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A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by Ray Bradbury
#1. Dad, will they ever come back?"

"No. And yes." Dad tucked away his harmonica. "No not them. But yes, other people like them. Not in a carnival. God knows what shape they'll come in next. But sunrise, noon, or at the latest, sunset tomorrow they'll show. They're on the road."

"Oh, no," said Will.

"Oh, yes, said Dad. "We got to watch out the rest of our lives. The fight's just begun."

They moved around the carousel slowly.

"What will they look like? How will we know them?"

"Why," said Dad, quietly, "maybe they're already here."

Both boys looked around swiftly.

But there was only the meadow, the machine, and themselves.

Will looked at Jim, at his father, and then down at his own body and hands. He glanced up at Dad.

Dad nodded, once, gravely, and then nodded at the carousel, and stepped up on it, and touched a brass pole.

Will stepped up beside him. Jim stepped up beside Will.

Jim stroked a horse's mane. Will patted a horse's shoulders.

The great machine softly tilted in the tides of night.

Just three times around, ahead, thought Will. Hey.

Just four times around, ahead, thought Jim. Boy.

Just ten times around, back, thought Charles Halloway. Lord.

Each read the thoughts in the other's eyes.

How easy, thought Will.

Just this once, thought Jim.

But then, thought C #Quote by Ray Bradbury
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by Marisha Pessl
#2. I pretended not to notice, but Dad looked sort of deflated there on the edge of my bed. A lost, even humbled look was wandering around his face (quite surprised to be there). Seeing him like this, so un-Dad, made me feel sorry for him - though I didn't let on. His befuddled expression reminded me of those unflattering photographs of presidents The New York Times and other newspapers adored sticking on their front page in order to show the world how the Great Leader looked between the staged waves, the scripted sound-bites, the rehearsed handshakes - not staunch and stately, not even steady, but frail and foolish. And though these candid photographs were amusing, when you actually thought about it, the underlying implication of such a photograph was scary, for they hinted how delicate the balance of our lives, how tenuous our calm little existences, if this was the man in charge. #Quote by Marisha Pessl
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by Danny Martin
#3. Acknowledgements!
My thanks to Hollywood
When you showed me John Rambo
Stitching up his arm with no anaesthetic
And giving them "a war they won't believe"
I knew then my calling, the job for me

Thanks also to the recruitment adverts
For showing me soldiers whizzing around on skis
And for sending sergeants to our school
To tell us of the laughs, the great food, the pay
The camaraderie

I am, dear taxpayer, forever in your debt
You paid for my all-inclusive pilgrimage
One year basking in the Garden of Eden
(I haven't quite left yet)

Thanks to Mum and thanks to Dad
Fuck it,
Thanks to every parent
Flushing with pride for their brave young lads
Buying young siblings toy guns and toy tanks
Waiting at the airport
Waving their flags #Quote by Danny Martin
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by Hilary Duff
#4. If there was any doubt about the authenticity of his fake ID, it would now be put to the test. As Sage waited for the Secret Service to do their due diligence, I wondered how much our mission to find Dad would be set back by Sage taking a quick detour to federal prison.
"He's clear," the lead agent finally said.
Great, we could go in. Sage politely insisted that Rayna and I enter before him.
"Not sure that's such a good idea," I said, but he wouldn't hear it. Rayna, Ben, and I shared a knowing smile. Then I shrugged and stepped over the threshold…immediately triggering the Piri alarm. I don't know how she knew; she was all the way in the kitchen. But the minute I stepped into the foyer she raced in, arms waving in the air, a high-pitched scream keening from her lungs.
"He made me do it, Piri," I said, happily tossing Sage under the bus. "I tried to tell him-"
Piri strode right up to Sage, her head barely reaching his sternum, and jabbed her finger into his chest to emphasize each scolding word. "You never let a woman enter this house before a man! Very bad luck! And when the senator's doing business! Jaj!"
She pushed us back outside, closed the door, and spit three times on the porch (barely missing the shoes of one of the Secret Service agents), then turned her baleful eyes to Sage, asking him to do the same.
"I don't think I really need to spit on Clea's porch," Sage said uncomfortably, but Piri's glare only grew m #Quote by Hilary Duff
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by Penelope Douglas
#5. This is why Madoc was going to be a great lawyer like his dad. Working people wasn't just about the words you spoke. It was about body language, tone, and timing. Keep your voice natural, your body relaxed, and distract them with a change of subject as soon as possible. Here it comes in three, two, one ... "Come on," he nudged Addie. "It's fine. #Quote by Penelope Douglas
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by Nick Cave
#6. It's like this, Bunny Boy, if you walk up to an oak tree or a bloody elm or something - you know, one of those big bastards - one with a thick, heavy trunk with giant roots that grow deep in the soil and great branches that are covered in leaves, right, and you walk up to it and give the tree a shake, well, what happens?' (...)
'I really don't know, Dad,' (...)
'Well, nothing bloody happens, of course!' (...) 'You can stand there shaking it till the cows come home and all that will happen is your arms will get tired. Right?'
'Right, Dad,' he says.
'But if you go up to a skinny, dry, fucked-up little tree, with a withered trunk and a few leaves clinging on for dear life, and you put your hands around it and shake the shit out of it - as we say in the trade - those bloody leaves will come flying off! Yeah?'
'OK, Dad,' says the boy (...)
'Now, the big oak tree is the rich bastard, right, and the skinny tree is the poor cunt who hasn't got any money. Are you with me?'
Bunny Junior nods.
'Now, that sounds easier than it actually is, Bunny Boy. Do you want to know why?'
'OK, Dad.'
'Because every fucking bastard and his dog has got hold of the little tree and is shaking it for all that it's worth - the government, the bloody landlord, the lottery they don't have a chance in hell of winning, the council, their bloody exes, their hundred snotty-nosed brats running around because they are too bloody stupid to exerc #Quote by Nick Cave
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by Cyrus S. Poonawalla
#7. As a teenager, I developed a great interest in not only horse breeding but also horse racing and used to bet based on red-hot tips. I realized that becoming a bookmaker would be very lucrative, but Dad put his foot down, saying it was an inappropriate career. #Quote by Cyrus S. Poonawalla
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by Lundy Bancroft Bancroft
#8. The abuser does not believe, however, that his level of authority over the children should be in any way connected to his actual level of effort or sacrifice on their behalf, or to how much knowledge he actually has about who they are or what is going on in their lives. He considers it his right to make the ultimate determination of what is good for them even if he doesn't attend to their needs or even if he only contributes to those aspects of child care that he enjoys or that make him look like a great dad in public. #Quote by Lundy Bancroft Bancroft
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by Rachel Hawkins
#9. Is that true?" I asked Dad. "Are they gone for good?"
Dad shifted in his seat, uneasy. "Not necessarily. But Sophie, the risk involved in bringing them back…It's almost too great to fathom."
"I can fathom all kinds of things," I told him. "Try me."
I think I might have seen pride in Dad's eyes. Or maybe it was just a gleam of Why is my offspring so insane? Still, he answered me. "If you destroy both the ritual and the witch or warlock who used it, the spell itself can be reversed."
I shrugged. "That doesn't sound so hard."
"I wasn't finished. They must be destroyed simultaneously."
Swallowing, I tried to sound cheerful. "Again, not so bad. Get Lara to hold the piece of paper, zap them both with, um, some fire or something, and bam! Instant demon reversal."
"And they must be destroyed in the pit where the demons were raised," Dad continued, as if I hadn't said anything. Seriously, he had to stop doing that. "Oh, and as the piece de resistance, you'll need to do a spell to close the pit itself, with both the ritual and the witch inside it. And that's such an intense ritual that it could actually pull whatever's around the pit into it as well."
"Like, the person doing the spell?"
"Like, the whole damn island the put is on."
"Oh. Okay. Well, that is definitely…challenging. But not impossible. And we have the grimoire, that's one bonus, right? Even if the demon-raising ritual isn't in it."
"Sophie Alice Mercer," Mom said warni #Quote by Rachel Hawkins
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by Kristi Cook
#10. What are people saying about me and Rosie?" Ryder asks, his brows drawn.
I throw one hand up in the air. "Never mind. It's not like I care, anyway."
"No, 'course you don't," he snaps back.
"What's that supposed to mean?"
He shakes his head. "Nothing, Jemma. Just…go to bed, why don't you?"
"What, are you my dad now? How about this? I'll go to bed when I'm ready to go to bed."
"Wow, that's real mature."
"You're such a jerk, Ryder."
"A jerk? That's the best you've got? You're really off your game tonight."
"You are really getting on my nerves," I say, my skin flushing hotly.
He just shrugs, looking entirely unmoved. "What else is new? I've always gotten on your nerves."
"Not always," I say, and my heart catches a little. I squeeze my eyes shut, forcing back the memories. When I open them again, he's still standing there, glowering at me.
"Great, here we go again." He starts to walk away and then turns back to face me. "You know what? I have no idea what I did to piss you off, but--"
"Seriously?" I sputter. "I'll give you a hint--eighth grade."
"You're mad at me about something I did in eighth grade, Jem? That was four fucking years ago. Whatever it was, why don't you grow up and get over it?"
"Why don't you go to hell," I shoot back.
"I'm leaving now," he says, turning to stalk away.
"Good!" I shout, tears burning behind my eyelids. "Go. I hate you, Ryder Marsden!"
"Yeah, well…the feeling's #Quote by Kristi Cook
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by Amy Harmon
#11. Georgie Porgie puddin' and pie. Kissed the boys and made them cry. What kind of name is Georgia?"
"My great-great grandma was Georgia. The first Georgia Shepherd. My dad calls me George."
"Yeah. I've heard him. That's just nasty."
I felt my temper rise in my cheeks, and I really wanted to spit on him from where I sat atop my horse, looking down on his neatly shorn, well-shaped head. He glanced up at me and his lips twitched, making me even angrier.
"Don't look at me like that. I'm not trying to be mean. But George is a terrible name for a girl. Hell, for anyone who isn't the King of England."
"I think it suits me," I huffed.
"Oh, yeah? George is the name for a man with a stuffy, British accent or a man in a white, powdered wig. You better hope it doesn't suit you."
"Well, I don't exactly need a sexy name, do I? #Quote by Amy Harmon
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by Brodi Ashton
#12. I think I'll say goodnight here," Jack said.
"My dad's not so bad."
"Oh yeah,he was great...right up until the time I started dating his daughter."
I'd seen how my dad had become considerably colder toward Jack. There were little clues,like the other evening when out of nowhere he told Jack about how every football player he went to high school with had gotten fat after graduation.We'd been talking about what to make for dinner.
"Okay," I said. "Maybe next time." I leaned over to peck him on the cheek, but he grabbed my face in both of his hands and kissed me. His breath tasted like the mints the chaperones had passed out when the dance was over, and when he parted his lips against mine, I shivered, but not because of the cold. I pressed against him even more and hoped the dark inside the car obscured my dad's view.
But I knew better than to push it.As I was about to break away,Jack put his hands behind my waist and pulled me even closer,practically lifting me over the center console,so I was sitting in his lap.
I pulled back. "My dad's going to love that-"
He put his finger over my lips, cutting me off. "Please don't talk about your dad when I'm kissing you. Besides, unless he's enacted a law against it-"
"Which he may well do after tonight," I interrupted.
He smiled and then brought my face to his again for a few moments before finally releasing me.
"After that kiss,we'd better dream of the same thing tonight," he said with #Quote by Brodi Ashton
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by Olivia Gatwood
#13. I am nine.
We are bored
and Karen is dying.

We drove to Austin
that summer
so Sarah's dad-

who described Karen as
/the great and impossible love/
of his life, who taught us

the word /lymphoma/ and then,
the concept of the prefix,
how it explains where the tumor lives-

could say goodbye.

The house is a rind
spooned out by the onset of death,
what's left in the medicine cabinet

full of razors & we are hungry
& alone & sitting
on the living room floor

where the light
from a naked window
slices the hardwood

like a melon, brandishes
each, individualfuzz
on my scabbed calf

a field of erect, yellow poppies
& we have been alive as girls
long enough to know

to scowl at this reveal
& what better time
than now to practice removal.

Once, I watched my mother
skin a potato in six
perfect strokes

I remember this
as Sarah teaches me
to prop up my leg
on the side of the tub

and runs the blade
along my thing, /See?/
she says, /Isn't that so much better?/

Before we left Albuquerque
her father warned us,
/She will have no hair/

a trait
we have just
begun to admire

except, of course
for the hair he is talking about
we hold against our n #Quote by Olivia Gatwood
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by J.K. Rowling
#14. Come on!' he muttered, staring about. 'Where are you? Dad, come on--"
But no one came. Harry raised his head to look at the circle of dementors across the lake. One of them was lowering its hood. It was time for the rescuer to appear--but no one was coming to help this time--
And then it hit him--he understood. He hadn't seen his father--he had seen himself--


'It was stupid, thinking it was him,' he (Harry) muttered. 'I mean, I knew he was dead.'
'You think the dead we loved ever truly leave us? You think that we don't recall them more clearly than ever in times of great trouble? Your father is alive in you, Harry, and shows himself most plainly when you have need of him. How else could you produce that particular Patronus? Prongs rode again last night.'


'You know, Harry, in a way, you did see your father last night...You found him inside yourself.'
And Dumbledore left the office, leaving Harry to his very confused thoughts. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by Kaui Hart Hemmings
#15. Your phone's vibrating," Scottie says. She takes my cell phone out of her pocket, the phone she has stolen from me to text her friend. She doesn't even care that she has disobeyed. She doesn't care that she said "finger-fucked" in front of me. It's as though I'm not a father.

I don't recognize the number, so I don't answer. I like to let people leave messages, and then I'll call back after I rehearse what to say.

"You never answer your phone," Scottie says. "What if someone needs help?"

"Then they can leave a message and I'll call right back."

Alex takes the phone out of my hands. "Hello?" she says.

"What the - ? Do I not exist, girls? Do you realize I'm in charge here?"

Scottie whispers, "Who is it?"

"Oh, no," Alex says. "This is the right number. This is his assistant…Sharon."

Scottie opens her mouth, delighted. I've always been impressed by Alex's effortless ability to lie.

"That sounds nice," Alex says, then punches me lightly on the arm. "Where? Great. And for how long? Okay. Well, thanks. Maybe we'll peek in on Sunday. Thanks so much. Okay."

She closes the phone.


"That was a Realtor, Dad, from Brian's office. She says she'd be happy to show you the house you called about. Well done, Dad. Very clever."

"Good one, King," Sid says.

"What about Brian?" I ask. I feel strange talking about this with Joanie in the roo #Quote by Kaui Hart Hemmings
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#16. Why, Sam," he said, "to hear you somehow makes me as merry as if the
story was already written. But you've left out one of the chief characters; Samwise the stout hearted. 'I want to hear more about Sam, dad. Why didn't they put in more of his talk, dad? That's what I like, it makes me laugh. And Frodo wouldn't have got far without Sam, would he, dad?' "

"Now, Mr. Frodo," said Sam, "you shouldn't make fun. I was serious."

"So was I," said Frodo, "and so I am. We're going on a bit too fast. You and
I, Sam, are still stuck in the worst places of the story, and it is all too likely that some will say at this point 'Shut the book now, dad; we don't want to read any more'."

"Maybe," said Sam, "but I wouldn't be one to say that. Things done and
over and made into part of the great tales are different. Why, even Gollum might be good in a tale, better than he is to have by you, anyway. And he used to like tales himself once, by his own account. I wonder if he thinks he's the hero or the villain?"
"Gollum!" he called. "Would you like to be the hero, now where's he got to
again? #Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by Phil Robertson
#17. A Note from Alan
Out of the many memorable lines and quotes I have heard from my dad through the years, the one that always seems to stand out the most is "Son, don't ever tell people how good or great you are at something; let them tell you." For a man who has achieved his own level of greatness in the eyes of so many, those words were both prophetic and wise. To be the best at anything, one has to have a lot of confidence and a certain amount of ego and drive. But one must also have humility to make a life-changing impact on people. I realize now that that is what Dad was teaching me all those years ago. Of course, to become a legend, one that other people admire and want to emulate, you also have to add faith and dedication to what you love. A good woman doesn't hurt either. #Quote by Phil Robertson
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by Ernie Banks
#18. I was thinking (when he hit his 500th home run) about my mother and dad, about all the people in the Chicago Cubs organization that helped me and about the wonderful Chicago fans who have come out all these years to cheer me on. They've been a great inspiration to me. #Quote by Ernie Banks
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by Rachel Hawkins
#19. You must know something."
"And why is Archer Cross here?" That was from Jenna. His voice had apparently changed over the summer, since he actually said the words instead of squeaking them. "He's an Eye."
"Didn't he try to kill you?" Nausicaa had drifted up, and she narrowed her eyes at me. "And if so, why exactly were you holding his hand earlier?"
Conversations like this usually ended in pitchforks and torches, so I held my hands out in what I hoped was an "everyone just calm the heck down" gesture. But then Jenna spoke up. "Sophie doesn't know anything," she said, nudging my behind her. That might've been more effective if Jenna weren't so short. "And whatever reason we're here, the Council had nothing to do with it." Jenna didn't add that that was because the entire Council, with the exception of Lara Casnoff and my dad, was dead. "She's just freaked out as the rest of us, so back. Off." From the expressions on the other kids' faces, I guessed Jenna had bared her fangs, and maybe even given a flash of red eyes.
"What's going on here?" a familiar voice brayed. Great. Like this night didn't suck out loud enough already. The Vandy-who had been a cross between school matron and prison guard at Hex Hall-shoved her way through the crowd, breathing hard. Her purple tattoos, marks of the Removal, were nearly black against her red face. "Downstairs, now!" As the group began moving again, she glared at Jenna and me. "Show your fangs again, Miss Talbot, and I'll w #Quote by Rachel Hawkins
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by Laurie Lee
#20. Me dad planted that tree,' she said absently, pointing out through the old cracked window.
The great beech filled at least half the sky and shook shadows all over the house.
Its roots clutched the slope like a giant hand, holding the hill in place. Its trunk writhed with power, threw off veils of green dust, rose towering into the air, branched into a thousand shaded alleys, became a city for owls and squirrels. I had thought such trees to be as old as the earth, I never dreamed that a man could make them. Yet it was Granny Trill's dad who had planted this tree, had thrust in the seed with his finger. How old must he have been to leave such a mark? Think of Granny's age, and add his on top, and you were back at the beginning of the world. #Quote by Laurie Lee
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by Terry Pratchett
#21. Supposing an emperor was persuaded to wear a new suit of clothes whose material was so fine that, to the common eye, the clothes weren't there. And suppose a little boy pointed out this fact in a loud, clear voice ...
Then you have The Story of the Emperor Who Had No Clothes.
But if you knew a bit more, it would be The Story of the Boy Who Got a Well-Deserved Thrashing from His Dad for Being Rude to Royalty, and Was Locked Up.
Or The Story of the Whole Crowd Who Were Rounded Up by the Guards and Told 'This Didn't Happen, OK? Does Anyone Want to Argue?'
Or it could be a story of how a whole kingdom suddenly saw the benefit of the 'new clothes', and developed an enthusiasm for healthy sports in a lively and refreshing atmosphere which got many new adherents every year, and led to a recession caused by the collapse of the conventional clothing industry.
It could even be a story about The Great Pneumonia Epidemic of '09.
It all depends on how much you know. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by Francesca Zappia
#22. Are you cold?"

My hands are clamped around my upper arms, my torso curled into my legs to keep the heat in.


"Here." Wallace sits up and pulls a thick knitted blanket from beneath the other sheets on his bed. "Insulation layer. Hope it doesn't smell bad." He wraps it around me. It's already warm. Probably warm from him, considering he sleeps with it touching him every freaking night.

"Smells like Irish Spring and spicy boy shampoo," I say.

"Is that good or bad?"

"It's great."

I have never been so close to something that smells like Irish Spring and spicy boy shampoo, unless you count anything my dad goes near, and I do not. I'm not entirely sure my brothers shower. I curl up in his blanket but stay turned away from him. #Quote by Francesca Zappia
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by Ree Drummond
#23. We took the long way back toward his house and drove past the northernmost point of the ranch just as the sun was beginning to set. "That's so pretty," I exclaimed as I beheld the beauty of the sky.
Marlboro Man slowed to a stop and put his pickup in park. "It is, isn't it?" he replied, looking over the land on which he'd grown up. He'd lived there since he was four days old, had worked there as a child, had learned how to be a rancher from his dad and grandfather and great-grandfather. He'd learned how to build fences and handle animals and extinguish prairie fires and raise cattle of all colors, shapes, and sizes. He'd helped bury his older brother in the family cemetery near his house, and he'd learned to pick up and go on in the face of unspeakable tragedy and sadness. This ranch was a part of him. His love for it was tangible.
We got out of the pickup and sat on the back, holding hands and watching every second of the magenta sunset as it slowly dissipated into the blackness underneath. The night was warm and perfectly still--so still we could hear each other breathing. And well after the sun finally dipped below the horizon and the sky grew dark, we stayed on the back of the pickup, hugging and kissing as if we hadn't seen each other in ages. The passion I felt was immeasurable.
"I have something to tell you," I said as the butterflies in my gut kicked into overdrive. #Quote by Ree Drummond
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by Rachel Hawkins
#24. They have statues," Jenna said. "In a hallway." Sure enough, two bronze statues of veiled women guarded the massive staircase, where even more people were now lining up. They were all wearing black uniforms, and had nearly identical smiles plastered on their faces.
"What are those people doing?" Jenna whispered to me.
"I don't know," I replied through a frozen grin, "but I'm afraid a musical number might be involved."
"This is our household staff," Dad said, sweeping his arm toward the group. "Anything you need, they'll be happy to help you with."
"Oh," I said weakly, feeling like my voice echoed in the cavernous room. "Great. #Quote by Rachel Hawkins
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by Linus Roache
#25. Dad has always been - and still is - a great influence on me. He has always stood up for spirit, staying true to his beliefs ... and I like to do the same with regard to my own true beliefs, regardless of potential criticism or mockery. #Quote by Linus Roache
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by Terry Pratchett
#26. Don't tell me from genetics. What've they got to do with it?" said Crowley. "Look at Satan. Created as an angel, grows up to be the Great Adversary. Hey, if you're going to go on about genetics, you might as well say the kid will grow up to be an angel. After all, his father was really big in Heaven in the old days. Saying he'll grow up to be a demon just because his dad _became_ one is like saying a mouse with its tail cut off will give birth to tailless mice. No. Upbringing is everything. Take it from me. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by Taya Kyle
#27. Where do the biggest movie star of his generation and a revered director (and great actor in his own right) stay when they are visiting someone?
Would you believe the local Holiday Inn?
Hoping to forge a better connection to Chris, Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper came to see me and the rest of the family in early spring of 2014, before they started filming American Sniper. The unpretentiousness of their visit and their genuine goodwill floored me. It was a great omen for the movie.
Bubba and I picked them up at the local airport and brought them home; within minutes Bubba had Bradley out in the back playing soccer. Meanwhile, Clint and I talked inside. He reminded me of my grandfather with his courtly manners and gracious ways. He was very funny, with a quiet, quick wit and dry sense of humor. After dinner--it was an oryx Chris had killed shortly before he died--Bradley took Bubba to the Dairy Queen for dessert.
Even in small-town Texas, he couldn't quite get away without being recognized, and when someone asked for his photo, he stepped aside to pose. Bubba folded his arms across his chest and scanned the area much as his dad would have: on overwatch.
I guess I didn't really understand how unusual the situation was until later, when I dropped them off at the Holiday Inn. I watched them walk into the lobby and disappear.
That's Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper! Awesome! #Quote by Taya Kyle
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by Jennifer Echols
#28. I didn't think we were being quiet, particularly. High heels may have looked dainty, but they didn't sound that way on a tile floor. Maybe it was just that my dad was so absorbed in the convo on his cell phone. For whatever reason, when we emerged from the kitchen into the den, he started, and he stuffed the phone down by his side in the cushions. I was sorry I'd startled him, but it really was comical to see this big blond manly man jump three feet off the sofa when he saw two teenage girls. I mean, it would have been funny if it weren't so sad.
Dad was a ferocious lawyer in court. Out of court, he was one of those Big Man on Campus types who shook hands with everybody from the mayor to the alleged ax murderer. A lot like Sean, actually. There were only two things Dad was afraid of. First, he wigged out when anything in the house was misplaced. I won't even go into all the arguments we'd had about my room being a mess. They'd ended when I told him it was my room, and if he didn't stop bugging me about it, I would put kitchen utensils in the wrong drawers, maybe even hide some (cue horror movie music). No spoons for you! Second, he was easily startled, and very pissed off afterward. "Damn it, Lori!" he hollered.
"It's great to see you too, loving father. Lo, I have brought my friend Tammy to witness out domestic bliss. She's on the tennis team with me." Actually, I was on the tennis team with her.
"Hello, Tammy. It's nice to meet you," Dad said without getting #Quote by Jennifer Echols
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#29. So was I,' said Frodo, 'and so I am. We're going on a bit too fast. You and I, Sam, are still stuck in the worst places of the story, and it is all too likely that some will say at this point: "Shut the book now, dad; we don't want to read any more."' 'Maybe,' said Sam, 'but I wouldn't be one to say that. Things done and over and made into part of the great tales are different. Why, even Gollum might be good in a tale, better than he is to have by you, anyway. And he used to like tales himself once, by his own account. I wonder if he thinks he's the hero or the villain? #Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by Kristen Ashley
#30. My clutch and wrap had fallen to the floor
because both my arms were around his neck, my body was plastered to
his, one of his arms was tight around my back, the other hand had
slid in my dress and down and was cupping the cheek of my ass, skin
to skin (I was wearing a thong, which was a smart move on my part
not only to avoid panty lines but because his warm, strong hand
cupping my ass felt freaking great)
when I heard my father clear his throat. #Quote by Kristen Ashley
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by Chris Tomlin
#31. My dad taught me to play the guitar. We grew up with country music. We had every Willie Nelson record (laughs). I was saved at a young age and had a great desire to follow God. I was really focused on that through my whole life, even as a kid and through high school. #Quote by Chris Tomlin
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by Anthony Jeselnik
#32. My dad's been having a hard time lately. Keeps on losing his keys. Can't hang on to a set of keys to save his life. And he has tried everything too: little hook next to the door, little bowl next to his bed, keychain makes a noise when you whistle. Nothing worked. So finally, this year for his birthday, the whole family chipped in - and we put him in a home. #Quote by Anthony Jeselnik
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by Bear Grylls
#33. As we pulled up at the big school gates, I saw tears rolling down my dad's face. I felt confused as to what part of nature or love thought this was a good idea. My instinct certainly didn't; but what did I know? I was only eight.
So I embarked on this mission called boarding school. And how do you prepare for that one?
In truth, I found it really hard; there were some great moments like building dens in the snow in winter, or getting chosen for the tennis team, or earning a naval button, but on the whole it was a survival exercise in learning to cope.
Coping with fear was the big one. The fear of being left and the fear of being bullied--both of which were very real.
What I learned was that I couldn't manage either of those things very well on my own.
It wasn't anything to do with the school itself, in fact the headmaster and teachers were almost invariably kind, well-meaning and good people, but that sadly didn't make surviving it much easier.
I was learning very young that if I were to survive this place then I had to find some coping mechanisms.
My way was to behave badly, and learn to scrap, as a way to avoid bullies wanting to target me. It was also a way to avoid thinking about home. But not thinking about home is hard when all you want is to be at home.
I missed my mum and dad terribly, and on the occasional night where I felt this worst, I remember trying to muffle my tears in my pillow while the rest of the dormitory slept.
#Quote by Bear Grylls
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by Lena Dunham
#34. My dad, who looks pretty great for sixty-four, is fond of saying, "You just can't fucking imagine, Lena." He can see the big event in the distance (his belief in robotics not withstanding) and says things like "Bring it on. At this point, I'm fucking curious." I get it: I know nothing. But I also hope that future me will be proud of present me for trying to wrap my head around the big ideas and also for trying to make you feel like we're all in this together. #Quote by Lena Dunham
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by Taya Kyle
#35. This reminds me of a funny Chris story.
Back when we lived in California, Easter was coming up and Chris was home with the kids. I forget exactly what the children did, but they got out of line and Chris decided rather than disciplining them, he'd use a little daddy logic on them.
Daddy logic, as expressed by a SEAL sniper.
"I'll tell you, you better behave," he said, "or I'll keep the Easter Bunny from coming."
"How?" one of them wondered.
Daddy logic met kid logic and raised the ante through the roof.
"I'll sit on the stoop and I'll shoot him when he comes," said Chris. Somehow he kept a straight face. "You'll ruin it for everyone, not just yourselves."
We had great behavior for weeks.
It's different living with a sniper as a dad. #Quote by Taya Kyle
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by Billy Crystal
#36. My dad, Jack, had a great sense of humour and had a strong impact on me and my humour. #Quote by Billy Crystal
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by James Dobson
#37. Politics is dirty. Politics is exciting. Politics is often very, very difficult and disappointing. And I really would rather the world would be a little more like it was when my dad was young, where you knew pretty much where people stood on the great moral issues. #Quote by James Dobson
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by George Saunders
#38. Dad had once said, Trust your mind, Rob. If it smells like shit but has writing across it that says Happy Birthday and a candle stuck down in it, what is it?
Is there icing on it? he'd said.
Dad had done that thing of squinting his eyes when an answer was not quite there yet. #Quote by George Saunders
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#39. I used to say, 'Man, I think I'd be a really good dad. I'll be a great provider. I'm funny; I'll go on trips with them - I'll do all sorts of stuff.' But the momming? I'm not made for that. I have a really good mom; I know what she put into it. #Quote by Elizabeth Gilbert
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by Mary Downing Hahn
#40. What on earth prompted you to bother Grandfather?"
"I just wanted to get away from you," I mumbled. "I didn't know he was in there." I tried to keep my voice from shaking but it quavered anyway. Great-grandfather had frightened me half to death.
"From the look on his face, you scared the wits out of him," Dad said. "I wonder who the devil he thought you were."
I shuddered. "Someone he didn't like very much, that's for sure. #Quote by Mary Downing Hahn
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by Kirk Douglas
#41. Michael [Douglas] is, I think, a great actor. He's made some very interesting pictures. When he was going to college, I was very proud of him, but when he said, 'Dad, I want to be in a play,' he had a bit part. I went to see it and Michael said, 'Dad, how was I?' I said, 'You were terrible.' I thought he would go on to be a lawyer and in three months, he was in another play and I went and, I must admit, he was great. I think he has been good in everything he's done. #Quote by Kirk Douglas
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by Markus Zusak
#42. I guess I'm what you call a slush-piler. I just sent my manuscripts to the slush pile of publishers and hoped for the best. Over seven years, I was rejected seven times on three different books. The fourth attempt was picked up by a small publisher, and I still have great memories of staying up all night, talking to my brother and sisters (my dad called me at 2:30 in the morning because I was overseas). #Quote by Markus Zusak
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by Suresh Raina
#43. I've always wanted to buy a sports car. After the England series, I went up to my dad and said that I wanted to buy a sports car and got his consent. On his birthday, I surprised him by bringing it home. It's a Porsche Boxter Limited Edition, and my family was thrilled to see it. #Quote by Suresh Raina
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by Warren Stephens
#44. We've always been modestly leveraged, and we've never believed in a great deal of leverage on either our private equity business or on our investment banking business. And I think it really goes back to my uncle and dad growing up in the Depression and just seeing what happened to people who were overly levered. #Quote by Warren Stephens
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by Drew Barrymore
#45. Great dad. Yeah, he would ask me for money on birthdays and, you know, inappropriate times. And I just wrote him off like, 'You're not a father.' I just learned you cannot emotionally invest in people who are not attainable. #Quote by Drew Barrymore
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by Jon Morrison
#46. many people do not usually take the time to think about the foundation upon which they are building their lives. When it comes to buying a house, I see that people care a great deal about the foundations of the property they are about to buy. My dad is a realtor, and before he sells a house, before people trust him with the investment of hundreds of thousands of their dollars, he recommends the buyers hire a home inspector to carefully check the structural soundness of the house, and most importantly, the foundation upon which the potential investment is built. My dad would tell you that, no matter how beautiful or decorated it may be, without a strong foundation; it is doomed. If the foundation is cracked or unstable in any way, the house needs to be torn down and rebuilt on a proper base. #Quote by Jon Morrison
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by Michel Houellebecq
#47. When he was six, Victor had made a card for his father's birthday. On heavy drawing paper, he had written in big, multicolored letters: i love you dad. Now all that was past, over and done with. Bruno knew that things would only get worse, that they would move from mutual indifference to loathing. In a couple of years his son would try to go out with girls his own age; the same fifteen-year-old girls that Bruno lusted after. They would come to be rivals - which was the natural relationship between men. They would be like animals fighting in a cage; and the cage was time. #Quote by Michel Houellebecq
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by Helen Macdonald
#48. On the way home I felt a great and simple sadness. I missed my dad. I missed him very much. #Quote by Helen Macdonald
A Great Dad On His Birthday quotes by Richelle Mead
#49. Adrian?"
Her voice was small, nearly lost in the dripping of waterfrom the fountain. But the power it carried - and the effect it had on me - was monumental. I'd heard the expression "weak-kneed" before but had never lived it until now. My muscles didn't feel as though they could sustain me, and there was a great swelling in my chest, the result of a tangle of emotions I couldn't even begin to describe. Love. Joy. Relief. Disbelief. And mixed in with all of them were the emotions that I'd endured these last few months as well: despair, fear, rossow. It spread out from my heart, and I felt tears form in my eyes. It wasn't possible that one person could make you experience so many emotions at once, that one person could trigger a universe of feelings, simply with the sound of your name.
I also knew then that they were wrong - all of them. My mom. My dad. Nina. Anyone who thought love could simply be built on shared goals alone had never, ever experienced anything like what I had with Sydney. I couldn't believe I'd almost lost this through my own ignorance. Until I looked into her eyes now, I didn't truly realize what a hollow life I'd been living.
"Sydney.. #Quote by Richelle Mead

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