of the river or by a calendar. #Quote by A. Bartlett Giamatti
Agreement quotes by Richard Powers
#173. In fact, it's Douggie's growing conviction that the greatest flaw of the species is its overwhelming tendency to mistake agreement for truth. Single biggest influence on what a body will or won't believe is what nearby bodies broadcast over the public band. Get three people in the room and they'll decide that the law of gravity is evil and should be rescinded because one of their uncles got shit-faced and fell off the roof. #Quote by Richard Powers
Agreement quotes by David Ben-Gurion
#174. I were an Arab leader, I would never sign an agreement with Israel. It is normal; we have taken their country. It is true God promised it to us, but how could that interest them? Our God is not theirs. There has been anti-Semitism, the Nazis, Hitler, Auschwitz, but was that their fault? They see but one thing: we have come and we have stolen their country. Why would they accept that? #Quote by David Ben-Gurion
Agreement quotes by Cassandra Clare
#175. Was that Will?" she said finally.
Henry arched one ginger eyebrow. "Perhaps he's been kidnapped and replaced by an automaton," he suggested. "It seems possible ... "
For once Charlotte could only find herself in agreement. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Agreement quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#176. A general agreement that time, like a story, was not a line; it was an ocean. If you couldn't find the precise moment you were looking for, it was possible you hadn't swum far enough. It was possible that you simply weren't a good enough swimmer yet. It was also possible, the women grudgingly agreed, that some moments were hidden far enough in time that they really should be left to deep-sea creatures. #Quote by Maggie Stiefvater
Agreement quotes by Zeno Of Citium
#177. The goal of life is living in agreement with Nature. #Quote by Zeno Of Citium
Agreement quotes by Douglas Alexander
#178. I'm in agreement with David Miliband when he says our generation of Labour politicians are not willing to hand over the direction of the country without a serious electoral fight. #Quote by Douglas Alexander
Agreement quotes by Richard Cobden
#179. It has been one of my difficulties, in arguing this question out of doors with friends or strangers, that I rarely find any intelligible agreement as to the object of the war. #Quote by Richard Cobden
Agreement quotes by David Weber
#180. Agreement not to discuss. "He never gets tired of comparing one physical artifact to another," Anders went on, "even if they all look pretty #Quote by David Weber
Agreement quotes by Allen Ginsberg
#181. Sanity - a trick of agreement #Quote by Allen Ginsberg
Agreement quotes by Frans De Waal
#182. Without agreement on rank and a certain respect for authority there can be no great sensitivity to social rules, as anyone who has tried to teach simple house rules to a cat will agree. #Quote by Frans De Waal
Agreement quotes by Gilbert K. Chesterton
#183. The life of a thinking man will probably be divided into two parts
the first in which he desires to exterminate modern thinkers, and the second in which he desires to watch them exterminating each other ... Suppose, for instance, there is an old story and a new skeptic who is skeptical of the story. We have only to wait a little while for a yet newer skeptic who is skeptical of the skeptic. He will probably find the old notion actually a help in his new notion. This process is an abstract truth applying to anything, apart from agreement or disagreement. #Quote by Gilbert K. Chesterton
Agreement quotes by Ronald Carter
#184. Later, Hobbes will stress the notion central to Augustan thinking, the binary of passion and reason:
The Passions that encline men to Peace, are Fear of Death; Desire of such things as are necessary to commodious living; and a Hope by their Industry to obtain them. And Reason suggesteth convenient Articles of
Peace, upon which men may be drawn to agreement. These Articles, are they, which otherwise are called the Laws of Nature. #Quote by Ronald Carter
Agreement quotes by Ken Wilber
#185. Saving the biosphere depends first and foremost on human beings reaching mutual understanding and unforced agreement as to common ends. And that intersubjective accord occurs only in the noosphere. Anything short of that noospheric accord will continue to destroy the biosphere. #Quote by Ken Wilber
Agreement quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#186. seeing that everything in the present age is weighed in the scales and by agreement, and people are seeking for nothing but their rights - 'a measure of wheat for a penny and three measures of barley for a penny'; and yet they want to keep a free spirit and a pure heart and a sound body aand all the gift of God. But by rights alone they won't keep them, and afterwards will follow the pale horse and he whose name was Death and with whom hell followed. #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Agreement quotes by Miyuki Miyabe
#187. This is the nameless land, they say. To you, who for reasons unknowable glimpse here these words. Good people, do not mistake the terms of the agreement: Do not ask men for the story of the nameless land. Do not move lips and tongue in an imitation of the tongue of the nameless land. Do not treat as men those who are imprisoned in the nameless land. #Quote by Miyuki Miyabe
Agreement quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#188. By going one step further back in thought, discordant opinions are reconciled by being seen to be two extremes of one principle, and we can never go so far back as to preclude a still higher vision. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Agreement quotes by Gerhard Schroder
#189. This is one of the gravest crises Europe has ever experienced ... An agreement failed because of the completely stubborn attitudes of the UK and the Netherlands. #Quote by Gerhard Schroder
Agreement quotes by David Allen
#190. Most people feel best about their work the week before their vacation, but it's not because of the vacation itself. What do you do the last week before you leave on a big trip? You clean up, close up, clarify, and renegotiate all your agreements with yourself and others. I just suggest that you do this weekly instead of yearly. #Quote by David Allen
Agreement quotes by Peter Jelen
#191. , civilization is an ever-changing tacit agreement, culturally inherited, not chosen at birth. Civilization is the invention of man, my big friend. It is a means of ensuring order and structure; it is man's attempt to expunge all and every act of randomness from daily life. The ultimate goal of civilization is determinism, the complete absence of freewill. If everyone adhered to every rule, every demand, every decree of civilization, there would be no accidents, no arguments, no crime! Man would move through his life smoothly, like a well-oiled cog in a grandfather clock. #Quote by Peter Jelen
Agreement quotes by Romeo Dallaire
#192. I felt it absolutely essential that we plant the U.N. flag in Rwanda and plant it in a place of significance to show all the political entities, all the signees of the agreement and the Rwandans ... that the international community were here and we're here to stay and we're going to be doing our job. #Quote by Romeo Dallaire
Agreement quotes by Bram Stoker
#193. presses, and in our implied agreement with the old scytheman it is of the essence of the contract. I #Quote by Bram Stoker
Agreement quotes by Alex Parks
#194. I left my record label, Polydor, by mutual agreement, but I'm going to carry on with my singing career. #Quote by Alex Parks
Agreement quotes by Henrik Ibsen
#195. A marriage based on full confidence, based on complete and unqualified frankness on both sides; they are not keeping anything back; there's no deception underneath it all. If I might so put it, it's an agreement for the mutual forgiveness of sin. #Quote by Henrik Ibsen
Agreement quotes by Baruch Spinoza
#196. I say expressly, that the mind has not an adequate but only a confused knowledge of itself, its own body, and of external bodies, whenever it perceives things after the common order of nature; that is, whenever it is determined from without, namely, by the fortuitous play of circumstance, to regard this or that; not at such times as it is determined from within, that is, by the fact of regarding several things at once, to understand their points of agreement, difference, and contrast. Whenever it is determined in anywise from within, it regards things clearly and distinctly, as I will show below. #Quote by Baruch Spinoza
Agreement quotes by Mitt Romney
#197. Third, we will make trade work for America by forging new trade agreements. And when nations cheat in trade, there will be unmistakable consequences. #Quote by Mitt Romney
Agreement quotes by George Orwell
#198. The enemy of the moment always represented absolute evil, and it followed that any past or future agreement with him was impossible. #Quote by George Orwell
Agreement quotes by Robin DiAngelo
#199. White people raised in Western society are conditioned into a white supremacist worldview because it is the bedrock of our society and its institutions. Regardless of whether a parent told you that everyone was equal, or the poster in the hall of your white suburban school proclaimed the value of diversity, or you have traveled abroad, or you have people of color in your workplace or family, the ubiquitous socializing power of white supremacy cannot be avoided. The messages circulate 24-7 and have little or nothing to do with intentions, awareness, or agreement. Entering the conversation with this understanding is freeing because it allows us to focus on how--rather than if--our racism is manifest. When we move beyond the good/bad binary, we can become eager to identify our racist patterns because interrupting those patterns becomes more important than managing how we think we look to others.

I repeat: stopping our racist patterns must be more important than working to convince others that we don't have them. We do have them, and people of color already know we have them; our efforts to prove otherwise are not convincing. An honest accounting of these patterns is no small task given the power of white fragility and white solidarity, but it is necessary. #Quote by Robin DiAngelo
Agreement quotes by Betty Jane Wylie
#200. Marriage is the agreement to let a family happen. #Quote by Betty Jane Wylie

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