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Adolescence Wit Wisdom quotes by Mike Birbiglia
#1. And so we go and I meet his parents. And it's a very strange thing meeting your girlfriend's boyfriend's parents for the first time. Part of you is angry for obvious reasons and part of you still wants to make a good impression. On a side note, they seemed in perfect health. #Quote by Mike Birbiglia
Adolescence Wit Wisdom quotes by Janet Turpin Myers
#2. I learned that adults were not soaring gods, but rather back-yard birds with broken wingtips.
When you are thirteen, about to free-fall into the real world, discovering the broken wingtips is terrifying. #Quote by Janet Turpin Myers
Adolescence Wit Wisdom quotes by Michael A. Stackpole
#3. The nice thing about being an adolescent is being able to make mature decisions when you need them and being able to just flow alone with life when you don't. #Quote by Michael A. Stackpole
Adolescence Wit Wisdom quotes by Jude Morgan
#4. But then she often felt like this lately. The world seemed full of transparent frauds that only she could see through. She was forever shouting from the hustings of honesty, though if any honesty were directed at her she ran from it horrified. And she knew it, laughed at herself for it, wretchedly. She was all to pieces. #Quote by Jude Morgan
Adolescence Wit Wisdom quotes by Alice Thomas Ellis
#5. Adolescence is usually typified by an unanswerable combination of innocence and insolence. #Quote by Alice Thomas Ellis
Adolescence Wit Wisdom quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#6. If I was a flower, I would sell perfume.
If I was a plant, I would sell herbs.
If I was a seed, I would sell wood.
If I was a tree, I would sell forests.
If I was a garden, I would sell beauty.
If I was a plant, I would sell medicine.
If I was a fish, I would sell oceans.

If I was a bee, I would sell honey.
If I was a spider, I would sell silk.
If I was a firebug, I would sell light.
If I was a sheep, I would sell wool.
If I was a rabbit, I would sell carrots.
If I was a cow, I would sell leather.
If I was a hen, I would sell eggs.

If I was a stream, I would sell lakes.
If I was a river, I would sell seas.
If I was a bird, I would sell skies.
If I was a monkey, I would sell trees.
If I was a dog, I would sell plains.
If I was a bear, I would sell caves.
If I was a goat, I would sell mountains.

If I was a fox, I would sell wit.
If I was a dove, I would sell peace.
If I was a bear, I would sell valor.
If I was a camel, I would sell grit.
If I was an owl, I would sell wisdom.
If I was a lion, I would sell strength.
If I was an elephant, I would sell might. #Quote by Matshona Dhliwayo
Adolescence Wit Wisdom quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#7. Everything can always be better! To know this is a wit! But if you also know that everything can always be worse and that is wisdom! Wisdom is to see both the lights and the shadows! #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Adolescence Wit Wisdom quotes by Desiderius Erasmus
#8. It hardly needs explaining at length, I think, how much authority or beauty is added to style by the timely use of proverbs. In the first place who does not see what dignity they confer on style by their antiquity alone? ... And so to interweave adages deftly and appropriately is to make the language as a whole glitter with sparkles from Antiquity, please us with the colours of the art of rhetoric, gleam with jewel-like words of wisdom, and charm us with titbits of wit and humour. #Quote by Desiderius Erasmus
Adolescence Wit Wisdom quotes by Cassandra  Barnes
#9. In the end and in the beginning, there was only love. But more, obviously...intelligence, wit, laughter, touch, wisdom, much more. #Quote by Cassandra Barnes
Adolescence Wit Wisdom quotes by Jethro Tull
#10. For the May Day is the great day,
Sung along the old straight track.
And those who ancient lines did ley
Will heed this song that calls them back ...
Pass the cup, and pass the Lady,
And pass the plate to all who hunger,
Pass the wit of ancient wisdom,
Pass the cup of crimson wonder. #Quote by Jethro Tull
Adolescence Wit Wisdom quotes by George Crabbe
#11. Men famed for wit, of dangerous talents vain,
Treat those of common parts with proud disdain;
The powers that wisdom would, improving, hide,
They blaze abroad, with inconsid'rate pride;
While yet but mere probationers for fame,
They seize the honor they should then disclaim:
Honor so hurried to the light must fade,
The lasting laurels nourish in the shade. #Quote by George Crabbe
Adolescence Wit Wisdom quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
#12. Don't just shun them; don't kill them! Don't curse them; don't harm them! Pray for them, for they all a good part of the story; get understanding, and disarm them with wit and wisdom! #Quote by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
Adolescence Wit Wisdom quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
#13. Music-hall songs provide the dull with wit, just as proverbs provide them with wisdom. #Quote by W. Somerset Maugham
Adolescence Wit Wisdom quotes by Hubert H. Humphrey
#14. Hubert Humphrey with kids"Be clear where America stands. Human brotherhood and equal opportunity for every man, woman, and child, we are committed to it, in America and around the world." #Quote by Hubert H. Humphrey
Adolescence Wit Wisdom quotes by Gerald Celente
#15. The gap between the rich and the poor is wider in the United States than it is in any of the other industrialized nations. #Quote by Gerald Celente
Adolescence Wit Wisdom quotes by Hubert H. Humphrey
#16. There is no such thing as an acceptable level of unemployment, because hunger is not acceptable, poverty is not acceptable, poor health is not acceptable, and a ruined life is not acceptable. #Quote by Hubert H. Humphrey
Adolescence Wit Wisdom quotes by Iain Banks
#17. The belief that we somehow moved on to something else - whether still recognisably ourselves, or quite thoroughly changed - might be a tribute to our evolutionary tenacity and our animal thirst for life, but not to our wisdom. That saw a value beyond itself; in intelligence, knowledge and wit as concepts - wherever and by whoever expressed - not just in its own personal manifestation of those qualities, and so could contemplate its own annihilation with equanimity, and suffer it with grace; it was only a sort of sad selfishness that demanded the continuation of the individual spirit in the vanity and frivolity of a heaven. #Quote by Iain Banks
Adolescence Wit Wisdom quotes by Angelica Hopes
#18. I shall always inspire many hearts in timeless moments. #Quote by Angelica Hopes
Adolescence Wit Wisdom quotes by Iris Murdoch
#19. The trouble with you, Charles, is that basically you despise women, whereas I, in spite of some appearances to the contrary, do not."

"I don't despise women. I was in love with all Shakespeare's heroines before I was twelve."

"But they don't exist, dear man, that's the point. They live in the never-never land of art, all tricked out in Shakespeare's wit and wisdom, and mock us from there, filling us with false hopes and empty dreams. The real thing is spite and lies and arguments about money. #Quote by Iris Murdoch
Adolescence Wit Wisdom quotes by John F. Kennedy
#20. The gross national product does not allow for the health of our children, the quality of their education, or the joy of their play. It does not include the beauty of our poetry or the strength of our marriages; the intelligence of our public debate or the integrity of our public officials. It measures neither our wit nor our courage; neither our wisdom nor our learning; neither our compassion nor our devotion to our country; it measures everything, in short, except that which makes life worthwhile. #Quote by John F. Kennedy
Adolescence Wit Wisdom quotes by Larry Heinemann
#21. Brian Turner has given us not so much a memoir as a mediation, rendered with grace and wit and wisdom. If you want to know what modern soldiers see when they look at their world, read this book. #Quote by Larry Heinemann
Adolescence Wit Wisdom quotes by Trent Zelazny
#22. Art is art. You can take it or leave it. Liking it or not liking it does not make you a better person, and who you like or dislike results in the same thing. #Quote by Trent Zelazny
Adolescence Wit Wisdom quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#23. Ah Fate, cannot a man Be wise without a beard? East, West, from Beer to Dan, Say, was it never heard That wisdom might in youth be gotten, Or wit be ripe before 't was rotten? #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Adolescence Wit Wisdom quotes by John Connolly
#24. Warraner looked pleasantly surprised at the question, like a Mormon who had suddenly found himself invited into a house for coffee, cake, and a discussion of the wit and wisdom of Joseph Smith. #Quote by John Connolly
Adolescence Wit Wisdom quotes by Maya Angelou
#25. As I ate she began the first of what we later called "my lessons in living." She said that I must always be intolerant of ignorance but understanding of illiteracy. That some people, unable to go to school, were more educated and even more intelligent than college professors. She encouraged me to listen carefully to what country people called mother wit. That in those homely sayings was couched the collective wisdom of generations. #Quote by Maya Angelou
Adolescence Wit Wisdom quotes by John Selden
#26. Wit and wisdom differ; wit is upon the sudden turn, wisdom is bringing about ends. #Quote by John Selden
Adolescence Wit Wisdom quotes by Geoffrey Chaucer
#27. A whetstone is no carving instrument, And yet it maketh sharp the carving tool; And if you see my efforts wrongly spent, Eschew that course and learn out of my school; For thus the wise may profit by the fool, And edge his wit, and grow more keen and wary, For wisdom shines opposed to its contrary. #Quote by Geoffrey Chaucer
Adolescence Wit Wisdom quotes by Trent Zelazny
#28. Snobbery might sometimes look cool, like smoking, but the end result is usually a repelling one. #Quote by Trent Zelazny
Adolescence Wit Wisdom quotes by William Congreve
#29. Come, come, leave business to idlers, and wisdom to fools: they have need of 'em: wit be my faculty, and pleasure my occupation, and let father Time shake his glass. #Quote by William Congreve
Adolescence Wit Wisdom quotes by John Selden
#30. No man is the wiser for his learning; it may administer matter to work in, or objects to work upon; but wit and wisdom are born with a man. #Quote by John Selden
Adolescence Wit Wisdom quotes by Akinbode Oluwaseun Micheal
#31. It's not an honour to be saddled wit a foreman's job, it's slavery. #Quote by Akinbode Oluwaseun Micheal
Adolescence Wit Wisdom quotes by Samuel Johnson
#32. To proportion the eagerness of contest to its importance seems too hard a task for human wisdom. The pride of wit has kept ages busy in the discussion of useless questions, and the pride of power has destroyed armies, to gain or to keep unprofitable possessions. #Quote by Samuel Johnson
Adolescence Wit Wisdom quotes by John Stuart Mill
#33. Lord, enlighten thou our enemies. Sharpen their wits, give acuteness to their perceptions, and consecutiveness and clearness to their reasoning powers: we are in danger from their folly, not from their wisdom; their weakness is what fills us with apprehension, not their strength. #Quote by John Stuart Mill
Adolescence Wit Wisdom quotes by Sophia Fermor
#35. There are some however more condescending, and gracious enough to confess, that many Women have wit and conduct; but yet they are of opinion, that even such of us as are most remarkable for either or both, still betray something which speaks the imbecility of our sex. Stale, thread-bare notions, which long since sunk'd with their own weight; and the extreme weakness of which seem'd to condemn to perpetual oblivion; till an ingenious writer, for want of something better to employ his pen about, was pleased lately to revive them in one of the weekly * papers, lest this age should be ignorant what fools there have been among his sex in former ones.

To give us a sample then of the wisdom of his sex, he tells us, that it was always the opinion of the wisest among them, that Women are never to be indulged the sweets of liberty; but ought to pass their whole lives in a state of subordination to the Men, and in an absolute dependance upon them. And the reason assigned for so extravagant an assertion, is our not having a sufficient capacity to govern ourselves. It must be observed, that so bold a tenet ought to have better proofs to support it, than the bare word of the persons who advance it; as their being parties so immediately concern'd, must render all they say of this kind highly suspect. #Quote by Sophia Fermor
Adolescence Wit Wisdom quotes by Hubert H. Humphrey
#36. I believe that each of us can make a difference. That what is wrong can be made right. That people possess the basic wisdom and goodness to govern themselves without conflict. #Quote by Hubert H. Humphrey
Adolescence Wit Wisdom quotes by Danny Wallace
#37. Anonymity is an abused privilege, abused most by people who mistake vitriol for wisdom and cynicism for wit. #Quote by Danny Wallace
Adolescence Wit Wisdom quotes by John Milton
#38. It is not virtue, wisdom, valour, wit,
Strength, comeliness of shape, or amplest merit,
That woman's love can win, or long inherit;
But what it is, hard is to say,
Harder to hit. #Quote by John Milton

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