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Adbrite Competitors quotes by William Cohen
#1. A firm that continues to employ a previously successful strategy eventually and inevitably falls victim to a competitor. #Quote by William Cohen
Adbrite Competitors quotes by Philip Kotler
#2. Competitive advantage is a companys ability to perform in one or more ways that competitors cannot or will not match. #Quote by Philip Kotler
Adbrite Competitors quotes by George A. Sheehan
#3. The most important thing I learned [from running] is that there is only one runner in this race, and that is me. #Quote by George A. Sheehan
Adbrite Competitors quotes by Charles De Gaulle
#4. Always choose the most difficult way, there you will not meet competitors. #Quote by Charles De Gaulle
Adbrite Competitors quotes by Dallin H. Oaks
#5. The consumption of alcohol is increasing among youth. Targeting young audiences, advertisers portray beer and wine as joyful, socially desirable, and harmless. Producers are promoting new types of alcoholic beverages as competitors in the huge soft-drink market. Grocery and convenience stores and gas stations stock alcoholic beverages side by side with soda pop. Can Christians who are involved in this commerce be indifferent to the physical and moral effects of the alcohol from which they are making their profits? #Quote by Dallin H. Oaks
Adbrite Competitors quotes by Ellen Key
#6. Ambition has developed into a passion which drives women, as well as men, to great works - and small deeds. Formerly competitors in the race for men, they are now competing in the race for social tasks and distinctions. #Quote by Ellen Key
Adbrite Competitors quotes by Oswald Chambers
#7. The greatest competitor of devotion to Jesus is service for Him. #Quote by Oswald Chambers
Adbrite Competitors quotes by Geoffrey Miller
#8. Men write more books. Men give more lectures. Men ask more questions after lectures. Men post more e-mail to Internet discussion groups. To say this is due to patriarchy is to beg the question of the behavior's origin. If men control society, why don't they just shut up and enjoy their supposed prerogatives? The answer is obvious when you consider sexual competition: men can't be quiet because that would give other men a chance to show off verbally. Men often bully women into silence, but this is usually to make room for their own verbal display. If men were dominating public language just to maintain patriarchy, that would qualify as a puzzling example of evolutionary altruism - a costly, risky individual act that helps all of one's sexual competitors (other males) as much as oneself. The ocean of male language that confronts modern women in bookstores, television, newspapers, classrooms, parliaments, and businesses does not necessarily come from a male conspiracy to deny women their voice. It may come from an evolutionary history of sexual selection in which the male motivation to talk was vital to their reproduction. #Quote by Geoffrey Miller
Adbrite Competitors quotes by Jeff Bezos
#9. We watch our competitors, learn from them, see the things that they were doing for customers and copy those things as much as we can. #Quote by Jeff Bezos
Adbrite Competitors quotes by Newton Lee
#10. The U.S. government needs to learn from successful private businesses that run an effective and efficient operation in serving their customers and outwitting their competitors. #Quote by Newton Lee
Adbrite Competitors quotes by Tom Brokaw
#11. We were not just competitors and colleagues, we were friends. We had a lot of opportunities to reflect on this in the last year. It was a competitive brotherhood. #Quote by Tom Brokaw
Adbrite Competitors quotes by Michael Horton
#12. As we are brought into God's extraordinary kingdom through ordinary means, we are remade, no longer fashioned as competitors for commodities in a world of scarce resources, but as co-sharers with Christ in the circulation of gifts that flows outward from its source without running out. #Quote by Michael Horton
Adbrite Competitors quotes by John Caudwell
#13. My second business would have succeeded but for competitors' jealousy. I was selling motorbike gear cheap, but the people I was undercutting complained to the manufacturer and cut off my supply. It showed me how corrupt business can be. When I sold phones, the same thing happened, but this time I was ready. #Quote by John Caudwell
Adbrite Competitors quotes by Kevin Rollins
#14. We are No. 1 worldwide by quite a margin on the client side and expanding, according to IDC and others, every single quarter. Our expectation is that the industry will consolidate and that more of our competitors will exit. #Quote by Kevin Rollins
Adbrite Competitors quotes by Jane Rule
#15. The terrifying message of gay liberation is that men are capable of loving their brothers. It should be sweet news to every womanin the world, for, if the capacity of men to love whom they have been taught to treat as competitors and enemies can transcend their education, the world can begin to heal. #Quote by Jane Rule
Adbrite Competitors quotes by James C. Collins
#16. Not every financial company toppled during the 2008 crisis, and some seized the opportunity to take advantage of weaker competitors in the midst of the tumult. #Quote by James C. Collins
Adbrite Competitors quotes by Suzanne F. Stevens
#17. Being better or different from competitors is not enough anymore. Being a mission-focused organization will attract, engage, and retain well-aligned customers, colleagues, and collaborators. #Quote by Suzanne F. Stevens
Adbrite Competitors quotes by Strive Masiyiwa
#18. When you are in a business, you must join associations, (both local and international), so that you can exchange ideas, with people from the same industry, including your competitors. This is how you "benchmark". Before you dash off to implement something, try and find out what others have done, or not done This is really how you should be using tools like the Internet. #Quote by Strive Masiyiwa
Adbrite Competitors quotes by Jakob Nielsen
#19. The web is the ultimate customer-empowering environment. He or she who clicks the mouse gets to decide everything. It is so easy to go elsewhere; all the competitors in the world are but a mouseclick away. #Quote by Jakob Nielsen
Adbrite Competitors quotes by Tom Brady
#20. The true competitors, though, are the ones who always play to win. #Quote by Tom Brady
Adbrite Competitors quotes by Chris Murray
#21. No longer will I measure myself against competitors, who don't even know that a race is being run. From now on, I will measure myself against the man in front of me. I will measure myself against a new personal best, achieving my next ambitious goal. #Quote by Chris Murray
Adbrite Competitors quotes by Marvin Ammori
#22. If a company is not a monopoly, then the law assumes market competition can restrain the company's actions. No problem. If a monopoly exists, but the monopoly does not engage in acts designed to destroy competition, then we can assume that it earned and is keeping its monopoly the pro-consumer way: by out-innovating its competitors. #Quote by Marvin Ammori
Adbrite Competitors quotes by J. Willard Marriott
#23. Communicate. Listen to your customers, associates and competitors. #Quote by J. Willard Marriott
Adbrite Competitors quotes by Donna De Varona
#24. Women made up 44% of Olympic competitors at London 2012 - the greatest show of gender equality in Olympic history. By comparison, in the 1908 Games men outnumbered women 53 to 1. #Quote by Donna De Varona
Adbrite Competitors quotes by Guy Kawasaki
#25. A crash is when your competitor's program dies. When your program dies, it is an 'idiosyncrasy'. #Quote by Guy Kawasaki
Adbrite Competitors quotes by Sarah Dessen
#26. But I didn't. I didn't say anything, if only because I had no idea how to respond to such an overture. If my experience with friends was sparse, what I knew about boys- other than a competitors for grades or class rank- was nonexistent #Quote by Sarah Dessen
Adbrite Competitors quotes by Anonymous
#27. Key to Sun Tzu's thinking is his realization that all plans are temporary. He knew that a plan can become obsolete as soon as it's crafted. For him, the decision to position one's forces in competition depends on two major factors: (1) objective conditions in the physical environment and (2) the subjective beliefs of competitors in that environment. #Quote by Anonymous
Adbrite Competitors quotes by Gary Allen
#28. If you wanted to control the nation's manufacturing, commerce, finance, transportation and natural resources, you would need only to control the apex, the power pinnacle, of an all-powerful SOCIALIST government. Then you would have a monopoly and could squeeze out all your competitors. If you wanted a national monopoly, you must control a national socialist government. If you want a worldwide monopoly, you must control a world socialist government. That is what the game is all about. "Communism" is not a movement of the downtrodden masses but is a movement created, manipulated and used by power-seeking billionaires in order to gain control over the world ... #Quote by Gary Allen
Adbrite Competitors quotes by Jeanne A. Estes
#29. No matter what your reason for wanting to start your own business, developing the foundation is the same. Laying a solid foundation for you business will provide you with a road map to follow as you build your business. As you work through the Start a Business Step-by-Step Workbook you will define the company's mission, decide what business entity is right for your business, name your business, determine the pricing for your products or services, formulate your financial projections, define your competitors, survey consumers regarding your products or services, determine the marketing methods right for your business and more. #Quote by Jeanne A. Estes
Adbrite Competitors quotes by Johnny Weir
#30. It's easier for me to go to Russia and train with top coaches and choreographers there than go to Colorado Springs and train with 14 of my competitors. #Quote by Johnny Weir
Adbrite Competitors quotes by Mark Blyth
#31. The "German problem" after 1970 became how to keep up with the Germans in terms of efficiency and productivity. One way, as above, was to serially devalue, but that was beginning to hurt. The other way was to tie your currency to the deutsche mark and thereby make your price and inflation rate the same as the Germans, which it turned out would also hurt, but in a different way.

The problem with keeping up with the Germans is that German industrial exports have the lowest price elasticities in the world. In plain English, Germany makes really great stuff that everyone wants and will pay more for in comparison to all the alternatives. So when you tie your currency to the deutsche mark, you are making a one-way bet that your industry can be as competitive as the Germans in terms of quality and price. That would be difficult enough if the deutsche mark hadn't been undervalued for most of the postwar period and both German labor costs and inflation rates were lower than average, but unfortunately for everyone else, they were. That gave the German economy the advantage in producing less-than-great stuff too, thereby undercutting competitors in products lower down, as well as higher up the value-added chain. Add to this contemporary German wages, which have seen real declines over the 2000s, and you have an economy that is extremely hard to keep up with. On the other side of this one-way bet were the financial markets. They looked at less dynamic economies, such as the Un #Quote by Mark Blyth
Adbrite Competitors quotes by Max Hawthorne
#32. The trouble with competitors' sycophants is they don't know where to put their tongues. Here's a suggestion: Try behind your teeth. With your mouth shut. #Quote by Max Hawthorne
Adbrite Competitors quotes by O.J. Simpson
#33. Fear of losing is what makes competitors so great. Show me a gracious loser and I'll show you a permanent loser. #Quote by O.J. Simpson

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