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Famous Quotes About Adenosyl B12

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Adenosyl B12 quotes by Carl Sagan
#1. Scientists can routinely predict a solar eclipse, to the minute, a millennium in advance. You can go to the witch doctor to lift the spell that causes your pernicious anaemia, or you can take Vitamin B12. If you want to save your child from polio, you can pray or you can inoculate. If you're interested in the sex of your unborn child, you can consult plumb-bob danglers all you want ... but they'll be right, on average, only one time in two. If you want real accuracy ... try amniocentesis and sonograms. Try science. #Quote by Carl Sagan
Adenosyl B12 quotes by Demetri Martin
#2. When they were naming vitamins they must have thought there were going to be way more vitamins than there ended up being. OK let's name these: Vitamin A, Vitamin B ... ok man slow down we've got a lot to cover here. B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B12. Then they got to E and they were like 'We're pretty much done. We've got all those damn B's. This is embarrassing. Let's just skip to K and get the hell out of here. #Quote by Demetri Martin
Adenosyl B12 quotes by Ginnifer Goodwin
#3. I started reading and learned that we don't need any of it - meat, dairy products. We get everything we need without those things - except maybe B12, but there's this whole controversy that maybe we're only getting B12 because the animals are being fed B12 supplements. #Quote by Ginnifer Goodwin
Adenosyl B12 quotes by Joel Fuhrman
#4. GASTRIC BYPASS SURGERY COMPLICATIONS: 14-YEAR FOLLOW-UP11 Vitamin B12 deficiency 239 39.9 percent Readmit for various reasons 229 38.2 percent Incisional hernia 143 23.9 percent Depression 142 23.7 percent Staple line failure 90 15.0 percent Gastritis 79 13.2 percent Cholecystitis 68 11.4 percent Anastomotic problems 59 9.8 percent Dehydration, malnutrition 35 5.8 percent Dilated pouch 19 3.2 percent #Quote by Joel Fuhrman
Adenosyl B12 quotes by Gavin MacLeod
#5. I just love the hours of the theatre, I love the way it operates. I always say that when you're doing a play it's like getting a shot of B12, and when you do television for a long series you need a shot of B12. #Quote by Gavin MacLeod
Adenosyl B12 quotes by Michael Specter
#6. Meat supplies a variety of nutrients - among them iron, zinc, and Vitamin B12 - that are not readily found in plants. We can survive without it; millions of vegetarians choose to do so, and billions of others have that choice imposed upon them by poverty. #Quote by Michael Specter
Adenosyl B12 quotes by Irwin Rose
#7. My Ph.D. thesis problem was to determine if the DNA content of rat tissues increased if there was B12 in the diet. This problem was suggested by my adviser based on the observation that thymine could replace vitamin B12 in a lactobacillus. #Quote by Irwin Rose
Adenosyl B12 quotes by Robin Sacredfire
#8. Apple and apricot seeds contain a vitamin called B12, which I found to be illegal to sell in pharmacies. Now, this is very interesting. You can buy all kind of vitamins in pharmacies, but not B12. Why in the hell would the pharmaceutical industry make a vitamin that we can eat on our own, through seeds, illegal? I asked this question to employees in the pharmacies and many doctors, and they couldn't answer. They just kept looking at me as if I was trying to get ingredients to make my own synthetic drugs. For most people, what is illegal is really illegal. Most people are too stupid to think for themselves, even when my question is so obvious that they seem to have brain damage not to realize the relevance of such question. #Quote by Robin Sacredfire
Adenosyl B12 quotes by Sharon Gannon
#9. Today "aged" foods like sauerkraut, miso, and tempeh are fermented in hygienically sanitized stainless-steel vats to assure cleanliness, so we can no longer be sure they will provide us with the B12 we need. Vegans should not mess around with this issue. #Quote by Sharon Gannon
Adenosyl B12 quotes by Douglas Adams
#10. Something pink? Something with extra Vitamin B? Vitamin B12? B13? Just the number of things with different types of Vitamin B in them was an embarrassment of choice itself. There were powders as well as oils, tubes of gel, even packets of some kind of pungent -smelling seed that was meant to be good for some obscure part of you in some arcane way. #Quote by Douglas Adams
Adenosyl B12 quotes by Winona Ryder
#11. I remember when I was doing Mermaids [1990], I was 16 and they gave me a B12 shot once. My parents weren't there, and when they did come, they freaked out. They were terrified, because of the Judy Garland stories. I know it's just vitamin B, but it did give you a boost. #Quote by Winona Ryder
Adenosyl B12 quotes by Victoria Moran
#12. Taking B12 is the price of getting to be vegan, the way wearing a helmet is the price of getting to ride a motorcycle and giving up alcohol for nine months is the price of getting to have a baby. #Quote by Victoria Moran

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