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Famous Quotes About 95

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95 quotes by Peter Wohlleben
#1. Occasionally, a tree is harvested with care and removed using horses. And so that old trees can fulfill their destinies, 5 to 10 percent of the area is completely protected. Lumber from forests with such species-appropriate tree management can be used with no qualms of conscience. Unfortunately, 95 percent of the current forest practice in Central Europe looks quite different, with the use of heavy machinery and plantation monocultures. #Quote by Peter Wohlleben
95 quotes by Sebastian Stan
#2. I was born in Romania and later lived in Vienna, Austria, for a few years, and I eventually made my way over to New York in '95. #Quote by Sebastian Stan
95 quotes by Jonathan Safran Foer
#3. Animal agriculture is now dominated by the factory farm- 99.9% of chickens raised for meat, 97% of laying hens, 99% of turkeys, 95% of pigs, and 78% of cattle. #Quote by Jonathan Safran Foer
95 quotes by Robin S. Sharma
#4. 95. Become your spouses number one supporter, the one who is always there supporting and fueling hopes and dreams. Develop together and march confidently through the world as an army of two. #Quote by Robin S. Sharma
95 quotes by Christopher Zeeman
#5. The scientist has to take 95 per cent of his subject on trust. He has to because he can't possibly do all the experiments, therefore he has to take on trust the experiments all his colleagues and predecessors have done. Whereas a mathematician doesn't have to take anything on trust. Any theorem that's proved, he doesn't believe it, really, until he goes through the proof himself, and therefore he knows his whole subject from scratch. He's absolutely 100 per cent certain of it. And that gives him an extraordinary conviction of certainty, and an arrogance that scientists don't have. #Quote by Christopher Zeeman
95 quotes by Michael Dahlen
#6. During the twentieth century, however, the size, scope, and power of government exploded. Total government spending increased from 6.73 percent of GDP in 1906 to 37.79 percent of GDP in 2014.[2] The dollar has lost more than 95 percent of its value due to the inflationary policies of the Federal Reserve. Top marginal income tax rates have been as high as 94 percent. Entitlement programs now constitute more than 60 percent of the federal budget. And businesses are hog-tied by more than 175,000 pages of red tape in the Code of Federal Regulations. What #Quote by Michael Dahlen
95 quotes by Lorde
#7. I'd refer to myself as a feminist. I don't think my music is overtly rooted in feminism. I'm a teenager, and 95 percent of my friends are boys, and that's just the way I've always been. #Quote by Lorde
95 quotes by John Taylor Gatto
#8. In a home school, the kid does 95% of the work. But in a school system, since it's an indoctrination system, a teacher has to do 95% of the work. #Quote by John Taylor Gatto
95 quotes by Anthony Doerr
#9. This is not real suffering, she tells herself. this is only a matter of reprogramming her picture of the future. Of understanding that the line of descendancy is not continuous but arbitrary. #Quote by Anthony Doerr
95 quotes by Mia Fontaine
#10. Your first period may unequivocally announce puberty, but your first 9–5 doesn't definitively mean you've grown up. #Quote by Mia Fontaine
95 quotes by Harold Bloom
#11. Criticism in the universities, I'll have to admit, has entered a phase where I am totally out of sympathy with 95% of what goes on. It's Stalinism without Stalin. #Quote by Harold Bloom
95 quotes by Chris Voss
#12. Set your target price (your goal). 2. Set your first offer at 65 percent of your target price. 3. Calculate three raises of decreasing increments (to 85, 95, and 100 percent). 4. Use lots of empathy and different ways of saying "No" to get the other side to counter before you increase your offer. 5. When calculating the final amount, use precise, nonround numbers like, say, $37,893 rather than $38,000. It gives the number credibility and weight. 6. On your final number, throw in a nonmonetary item (that they probably don't want) to show you're at your limit. The #Quote by Chris Voss
95 quotes by Vinod Khosla
#13. Maybe some percentage that's substantially larger than 95 percent of VCs add zero value. I would bet that 70-80 percent add negative value to a startup in their advising. #Quote by Vinod Khosla
95 quotes by Alain De Botton
#14. Every year, humanity produces some 30,000 films, 2 million books and 100,000 albums, and 95 million people visit a museum or art gallery. #Quote by Alain De Botton
95 quotes by Javed Jamil
#15. The current political dispensation in the country takes pride in its affiliations with religion and culture. But unfortunately, they have become a corporate government more than a moral government. Religion to them does not mean the supremacy of moral, family and social values prescribed by religion, but hatred based on religious identity. If they can revisit their strategy, and take a bold stand against social vices, almost all the religious communities of the country, which means more than 95 pc of the people, will be standing behind them. But unfortunately, they stand for the rest 5 per cent. #Quote by Javed Jamil
95 quotes by Horst Rechelbacher
#16. We are clearcutting virgin forests around the world, and 95 percent of species in the clearcut zone have never been studied. So we clearcut a part of the virgin forest and now part of our ecosystem has been wiped out. Some of it may grow back, and some of it won't. #Quote by Horst Rechelbacher
95 quotes by A.W. Tozer
#17. If the Holy Spirit was withdrawn from the church today, 95 percent of what we do would go on and no one would know the difference. If the Holy Spirit had been withdrawn from the New Testament church, 95 percent of what they did would stop, and everybody would know the difference. #Quote by A.W. Tozer
95 quotes by Bill Bryson
#18. Farther west, Michigan's seemingly inexhaustible stock of white pine - 170 billion board feet of it when the first colonists arrived - shrank by 95 percent in just a century. #Quote by Bill Bryson
95 quotes by Dave Barry
#19. I bought Windows 2.0, Windows 3.0, Windows 3.1415926, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows RSVP, The Best of Windows, Windows Strikes Back, Windows Does Dallas, and Windows Let's All Buy Bill Gates a House the Size of Vermont. #Quote by Dave Barry
95 quotes by Agnes Smedley
#20. In one hotel, the maid who built the fire fainted in our room. Exhaustion was the cause. We talked with her later and learned that she worked 17 hours a day and makes 95 marks a month - about 50 cents. #Quote by Agnes Smedley
95 quotes by Adam Berke
#21. When people look for products and services online, they seldom convert on their first visit. In fact, depending on the industry, 95 to 98 percent of people leave a website without taking the desired business action, such as make a purchase, fill out a lead form, download software, and so on. #Quote by Adam Berke
95 quotes by Craig Taylor
#22. But you are losing money every day you are here. It's always that thing: if I hang in here just a little bit longer, things may happen.
( ... )
No matter what you want to do in London, there's a million others who are in the queue ahead of you. Everything is always a hassle, because there is just so many people wanting to do the same shit at the same time. No matter what it is. And no matter what cool idea you've had, there's somebody else who's already done it. And they're usually younger, richer and more well-connected than you.
( ... )
London is like any other kind of addiction, really. You get 5 per cent entertainment out of it, and that makes you suffer through the other 95 per cent of it. #Quote by Craig Taylor
95 quotes by Dick Latvala
#23. It's kind of hard to find something that will get your juices flowing if you're somewhat critical. I have a hard time finding great things for myself in '94 and certainly in '95. #Quote by Dick Latvala
95 quotes by George Steinbrenner
#24. I'm really 95 percent Mr. Rogers, and only 5 percent Oscar the Grouch.' #Quote by George Steinbrenner
95 quotes by R.A. Salvatore
#25. When I'm telling stories of my video game days, when I was a really hardcore MMO player, I played 'EverQuest' for two years and played 'World of Warcraft' and several other games for the last ten years or so ... 95% of the stories I'll tell you are 'EverQuest.' #Quote by R.A. Salvatore
95 quotes by Ellie Messe
#26. The human body has over 95 billion nerves and you're capable of getting on every single one of them. #Quote by Ellie Messe
95 quotes by Michael J. Cohen
#27. Most of us have become Ecozombies, desensitized, environmental deadheads. On average, society conditions us to spend over 95% of our time and 99.9% of our thinking disconnected from nature. Nature's extreme absence in our lives leaves us abandoned and wanting. We feel we never have enough. We greedily, destructively, consume and, can't stop. Nature's loss in our psyche produces a hurt, hungering, void within us that bullies us into our dilemmas. #Quote by Michael J. Cohen
95 quotes by Nien Cheng
#28. Bad experience is more bearable when you are not the only sufferer.
~pg 95 #Quote by Nien Cheng
95 quotes by Robert Kiyosaki
#29. Gold is hoarded. It's estimated that 95 percent of all gold ever mined is still around. #Quote by Robert Kiyosaki
95 quotes by Terence McKenna
#30. Every culture that's ever existed has operated under the illusion that it understood 95% of reality and that the other 5% would be delivered in the next 18 months, and from Egypt forward they've been running around believing they had a perfect grip on things and yet we look back at every society that preceded us with great smugness at how naive they all were. Well, it never occurs to us, then, that maybe we're whistling in the dark too! That the universe is stranger than you CAN suppose, and that that openness that that perception imparts is a great joy, a great blessing, because then you can live your life not in service to some fascistic metaphor but in service to the living mystery: the fact that you're not going to understand it; it is not going to yield to logic; or magic; or any other technique that's been developed ... #Quote by Terence McKenna
95 quotes by Joan Frances Casey
#31. No person could fill twenty-six years of lack. And each personality had learned from experience that is was less painful to set limits than to have some external person set limits for us. (95) #Quote by Joan Frances Casey
95 quotes by Robert Farrar Capon
#32. The Gospel of grace must not be turned into a bait-and-switch offer. It is not one of those airline supersavers in which you read of a $59.00 fare to Orlando only to find, when you try to buy a ticket, that the six seats per flight at that price are all taken and that the trip will now cost you $199.95. Jesus must not be read as having baited us with grace only to clobber us in the end with law. For as the death and resurrection of Jesus were accomplished once and for all, so the grace that reigns by those mysteries reigns eternally - even in the thick of judgment. #Quote by Robert Farrar Capon
95 quotes by Jaclyn Smith
#33. My mother lived till she was 95 and never had a line on her face or a frown line. She was beautiful. #Quote by Jaclyn Smith
95 quotes by Steven Pressfield
#34. I will gladly shell out $24.95 or $9.99 or 99 cents on iTunes to read or see or listen to the 24-karat treasure that you have refined from your pain and your vision and your imagination. I need it. We all do. We're struggling here in the trenches. That beauty, that wisdom, those thrills and chills, even that mindless escape on a rainy October afternoon - I want it. Put me down for it. #Quote by Steven Pressfield
95 quotes by Albert Belle
#35. What we should have done is kept the same team that played in the '95 World Series. Those trades (Eddie Murray & Carlos Baerga) caused a lot of chaos in the organization. I didn't feel like we were moving in the right direction. #Quote by Albert Belle
95 quotes by Colin Dexter
#36. He'd no time for reports. He suspected that about 95% of the written word was never read by anyone anyway. #Quote by Colin Dexter
95 quotes by Amy Dacyczyn
#37. Jim purchased a brand-new book called How to Fix Damn Near Anything. In horror I discovered a $15.95 price tag on the inside of the jacket. Upon interrogation he confessed that he purchased it at the thrift shop for $.25. #Quote by Amy Dacyczyn
95 quotes by Edwin Land
#38. Famous in our circles is the story of the visiting English banker who in 1948 upon seeing our model 95 camera commented, 'Very interesting, but why would one want a picture in a minute?' #Quote by Edwin Land
95 quotes by Bryan Way
#39. How do you get to Carnegie Hall?"
"I-95. #Quote by Bryan Way
95 quotes by Roger Clemens
#40. I had to will my way through that game. Sometimes, it takes more than talent or more than a 95-mile-an-hour fastball. You have to will it. #Quote by Roger Clemens
95 quotes by Ellen F. Davis
#41. ...consider how [the Proverbs] define success: the establishment of righteousness, justice and equity. (pg. 95) #Quote by Ellen F. Davis
95 quotes by Geoffrey Boycott
#42. To have some idea what it's like, stand in the outside lane of a motorway, get your mate to drive his car at you at 95 mph and wait until he's 12 yards away, before you decide which way to jump. #Quote by Geoffrey Boycott
95 quotes by Anonymous
#43. American Heart Association has reported that 75 per cent of heart involvements begin before ten years of age. My studies have shown that in about 95 per cent of these cases there is active tooth decay. The important change that I made in this boy's dietary program was the removal of the white flour products and in their stead the use of freshly cracked or ground wheat and oats used with whole milk to which was added a small amount of specially high vitamin butter produced by cows pasturing on green wheat. Small doses of a high-vitamin, natural cod liver oil were also added. At this time the boy was so badly crippled with arthritis, in his swollen knees, wrists, and rigid spine, that he was bedfast and cried by the hour. With the improvement in his nutrition which was the only change made in his care, his acute pain rapidly subsided, his appetite greatly improved, he slept soundly and gained rapidly in weight #Quote by Anonymous
95 quotes by Ben Tolosa
#44. If you want to learn, focus 95 percent of learning from the best in your industry, craft, or discipline. If you want to teach, focus 95 percent on the people who are not the best to learn how to help the 95 percent who wants to learn. #Quote by Ben Tolosa
95 quotes by Jared Diamond
#45. Infectious diseases introduced with Europeans, like smallpox and measles, spread from one Indian tribe to another, far in advance of Europeans themselves, and killed an estimated 95% of the New World's Indian population. #Quote by Jared Diamond
95 quotes by Jonathan Safran Foer
#46. Scientific studies and government records suggest that virtually all (upwards of 95 percent of) chickens become infected with E. coli (an indicator of fecal contamination) and between 39 and 75 percent of chickens in retail stores are still infected. Around 8 percent of birds become infected with salmonella (down from several years ago, when at least one in four birds was infected, which still occurs on some farms). Seventy to 90 percent are infected with another potentially deadly pathogen, campylobacter. Chlorine baths are commonly used to remove slime, odor, and bacteria.

Of course, consumers might notice that their chickens don't taste quite right - how good could a drug-stuffed, disease-ridden, shit-contaminated animal possibly taste? - but the birds will be injected (or otherwise pumped up) with "broths" and salty solutions to give them what we have come to think of as the chicken look, smell, and taste. (A recent study by Consumer Reports found that chicken and turkey products, many labeled as natural, "ballooned with 10 to 30 percent of their weight as broth, flavoring, or water. #Quote by Jonathan Safran Foer
95 quotes by Anusha Atukorala
#47. A New Year has tiptoed in.
Let's go forward to meet it.
Let's welcome the 365 days it brings.
Let's live well with love in our hearts towards God and all people.
Let's walk through it's corridors with praise songs on our lips. #Quote by Anusha Atukorala
95 quotes by Richelle Mead
#48. It was impossible to get the Dimitri and Tasha thing out of my head, but at least packing and getting ready made sure I didn't devote 100 percent of my brain power to him. More like 95 percent. #Quote by Richelle Mead
95 quotes by Bryan Perrett
#49. Type 94 Class, more commonly the Type 95 light tanks, and the general purpose medium Type 97s. A self-propelled gun based on the Type 97 was also encountered, and a further ageing medium, the Type 89B, was #Quote by Bryan Perrett
95 quotes by Carly Fiorina
#50. I think we ought to ban earmarks. I think we ought to give citizens the opportunity to designate up to 10 percent of their federal income tax toward debt reduction. If we did that, we would reduce our debt by $95 billion a year. #Quote by Carly Fiorina
95 quotes by Amy Tan
#51. You write a book and you hope somebody will go out and pay $24.95 for what you've just said. I think books were my salvation. Books saved me from being miserable. #Quote by Amy Tan
95 quotes by Jess Glynne
#52. In every operation, there's a risk, and you don't know whether it's gonna ... you know, obviously there's that 95% chance, whatever they say, they can never say 100% you're gonna be better. But the concern and the worry is the worst thing. #Quote by Jess Glynne
95 quotes by John Kenneth Galbraith
#53. If you get a reputation for being honest, you have 95 percent of the competition already beat. #Quote by John Kenneth Galbraith
95 quotes by Italo Calvino
#54. It is not true what everyone always says that the only way to see America is to go across it by car. Apart from the fact that it is impossible given its enormous size, it is also deadly boring. A few outings on the motorway are enough to give an idea of what small-town and even village America is like on average, with the endless suburbs along the highways, a sight of desperate squalor, with all those low buildings, petrol stations or other shops which look like them, and the colours of the writing on the shop signs, and you realize 95 per cent of America is a country of ugliness, oppressiveness and sameness, in short of relentless monotony. #Quote by Italo Calvino
95 quotes by Dave Barry
#55. This was years ago, I think during the early [Ronald] Reagan years. I came up with a plan that everybody just pay $8.95 in taxes. Cheating would be allowed. But the incentive to cheat wouldn't be nearly as great if you only had to pay the $8.95. There were a few people who would have to pay hundreds of millions of dollars under this plan. I think it was Mark Goodson and Bill Todman, the guys who do the quiz shows. But almost everybody else would be off really cheap. #Quote by Dave Barry
95 quotes by Bob Hope
#56. When you get over 95, every day is your day. #Quote by Bob Hope
95 quotes by Stephanie Miller
#57. I didn't start talk radio until '95 in L.A. The show was very successful, and they actually tried to syndicate it nationally, but I couldn't get stations. It was like, "We don't care that she's funny and she's got great ratings. She's liberal!" #Quote by Stephanie Miller
95 quotes by Dennis Miller
#58. If some unemployed punk in New Jersey, can get a cassette to make love to Elle McPherson for $19.95, this virtual reality stuff is going to make crack look like Sanka. #Quote by Dennis Miller
95 quotes by Ziad K. Abdelnour
#59. It's not rocket science. Hong Kong has 95% tax compliance, because it's code is only 4 pages long with a 15% flat tax. #Quote by Ziad K. Abdelnour
95 quotes by Jordan Ellenberg
#60. One thing the American defense establishment has traditionally understood very well is that countries don't win wars just by being braver than the other side, or freer, or slightly preferred by God. The winners are usually the guys who get 5% fewer of their planes shot down, or use 5% less fuel, or get 5% more nutrition into their infantry at 95% of the cost. #Quote by Jordan Ellenberg
95 quotes by Sylvester Stallone
#61. I was on cruise control from '85 to '95, and it was my fault. There were a lot of self-inflicted wounds, when I was not doing any original material. I wasn't directing. I wasn't writing. That's not who I am. #Quote by Sylvester Stallone
95 quotes by Richie Norton
#62. Does it really take a full 9–5 to get our tasks done? Or … do we just "push paper," masquerading as being productive while we are merely just running down the clock? #Quote by Richie Norton
95 quotes by Benny Hinn
#63. The Lord also tells me to tell you in the mid 90's, about '94-'95, no later than that, God will destroy the homosexual community of America. [audience applauds] But He will not destroy it - with what many minds have thought Him to be, He will destroy it with fire. And many will turn and be saved, and many will rebel and be destroyed. #Quote by Benny Hinn
95 quotes by Jeffrey Archer
#64. The grandmothers decided on William's eighth birthday that the time had come for the boy to learn the value of money. With this in mind, they allocated him one dollar a week as pocket money, but insisted that he keep an inventory accounting for every cent he spent. Grandmother Kane presented him with a green leather-bound ledger, at a cost of 95 cents, which she deducted from his first week's allowance. From then on the grandmothers divided the dollar up every Saturday morning. William could invest 50 cents, spend 20 cents, give 10 cents to charity and keep 20 cents in reserve. At the end of each quarter they would inspect the ledger and his written report on any unusual transactions. #Quote by Jeffrey Archer
95 quotes by Ruth Bernhard
#65. It seems a perfectly normal thing to be 95. #Quote by Ruth Bernhard
95 quotes by Glenn Beck
#66. In 2012 the NEA spent $18.1 million on political contributions (95 percent of it going to Democratic candidates) and another $5.9 million on lobbying. Without these payments it's very possible that politicians might finally stop pretending that ideas like tenure and seniority pay make sense for our kids. #Quote by Glenn Beck
95 quotes by Scott Ian
#67. At some point around '94 or '95, 'Rolling Stone' said that guitar rock was dead and that the Chemical Brothers were the future. I think that was the last issue of 'Rolling Stone' I ever bought. #Quote by Scott Ian
95 quotes by Helen DeWitt
#68. The typical review makes a Teletubby look like a sabre-toothed tiger. You can economize by reading online rather than squandering $4.95, yes, but all you get is people pusillanimously Favoriting and Liking and Friending. Why is there no Hate button? Why? #Quote by Helen DeWitt
95 quotes by Tim LaHaye
#69. When our atheistically dominated Supreme Court removed the Ten Commandments from our halls, not a whimper was heard from the 95 million Christians in this country, who still don't realize that their religious freedoms are being systematically removed without a fight. #Quote by Tim LaHaye
95 quotes by Dale Carnegie
#70. When we are not engaged in thinking about some definite problem, we usually spend about 95 percent of our time thinking about ourselves. #Quote by Dale Carnegie
95 quotes by John Fante
#71. I wasn't smart, but I always passed. Here was one: Arithmetic 70; History 80; Geography 70; Spelling 80; Religion 99; English 97. Never any trouble with religion or English for Arturo Bandini. And here was one of Mona's: Arithmetic 96; History 95; Geography 97; Spelling 94; Religion 90; English 90. She could beat me at other things, but never at English or religion. Ho! Very amusing, this. A great piece of anecdote for the biographers of Arturo Bandini. God's worst enemy making higher marks in religion than God's best friend, and both in the same family. A great irony. What a biography that would be! Ah Lord, to be alive and read it! #Quote by John Fante
95 quotes by Robin Meyers
#72. So long have we exalted Jesus as the Christ and robed him in purple prose, that we forget the simple fact that he was dirt poor, living just a notch above the degraded (outcasts) and the expendables (beggars, day laborers, and slaves). Likewise, so long have we studied the record of his remarkable teachings, especially the parables, that we assume he was literate. But 95 to 97 percent of the Jewish population was illiterate at the time of Jesus, so "it must be presumed that Jesus also was illiterate, that he knew, like the vast majority of his contemporaries in an oral culture, the foundational narratives, basic stories, and general expectations of his tradition but not the exact texts, precise citations, or intricate arguments of its scribal elites. #Quote by Robin Meyers
95 quotes by Mostafa Al-Badawi
#73. Shaykha Sultana al-Zubaydiyya

Shaykha Sultana al-Zubaydiyya, famous scholar and saint, was the dauther of 'Ali al-Zubaydi, a man belonging to the martial Zubaydi clan of the tribe of Bani Haritha, itself an offshoot of the major tribe of Kinda, one of the most ancient and best known tribes of Southern Yemen.

[...] she became known as the Rabi'a of Hadramawt.

[...] Shaykha Sultana became so engrossed in her spiritual pursuits that she never found it in herself to marry and beget children as was expected of her. Instead, she visited all the great men of the valley, sitting at the back of the mosques where the gatherings were held, and listening intently until she became well known and greatly respected by them.

Mostafa al-Badawi, A blessed Valley, Volume One, Wadi Hadramawt & the Alawi Tradition, Chapter 10, S. 95-97 #Quote by Mostafa Al-Badawi
95 quotes by Christine Todd Whitman
#74. To put that into some perspective, when Bill Clinton and Al Gore had first taken the idea of the Kyoto Protocol up to the Congress, the United States Senate voted it down 95 to nothing. #Quote by Christine Todd Whitman
95 quotes by Anthony Foxx
#75. Today, 65 percent of America's population live in metropolitan areas - and 95 percent of all the transit miles traveled are traveled there. Metropolitan regions are the engines of our economy. #Quote by Anthony Foxx
95 quotes by W. Edwards Deming
#76. The system that people work in and the interaction with people may account for 90 or 95 percent of performance. #Quote by W. Edwards Deming
95 quotes by Nancy Pelosi
#77. What we're discussing privately and publicly, is a budget which is a blueprint for the future which creates jobs, which educates our children, which provides healthcare for all Americans, which takes our deficit down, which gives a tax cut for 95% of the American people. #Quote by Nancy Pelosi
95 quotes by Robert Goolrick
#78. There was so much we had done to ourselves, so much we said in our sessions that our hearts were rent with sorrow. There is so much that happens to the human heart that is in the realm of the unthinkable, the unknowable, the unbearable. (95) #Quote by Robert Goolrick
95 quotes by Jerry Seinfeld
#79. Magazines are another medium I love, because 95% is simply based on 'How the hell are we going to fill all this blank space? #Quote by Jerry Seinfeld
95 quotes by Ridley Scott
#80. I always say to people when I'm trying to get something going, bringing on other producers or other directors, "You can think of 95 reasons why not to make a movie. You've got to address why you want to make the movie and get it done. Just do it." I tend to live by that rule. #Quote by Ridley Scott
95 quotes by Chris Rock
#81. Do you know what the good side of crack is? If you're up at the right hour, you can get a VCR for $1.50. You can furnish your whole house for $10.95. #Quote by Chris Rock
95 quotes by Lee Iacocca
#82. If a guy is over 25 percent jerk, he's in trouble. And Henry was 95 percent. #Quote by Lee Iacocca
95 quotes by Jay Baer
#83. 95% of millennials say their friends are the most credible source of product information. #Quote by Jay Baer
95 quotes by Quinn Loftis
#84. He walked over to Jacque, whose head was bowed and turned so that her neck was bared. It was like she knew instinctively to submit so as to not provoke the dominant wolf and hopefully she would subdue him in her surrender. Fane's wolf must have been the one in control of the wheel because he leaned down over Jacque and growled low. He placed his face against her neck, breathing deep, and his voice was guttural when he spoke. "Mine."
Jacque turned her head slightly and did what no other would ever be able to do when this Alpha was at this point, she looked him in the eyes. "Yes, I am yours." As soon as the words were out of her mouth, Fane pulled his power in and all of a sudden it was like a weight had been lifted and they could breathe again.
Loftis, Quinn (2011-11-18). Blood Rites: Book 2 Grey Wolves Series (The Grey Wolves Series) (p. 95). Kindle Edition. #Quote by Quinn Loftis
95 quotes by Seth Godin
#85. I spend 95% of my time persuading people to take action and just 5% of the time on the recipes. #Quote by Seth Godin
95 quotes by Joseph Fink
#86. They kept moving past the racks of the Night Vale Daily Journal by the windows. Due to spiraling printing costs and the necessary layoff of nearly its entire staff, the Journal had long ago moved to an imagination-based format. The racks were empty except for a small note reminding you that if you imagined what a hypothetical Night Vale newspaper might look like, then you needed to send a check for $19.95 to the Daily Journal to cover your monthly Imagination Subscription. #Quote by Joseph Fink
95 quotes by Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke Of Norfolk
#87. As a Fundamentalist I had discovered while I was in college that it is possible to dismiss the entire Church as having gone off the rails by about AD 95. That is, we, with our open Bibles, knew better than did old Ignatius or Clement, who had been taught by the very apostles themselves, just what the Church is and what it should look like. #Quote by Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke Of Norfolk
95 quotes by Stephen Levine
#88. [D]etachment means letting go and nonattachment means simply letting be. (95) #Quote by Stephen Levine
95 quotes by John Bul Dau
#89. Times slows when your life is in danger. Every second takes a minute to pass, and even the smallest event gets chiseled into memory. (95) #Quote by John Bul Dau
95 quotes by David Foster Wallace
#90. *One clue that there's something not quite real about sequential time the way you experience it is the various paradoxes of time supposedly passing and of a so-called 'present' that's always unrolling into the future and creating more and more past behind it. As if the present were this car - nice car by the way - and the past is the road we've just gone over, and the future is the headlit road up ahead we haven't yet gotten to, and time is the car's forward movement, and the precise present is the car's front bumper as it cuts through the fog of the future, so that it's now and then a tiny bit later a whole different now, etc. Except if time is really passing, how fast does it go? At what rate does the present change? See? Meaning if we use time to measure motion or rate - which we do, it's the only way you can - 95 miles per hour, 70 heartbeats a minute, etc. - how are you supposed to measure the rate at which time moves? One second per second? It makes no sense. You can't even talk about time flowing or moving without hitting up against paradox right away. So think for a second: What if there's really no movement at all? What if this is all unfolding in the one flash you call
the present, this first, infinitely tiny split-second of impact when the speeding car's front bumper's just starting to touch the abutment, just before the bumper crumples and displaces the front end and you go violently forward and the steering column comes back at your chest as if shot out of s #Quote by David Foster Wallace
95 quotes by Matthew Gray Gubler
#91. If you just do a Google search and type in 'smoking' or 'lung cancer', you will be barraged with never ending facts and numbers, like how one in every three Americans is affected by lung disease and how COPD is the third leading cause of death and if you get lung cancer the odds are 95% that you will die. #Quote by Matthew Gray Gubler
95 quotes by Yoenis Cespedes
#92. Sometimes I rush my swing because I am so anxious to play well. In Cuba, the quality of the pitching is not the same as it is here. There you might find one or two pitchers at 94 or 95 mph. Here, every day I find several, and each pitcher who comes along throws his hardest stuff. #Quote by Yoenis Cespedes
95 quotes by Jurgen Appelo
#93. Management is 5% instruction and 95% communication. #Quote by Jurgen Appelo
95 quotes by Giulia Enders
#94. More than 95 percent of the world's bacteria are harmless to humans. Many are extremely beneficial. Disinfectants have no place in a normal household. They are appropriate only if a family member is sick or the dog poops on the carpet. #Quote by Giulia Enders
95 quotes by William O'Neil
#95. Since the market tends to go in the opposite direction of what the majority of people think, I would say 95% of all these people you hear on TV shows are giving you their personal opinion. And personal opinions are almost always worthless ... facts and markets are far more reliable. #Quote by William O'Neil
95 quotes by Rick Santorum
#96. I do care about not 99 percent or 95 percent. I care about the very rich and the very poor. I care about 100 percent of America. #Quote by Rick Santorum
95 quotes by Doug Stanhope
#97. Right at the end of the big wall of vibrators, $29.95, big rubber fist. Thirty bucks! Just in time for mothers day. #Quote by Doug Stanhope
95 quotes by Criss Jami
#98. When you're truly awesome, you know that it's actually a burden and wish day after day to be relieved of such a curse. Think of about 95% of the superheroes. #Quote by Criss Jami
95 quotes by Jon Rubin
#99. As an artist who lives here and wants a more sophisticated engagement between local social dynamics and global discourse, it's great to see that reflected via the relationships we've developed with our customers. For some people it's a political act to eat from us three days a week because they recognize they are financially supporting the premise of the project each time they come. 95% of our annual revenue is purely from the public via food sales. #Quote by Jon Rubin
95 quotes by Barry Schwartz
#100. We give disproportionate weight to whether yogurt is said to be five percent fat or 95 percent fat free. People seem to think that yogurt that is 95 percent fat free is a more healthful product than yogurt that has five percent fat. #Quote by Barry Schwartz
95 quotes by G-Eazy
#101. I don't know if most people know it or not, but I produce, like, 95% of my own stuff. #Quote by G-Eazy
95 quotes by Various
#102. THOMAS TUSSER. 1523-1580. Moral Reflections on the Wind. Except wind stands as never it stood, It is an ill wind turns none to good. {95} #Quote by Various
95 quotes by Charles Bukowski
#103. I was sentimental about many things: a woman's shoes under the bed; one hairpin left behind on the dresser; the way they said, 'I'm going to pee.' hair ribbons; walking down the boulevard with them at 1:30 in the afternoon, just two people walking together; the long nights of drinking and smoking; talking; the arguments; thinking of suicide; eating together and feeling good; the jokes; the laughter out of nowhere; feeling miracles in the air; being in a parked car together; comparing past loves at 3am; being told you snore; hearing her snore; mothers, daughters, sons, cats, dogs; sometimes death and sometimes divorce; but always carring on, always seeing it through; reading a newspaper alone in a sandwich joint and feeling nausea because she's now married to a dentist with an I.Q. of 95; racetracks, parks, park picnics; even jails; her dull friends; your dull friends; your drinking, her dancing; your flirting, her flirting; her pills, your fucking on the side and her doing the same; sleeping together #Quote by Charles Bukowski
95 quotes by Jarod Kintz
#104. Why send roses? Wouldn't it be more romantic to deliver a dozen orgasms? For only $19.95, I'll deliver them to your woman any day of the year. But be sure to book early for Valentine's Day. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
95 quotes by Bruce Schneier
#105. Microsoft knows that reliable software is not cost effective. According to studies, 90% to 95% of all bugs are harmless. They're never discovered by users, and they don't affect performance. It's much cheaper to release buggy software and fix the 5% to 10% of bugs people find and complain about. #Quote by Bruce Schneier
95 quotes by Leroy Hood
#106. If you go to the FDA with a drug that's only meant to treat 50 people, and it's a 95 percent cure rate, you'll get your drug approved. #Quote by Leroy Hood
95 quotes by Dave Barry
#107. What would happen is that every idiot in this town who owns a gun, which is basically every idiot in this town, would grab his gun, jump into his car, or somebody else's car, and lay rubber for I-95. Inside of ten minutes the city is gridlocked, and what happens next makes IwoJima look like a maypole dance. This whole town turns into the end of a Stephen King novel. #Quote by Dave Barry
95 quotes by Sam Killermann
#108. With the evolution of Us came the evolution of Them.

The original Them was anyone who wasn't blood related - Them was pretty much everyone. Over time, as the number of people in Us got bigger, Them got smaller. Them now might mean anyone in any other country. This is a common Them in America, and a Them that only (light use of this word) consists of 95% of the world. Another common Them in America is anyone who isn't Christian, which is a measly 68% of the world, or roughly 4.8 Billion Thems.

In a relatively short amount of time, Us went from being a fraction of a percent of humanity and Them the rest, to some people experiencing an Us of more than two billion other people, far more than were ever alive at the onset of Us and Them. #Quote by Sam Killermann
95 quotes by Neil Young
#109. It doesn't affect me because I look at the internet as the new radio. I look at the radio as gone. [ ... ] Piracy is the new radio. That's how music gets around. [ ... ] That's the radio. If you really want to hear it, let's make it available, let them hear it, let them hear the 95 percent of it. #Quote by Neil Young
95 quotes by Mark Shields
#110. The lobbying over China most favored nation trading status was disgusting. There's no way in hell that MFN would have passed in '95, '96, '97, '98, '99, 2000 if all these companies hadn't come in flooding and making campaign contributions and ask for people's support. That drove the debate. Every year was the allure of corporate dollars flooding into members' bank accounts. #Quote by Mark Shields
95 quotes by 해외축구무료팁  Swlook.com 가입코드 : Win24
#111. 해외축구무료팁 Swlook.com 가입코드 : win24
「〃Swlook.cℴm〃가입코드: win24〃」

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까다로운 보안으로 여러분의 안전을 책임집니다.
He had married a young woman, in all ways worthy of his honest love and loyalty. She shared the dangers of life with a willing spirit and a light heart #Quote by 해외축구무료팁 Swlook.com 가입코드 : Win24
95 quotes by Jay Leno
#112. It's being reported that the economy lost 95,000 jobs in September. And that's just people leaving the White House. #Quote by Jay Leno
95 quotes by Scott Adams
#113. In yesterday's post, I asked how many of you guys would have sex with a robot if it was indistinguishable from a hot human woman. About 95% of the hetero guys said they would. The other 5% expressed a strong preference for lying. #Quote by Scott Adams
95 quotes by Laurie Anderson
#114. Technology today is the campfire around which we tell our stories. There's this attraction to light and to this kind of power, which is both warm and destructive. We're especially drawn to the power. Many of the images of technology are about making us more powerful, extending what we can do. Unfortunately, 95 percent of this is hype, because I think we're powerful without it. #Quote by Laurie Anderson
95 quotes by Mark Skousen
#115. Back in 1960, the paper dollar and the silver dollar both were the same value. They circulated next to each other. Today? The paper dollar has lost 95% of its value, while the silver dollar is worth $34, and produced a 2-3 times rise in real value. Since we left the gold standard in 1971, both gold and silver have become superior inflation hedges. #Quote by Mark Skousen
95 quotes by David Duke
#116. More than 95 percent of both legal and illegal immigration into the United States is non-white. Because of the way immigration law is structured, the highest-skilled nations on earth - those of Europe - are allowed only a tiny percentage of immigrants, while the third world nations such as Mexico are dumping their chaff onto American shores at the highest rate in history. #Quote by David Duke
95 quotes by Harlan Coben
#117. Route 95 in Connecticut and New York is basically a series of construction areas masquerading as an interstate highway. #Quote by Harlan Coben
95 quotes by Jeremy Rifkin
#118. Automobiles consumed "20 percent of the steel, 12 percent of the aluminum, 10 percent of the copper, 51 percent of the lead, 95 percent of the nickel, 35 percent of the zinc, and 60 percent of the rubber used in the U.S." by 1933. #Quote by Jeremy Rifkin
95 quotes by Taylor Kitsch
#119. People hate cardio. I hate cardio. But pick the five top songs that you love. Do your cardio during these songs, and you're done. I'd say 95 percent of the time you don't even know you just did it. #Quote by Taylor Kitsch
95 quotes by Scott Ritter
#120. While we were never able to provide 100 percent certainty regarding the disposition of Iraq's proscribed weaponry, we did ascertain a 90-95 percent level of verified disarmament. This figure takes into account the destruction or dismantling of every major factory associated with prohibited weapons manufacture, all significant items of production equipment, and the majority of the weapons and agent produced by Iraq. #Quote by Scott Ritter
95 quotes by Wim Wenders
#121. In the late 1980s the amount of German films was down to four or five percent of the market, and the remaining 95 percent were American. It is now 20 to 30 percent German productions. #Quote by Wim Wenders
95 quotes by Mitch Hedberg
#122. This product that was on TV was available for four easy payments of $19.95. I would like a product that was available for three easy payments and one complicated payment. We can't tell you which payment it is, but one of these payments is going to be hard. The mailman will get shot, the envelope will not seal, the stamp will be in the wrong denomination. The final payment must be made in wampum. #Quote by Mitch Hedberg
95 quotes by Robin DiAngelo
#123. Race scholars use the term white supremacy to describe a sociopolitical economic system of domination based on racial categories that benefits those defined and perceived as white. This system of structural power privileges, centralizes, and elevates white people as a group. If, for example, we look at the racial breakdown of the people who control our institutions, we see telling numbers in 2016–2017:

- Ten richest Americans: 100 percent white (seven of whom are among the ten richest in the world)
- US Congress: 90 percent white
- US governors: 96 percent white
- Top military advisers: 100 percent white
- President and vice president: 100 percent white
- US House Freedom Caucus: 99 percent white
- Current US presidential cabinet: 91 percent white
- People who decide which TV shows we see: 93 percent white
- People who decide which books we read: 90 percent white
- People who decide which news is covered: 85 percent white
- People who decide which music is produced: 95 percent white
- People who directed the one hundred top-grossing films of all time, worldwide: 95 percent white
- Teachers: 82 percent white
- Full-time college professors: 84 percent white
- Owners of men's professional football teams: 97 percent white

These numbers are not describing minor organizations. Nor are these institutions special-interest groups. The groups listed above are the most powerful in the country. Th #Quote by Robin DiAngelo
95 quotes by Euginia Herlihy
#124. Praise and worship shouldn't be a few hour church service entertainment. It should be our heartbeat and should never depart our lips. 'Let us come before him with thanks giving and extol him with music and song' (Psalms 95:2). #Quote by Euginia Herlihy
95 quotes by Malcolm Gladwell
#125. Gottman has proven something remarkable. If he analyzes an hour of a husband and wife talking, he can predict with 95 percent accuracy whether that couple will still be married fifteen years later. If he watches a couple for fifteen minutes, his success rate is around 90 percent. #Quote by Malcolm Gladwell
95 quotes by Michael Eisner
#126. The odds of being successful are the same for every group that is educated in America. It's just that the group that is not wealthy is 95 percent of the population. So if there are 100 successful people in a room, probably 95 out of 100 came from more modest means. #Quote by Michael Eisner
95 quotes by Yanni
#127. That adage about genius being 5 percent inspiration and 95 perspiration - it's true. #Quote by Yanni
95 quotes by Michio Kaku
#128. Climate change is the 800-pound gorilla in the living room that the media dances around. But in the scientific community, it's a settled question: 95 percent of scientists believe this is happening with 100 percent confidence temperatures are rising. #Quote by Michio Kaku
95 quotes by Paul Watson
#129. Once we get three more directors elected, the Sierra Club will no longer be pro-hunting and pro-trapping and we can use the resources of the $95-million-a-year budget to address some of these issues. #Quote by Paul Watson
95 quotes by Barack Obama
#130. Here's what I can tell the American people: 95 percent of you will get a tax cut. And if you make less than $250,000, less than a quarter-million dollars a year, then you will not see one dime's worth of tax increase. #Quote by Barack Obama
95 quotes by Bill Gates
#131. Windows 95 was a nice milestone. #Quote by Bill Gates
95 quotes by Dennis Okholm
#132. This realization is much like Donald Miller's awakening after a day of protesting President Bush: "More than my questions about the efficacy of social action were my questions about my own motives. Do I want social justice for the oppressed, or do I just want to be known as a socially active person? I spend 95 percent of my time thinking about myself anyway. I don't have to watch the evening news to see that the world is bad, I only have to look at myself.... I was the very problem that I had been protesting. I wanted to make a sign that read "I AM THE PROBLEM!" "

I cannot plead innocent. I have contributed to the sum total of misery in the world. ...Or, as Casey incisively remarks, "I have more evidence of crime against myself than I have for any other human being. My conscience accuses me directly of so much malice, whereas I know only by hearsay of the evil done by others. To be humble before God is to know that I am blameworthy." "

Such Christian humility is not the same thing as low self-esteem or poor self-image. It is simply the refusal to be deluded by the lie that I am guiltless: "Empowered by the intensity of God's unconditional love for me, I find it possible to demolish my defenses and admit to the truth of my condition. There is nothing in my constitution or personal history that would give me any confidence in my own competence to bring my life to a happy conclusion. #Quote by Dennis Okholm
95 quotes by Jarod Kintz
#133. There's a 95% chance I'll miss out on 5%. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
95 quotes by David Heinemeier Hansson
#134. My whole thing was, if I can put in 5 percent of the effort of somebody getting an A, and I can get a C minus, that's amazing," he explains. "It's certainly good enough, right? [Then] I can take the other 95 percent of the time and invest it in something I really care about. #Quote by David Heinemeier Hansson
95 quotes by Brent Reilly
#135. These are lines from my asteroid-impact novel, Regolith:
Just because there are no laws against stupidity doesn't mean it shouldn't be punished.
I haven't faced rejection this brutal since I was single.
He smelled trouble like a fart in the shower.
If this was a kiss of gratitude, then she must have been very grateful.
Not since Bush and Cheney have so few spent so much so fast for so long for so little.
As a nympho for mind-fucks, Lisa took to politics like a pig to mud.
She began paying men compliments as if she expected a receipt.
Like the Aerosmith song, his get-up-and-go just got-up-and-went.
"You couldn't beat the crap out of a dirty diaper!"
He embraced his only daughter as if she was deploying to Iraq.
She was hotter than a Class 4 solar flare!
If sex was a weapon, then Monique possessed WMD
I haven't felt this alive since I lost my virginity.
He once read that 95% of women fake organism, and the rest are gay.
Beauty may be in the eyes of the beholder, but ugly is universal.
Why do wives fart, but not girlfriends?
Adultery is sex that is wrong, but not necessarily bad.
The dinosaurs stayed drugged out, drooling like Jonas Brothers fans.
Silence filled the room like tear gas.
The told him a fraction of the truth and hoped it would take just a fraction of the time.
Happiness is the best cosmetic,
He was a whale of a catch, and there were a lot of fi #Quote by Brent Reilly
95 quotes by Merle Haggard
#136. 95% of the album is my writing, by choice, because it seems to be what the distributors want. #Quote by Merle Haggard
95 quotes by Janet Yellen
#137. After adjusting for inflation, the average income of the top 5% of households grew by 38% from 1989 to 2013. ...By comparison, the average real income of the other 95% of households grew less than 10%. #Quote by Janet Yellen
95 quotes by Guy Ritchie
#138. In fact, 95% of the people in my films have been nothing less than a pleasure to work with. #Quote by Guy Ritchie
95 quotes by Colin Ward
#139. American strategists have calculated the proportion of civilians killed in this century's major wars. In the First World War, 5 percent of those killed were civilians, in the Second World War 48 percent, while in a Third World War 90-95 percent would be civilians. #Quote by Colin Ward
95 quotes by Steve McConnell
#140. 95% on content and the computer language remains the same. #Quote by Steve McConnell
95 quotes by John Green
#141. 95% of romantic stories end with partners committing to each other because everything after that is just the blank terrifying morass of adulthood. This monotonous grind in which the only real excitement in your life is occasionally finding a truly ripe avocado at the grocery store. #Quote by John Green
95 quotes by Coolio
#142. A mind is a terrible thing to waste was the slogan, but now it's 95 and it's don't forget the Trojan. #Quote by Coolio
95 quotes by Charles Portis
#143. She also saw an interesting sight. On a curve not far from Little Rock a busload of Elks had turned over. The bus was on its right side in the ditch, the front wheels still slowly turning, and the Elks were surfacing one at a time through the escape hatch on the left side, now topside. One Elk was lying on the grass, maybe dead, no ball game for him, and others were limping and hopping about and holding their heads. Another one, in torn shirt-sleeves, was sitting on a suitcase on top of the bus. He was not lifting a finger to help but as each surviving brother Elk stuck his head up through the hatchway, he gave a long salute from his compressed-air horn. The big Trailways cruiser began to slow down. When the man saw this he turned with his noise device and hooted it -- there could be no mistake -- at the driver. Norwood was talking to a man with bulging eyes across the aisle who had gone broke in Mississippi selling premium beer for $3.95 a case on credit, and they both missed it, that hooting part. They did help load the injured into ambulances. The former tavern keeper found a silver dollar in the grass and kept it. #Quote by Charles Portis
95 quotes by Sarah Michelle Gellar
#144. It's been hard to be a show in L.A. and be trendsetting, because the fashions are in New York ... Not to mention that most actresses are all, give or take, the same size, between five-two and five-five, and 95 to 125 pounds. #Quote by Sarah Michelle Gellar
95 quotes by Billy Mays
#145. The best things in life are free - and $19.95. #Quote by Billy Mays
95 quotes by Michelle Alexander
#146. Practically overnight the budgets of federal law enforcement agencies soared. Between 1980 and 1984, FBI antidrug funding increased from $8 million to $95 million.73 Department of Defense antidrug allocations increased from $33 million in 1981 to $1,042 million in 1991. During that same period, DEA antidrug spending grew from $86 to $1,026 million, and FBI antidrug allocations grew from $38 to $181 million.74 By contrast, funding for agencies responsible for drug treatment, prevention, and education was dramatically reduced. The budget of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, for example, was reduced from $274 million to $57 million from 1981 to 1984, and antidrug funds allocated to the Department of Education were cut from $14 million to $3 million.75 #Quote by Michelle Alexander
95 quotes by Ellen Datlow
#147. It's my latest," Goldy concluded, "my best, and the one which the New York Times recently described as 'thrilling, sad, heartbreaking' and 'packs a huge wallop.' Entitled The Goldilocks Syndrome, it's currently available in the lobby at a today-only discount of $21.95. And if you act now, I'll sign and date this sucker at no extra charge. #Quote by Ellen Datlow
95 quotes by Arthur Capper
#148. For the 95 per cent whose only means of schooling is the district or the city school, we must provide what we are not now providing, an education that will better fit them for the struggle of life. #Quote by Arthur Capper
95 quotes by Ed Krassenstein
#149. For those who believe Trump's Wall is the solution to stopping the inflow of drugs to the US, here is an interesting stat:

95%-97% of the drugs coming into the U.S. are coming by water, via non-commercial boats, container ships, fishing boats, speed boats and even submarines. #Quote by Ed Krassenstein
95 quotes by George Saunders
#150. I often think about image, and image is something that - but in truth, the real artistic process, as I've understood it, is 95 percent intuitive, like seat-of-the-pants, at-the-moment decisions that you can't even explain, you know? #Quote by George Saunders
95 quotes by Marisha Pessl
#151. For the record, there were no framed pictures of me around our house, and the only class portrait Dad had ever ordered was the one from Sparta Elementary in which I'd sat, knees glued together, in front of a background that looked like Yosemite, sporting pink overalls and a lazy eye. "This is classic," Dad said. "That they shamelessly send me an order form so I can pay $69.95 for prints large and small of a photo in which my daughter looks as if she just suffered a great blow to her head - it just shows you, we are simply strapped to a motorized assembly line moving through this country. We're supposed to pay out, shut up or get tossed in the rejects bin. #Quote by Marisha Pessl
95 quotes by Stephen King
#152. 95% of the people who walk the earth are inert, Johnny. 1% are saints, and 1% are assholes. The other 3% do what they say they can do. #Quote by Stephen King
95 quotes by J.G. Ballard
#153. I'm a strong opponent of all religious belief.
... And supposedly 95% of Americans say they believe in God - that's worrying.
... Religions are Trojan horses which conceal profoundly strange psychopathy strains. There's no other explanation for them. The sheer fear of death has been the main engine of religions for a very long time. #Quote by J.G. Ballard
95 quotes by Vicky Hartzler
#154. We do participate in the government programs, like probably 95 percent of farmers do. People who aren't familiar with the agriculture industry, you know, try and make that look like something exceptional. #Quote by Vicky Hartzler
95 quotes by Shashi
#155. Life is like a river, where one has to flow along with the present moments of love and understanding. Yet, we vigorously thrash about, trying to reach out and rest on the banks of desires and doubts, ultimately becoming a spent force, buried deep on the banks of past memories and future worries. - (Page 95) #Quote by Shashi
95 quotes by Volkmar Sigusch
#156. Some 95 percent of all sexual contact still occurs in permanent relationships. That's an impressive number. #Quote by Volkmar Sigusch
95 quotes by Matt Ridley
#157. Today, of Americans officially designated as 'poor', 99 per cent have electricity, running water, flush toilets, and a refrigerator; 95 per cent have a television, 88 per cent a telephone, 71 per cent a car and 70 per cent air conditioning. Cornelius Vanderbilt had none of these. #Quote by Matt Ridley
95 quotes by Donald Evans
#158. When you poll all of the economists, uh, across America that I think are intellectually honest they would all, or maybe not all, but 95% of them 96% of them would say you know we really have got a powerful economy. #Quote by Donald Evans
95 quotes by Shashi
#159. What is the point of finding the reason as long as you know that you are on the right path? And I have realized lately that the right path is the one where you feel happy within yourself, at ease within yourself. - The Monk (Pg-95) #Quote by Shashi
95 quotes by Jon Meacham
#160. Capt. Lewis is brave, prudent, habituated to the woods, and familiar with Indian manners and character," Jefferson told Benjamin Rush.95 Lewis asked William Clark, George Rogers Clark's brother, to join him in organizing what became known as the Corps of Volunteers for North West Discovery.96 Jefferson thought of America as an "empire of liberty." Now he would have a keener, more detailed grasp of the continent that stretched far beyond the nation's existing borders - and a chance at claiming that sprawling West. #Quote by Jon Meacham
95 quotes by Tony Robbins
#161. Leaders spend 5% of their time on the problem & 95% of their time on the solution. Get over it & crush it! #Quote by Tony Robbins
95 quotes by 마법의약물G,H,B정품판매처,카톡【AKR331】라인【SPR331】물,뽕정품으로 판매하고있어요
#162. The modern holiday of Mother's Day was first celebrated in 1908, when Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother at St Andrew's Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia.[9] St Andrew's Methodist Church now holds the International Mother's Day Shrine.[10] Her campaign to make Mother's Day a recognized holiday in the United States began in 1905, the year her mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis, died. Ann Jarvis had been a peace activist who cared for wounded soldiers on both sides of the American Civil War, and created Mother's Day Work Clubs to address public health issues. She and another peace activist and suffragette Julia Ward Howe had been urging for the creation of a Mother's Day dedicated to peace. 40 years before it became an official holiday, Ward Howe had made her Mother's Day Proclamation in 1870, which called upon mothers of all nationalities to band together to promote the "amicable settlement of international questions, the great and general interests of peace."[11] Anna Jarvis wanted to honor this and to set aside a day to honor all mothers because she believed a mother is "the person who has done more for you than anyone in the world"

Ghb구매,물뽕구입,Ghb 구입방법,물뽕가격,수면제판매,물뽕효능,물뽕구매방법,ghb가격,물뽕판매처,수면제팔아요


첫거래하시는분들 실레지만 별로 반갑지않습니다 이유는 단하나 판매도 기본이지만 안전은 더중요하거든요
*물뽕이란 알고싶죠?
액체 상태로 주로 물이나 술 등에 타서 마시기 때문에 속칭 '물뽕'으로 불린다.
다량 복용시 필름이 끊기는 등의 증세가 나타나고 강한 흥분작용을 일으켜 미국에서는 젊은 청소년들속에서 주로 이용해 '데이트시 강간할 때 #Quote by 마법의약물G,H,B정품판매처,카톡【AKR331】라인【SPR331】물,뽕정품으로 판매하고있어요
95 quotes by Tamra Davis
#163. I came up with this statistic that if a kid makes something himself, he's 90 to 95% likely to try it. And of course, then, if it's good, he'll eat it! #Quote by Tamra Davis
95 quotes by Sean Penn
#164. As a foreign worker in Haiti, speaking for myself, speaking for the workers, our organization is about 95 percent Haitian, but even foreign workers driving through, we have had very minimal security issues. #Quote by Sean Penn
95 quotes by Jarod Kintz
#165. The moonlight filtered through the trees like water from a strainer. Agatha's hair was the color and consistency of wet noodles. I said she might look sexy as a redhead, and she asserted she'd be staying a creamy alfredo. I touched her tight skin they way a drummer might strum a guitar. She called me Mozart, and I didn't know how to reply so I simply belched. Before I had finished, her open mouth was on mine, and she was huffing my essence like David Hasselhoff hoofing it to the liquor store. I remember what color panties she wore. They were transparent with the texture of flesh. I rubbed her back while she purred. Her skin was as soft as a fur coat. We made love for what seemed like days, but was in fact 3:58.95 - a personal best for me. I felt like Roger Bannister, and she felt like a cheetah. Literally. I told her she'd look good on my rug, as a rug, and she playfully pinched the folds on my stomach. She explored my naval cavity with her pinky, and what started out as foreplay turned into a scavenger hunt. While she might have expected to find lint, nobody could have ever suspected she'd find the lost Templar treasure. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
95 quotes by Tim Conway
#166. As a kid I was short and only weighed 95 pounds. And though I was active in a lot of Sports and got along with most of the guys, I think I used comedy as a defense mechanism. You know making someone laugh is a much better way to solve a problem than by using your fists. #Quote by Tim Conway
95 quotes by Ravi Shankar
#167. In the U.K., classical music is composed by individuals and written down. Indian music is based on certain sequences called ragas. When I perform live, 95% of the music is improvised: it never sounds the same twice. #Quote by Ravi Shankar
95 quotes by Bruce Van Horn
#168. People think writers are always feeling inspired. That's only about 5% of it. 95% is the daily discipline to just sit and write. #Quote by Bruce Van Horn
95 quotes by Wendell Berry
#169. Until modern times, we focused a great deal of the best of our thought upon rituals of return to the human condition. Seeking enlightenment or the Promised Land or the way home, a man would go or be forced to go into the wilderness, measure himself against the Creation, recognize finally his true place within it, and thus be saved both from pride and from despair. Seeing himself as a tiny member of a world he cannot comprehend or master or in any final sense possess, he cannot possibly think of himself as a god. And by the same token, since he shares in, depends upon, and is graced by all of which he is a part, neither can he become a fiend; he cannot descend into the final despair of destructiveness. Returning from the wilderness, he becomes a restorer of order, a preserver. He sees the truth, recognizes his true heir, honors his forebears and his heritage, and gives his blessing to his successors. He embodies the passing of human time, living and dying within the human limits of grief and joy.
(pg.95, "The Body and the Earth") #Quote by Wendell Berry
95 quotes by C.L.Stone
#170. Hendricks is mean. My sister's been skipping school since last week. Now I have to try to convince her she should go to school."
Luke's dark brown eyes softened. The blond locks were pulled back with a clip he'd stolen from me. "I know how you feel. I've got a chemistry test tomorrow."
Stone, C. L. (2013-10-27). Forgiveness and Permission: The Ghost Bird Series: #4 (p. 95). Arcato Publishing. Kindle Edition. #Quote by C.L.Stone
95 quotes by Jade Chang
#171. How can we be a polis when 95 percent of us would rather watch aging housewives bicker on TV than express a well-formed opinion of our own? #Quote by Jade Chang
95 quotes by John Wooden
#172. When you get to be 95, travel doesn't come as easily. #Quote by John Wooden
95 quotes by Nigel F. Piercy
#173. By late-2000 Wal-Mart's losses were running in excess of £150 million a year in Germany from its 95 stores, and the company was ranked bottom of all retailers in Germany in an annual customer satisfaction survey. #Quote by Nigel F. Piercy
95 quotes by John C. Dvorak
#174. When I hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete, I see that the System Idle Process is hogging all the resources and chewing up 95 percent of the processor's cycles. Doing what? Doing nothing? #Quote by John C. Dvorak
95 quotes by Robin DiAngelo
#175. We would often lead workshops in offices that were 95-100% white, and yet the participants would bitterly complain about Affirmative Action. This would unnerve me as I looked around these rooms and saw only white people. Clearly these white people were employed - we were in their workplace, after all. There were no people of color here, yet white people were making enraged claims that people of color were taking their jobs. This outrage was not based in any racial reality, yet obviously the emotion was real. I began to wonder how we managed to maintain that reality - how could we not see how white the workplace and its leadership was, at the very moment that we were complaining about not being able to get jobs because people of color would be hired over "us"? How were we, as white people, able to enjoy so much racial privilege and dominance in the workplace, yet believe so deeply that racism had changed direction to now victimize us? #Quote by Robin DiAngelo
95 quotes by Jonathan Haidt
#176. Let's imagine that 95 percent of the food on Earth magically disappears tonight, guaranteeing that almost all of us will starve to death within two months. Law and order collapse. Chaos and mayhem ensue. Who among us will still be alive a year from now? Will it be the biggest, strongest, and most violent individuals in each town? Or will it be the people who manage to work together in groups to monopolize, hide, and share the remaining food supplies among themselves? #Quote by Jonathan Haidt
95 quotes by Eric Ries
#177. Only 5 percent of entrepreneurship is the big idea, the business model, the whiteboard strategizing, and the splitting up of the spoils. The other 95 percent is the gritty work that is measured by innovation accounting: product prioritization decisions, deciding which customers to target or listen to, and having the courage to subject a grand vision to constant testing and feedback. #Quote by Eric Ries
95 quotes by Kamaran Ihsan Salih
#178. When the cat gets hungry, it starts to steal. #Quote by Kamaran Ihsan Salih
95 quotes by Annie Dillard
#179. These aren't still shots; the camera is always moving. And the scene is always just slipping out of sight, as if in spite of myself I were always descending a hill, rounding a corner, stepping into the street with a companion who urges me on, while I look back over my shoulder at the sight which recedes, vanishes. The present of my consciousness is itself a mystery which is also always just rounding a bend like a floating branch borne by a flood. Where am I? But I'm not. I will overturn, overturn, overturn, it: and it shall be no more ... #Quote by Annie Dillard
95 quotes by Anonymous
#180. The issue - which is about 95 percent political and five percent scientific - won't go away. The Left will use it as a battering ram to force more taxes, more regulation, more control of every kind over the economy and over Americans' personal behavior. This issue, on top of ObamaGovernmentCare, could finish the job of Sovietizing what's left of a once free America. #Quote by Anonymous
95 quotes by Craig Kilborn
#181. They're saying Arnold will get 95% of the vote. At least according to his brother, Jeb Schwarzenegger. #Quote by Craig Kilborn
95 quotes by Susan J. Douglas
#182. To emphasize how truly backward our society is...let's finish with a little quiz. Let's do it like Jeopardy.

In 1990, this government required companies to give a new mother a year's leave at 90% pay.
Answer: What was Sweden?

This country provided nurseries for most children over eighteen months.
Answer: What was Sweden?

Nearly half of the children under three in this country were in publicly financed nurseries, and nearly 95% of children three to six were (and are).
Answer: What is Denmark?

In this country, 95% of children aged three to five are in preschool.
Answer: What is France?

This country provides care for one quarter of children under three in wholly or partially subsidized nurseries.
Answer: What is France?

In 1984, this country gave workers twelve weeks of maternity leave with pay.
Answer: What is Brazil? (Yes, Brazil!)

This country mandated eight weeks of maternity leave WITH PAY.
Answer: What is Kenya? (You heard us, Kenya!)

This country provided none of these things; instead, to help mothers and small children, its magazines featured profiles of rich celebrity moms who could show women how to do it all.
Answer: What was the United States? #Quote by Susan J. Douglas
95 quotes by James Patterson
#183. Here's something that might not occur to you: If a state trooper sees a weird, patchwork Toyota Echo
hurtling down 1-95, and it looks like half of a small country is immigrating to the States in this one little car,
you might get stopped. #Quote by James Patterson
95 quotes by Patrick Lencioni
#184. If the CEO's behavior is 95 per cent healthy while the rest of the organization is only 50 per cent sound, it is more effective to focus on that crucial and leveraged 5 per cent that makes up the reminder of the CEO's behavior. #Quote by Patrick Lencioni
95 quotes by Dan Stuart
#185. I started, me by myself, found a great co-founder, got up to 95 people, and then it ended with me by myself again. #Quote by Dan Stuart
95 quotes by Marc Maron
#186. Most of the comics that I talk to I've never talked to for more than ten minutes ever. So 95 percent of the time you're really hearing the first conversation between me and that guy on the podcast. #Quote by Marc Maron
95 quotes by David Lynch
#187. These growth hormones, where can I get a bunch of them? Is there some way that, with electricity, you could stimulate your own growth hormones? Plug yourself in for five minutes, there'd be a little jolt, but you'd get used to it. It wouldn't be bad at all; in fact, you'd get to enjoy it, probably. Then away you'd go, and youth wouldn't be wasted on the young anymore. You'd be 25, with a 95-year-old mind. Granddad would start breaking into liquor stores and staying out late. Hope we have it soon! #Quote by David Lynch
95 quotes by Joseph Wambaugh
#188. Probably 95 percent of the things that are written never get on the screen. #Quote by Joseph Wambaugh
95 quotes by Brian Godawa
#189. One rendering of the Septuagint (LXX) version of Psalm 95:5-6 reaffirms this reality of national gods being demons whose deity was less than the Creator, "For great is the Lord, and praiseworthy exceedingly. More awesome he is than all the gods. For all the gods of the nations are demons, but the Lord made the heavens."[4] Another LXX verse, Isa. 65:11, speaks of Israel's idolatry: "But ye are they that have left me, and forget my holy mountain, and prepare a table for [a demon], and fill up the drink-offering to Fortune [a foreign goddess].[5] #Quote by Brian Godawa
95 quotes by Bob Burg
#190. Exposure plus 95 cents might buy you a decent cup of coffee. The key is to 'position' yourself in your market as the expert, the resource, the only person your prospect would ever even THINK of doing business with, or referring to others. #Quote by Bob Burg
95 quotes by Anonymous
#191. God causes grains and seeds to split and sprout, for He brings life from death and death from life. That's how God is to you, so how is it that you're so deceived (about His nature)? [95] He splits the dawn (from the night) and made the night for rejuvenation and rest, while the sun and the moon are for counting the passage of time. That's how He's arranged (for your world to work, for He's) the Powerful and the Knowing. [96] He's the One Who made the stars (as reference points) to guide you on your way through the unknown regions of land and sea, and this is how We explain Our signs for people who know. [97] He's the One Who produced you all from a single soul. (So understand that this world that you inhabit) is a place to linger, and it's also a point of departure. This is how We explain Our verses for people who understand. He's the One Who sends down water from the sky and uses it to produce plants of every kind. #Quote by Anonymous
95 quotes by Steve Buyer
#192. I strongly support the Bush Administration's clean diesel rules, which will reduce air pollution from diesel engines by more than 90 percent, and reduce the sulfur content of diesel fuel by more than 95 percent. #Quote by Steve Buyer
95 quotes by Carl Pope
#193. Models are models - and the real world is different. For example, for the last three years the world economy has grown significantly, but emissions have stayed flat - which wasn't supposed to happen for decades. The commitments that nations made in Paris won't kick in until 2020, but many are already implementing their pledges and moving ahead of schedule. The Marrakech Climate Change Conference, around the time of the 2016 U.S. Elections, saw the rest of the world setting strong new goals, with Germany submitting a plan to cut its climate footprint by 95 percent, and twenty-nine new regional and local governments (many in China) committing to similarly deep emissions cuts. #Quote by Carl Pope
95 quotes by Gerard Arpey
#194. But I definitely see us playing a major role in St. Louis in the years to come. We already provide service to 95 percent of the markets St. Louis travelers visit the most. And we're adding capacity in some of the most important markets. #Quote by Gerard Arpey
95 quotes by Erma Bombeck
#195. I've decided life is too fragile to finish a book I dislike just because it cost $16.95 and everyone else loved it. Or eat a fried egg with a broken yolk (which I hate) when the dog would leap over the St. Louis Arch for it. #Quote by Erma Bombeck
95 quotes by Harvey Fierstein
#196. Actually, I think the average voice is like 70 percent tone and 30 percent noise. My voice is 95 percent noise. #Quote by Harvey Fierstein
95 quotes by Ha-Joon Chang
#197. 95% of economics is common sense #Quote by Ha-Joon Chang
95 quotes by Barbara W. Tuchman
#198. Thereafter the red edges of war spread over another half of the world. Turkey's neighbors, Bulgaria, Rumania, Italy, and Greece, were eventually drawn in. Thereafter, with her exit to the Mediterranean closed, Russia was left dependent on Archangel, icebound half the year, and on Vladivostok, 8,000 miles from the battlefront. With the Black Sea closed, her exports dropped by 98 per cent and her imports by 95 per cent. The cutting off of Russia with all its consequences, the vain and sanguinary tragedy of Gallipoli, the diversion of Allied strength in the campaigns of Mesopotamia, Suez, and Palestine, the ultimate breakup of the Ottoman Empire, the subsequent history of the Middle East, followed from the voyage of the Goeben. #Quote by Barbara W. Tuchman
95 quotes by Phyllis Schlafly
#199. My analysis is that the gays are about 5% of the attack on marriage in this country, and the feminists are about 95%. #Quote by Phyllis Schlafly
95 quotes by Robert Willner
#200. My opinion, however, is that they (herbs) are superior 95% of the time to any pharmaceutical drug! #Quote by Robert Willner

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