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Famous Quotes About Ageism

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Ageism quotes by Stephen Richards
#1. The good thing about being old is not being young. #Quote by Stephen Richards
Ageism quotes by Laura Bates
#2. This combination of ageism and sexism was also blatant in the Boston Herald's treatment of sixty-three-year-old Elizabeth Warren, whose 2012 Senate bid it sought to undermine by repeatedly dubbing her "Granny" in its pages, as if to imply that an older woman could not possibly be trusted with political responsibility. #Quote by Laura Bates
Ageism quotes by Gloria Steinem
#3. I hate to generalize, but in general, both men and women suffer from ageism. Men much less because men gain power as they get older. Women lose power as they get older. Men are seen as gaining experience and being distinguished. Sons look forward to replacing their fathers. #Quote by Gloria Steinem
Ageism quotes by Raven-Symone
#4. Knowing that I make somebody's day better is all that matters at the end of the day. #Quote by Raven-Symone
Ageism quotes by Madonna Ciccone
#5. We've made so many advances in other areas - civil rights, gay rights - but ageism is still an area that's taboo and not talked about and dealt with. #Quote by Madonna Ciccone
Ageism quotes by Ashton Applewhite
#6. Fear of dying is human. Fear of aging is cultural. #Quote by Ashton Applewhite
Ageism quotes by Richie Norton
#7. Some people say they have 20 years experience, when in reality, they have 1 year's experience repeated 20 times. (Stephen M R Covey to Richie Norton when Norton asked if he was too young to train older executives for Covey.) #Quote by Richie Norton
Ageism quotes by John Tarnoff
#8. In order to create your future, you have to reconcile your past. #Quote by John Tarnoff
Ageism quotes by Karen Hitchcock
#9. No one wants to go into a nursing home. My patients fear it; families often feel terrible guilt when the time comes: it is thought of as an abandonment. Nursing homes are where we place our bad outcomes, our frail, our no-longer-independents. They are places people go to wait safely to die. The old doubly incontinents. You might have stood up to Stalin, you might still read Tolstoy, but if you're losing it from both the front and back and you're not a two-year-old, you're going to be hidden away.
"Don't know the nursing homes, they do a pretty good job," a geriatrician said to me. And most of the time they perform their function: as a holding bay for old people. Most of the time. #Quote by Karen Hitchcock
Ageism quotes by Barbara Delinsky
#10. As I plotted 'Blueprints,' I realized that ageism against women is most obvious in the field of entertainment - and that I needed a TV show in my book. #Quote by Barbara Delinsky
Ageism quotes by Robinne Lee
#11. I'm really happy when I'm with you. I get the feeling you feel the same way. And if that's true, I don't think you should give a fuck about what people may or may not think of our age difference. Furthermore, if our ages were reversed, no one would bat an eyelash. Am I right? So now it's just some sexist, patriarchal crap, and you don't strike me as the kind of woman who's going to let that dictate her happiness. All right? Next issue… #Quote by Robinne Lee
Ageism quotes by Paul Weller
#12. 'Ageism,' or whatever you want to call it, is a very English phenomenon. You don't get it too much in many other cultures. And no one says it about authors or poets or filmmakers. 'Oh, they're too old to make films or write books.' #Quote by Paul Weller
Ageism quotes by Lisa Kemmerer
#13. The reproductive abilities of women and other female animals are controlled and exploited by those in power (usually men) and both are devalued as they age and wear out - when they no longer reproduce. Cows, hens, and women are routinely treated as if they were objects to be manipulated in order to satisfy the desires of powerful men, without regard to female's wishes or feelings. #Quote by Lisa Kemmerer
Ageism quotes by Robert Wesley Miller
#14. THE BEST people are the good old wrinkled people with a sparkle in their eye, a wink when you walk by or a toothless smile saying you are doing just fine ... #Quote by Robert Wesley Miller
Ageism quotes by Erin O'Connor
#15. I am concerned about ageism and the loss of beauty - the perception that as you grow older, you 'lose your looks,' which I think is diabolical. #Quote by Erin O'Connor
Ageism quotes by Elinor Guggenheimer
#16. Prejudice against womenis many, many times intensified against older women. You are viewed not as an intellect but as a body ... Astonishingly, even women's liberation has paid extraordinarily little attention to the older woman and to the fact that her job is limited because she is [older]. They say that women shouldn't be sex objects, but you damned well better be a sex object if you want to get ahead in television. #Quote by Elinor Guggenheimer
Ageism quotes by Ashton Applewhite
#17. Nowhere is ageism more sexist, and vicious, than in the domain of sexuality. #Quote by Ashton Applewhite
Ageism quotes by Maya Angelou
#18. There's racism and sexism and ageism and all sorts of idiocies. But bad news is not news. We've had bad news as a species for a long time. We've had slavery and human sacrifice and the holocaust and brutalities of such measure. #Quote by Maya Angelou
Ageism quotes by John Tarnoff
#19. Hiding or lying about your age is giving in to ageism. Don't do it! Be proud of who you are, what you know and what you've accomplished. #Quote by John Tarnoff
Ageism quotes by Daniel Petrie
#21. I do feel that the trend is away from ageism and toward a recognition that older people have a unique voice. #Quote by Daniel Petrie
Ageism quotes by Barbara Delinsky
#22. So where does that leave me? I like hosting the show ... It's become my identity. If that's gone, where am I? #Quote by Barbara Delinsky
Ageism quotes by John Tarnoff
#23. The job you seek isn't out there in some job description, it's already inside you, aching to get out. #Quote by John Tarnoff
Ageism quotes by Anne Helen Petersen
#24. The crafting of the face is a billion-dollar industry because there's actually only one truly acceptable face to create: that of "the girl." The girl's face is always dewy, unblemished, and unwrinkled, her eyes bright, her forehead uncreased. "Womanly" hips and ass might be theoretically fetishized, but they're desirable only when the rest of the body remains that of the girl. #Quote by Anne Helen Petersen
Ageism quotes by Claude Pepper
#25. Ageism is as odious as racism and sexism. #Quote by Claude Pepper
Ageism quotes by John Tarnoff
#26. Use affirmations as statements of becoming, not statements of being. #Quote by John Tarnoff
Ageism quotes by Karen Hitchcock
#27. When I spoke to a colleague about Joe's report, her face registered surprise. She said, "Is it possible for a death in a nursing home to be premature?"
Joe told me, "If it were happening in any other kind of institution, to any other part of the population - workers, say, or children - there'd be an outcry, media, inquiries, swift intervention. The truth is we do not value the last months or years of a person's life. The remaining life of someone old. Particularly if they are in residential care."
If we are all just economic units who lift or lean, then very little is "lost" when a nursing home resident or anyone getting on in their years dies prematurely. In fact money might be saved - one less nursing-home bed to fund, and the kids can finally get their hands on the house. #Quote by Karen Hitchcock
Ageism quotes by Carla Bergman
#28. Gaslighting can be subtle and unintentional, but as feminist writer Nora Samaran explains, it is particularly insidious because it undermines people's trust in their own capacities:
"If you think of the power, the strength, the capacity to effect change that women who trust themselves are capable of, what we are losing when we doubt ourselves is an indomitable force for social change that is significant and therefore, to some, frightening. In other words, our capacity to know ourselves is immensely powerful."
All forms of oppression seem to have this tendency: racism, heteropatriarchy, ableism, ageism, colonization, and other systems of oppression contort people's insights, experiences, and differences into weaknesses or deny them outright. For this reason, the emergence of trust can be a powerful weapon, which is being recovered all the time through struggle. #Quote by Carla Bergman
Ageism quotes by Gary L. Francione
#29. Just as we reject racism, sexism, ageism, and heterosexism, we reject speciesism. The species of a sentient being is no more reason to deny the protection of this basic right than race, sex, age, or sexual orientation is a reason to deny membership in the human moral community to other humans. #Quote by Gary L. Francione
Ageism quotes by Karen Hitchcock
#30. Medicine and society have entered into a folie a deaux regarding medicine's importance in gigantic population ills. We believe that genetics and pills and enzymes bring us health. We wait for the dementia cure (the obesity cure, the diabetes cure) rather than changing our society to decrease incidence and severity. We slash social welfare programs and access to GPs and ignore the downstream effect this will have on future generations.
To reduce non-communicable disease, the actions we need to take are societal: make it easier for people to move and eat well, strengthen education, promote community participation and meaningful work. Our collective delusion is that we can have all the benefits such a society would bring without the structural supports necessary to bring it into being, that we can attain health by inventing and buying drugs.
It is hard to know which is the more utopian vision: magic pills or a society serious about prevention. #Quote by Karen Hitchcock
Ageism quotes by Stephen Richards
#31. When we age we shed many skins: ego, arrognace, dominance, self-opionated, unreliable, pessimism, rudeness, selfish, uncaring ... Wow, it's good to be old! #Quote by Stephen Richards
Ageism quotes by Julie Walters
#32. It's getting better but men still earn more and there are more jobs for them. Ageism is a big thing. Parts for women disappear as you get older. #Quote by Julie Walters
Ageism quotes by Ashton Applewhite
#33. It's not loving a man that makes life harder for gay guys, it's homophobia. It's not the color of their skin that makes life harder for people of color; it's racism. It's not having vaginas that makes life harder for women, it's sexism. And it's ageism, far more than the passage of time, that makes growing older harder for all of us. #Quote by Ashton Applewhite
Ageism quotes by Jane Seymour
#34. Now that I've experienced ageism, I don't regard it as a bad thing. It's been a transition to something more exciting and maybe edgier. #Quote by Jane Seymour
Ageism quotes by John Tarnoff
#35. You hear a lot about "digital natives." Well, baby boomers are the "digital founders. #Quote by John Tarnoff
Ageism quotes by Henry Johnson Jr
#36. If you can not call out bigotry, corruption, racism, sexism, xenophobia, islamophobia, ageism, agnosticism, imperialism, antiblackism, antisemitism, authoritarianism, terrorism, egoism, and totalitarianism; then you are encouraging it to grow. There is no retreat from all the "isms" conflicts with which we must cope.

The most fecund killer of innocent in all of human history is not a disease or natural catastrophe. It is rooted in a sick way of thinking in which we have been programmed. Avoiding the quandary isn't helpful. A public discussion of these challenges could open up a new dialogue of approach. Without, this is the reality that the next generation would have to live with. #Quote by Henry Johnson Jr
Ageism quotes by Harriet Boyd Hawes
#37. Many thanks for your good wishes. The fact is, however, that I have not been ill except a two days attack of indigestion and subsequent fatigue, from which I am quite recovered. It is less easy to recover from a serious attack of indignation. #Quote by Harriet Boyd Hawes
Ageism quotes by Rebecca Makkai
#38. Ageism is the only self-correcting prejudice, isn't it? #Quote by Rebecca Makkai
Ageism quotes by Barbara Delinsky
#39. The important part of growing older was the growing part. Resisting change meant forever standing still, which was a sad way to live. #Quote by Barbara Delinsky
Ageism quotes by Barbara MacDonald
#40. Some women I talk to are so frightened of growing old. I sense their desperation. They say things like I m not going to live to be old I m not going to live to be dependent. The message young women get from youth culture is that it s wonderful to be young and terrible to grow old. If you think about it it s an impossible dilemma how can you make a good start in life if you are being told at the same time how terrible the finish is Because of ageism many women don t fully commit themselves to living life until they can no longer pass as young. They live their lives with one foot in life and one foot outside it. With age you resolve that. I know the value of each day and I m living with both feet in life. I m living much more fully... The power of the old woman is that because she s outside the system she can attack. And I am determined to attack it. One of the ways in which I am particularly conscious of this stance is when I go down the street. People expect me to move over which means to step on the grass or off the curb. I just woke up one day to the fact that I was moving over. I have no idea how many years I ve been doing that. Now I never move over. I simply keep walking. And we hit full force because the other person is so sure that I am going to move over that he isn t even paying any attention and we simply ram each other. If it s a man with a woman he shows embarrassment because he s just knocked down a five foot seventy year old woman and so he quickly apologises. B #Quote by Barbara MacDonald
Ageism quotes by Anne Karpf
#41. Greeting the ageing self In trying to depathologize age, we need to make an important distinction, between resisting ageism (stereotyping or discriminating on the basis of age) and resisting age itself. The first opens the door to a path of rich potential, freeing us to keep on developing and changing, while the second closes it, condemning us to an endless attempt to recover the irretrievable. #Quote by Anne Karpf
Ageism quotes by Paul Krassner
#42. Avoid internalizing society's sexism, racism, ageism - pick an ism, any ism. #Quote by Paul Krassner
Ageism quotes by J.S.B. Morse
#43. The story of humanity can be written as the struggle to acknowledge all human beings as human beings. #Quote by J.S.B. Morse
Ageism quotes by Richie Norton
#44. Success is not about age, it's about action. #Quote by Richie Norton
Ageism quotes by Kristin Scott Thomas
#45. French culture takes ageing very seriously. There's much less ageism than in Anglo-Saxon countries. #Quote by Kristin Scott Thomas
Ageism quotes by Clara Fraser
#46. All the many brands of suppression - racism, sexism, heterosexism, ageism, classism - are historical; they have not been always with us. It was not ever thus. And it's not going to be this way, come the revolution! #Quote by Clara Fraser
Ageism quotes by Karen Hitchcock
#47. If we are to welcome the elderly into our communities and support them to stay there for as long as possible, if we are to attend to the social needs of our elderly citizens both inside and out of institutions, then we need both government intervention and funding, along with the community's engagement and help. #Quote by Karen Hitchcock
Ageism quotes by Alexander McCall Smith
#48. Like ageism and sexism, lookism was everywhere, resulting in the good-looking getting the best jobs, winning all the plaudits, being let off the most parking tickets by soft-hearted traffic wardens; being generally favoured. #Quote by Alexander McCall Smith
Ageism quotes by Cyndi Lauper
#49. There's ageism in everything. I don't give a hoot. It isn't what other people think; it's what you think. But it's hard to come to terms with getting older. I admire people like Vivienne Westwood. #Quote by Cyndi Lauper
Ageism quotes by John Tarnoff
#50. Getting fired is not shameful. It just means you need to find a better fit. #Quote by John Tarnoff

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