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Adventure quotes by Paul Kane
#1. For English assignments I was constantly coming up with these strange adventure stories ... But I actually wanted to be an artist, or maybe work in the comic book industry. #Quote by Paul Kane
Adventure quotes by Doris Day
#2. In the press, my sex life was something else again. I was Lady Bountiful of the Sheets. Some of the best fiction of the Sixties was written about my amorous adventures with an assortment of lovers who could have only been chosen by a berserk random sampler. #Quote by Doris Day
Adventure quotes by Rajani LaRocca
#3. Lemon and... blueberries, right? No, hold on- blackberries, I think. And... lavender? Lavender, for... excitement? I think there's an old saying that lavender is good for something like that."
That sounded familiar. "Just a second." I took the book out of my backpack and flipped through the beginning again. "This isn't in alphabetical order, or any kind of order at all. Oh, here it is. Lavender brings luck and adventure for those who choose to embrace it," I said. "You were right."
"What book is that?" asked Vik. "It looks ancient."
"I just found it. It's got all these drawings and descriptions of herbs and spices."
"Cool! Can I take a look?"
I handed him the book, and he spent the next few minutes leafing through it, but then returned to eating the cupcake.
"I love this. It's so different from the usual boring things people make. Although..." He took another bite. "I have a suggestion." He studied the cupcake. "The cake is light, fluffy, and complex, and the creamy, tangy frosting complements it so well. It might be even better with an edible garnish. Like a sugared mint leaf." He took another bite. "Or a sugared violet," he said with his mouth half full. "That would be lovely."
I gaped in surprise. He was right. It would be lovely. I'd thought about topping them with fresh, mouth-puckering blackberries, but these suggestions were so much more elegant. #Quote by Rajani LaRocca
Adventure quotes by Carina Chocano
#4. We appeared to be done with the marriage plot. ('What's the alternative to the marriage plot?' She said: ' The alternative is adventure.') My generation (I thought) was the first post-feminist generation. The first to be allowed to see love in terms of adventure and quest, not salvation and redemption. #Quote by Carina Chocano
Adventure quotes by Paulo Coelho
#5. A journey is an adventure. Henry Miller said that it is far more important to discover a church no one has heard of, than go to Rome and feel obliged to visit the Sistine Chapel, with two hundred thousand tourists shouting all around you. Go to the Sistine Chapel, but also get lost in the streets, wander down alleyways, feel free to look for something, without knowing what it is. I swear you will find it and that it will change your life. #Quote by Paulo Coelho
Adventure quotes by Patricia Dsouza
#6. Welcome every challenge
and adventure with an Open arm,
Tomorrow is yours.
You can Create your own Future. #Quote by Patricia Dsouza
Adventure quotes by Edith Wharton
#7. One of the great things about travel is you find out how many good, kind people there are. #Quote by Edith Wharton
Adventure quotes by Paulo Coelho
#8. It was a trap. Later, if I heard the song played on the radio or at a club, i would think of him, and of a time in my life when autumn turned to spring. I would recall the excitement, the adventure, and the child who was reborn out of God knows where. That's what he was thinking. He was wise, and experienced; he knew how to woo the woman he wanted. #Quote by Paulo Coelho
Adventure quotes by Eli Hinze
#9. There are simply some laws we must transgress, no matter the penalty. #Quote by Eli Hinze
Adventure quotes by Edward Snowden
#10. The Internet I'd grown up with, the Internet that had raised me, was disappearing. And with it, so was my youth. The very act of going online, which had once seemed like a marvelous adventure, now seemed like a fraught ordeal. #Quote by Edward Snowden
Adventure quotes by Natalie Crown
#11. Kammy jerked upright. It was as though the trees had parted beneath the pressure of the storm and a bolt of lightning had struck her. She had never entered the mouth for it had always been much too small. Yet, she had never seen anything else enter it either. The thought alone made her feel sick with excitement and fear. A small voice told Kammy that such a reaction was ridiculous, it was just a squirrel. But warmth spread to the tips of Kammy's fingers as they stretched forward. She could see now that it was not a burrow at all, but a tunnel large enough for her to fit through. She was quite sure that she would not even have to bend her head. The same small voice tried to speak again but Kammy could not hear it through the rush of blood in her ears.
Kammy stepped inside the mouth of the forest and felt herself flipped upside down. #Quote by Natalie Crown
Adventure quotes by Ruskin Bond
#12. The adventure is not in arriving, it's in the on-the-way experience. It is not in the expected; it's in the surprise. You #Quote by Ruskin Bond
Adventure quotes by Michael Giacchino
#13. Adventure is out there, it's heading our way So grab your scarf and goggles, let's fly! I've mapped out our journey, we're up here to stay. A sunset is our home. A moonbeam we will own. My Spirit of Adventure is you! #Quote by Michael Giacchino
Adventure quotes by John Muir
#14. What is worthwhile in life? I think it is worth living and dreaming. If you don't you may be dead anyhow - inside. #Quote by John Muir
Adventure quotes by Francois Truffaut
#15. There are two kinds of directors; those who have the public in mind when they conceive and make their films and those who don't consider the public at all. For the former, cinema is an art of spectacle; for the latter, it is an individual adventure. There is nothing intrinsically better about one or the other; it's simply a matter of different approaches. For Hitchcock as for Renoir, as for that matter almost all American directors, a film has not succeeded unless it is a success, that is, unless it touches the public that one has had in mind right from the moment of choosing the subject matter to the end of production. While Bresson, Tati, Rossellini, Ray make films their own way and then invite the public to join the "game," Renoir, Clouzot, Hitchcock and Hawks make movies for the public, and ask themselves all the questions they think will interest their audience. Alfred Hitchcock, who is a remarkably intelligent man, formed the habit early--right from the start of his career in England--of predicting each aspect of his films. All his life he has worked to make his own tastes coincide with the public', emphasizing humor in his English period and suspense in his American period. This dosage of humor and suspense has made Hitchcock one of the most commercial directors in the world (his films regularly bring in four times what they cost). It is the strict demands he makes on himself and on his art that have made him a great director. #Quote by Francois Truffaut
Adventure quotes by Dwayne Johnson
#16. I like the idea of making a big, fun, adventure type of movie. #Quote by Dwayne Johnson
Adventure quotes by S.A. Tawks
#17. A misadventure is an act that has a safer, less self-detrimental, less interesting alternative. But you choose that act because you want to do something memorable and worthy of discussion. #Quote by S.A. Tawks
Adventure quotes by Hunter S. Thompson
#18. Get out of control, but appear under control. It?s not bad to alarm other people, though ? it?s good for them. #Quote by Hunter S. Thompson
Adventure quotes by Alexis Carrel
#19. Men grow when inspired by a high purpose, when contemplating vast horizons. The sacrifice of oneself is not very difficult for one burning with the passion for a great adventure. #Quote by Alexis Carrel
Adventure quotes by Tom DeMarco
#20. In a healthy organization, a certain amount of failure is okay. At Microsoft, for example, there has long been an almost official policy of "sink, then swim." People are loaded down with so much responsibility that they sink (fail). Then they have a chance to rest up, to analyze and modify their own performance. Finally, they are loaded again with a comparable amount of responsibility, but this time they succeed. If they don't sink the first time, that just shows they weren't challenged enough. They can be sure that the next time out they will be challenged a lot more aggressively. To the extent that this policy is applied company-wide, Microsoft seems to be run as an Outward Bound adventure. Finding your weaknesses by failing is not just incidental; it is designed into the corporate philosophy. #Quote by Tom DeMarco
Adventure quotes by John Eldredge
#21. Adventure requires something of us, puts us to the test. Though we may fear the test, at the same time we yearn to be tested, to discover that we have what it takes. #Quote by John Eldredge
Adventure quotes by Jawaharlal Nehru
#22. Our lives are encumbered with the dead wood of this past; all that is dead and has served its purpose has to go. But that does not mean a break with, or a forgetting of, the vital and life-giving in that past. We can never forget the ideals that have moved our race, the dreams of the Indian people through the ages, the wisdom of the ancients, the buoyant energy and love of life and nature of our forefathers, their spirit of curiosity and mental adventure, the daring of their thought, their splendid achievements in literature, art and culture, their love of truth and beauty and freedom, the basic values that they set up, their understanding of life's mysterious ways, their toleration of other ways than theirs, their capacity to absorb other peoples and their cultural accomplishments, to synthesize them and develop a varied and mixed culture; nor can we forget the myriad experiences which have built up our ancient race and lie embedded in our sub-conscious minds. We will never forget them or cease to take pride in that noble heritage of ours. If India forgets them she will no longer remain India and much that has made her our joy and pride will cease to be. #Quote by Jawaharlal Nehru
Adventure quotes by Lucy Maud Montgomery
#23. I've a pocket full of dreams to sell," said Teddy, whimsically, ... "What d'ye lack? What d'ye lack? A dream of success
a dream of adventure
a dream of the sea
a dream of the woodland
any kind of a dream you want at reasonable prices, including one or two unique little nightmares. What will you give me for a dream? #Quote by Lucy Maud Montgomery
Adventure quotes by Mel Shestack
#24. I edited that [men's adventure] stuff, I read it all. I went from that to The Saturday Evening Post. The very first day at the Post, I edited a piece by John O'Hara and Hannah Arendt. She said, 'Come on, vat are you doink?'

"I said, 'You're okay Arendt, but you're no Walter Kaylin. #Quote by Mel Shestack
Adventure quotes by J.L. Bond
#25. My words shall open the portal to thee.
My words shall reveal for thy eyes to see.
My words shall forewarn what is yet to be.
To find the way you must follow your heart,
Any other path shall tear us apart.
From Eleventh Elementum #Quote by J.L. Bond
Adventure quotes by Julie Johnson
#26. There's this thrill I get, when I go on an adventure. Climb a peak, explore a city, set down wheels on a dirt runway in a place I've never been before. I've spent my whole life chasing that feeling." He pauses. "You're the first person I've ever met who makes me feel that rush while I'm standing still. #Quote by Julie Johnson
Adventure quotes by Charlotte Sophia Kasl
#27. Prepare for joy - speak your truth, care for yourself, expand your knowledge, nurture your friendships, let people love you, take on new adventures, go where your heart leads you. #Quote by Charlotte Sophia Kasl
Adventure quotes by David Malouf
#28. And if other old men must be willing, at the end, to push up off their deathbed and adventure out into the unknown, how much more willing must that man be whose whole life has been just such a daily exercise of adventuring, even in the stillness of his own garden? I mean, the poet. #Quote by David Malouf
Adventure quotes by Leslie Cockburn
#29. After reading Graham Greene and Joseph Conrad when I was a student at Yale, I wanted to live in the world they captured in their books. I had had some experience living in Africa. I was drawn to that kind of adventure. #Quote by Leslie Cockburn
Adventure quotes by Bertrand Russell
#30. It will be said that the joy of mental adventure must be rare, that there are few who can appreciate it, and that ordinary education can take no account of so aristocratic a good. I do not believe this. The joy of mental adventure is far commoner in the young than in grown men and women ... It is rare in later life because everything is done to kill it during education. #Quote by Bertrand Russell
Adventure quotes by Michelle Frost
#31. And who is to say the truth can't be a miracle? #Quote by Michelle Frost
Adventure quotes by Hale Appleman
#32. I grew up loving fantasy, adventure, and children's book series. At the time, I was in a place in LA where I wasn't working and I kind of thought to myself, "What do I really want to do? Like, what kind of role would be really exciting for me?" And I sort of thought about being in an adventurous, magical, fantastical world and a character that was powerful and sophisticated and perhaps even a dandy, that might have even passed in my head, and then I got an audition for the show [Magicians]shortly after. #Quote by Hale Appleman
Adventure quotes by Melissa Eskue Ousley
#33. You used to scream so well when you were scared, back when I lived under your bed. #Quote by Melissa Eskue Ousley
Adventure quotes by Hannah Harding
#34. You'll never know the kind of person you could be until you take that first step, all alone, into the great unknown. Very few take the step. #Quote by Hannah Harding
Adventure quotes by Courtenay Hameister
#35. Anxious people are braver than the un-anxious, because we do it anyway, every single day. We're faced with fear on a regular basis and we push through it in order to simply live our lives. And that's something to be proud of.

Also, we're kind of lucky, we anxious few. Because when you're scared of everything, everything is an adventure. #Quote by Courtenay Hameister
Adventure quotes by Mary Adair
#36. It takes Passion to bring a Vision to Life. #Quote by Mary Adair
Adventure quotes by Andre Gide
#37. It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves - in finding themselves. #Quote by Andre Gide
Adventure quotes by Anne Carson
#38. What would it be like to live in a library of melted books. With sentences streaming over the floor and all the punctuation settled to the bottom as a residue. It would be confusing. Unforgivable. A great adventure. #Quote by Anne Carson
Adventure quotes by Debasish Mridha
#39. The most daring adventure in life is life itself. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Adventure quotes by Michael Chabon
#40. All male friendships are essentially quixotic: they last only so long as each man is willing to polish the shaving-bowl helmet, climb on his donkey, and ride off after the other in pursuit of illusive glory and questionable adventure. #Quote by Michael Chabon
Adventure quotes by John Jakes
#41. Libraries are magical places. There's nothing quite like strolling the hushed aisles, letting your eye rove along dimly lit shelves. Each spine, each title, seems to beckon with a promise of incredible wonders, surprises, and adventures. #Quote by John Jakes
Adventure quotes by C.J. Milbrandt
#42. They say that to live in the Wilds, you have to be half-wild yourself. Or at least very brave. And Zane is both. #Quote by C.J. Milbrandt
Adventure quotes by Patience Strong
#43. I thought I had finished with romantic adventures, but half-way through life and well past the age for losing one's heart, I was suddenly swept off my feet by a new love, a passionate, tyrannical, all-absorbing emotion: the love of a garden. #Quote by Patience Strong
Adventure quotes by Tahir Shah
#44. Running an expedition can bring out the worst in a man. It can make you a power-crazed monster. #Quote by Tahir Shah
Adventure quotes by P.J. Parker
#45. The Sleepin' Fox Catches No Poultry. #Quote by P.J. Parker
Adventure quotes by George MacDonald
#46. I must accept my fate! But how was life to be lived in a world of which I had all the laws to learn? There would, however, be adventure! that held consolation; and whether I found my way home or not, I should at least have the rare advantage of knowing two worlds! #Quote by George MacDonald
Adventure quotes by Clarice Lispector
#47. To restore you and myself, I return to my state of garden and shade, cool reality, I hardly exist and if I do exist it's with delicate care. Surrounding the shade is a teeming, sweaty heat. I'm alive. But I feel I've not yet reached my limits, bordering on what? Without limits, the adventure of a dangerous freedom. But I take the risk, I live taking it. I'm full of acacias swaying yellow, and I, who have barely begun my journey, begin it with a sense of tragedy, guessed what lost ocean my life steps will take me to. And crazily I latch onto the corners of myself, my hallucinations suffocate me with their beauty. I am before, I am almost, I am never. And all this I gained when I stopped loving you. #Quote by Clarice Lispector
Adventure quotes by Rudyard Kipling
#48. This is a brief life, but in its brevity it offers us some splendid moments, some meaningful adventures. #Quote by Rudyard Kipling
Adventure quotes by Torre DeRoche
#49. His introduction throws me. The only time I can envision "Hi, I'm a surgeon" as a fitting introduction is if I were on a gurney in a stark white room and a man wielding a scalpel was standing over me. Plus, it's been a while since we've talked careers with anyone. Jobs are rarely a topic of conversation anymore--they exist in a place and time too far away to seem interesting. "What do you do?" is not a question asked to define someone, because out here we're all working the same jobs: yachties, mechanics, navigators, weather-readers, fishermen, adventure travelers, storytellers. #Quote by Torre DeRoche
Adventure quotes by Mark Rothko
#50. To me art is an adventure into an unknown world, which can be explored only by those willing to take the risk. #Quote by Mark Rothko
Adventure quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#51. Every new day brings new adoration and new adventure. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Adventure quotes by Henry Van Dyke
#52. Let me but live my life from year to year,
With forward face and unreluctant soul,
Not hastening to, nor turning from the goal;
Nor mourning things that disappear
In the dim past, nor holding back in fear
From what the future veils; but with a whole
And happy heart, that pays its toll
To youth and age, and travels on with cheer.
So let the way wind up the hill or down,
Through rough or smooth, the journey will be joy,
Still seeking what I sought when but a boy
New friendship, high adventure, and a crown,
I shall grow old, but never lose life's zest,
Because the road's last turn will be the best. #Quote by Henry Van Dyke
Adventure quotes by Fennel Hudson
#53. You can escape completely, seeking an alternative life, or you can play the game and go absent without leave. How you do it is up to you. #Quote by Fennel Hudson
Adventure quotes by H.P. Lovecraft
#54. While my chosen form of story-writing is obviously a special and perhaps a narrow one, it is none the less a persistent and permanent type of expression, as old as literature itself. There will always be a certain small percentage of persons who feel a burning curiosity about unknown outer space, and a burning desire to escape from the prison-house of the known and the real into those enchanted lands of incredible adventure and infinite possibilities which dreams open up to us, and which things like deep woods, fantastic urban towers, and flaming sunsets momentarily suggest. #Quote by H.P. Lovecraft
Adventure quotes by Rohinton Mistry
#55. You fellows are amazing,' the sweaty cook roared over the stoves. 'Everything happens to you only. Each time you come here, you have a new adventure story to entertain us #Quote by Rohinton Mistry
Adventure quotes by Francis Shenstone
#56. Let's do life together – it's far better. #Quote by Francis Shenstone
Adventure quotes by S.A. Tawks
#57. Honestly, if I stay on this gruelling path, I'm going to end up as another suicide statistic. #Quote by S.A. Tawks
Adventure quotes by Miranda Hart
Excuse me, but at thirty-eight and over six foot, trying to sit cross-legged on the ground to eat a meal is a total adventure. Have you ever attempted to eat with a plastic knife and fork, off a paper plate, while balancing the plate on your knee? And in company? That's an adventure. I tried to cut into my pork pie and the knife broke, then my Scotch egg rolled off the plate and into some mud. What does one do in that situation? Wipe off the mud, and eat it anyway? Risky. I peeled off the meaty outside and ate the boiled egg. Result. And, once, on the beach, I sat down with fish and chips (not strictly a picnic, but still hardcore al fresco eating) and a seagull swooped down and took the whole fish from my box! It was terrifying. So don't you go telling me that picnics aren't an adventure, thanking you muchly. #Quote by Miranda Hart
Adventure quotes by Frank Warren
#59. Surprise!
Adolescence is not an exciting adventure. It's actually very boring and lonelier than you could ever imagine. #Quote by Frank Warren
Adventure quotes by Dan Chaon
#60. There is your car and the open road, the fabled lure of random adventure. You stand at the verge, and you could become anything. Your future shifts and warps with your smallest step, your shitty little whims. The man you will become is at your mercy. #Quote by Dan Chaon
Adventure quotes by Joey Ramone
#61. I've done a lot of living and a lot of adventuring and I think that's very healthy, ya know. And I think everybody should adventure life 'cos that's what life is, it's for adventuring. You gotta know what you wanna do with your life. And you gotta know when you have something special and you don't wanna blow it. #Quote by Joey Ramone
Adventure quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#62. The pleasure of reading is indescribable. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Adventure quotes by Kyle Keyes
#63. Somehow, creation manages to form without species intervention. #Quote by Kyle Keyes
Adventure quotes by Kishore Bansal
#64. Loved life is full of suspence,adventures where excitement dance #Quote by Kishore Bansal
Adventure quotes by Arthur Conan Doyle
#65. Watson: When do we start?
Holmes: You are not coming.
Watson: Then you are not going. I give you my word of honour - and I never broke it in my life - that I will take a cab straight to the police station and give you away unless you let me share this adventure with you. #Quote by Arthur Conan Doyle
Adventure quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#66. Use your time and your strength for your accomplishments. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Adventure quotes by Catherynne M Valente
#67. I just want to know...if I am special,' finished September, halfway between a whisper and a squeak. 'In stories, when someone appears in a poof of green clouds and asks a girl to go away on an adventure, it's because she's special, because she's smart and strong and can solve riddles and fight with swords and give really good speeches, and . . . I don't know that I'm any of those things. I don't even know that I'm as ill-tempered as all that. I'm not dull or anything, I know about geography and chess, and I can fix the boiler when my mother has to work. But what I mean to say is: Maybe you meant to go to another girl's house and let her ride on the Leopard. Maybe you didn't mean to choose me at all, because I'm not like storybook girls. I'm short and my father ran away with the army and I wouldn't even be able to keep a dog from eating a bird. #Quote by Catherynne M Valente
Adventure quotes by Charlotte Eriksson
#68. Art is supposed to reflect your journey through real life. Your discovery of your character in solitude and around other people, the moments of clarity when you feel loved and the moment when your heart breaks so much that you can hear it crack. When you run careless and free on open fields and when you're struggling on your way home on the bus. This is what makes you a real artist. Experiences, moments, stories. Falling recklessly in love, losing someone you love and then learning to belong to yourself again. Going to new places, meeting new people, driving in the middle of the night on empty streets. Going to the ocean and staying there until 6 a.m, smoking cigarettes and talking about roses and butterflies. These are the things that will give you something worth writing about, worth singing about, worth creating art around. #Quote by Charlotte Eriksson
Adventure quotes by Emily Blunt
#69. I find it quite hard to sum up my relationship in a sound bite. I feel that it trivializes it for other people's pleasure. It's an adventure. #Quote by Emily Blunt
Adventure quotes by Cassandra Reeder
#70. As a little girl I always expected that one day adventure would happen to me - someday a tornado would whisk me away to Oz, or I'd fall down a rabbit hole, or David Bowie would kidnap me and take me to his labyrinth where he'd sing me songs and feed me magic peaches. (I still sorta wish David Bowie would kidnap me, but that's beside the point.) As I get older, I realize you have to make adventure happen for yourself. I hope this cookbook helps you, dear reader, to make some tasty adventures for yourself - and maybe throw some really awesome LARP parties. #Quote by Cassandra Reeder
Adventure quotes by Richard Laymon
#71. In a sense, all fiction is experimental. Every new book is an adventure into unknown territory. As Hemingway told us, you (the writer) have to go out beyond where you have gone before. #Quote by Richard Laymon
Adventure quotes by Anatoli Boukreev
#72. How could the adventure seeker of today find satisfaction with the level of performance that was a standard set more than 40 years ago ? #Quote by Anatoli Boukreev
Adventure quotes by Corey Taylor
#73. From depression to ceiling fans, I've been through it all. I've taken almost every step that life has to offer and invariably I've found several different endings to my Choose Your Own Adventure stories. I've lived, loved, sacrificed and scraped for this existence, this paltry little city state I call my time so far. And by God, I wouldn't change a single frame of this movie. #Quote by Corey Taylor
Adventure quotes by David Gerrold
#74. Study what you love, and you'll never have to work a day in your life. It'll be one great adventure. #Quote by David Gerrold
Adventure quotes by Devin Brown
#75. This is a book for anyone undertaking an adventure and leaving behind a life that has been familiar, comfortable, and predictable. #Quote by Devin Brown
Adventure quotes by Jonathan Swift
#76. Two days after this adventure, the emperor, having ordered that part of his army which quarters in and about his metropolis, to be in readiness, took a fancy of diverting himself in a very singular manner. He desired I would stand like a Colossus, with my legs as far asunder as I conveniently could. #Quote by Jonathan Swift
Adventure quotes by John Pringle Nichol
#77. The entire annals of Observation probably do not elsewhere exhibit so extraordinary a verification of any theoretical conjecture adventured on by the human spirit! #Quote by John Pringle Nichol
Adventure quotes by Trenton Lee Stewart
#78. May your adventures bring you closer together, even as they take you far away from home. #Quote by Trenton Lee Stewart
Adventure quotes by Elizabeth Peters
#79. At the time there were moments of extreme discomfort; but the adventure, the danger, the exhilaration of doubt and peril are in retrospect something I rather regret having lost. #Quote by Elizabeth Peters
Adventure quotes by Jenny Han
#80. Allow yourself to get a little lost. By this I mean, get caught up in it, do things you wouldn't normally do - let it be an adventure.
But not so lost that you can't find your way. #Quote by Jenny Han
Adventure quotes by Bob Bitchin
#81. The difference between an adventure and an ordeal is attitude. #Quote by Bob Bitchin
Adventure quotes by Stephen Coonts
#82. All really great flying adventures begin at dawn. #Quote by Stephen Coonts
Adventure quotes by S.A. Tawks
#83. She's happy to be home but being home means that it's an end to her adventure and escape. #Quote by S.A. Tawks
Adventure quotes by Sonia Choquette
#84. When you breathe into fear it becomes adventure #Quote by Sonia Choquette
Adventure quotes by Nikki Rowe
#85. Literature will save me it's the only certainty i am sure of. #Quote by Nikki Rowe
Adventure quotes by Richard Feynman
#86. No government has the right to decide on the truth of scientific principles, nor to prescribe in any way the character of the questions investigated. Neither may a government determine the aesthetic value of artistic creations, nor limit the forms of literacy or artistic expression. Nor should it pronounce on the validity of economic, historic, religious, or philosophical doctrines. Instead it has a duty to its citizens to maintain the freedom, to let those citizens contribute to the further adventure and the development of the human race. #Quote by Richard Feynman
Adventure quotes by Jane Velez-Mitchell
#87. Shopping in the right kind of stores and looking for healthier foods can be a wonderful adventure to health. #Quote by Jane Velez-Mitchell
Adventure quotes by Pete Wentz
#88. Soccer presented no challenge to me. Playing felt like breathing: I always had a magical connection to the ball. But it didn't feel like an adventure. Music was more of a challenge and, in the end, felt more interesting. #Quote by Pete Wentz
Adventure quotes by John McLay
#89. Daddy was always searching for new adventure--always looking for a revelation. He used to say 'If you climb every mountain and walk into every valley, one day you'll surprise the Great Creator at his work. #Quote by John McLay
Adventure quotes by Bam Margera
#90. Nothing is really 'safe'. #Quote by Bam Margera
Adventure quotes by Ariel Roma
#91. If a wish turns to hope, it's worth chasing. (Lucas Warbuck: Darkotika - Book 2) #Quote by Ariel Roma
Adventure quotes by Zara D. Green
#92. Here's the truth: It is not Grown to expect a relationship to provide what you are not committed to providing for yourself. The capacity for others to love you can never exceed the love you demonstrate for yourself. Furthermore, you don't attract what you want in relationships, but what you are. So if you want financial security in a relationship, you need to commit to providing that for yourself. If tender, loving treatment is what you desire, then you should be giving that to yourself as a single person. If you seek forgiveness, compassion and emotional safety in a relationship, you must be committed to requiring that of yourself in single life. If you want a relationship rich with fun, joy and adventure, then that is exactly the life you should be pursuing as a single person. On the other hand, if you are desperate and unhappy as a single person, you are neither qualified nor prepared for a healthy relationship and you will attract and choose anything but. #Quote by Zara D. Green
Adventure quotes by Robert Kurson
#93. John Chatterton is the kind of person who always seems to be up to some kind of incredible adventure. #Quote by Robert Kurson
Adventure quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#94. Adventures are not all pony-rides in May-sunshine. #Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien
Adventure quotes by Agatha Christie
#95. One mustn't refuse the unusual, if it is offered to one. #Quote by Agatha Christie
Adventure quotes by Seanan McGuire
#96. Children have always tumbled down rabbit holes, fallen through mirrors, been swept away by unseasonal floods or carried off by tornadoes. Children have always traveled, and because they are young and bright and full of contradictions, they haven't always restricted their travel to the possible. Adulthood brings limitations like gravity and linear space and the idea that bedtime is a real thing, and not an artificially imposed curfew. Adults can still tumble down rabbit holes and into enchanted wardrobes, but it happens less and less with every year they live. Maybe this is a natural consequence of living in a world where being careful is a necessary survival trait, where logic wears away the potential for something bigger and better than the obvious. Childhood melts, and flights of fancy are replaced by rules. Tornados kill people: they don't carry them off to magical worlds. Talking foxes are a sign of fever, not guides sent to start some grand adventure.
But children, ah, children. Children follow the foxes, and open the wardrobes, and peek beneath the bridge. Children climb the walls and fall down the wells and run the razor's edge of possibility until sometimes, just sometimes, the possible surrenders and shows them the way to go home. #Quote by Seanan McGuire
Adventure quotes by Rachel Lewis
#97. As night falls silently all around,
She carefully turns the last page. #Quote by Rachel Lewis
Adventure quotes by Arthur Conan Doyle
#98. This great and sombre stage is set for something more worthy than that," said he. "It is fortunate for this community that I am not a criminal." -Sherlock Holmes- (The adventure of the Bruce-Partington plans) #Quote by Arthur Conan Doyle
Adventure quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#99. Explore the deep ocean. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Adventure quotes by Henning Mankell
#100. I intend to die with a bottle of champagne by my bed. I'll drink a toast to the fact that, despite everything, I was able to experience the singular adventure of being born, living and one day disappearing into the darkness once again. #Quote by Henning Mankell
Adventure quotes by Walter Moers
#101. There were adventure stories supplied with cloths for mopping your brow, thrillers containing pressed leaves of soothing valerian to be sniffed when the suspense became too great, and books with stout locks sealed by the Atlantean censorship authorities ("Sale permitted, reading prohibited!"). One shop sold nothing but 'half' works that broke off in the middle because their author had died while writing them; another specialised in novels whose protagonists were insects. I also saw a Wolperting shop that sold nothing but books on chess and another patronised exclusively by dwarfs with blond beards, all of whom wore eye-shades. #Quote by Walter Moers
Adventure quotes by Bob Weinstein
#102. The characters are great, and this is the first adventure of the brothers Grimm, so there's plenty of potential to make a franchise. We've been quite successful in the past, so anything like that, if it does pay off with hopefully the good movie that I think it will be, it pays off also down the road. #Quote by Bob Weinstein
Adventure quotes by Andrea K. Host
#103. I walked into adventure and adventure has given me blisters. #Quote by Andrea K. Host
Adventure quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#104. Whatever is worthy of adventure, can only be experienced. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Adventure quotes by Yoshihiro Togashi
#105. You should enjoy the little detours to the fullest. Because that's where you'll find the things more important than what you want. #Quote by Yoshihiro Togashi
Adventure quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#106. You have the courage to take chances. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Adventure quotes by Raha Moharrak
#107. I climbed nine mountains because I love adventure, and I got addicted to that feeling and I never wanted to stop. I wanted to see what I could accomplish. I finally can say that I stood on top of the world. #Quote by Raha Moharrak
Adventure quotes by James J. Hill
#108. Most men who have really lived have had, in some share, their great adventure. This railway is mine. #Quote by James J. Hill
Adventure quotes by Tove Jansson
#109. I'm not sure I would have ever started to draw, let alone write, if my childhood hadn't been so happy. It was a mixture of comfort and adventure. An excellent mixture! #Quote by Tove Jansson
Adventure quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#110. Love is a practical action. #Quote by Sunday Adelaja
Adventure quotes by Anne Rice
#111. The great adventure of our lives. What does it mean to die when you can live until the end of the world? and what is 'the end of the world' except a phrase, because who knows even what is the world itself? I had now lived in two centuries, seen the illusions of one shattered by the other, been eternally young and eternally ancient, possessing no illusions, living moment to moment in a way that made me picture a silver clock ticking in a void: the painted face, the delicately carved hands looked upon by no one, looking out at no one, illuminated by a light which was not a light, like the light by which god made the world before He had made light. Ticking, ticking, ticking, the precision of the clock, in a room as vast as the universe. #Quote by Anne Rice
Adventure quotes by L. Ron Hubbard
#112. Getting married is an adventure. Because when you're getting married, you're doing something you don't know anything about. Did you ever think of that? #Quote by L. Ron Hubbard
Adventure quotes by Kate Egan
#113. In The Hunger Games, there's something for everyone.
A gripping adventure.
A political commentary.
A love story.
A cautionary tale.
Some call it science fiction, some call it potential reality.
Some say it's for teenagers, some say it's for adults.
The book--and now the film--captures themes and concerns that seem timely.
But its real strength, in the end, is that it's timeless. It speaks to us today, and it will speak--even more powerfully--tomorrow. #Quote by Kate Egan
Adventure quotes by E.L. Konigsburg
#114. ...I didn't run away to come home the same. -Claudia #Quote by E.L. Konigsburg
Adventure quotes by Neil Gaiman
#115. The greatest satisfaction you can obtain from life is your pleasure in producing, in your own individual way, something of value to your fellowmen. That is creative living! For you, life can be a succession of glorious adventures. Or it can be a monotonous bore.
Take your choice! #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Adventure quotes by Catherine Marshall
#116. Dear God,' I said inside myself, 'when I came here, maybe I was partly running off from home for fun and freedom and adventure. But I have a notion that You had something else in mind in letting me come. Anyway if You can use me here in this Cove, well, here I am. #Quote by Catherine Marshall
Adventure quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#117. The choice of daring life is a great spirit. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Adventure quotes by Tom Cruise
#118. I love adventure movies, I just love action adventure films. It's pure cinema and you go in and you're lost to it. To me, it's that challenge - I want to give an audience that ride, that entertainment. #Quote by Tom Cruise
Adventure quotes by Alix E. Harrow
#119. I wanted wide-open horizons and worn shoes and strange constellations spinning above me like midnight riddles. I wanted danger and mystery and adventure. #Quote by Alix E. Harrow
Adventure quotes by Abbie Cornish
#120. Playing different characters in different films helps keep you excited about what you do. It always seems like a whole new adventure. #Quote by Abbie Cornish
Adventure quotes by Elaine A. Cannon
#121. Whatever our personal burden or cross to bear might be, we are here. We live! We Learn! The Grand Adventure is under way for us. Terrible as our trials might be, we are blessed and not abandoned by God. #Quote by Elaine A. Cannon
Adventure quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#122. There in the hospital Billy was having an adventure very common among people without power in times of war: he was trying to prove to a willfully deaf and blind enemy that he is interesting to hear and see. #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut
Adventure quotes by Frederick Lenz
#123. In writing Snowboarding to Nirvana I have intentionally written an inspirational spiritual adventure story, which will hopefully provide people with metaphysical techniques, spiritual knowledge, hope and a brighter view of life. #Quote by Frederick Lenz
Adventure quotes by S.A. Tawks
#124. The purpose of water is to drink it but we swim in it for the fun of it. #Quote by S.A. Tawks
Adventure quotes by David Sedaris
#125. If I'm riding my bike I just replay the same scenarios over and over in my head, like I haven't had a new mental adventure since high school. So that's what I like about books on tape, so my mind can't wander anywhere. #Quote by David Sedaris
Adventure quotes by Deejay Kapil
#126. It is so gratifying to tell so many stories my eye can romance with, that i become the stories.
They shall live on after me, and in that way it makes me immortal #Quote by Deejay Kapil
Adventure quotes by Srividya Srinivasan
#127. You talk of beauty, love, laughter and life like a precious memory. As if the sunshine of love and laughter shall never flow into your life again. You make it sound like your present and future shall promise you nothing but safety and comfort in a sort of dead, dull way. What killed the spirit of madness, the spark of adventure and the sense of delicious fun ? Your aliveness ? Is this what it is to get old ? #Quote by Srividya Srinivasan
Adventure quotes by J.Z. Bingham
#128. A crowd began to gather round to watch the Heat begin.
They soon would learn which one would earn the famous Golden Fin!
The boards were tied to dolphin guides that pulled them like a sleigh
to what they called The Channel, every surfer's Dream Highway! #Quote by J.Z. Bingham
Adventure quotes by Jean-Paul Sartre
#129. What sort of adventures?' I asked him, astonished.

'All sorts, Monsieur. Getting on the wrong train. Stopping in an unknown city. Losing your briefcase, being arrested by mistake, spending the night in prison. Monsieur, I believe the word adventure could be defined: an event out of the ordinary without being necessarily extraordinary. #Quote by Jean-Paul Sartre
Adventure quotes by Nalini Singh
#130. I love you,"she said simply. honestly, forever. "You make the idea of forever a journey into adventure rather than a thing to be endured. #Quote by Nalini Singh
Adventure quotes by Bree Despain
#131. The Tiger's Curse Series has everything my heart could desire in a fantasy: exotic locations, two dashing princes, good vs. evil, the promise of danger and adventure lurking around every corner - and did I mention two dashing princes? Warning: these books may cause you to forget anything else exists until you've turned the last enthralling page. And then you'll want to start all over again! #Quote by Bree Despain
Adventure quotes by Kim Heacox
#132. Among those who could read, books were prized possessions. Words on paper were powerful magic, seductive as music, sharp as a knife at times, or gentle as a kiss. Friendships and love affairs blossomed as men and women read to each other in summer meadows and winter kitchens. Pages were ambrosia in their hands. A new novel or collection of poems was something everybody talked about. Wordsworth, Coleridge, Shakespeare, Bronte, Austen, Dickens, Keats, Emerson, Cooper, Thoreau, Hawthorne, and Twain. To read these authors was to go on a grand adventure and see things as you never had before, see yourself as you never had before. #Quote by Kim Heacox
Adventure quotes by Gloria Steinem
#133. MY LAST HOPE IS to open up the road - literally. So far it's been overwhelmingly masculine turf. Men embody adventure, women embody hearth and home, and that has been pretty much it. #Quote by Gloria Steinem
Adventure quotes by Raymond B. Fosdick
#134. The only life worth living is the adventurous life. Of such a life the dominant characteristic is that it is unafraid. It is unafraid of what other people think ... It does not adapt either its pace or its objectives to the pace and objectives of its neighbors. It thinks its own thoughts, it reads its own books. It develops its own hobbies, and it is governed by its own conscience. The herd may graze where it pleases or stampede where it pleases, but he who lives the adventurous life will remain unafraid when he finds himself alone. #Quote by Raymond B. Fosdick
Adventure quotes by Erin Beaty
#135. She gazed down at the sleeping boy at her feet. Alex had died for his prince. If necessary, she would do no less. #Quote by Erin Beaty
Adventure quotes by Jenny Han
#136. Stormy lived more life in one night than most people do their whole lives. She was a force of nature. She taught me that love--" My eyes well up and I start over. "Stormy taught me that love is about making brave choices every day. That's what Stormy did. She always picked love; she always picked adventure. To her they were one and the same. And now she's off on a new adventure, and we wish her well."
From his seat on the couch, John wipes his eyes with his sleeve.
I give Janette a nod, and she gets up and presses play on the stereo, and "Stormy Weather" fills the room. "Don't know why there's no sun up in the sky…"
After, John shoulders his way over to me, holding two plastic cups of fruit punch. Ruefully he says, "I'm sure she'd tell us to spike it, but…" He hands me a cup, and we clink. "To Edith Sinclair McClaren Sheehan, better known as Stormy."
"Stormy's real name was Edith? It's so serious. It sounds like someone who wears wool skirts and heavy stockings, and drinks chamomile tea at night. Stormy drank cocktails!"
John laughs. "I know, right?"
"So then where did the name Stormy come from? Why not Edie?"
"Who knows?" John says, a wry smile on his lips. "She'd have loved your speech." He gives me a warm, appreciative sort of look. "You're such a nice girl, Lara Jean. #Quote by Jenny Han
Adventure quotes by S.A. Tawks
#137. I figured, what harm could come from a little bit of fun? Crabs. The Canadian girl gave me crabs. #Quote by S.A. Tawks
Adventure quotes by Rehan Khan
#138. He never felt ready. Just, almost. Yet, almost would have to do - Will #Quote by Rehan Khan
Adventure quotes by Paul Tournier
#139. Life can become once more a grand adventure if we will surrender it to god. He brings one adventure to an end, only to open another to us. With him we must be ready for anything. #Quote by Paul Tournier
Adventure quotes by Joseph Campbell
#140. Follow your bliss. The heroic life is living the individual adventure. #Quote by Joseph Campbell
Adventure quotes by Stephen Becker
#141. ...and they buried him there, just off the trail, in a glade ten miles from the majestic Salween, a long way from home, but what dead man is not? #Quote by Stephen Becker
Adventure quotes by J. W. N. Sullivan
#142. We have reached one of the great stages in the adventure of thought ... We are required to see the universe with new eyes, and it is because it makes such demands and also holds out the promise of realizing them, that the study of science is so supremely worth while. #Quote by J. W. N. Sullivan
Adventure quotes by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
#143. The thing is that my first novel, which was basically a mystery adventure story, won quite an important award in Spain for young adult fiction, and because of this it became a very successful book, and right now it's some sort of a standard title, it's read widely in many high schools in Spain, so I think, in a way, I was a victim of my own success in the field of young adult fiction, because it was never my own natural register. I never intended to write that kind of fiction, but I became very successful at it. #Quote by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
Adventure quotes by Renée Chae
#144. The radically phenomenal thing about the truth is once you find it, you can dig and dig and you're just going to reveal more and more. There is no end when one starts digging in the direction of the truth. It's the ultimate life adventure. #Quote by Renée Chae
Adventure quotes by Cindy Skaggs
#145. Leather and tattoos, they were his cover, and she wondered what she'd find when she unwrapped him. #Quote by Cindy Skaggs
Adventure quotes by John Templeton
#146. If you are curious as to what your future may hold, you can look into a mirror. What is reflecting back? Does a sparkle in your eyes indicate excitement about new adventures and opportunities? Does a smile on your lips portray an inner happiness and abundant goodwill towards others? #Quote by John Templeton
Adventure quotes by Barbara Hettwer
#147. Life is an adventure, enjoy it! #Quote by Barbara Hettwer
Adventure quotes by Shekhar Kapur
#148. I am not possessive at all. In every relationship I have had, the girl has left me. And the fundamental complaint has been that I am self-contained. I am just comfortable with myself and am always on an adventure. #Quote by Shekhar Kapur
Adventure quotes by Donald Miller
#149. The night after we talked, Jason couldn't sleep. He thought about the story his daughter was living and the role she was playing inside that story. He realized he hadn't provided a better role for his daughter. He hadn't mapped out a story for his family. And so his daughter had chosen another story, a story in which she was wanted, even if she was only being used. In the absence of a family story, she'd chosen a story in which there was risk and adventure, rebellion and independence. "She's not a bad girl," my friend said. "She was just choosing the best story available to her." I pictured his daughter flipping through the channels of life, as it were, stopping on a story that seemed most compelling at the moment, a story that offered her something, anything, because people can't live without a story, without a role to play. "So how did you get her out of it? #Quote by Donald Miller
Adventure quotes by Jordan Night
#150. Why do I feel the longing to rub my palms on my jeans? That perverted guy didn't touch me, yet I crave a shower. Instead, I go to the kitchen to wash my hands and drink some water. The acrid taste in my mouth will go away, as it always does, in a minute or so. #Quote by Jordan Night
Adventure quotes by Edwin Powell Hubble
#151. Equipped with our five senses - along with telescopes and microscopes and mass spectrometers and seismographs and magnetometers and particle accelerators and detectors sensitive to the entire electromagnetic spectrum - we explore the universe around us and call the adventure science. #Quote by Edwin Powell Hubble
Adventure quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#152. When a man is warmed by the several modes which I have described, what does he want next? Surely not more warmth of the same kind, as more and richer food, larger and more splendid houses, finer and more abundant clothing, more numerous, incessant, and hotter fires, and the like. When he has obtained those things which are necessary to life, there is another alternative than to obtain the superfluities; and that is, to adventure on life now. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Adventure quotes by Chloe Thurlow
#153. There is a word I have always avoided in my writing, my life, my thoughts. That word is love. What does it mean? How do you deal with it? If you find it and lose it, how do you get over it? Love is something you feel and when you feel it you can't trust it or define it. How can you sustain love for a long time? A short time? You may love your family, your friends. But you don't invite them inside your body. #Quote by Chloe Thurlow
Adventure quotes by Jean-Pierre Leaud
#154. The strongest moments in my life are when I'm filming. It's an adventure. As an actor I try to seduce someone, try to share something. The rest of my time is spent exploring experiences with women. #Quote by Jean-Pierre Leaud
Adventure quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#155. It's only in drugs or death we'll see anything new, and death is just too controlling. #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
Adventure quotes by Arthur Conan Doyle
#156. No ghosts need apply.
- Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire #Quote by Arthur Conan Doyle
Adventure quotes by Nev Schulman
#157. Life experience is what defines our character, even if it means getting your heart broken or being lied to. You know, you need the downs to appreciate the ups. Going on the adventure or taking that risk is important. #Quote by Nev Schulman
Adventure quotes by Mason Cooley
#158. When love and adventure are finished, it's nice to have getting and spending to fall back on. #Quote by Mason Cooley
Adventure quotes by Drew Bankston
#159. Secrets are like honey in a paper bag. Eventually, they leak out. #Quote by Drew Bankston
Adventure quotes by Karen Azinger
#160. Splendor was the decree of the day. #Quote by Karen Azinger
Adventure quotes by Jenelle Leanne Schmidt
#161. This is nice," Dylanna commented.
"Almost like old times," Kamarie said.
"Almost," Oraeyn chuckled, "except we're not outside in that rain. We're not hungry, wet, cold, or lost, and there are no enemies chasing us. Except for that, it's exactly like old times!"
Kamarie chuckled. "You left out being terrified out of our minds. #Quote by Jenelle Leanne Schmidt
Adventure quotes by Stephen King
#162. Your own politicians make our Dr. Goebbels look like a child playing with picture books in a kindergarten. They speak of morality while they douse screaming children and old women in burning napalm. Your draft-resisters are called cowards and 'peaceniks.' For refusing to follow orders they are either put in jails or scourged from the country. Those who demonstrate against this country's unfortunate Asian adventure are clubbed down in the streets. The GI soldiers who kill the innocent are decorated by Presidents, welcomed home from the bayoneting of children and the burning of hospitals with parades and bunting. They are given dinners, Keys to the City, free tickets to pro football games." He toasted his glass in Todd's direction. "Only those who lose are tried as war criminals for following orders and directives. #Quote by Stephen King
Adventure quotes by Debasish Mridha
#163. Start each day as a great adventure. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Adventure quotes by Hillary Wen
#164. I am a woman who's passionate about life. Perhaps too full of passion for the majority of the world to understand. I lust for adventure and stories; I feel everything. I'm a lover and a fighter. I fight for what I love and I love what I fight for. I yearn for what is more than life, and I live beyond that yearning. #Quote by Hillary Wen
Adventure quotes by F.J. Gale
#165. That's not what scares you. It's because you know I can take it where you're afraid to take it. You're afraid of the dark. #Quote by F.J. Gale
Adventure quotes by Jack Vance
#166. While we are alive we should sit among colored lights and taste good wines, and discuss our adventures in far places; when we are dead, the opportunity is past. #Quote by Jack Vance
Adventure quotes by Oriah Dreamer
#167. It doesn't interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love, for your dreams, for the adventure of being alive. #Quote by Oriah Dreamer
Adventure quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#168. Life is serious. (Valerius) No, life is an adventure. It's thrilling and scary. Sometimes it's even a bit boring, but it should never be serious. (Tabitha) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Adventure quotes by Michael Piller
#169. A writer is very much like the captain on a star ship facing the unknown. When you face the blank page and you have no idea where you're going. It can be terrifying, but it can also be the adventure of a lifetime. #Quote by Michael Piller
Adventure quotes by Barbara Newhall Follett
#170. How did one begin an adventure? Almost any road you took would lead there, if only you went on far enough. #Quote by Barbara Newhall Follett
Adventure quotes by Ted Allen
#171. Cooking allows you to have travels, adventures and journeys without going anywhere. The running joke between my partner and me is that I'm not really concerned about how long it takes, or how much I destroy the kitchen, because I just have such a good time doing it. #Quote by Ted Allen
Adventure quotes by William Bligh
#172. Adventure Bay is a convenient and safe place for any number of ships to take in wood and water during the summer months: but in the winter, when the southerly winds are strong, the surf, on all parts of the shore, makes the landing exceedingly troublesome. #Quote by William Bligh
Adventure quotes by Charles Halford
#173. The biggest challenge is probably some of the physicality. Some stuff you would never want to experience, in real life, but it's still such an adventure that it's worth all the scrapes and bruises and mud between the toes. #Quote by Charles Halford
Adventure quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#174. There were umpires everywhere, men who said who was winning or losing the theoretical battle, who was alive adn who was dead.
The umpire had comical news. The congregation had been theoretically spotted from the air by a theoretical enemy. They were all theoretically dead now. The theoretical corpses laughed and ate a hearty noontime meal.
Remembering this incident years later, Billy was struck by what a Tralfamadorian adventure with death that had been, to be dead and to eat at the same time. #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut
Adventure quotes by Katherine Rundell
#175. You have been the great green adventure of my life. Without you my days would be unlit. #Quote by Katherine Rundell
Adventure quotes by Patrick Delsaut
#176. In English:

Some people, who can voluntarily get out of their body, went to "the other side" to see if there was anything there!
The exciting testimonies of these explorers of the Beyond revealed that there are countless Worlds on other vibratory planes, in other Dimensions, where live the souls of the deceased living beings!!!

But, I went even further and I have discovered that these countless Worlds are, in reality, countless Planets belonging to other Cosmic Universes located in other Spaces and other Times, on other vibratory planes, in other Dimensions!

The Beyond is not nebulous but Cosmic!!!

The famous "Gate of Heaven" which allows the souls to pass into the Beyond is, in reality, a true "StarGate", a huge Vortex, a Tunnel of Light which crosses the Space and Time, which leads the soul on another planet, in another world, in another Cosmic Universe, in another Space, in another Time, in another vibratory plane, in another Dimension...!

I take you to discover the extraordinary adventure of Life, Evolution and Death, through multiple cycles, from life to life, from planet to planet, in an evolutionary spiral that leads souls ever higher, towards the Light...!

En Français :

Des personnes capables de sortir à volonté de leur corps charnel sont allées voir "de l'autre côté" s'il existait bien quelque chose...!
Les témoignages passionnants de ces explorateurs de l'Au-delà ont #Quote by Patrick Delsaut
Adventure quotes by Mario Puzo
#177. Walter Kaylin was great! He was outrageous, he just carried it off. He'd have this one guy killing a thousand other guys. Then they beat him into the ground, you think he's dead, but he rises up again and kills another thousand guys. #Quote by Mario Puzo
Adventure quotes by Jim Gaffigan
#178. I'm not saying parenting cured my narcissism, but it changed me and continues to change me every day. I am now a teeny tiny bit less of a narcissist. Being a parent is a selfless adventure. The worldview of "Take care of yourself first" is no longer logical to a sane person if your baby wakes up hungry in the middle of the night. You can't be like, "What's that? The baby is starving? Eh, forget her, I've got to get some sleep." For me, parenting was literally a wake-up call from my own simple selfishness. In other words, I'm not quite as horrible as I used to be. #Quote by Jim Gaffigan
Adventure quotes by Mary Anne Radmacher
#179. Life is defined more by its contrasts than its samenesses; Life is defined more by its risks than the many securities. #Quote by Mary Anne Radmacher
Adventure quotes by Lex Luthor
#180. Some people can read War and Peace and come away thinking it's a simple adventure story. Others can read the ingredients on a chewing gum wrapper and unlock the secrets of the universe #Quote by Lex Luthor
Adventure quotes by Linden Morningstar
#181. Lyn, this was the "Aha!" moment when Desta found another astonishing skeleton. Remarkably, it appeared utterly human but existed before humans walked the Earth. Clutched in its hand a small sphere attached to an elaborate gold necklace. The sphere was not like any material on Earth. Remember when I told you our origins might lie in the stars? Well, I think we found the answer in the Afar desert
Max #Quote by Linden Morningstar
Adventure quotes by Helen Smith
#182. Why aren't boys more engaged in school? According to Sommers, schools today tend to be run by women for girls. Classrooms can be hostile environments for boys. They like action, competition and adventure stories. Those are not in favor. Games like tag and dodge-ball are out; tug of war has become tug of peace, and male heroes have been replaced by Girl Power. #Quote by Helen Smith
Adventure quotes by H.L. Mencken
#183. One is conscious of no brave and noble earnestness in it, of no generalized passion for intellectual and spiritual adventure, of no organized determination to think things out. What is there is a highly self-conscious and insipid correctness, a bloodless respectability submergence of matter in manner
in brief, what is there is the feeble, uninspiring quality of German painting and English music. #Quote by H.L. Mencken
Adventure quotes by Hans Zimmer
#184. Why get up in the morning unless you're going to have an adventure? #Quote by Hans Zimmer
Adventure quotes by Alain Badiou
#185. The world is full of new developments and love must also be something that innovates. Risk and adventure must be re-invented against safety and comfort. #Quote by Alain Badiou
Adventure quotes by Criss Jami
#186. If ever it's necessary to ride the bandwagon, it's done with one leg swinging out and eyes scoping the fields. #Quote by Criss Jami
Adventure quotes by Jan Holly
#187. Dear Charles, she wrote.
After writing to express my appreciation for all the generosity of our friends, I would be remiss indeed if I did not include a missive to you. Out of all the new blessings in my new life, the one I thank God for the most is you. I thank you for writing to me through Genteel Correspondence, and for choosing me out of all the other women eager for adventure in the wild west.
I thank you for your kindness, and your gentleness toward me. Only very strong men can be gentle. I thank you for sharing your home and your life with me. I thank you for inventing delicious breakfasts. And chicory flavored coffee. And prayers that ease my mind and inspire my spirit and lift my heart. For your smile and the way you hold your hat in your hands. For the things you say and how you say them.
Did you know that I pray for you each day? I do. I pray for your safety and happiness.
Yours in Christ,
Rose #Quote by Jan Holly
Adventure quotes by Jacqueline E. Smith
#188. There's something about New York. I can't explain it. It's less of a place and more of an experience. To see it and to hear it is all to feel it. It's the feeling of adventure and being away from home and being totally free. The city lives and breathes and thrives and its energy stays with you long after you leave it. #Quote by Jacqueline E. Smith
Adventure quotes by Milan Kundera
#189. No episode is a priori condemned to remain an episode forever, for every event, no matter how trivial, conceals within itself the possibility of sooner or later becoming the cause of other events and thus changing into a story or an adventure. Episodes are like land mines. The majority of them never explode, but the most unremarkable of them may someday turn into a story that will prove fateful to you. #Quote by Milan Kundera
Adventure quotes by Edna Ferber
#190. She faced him, sitting up very straight in bed, the little wool shawl hunched about her shoulders. "Dirk, are you ever going back to architecture? The war is history, it's now or never with you. Pretty soon it will be too late. Are you ever going back to architecture? To your profession?

A clean amputation. "No, Mother."

She gave an actual gasp, as though icy water had been thrown full in her face. She looked suddenly old, tired. Her shoulders sagged. He stood in the doorway, braced for her reproaches. But when she spoke it was to reproach herself. "Then I'm a failure."

"Oh, what nonsense, Mother. I'm happy. You can't live somebody else's life. You used to tell me, when I was a kid I remember, that life wasn't just an adventure, to be taken as it came, with the hope that something glorious was hidden just around the corner. You said you had lived that way and it hadn't worked. You said - - "

She interrupted him with a little cry. "I know I did. I know I did." Suddenly she raised a warning finger. Her eyes were luminous, prophetic. "Dirk, you can't desert her like that!"

"Desert who?" He was startled.

"Beauty! Self-expression. Whatever you want to call it. You wait! She'll turn on you some day. Some day you'll want her, and she won't be there. #Quote by Edna Ferber
Adventure quotes by Paul Bamikole
#191. Curiosity is the offspring of mystery. For without mystery there be no need for curiosity. Curiosity is the search for the things that can be, it is the inspiration of the true adventurer. #Quote by Paul Bamikole
Adventure quotes by Catherynne M Valente
#192. The trouble was, September didn't know what sort of story she was in. Was it a merry one or a serious one? How ought she to act? If it was merry, she might dash after a Spoon and it would all be a grand adventure, with funny rhymes and somersaults and a grand party at the end with red lanterns. But if it was a serious tale, she might have to do something important, something involving with snow and arrows and enemies. #Quote by Catherynne M Valente
Adventure quotes by Benjamin Cheever
#193. Running has thrown me into adventures that I would otherwise have missed. #Quote by Benjamin Cheever
Adventure quotes by Alan Cranston
#194. The idea of being a foreign correspondent and wandering the world and witnessing great events, having adventures and covering the activities of world leaders, appealed to me greatly. It was a very glamorous life in those days. #Quote by Alan Cranston
Adventure quotes by Holly Bourne
#195. Well, look at the other characters in Winnie the Pooh. They all actually demonstrate that Pooh is the most mentally balanced. There's Tigger, I mean, that tiger just can't stay in the moment and enjoy it. He's too much of a hedonist; he always wants the next adventure. That's not healthy, he'll burn out." I started properly laughing. "And what about Eeyore?" "Well he's a depressive, isn't he? If Eeyore walked into my doctor's office he'd be prescribed with a lifetime supply of antidepressants. And not just because US doctors dole them out like candy canes at Christmas." The music stopped and I found myself clapping without even looking. "But Pooh?" "Pooh lives in the moment. He doesn't fret about the past, or freak about the future. He's an expert at mindfulness." Kyle #Quote by Holly Bourne
Adventure quotes by Debasish Mridha
#196. You are your passion. Life is your ultimate mission so never forget to enjoy the adventure. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Adventure quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#197. The afternoon our story begins, the quiet parts of being alive were the busiest: wind unlocking Windows; rainlight nudging curtains apart; fresh-cut grass tickling unsocked feet. Days like this made Alice want to set off on a great adventure. #Quote by Tahereh Mafi
Adventure quotes by Samina Baig
#198. My most cherished desire is to help our women come out of their routine chores and infuse in them the indefatigable spirit of adventure. #Quote by Samina Baig
Adventure quotes by Jose Ortega Y Gasset
#199. [L]ife, individual or collective, personal or historic, is the one entity in the universe whose substance is compact of danger, of adventure. It is, in the strict sense of the word, drama ... [T]he primary, radical meaning of life appears when it is employed in the sense not of biology, but of biography. For the very strong reason that the whole of biology is quite definitely only a chapter in certain biographies, it is what biologists do in the portion of their lives open to biography. #Quote by Jose Ortega Y Gasset
Adventure quotes by Julian Assange
#200. If we can only live once, then let it be a daring adventure that draws on all our powers Let our grandchildren delight to find the start of our stories in their ears but the endings all around in their wandering eyes. #Quote by Julian Assange

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