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Accordion Like Green quotes by Kass Morgan
#1. exhilaration fizzed through Clarke's body. Before she realised what she was doing, she had thrown her arms around Bellamy. He joined in her laughter as he staggered backward, and wrapped his arms around her waist, lifting her up and spinning her through the air. The colours of the clearing swirled, green and gold and blue all blurring until there was nothing in the world but Bellamy's smile, lighting up his eyes. Finally he set her down gently on the ground. Be he didn't loosen his grip. Instead he pulled her even closer, and before Clarke had time to catch her breath, his lips were on hers. A voice in her brain told her stop, but it was overpowered by the smell of his skin and the pressure of his touch. Clarke felt like she was melting into his arms, losing herself in the kiss. He tasted like joy, and joy tasted better on Earth. #Quote by Kass Morgan
Accordion Like Green quotes by Caroline Cross
#2. And then those dusky lashes fluttered up, revealing a lambent gleam of jungle green.
His hands circled her waist and she slowly flexed his hips, a wholly male sound of satisfaction escaping him when her eyes fluttered shut and she gasped.
And then a small, secret, feminine smile appeared on her lips and Chase's control snapped like a power line in a high wind.
Wrapping her in his arms, he began to pump into her in a slow, relentless rhythm that was both too much and not enough. #Quote by Caroline Cross
Accordion Like Green quotes by Philippe Delerm
#3. It could snow
We don't take care. The end of November came without coldness, with haunting and limp rains, pretty much leaves still laying anywhere on the sidewalks. It comes a morning with another grey, compact, closed, air changes its texture. Under the pharmacy green cross the thermometer sticks, in red, two degrees. The number, a bit blurred thins down in the space. We didn't expect it, but it grows, far inside us, the little sentence. It comes to the lips like a forgotten song: "It could snow …" We should not dare to mention it in loud voice, it is still so much autumn, all could finish in a stupid freezing sudden shower, in a fog of boredom. But the idea of a possible snow came back, it's what matters. No downhill in a sledge-trash-bag, no snowman, no children shouting,no pictures of landscape metamorphosis. Largely best then all that, because the essential snow is inside the unformulated. Before. Something we didn't know we knew. Before snow, before love, the same lack, the same dimmed grey which days' triteness creates pretending to suffocate.
We shall cross somebody:
-This time it's almost winter!
-Yes we start to be crestfallen!
Workers hang pieces of tinsel. We didn't say too much. Especially do not frighten away the slight shade of the idea. The red thermometer went down, one degree. It could snow. #Quote by Philippe Delerm
Accordion Like Green quotes by Omari Hardwick
#4. I took to writing as my medicine to help me stay afloat in acting career journey. I wrote about me breaking hearts, and my heart being broken. I wrote about my views whether they were liberal or conservative. I wrote about everything. I wrote about my life. When I did not have paper coming in as green backs, I'd use random pieces of paper for stories. It was like, I got no money, but I have paper to write. So I wrote. #Quote by Omari Hardwick
Accordion Like Green quotes by Ellen Read
#5. A feeling of calm always fell over her like a cloak of happiness settling on her shoulders when she entered her father's woods. Tall trees welcomed her under their canopy, offering her protection, while a carpet of yellow lesser celandine, with their shiny star-like flowers and dark green heart-shaped leaves, tickled her ankles as she walked amongst them. #Quote by Ellen Read
Accordion Like Green quotes by Emma Donoghue
#6. When I tell her what I'm thinking and she tells me what she's thinking, our each ideas jumping into the other's head, like coulouring blue crayon on top of yellow that makes green. #Quote by Emma Donoghue
Accordion Like Green quotes by Janet Fitch
#7. At night she began cooking things in the kitchen, things too strange to mention. She steeped oleander in boiling water, and the roots of a vine with white trumpet flowers that glowed like faces. She soaked a plant collected in moonlight from the neighbors' fence, with little heart-shaped flowers. Then she cooked the water down; the whole kitchen smelled like green and rotting leaves. She threw out pounds of the wet-spinach green stuff into somebody else's dumpster. She wasn't talking to me anymore. She sat on the roof and talked to the moon. #Quote by Janet Fitch
Accordion Like Green quotes by John Barlas
#8. I saw thee in a vision of the night Transfigured; for it seemed that on thy brows The heavens did rest with all their stars, like boughs Laden with blossoms; round thy feet the bright Green waves, like grass, ran rippling, strewn with white Star-fragments of rent petals: wasted vows, And ruined prayers I thought them, such as house In hearts that love and are not loved aright. #Quote by John Barlas
Accordion Like Green quotes by Hank Green
#9. Sometimes I feel like when someone asks me if I believe in God, it's like a blind person asking if I'm black, so that they can put me in the right category. #Quote by Hank Green
Accordion Like Green quotes by Cassandra Clare
#10. So what do we do?" Alec whispered.
Magnus shrugged and smiled suddenly; with his messy black hair and the gleam in his gold-green eyes, he looked like a mischievous teenager. "what everyone else does," he replied. "Like you said. Hope. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Accordion Like Green quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#11. The world was young, the mountains green,
No stain yet on the Moon was seen,
No words were laid on stream or stone
When Durin woke and walked alone.
He named the nameless hills and dells;
He drank from yet untasted wells;
He stooped and looked in Mirrormere,
And saw a crown of stars appear,
As gems upon a silver thread,
Above the shadow of his head.

The world was fair, the mountains tall,
In Elder Days before the fall
Of mighty kings in Nargothrond
And Gondolin, who now beyond
The Western Seas have passed away:
The world was fair in Durin's Day.

A king he was on carven throne
In many-pillared halls of stone
With golden roof and silver floor,
And runes of power upon the door.
The light of sun and star and moon
In shining lamps of crystal hewn
Undimmed by cloud or shade of night
There shone for ever fair and bright.

There hammer on the anvil smote,
There chisel clove, and graver wrote;
There forged was blade, and bound was hilt;
The delver mined, the mason built.
There beryl, pearl, and opal pale,
And metal wrought like fishes' mail,
Buckler and corslet, axe and sword,
And shining spears were laid in hoard.

Unwearied then were Durin's folk;
Beneath the mountains music woke:
The harpers harped, the minstrels sang,
And at the gates the trumpets rang.

The world is grey, the #Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien
Accordion Like Green quotes by Yann Martel
#12. I went about the job in a direct way. I took the hatchet in both my hands and vigorously beat the fish on the head with the hammerhead (I still didn't have the stomach to use the sharp edge). The dorado did the most extraordinary thing as it died: it began to flash all kinds of colours in rapid succession. Blue, green, red, gold, and violet flickered and shimmered neon-like on its surface as it struggled. I felt I was beating a rainbow to death. #Quote by Yann Martel
Accordion Like Green quotes by Sophie Jordan
#13. Thanks for getting me out of there," I murmur, lacing my fingers around my knees, and looking up at him on his step.
"Yeah. You looked a little green. "
"I don't handle crowds too well. I've always been that way, I guess."
"You might get in trouble," he warns, staring at me in that strange, hungry way that unravels me. He strokes his bottom lip with a finger. For a flash of a second, his eyes look strange. Different. All glowing irises and thin dark pupils. Almost drake-like. I blink to clear my vision. His eyes are normal again. Just my imagination in overdrive. I'm probably projecting missing home and Az - everything--onto him. "Pep rallies are mandatory," he continues. "A lot of people saw you leave. Teachers included."
"They saw you leave, too," I point out.
He leans to the side, propping an elbow on one of the steps behind him. "I'm not worried about that. I've been in trouble before." He smiles a crooked grin and holds up crossed fingers. "The principal and I are like this. The guy loves me. Really."
Laughter spills from me, rusty and hoarse.
His grin makes me feel good. Free. Like I'm not running from anything. Like I could stay here in this world, if only I have him.
The thought unsettles me. Sinks heavily in my chest. Because I can't have him. Not really. All he can ever be for me is a temporary fix.
"But you're worried I'll get in trouble?" I try not to show how much this pleases me. I've managed to ignore him for days n #Quote by Sophie Jordan
Accordion Like Green quotes by Green Day
#14. Dogs are gonna take over the world. It's a known fact for those who believe it, kinda like the Bible. #Quote by Green Day
Accordion Like Green quotes by Renee Ahdieh
#15. People fall in and out of love with the rising and setting of the sun. Rather like a boy who loves the color green one day, only to discover on the morrow that he truly prefers blue. #Quote by Renee Ahdieh
Accordion Like Green quotes by Christina Lauren
#16. I've never seen him arrive or leave, because I always walk past him, drop a dollar bill in his case, and keep moving. Then, covertly from the platform, I look over - as do many of us - to where he sits on his stool near the base of the stairs, his fingers flying up and down the neck of the instrument. His left hand pulls out the notes as if it's as simple as breathing.

Breathing. As an aspiring writer, it's my least favorite cliché, but it's the only one that suits. I've never seen someone's fingers move like that, as if he doesn't even have to think about it. In some ways, it seems like he gives the guitar an actual human voice.

He looks up as I drop a bill into his case, squinting at me, and gives me a quiet "Thanks very much."

He's never done that before - looked up when someone dropped money in his case - and I'm caught completely off guard when our eyes meet.

Green, his are green. And he doesn't immediately look away. The hold of his gaze is mesmerizing. #Quote by Christina Lauren
Accordion Like Green quotes by Ray Bradbury
#17. The rockets set the bony meadows afire, turned rock to lava, turned wood to charcoal, transmuted water to steam, made sand and silica into green glass which lay like shattered mirrors reflecting the invasion, all about. The rockets came like drums, beating in the night. The rockets came like locusts, swarming and settling in blooms of rosy smoke. #Quote by Ray Bradbury
Accordion Like Green quotes by Robert Rauschenberg
#18. I didn't want painting to be simply an act of emphasizing one color to do something to another color, like using red to intensify green, because that would imply some subordination of red. I didn't want color to serve me. #Quote by Robert Rauschenberg
Accordion Like Green quotes by Bella Swann
#19. Sophia took in a deep breath as she prepared to screech up at him angrily like the deep-down angel-bitch she really was. However, as her beautiful violet eyes looked up furiously into the Shepherd's mesmerizing green eyes, she caught her breath and her body went weak at his masterful handling of her rebellious angel body. #Quote by Bella Swann
Accordion Like Green quotes by J.D. Jordan
#20. Was like the Green Man said, some you got to put to the bullet. Some to the tongue. Often the latter, with me. But some, you just got to put behind you. #Quote by J.D. Jordan
Accordion Like Green quotes by Matthew Green
#21. No matter what happens, I don't think that anyone will remember me when I disappear. It will be like I was never here. There will be no proof that I ever existed ... you can't be sad if you disappear, because disappeared people can't feel sad. They can only be remembered or forgotten. #Quote by Matthew Green
Accordion Like Green quotes by Jaimie Alexander
#22. Green screen, you know, it's been interesting, it's my first time to ever work with green screen technology, and it's, sometimes it can be really boring because you're like wow, I've got to really imagine all of this stuff around me. But it's low maintenance, which is nice, um, and it's not as hard as I thought it would be, so. #Quote by Jaimie Alexander
Accordion Like Green quotes by Jean Genet
#23. I'm homosexual ... How and why are idle questions. It's a little like wanting to know why my eyes are green. #Quote by Jean Genet
Accordion Like Green quotes by John Updike
#24. The bushes puzzled him, they were so big, almost trees, some twice his height, and there seemed so many. They were planted all along the edges of the towering droop-limbed hemlocks that sheltered the place, and in the acres sheltered there were dozens of great rectangular clumps like loaves of porous green bread. The bushes were evergreen. With their zigzag branches and long oval leaves fingering in every direction they seemed to belong to a different climate, to a different land, whose gravity pulled softer than this one. #Quote by John Updike
Accordion Like Green quotes by Nicole  Williams
#25. I promise I won't do 'things' to you," I told her, giving my inner sexual deviant a chance to speak up. He didn't, and I felt my whole body relax. There were plenty of women in the world. Plenty of them willing to share their body with me for a night. This woman could not be one of them.
"Like you even could do 'things' to me," she huffed, gracing me with a look that led me to believe she thought me quite the Quasimodo.
"Believe me." I waited for her eyes to meet mine again. When they did, the green in them actually looked molten. I didn't blink as I stretched closer. "If I wanted to – if I put my mind to it, my body into action – I could do all kinds of things to you. #Quote by Nicole Williams
Accordion Like Green quotes by Joanne Harris
#26. It's too early for strawberries. But the clearing is filled with their leaves and their little white flowers, like fallen stars. The wishing well was covered, too, so that only someone who knew it was there would have really noticed it. It looks like a barrow under the green; somewhere fairies or goblins might live. #Quote by Joanne Harris
Accordion Like Green quotes by Jane Green
#27. For me, decorating perfection means eclectic styles and collections of beautiful things like pottery, pillboxes and match strikers. #Quote by Jane Green
Accordion Like Green quotes by Hank Green
#28. For me, it goes without saying that much of the dogma of many religions is harmful. Thinking other people will burn forever because they love the wrong person or worship the wrong god has done a whole lot of bad.
What I wanted was the part where people were asked to get together once a week to talk about how to be a good person and, like, hang out with their neighbors. It's pretty amazing that apparently the only way to get people to do that is to invent an all-seeing, kindhearted sky dad who will be super disappointed/burn you for eternity if you don't show up. #Quote by Hank Green
Accordion Like Green quotes by Karen Chance
#29. You'll be all right, Cassie."
"No! I won't be! I need you-"
"Why? What can I give you that others can't?"
Green eyes suddenly burned into mine. "It's a simple question. You said you need me. Why?"
"I-I told you. This job-"
"Which you're handling admirably."
"I am not! I couldn't even get to my parents without help!"
"There are other demon experts-Jonas for one."
"But I need you!"
"Then give me a reason."
"I...there's so many-"
"Name one."
"I can name a hundred-"
"I didn't ask for a hundred; I asked for one. And you can't give it to me."
"Yes, I can!"
"Then do it!"
"I..." I stared at him, because he looked like there was a lot riding on my answer. Maybe everything. #Quote by Karen Chance
Accordion Like Green quotes by John Green
#30. His hand reached for her boob over her shirt and pawed at it, his palm still while his fingers moved around. I wondered if that felt good. Didn't seem like it would, but I decided to forgive Isaac on the grounds that he was going blind. The senses must feast while there is yet hunger and whatever.
"I think he's hurting her boob," I said.
"Yes, it's difficult to ascertain whether he is trying to arouse her or perform a breast exam. #Quote by John Green
Accordion Like Green quotes by John Mark Green
#31. Let's burn our masks at midnight
and as flickering flames ascend,
under the witness of star-clouds,
let us vow to reclaim our true selves.
Done with hiding and weary of lying,
we'll reconcile without and within.
Then, like naked squint-eyed newborns,
we'll greet the glorious birth of dawn;
blinking at the blazing, wondrous colors
we somehow failed to notice before. #Quote by John Mark Green
Accordion Like Green quotes by David Mitchell
#32. The night in question, I had put aside my perpetual lavatory read, The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, because of all the manuscripts (inedible green tomatoes) submitted to Cavendish-Redux, my new stable of champions. I suppose it was about eleven o'clock when I heard my front door being interfered with. Skinhead munchkins mug-or-treating?
Cherry knockers? The wind?
Next thing I knew, the door flew in off its ruddy hinges! I was thinking al-Queda, I was thinking ball lightning, but no. Down the hallway tramped what seemed like an entire rugby team, though the intruders numbered only three. (You'll notice, I am always attacked in threes.) "Timothy," pronounced the gargoyliest, "Cavendish, I presume. Caught with your cacks down."
"My business hours are eleven to two, gentlemen," Bogart would have said, "with a three-hour break for lunch. Kindly leave." All I could do was blurt, "Oy! My door! My ruddy door! #Quote by David Mitchell
Accordion Like Green quotes by Theodore Bikel
#33. 'Visiting Mr. Green' is a good play. I enjoy being in it, and I have a wonderful colleague, Aidan deSalaiz, to work with. Audiences like it a lot. What's not to like? #Quote by Theodore Bikel
Accordion Like Green quotes by Melissa Jensen
#34. Oh,for God's sake," I scolded myself, channeling Frankie. "It's just a French session.It's just a French session with a cute guy.It's just a French session with a cute guy who no longer has a girlfriend, who drunk e-mailed me about my name, and who makes me feel like I've swallowed a caterpillar." I thought maybe I should sit down.
The green hood of Alex's car nosed into view at 5:09. I flung myself out of the room, down the stairs, and then had to lean against the sofa for a second to compose myself. Then I stood right behind the door, counting a slow ten after he knocked before opening it. Wouldn't want to look eager, now, would I?
"Hi," he said.
"Hi." What else could I say?
It had turned seriously cold over the break. He was wearing a big black peacoat with Russian symbols on the buttons. I tried to remember if I'd ever known the Russian word for "hi." I didn't think so. He waited patiently for a minute, then asked, "Okay if I come in?"
I flushed and stepped back. #Quote by Melissa Jensen
Accordion Like Green quotes by J.G. Ballard
#35. The crystal trees among them were hung with glass-like trellises of moss. The air was markedly cooler, as if everything was sheathed in ice, but a ceaseless play of light poured through the canopy overhead. The process of crystallization was more advanced. The fences along the road were so encrusted that they formed a continuous palisade, a white frost at least six inches thick on either side of the palings. The few houses between the trees glistened like wedding cakes, white roofs and chimneys transformed into exotic miniarets and baroque domes. On a law of green glass spurs, a child's tricycle gleamed like a Faberge gem, the wheels starred into brilliant jasper crowns. #Quote by J.G. Ballard
Accordion Like Green quotes by William Sansom
#36. What is the colour of Christmas?
The red of the toyshops on a dark winter's afternoon,
Of Father Christmas and the robin's breast?
Or green?
Green of holly and spruce and mistletoe in the house,
dark shadow of summer in leafless winter?
One might plainly add a romance of white,
fields of frost and snow;
thus white, green, red- reducing the event to the level of a Chianti bottle.
But many will say that the significant colour is gold,
gold of fire and treasure, of light in the winter dark; and this gets closer,
For the true colour of Christmas is Black.
Black of winter, black of night, black of frost and of the east wind,
black of dangerous shadows beyond the firelight.

I am not sure who wrote this. I got it from page nine of "A Book of Christmas" by William Sansom. Google didn't help. It is rather true I think, that the true color of Christmas is black. For like the author said in succeeding sentences "The table yellow with electric light, the fire by which stories are told, the bright spangle of the tree- they all blazé out of shadow and out of a darkness of winter #Quote by William Sansom
Accordion Like Green quotes by A.G. Howard
#37. "This ride is spectacular! Right, Morpheus? Just like flying, right?" He tenses next to me, trying to hide his panic. I glance at him and he's practically green; even the jewels beneath his skin flash a putrid, sickly tone. "What's the matter? Stomach a little kicky? Didn't you always say it's the kicks that let you know you're alive?" #Quote by A.G. Howard
Accordion Like Green quotes by John Green
#38. I will not tell you our love story, because-like all real love stories-it will die with us,as it should. #Quote by John Green
Accordion Like Green quotes by Brunello Cucinelli
#39. When I was eight, nine years of age, my mother bought me a pair of green trousers - corduroy green trousers. I didn't like green, and I basically buried them underground. And my mother kept asking me, 'Where are your trousers?' I said, 'Oh, I don't know.' And from then on I stopped wearing green. #Quote by Brunello Cucinelli
Accordion Like Green quotes by Sax Rohmer
#40. Imagine a person, tall, lean and feline, high-shouldered, with a brow like Shakespeare and a face like Satan, a close-shaven skull, and long, magnetic eyes of the true cat-green. Invest him with all the cruel cunning of an entire Eastern race, accumulated in one giant intellect, with all the resources of science past and present, with all the resources, if you will, of a wealthy government
which, however, already has denied all knowledge of his existence. Imagine that awful being, and you have a mental picture of Dr. Fu-Manchu, the yellow peril incarnate in one man. #Quote by Sax Rohmer
Accordion Like Green quotes by John Green
#41. She kisses like a sweet devouring, and I don't know where to touch her because I want all of her. #Quote by John Green
Accordion Like Green quotes by Bella Andre
#42. He pulled her to him and kissed her softly on the lips. 'You blow me away,' he whispered.
'Ha-ha,' she said, but Travis refused to go along with the pun.
'I'm serious, sweetheart. I've never felt like this before.'
His eyes were deep green and so full of love that tears sprang to Lily's eyes. 'Me either. #Quote by Bella Andre
Accordion Like Green quotes by Ray Bradbury
#43. The rockets came like locusts, swarming and settling in blooms of rosy smoke. And from the rockets ran men with hammers in their hands to beat the strange world into a shape that was familiar to the eye, to bludgeon away all the strangeness, their mouths fringed with nails so they resembled steel-toothed carnivores, spitting them into their swift hands as they hammered up frame cottages and scuttled over roofs with shingles to blot out the eerie stars, and fit green shades to pull against the night. #Quote by Ray Bradbury
Accordion Like Green quotes by Robert McCammon
#44. If you were my girlfriend I would give you a hundred lightning bugs in a green glass jar, so you could always see your way. I would give you a meadow full of wildflowers, where no two blooms would ever be alike. I would give you my bicycle, with its golden eye to protect you. I would write a story for you, and make you a princess who lived in a white marble castle. If you would only like me, I would give you magic. If you would only like me. #Quote by Robert McCammon
Accordion Like Green quotes by John Green
#45. The world is turned upside down, I love it. It's like we're in a snow globe and God decided he wanted to see a blizzard so he shook us all the fug up. #Quote by John Green
Accordion Like Green quotes by Alexander McCall Smith
#46. The shoes themselves were light green, with lowish heels (which were very important for comfort and walking; high heels were always a temptation, but, like all temptations, one paid for them later). #Quote by Alexander McCall Smith

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