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Advil Migraine quotes by Diana Kander
#1. That's on purpose. The problem and the solution are totally independent of one another. First, you have to prove that the problem exists, that it's a serious problem that amounts to a migraine. Then we can worry about whether customers will actually buy your product as a solution. Make sense? #Quote by Diana Kander
Advil Migraine quotes by Augustine Sam
#2. Sex was the main component of her thoughts now. But love - and her desperate longing for it - had vanished from her heart like a migraine after a painkiller. #Quote by Augustine Sam
Advil Migraine quotes by Oliver Sacks
#3. Sudden fright, or rage, or other strong emotion may disperse and displace a migraine almost within seconds. One #Quote by Oliver Sacks
Advil Migraine quotes by Maureen Dowd
#4. McChrystal's defenders at the Pentagon were making the case Tuesday that the president and his men - (the McChrystal snipers spared Hillary) - must put aside their hurt feelings about being painted as weak sisters. Obama should not fire the serially insubordinate general, they reasoned, because that would undermine the mission in Afghanistan, and if that happens, then Obama would be further weakened.
So the commander in chief can be bad-mouthed as weak by the military but then he can't punish the military because that would make him weak? It's the same sort of pass-the-Advil vicious circle reasoning the military always uses. #Quote by Maureen Dowd
Advil Migraine quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#5. Grim sighed heavily. "I swear I'm getting a migraine."
"My mom suffers from those a lot, too."
"Being around you, I imagine she does. #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Advil Migraine quotes by Jay Asher
#6. I didn't feel physically sick. But mentally. My mind was twisting in so many ways. ( ... ) We once saw a documentary on migraines. One of the men interviewed used to fall on his knees and bang his head against the floor, over and over during attacks. This diverted the pain from deep inside his brain, where he couldn't reach it, to a pain outside that he had control over. #Quote by Jay Asher
Advil Migraine quotes by Ian Fleming
#7. His headache was still sitting over his right eye as if it had been nailed there. #Quote by Ian Fleming
Advil Migraine quotes by Janet Evanovich
#8. Diesel is back," Ranger said.
Yes. How did you know?"
I woke up with a migraine this morning." Ranger said. #Quote by Janet Evanovich
Advil Migraine quotes by Richard Schickel
#9. This is a soul under perpetual migraine attack. #Quote by Richard Schickel
Advil Migraine quotes by Barbara Elsborg
#10. 'I've been privileged to occasionally hear you sing in the shower and thought
what a voice. With a reasonable amount of training, it might actually be a voice I could listen to for more than a few minutes without getting a migraine.' #Quote by Barbara Elsborg
Advil Migraine quotes by Joe Hill
#11. The sky was the color of a migraine. #Quote by Joe Hill
Advil Migraine quotes by Lili St. Crow
#12. Give her the goddamn Advil, Dibs. Jesus. #Quote by Lili St. Crow
Advil Migraine quotes by Silvia Young
#13. Stop mansplaining menstrution, we've got this. #Quote by Silvia Young
Advil Migraine quotes by Ilona Andrews
#14. I promise to keep my hands, tongue, and other body parts to myself. You risk your life by staying home. It's late and we're both too wiped out to go climbing into the People's lair tonight. What do you risk by coming with me?"
"A huge migraine from being in your company. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Advil Migraine quotes by Kara Thomas
#15. A migraine coming on. She got them when she was stressed. #Quote by Kara Thomas
Advil Migraine quotes by C.J. Cherryh
#16. If your fiancé tended to come sailing in windows without notice, you didn't have extra time to run and gather up messes. She dropped everything into the hamper and stepped into a hot, steamy shower, soap with no cloying scent, just clean. Just her again. And her eyes shut while she was standing there. She'd slip down the shower wall and go to sleep there, but she was already getting stiff. She got out, delved into the medicine cabinet for a couple of Advil and chased them down with a glass of water. Clean, clear water. A miracle. She stood watching crystal liquid swirl down the drain and thought somehow she'd never asked herself how water got that clean. She splashed it up in her face, dried her Band-Aids with a towel And went and turned on her computer. Last thing. Last defining thing – on any day.-Lois Lane #Quote by C.J. Cherryh
Advil Migraine quotes by Neil Gaiman
#17. Chicago happened slowly, like a migraine. First they were driving through countryside, then, imperceptibly, the occasional town became a low suburban sprawl, and the sprawl became the city. #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Advil Migraine quotes by Lauren Kate
#18. You're the human equivalent of a migraine. #Quote by Lauren Kate
Advil Migraine quotes by Andrew Levy
#19. And then a throb hits you on the left ide of the head so hard that your head bobs to the right ... There's no way that came from inside your head, you think. That's no metaphysical crisis. God just punched you in the face. #Quote by Andrew Levy
Advil Migraine quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#20. So what's on the agenda for tonight? (Danger)
Migraine, futility, possible death. Same as every night, I guess. (Alexion) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Advil Migraine quotes by Annie Proulx
#21. When Quoyle leaned forward the twin spears of the headache threatened to dislodge his eyes. #Quote by Annie Proulx
Advil Migraine quotes by Michael Cunningham
#22. Everything is infected with brightness, throbbing with it, and she prays for dark the way a wanderer lost in the desert prays for water. The world is every bit as barren of darkness as a desert is of water. There is no dark in the shuttered room, no dark behind her eyelids. There are only greater and lesser degrees of radiance. When she's crossed over to this realm of relentless brilliance, the voices start. #Quote by Michael Cunningham
Advil Migraine quotes by Oliver Sacks
#23. Many patients may confess that they feel "strange" or "confused" during a migraine aura, that they are clumsy in their movements, or that they would not drive at such a time. In short, they may be aware of something the matter in addition to the scintillating scotoma, paraesthesiae, etc., something so unprecedented in their experience, so difficult to describe, that it is often avoided or omitted when speaking of their complaints. Great #Quote by Oliver Sacks
Advil Migraine quotes by Sarah Hackley
#24. By taking the time to focus on our mental and emotional well-being, we can minimize our triggers and reduce the likelihood of a recurrence. #Quote by Sarah Hackley
Advil Migraine quotes by Elif Shafak
#25. Peri disliked these dinner parties, which went on late into the night and often left her with a migraine the next day. She would rather stay home and, in the witching hours, be immersed in a novel – reading being her way to connect with the universe. But solitude was a rare privilege in Istanbul. There was always some important event to attend or an urgent social responsibility to fulfil as if the culture, like a child scared of loneliness, made sure everyone was at all times in the company of others. #Quote by Elif Shafak
Advil Migraine quotes by Oliver Sacks
#26. The hateful mood of a migraine - depressed and withdrawn, or furious and irascible - tends to melt away in the stage of lysis, to melt away with the physiological secretion. "Resolution by secretion" thus resembles a catharsis on both physiological and psychological levels, like weeping for grief. The #Quote by Oliver Sacks
Advil Migraine quotes by Nancy Wilson
#27. We have to learn to apply wisdom in every situation and not "spiritualize" every temptation. Sometimes we need to overcome temptation by prayer and receiving grace; other times we need to put on some cheery music, open the curtains, and make a pot of coffee. God has given us the blessing of food when we are hungry, Advil when we have a headache, and Starbucks when we need a serious perk-up. We should avail ourselves of these blessings with gratitude to God our Creator, and not think we are somehow being unspiritual if we look to His creation for help and comfort. #Quote by Nancy Wilson
Advil Migraine quotes by Oliver Sacks
#28. Transient states of depersonalisation are appreciably commoner during migraine auras. Freud reminds us that " ... the ego is first and foremost a body-ego ... the mental projection of the surface of the body." The sense of "self" appears to be based, fundamentally, on a continuous inference from the stability of body-image, the stability of outward perceptions, and the stability of time-perception. Feelings of ego-dissolution readily and promptly occur if there is serious disorder or instability of body-image, external perception, or time-perception, and all of these, as we have seen, may occur during the course of a migraine aura. #Quote by Oliver Sacks
Advil Migraine quotes by April Winchell
#29. I had a migraine for about seven or eight straight days, and I was unable to sleep most nights. #Quote by April Winchell
Advil Migraine quotes by Kendare Blake
#30. If this is mytstical, what the heck is Advil going to do about it? #Quote by Kendare Blake
Advil Migraine quotes by Alena Graedon
#31. (A man who traffics in words, I thought, should come up with better ones than that.) The note felt toxic; it left a funny taste in my mouth. Metallic, like lead paint, or the prodrome of a migraine. When had he written it? And why? Maybe someone else had done it for him. While I'd had my back turned, had he just been pretending to write? Everything about it made me ill. And then there was what the note said. What #Quote by Alena Graedon
Advil Migraine quotes by Joan Didion
#32. And once it comes, now that I am wise in its ways, I no longer fight it. I lie down and let it happen. At first every small apprehension is magnified, every anxiety a pounding terror. Then the pain comes, and I concentrate only on that. Right there is the usefulness of migraine, there in that imposed toga, the concentration on the pain. For when the pain recedes, ten or twelve hours later, everything goes with it, all the hidden resentments, all the vain anxieties. The migraine has acted as a circuit breaker, and the fuses have emerged intact. There is a pleasant convalescent euphoria. I open the windows and feel the air, eat gratefully, sleep well. I notice the particular nature of a flower in a glass on the stair landing. I count my blessings. #Quote by Joan Didion
Advil Migraine quotes by Twenty One Pilots
#33. Sometimes death seems better than the migraine in my head #Quote by Twenty One Pilots
Advil Migraine quotes by Bruce Crown
#34. The sound of her laughter eased Clark's migraine. #Quote by Bruce Crown
Advil Migraine quotes by Jim Norton
#35. I had AIDS, but I beat it with Advil. #Quote by Jim Norton
Advil Migraine quotes by Richard Kadrey
#36. I'm trying very hard not to think about anything I'm doing. Of all the iffy things I've ever done in my life, I've never had to ditch a body before. While it's giving me a migraine right now, I think the fact that I'm not an expert on corpse disposal says a lot of good things about me and my life choices. #Quote by Richard Kadrey
Advil Migraine quotes by Rachel Hawthorne
#37. You never talk to the pitcher when…" He shook his head. "You just never talk to the pitcher when--"
"I just wanted to congratulate him on a good game--"
"It's not over 'til it's over," Chase said.
"You jinxed me," Jason said, crouching down in the corner, pressing his palms against his forehead, like he'd been struck with a migraine headache.
"You don't really believe that superstitious--"
His head came up so fast, and his stare was so hard that I stopped. He did believe. He really did believe. And judging by the way the other guys were looking at me, they all believed.
I backed away, not knowing what to say. I'd just felt sorry for him because he was being ignored. The guy at bat struck out, and Brandon was next. Bird had her fingers crossed while clutching the wire of the fence.
"I think I just made a big mistake," I said, my voice low.
"Yeah, I heard you. According to Brandon, you're never supposed to use the term no-hitter in the dugout."
"Well, I wasn't technically in the dugout."
"But your words traveled into the dugout. Close enough."
"Great. You don't really think I jinxed them, do you?"
Brandon struck out, the first time he'd struck out since playing for the Rattlers. When he walked by and glared at me, I found myself wishing Harry Potter was real, sitting in the stands, and could turn me into a rabbit's foot. I didn't really believe in bad luck. I believed we made our own luck, but I also understood the po #Quote by Rachel Hawthorne
Advil Migraine quotes by Kristen Proby
#38. All I want right now is my quiet room, a bottle of wine, and some Advil. In #Quote by Kristen Proby
Advil Migraine quotes by M. Kane
#39. Acardi! We should have killed him on the spot and you wouldn't let me! You didn't even listen."

"Fine," I said, glaring at him. "Next time you want to commit murder, give me a call. You dagger them, I'll chop them into little tiny pieces and toss them into the East River."

For the first time, I noticed the shadows beneath his eyes, the gauntness on his face. He lowered his voice, rubbing his temples as if he had a migraine. "This isn't the time for sarcasm, Liana."

"No, apparently it's murder time. #Quote by M. Kane
Advil Migraine quotes by Laurie Colwin
#40. From Laurie Colwin: Lovely writing! About grief she writes: I realized that grief is metabolic: it crawls through you like a disease and takes your energy away. Then it gathers and hits like a sudden migraine, like being hit by a car, like having a large, flat rock hurled at your chest. #Quote by Laurie Colwin
Advil Migraine quotes by Hilary Mantel
#41. The migraine angel leaned hard on my shoulder and belched into my face. #Quote by Hilary Mantel
Advil Migraine quotes by Michele Bachmann
#42. When migraines briefly became a campaign issue for me, it appeared that political foes were maybe playing the gender card. #Quote by Michele Bachmann
Advil Migraine quotes by David Gest
#43. I never had migraines. Never had migraines. #Quote by David Gest
Advil Migraine quotes by Jonathan Taylor Thomas
#44. I can't tell you how many shows I've done with full-blown migraine headaches. #Quote by Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Advil Migraine quotes by Sarah Hackley
#45. Remember this: You are the expert of your body. #Quote by Sarah Hackley
Advil Migraine quotes by J.C. Joranco
#46. Danilo's was the kind of place where many drinking men come to hide, be it from their wives, in-laws, their jobs or life in general. it was where men and women can come to drink poison as if it was the only form of medicine available to remedy the migraine headache called life. The lighting dim and secluded, mostly covering the tables, counters and the door to the bathroom. The walls were decorated in decades of memories, favorite sports teams and other miscellaneous decor that was typical of small bars such as this one. It was too dark to tell what they were from a distance.
There was a thick layer of smoke hovering in the air around the ceiling lights, the place was smothered in it but was strongest above everyone's heads. The smell was the classic stale bar odor of cigarettes and cheap cigars. #Quote by J.C. Joranco
Advil Migraine quotes by Joan Didion
#47. And I have learned now to live with it, learned when to expect it, how to outwit it, even how to regard it, when it does come, as more friend than lodger. We have reached a certain understanding, my migraine and I. #Quote by Joan Didion

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