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Adoptive Parents quotes by Kathleen Silber
#1. The adoptee benefits because his collective parents are permitted to grow secure in their particular roles in his life. His adoptive parents are not unwittingly encouraged to compete to possess him. Nor are his birth parents punished and banished from a place in his life. #Quote by Kathleen Silber
Adoptive Parents quotes by George W. Bush
#2. Adoption was such a positive alternative to abortion, a way to save one life and brighten two more: those of the adoptive parents. #Quote by George W. Bush
Adoptive Parents quotes by Rhonda M. Roorda
#3. What many black and biracial transracial adoptees were not prepared for was that the societal realities they faced were the same as those facing other people of color. The information that white transracial adoptive parents needed to give their children did not exist in the white world; these parents would have to interact with black America in order to understand the problems most likely to trouble transracially adopted children. #Quote by Rhonda M. Roorda
Adoptive Parents quotes by Michael Franti
#4. My mother birthed three children and she adopted myself and another African-American son. My adoptive parents were Finnish. I grew up in a white picket neighborhood. #Quote by Michael Franti
Adoptive Parents quotes by Isabel Allende
#5. She fell in love with freedom. In the Sommers' home she had lived shut up within four walls, in a stagnant atmosphere where time moved in circles and where she could barely glimpse the horizon through distorted windowpanes. She had grown up clad in the impenetrable armor of good manners and conventions, trained from girlhood to please and serve, bound by corset, routines, social norms, and fear. Fear had been her companion: fear of God and his unpredictable justice, of authority, of her adoptive parents, of illness and evil tongues, of anything unknown or different; fear of leaving the protection of her home and facing the dangers outside; fear of her own fragility as a woman, of dishonor and truth. Hers had been a sugar-coated reality built on the unspoken, on courteous silences, well-guarded secrets, order, and discipline. She had aspired to virtue but now she questioned the meaning of the word. #Quote by Isabel Allende
Adoptive Parents quotes by Sean J. Quirk
#6. CHAPTER 1:

Fourteen year old Augustus Tomlin's day started out just like any other - normally. He got out of bed, dressed, brushed his teeth, then headed for the kitchen to join his adoptive parents, Earl and Marge for breakfast. This was the first day of their vacation, and admittedly, Augie (as he liked to be called) wasn't as excited about it as he would've been had Earl and Marge decided to take them all to Disneyland instead, because firstly, he'd been dealing with a paralyzing fear of water all of his life, and secondly, they were staying in a cabin on an isolated stretch of beach in the Florida Keys. Nevertheless, there was no way for Augie to know just then that by the end of the day he'd be traveling in an under-sea carriage drawn by four of the most incredible creatures he'd ever laid eyes upon, heading for destinations untold somewhere at the bottom of the ocean at a million miles an hour. #Quote by Sean J. Quirk
Adoptive Parents quotes by Rodney Atkins
#7. I was a sickly baby, and after two sets of adoptive parents took me home, they returned me to the orphanage because of a serious respiratory infection. But as they say, the third time's a charm, because my mom and dad adopted me and took me into their home where I was raised in a family full of love. #Quote by Rodney Atkins
Adoptive Parents quotes by Sherrie Eldridge
#8. Then one detail caught my attention. "Time (of birth), 5:57 A.M." Wow! I really was born! I wasn't an alien who was dropped down into my adoptive parents' arms. I was a real baby who experienced a real birth from a real mother at a real time of day. For me, that tid-bit of information was like a meal to a starving woman. #Quote by Sherrie Eldridge
Adoptive Parents quotes by Dennis Cardoza
#9. As an adoptive parent myself of foster children, I have seen firsthand the glaring problems of the system currently facing this Nation. #Quote by Dennis Cardoza
Adoptive Parents quotes by Pat Robertson
#10. Adoptive parents are taking on enormous responsibility, both emotionally and financially. Quite frankly, they need as much disclosure as possible about the child's background and health to assure the best fit and be prepared. #Quote by Pat Robertson
Adoptive Parents quotes by Zara Phillips
#11. Yes they are my parents but unlike those who haven't been adopted, I also have another set of parents. I know my adoptive parents love me and I love them, but I have a different connection with them than I would experience if I had been raised in my birth home. I still need to know who my birth parents are. #Quote by Zara Phillips
Adoptive Parents quotes by Hugh Jackman
#12. I think adoption is a blessing all around when it's done right. #Quote by Hugh Jackman
Adoptive Parents quotes by Nina Easton
#13. A full accounting of adoption as an option would not underestimate its emotional challenges - the grief and loss for birth mothers, the uncertainties for adoptive parents operating under a patchwork of state laws. #Quote by Nina Easton
Adoptive Parents quotes by Kola Boof
#14. I have much more power and protection than Salman Rushdie, because I'm an American citizen, but yes, I live in terrible fear for my life and for the lives of my children. My whole family has been threatened, my adoptive parents had to sell their house and move out of Washington, D.C. because of death threats caused by my work and activism. #Quote by Kola Boof
Adoptive Parents quotes by Zara Phillips
#15. I wasn't crazy after all. I wasn't the only one who experienced fear about loss and guilt towards their adoptive parents. I was relieved that it seemed very common. Adoption is an emotional subject and the problems don't end with reunion. In some ways, reunion is just the beginning of the road. #Quote by Zara Phillips
Adoptive Parents quotes by Richard P. Barth, Madelyn Freundlich, And David Brodzinsky
#16. According to their adoptive parents, children who are prenatally exposed to drugs appear to function very much like other adopted children on educational attainment and emotional or behavioral adjustment. #Quote by Richard P. Barth, Madelyn Freundlich, And David Brodzinsky
Adoptive Parents quotes by John McCain
#17. Cindy and I are adoptive parents. We know what a treasure and joy it is to have an adopted child in our lives. #Quote by John McCain
Adoptive Parents quotes by Michael Gove
#18. Adopting means opening your home, and heart, to a life you've never known. But there is nothing as richly rewarding as being an adoptive parent. #Quote by Michael Gove
Adoptive Parents quotes by Sherrie Eldridge
#19. You realize you've never walked in another person's shoes. Never have. Never will. The same is true in adoption. There are three sets of adoption shoes sitting at the end of the boardwalk. The adoptees ... the birth parents' ... and the adoptive parents'. Each is unique and each has a story to tell. #Quote by Sherrie Eldridge
Adoptive Parents quotes by Steven C. Harper
#20. I'm really fortunate to have been to the schools I've been to, and to have the experiences I've had. And, partly since my parents are retired teachers, I've got the desire to give back. When I knew that I had that instinct, I got certified (through the Creativity Coaching Association) and I started working with artists of all kinds - though now I focus on writers. #Quote by Steven C. Harper
Adoptive Parents quotes by Nora Sakavic
#21. There's no way you could last a sit-down with Luther. He'd end up exorcising you when you snapped."
"It could be entertaining," Neil said. "It could be," Andrew allowed.
"Let's all go," Neil said. "Aaron will agree for Nicky's sake and Nicky can see if his parents have come around. There's no way you'll let Kevin that far out of your sights, so take him with you. I'll tag along so you can harass me instead of Luther. Imagine how uncomfortable Nicky's parents will be if they have to contend with the five of us."
"Or we could stay here."
"Not as interesting," Neil said.
"Appealing to my nonexistent attention span is a cheap trick," Andrew said.
"But is it effective?"
"You wish it was."
"I hate that word."
"Does your shrink know you have a grudge against half of the English language?" Neil asked, but Andrew only grinned. #Quote by Nora Sakavic
Adoptive Parents quotes by K.N. Smith
#22. Upon reaching the preserve, everyone knew that the explanation of this incident was dreadfully imminent. With parents already on edge, the looming task of crafting a story out of thin air was one that was not only sickening, but would place a larger wedge between father and son. #Quote by K.N. Smith
Adoptive Parents quotes by Elizabeth Acevedo
#23. Just because your father's present, doesn't mean he isn't absent. #Quote by Elizabeth Acevedo
Adoptive Parents quotes by Patrick Chan
#24. When I was born, my parents were huge into skiing. I grew up on Mont Blanc, skiing on that hill. I was really a ski baby. Loved it; I still love it. #Quote by Patrick Chan
Adoptive Parents quotes by Anna Quindlen
#25. And a great misunderstanding is that children think their parents are grown-up, and parents feel obliged to act as if they were. #Quote by Anna Quindlen
Adoptive Parents quotes by David Duchovny
#26. 'Duch' means spirit and 'ovny' is kind of the adjectival ending, so the word itself means spiritual. It's my father's name, obviously. He took the 'H' out because he was tired of people saying Duchovny, but he never did it legally. When my parents divorced, my mother, to my father, put the 'H' back in. #Quote by David Duchovny
Adoptive Parents quotes by Susan Forward
#27. Manipulative parents have a field day on holidays, spreading guilt as if it were Christmas cheer. #Quote by Susan Forward
Adoptive Parents quotes by Pedro Pascal
#28. I just went to your typical public schools, and my dad would take us to the movies every week, or he'd buy scalped tickets to San Antonio Spurs games. I remember I was four or five years old and my parents, who were very young, took us to see The Police in Austin, and Iggy Pop opened. #Quote by Pedro Pascal
Adoptive Parents quotes by Rani Mukerji
#29. As a child, I remember I always wanted to make my parents happy and give them everything in their lives. #Quote by Rani Mukerji
Adoptive Parents quotes by Thomas Lickona
#30. Manners will become important to children only if they are important to their parents. #Quote by Thomas Lickona
Adoptive Parents quotes by Amos Oz
#31. On my parents' scale of values, the more Western something was, the more cultured it was considered. #Quote by Amos Oz
Adoptive Parents quotes by Parker J. Palmer
#32. Bryk and Schneider also found that relational trust - between teachers and administrators, teachers and teachers, and teachers and parents - has the power to offset external factors that are normally thought to be the primary determinants of a school's capacity to serve students well: "Improvements in academic productivity were less likely in schools with high levels of poverty, racial isolation, and student mobility, but [the researchers] say that a strong correlation between [relational] trust and student achievement remains even after controlling for such factors." 9 #Quote by Parker J. Palmer
Adoptive Parents quotes by Jonathan Dunne
#33. The circus is the perfect business right now because parents want their kids to be kids and not Charley Bucket drinking cabbage soup all day. #Quote by Jonathan Dunne
Adoptive Parents quotes by Joshua Ferris
#34. People have all this resentment against their parents for fucking them up, but they never realize, the minute they have a kid, that they cease being the child so fondly victimized in their hearts and start being the benighted perpetrators of unfathomable pain. #Quote by Joshua Ferris
Adoptive Parents quotes by Chelsea Clinton
#35. I never once doubted that my parents cared about my thoughts and my ideas. And I always, always knew how deeply they loved me. That feeling of being valued and loved, that's what my mom wants for every child. #Quote by Chelsea Clinton
Adoptive Parents quotes by Benigno Aquino III
#36. I had a simple goal in life: to be true to my parents and our country as an honorable son, a caring brother, and a good citizen. #Quote by Benigno Aquino III
Adoptive Parents quotes by Constance Baker Motley
#37. My parents never told us that our great-grandmothers had been slaves. #Quote by Constance Baker Motley
Adoptive Parents quotes by Jeanette Winterson
#38. I tried to copy my parents, as monkeys do, but they were trying to copy me, looking to the child for the energy and hope they had long since lost. #Quote by Jeanette Winterson
Adoptive Parents quotes by Douglas Coupland
#39. But Dag, for all of his efforts, might as well have been talking to a cat. Our parents' generation seems neither able nor interested in understanding how marketers exploit them. They take shopping at face value. #Quote by Douglas Coupland
Adoptive Parents quotes by Jackie Collins
#40. I'm a survivor. I was thinking about what you said, and you're absolutely right - I have to let go to continue. This devastating news is not going to slow me down. I'm my own person. I always have been. I've never believed in those people who blame everything on their parents - you know, I'm a fuck-up because my father was a fuck-up. Or I'm a drunk because my mother was an alcoholic. So my father was a hit man? Maybe. So he murdered my mother? Maybe. I don't know any of these things for a fact. But I'm accepting them, and I'm beginning to realize they're not part of who I am. #Quote by Jackie Collins
Adoptive Parents quotes by A.S. Byatt
#41. You learn a lot about love before you ever get there. You learn at least as much about love from books as you do from watching your parents. #Quote by A.S. Byatt
Adoptive Parents quotes by Samuel L. Jackson
#42. My dad was an absentee dad, so it was always important to me that I was part of my daughter's life, and she deserved two parents, which is part of the rationale behind us staying married for 30 years. #Quote by Samuel L. Jackson
Adoptive Parents quotes by Sui Ishida
#43. WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME ALL ALONE..! I'm lovely.. I don't want to be alone. Mom... I... I wanted you to choose me... I WANTED YOU TO LIVE FOR ME!" "Even if it meant letting your aunt die?" "EVEN IF IT MEANT LETTING HER DIE! #Quote by Sui Ishida
Adoptive Parents quotes by Betty Friedan
#44. What courses are people excited about now? I asked a blonde senior in cap and gown. Nuclear physics, maybe? Modern art? Civilizations of Africa? Looking at me as if I were some prehistoric dinosaur, she said: "Girls don't get excited about things like that anymore. We don't want careers. Our parents expect us to go to college, everybody goes. You're a social outcast at home if you don't. But a girl who got serious about anything she studied, like wanting to go on and do research, would be peculiar, unfeminine. I guess everybody wants to graduate with a diamond ring on her finger, that's the important thing. #Quote by Betty Friedan
Adoptive Parents quotes by John Bradshaw
#45. The fantasy bond (really bondage) is the illusion that someone is there for them, someone who loves and protects them. The fantasy bond is like a mirage in the desert. Once set up, the denying fantasy bond functions automatically and unconsciously. Years later, when reality is no longer life-threatening, the fantasy bond remains. This explains why abandoned (abused) children are described as having a compulsion to protect their parents. #Quote by John Bradshaw
Adoptive Parents quotes by Isabel Quintero
#46. People are who they are no matter how much you want them to be somebody else, Gabi. And we have two choices: love and accept them with all their faults. Or not. In my case, my parents are choosing to not accept me because I can't change, and I won't pretend to be something I'm not. Your dad was addict because that is what he wanted to be. There was nothing you could have done to change that." Sebastian, p278 #Quote by Isabel Quintero
Adoptive Parents quotes by Hal Sparks
#47. All musicians need a day job in the beginning. Unless they still live with their parents, I guess. I'm just lucky that my day job is simply another form of art. #Quote by Hal Sparks
Adoptive Parents quotes by Shuji Sogabe
#48. Your parents are your parents. You are you. #Quote by Shuji Sogabe
Adoptive Parents quotes by Tom Wolfe
#49. I can remember that on the shelves at home, there were these books by Thomas Wolfe. 'Look Homeward Angel' and 'Of Time and the River.' 'Of Time and the River' had just come out when I was aware of his name. My parents had a hard time convincing me that he was no kin whatsoever. My attitude was, 'Well, what's he doing on the shelf, then?' #Quote by Tom Wolfe
Adoptive Parents quotes by Lidia Yuknavitch
#50. There's a girl calm people don't know about. It's a girl teen standstill. A motionless peace. It doesn't come from anywhere but inside us, and it only lasts for a few years. It's born from being a not woman yet. It's free flowing and invisible. It's the eye of the violent storm you call my teenage daughter. In this place we are undisturbed by all the moronic things you think about us. Our voices like rain falling. We are serene. Smooth. With more perfect hair and skin than you will ever again know. Daughters of Eve. #Quote by Lidia Yuknavitch
Adoptive Parents quotes by Dave Barry
#51. I've noticed that one thing about parents is that no matter what stage your child is in, the parents who have older children always tell you the next stage is worse. #Quote by Dave Barry
Adoptive Parents quotes by Liu Wen
#52. My parents are very humble people who have simple lives ... they live in a pleasant little town in China. #Quote by Liu Wen
Adoptive Parents quotes by Alan Lightman
#53. Children grow rapidly, forget the centuries-long embrace from their parents, which to them lasted but seconds. Children become adults, live far from their parents, live their own houses, learn ways of their own, suffer pain, grow old. Children curse their parents for their wrinkled skin and hoarse voices. Those now old children also want to stop time, but at another time. They want to freeze their own children at the center of time. #Quote by Alan Lightman
Adoptive Parents quotes by Bell Hooks
#54. One of the most important social myths we must debunk if we are to become a more loving culture is the one that teaches parents that abuse and neglect can coexist with love. Abuse and neglect negate love. Care and affirmation, the opposite of abuse and humiliation, are the foundation of love. No one can rightfully claim to be loving when behaving abusively. Yet parents do this al the time in our culture. Children are told that they are loved even though they are being abused. #Quote by Bell Hooks
Adoptive Parents quotes by Alida Nugent
#55. You will lose touch with people you thought you wouldn't, watch from a distance while these people get married, gain weight, lose weight, move across the country, and get new sets of friends you will never meet. But you will look at your pictures of them and remember the nights you drank too much rum with them and you will enjoy those moments immensely. You will know what it is like to experience true nostalgia - the feelings a Hot Pocket can elicit will be astounding. It will not be a bittersweet kind of thing, because you know that it's not as much growing apart as it is growing up.
There will be successes, and failures, and a lot of good and bad things. You will watch yourself and the people you choose to be with fall in love and get married, get jobs, get fired, get a terrible tattoo, have babies, get sick, get better, get worse, lose parents, grow older, grow smarter. Things will flash forward, pass before your eyes like the lights at a terrible nightclub. #Quote by Alida Nugent
Adoptive Parents quotes by Sheena Hutchinson
#56. I may have lost my parents, but I think you lost more than that… you lost yourself #Quote by Sheena Hutchinson
Adoptive Parents quotes by HB Morris
#57. They had a very pleasant evening out together in Shrewsbury – she was lovely to him, they chatted to mutual acquaintances, laughed, drank quite a bit of wine. They settled into a relaxed mood together – Jason wondering why it couldn't always be that way; and, in fact, she had closed down again by the time they were walking back to his flat, with a bag of chips shared between them.
Something sparked the subject of family once more. He joked about one day being invited to meet her parents.
'There you go again!' she snapped. 'It's not as if you're a serious boyfriend, or anything.'
He stopped dead, other revellers had to swerve around them. 'Why do you say that? I know I'm serious about this. I just don't get you at all.' Her expression told him that she was not willing to discuss it. He threw the remnants of the chips into a plastic bin. 'Adelaide, we're so good together. We are, aren't we? Admit it.'
'All right, I admit it. I do want you, Jason. Just not in the way you want.'
'I know I don't pressure you. God, I put up with so much crap from you. Just spell it out to me. What is your problem?'
By some miracle of logistics, two police officers happened to be passing along the pedestrianised road. Adelaide used their presence as a way of ending the discussion, 'Jason, you're making a scene. I'm going home alone.'
'Let's leave it for now, Jason.'
She skipped away into groups of passers-by. Infuriated beyond #Quote by HB Morris
Adoptive Parents quotes by Philip Yancey
#58. One more, final question came from the audience on my last night in Newtown, and it was the one I most did not want to hear: "Will God protect my child?"
I stayed silent for what seemed like minutes. More than anything I wanted to answer with authority, "Yes! Of course God will protect you. Let me read you some promises from the Bible." I knew, though, that behind me on the same platform twenty-six candles were flickering in memory of victims, proof that we have no immunity from the effects of a broken planet. My mind raced back to Japan, where I heard from parents who had lost their children to a tsunami in a middle school, and forward to that very morning when I heard from parents who had lost theirs to a shooter in an elementary school.
At last I said, "No, I'm sorry, I can't promise that." None of us is exempt. We all die, some old, some tragically young. God provides support and solidarity, yes, but not protection - at least not the kind of protection we desperately long for. On this cursed planet, even God suffered the loss of a Son. #Quote by Philip Yancey
Adoptive Parents quotes by Allan Bloom
#59. The students [of the 60s] substituted conspicuous compassion for their parents conspicuous consumption. #Quote by Allan Bloom
Adoptive Parents quotes by Kent Nerburn
#60. My fatherhood made me understand my parents and to honor them more for the love they gave. My sonhood was revealed to me in its own perfection and I understood the reason the Chinese so value filiality, the responsibility of the son to honor the parents. #Quote by Kent Nerburn
Adoptive Parents quotes by Jennifer Garner
#61. My mom was really vigorous about making sure that we saw things and that we questioned things. Education was so important to both of my parents. #Quote by Jennifer Garner
Adoptive Parents quotes by Amy Chua
#62. A lot of parents today are terrified that something they say to their children might make them 'feel bad.' But, hey, if they've done something wrong, they should feel bad. Kids with a sense of responsibility, not entitlement, who know when to experience gratitude and humility, will be better at navigating the social shoals of college. #Quote by Amy Chua
Adoptive Parents quotes by Irene Cara
#63. My mother always wanted to be in show business, but her parents discouraged her. So when I started performing for the mirror she enrolled me in dancing, singing and piano lessons. #Quote by Irene Cara
Adoptive Parents quotes by Nicola Yoon
#64. ...all teenagers do this. All teenagers separate from their parents. To grow up is to grow apart. #Quote by Nicola Yoon
Adoptive Parents quotes by Sendhil Mullainathan
#65. It is safe to say that when people are short on cash, they might be less productive at work, be worse parents, and have less self-control. #Quote by Sendhil Mullainathan
Adoptive Parents quotes by Simon Helberg
#66. There are those moments where you realize that your parents or your heroes are human and are fallible. That concept, in and of itself, is something that is dangerous to me, in a good way. It's exciting and scary to meet those people. #Quote by Simon Helberg

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