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Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Wayne Dyer
#1. The measure of your life will not be in what you accumulate, but in what you give away. #Quote by Wayne Dyer
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Louise Hay
#2. I am one with the Power that created me. I am totally open and receptive to the abundant flow of prosperity that the Universe offers. All my needs and desires are met before I even ask. I am Divinely guided and protected, and I make choices that are beneficial for me. I rejoice in other's successes, knowing there is plenty for us all. #Quote by Louise Hay
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Eileen Caddy
#3. Expect your every need to be met, expect the answer to every problem, expect abundance on every level, expect to grow spiritually. You are not living by human laws. Expect miracles and see them take place. Hold ever before you the thought of prosperity and abundance and know that doing so sets in motion forces that will bring it into being. #Quote by Eileen Caddy
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Amit Ray
#4. New year is the new way of inviting transformation, abundance and prosperity to every life. #Quote by Amit Ray
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Wayne Dyer
#5. I will grow. I will become something new and grand, but no grander than I now am. Just as the sky will be different in a few hours, its present perfection and completeness is not deficient, so am I presently perfect and not deficient. I will be different tomorrow. I will grow and I am not deficient. #Quote by Wayne Dyer
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Nazr Mohammed
#6. Riches are not from abundance of worldly goods, but from a contented mind. #Quote by Nazr Mohammed
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Earl Nightingale
#7. Any person who contributes to prosperity must prosper in turn. #Quote by Earl Nightingale
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Napoleon Hill
#8. Remember, no more effort is required to aim high in life, to demand abundance and prosperity, than is required to accept misery and poverty. #Quote by Napoleon Hill
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Wayne Dyer
#9. I am worthy of attracting unlimited abundance and prosperity into my life, regardless of what life experiences have gone before me. I only reinforce and contemplate images that are in harmony with this vision. #Quote by Wayne Dyer
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Wayne Dyer
#10. There is no way to prosperity, prosperity is the way. #Quote by Wayne Dyer
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Chester Bowles
#11. Despite whatever agreement there may be between some of us, let us never forget that we are all working whole-heartedly and humbly for the same goal-a country of peace, abundance and prosperity-for all of our people of all races, of all groups-whoever they may be, wherever they may live. #Quote by Chester Bowles
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Gabrielle Bernstein
#12. Heaven on Earth is a choice you must make, not a place you must find. - WAYNE DYER #Quote by Gabrielle Bernstein
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Wayne W. Dyer
#13. You are always a valuable, worthwhile human being
not because anybody says so, not because you're successful, not because you make a lot of money
but because you decide to believe it and for no other reason. #Quote by Wayne W. Dyer
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Susan Wiggs
#15. For the bee, honey is the ultimate reality. It represents the fulfillment of her life mission, the triumph over her enemies, the continuity of the hive, the justification for working herself to death. Honey is to bees what money in the bank is to people - a measure of prosperity and well-being. But there is nothing abstract or symbolic about honey, as there is about money, which has no intrinsic value. There is more real wealth in a pound of honey, or a load of manure for that matter, than all the currency in the world. We often destroy the world's real wealth to create an illusion of wealth, confusing symbol and substance. - William Longgood, The Queen Must Die #Quote by Susan Wiggs
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Barack Obama
#16. Americans have always pursued our dreams within a free market that has been the engine of our progress. It's a market that has created a prosperity that is the envy of the world, and rewarded the innovators and risk-takers who have made America a beacon of science, and technology, and discovery. But the American economy has worked in large part because we have guided the market's invisible hand with a higher principle - that America prospers when all Americans can prosper. That is why we have put in place rules of the road to make competition fair, and open, and honest. #Quote by Barack Obama
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by James Allen
#17. A man is not rightly conditioned until he is a happy, healthy, and prosperous being; and happiness, health, and prosperity are the result of a harmonious adjustment of the inner with the outer of the man with his surroundings. #Quote by James Allen
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Robert Charles Wilson
#18. These movies belonged to the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries that period of great, unsustainable, and hedonistic prosperity, driven by the burning of Earth's reserves of perishable oil, which culminated in the False Tribulation, and the wars, and the plagues, and the painful dwindling of inflated populations to more reasonable numbers. #Quote by Robert Charles Wilson
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Aristotle.
#19. Every effort therefore must be made to perpetuate prosperity. And, since that is to the advantage of the rich as well as the poor, all that accrues from the revenues should be collected into a single fund and distributed in block grants to those in need, if possible in lump sums large enough for the acquisition of a small piece of land, but if not, enough to start a business, or work in agriculture. And if that cannot be done for all, the distribution might be by tribes or some other division each in turn. #Quote by Aristotle.
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by E.C. Riegel
#20. When man has mastered money he shall have mastered not only his economic problem of prosperity but also his political problem, for he will see that money has no place in state functions, and, the money power being entirely in his own hands, he will easily master the state and clearly define its services. Thus money must be seen as the means of mastery of all economic and political problems. Until we have mastered money we shall not master any of our problems. Not money, but a false money system, is the root of all evil. #Quote by E.C. Riegel
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Alexander Hamilton
#21. Allow a government to decline paying its debts and you overthrow all public morality-you unhinge all the principles that preserve the limits of free constitutions. Nothing can more affect national prosperity than a constant and systematic attention to extinguish the present debt and to avoid as much as possibly the incurring of any new debt. #Quote by Alexander Hamilton
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Ann Coulter
#22. Four years of Jimmy Carter gave us two titanic Reagan landslides, peace and prosperity for eight blessed years - and even a third term for his feckless vice president, George H.W. Bush. #Quote by Ann Coulter
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Maxim Gorky
#23. Politics is the soil in which the nettle of poisonous enmity, evil suspicions, shameless lies, slander, morbid ambitions, and disrespect for the individual grows rapidly and luxuriantly. Name anything bad in man and it is precisely in the soil of political struggle that it grows with particular liveliness and abundance. #Quote by Maxim Gorky
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Margaret Thatcher
#24. Communism produces neither dignity nor prosperity. It takes all power away from the people and places it in the hands of a self-appointed elite. And because it distorts and manipulates the distinctive talents of individuals rather than letting those talents flourish, it prevents progress and prosperity. #Quote by Margaret Thatcher
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#25. The first duty of any Christian is to know God and the wisdom of His Word to the utmost #Quote by Sunday Adelaja
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by James Randi
#26. We in the USA have been depending on prayers, pleading, and self-abasement to a deity to bring us magical advantages, and have been encouraged to attribute our prosperity and general success among nations, to that sort of action. In my opinion, hard work and dedication to logic and reason ought to be recognized as the reasons for our achievements, not appeals to a mythical friend-in-the-sky. We got where we are in spite of, not because of, those incantations. #Quote by James Randi
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Elmore Leonard
#27. There are cities that get by on their good looks, offer climate and scenery, views of mountains or oceans, rockbound or with palm trees; and there are cities like Detroit that have to work for a living, whose reason for being might be geographical but whose growth is based on industry, jobs. Detroit has its natural attractions: lakes all over the place, an abundance of trees and four distinct seasons for those who like variety in their weather, everything but hurricanes and earth-quakes. But it's never been the kind of city people visit and fall in love with because of its charm or think, gee, wouldn't this be a nice place to live. #Quote by Elmore Leonard
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Aldous Huxley
#28. Armaments, universal debt, and planned obsolescence - those are the three pillars of Western prosperity. If war, waste, and moneylenders were abolished, you'd collapse. And while you people are overconsuming the rest of the world sinks more and more deeply into chronic disaster. #Quote by Aldous Huxley
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Hirohito
#29. To strive for the common prosperity and happiness of all nations, as well as the security and wellbeing of our subjects, is the solemn obligation which has been handed down by our imperial ancestors and which lies close to our heart, #Quote by Hirohito
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Carol Starr Taylor
#30. Gratitude is the root of all transformation and abundance. #Quote by Carol Starr Taylor
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Augustine Of Hippo
#31. But unscrupulous ambition has nothing to work upon, save in a nation corrupted by avarice and luxury. Moreover, a people becomes avaricious and luxurious by prosperity. #Quote by Augustine Of Hippo
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Darren Edwards
#32. Philippians 4:11-13 goes directly against both the prosperity, and the austerity, gospel. #Quote by Darren Edwards
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Sharon Salzberg
#33. Pure generosity emerges when we give without the need for our offering to be received in a certain way. That's why the best kind of generosity comes from inner abundance, rather than from feeling deficient and hollow, starved for validation. #Quote by Sharon Salzberg
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Ernie J Zelinski
#34. Having taught economics courses at private vocational schools and universities, I have always had a problem with GNP as a yardstick of prosperity. GNP is improved by increases in questionable activities such as consumption of cigarettes and the production of weapons. Moreover, a substantial increase in car accidents will favorably affect GNP because more funerals, hospital visits, car repairs, and new car purchases will result. #Quote by Ernie J Zelinski
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Jaachynma N.E. Agu
#35. A virtuous mother sows and sows seeds of greatness with great life in mind. #Quote by Jaachynma N.E. Agu
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Daniel Ammann
#36. Any economic network is largely dependent on trust if it is to function well. As economists put it, a high degree of trust lowers the costs of transactions and compensates for a lack of information. According to the American philosopher Francis Fukuyama, trust is a key prerequisite for prosperity. #Quote by Daniel Ammann
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Various
#37. Sir 12:8 A friend shall not be known in prosperity, and an enemy shall not be hidden in adversity. #Quote by Various
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by John Stossel
#38. Prosperity comes from leaving people free in a legal system that respects their persons and property so they can pursue their dreams while taking responsibility for their actions. #Quote by John Stossel
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Alexis Carrel
#39. Moral sense is almost completely ignored by modern society. We have, in fact, suppressed its manifestations. All are imbued with irresponsibility. Those who discern good and evil, who are industrious and provident, remain poor and are looked upon as morons. The woman who has several children, who devotes herself to their education, instead of to her own career, is considered weak-minded. If a man saves a little money for his wife and the education of his children, this money is stolen from him by enterprising financiers. Or taken by the government and distributed to those who have been reduced to want by their own improvidence and the shortsightedness of manufacturers, bankers, and economists. Artists and men of science supply the community with beauty, health, and wealth. They live and die in poverty. Robbers enjoy prosperity in peace. Gangsters are protected by politicians and respected by judges. They are the heroes whom children admire at the cinema and imitate in their games. A rich man has every right. He may discard his aging wife, abandon his old mother to penury, rob those who have entrusted their money to him, without losing the consideration of his friends. ...Ministers have rationalized religion. They have destroyed its mystical basis. But they do not succeed in attracting modern men. In their half-empty churches they vainly preach a weak morality. They are content with the part of policemen, helping in the interest of the wealthy to preserve the framework of pres #Quote by Alexis Carrel
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Horace
#40. As a rule, adversity reveals genius and prosperity hides it #Quote by Horace
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Edmund S. Phelps
#41. The recognition by a people that their prosperity depends on the breadth and depth of their innovative activity is of huge importance. Nations unaware #Quote by Edmund S. Phelps
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Alexandre Dumas
#42. In prosperity prayers seem but a mere medley of words, until misfortune comes and the unhappy sufferer first understands the meaning of the sublime language in which he invokes the pity of heaven! #Quote by Alexandre Dumas
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Deepak Chopra
#43. Since the universe is in constant and dynamic exchange, we need to both give and receive to keep abundance, love and anything else we want circulating in our lives. #Quote by Deepak Chopra
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Anyaele Sam Chiyson
#44. ANYAELE SAM CHIYSON'S LAW OF PASSION: You must have a longing to succeed in accordance with your desires: Your intense, high-wrought emotion that compels you to action must be high-powered to get you fervent and excited to do what is required by the terms so as to make your desires a success. Get ready to follow through your innovations. Create your structures! Do things right to a turn and ardently carry your strategies to a successful completion and accomplish your desires. #Quote by Anyaele Sam Chiyson
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Mark Twain
#45. To this end it furnishes them an abundance of Catholic priests to teach them to be docile and obedient, and to be diligent in acquiring ignorance about things here below, and knowledge about the kingdom of heaven, #Quote by Mark Twain
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Anyaele Sam Chiyson
#46. Stop reacting to poverty,act upon yourself and start living in prosperity. #Quote by Anyaele Sam Chiyson
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Rod Serling
#47. Now death is with us in such abundance and hovers over us in so massive a form that we don't have time to invent a mythology, nor is our creativity directed toward same. Now it's to prevent death. #Quote by Rod Serling
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by William J. Clinton
#48. There is no longer a clear, bright line dividing America's domestic concerns and America's foreign policy concerns ... If we want America to stay on the right track, if we want other people to be on that track and have the chance to enjoy peace and prosperity, we have no choice but to try to lead the train. #Quote by William J. Clinton
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Bob Proctor
#49. Self-confidence is a must for a fulfilled life. If you have a divine self-confidence, you know how fortunate you are. Study yourself, you have awareness and infinite power within you. choose to build an image in your marvelous mind of what you want to do. Happiness, health and prosperity will be your rewards. #Quote by Bob Proctor
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Timothy Garton Ash
#50. Starting from the ruins of the Second World War, we - all Europeans said, after centuries of fighting each other, we're going to build permanent arrangements in which peace between European countries is secured, freedom is secured, and growing prosperity. And that's what we have done over the last 70 years. #Quote by Timothy Garton Ash
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Muhammad Raheem Bawa Muhaiyaddeen
#51. The prayers you perform, the duties you do, the charity and love you give is equal to just one drop. But if you use that one drop, continue to do your duty, and keep digging within, then the spring of Allah's grace and His qualities will flow in abundance. #Quote by Muhammad Raheem Bawa Muhaiyaddeen
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Rick Warren
#52. The Daniel Plan is rooted in a very simple principle: Take the junk out and let the abundance in. #Quote by Rick Warren
Abundance And Prosperity quotes by Rumi
#53. With what work at you occupied,
and for what purpose are you purchased?
What sort of bird are you,
and with what digestive are you eaten?
Pass up this shop of hagglers
and seek the shop of Abundance where God is the purchaser [Quran 9:111].
There Compassion has bought
the shabby goods no one else would look at.
With that Purchaser no base coin is rejected,
for making a profit is not the point.

Masnavi 6.1264 – 1267 #Quote by Rumi

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