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Agnosco Latin quotes by David Ramsay
#1. A citizen of the United States, means a member of this new nation. The principle of government being radically changed by the revolution, the political character of the people was also changed from subjects to citizens.
The difference is immense. Subject is derived from the latin word 'sub' and 'jacio', and means one who is under the power of another; but a citizen is an unit of mass of free people, who, collectively, possess sovereignty .
Subjects look up to a master, but citizens are so far equal, that none have hereditary rights superior to others. Each citizen of a free state contains, within himself, by nature and constitution, as much of the common sovereignty as another. In the eye of reason and philosophy, the political condition of citizens is more exalted than that of noblemen. Dukes and earls are the features of kings, and may be made by them at pleasure; but citizens possess in their own right original sovereignty. #Quote by David Ramsay
Agnosco Latin quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
#2. Must you say things like that in public, for God's sake?"

"What do you mean?"

He lowered his voice to a hiss. "Remember yesterday at the inn? My 'pistol' is making an appearance, thanks to you."

She glanced down at his trousers, which only made them bulge more obviously. Then she lifted a mischievous gaze to his face. "Whatever will you do, now that you're in this...state?"

"Conjugate Latin," he said tersely. "Think of England. Think of anything but you and me doing--Bloody hell, there it goes again, and we're nearly to Rotten Row." He stopped short and stepped behind a bench with a high back that sat near the river.

She stood next to him, pretty as the proverbial picture, her eyes dropping to his trousers with virginal curiosity.

"Would you stop looking at me there? he growled. "You're not helping."

She laughed. "You're the one who started it by trying to seduce me with words. Serves you right if you have to suffer for it."

-Giles and Minerva #Quote by Sabrina Jeffries
Agnosco Latin quotes by Scott Anderson
#3. Even if he was happier in Asia than he'd been in Latin America, the wanderlust still worked on my father's insides like a disease. One of the most recurrent memories of my childhood is of him sitting in his armchair in the evenings, poring over atlases the way other fathers read newspapers or books. #Quote by Scott Anderson
Agnosco Latin quotes by Toni Morrison
#4. Of course I'm a black writer. I'm not just a black writer, but categories like black writer, woman writer and Latin American writer aren't marginal anymore. We have to acknowledge that the thing we call literature is more pluralistic now, just as society ought to be. The melting pot never worked. We ought to be able to accept on equal terms everybody from the Hasidim to Walter Lippmann, from the Rastafarians to Ralph Bunche. #Quote by Toni Morrison
Agnosco Latin quotes by Bocafloja
#5. The Latin American Left, the criollos, direct descendents of Spaniards, they don't want to accept that they are the whites of Latin America. They don't want to talk about race. The discussion for them is based on class struggle, rich against poor, but doesn't offer the possibility of a dialogue about racial questions. #Quote by Bocafloja
Agnosco Latin quotes by Gael Garcia Bernal
#6. In Latin America, you don't do things for the money because there is no money. #Quote by Gael Garcia Bernal
Agnosco Latin quotes by Thomas B. Macaulay
#7. Satire is, indeed, the only sort of composition in which the Latin poets whose works have come down to us were not mere imitators of foreign models; and it is therefore the sort of composition in which they have never been excelled. #Quote by Thomas B. Macaulay
Agnosco Latin quotes by Horace
#8. Alas, Postumus, the fleeting years slip by, nor will piety give any stay to wrinkles and pressing old age and untamable death. #Quote by Horace
Agnosco Latin quotes by Joseph Devlin
#9. There is an old Latin quotation in regard to the poet which says 'Poeta nascitur non fit' the translation of which is - the poet is born, not made. #Quote by Joseph Devlin
Agnosco Latin quotes by Hillary Rodham Clinton
#10. Near the end of my tenure, I recommended to President Obama that he take another look at our embargo. It wasn't achieving its goals, and it was holding back our broader agenda across Latin America. After twenty years of observing and dealing with the U.S.-Cuba relationship, I thought we should shift the onus onto the Castros to explain why they remained undemocratic and abusive. #Quote by Hillary Rodham Clinton
Agnosco Latin quotes by Francine Masiello
#11. Faced with the numbering logic of neoliberal regimes, literature offers an intervention in order to consider identity and voice, to consider representation in both the political and artistic sense of the term... [Literature and art] cultivate tension between an unresolved past and present, between invisibility and exposure, showing the dualities of face and mask that leave their trace on identitarian struggles today. #Quote by Francine Masiello
Agnosco Latin quotes by Marcus Tullius Cicero
#12. Fortune, not wisdom, rules lives. #Quote by Marcus Tullius Cicero
Agnosco Latin quotes by Rita Levi-Montalcini
#13. At 20, I realized that I could not possibly adjust to a feminine role as conceived by my father and asked him permission to engage in a professional career. In eight months I filled my gaps in Latin, Greek and mathematics, graduated from high school, and entered medical school in Turin. #Quote by Rita Levi-Montalcini
Agnosco Latin quotes by Cristina Kirchner
#14. I bring a lot of passion to my life and my politics - I don't mind saying there is a very strong Latin component to it. #Quote by Cristina Kirchner
Agnosco Latin quotes by Junot Diaz
#15. Her other paramour was a student at the UASD
one of those City College types who's been in school eleven years and is always five credits shy of a degree. Students today don't mean na; but in Latin America whipped into a frenzy by the fall of Arbenz, by the stoning of Nixon, by the Guerillas of the Sierra Madre, by the endless cynical maneuverings of the Yankee Pig Dogs
in a Latin America already a year and a half into the Decade of Guerilla
a student was something else altogether, an agent for change, a quantum string in the staid Newtonian universe. Such a student was Arquimedes. He also listened to the shortwave, but not for Dodgers scores; what he risked his life for was the news leaking out of Havana, news of the future. Arquemides was, therefore, a student, the son of a Zapatero and a midwife, a tirapiedra and a quemagoma for life. Being a student wasn't a joke, not with Trujillo and Johnny Abbes scooping up everybody following the foiled Cuban Invasion of 1959. #Quote by Junot Diaz
Agnosco Latin quotes by Willa Cather
#16. On the edge of the prairie, where the sun had gone down, the sky was turquoise blue, like a lake, with gold light throbbing in it. Higher up, in the utter clarity of the western slope, the evening star hung like a lamp suspended by silver chains
like the lamp engraved up the title-page of old Latin texts, which is always appearing in new heavens and waking new desires in men. #Quote by Willa Cather
Agnosco Latin quotes by Eduardo Galeano
#17. Latin America is part of the world which was for many years condemned to the system of power where intimidation had more strength than the vote. #Quote by Eduardo Galeano
Agnosco Latin quotes by Thomas B. Macaulay
#18. I am always nearest to myself, says the Latin proverb. #Quote by Thomas B. Macaulay
Agnosco Latin quotes by Rachel Vincent
#19. Cedo nulli. Latin for "I yield to no one. #Quote by Rachel Vincent
Agnosco Latin quotes by Andre Vltchek
#20. Since the beginning, the US presidents (all of European stock, of course), had been promoting slavery, extermination campaigns against the native population of North America, barbaric wars of aggression against Mexico, and other Latin American countries, the Philippines, etc. Has anything changed now? I highly doubt it. #Quote by Andre Vltchek
Agnosco Latin quotes by Eduardo Galeano
#21. I'm a writer obsessed with remembering: with remembering the past of America above all - and above all, that of Latin America, intimate land condemned to forgetfulness. #Quote by Eduardo Galeano
Agnosco Latin quotes by Jenna Bush
#22. My sister, she's amazing. She sort of inspired me to take this journey to Latin America. #Quote by Jenna Bush
Agnosco Latin quotes by Italo Zucchelli
#23. In the past, people couldn't place me. They thought that I was Danish or English or French. They never got that I am Italian. I'm not typical, maybe because my visual education was very mixed. There was a lot of London in my aesthetic: The Face, i-D, British music, and a lot of British fashion ... But I really enjoy this contrast. #Quote by Italo Zucchelli
Agnosco Latin quotes by Catullus
#24. Mulier cupido quod dicit amanti, in vento et rapida scribere oportet aqua ((What woman says to fond lover should be written on air or the swift water) #Quote by Catullus
Agnosco Latin quotes by Stephen Kinzer
#25. In fairness, Latin America's elected civilian leaders have made progress in some areas. They have brought their countries back to international respectability, curbed flagrant human rights violations, and sought to build democratic political institutions. #Quote by Stephen Kinzer
Agnosco Latin quotes by Will Durant
#26. The constant steaming in of thoughts of others must suppress and confine our own and indeed in the long run paralyze the power of thought ... The inclination of most scholars is a kind of fuga vacui ( latin for vacuum suction )from the poverty of their own mind , which forcibly draws in the thoughts of others ... It is dangerous to read about a subject before we have thought about it ourselves ... When we read, another person thinks for us; merely repeat his mental process. So it comes about that if anybody spends almost the whole day in reading, he gradually loses the capacity for thinking. Experience of the world may be looked upon as a kind of text, to which reflection and knowledge form the commentary. Where there is a great deal of reflection and intellectual knowledge and very little experience , the result is like those books which have on each page two lines of text to forty lines of commentary #Quote by Will Durant
Agnosco Latin quotes by Horace
#27. It is sweet and honorable to die for your country. #Quote by Horace
Agnosco Latin quotes by Thalia
#28. The Fiesta Tour McDonald's exhibit is a one-of-a-kind compilation of items and great moments in Latin music history. Every item has a unique story, including the outfit which I wore during the 2008 Premios Juventud awards. #Quote by Thalia
Agnosco Latin quotes by Ruben Blades
#29. It's almost as if people think that in Latin America we're not hip to what's happening here. #Quote by Ruben Blades
Agnosco Latin quotes by Latin Quote
#30. Sitacuisses philosaphus mansisses' If you had kept your mouth shut, we may have thought you were cleverer! #Quote by Latin Quote
Agnosco Latin quotes by Tricia Helfer
#31. I've never gone for the smooth, suave Latin or French lover. That usually makes me think they're trying to pull one over on me. #Quote by Tricia Helfer
Agnosco Latin quotes by Jennifer Vandever
#32. OK! Let's get started," Mariela announced brightly. "Now, can anyone tell me the meaning of 'tango'--the actual word?"

Helen, of course, knew. "In Latin, it means 'I touch."

Mariela nodded emphatically. "'I touch.' Or 'I play.' As in playing an instrument only here our instrument is ourselves," Mariela paused, allowing this insight to sink in. "And it means, 'I touch. I touch my partner in embrace," Dan and Mariela faced each other in an opening stance, "also called an abrazo--" and danced a simple eight step.

"And I touch my inner life. I touch the core of my essence. Tango is not just learning or following steps."

"It's improvisation," Barry said in a deep baritone.

"That's right. There's a saying that tango is a 'sad thought danced.' But that's only part of it. It's touching the sadness in you, the pain, yes--but also the joy, the humor, the everything life has. It's touching everything. #Quote by Jennifer Vandever
Agnosco Latin quotes by Bob Proctor
#33. Part of our problem is that we use the term "decision" so loosely that it has come to describe our wishes, not our commitments. Instead of making decisions, we state our preferences. The word "decide" comes from the Latin decidere - the roots de-, meaning "off," and caedere, meaning "to cut" - therefore, making a decision means cutting off from any other possibility. A true decision, then, means you are committed to achieving a result, and then cutting yourself off from any other possibility. After #Quote by Bob Proctor
Agnosco Latin quotes by Ryszard Kapuscinski
#34. To understand our world, we must use a revolving globe and look at the earth from various vantage points. If we do so, we will see that the Atlantic is but a bridge linking the colorful, tropical Afro-Latin American world, whose strong ethnic and cultural bonds have been preserved to this day. For a Cuban who arrives in Angola, neither the climate, nor the landscape, nor the food are strange. For a Brazilian, even the language is the same. #Quote by Ryszard Kapuscinski

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