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Famous Quotes About Adventure Never Ends

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Adventure Never Ends quotes by Alice Hegan Rice
#1. The fascinating thing about ideals is that no sooner have we gained a desired peak than we find farther and higher peaks beyond. The thrilling adventure never ends. #Quote by Alice Hegan Rice
Adventure Never Ends quotes by Jason Calacanis
#2. Art is an adventure that never seems to end. #Quote by Jason Calacanis
Adventure Never Ends quotes by Camron Wright
#3. You're anxious to jump into the river, but you haven't checked to see if the water is deep enough."
I don't bother pretending. "Sopeap, you speak in riddles. What are you saying?"
"I'm saying that life at the dump has limitations, but it serves a plate of predictability. Stung Meanchey offers boundaries. There are dangers, but they are understood, accepted, and managed. When we step out of that world, we enter an area of unknown. I'm questioning if you are ready. Everyone loves adventure, Sang Ly, when they know how the story ends. In life, however, our own endings are never as perfect. #Quote by Camron Wright
Adventure Never Ends quotes by Henry V. O'Neil
#4. A night in space can last a long time … or maybe it never ends. #Quote by Henry V. O'Neil

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