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Aclu Of Michigan quotes by Elmore Leonard
#1. There are cities that get by on their good looks, offer climate and scenery, views of mountains or oceans, rockbound or with palm trees; and there are cities like Detroit that have to work for a living, whose reason for being might be geographical but whose growth is based on industry, jobs. Detroit has its natural attractions: lakes all over the place, an abundance of trees and four distinct seasons for those who like variety in their weather, everything but hurricanes and earth-quakes. But it's never been the kind of city people visit and fall in love with because of its charm or think, gee, wouldn't this be a nice place to live. #Quote by Elmore Leonard
Aclu Of Michigan quotes by Jim Butcher
#2. Have you ever been approached by a grim-looking man, carrying a naked sword with a blade about ten miles long in his hand, in the middle of the night, beneath the stars on the shores of Lake Michigan? If you have, seek professional help. If you have not, then believe you me, it can scare the bejeezus out of you. #Quote by Jim Butcher
Aclu Of Michigan quotes by Kevin Kelly
#3. This is the culmination of a lot of people's vision. I think this is just another step towards making Central Michigan football among the elite programs in the Mid-American Conference. #Quote by Kevin Kelly
Aclu Of Michigan quotes by William Anthony Donohue
#4. The ACLU's record, far from showing a momentary wavering from impartiality, is replete with attemps to reform American society according to the wisdom of liberalism. The truth of the matters is that the ACLU has always been a highly politicized organization. #Quote by William Anthony Donohue
Aclu Of Michigan quotes by Wendy Wunder
#5. We drive northwest for an hour to Michigan. Michigan is pretty much like rural New Jersey, except it's flattened out and well planned and pristine. Michigan would be New Jersey if you ran over it with a steamroller, excavated everything, and then put it back in neat rows with lots of space for everyone to move around in. It is practical and pretty, and it's a place where nothing spontaneous happens. This is a place where nothing happens unless people sit around and have a meeting about it first. The people are mostly white, which is weird, and the squirrels are black, also weird. #Quote by Wendy Wunder
Aclu Of Michigan quotes by Julie James
#6. I know what you think you see," she told him, as they turned a corner onto a residential street.

"Really?" He regarded her mock-archly. "And what do I think I see, Ms. Parker?"

"You see the pricey U of C education, the high-rise apartment off of Michigan Avenue, and then you hear that I grew up in Glenwood - "

" - Don't forget those fancy red high-heeled shoes. As long as we're generalizing."

" - and you think you see somebody who grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth." She raised an eyebrow. "Am I right?"

He cocked his head in acknowledgement. "Okay, maybe I was thinking something along those lines. Tell me, then - what should I see instead?"

"Someone who has worked very hard to get where she's at #Quote by Julie James
Aclu Of Michigan quotes by Toni Morrison
#7. Truly landlocked people know they are. Know the occasional Bitter Creek or Powder River that runs through Wyoming; that the large tidy Salt Lake of Utah is all they have of the sea and that they must content themselves with bank, shore, beach because they cannot claim a coast. And having none, seldom dream of flight. But the people living in the Great Lakes region are confused by their place on the country's edge - an edge that is border but not coast. They seem to be able to live a long time believing, as coastal people do, that they are at the frontier where final exit and total escape are the only journeys left. But those five Great Lakes which the St. Lawrence feeds with memories of the sea are themselves landlocked, in spite of the wandering river that connects them to the Atlantic. Once the people of the lake region discover this, the longing to leave becomes acute, and a break from the area, therefore, is necessarily dream-bitten, but necessary nonetheless. #Quote by Toni Morrison
Aclu Of Michigan quotes by Jimmy Buffett
#8. Today there are two Madonnas, our lady of Fatima over here and that woman from Michigan. #Quote by Jimmy Buffett
Aclu Of Michigan quotes by Big Sean
#9. My mom graduated from the University of Michigan, which is a great school. Then she got her Master's from NYU. She wanted to be an actress, so when she graduated, she had a dream, and she started following it. She moved to New York and took acting classes with people like Denzel Washington. #Quote by Big Sean
Aclu Of Michigan quotes by Faye Moskowitz
#10. Jewish Christmas' - that's what my gentile friends called Chanukah when I was growing up in Michigan in the thirties and forties. Anachronistic, yes, but they had a point. Observing the dietary laws of separating milk and meat dishes was far easier for the handful of Jewish families in our little town than getting through December without mixing the two holidays. #Quote by Faye Moskowitz
Aclu Of Michigan quotes by Edward L. Glaeser
#11. A wealth of research confirms the importance of face-to-face contact. One experiment performed by two researchers at the University of Michigan challenged groups of six students to play a game in which everyone could earn money by cooperating. One set of groups met for ten minutes face-to-face to discuss strategy before playing. Another set of groups had thirty minutes for electronic interaction. The groups that met in person cooperated well and earned more money. The groups that had only connected electronically fell apart, as members put their personal gains ahead of the group's needs. This finding resonates well with many other experiments, which have shown that face-to-face contact leads to more trust, generosity, and cooperation than any other sort of interaction.
The very first experiment in social psychology was conducted by a University of Indiana psychologist who was also an avid bicyclist. He noted that "racing men" believe that "the value of a pace," or competitor, shaves twenty to thirty seconds off the time of a mile. To rigorously test the value of human proximity, he got forty children to compete at spinning fishing reels to pull a cable. In all cases, the kids were supposed to go as fast as they could, but most of them, especially the slower ones, were much quicker when they were paired with another child. Modern statistical evidence finds that young professionals today work longer hours if they live in a metropolitan area with plenty of competitors in th #Quote by Edward L. Glaeser
Aclu Of Michigan quotes by Margo Martindale
#12. I played Big Mama in 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof' when I was 20 years old at the University of Michigan. #Quote by Margo Martindale
Aclu Of Michigan quotes by Daniel  Abbott
#13. The delivery room is cold and it has a view of the city. A view of smokestacks and snow-kissed rooftops. An industrial grid of squares that seem to go on for miles. And the snowflakes have wings. Big white butterflies suspended in air. The kind kids like to catch on their tongues. #Quote by Daniel Abbott
Aclu Of Michigan quotes by Jennifer Brightside
#14. Saint Joseph, Michigan is a hamlet catered specifically to the tastes of rich, vacationing city folk. In the summer, these wealthy tourists haul their yachts out of storage and settle into their lakeside summer homes. When they aren't oiling up on the beach, they flock to quaint ice cream parlors and overpriced clothing and art stores along Dove Street. Of course, none of the permanent residents of St. Joe can afford to buy anything from those boutiques, but we do get a little pleasure when yuppies get their stilettos stuck in the cracks of our brick-paved roads. Apart from the beach and movie theater, it's our main source of entertainment. #Quote by Jennifer Brightside
Aclu Of Michigan quotes by Jim Harrison
#15. I'm actually forced to write about Michigan because as a native of that state it's the place I know best. #Quote by Jim Harrison
Aclu Of Michigan quotes by Elle Kennedy
#16. Hannah returns to our booth carrying our drink orders. Or rather, Allie and Dex's drink orders. Logan and I asked for sodas, but what we get is water.

"Where's my Dr. Pepper, Wellsy?" Logan whines.

She levels him with a stern look. "Do you know how much sugar is in a soft drink?"

"A perfectly acceptable amount and therefore I should drink it?" supplies Logan.

"Wrong. The answer is too damn much. You're playing Michigan in an hour - you can't get all hopped up on sugar before a game. You'll get a five-minute energy boost and then crash halfway through the first period."

Logan sighs. "G, why is your girl our nutritionist now?"

I pick up my water glass and take a sip of defeat. "Do you want to argue with her?"

Logan looks at Hannah, whose expression clearly conveys: you'll get a soda over my dead body. Then he looks back at me. "No," he says glumly. #Quote by Elle Kennedy
Aclu Of Michigan quotes by Steven Yeun
#17. I grew up in Michigan, so I played hockey, football and basketball. I played a little bit of lacrosse, too. My brother played more lacrosse and ran track. #Quote by Steven Yeun
Aclu Of Michigan quotes by Ernie Harwell
#18. I deeply appreciate the people of Michigan. I love their grit. I love the way they face life. I love the family values they have. #Quote by Ernie Harwell
Aclu Of Michigan quotes by Andrea L'Artiste
#19. Life is like a jigsaw puzzle; Not a "Box of chocolate" You have to put the pieces together to get the 'real' picture. #Quote by Andrea L'Artiste
Aclu Of Michigan quotes by Ree Drummond
#20. We did the dishes and talked--about the cattle business, about my job back in L.A., about his local small town, about family. Then we adjourned to the sofa to watch an action movie, pausing occasionally to remind each other once again of the reason God invented lips. Curiously, though, while sexy and smoldering, Marlboro Man kept his heavy breathing to a minimum. This surprised me. He was not only masculine and manly, he lived in the middle of nowhere--one might expect that because of the dearth of women within a twenty-mile range, he'd be more susceptible than most to getting lost in a heated moment. But he wasn't. He was a gentleman through and through--a sizzling specimen of a gentleman who was singlehandedly introducing me to a whole new universe of animal attraction, but a gentleman, nonetheless. And though my mercury was rising rapidly, his didn't seem to be in any hurry.
He walked me to my car as the final credits rolled, offering to follow me all the way home if I wanted. "Oh, no," I said. "I can get home, no problem." I'd lived in L.A. for years; it's not like driving alone at night bothered me. I started my car and watched him walk back toward his front door, admiring every last thing about him. He turned around and waved, and as he walked inside I felt, more than ever, that I was in big trouble. What was I doing? Why was I here? I was getting ready to move to Chicago--home of the Cubs and Michigan Avenue and the Elevated Train. Why had I allowed myself to stic #Quote by Ree Drummond
Aclu Of Michigan quotes by Rivers Solomon
#21. Dear Sirs," Flick began before loudly inhaling, "On account of there being no heat down here in account of the being no electricity on account of the brand-new energy rations so thoughtfully and nobly and honorably imposed on the steerage decks by Sovereign Nicolaeus on account of the blackouts - Aster fell prey to a brief fit of hypothermia-induced delirium de spoke against you in her maddery. She's healed up now so you don't have to worry about it happening again. #Quote by Rivers Solomon
Aclu Of Michigan quotes by Jean Shepherd
#22. I had woven a tapestry of obscenity that as far as I know is still hanging in space over Lake Michigan. #Quote by Jean Shepherd
Aclu Of Michigan quotes by Alan Collinge
#23. Moreover, an archetype exists in the nation's consciousness that connects student loan debt with irresponsibility. This is a result of well-publicized accounts of loan defaults in decades past in which students took out loans with no intention of ever paying them back and simply filed for bankruptcy after graduation. This perception was sufficiently strong that in the 1970s, Congress was convinced to remove bankruptcy protections from student loans. However, according to a March 2007 paper by John A. E. Pottow of the University of Michigan, this perception had a fatal flaw: "The fatal problem is that there are no empirical data to buttress the myth that students defraud creditors any more than other debtors."1 In fact, it was shown that when student loans were dischargeable in bankruptcy, there was a less than 1 percent bankruptcy rate among student debtors.2 Nevertheless, this misconception has been so often repeated that it is now indelibly etched in the public's mind. #Quote by Alan Collinge
Aclu Of Michigan quotes by Kristen Green
#24. The country was becoming increasingly disgusted by Prince Edward, which was making national headlines for its still-closed schools. Dr. Robert L. Green and a team of researchers from Michigan State University, funded by the US Office of Education, came to town, attempting to determine how black schoolchildren had been affected. They would soon learn that the illiteracy rate of black students ages five to twenty-two had jumped from 3 percent when the schools had closed to a staggering 23 percent. They found seven-year-old children who couldn't hold a pencil or make an X. Some didn't know how old they were; others couldn't communicate. #Quote by Kristen Green
Aclu Of Michigan quotes by Fielding H. Yost
#25. But do let me reiterate the spirit of Michigan. It is based upon a deathless loyalty to Michigan and all her ways; an enthusiasm that makes it second nature for Michigan men to spread the gospel of their university to the world's distant outposts; a conviction that nowhere is there a better university, in any way, than this Michigan of ours. #Quote by Fielding H. Yost
Aclu Of Michigan quotes by David Crowe
#26. I read about a guy in Michigan this winter who was cruising along on his snow mobile. "Whoo hoo!" Didn't see a barbed wire fence. FOOM
cut his head right off. And I'll be honest with you, my first thought was ... That's how I want to go. Having the time of your life, "whoo hoo!" FOOM. I want the last thought in my head to be, 'Hey, check out that headless snow mobile driver. He's got a jacket just like mine.' #Quote by David Crowe
Aclu Of Michigan quotes by Gabrielle Reece
#27. If you don't know one thing about Kid Rock it's that he's loyal. His band has been together for a long time, he stands by his friends, and the guy still lives in his home state of Michigan. #Quote by Gabrielle Reece
Aclu Of Michigan quotes by F. LaGard Smith
#28. If there is anything that the ACLU hates more than censorship, it is any form of public religious expression. #Quote by F. LaGard Smith
Aclu Of Michigan quotes by Sam Raimi
#29. I've always worked with a team of actors and filmmakers ever since I was a kid in Michigan making Super-8 movies. #Quote by Sam Raimi
Aclu Of Michigan quotes by Mike Wallace
#30. When I went to Ann Arbor, University of Michigan, what I really wanted to be was a radio announcer. #Quote by Mike Wallace
Aclu Of Michigan quotes by Greg Biffle
#31. Last year was the best Father's Day ever, 1,000th win for Ford and to have my daughter there for her first victory lane. I'm not sure how to top that, but hopefully something spectacular will happen. Michigan is one of my favorite tracks; it's a big fast place and has lots of room to race. There is always a lot of strategy going on. Fuel mileage and pit stops are very important. #Quote by Greg Biffle
Aclu Of Michigan quotes by Dorothy Maywood Bird
#32. This couldn't be just a lake. No real water was ever blue like that. A light breeze stirred the pin-cherry tree beside the window, ruffled the feathers of a fat sea gull promenading on the pink rocks below. The breeze was full of evergreen spice. #Quote by Dorothy Maywood Bird
Aclu Of Michigan quotes by Charles Baxter
#33. It helps that in michigan everyone goes inside from november through april. but from may until october they are outside, on display, and all of a sudden if you are single, you have a window to heaven and no way at all to get in. #Quote by Charles Baxter
Aclu Of Michigan quotes by Jim Butcher
#34. Yes, I was standing on nothing but congealed starlight. Yes, I was walking up through a savage storm, the wind threatening to tear me off and throw me into the freezing waters of Lake Michigan far below. Yes, I was using a legendary and enchanted means of travel to transcend the border between one dimension and the next, and on my way to an epic struggle between ancient and elemental forces.
But all i could think to say, between panting breaths, was, Yeah. Sure. They couldn't possibly have made this an escalator. #Quote by Jim Butcher
Aclu Of Michigan quotes by Upton Sinclair
#35. The great packing machine ground on remorselessly, without thinking of green fields; and the men and women and children who were part of it never saw any green thing, not even a flower. Four or five miles to the east of them lay the blue waters of Lake Michigan; but for all the good it did them it might have been as far away as the Pacific Ocean. They had only Sundays, and then they were too tired to walk. They were tied to the great packing machine, and tied to it for life. #Quote by Upton Sinclair
Aclu Of Michigan quotes by Roger Ebert
#36. Dear Bill (O'Reilly) ... I am concerned that you have been losing touch with reality recently. Did you really say you are more powerful than any politician?
That reminds me of the famous story about Squeaky the Chicago Mouse. It seems that Squeaky was floating on his back along the Chicago River one day. Approaching the Michigan Avenue lift bridge, he called out: Raise the bridge! I have an erection! #Quote by Roger Ebert
Aclu Of Michigan quotes by J.D. Vance
#37. Despite its reputation, Appalachia - especially northern Alabama and Georgia to southern Ohio - has far lower church attendance than the Midwest, parts of the Mountain West, and much of the space between Michigan and Montana. Oddly enough, we think we attend church more than we actually do. In a recent Gallup poll, Southerners and Midwesterners reported the highest rates of church attendance in the country. Yet actual church attendance is much lower in the South. #Quote by J.D. Vance
Aclu Of Michigan quotes by Wayne Greenhaw
#38. (Charles Morgan, Jr., Southern Director of the ACLU in 1966, upon seeing conditions in the Jefferson County jail):

...I knew that [Southern whites] would have annihilated blacks had they been more literate and less useful. In Hitler's Germany armbands identified Jews. Those with black skin could have been annihilated more easily. But they were the labor pool with which to break strikes. They served as the pickers of cotton, the diggers of ditches. They emptied bedpans and cleaned the outhouses of our lives. Uneducated, property-less, disenfranchised, and excluded from justice, except as defendants, they were no threat to whites. While they remained useful and didn't get 'out of line,' their lives were assured, for no matter how worthless lower-class white folks said blacks were, the rich, well born, and able upper-class whites knew that they and black folks were really the only people indispensably required by Our Southern Way of Life. (188) #Quote by Wayne Greenhaw
Aclu Of Michigan quotes by Barack Obama
#39. When we don't pay close attention to the decisions made by our leaders, when we fail to educate ourselves about the major issues of the day, when we choose not to make our voices and opinions heard, that's when democracy breaks down. That's when power is abused. That's when the most extreme voices in our society fill the void that we leave. That's when powerful interests and their lobbyists are most able to buy access and influence in the corridors of power –- because none of us are there to speak up and stop them.

Participation in public life doesn't mean that you all have to run for public office -– though we could certainly use some fresh faces in Washington. (Laughter and applause.) But it does mean that you should pay attention and contribute in any way that you can. Stay informed. Write letters, or make phone calls on behalf of an issue you care about. If electoral politics isn't your thing, continue the tradition so many of you started here at Michigan and find a way to serve your community and your country –- an act that will help you stay connected to your fellow citizens and improve the lives of those around you. #Quote by Barack Obama
Aclu Of Michigan quotes by Lyndon B. Johnson
#40. Today, 8 million adult Americans, more than the entire population of Michigan, have not finished 5 years of school. Nearly 20 million have not finished 8 years of school. Nearly 54 million - more than one-quarter of all America - have not even finished high school. #Quote by Lyndon B. Johnson
Aclu Of Michigan quotes by Michael Imperioli
#41. 'Detroit 1-8-7' - the numbers are police slang for murder - is filmed in that blue-collar Michigan city, providing a flavor of authenticity. Detroit offers a unique visual landscape that tells the story of the city and what it's been through. #Quote by Michael Imperioli
Aclu Of Michigan quotes by Sam Brownback
#42. When Ruth Bader Ginsburg came in front of the Senate and was approved 96-3 to be on the Supreme Court to replace conservative justice Byron White. This is in 1993.Now, Justice Ginsburg, it was noted earlier, was a general counsel for the ACLU, certainly a liberal group. It was abundantly clear during the confirmation hearing that Ginsburg would swing the balance of the court to the left.But because President [Bill] Clinton won the election and because Justice Ginsburg clearly had the intellectual ability and integrity to serve on the court, she was confirmed. #Quote by Sam Brownback
Aclu Of Michigan quotes by Newt Gingrich
#43. The ACLU is an organization with a long and distinguished history of fighting to protect freedom of speech. On the other hand, in recent years, it has carried its mandate to ever more eccentric and often highly destructive lengths. While is may have been perfectly honorable for Dukakis to belong to the ACLU, it was equally legitimate for Bush to attack him for it. And with what enormous relish he did the job! #Quote by Newt Gingrich
Aclu Of Michigan quotes by Patricia Polacco
#44. I lived the first five years of my life on a farm in Union City, Michigan, with my mom and grandparents. It was the most magical time of my life. #Quote by Patricia Polacco
Aclu Of Michigan quotes by Jon Ronson
#45. Judge Ted Poe's critics - like the civil rights group the ACLU - argued to him the dangers of these ostentatious punishments, especially those that were carried out in public. They said it was no coincidence that public shaming had enjoyed such a renaissance in Mao's China and Hitler's Germany and the Ku Klux Klan's America - it destroys souls, brutalizing everyone, the onlookers included, dehumanizing them as much as the person being shamed. #Quote by Jon Ronson
Aclu Of Michigan quotes by John Varvatos
#46. Canada - they won't like me saying this, but it's really like it's a part of Michigan, that area. #Quote by John Varvatos

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