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Famous Quotes About African American Art

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African American Art quotes by Paul Beatty
#1. This whole city's a Freudian slip of the tongue, a concrete hard-on for America's deeds and misdeeds. Slavery? Manifest Destiny? Laverne & Shirley? Standing by idly while Germany tried to kill every Jew in Europe? Why some of my best friends are the Museum of African Art, the Holocaust Museum, the Museum of the American Indian, the National Museum of Women in the Arts. And furthermore, I'll have you know, my sister's daughter is married to an orangutan. #Quote by Paul Beatty
African American Art quotes by John Edgar Wideman
#2. What basketball expresses is what jazz expresses. Certain cultural predispositions to make art. All African-American art has a substratum, or baseline, of improvisation and spontaneity. You find that in both basketball and jazz. #Quote by John Edgar Wideman
African American Art quotes by Henry Louis Gates Jr.
#3. Censorship is to art as lynching is to justice. #Quote by Henry Louis Gates Jr.
African American Art quotes by Jerry Pinkney
#4. I wanted to show that an African-American artist could make it in this country on a national level in the graphic arts. I want to be a strong role model for my family and for other African Americans. #Quote by Jerry Pinkney
African American Art quotes by Carter G. Woodson
#5. They do not like to hear such expressions as "Negro literature," "Negro poetry," "African art," or "thinking black"; and, roughly speaking, we must concede that such things do not exist. These things did not figure in the courses which they pursued in school, and why should they? "Aren't we all Americans? Then, whatever is American is as much the heritage of the Negro as of any other group in #Quote by Carter G. Woodson
African American Art quotes by Toni Morrison
#6. Black literature is taught as sociology, as tolerance, not as a serious, rigorous art form. #Quote by Toni Morrison
African American Art quotes by Toni Cade Bambara
#7. The role of the artist is to make the revolution irresistible #Quote by Toni Cade Bambara
African American Art quotes by Ta-Nehisi Coates
#8. When it comes to the Civil War, all of our popular understanding, our popular history and culture, our great films, the subtext of our arguments are in defiance of its painful truths. It is not a mistake that Gone with the Wind is one of the most read works of American literature or that The Birth of a Nation is the most revered touchstone of all American film. Both emerge from a need for palliatives and painkillers, an escape from the truth of those five short years in which 750,000 American soldiers were killed, more than all American soldiers killed in all other American wars combined, in a war declared for the cause of expanding "African slavery." That war was inaugurated not reluctantly, but lustily, by men who believed property in humans to be the cornerstone of civilization, to be an edict of God, and so delivered their own children to his maw. And when that war was done, the now-defeated God lived on, honored through the human sacrifice of lynching and racist pogroms. The history breaks the myth. And so the history is ignored, and fictions are weaved into our art and politics that dress villainy in martyrdom and transform banditry into chivalry, and so strong are these fictions that their emblem, the stars and bars, darkens front porches and state capitol buildings across the land to this day. #Quote by Ta-Nehisi Coates
African American Art quotes by Jordan Flaherty
#9. Those who have not lived in New Orleans have missed an incredible, glorious, vital city
a place with an energy unlike anywhere else in the world, a majority-African American city where resistance to white supremacy has cultivated and supported a generous, subversive, and unique culture of vivid beauty. From jazz, blues, and and hip-hop to secondlines, Mardi Gras Indians, jazz funerals, and the citywide tradition of red beans and rice on Monday nights, New Orleans is a place of art and music and food and traditions and sexuality and liberation. #Quote by Jordan Flaherty
African American Art quotes by Betye Saar
#10. I am intrigued with combining the remnant of memories, fragments of relics and ordinary objects, with the components of technology. It's a way of delving into the past and reaching into the future simultaneously. #Quote by Betye Saar
African American Art quotes by Rashid Johnson
#11. I wanted my art to deal with very formal concerns and to deal with very material concerns, and to deal with antecedents and art history, which for me go very far beyond just the influence of African-American artists. #Quote by Rashid Johnson
African American Art quotes by Luther E. Vann
#12. It has been my personal experience that as I allow the painting to speak I become lost, it is delicious and at the same time frightening. The best ones, to me, have a life of their own. #Quote by Luther E. Vann
African American Art quotes by Gwendolyn Brooks
#13. Art hurts. Art urges voyages - and it is easier to stay at home. #Quote by Gwendolyn Brooks
African American Art quotes by Rachael Price
#14. I feel like because black Cuban artists don't have the kind of pressure to thematize race in the way that African-American artists do, there's more space for them to do their art without having to discuss it in terms of racial identity. #Quote by Rachael Price

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