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A Good Smelling Man quotes by Debra Anastasia
#1. We were married for sixty-two years before he passed," Bea said. "I still can't take a deep breath without smelling his scent." Her face filled with strength, rather than tears. "We had a good life. He always made me laugh. Loving him was a wonderful way to pass my time here. And someday we'll be together again. #Quote by Debra Anastasia
A Good Smelling Man quotes by Jennifer Salvato Doktorski
#2. It's quiet in the car, in a good way for once. No words, no music. Silence seems right. I roll down the windows and lean my head against the door frame, listening to the wind rush by and smelling the pine trees. I watch the stars materialize, like someone is dimming the switch on the night sky so each shining dot grows brighter and brighter. #Quote by Jennifer Salvato Doktorski
A Good Smelling Man quotes by Miles Watson
#3. It is no easy thing to be in your mid-twenties and realize that, holy shit, this is it, this is as good as it gets, and from here it's all downhill, the fun's over, the hijinks have jinked their last, nothing lies ahead but drudgery and toil and a sagging belly and death. It's harder yet when a stupid bitch, a numbfuck cunt, one of those horrible sweet-smelling OMG types who wouldn't talk to you in high school and sure as fuck won't talk to you now, takes position on your elbow with a cell phone jammed into her cheek, yammering away. Because who wants to listen to the stream of shit coming out of her mouth? Gossip about friends. Gossip about enemies. Gossip about celebrities. Gossip about gossip. Not a thought in her head. Not a fact. Nothing of interest. Nothing of worth. Just an avalanche of verbal rubbish. The Patriots took on the Redcoats, the Blue fought the Gray, the National Guard stormed the beaches of Normandy, so this submoronic cretin could stand here in her designer boots and talk about what happened at the club last night. #Quote by Miles Watson
A Good Smelling Man quotes by Rachel Hawkins
#4. But the main reason was that waking her would've meant telling her good-bye, and telling someone good-bye when you're planning on walking into hell would've felt kind of…final.
It was the same reason I hadn't gone into the hut to find Mom, and why I'd skirted around Archer's tent. I'd been nearly to the shore when I'd heard him softly call, "Mercer."
Kneeling in the doorway of his tent, his hair a mess, his Hex Hall uniform ridiculously wrinkled, he'd nearly broken my heart. And when I ran to him as soundlessly as I could and practically dove on top of him, I'd told myself that our kiss was just your normal boyfriend/girlfriend saying good morning thing. Even when he pulled me inside, the tent warm and cozy and smelling like him, I hadn't let myself think that might be the last time I'd see him.
And when he'd pulled me closer and murmured, "Mercer, I love-" I had covered his mouth with my hand.
"Don't say that. Not now. Say it sometime when there is absolutely no chance of death on the horizon, okay?"
He mumbled something beneath my palm, and I rolled my eyes as I pulled it away from his mouth. He dropped a kiss on the tip of my nose. "All I was going to say was that I love this tent you made for me. But I guess I can tell you again later. When you get back."
Curling my hand around the back of his neck, I'd pulled him down to me. "You better."
A blush creeping up my neck from the memory, I swung my gaze away from his tent and back toward th #Quote by Rachel Hawkins
A Good Smelling Man quotes by Michelle Franklin
#5. Books are an absolute necessity. I always have at least two with me wherever I go, to say nothing of my digital collection, and whenever I can get my hands on a delicious new reading piece, I will finish it at a slackened pace, to savour it with all the esteem it deserves, gratulating in its pleasance, deliciating in every word with ardent affection. I have an extensive library that I could never do without, and there are at least four books decorating every surface in my house. A table is not properly set without a book to furnish it. Half of my great collection is non-fiction, mostly science and history books, ranging from the archaeological to the agricultural, and my fiction section is dedicated to the classics, mostly books published before the world forgot about exquisite prose. I have all the greats in hardcover, but I do not read those: hardcover is for smelling and touching only. For all my favourite authors, I have reading copies, which I might take with me anywhere, to read in cafes or to be used as a swatting tool for unwanted visitors, but books are always fashionable even as ornaments; everyone likes a reader, for a good collection of books betrays a intellectualism that is becoming at anytime. Never succumb to the friable wills of those who reject the majesty of books: there is nothing so repelling as willful illiteracy. #Quote by Michelle Franklin
A Good Smelling Man quotes by Walker Percy
#6. Having only learned to recognize merde when I see it, having inherited no more from my father than a good nose for merde, for every species of shit that flies
my only talent
smelling merde from every quarter, living in fact in the very century of merde, the great shithouse of scientific humanism where needs are satisfied, everyone becomes an anyone, a warm and creative person, and prospers like a dung beetle ... #Quote by Walker Percy
A Good Smelling Man quotes by David Gerrold
#7. The fifties are a peaceful time, a quiet sleeping time between two noisy bursts of years, a blue and white time filled with sweet yellow days, music and bright smelling memories. #Quote by David Gerrold
A Good Smelling Man quotes by Caitlin Doughty
#8. Good afternoon, here I am in your multimillion-dollar home covered in people dust and smelling vaguely of rot. Please pay me a large sum of money to mold the impressionable mind of your teenager. #Quote by Caitlin Doughty
A Good Smelling Man quotes by Arundhati Roy
#9. This discourse of human rights, it's a very good format for TV--the great atrocity analysis and condemnation industry. Who comes out smelling sweet in the atrocity analysis? States have invested themselves with the right to legitimise violence--so who gets criminalised and delegitimised? The resistance. ... Human rights take the history out of justice. ... The idea of justice--even just dreaming of justice--is revolutionary. The language of human rights tends to accept a status quo that is intrinsically unjust--and then tries to make it more accountable. But then, of course, the catch-22 is that violating human rights is integral to the project of neoliberalism and global hegemony. #Quote by Arundhati Roy
A Good Smelling Man quotes by Emily Nagoski
#10. Imagine that the brain and the genitals are a couple of friends on vacation together, wandering down the street deciding where to have dinner.

If they're women, it goes like this: The genitals notice any restaurant they pass, whether it's Thai food or pub grub, fast food or gourmet (while ignoring all the museums and shops),and say, "This is a restaurant. We could eat here." She has no strong opinion, she's just good at spotting restaurants. Meanwhile, the brain is assessing all the contextual factors [...] to decide whether she wants to try a place. "This place isn't delicious smelling enough," or "This place isn't clean enough," or "I'm not in the mood for pizza." The genitals might even notice a pet store and say, "There's pet food in here, I guess..." and the brain rolls her eyes and keeps walking.

[...] Now, if the friends are men, it goes like this: The genitals notice only specific restaurants -- diners, say -- and don't notice any restaurants that aren't diners. Once they find a diner, the brain says, "A diner! I love diners," and the genitals agree, "This is a restaurant, we could eat here," unless there's some pretty compelling reason not to, like a bunch of drunks brawling outside. #Quote by Emily Nagoski
A Good Smelling Man quotes by Elle Casey
#11. Nicole's hand shakes as she lifts the tea cup to her lips.

"Chamomile calms the nerves and I added a little verveine to the mix too to help with stress." Agnes lifts the pot to pour some into Brian's cup.

"Are we worried about vampires?" asks Helen, winking over her tea at Nicole.

Nicole almost chokes on the lemony, flowery-smelling liquid. She's been watching Vampire Diaries re-runs with Helen for the past week so the reference isn't lost on her.

"Vampires? Heavens no." Agnes looks down into her cup. "Why would you think that?"

"Oh, no reason. So what are these?" Helen asks, holding up a small cake and doing a good job of distracting Agnes from the vampire remedy in her teacup. #Quote by Elle Casey
A Good Smelling Man quotes by Laurie Halse Anderson
#12. I'm just going to pretend that a very good-smelling, incredibly warm stranger is sitting next to me, a harmless stranger. #Quote by Laurie Halse Anderson
A Good Smelling Man quotes by Ray Bradbury
#13. Lee, the mistake you made is you forgot some hour, some day, we all got to climb out of that thing and go back to dirty dishes and the beds not made. While you're in that thing, sure, a sunset lasts forever almost, the air smells good, the temperature is fine. All the things you want to last, last. But outside, the children wait on lunch, the clothes need buttons. And then let's be frank, Lee, how long can you look at a sunset? Who wants a sunset to last? Who wants perfect temperature? Who wants air smelling good always? So after awhile, who would notice? Better, for a minute or two, a sunset. After that, let's have something else. People are like that, Lee. How could you forget? #Quote by Ray Bradbury
A Good Smelling Man quotes by Vi Keeland
#14. You know, you're a lot like him," I'd definitely lost my mind considering I was now talking to an unopened bouquet of flowers. "So pretty and smelling good. But give in and pick one up, and I'll get pricked by a thorn. #Quote by Vi Keeland
A Good Smelling Man quotes by Charlotte McPherren
#15. I was looking at Gavin's face this morning when he saw you in that dress and, honey, he liked what he saw! Now you lie here and take a nap. When you wake up, I'll help you bathe and we'll put some of that good-smelling stuff on you and comb your hair pretty. Tonight when he comes to bed, you prance around for a while real innocent-like in your lacy undergarments. Then strip 'em off, jump into bed, and cuddle up close to 'im. If he doesn't consummate the wedding, then he deseves to be called a damn gelding! #Quote by Charlotte McPherren
A Good Smelling Man quotes by Arjun Rampal
#16. Even though I always knew I had a good nose for fragrances, the process of creating my own, 'Alive,' turned out to be a great learning experience for me. And the name explains my reason behind it. Smelling good makes you feel alive. #Quote by Arjun Rampal
A Good Smelling Man quotes by Catherine McNiel
#17. Jesus of Nazareth is so entirely one of them they can hardly find anything special about him at all. He fits right in with the messy busyness of everyday life.

And it is here, in their midst, with their routines of fish and wine and bread, that he proclaims the kingdom of heaven.

The gospel, Jesus teaches, is in the yeast, as a woman kneads it with her bare hands into the cool, pungent dough. It is in the soil, so warm and moist when freshly turned by muscular arms and backs. It is in the tiny seeds of mustard and wheat, painstakingly saved and dried from last season's harvest...

Jesus placed the gospel in these tactile things, with all the grit of life surrounding him, because it is through all this touching, tasting, and smelling that his own sheep- his beloved, hardworking, human flock- know. And it is through these most mundane, touchable, smellable, tasteable pieces of commonplace existence that he shows them, and us, to find God and know him.

Jesus delivered the good news in a rough, messy, hands-on package of donkeys and dusty roads, bleeding women and lepers, water from the well, and wine from the water. Holy work in the world has always been like this: messy, earthy, physical, touchable. #Quote by Catherine McNiel
A Good Smelling Man quotes by Yahtzee Croshaw
#18. A good story is like a good bowel movement: it's only really satisfying once it's ended, because if you just keep going eventually your body runs out of shit and moves on to pushing all your internal organs out your sphincter until only a foul smelling shell remains and anyone who wants to get into your incredibly long poo gets turned off because they have to go through all the poo up until that point to have the necessary context. #Quote by Yahtzee Croshaw
A Good Smelling Man quotes by William T. Vollmann
#19. Oh, ants, my sisters, good old honeydew-seekers! From close up you are sticky and shiny and gristly; and your nymphs have parasitic red mites stuck to them. You are too intent upon your chewing and gathering to listen to me, but I tell you that despite my warm feelings I really do not like you, and I cannot feel sorry for you in any way because there are too many of you and you are not cute at all. You eat too much of my forests; you are a rebellious tribe, and I will destroy you; I will poison your nests with sweet-smelling traps. #Quote by William T. Vollmann
A Good Smelling Man quotes by Airicka Phoenix
#20. He held me much closer than Carl had. His grip was firm and possessive. It left no doubt in anyone's mind who I belonged to and that alone sent a thrill through me that I knew was wrong. He imprisoned me in the unwavering chains of his gaze, leaving me powerless to break away while he scrutinized my soul. I wondered what he was looking for.
"You came."
The hand on my waist slid over the swell in my spine where it connected to the rise of my backside. His palm flattened against the spot and I was drawn even closer, eliminating what modicum of space there had been between us. My soft frame was cradled seamlessly into the unyielding length of his in all the places that counted, thighs, pelvis, stomach … breasts. I couldn't even breathe without feeling the skim of my hardened nipples against his chest. I couldn't move without feeling his cock reaching for me through miles of fabric to prod into my midsection.
He was long and hard and I grew wet from that knowledge alone.
"I couldn't leave without having this dance with you."
My fingers tightened around his shoulder. "Why?"
His quiet exhalation whispered over the curve of my cheeks, smelling of mint and despair. "Because the further away I got from you, the more it felt like if I kept driving, I would lose you for good and that scared me like nothing else. #Quote by Airicka Phoenix
A Good Smelling Man quotes by Rose Tremain
#21. My name is Lev," said Lev.
"My name is Lydia," said the woman. And they shook hands, Lev's hand holding the scrunched-up kerchief and Lydia's hand rough with salt and smelling of egg, and then Lev asked, "What are you planning to do in En gland?" and Lydia said, "I have some interviews in London for jobs as a translator."
"That sounds promising."
"I hope so. I was a teacher of English at School 237 in Yarbl, so my language is very colloquial."
Lev looked at Lydia. It wasn't difficult to imagine her standing in front of a class and writing words on a blackboard. He said, "I wonder why you're leaving our country when you had a good job at School 237 in Yarbl?"
"Well," said Lydia, "I became very tired of the view from my window. Every day, summer and winter, I looked out at the schoolyard and the high fence and the apartment block beyond, and I began to imagine I would die seeing these things, and I didn't want this. I expect you understand what I mean? #Quote by Rose Tremain
A Good Smelling Man quotes by Charles Dickens
#22. The whelp went home, and went to bed. If he had had any sense of what he had done that night, and had been less of a whelp and more of a brother, he might have turned short on the road, might have gone down to the ill-smelling river that was dyed black, might have gone to bed in it for good and all, and have curtained his head for ever with its filthy waters. #Quote by Charles Dickens
A Good Smelling Man quotes by Kristen Ashley
#23. Smelling Eddie on Eddie was disturbing enough. Smelling Eddie on me was too much of a good thing. #Quote by Kristen Ashley
A Good Smelling Man quotes by M.J. Abraham
#24. She didn't do anything at all
except arrived without warning
in the middle of the night
(right when I least expected it)

She walked by me, with a strut in her step
smelling like summer
causing me to turn my head
(even the leaves swayed her way)

All she did was look at me
with bright, curious eyes
filled with mirth and secrets
(as if an adventure was about to happen)

I tried not to think of her at all
not the curves of her body
or the stories that she told
(you knew there'd never be dull conversations)

By then, I couldn't walk away
I got caught up in her storm
without a care in the world
(I was a very good swimmer)

She was a hurricane who created her own sunshine. #Quote by M.J. Abraham
A Good Smelling Man quotes by Brian D'Ambrosio
#25. Her moral obligation
to keep our hearts entwined.
Her preeminent love,
smelling like life,
in a good way,
familiar like an ancient woodcut,
a private postcard in the midst of a crowd,
in an old T-shirt to soak up the memories,
committed to recycling life.

repairing the nucleus. #Quote by Brian D'Ambrosio
A Good Smelling Man quotes by David Finnegan-Hosey
#26. The first time I understood the story of the Nativity, I was in a Palestinian village called Yanoun, in the northern West Bank. We got a tour from two shepherds, both young guys who joked and laughed with each other as they shared their day with us. They showed us where they kept their sheep. It was a low, dark cave, noisy and crowded with animals, and smelling like...well...sheep shit. The mangers were a tad rusty, with sheep pushing at each other to find space to eat. It was a good hangout for sheep, but not really the sort of place where you'd want to have a kid. I remember thinking: "Oh. If God can be born here, I guess God can be born anywhere. #Quote by David Finnegan-Hosey
A Good Smelling Man quotes by Anne Mallory
#27. There was a small woven basket waiting on his desk
the next day, still smelling like warmed-from-the-oven
sin. A note was attached written with the words
"Have a good day!" A drawing of a tiny dog chasing
a butterfly completed the absurdity.
He stood in front of his desk, just staring at it and
the basket for a full minute. Asps didn't smell like
baked items, but the latter were no less dangerous.
He tented the edge of the cloth cover with his
smallest finger. Three fruit tarts lay inside.
Poisoned most likely. #Quote by Anne Mallory
A Good Smelling Man quotes by Toni Morrison
#28. And the City, in its own way, gets down for you, cooperates, smoothing its sidewalks, correcting its curbstones, offering you melons and green apples on the corner. Racks of yellow head scarves; strings of Egyptian beads. Kansas fried chicken and something with raisins call attention to an open window where the aroma seems to lurk. And if that's not enough, doors to speakeasies stand ajar and in that cool dark place a clarinet coughs and clears its throat waiting for the woman to decide on the key. She makes up her mind and as you pass by informs your back that she is daddy's little angel child. The City is smart at this: smelling and good and looking raunchy; sending secret messages disguised as public signs: this way, open here, danger to let colored only single men on sale woman wanted private room stop dog on premises absolutely no money down fresh chicken free delivery fast. And good at opening locks, dimming stairways. Covering your moans with its own. #Quote by Toni Morrison
A Good Smelling Man quotes by Erik Larson
#29. German navy had its own tradition of assigning nicknames. One very tall commander was nicknamed Seestiefel, or sea boot. Another had a reputation for smelling bad and thus was nicknamed Hein Schniefelig, or stinky person. A third was said to be "very childish and good-natured" and was commonly called Das Kind, the child. #Quote by Erik Larson
A Good Smelling Man quotes by Paul Rankin
#30. You need good energy and you need to be fit because it's very tiring. A lot of the work is quite heavy and quite smelly. That's why girls drift out of the kitchen because they get fed up smelling like fish and vegetables and things like that. #Quote by Paul Rankin
A Good Smelling Man quotes by Christine Feehan
#31. I have lived centuries and endured vampire hunts, wars, and betrayals. Until you came into my life, I have never lost control. I never had anything I wanted so much. I never had anything to lose."
She pulled his head down to her and pressed little healing kisses to his throat, to his strong jaw, to the hard corners of his mouth. "You are a good man, Mikhail." She grinned impishly, her blue eyes teasing. "You just have too much power for your own good. But don't worry, I know this American girl. She's very disrespectful, and she'll take all that arrogant starch out of you."
His answering laughter was slow in coming, but with it the terrible tension drained out of him. He wrapped his arms around her and lifted her off her feet, swinging her around, crushing her to him. As always, her heart jumped wildly. His mouth fastened on hers as he whirled them across the room to land on the bed.
Raven's laughter was soft and taunting. "We can't possibly again."
His body was settling over hers, his knee nudging her thighs apart so he could press against her soft, welcoming body. "I think you should just stay naked and waiting for me," he growled, stroking her to ensure her readiness.
She lifted her hips invitingly. "I'm not sure we'll know how to do this in a bed." The last word was a gasp of pleasure as he joined their bodies.
His mouth found hers again, laughter mingling with the sweet taste of passion. His hands shaped her breasts possessively and then tunn #Quote by Christine Feehan
A Good Smelling Man quotes by Amy Hempel
#32. Then the children went to bed, or at least went upstairs, and the men joined the women for a cigarette on the porch, absently picking ticks engorged like grapes off the sleeping dogs. And when the men kissed the women good night, and their weekend whiskers scratched the women's cheeks, the women did not think shave, they thought stay. #Quote by Amy Hempel
A Good Smelling Man quotes by Andy Kindler
#33. George Lopez has to get a physical comedy checkup every year to make sure his bulging eyes don't get out of control ... Good news George ... you are humor free! There's no sign of comedy anywhere in your blood stream. #Quote by Andy Kindler
A Good Smelling Man quotes by Alexis Carrel
#34. Moral sense is almost completely ignored by modern society. We have, in fact, suppressed its manifestations. All are imbued with irresponsibility. Those who discern good and evil, who are industrious and provident, remain poor and are looked upon as morons. The woman who has several children, who devotes herself to their education, instead of to her own career, is considered weak-minded. If a man saves a little money for his wife and the education of his children, this money is stolen from him by enterprising financiers. Or taken by the government and distributed to those who have been reduced to want by their own improvidence and the shortsightedness of manufacturers, bankers, and economists. Artists and men of science supply the community with beauty, health, and wealth. They live and die in poverty. Robbers enjoy prosperity in peace. Gangsters are protected by politicians and respected by judges. They are the heroes whom children admire at the cinema and imitate in their games. A rich man has every right. He may discard his aging wife, abandon his old mother to penury, rob those who have entrusted their money to him, without losing the consideration of his friends. ...Ministers have rationalized religion. They have destroyed its mystical basis. But they do not succeed in attracting modern men. In their half-empty churches they vainly preach a weak morality. They are content with the part of policemen, helping in the interest of the wealthy to preserve the framework of pres #Quote by Alexis Carrel
A Good Smelling Man quotes by Chuck Connors
#35. I can never get rid of 'The Rifleman,' and I don't want to. It's a good image. #Quote by Chuck Connors
A Good Smelling Man quotes by C.S. Lewis
#36. Up till then he had been looking at the Lion's great front feet and the huge claws on them; now, in his despair, he looked up at its face. What he saw surprised him as much as anything in his whole life. For the tawny face was bent down near his own and (wonder of wonders) great shining tears stood in the Lion's eyes. They were such big, bright tears compared with Digory's own that for a moment he felt as if the Lion must really be sorrier about his Mother than he was himself. "My son, my son," said Aslan. "I know. Grief is great. Only you and I in this land know that yet. Let us be good to one another. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
A Good Smelling Man quotes by Lara Adrian
#37. By the blasé flatness of Tegan's expression as he approached, he might as well have just come back from taking a piss.
"Everything good in there, T?" Niko quipped. "You need back up or anything? Bag of marshmallows to roast over that little campfire you just started?"
"It's handled."
"No shit #Quote by Lara Adrian
A Good Smelling Man quotes by Raine Miller
#38. You're a good cook," he murmured against my ear. "I think I must keep you. #Quote by Raine Miller
A Good Smelling Man quotes by Stephen Chbosky
#39. When you publish a book, you do so in part to end the silence. All censorship is silence. I would never, as an author, feel right requiring a young person whose family would object to the book to read it. Just as I would never force that person to read it, I would ask those folks to not force others not to read it. To me, that is just good manners. #Quote by Stephen Chbosky
A Good Smelling Man quotes by Jim Gaffigan
#40. After a couple of kids, there might be one good friend left. And that friend is never available because she has too many kids herself. I'm amazed mothers have anyone to talk to. When a man finds out he's going to be a father, it barely covers more than twenty seconds of a conversation with his male friends. I heard you two are expecting! Congratu ... Who do you think is the best quarterback in the fourth quarter? #Quote by Jim Gaffigan
A Good Smelling Man quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#41. Gasping, St. Vincent lifted his head to stare at her as if she were a variety of creature he had never seen before. "Good Lord," he whispered, his expression not one of gratification, but of something close to alarm. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
A Good Smelling Man quotes by Ali Smith
#42. The novel, he was saying, was a flabby old whore.
A flabby old whore! the older man said looking delighted.
She was serviceable, roomy, warm and familiar, the younger was saying, but really a bit used up, really a bit too slack and loose.
Slack and loose! the older said laughing.
Whereas the short story, by comparison, was a nimble goddess, a slim nymph. Because so few people had mastered the short story she was still in very good shape.
... I idly wondered how many of the books in my house were fuckable and how good they'd be in bed. #Quote by Ali Smith
A Good Smelling Man quotes by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
#43. O Lord, give all of us new hearts, open and obedient to you: hearts that love our neighbor and pray to you for our church. Lord, give us a good beginning; open your fatherly heart to us and lead us, one day, home to your kingdom of eternal reconciliation, through Christ the Lord! Amen. #Quote by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
A Good Smelling Man quotes by Camille Pagan
#44. Being something for someone else is a perfectly good waste of a life, isn't it? #Quote by Camille Pagan
A Good Smelling Man quotes by Linda Weaver Clarke
#45. By the way, I do enjoy fairytale endings, in case you misunderstood me." He glanced at her and smiled. "I like it when good wins over evil ... when the knight defeats the dragon and saves the fair maiden ... and when the woodsman saves Little Red Riding Hood. I like it when they say, 'And they lived happily ever after' ...
Just because I'm a man doesn't mean that I don't have a romantic bone in my body." Rick gave a curt nod. "Men can be romantic, too. #Quote by Linda Weaver Clarke

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