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Abajo In Spanish quotes by John Ray
#1. In a calm sea every man is a pilot. #Quote by John Ray
Abajo In Spanish quotes by Katie McGarry
#2. Sup, man," said Rico Vega, joining me in the back of Spanish class. "'Sup," I answered. "How can they let you take Spanish when that's what you speak half the damn time?" "Why they let a bunch of gueros take English? You gringos gotta be stupid if you ain't got it down in eighteen years. #Quote by Katie McGarry
Abajo In Spanish quotes by Wallace Stegner
#3. Buenos dias, she said in response to Hernandez's soft greeting. They had a pact to speak only Spanish to each other, with the result that their conversation never got beyond hello and good-bye. #Quote by Wallace Stegner
Abajo In Spanish quotes by Trevanian
#4. It's not Americans I find annoying; it's Americanism: a social disease of the postindustrial world that must inevitably infect each of the mercantile nations in turn, and is called 'American' only because your nation is the most advanced case of the malady, much as one speaks of Spanish flu, or Japanese Type-B encephalitis. It's symptoms are a loss of work ethic, a shrinking of inner resources, and a constant need for external stimulation, followed by spiritual decay and moral narcosis. You can recognize the victim by his constant efforts to get in touch with himself, to believe his spiritual feebleness is an interesting psychological warp, to construe his fleeing from responsibility as evidence that he and his life are uniquely open to new experiences. In the later stages, the sufferer is reduced to seeking that most trivial of human activities: fun. #Quote by Trevanian
Abajo In Spanish quotes by Eric Gamalinda
#5. Let me be the first to say
that I know the name for everything
and if I don't I'll make them up:
dukkha, naufragio, talinhaga.
Just like the young
whose hearts give no shame,
I love the excesses of beauty,
there is never enough sunlight
in the world I will live in,
never enough room for love.

I fear none of us will last long enough
to prove what I've always suspected,
that the sky is a membrane
in an angel's skull,
trees talk to each other at night,
ice is water in a state of silence,
the embryo listens to everything we say.

I am afraid for the child skipping rope
on the corner of my street,
the girl on the train with flowers in her hair,
the man whose memory is entirely
in Spanish. I am more afraid of losing consciousness
when I go to sleep, or that in my sleep
I will grow old and forget how desire
once drove me mad with wakefulness.

Just like the perfect seasons
they will die
and I will die
and you will die also;
no one knows who will go first,
and this is the source
of all my grief. #Quote by Eric Gamalinda
Abajo In Spanish quotes by Jorge Luis Borges
#6. We did meet forty years ago. At that time we were both influenced by Whitman and I said, jokingly in part, 'I don't think anything can be done in Spanish, do you?' Neruda agreed, but we decided it was too late for us to write our verse in English. We'd have to make the best of a second-rate literature. #Quote by Jorge Luis Borges
Abajo In Spanish quotes by Julie Ann Walker
#7. Alex was a historian by education, a translator of centuries-old scripts by training, and a savant when it came to inane trivia, which she tended to offer up without encouragement and much to the annoyance of everyone around her. Three months ago, Bran, LT, Mason, and the other three guys from their SEAL Team - now the owners of the Deep Six Salvage Company - had hired her to translate the historical documents housed in the Spanish Archives that pertained to the hurricane of 1624. They'd hoped she could give them a leg up on their hunt for the Santa Cristina. #Quote by Julie Ann Walker
Abajo In Spanish quotes by Fiona MacDonald
#8. Differences between Catholic and Protestant countries did not incite rivalries between European states, or cause the growing sense of national identity and, sometimes, isolationism that was developing among the countries of Europe. These were happening anyway, for a complex variety of political and economic reasons. But religious differences did, at times, contribute to them - for example in Spain, where the inward-looking institutions of the Counter-Reformation seemed aimed at creating a nation of soldiers and ecclesiastics in great contrast to the outgoing, trade-based, profit-minded society of the Calvinist Netherlands. These generalizations hide many local variations - there were busy Spanish merchants, and contemplative, spiritual, people in many Protestant lands. But travelers across Europe remarked on the increasingly striking differences between nations. #Quote by Fiona MacDonald
Abajo In Spanish quotes by Paula DeAnda
#9. I've always loved to sing in Spanish. To me, it's just my culture. It's what I am; I'm Latina. #Quote by Paula DeAnda
Abajo In Spanish quotes by H.M. Castor
#10. Sir, to deal with foreign rulers is to deal with lies and deceits. All the time. A French king, a Spanish emperor - any one of them - will swear he is your friend, while in truth he has his own agenda that he is pursuing mercilessly, behind your back. It is the way the world works. The key is to recognise that, accept it, and keep moving. Keep stepping lightly as the squares on a chequerboard shift beneath your feet #Quote by H.M. Castor
Abajo In Spanish quotes by Samantha Towle
#11. Call him," Vicky urges one last time, placing my phone on my desk, tapping her nail on the screen before leaving me to it.

I stare at my phone and then with shaky fingers I pick it up and press redial on his number.

He answers on the first ring.

"Tru," his voice comes deep and sexy down the line.

"Hi, Jake."


"So…" I say, not really knowing what to say.

"I'm taking it your boss beat me to it?" he states rather than asks.

"She did."


"And what?"

"Will you do it – the bio?"

"Do I have a choice?"

There's a really long pause. I can practically feel his tension radiating down the line.

"There's always a choice, Tru." He sounds a little pissed off.

"Sorry," I recover. "That sounded a little shitty, it's just a lot of information to process this early in the morning. Especially when I haven't even had a chance to have a coffee yet."

"You haven't?"

"No, and I don't function without coffee," I say in a Spanish accent. I'm actually fluent in Spanish, something my mum insisted on, and it does comes in handy at times – well, mainly holiday's in Spanish speaking countries. And my crap Spanish accent always used to make Jake laugh when we were kids, so I'm aiming for just that again.

He chuckles, deep and throaty down the line. It does incredible things to me. "I see you're still a #Quote by Samantha Towle
Abajo In Spanish quotes by Rick Riordan
#12. Leo gestured to the empty core. "The syncopator goes here. It's a multi-access gyro-valve to regulate flow. The dozen glass tubes on the outside? Those are filled with powerful, dangerous stuff. That glowing red one is Lemnos fire from my dad's forges. This murky stuff here? That's water from the River Styx. The stuff in the tubes is going to power the ship, right? Like radioactive rods in a nuclear reactor. But the mix ratio has to be controlled, and the timer is already operational."
Leo tapped the digital clock, which now read 65:15. "That means without the syncopator, this stuff is all going to vent into the chamber at the same time, in sixty-five minutes. At that point, we'll get a very nasty reaction."
Jason and Piper stared at him. Leo wondered if he'd been speaking English. Sometimes when he was agitated he slipped into Spanish, like his mom used to do in her workshop. But he was pretty sure he'd used English. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Abajo In Spanish quotes by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
#13. There is bound to be someone driven mad by love who will give you the chance to study the effects of gold cyanide on a cadaver. And when you do find one, observe with care, they almost always have crystals in their heart #Quote by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Abajo In Spanish quotes by Daniel Alarcon
#14. Meaning can be usually be approximated, but often by sacrificing style. When I review my translations into Spanish, that's what I'm most concerned with, reading the sentences aloud in Spanish to make sure they sound the way I want them to. To be honest, I much prefer being translated into Greek or Japanese; in those cases, you have no way of being involved, and no pressure. #Quote by Daniel Alarcon
Abajo In Spanish quotes by Christopher Dodd
#15. I take great pride in the fact that I have lived in a Spanish-speaking country. #Quote by Christopher Dodd
Abajo In Spanish quotes by Javier Marias
#16. They had to pretend because our high-ranking politician knew not a word of English (well, when he said goodbye he did risk a "Good luck") and the high-ranking British politician knew not a word of Spanish (although she did say "Buen dίa" to me as she gave me an iron handshake). So while the former was mumbling gibberish in Spanish, inaudible to cameras and photographers, all the time keeping a broad smile trained on his guest, as if he were regaling her with interesting banter (what he said was not, however, inaudible to me: I seem to remember that he kept repeating "One, two, three, four, five, what a lovely time we're going to have"). The latter was muttering nonsense in her own language, and smiling even more broadly than him ("Cheese," she kept saying, which is what all English people being photographed are told to say, and then various untranslatable onomatopoeic words such as "Tweedle tweedle, biddle diddle, twit and fiddle, tweedle twang"). #Quote by Javier Marias
Abajo In Spanish quotes by Michelle Bachelet
#17. When I'm speaking of love, when I'm speaking of reversing hate, I'm speaking not only of reconciliation - even I don't use that word - I use another word in Spanish, that's called 'reencuentro' - it's not reconciliation. #Quote by Michelle Bachelet
Abajo In Spanish quotes by Bill Cosby
#18. Guys standing around and talking about Spanish fly: 'You know anything about Spanish fly?'
'No, tell me about it.'
Well there's this girl Crazy Mary, you put some in her drink man, she, 'Haaaaaaaaaaaaah.'
Oh yeah, that's really groovy man, Spanish fly is groovy, yeah.
From then on, any time you see a girl: 'Wish I had some Spanish fly.'
Go to a party see five girls standing alone: 'Boy if I had a whole jug of Spanish fly, I'd light that corner up over there. HAAAAAAH.' #Quote by Bill Cosby
Abajo In Spanish quotes by Louis De Bernieres
#19. I know you have not thought about it. Italians always act without thinking, it's the glory and the downfall of your civilisation. A German plans a month in advance what his bowel movements will be at Easter, and the British plan everything in retrospect, so it always looks as though everything occurred as they intended. The French plan everything whilst appearing to be having a party, and the Spanish ... well, God knows. Anyway, Pelagia is Greek, that's my point. #Quote by Louis De Bernieres
Abajo In Spanish quotes by Frederick Marryat
#20. The squadron of men-of-war and transports was collected, the commodore's flag hoisted, and the expedition sailed with most secret orders, which, as usual, were as well known to the enemy, and everybody in England, as they were to those by whom they were given. It is the characteristic of our nation, that we scorn to take any unfair advantage, or reap any benefit, by keeping our intentions a secret. We imitate the conduct of that English tar, who, having entered a fort, and meeting a Spanish officer without his sword, being providentially supplied with two cut-lasses himself, immediately offered him one, that they might engage on fair terms.

The idea is generous, but not wise. But I rather imagine that this want of secrecy arises from all matters of importance being arranged by cabinet councils. In the multitude of counsellors there may be wisdom, but there certainly is not secrecy. Twenty men have probably twenty wives, and it is therefore twenty to one but the secret transpires through that channel. Further, twenty men have twenty tongues; and much as we complain of women not keeping secrets, I suspect that men deserve the odium of the charge quite as much, if not more, than women do. On the whole, it is forty to one against secrecy, which, it must be acknowledged, are long odds.

On the arrival of the squadron at the point of attack, a few more days were thrown away, - probably upon the same generous principle of allowing the enemy sufficient time for p #Quote by Frederick Marryat
Abajo In Spanish quotes by Adam Hochschild
#21. Furthermore, unlike many other great predators of history, from Genghis Khan to the Spanish conquistadors, King Leopold II never saw a drop of blood spilled in anger. He never set foot in the Congo. There is something very modern about that, too, as there is about the bomber pilot in the stratosphere, above the clouds, who never hears screams or sees shattered homes or torn flesh. #Quote by Adam Hochschild
Abajo In Spanish quotes by Michael Ignatieff
#22. Secessionists, whether in Scotland, Catalonia, Quebec or anywhere else, invariably assume that a person must either be Scottish or British, Catalan or Spanish, Quebecois or Canadian. What about those who feel they are both? #Quote by Michael Ignatieff
Abajo In Spanish quotes by Charles Dickens
#23. In the triumphant exaltation of her feelings, Miss Fanny, using her Spanish fan with one hand, squeezed her sister's waist with the other, as if she were crushing Mrs Merdle. 'No, #Quote by Charles Dickens
Abajo In Spanish quotes by Mark Dacascos
#24. My father is Chinese, Spanish, and Filipino; my mother is half-Irish and half-Japanese; Greek last name; born in Hawaii, raised in Germany. #Quote by Mark Dacascos
Abajo In Spanish quotes by Regina Anavy
#25. Naturally Teseo had a joke about all the government promises to increase housing construction: "If there were no future tense in Spanish, Castro would be speechless. #Quote by Regina Anavy
Abajo In Spanish quotes by George Crumb
#26. I must confess, my Spanish is not so good - except I read a little, so I started with the English but then determined that it would have to be in Spanish. #Quote by George Crumb
Abajo In Spanish quotes by Dinesh D'Souza
#27. In 1818, Jackson spied a real estate opportunity in Florida. The opportunity was created by marauding Indians conducting raids from Spanish Florida. The Monroe administration sent Jackson to Florida to stop the raids. Jackson declared his purpose to "chastise" the Indians, which in his parlance meant to kill them. Although he had been specifically instructed to deal with the Indians and not occupy Spanish land, Jackson entered West Florida, captured Pensacola, appointed a governor there, and started collecting taxes. #Quote by Dinesh D'Souza
Abajo In Spanish quotes by Laurie Halse Anderson
I cut class, you cut class, he, she, it cuts class. We cut class, they cut class. We all cut class. I cannot say this in Spanish because I did not go to Spanish today. Gracias a dios. Hasta luego. #Quote by Laurie Halse Anderson
Abajo In Spanish quotes by José Manuel Cardona
#29. We arrived and the miracle happened.
It was the sea and the wind in the bells.
We came from far, from years
Thirsty as dust, from humble
fishermen's nets on barren shore."
~ José Manuel Cardona, from Poems to Circe, The Birnam Wood (El Bosque de Birnam, Consell Insular D'Eivissa, 2007).
Translated from the Spanish by Helene Cardona. #Quote by José Manuel Cardona
Abajo In Spanish quotes by Edmondo De Amicis
#30. Today I had a lively discussion with a merchant in Fez with a view to finding out what the Moors think of European civilization.... He was a fine man, about forty years old, with an honest and serious face, who had made business visits to the most important cities in Western Europe and had lived for a long time in Tangier, where he learnt Spanish....
I asked him therefore what kind of impression the large cities of Europe had made on him....
He looked hard at me and answered coldly:
"Large streets, fine shops, beautiful palaces, good workshops, everything clean." He gave the impression that with these words, he had mentioned everything in our countries that was worthy of praise.
"Have you not found anything else in Europe that is beautiful and good?" I asked.

He looked at me questioningly. "Is it possible," I went on, "that an intelligent man like you, who has visited several countries so marvelously superior to your own can speak about them without astonishment, or at least without the emotion of a country boy who has seen the pasha's palace? What can you possibly admire in the world? What sort of people are you? Who can possibly understand you?"

"Perdone Usted", he answered coldly, "it is for me to say that I cannot understand you. I have told you all the things which I consider to be better in Europe. What more can I say? Have I to say something that I do not believe to be true? I repeat that your streets are larger than ours, yo #Quote by Edmondo De Amicis
Abajo In Spanish quotes by Torrey DeVitto
#31. Before anyone learns my last name, they always assume I have some type of Latin background in me somewhere. I love it! I think the Latin culture is sexy. It's one of my goals to learn to speak Spanish one day; then I will really be able to fool people! #Quote by Torrey DeVitto
Abajo In Spanish quotes by Lalaine
#32. I say I have Spanish in me, but I'm not just Spanish. I'm proud of my ethnicities, and I will always be proud of being a Filipino. #Quote by Lalaine
Abajo In Spanish quotes by Tupac Shakur
#33. Foreign languages, I think they are important but I don't think it should be required because-actually I think they should be teaching you English and then teaching you how to understand double talk-a politician's double talk-not teaching you how to understand French and Spanish and German, when am I going to Germany? I can't even afford to pay my rent in America, how am I going to Germany? #Quote by Tupac Shakur
Abajo In Spanish quotes by Bitsie Tulloch
#34. I speak Spanish because I grew up overseas in Spain, Uruguay and Argentina. #Quote by Bitsie Tulloch
Abajo In Spanish quotes by Alison Weir
#35. Since arriving in England, Katherine had come to know a freedom she had never dreamed of in Spain, where young women were kept in seclusion and forced to live almost like cloistered nuns. They wore clothes that camouflaged their bodies and veiled their faces in public. Etiquette at the Spanish court was rigid, and even smiling was frowned upon. But in England, unmarried women enjoyed much more freedom: their gowns were designed to attract, and when they were introduced to gentlemen they kissed them full upon the lips in greeting. They sang and danced when they pleased, went out in public as the fancy took them, and laughed when they felt merry. #Quote by Alison Weir

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