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660th Bomb quotes by David Zindell
#1. We walk the brink of racial suicide because we were smart enough to make atomic bombs and stupid enough to use them. #Quote by David Zindell
660th Bomb quotes by Mary McCarthy
#2. It is impossible, except for theologians, to conceive of a world-wide scandal or a universe-wide scandal; the proof of this is the way people have settled down to living with nuclear fission, radiation poisoning, hydrogen bombs, satellites, and space rockets. #Quote by Mary McCarthy
660th Bomb quotes by Cary Fukunaga
#3. In TV, you have no time and sort of just carpet bomb the scene with as many angles as possible as quickly as possible and find it in the edit. #Quote by Cary Fukunaga
660th Bomb quotes by Homer
#4. lebron is the bomb.com #Quote by Homer
660th Bomb quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#5. The moral to be legitimately drawn from the supreme tragedy of the bomb is that it will not be destroyed by counter bombs even as violence cannot be by counter-violence. #Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
660th Bomb quotes by Conrad Wesselhoeft
#6. I climb out of the Jacuzzi, go to the edge of the pool, curl my toes around the border tiles, and do a standing flip, which I pretzel into a can opener, leaning back just far enough to truly propel a geyser but not so far as to hit my head.

Going under, I hear maximal vacuum suckage. Everything shudders. An aquatic bomb explodes. I surface to see that I have drenched half the banshees.

They stare at me in saucer-eyed wonderment, because I have just done in one dive what they have failed to do in a hundred- shellacked the ceiling, which is now dripping wet, especially around the central light fixture.

I'm kind of disguted with myself for showing off, but it's important to let them know that there are standards in the world. #Quote by Conrad Wesselhoeft
660th Bomb quotes by James D. Hornfischer
#7. I have to tell you, Major, if we don't get these bombs and stop this Jap fleet, they're gonna come in here and bomb the hell out of this place and maybe recapture it. Then their planes will be dropping these bombs on you. I've gotta have these bombs, sir, or we'll have a disaster on our hands.' Lupo asked who the major's superior was.

The Army officer mentioned a colonel who stationed out toward the front. 'He's out fighting a war, and I'm not going to bother him."

'Well," Lupo said, "that's just too bad." The pilot pulled out his service revolver and pointed it at the major. Then Lupo handed the pistol to his radioman, Earl Gifford, instructing the flabbergasted aircrewman to hold the Army officer at bay. Lupo climbed into the cockpit of his plane and hailed the Fanshaw Bay on the radio. His fellow pilots from VC-68 and other Taffy 3 squadrons were already inbound #Quote by James D. Hornfischer
660th Bomb quotes by Ted Cruz
#8. You would carpet bomb where ISIS is, not a city, but the location of the troops. You use air power directed - and you have embedded special forces to direction the air power. But the object isn't to level a city. The object is to kill the ISIS terrorists. #Quote by Ted Cruz
660th Bomb quotes by Benjamin Netanyahu
#9. Israel is doing what any other country would do, and certainly the U.S. would do. If 80 percent of your population were under fire and you had 60 seconds or 90 seconds to get into bomb shelters, if terror tunnels were dug underneath your border in order to come in and explode your kindergartens and massacre your people and kidnap American citizens. #Quote by Benjamin Netanyahu
660th Bomb quotes by Octave Mirbeau
#10. The greatest danger of a terrorist's bomb is in the explosion of stupidity that it provokes. #Quote by Octave Mirbeau
660th Bomb quotes by William S. Burroughs
#11. It is to be remembered that all art is magical in origin - music,
sculpture, writing, painting - and by magical I mean intended to
produce very definite results. Paintings were originally formulae
to make what is painted happen. Art is not an end in itself, any
more than Einstein's matter-into-energy formulae is an end in itself.
Like all formulae, art was originally FUNCTIONAL, intended to make
things happen, the way an atom bomb happens from Einstein's
formulae. #Quote by William S. Burroughs
660th Bomb quotes by J.R. Ward
#12. And I shall take my leave of you now- unless you have plans to shoot me. In which case, I shall take you with me." He lifted up his other hand. In it was a small black handset. " Just so we're clear, the bomb that is wired to the undercarriage of my car will go off if my thumb contracts- which is precisely the kind of autonomic jerk that will occur if you put a bullet in my chest or my back. Oh and mayhap I should mention that the explosion has a radius that more than includes where you are, and the detonation is so efficient, you will not be able to dematerialize out of the zone fast enough"
Xcor laughed with genuine respect. "You know what they say about suicide, don't you. No Fade for them "
"Its not suicide if you shoot me first. Self-defense"
"And your willing to test that out?"
"If you are #Quote by J.R. Ward
660th Bomb quotes by Ron Paul
#13. Maybe we ought to consider a Golden Rule in foreign policy: Don't do to other nations what we don't want happening to us. We endlessly bomb these countries and then we wonder why they get upset with us? #Quote by Ron Paul
660th Bomb quotes by Joseph O'Neill
#14. There was, apparently, a nuclear reactor at a place called Indian Point, just thirty miles away in Westchester County. If something bad happened there, we were constantly being informed, the 'radioactive debris', whatever this might be, was liable to rain down on us. (Indian Point: the earliest, most incurable apprehensions stirred in its very name.) Then there was the question of dirty bombs. Apparently any fool could build a dirty bomb and explode it in Manhattan. How likely was this? Nobody knew. Very little about anything seemed intelligible or certain, and New York itself - that ideal source of the metropolitan diversion that serves as a response to the largest futilities - took on a fearsome, monstrous nature whose reality might have befuddled Plato himself. We were trying, as I irreverently analysed it, to avoid what might be termed a historic mistake. We were trying to understand, that is, whether we were in a pre-apocalyptic situation, like the European Jews in the thirties or the last citizens of Pompeii, or whether our situation was merely near-apocalyptic, like that of the Cold War inhabitants of New York, London, Washington and, for that matter, Moscow. In my anxiety I phoned Rachel's father, Charles Bolton, and asked him how he'd dealt with the threat of nuclear annihilation. I wanted to believe that this episode of history, like those old cataclysms that deposit a geologically telling layer of dust on the floors of seas, had sooted its survivors with special in #Quote by Joseph O'Neill
660th Bomb quotes by Judd Apatow
#15. I've had movies bomb with terrible reviews, I've had movies make a lot of money with terrible reviews, I've had movies get good reviews and make money. And I like it best when the movies do well and the reviewers like them. #Quote by Judd Apatow
660th Bomb quotes by Barbara Kingsolver
#16. I am like God, Codi? Like GOD? Give me a break. If I get another letter that mentions SAVING THE WORLD, I am sending you, by return mail, a letter bomb. Codi, please. I've got things to do.

You say you're not a moral person. What a copout. Sometime, when I wasn't looking, something happened to make you think you were bad. What, did Miss Colder give you a bad mark on your report card? You think you're no good, so you can't do good things. Jesus, Codi, how long are you going to keep limping around on that crutch? It's the other way around, it's what you do that makes you who you are.

I'm sorry to be blunt. I've had a bad week. I am trying to explain, and I wish you were here so I could tell you this right now, I am trying to explain to you that I'm not here to save anybody or any thing. It's not some perfect ideal we're working toward that keeps us going. You ask, what if we lose this war? Well, we could. By invasion, or even in the next election. People are very tired. I don't expect to see perfection before I die. Lord, if I did I would have stuck my head in the oven back in Tucson, after hearing the stories of some of those refugees. What keeps you going isn't some fine destination but just the road you're on, and the fact that you know how to drive. You keep your eyes open, you see this damned-to-hell world you got born into, and you ask yourself, "What life can I live that will let me breathe in & out and love somebody or something and not run off #Quote by Barbara Kingsolver
660th Bomb quotes by Annie Dillard
#17. When you open a book," the sentimental library posters said, "anything can happen." This was so. A book of fiction was a bomb. It was a land mine you wanted to go off. You wanted it to blow your whole day. Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of books were duds. They had been rusting out of everyone's way for so long that they no longer worked. There was no way to distinguish the duds from the live mines except to throw yourself at them headlong, one by one. #Quote by Annie Dillard
660th Bomb quotes by Melissa Rosenberg
#18. The film industry sees the writer as fungible: The thinking goes, As long as we have Brad Pitt and all this money, we have a great film! No, you need a writer with voice and an engaging story, or what you have is a bomb. #Quote by Melissa Rosenberg
660th Bomb quotes by Clifford D. Simak
#19. What is a bow and arrow? It is the beginning of the end. It is the winding path that grows to the roaring road of war. It is a plaything and a weapon and a triumph in human engineering. It is the first faint stirring of an atom bomb. #Quote by Clifford D. Simak
660th Bomb quotes by H.G.Wells
#20. The passion for playing chess is one of the most unaccountable in the world. It slaps the theory of natural selection in the face. It is the most absorbing of occupations. The least satisfying of desires. A nameless excrescence upon life. It annihilates a man. You have, let us say, a promising politician, a rising artist that you wish to destroy. Dagger or bomb are archaic and unreliable - but teach him, inoculate him with chess. #Quote by H.G.Wells
660th Bomb quotes by Ronald Wright
#21. Though we became experimental creatures of our own devising, it's important to bear in mind that we had no inkling of this process, let alone its consequences, until only the last six or seven of our 100,000 generations. We have done it all sleepwalking. Nature let a few apes into the lab of evolution, switched on the lights, and left us there to mess about with an ever-growing supply of ingredients and processes.

The effect on us and the world has accumulated ever since. Let's list a few steps between the earliest times and this: sharp stones, animal skins, useful bits of bone and wood, wild fire, tame fire, seeds for eating, seeds for planting, houses, villages, pottery, cities, metals, wheels, explosives.

What strikes one most forcefully is the acceleration, the runaway progression of change - or to put it another way, the collapsing of time. From the first chipped stone to the first smelted iron took nearly 3 million years; from the first iron to the hydrogen bomb took only 3,000. #Quote by Ronald Wright
660th Bomb quotes by Elif Shafak
#22. Not that it would have diminished the gravity of what had occurred. But bomb was different. A bomb meant not only tragic incident, but an intent to kill. Disasters were scary, all right. Evil combined with disasters was terrifying. #Quote by Elif Shafak
660th Bomb quotes by Christopher Moore
#23. I've tried to get the angel to watch MTV so I can learn the vocabulary of your music, but even with the gift of tongues, I'm having trouble learning to speak hip-hop. Why is it that one can busta rhyme or busta move anywhere but you must busta cap in someone's ass? Is "ho" always feminine, and "muthafucka" always masculine, while "bitch" can be either? How many peeps in a posse, how much booty before baby got back, do you have to be all that to get all up in that, and do I need to be dope and phat to be da bomb or can I just be "stupid"? I'll not be singing over any dead mothers until I understand. #Quote by Christopher Moore
660th Bomb quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#24. If we had the atom bomb, we would have used it against the British. #Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
660th Bomb quotes by Busta Rhymes
#25. I wanted to make something that reminded people of the way albums used to feel. I wanted something as good as the stuff put out by the Bomb Squad, or Dr. Dre and his production crew, or 'A Tribe Called Quest.' I miss albums like those. #Quote by Busta Rhymes
660th Bomb quotes by Richard Wright
#26. If you've a notion of what man's heart is, wouldn't you say that maybe the whole effort of man on earth to build a civilization is simply man's frantic and frightened attempt to hide himself from himself? That there is a part of man that man wants to reject? That man wants to keep from knowing what he is? That he wants to protect himself from seeing that he is something awful? And that this 'awful' part of himself might not be as awful as he thinks, but he finds it too strange and he does not know what to do with it? We talk about what to do with the atom bomb ... But man's heart, his spirit is the deadliest thing in creation. Are not all cultures and civilizations just screens which men have used to divide themselves, to put between that part of themselves which they are afraid of and that part of themselves which they wish, in their deep timidity, to try to preserve? Are not all of man's efforts at order an attempt to still man's fear of himself? #Quote by Richard Wright
660th Bomb quotes by Jalal Mansur Nuriddin
#27. Cause the white man's got a God complex...
I'm making guns!
I'm God!
I'm making bombs!
I'm God!
I'm making gas!
I'm God!
I'm making freak machines!
I'm God!
Birth control pills!
I'm God!
Killed Indians who discovered him!
I'm God!
Kill the Japanese with the A-bomb!
I'm God!
Killed and still killing black people!
I'm God!
Enslaving the earth!
I'm God!

from "The White Man's Got a God Complex" by the Last Poets #Quote by Jalal Mansur Nuriddin
660th Bomb quotes by Samanth Subramanian
#28. [Speaking to 29-year-old ex-guerrilla]

'I see it as a process. First, yes, you do negotiate. But if that does not work, then you have to use violence to get what you need. Even if you have to bomb a school.' There was a swagger to that statement, a perverted machismo: only a real man understands the necessity of bombing a school. #Quote by Samanth Subramanian
660th Bomb quotes by Sam Harris
#29. In the year 2006, a person can have sufficient intellectual and material resources to build a nuclear bomb and still believe that he will get seventy-two virgins in Paradise. #Quote by Sam Harris
660th Bomb quotes by James Patterson
#30. It's, like, a safety bomb."
-Iggy #Quote by James Patterson
660th Bomb quotes by Inspectah Deck
#31. I bomb atomically, Socrates' philosophies and hypotheses
Can't define how I be dropping these mockeries.
Lyrically perform armed robbery,
Flee with the lottery, possibly they spotted me ... #Quote by Inspectah Deck
660th Bomb quotes by Anais Nin
#32. Everything could undergo conversion except the artists. How can you convert disorganizers of past and present order, the chronic dissenters, those dispossessed of the present anyway, the atom bomb throwers of the mind, of the emotions, seeking to generate new forces and a new order of mind out of continuous upheavals? #Quote by Anais Nin
660th Bomb quotes by E.B. White
#33. The H-bomb rather favors small nations that doesn't as yet possess it; they feel slightly more free to jostle other nations, having discovered that a country can stick its tongue out quite far these days without provoking war, so horrible are war's consequences. #Quote by E.B. White
660th Bomb quotes by Rachel Caine
#34. Shane sat like a statue if a statue wore headphones and radiated angry coiled tension that made hair stand up on a person's arms. She felt like she was sitting next to an unexploded bomb, and given all of the physics she'd had, she understood what that meant. Talk about potential energy. #Quote by Rachel Caine
660th Bomb quotes by Walter E. Williams
#35. No matter how much of our liberty Washington takes away in the name of security, there are no guarantees that there won't be another terrorist attack. Instead of attacking American liberties, the government ought to go after terrorists in their countries of origin. It should be like what our military attempted during WWII. Don't wait to defend ships against the kamikaze
bomb the fields where they take off. #Quote by Walter E. Williams
660th Bomb quotes by Tui T. Sutherland
#36. We'll find the dragon who set that bomb, and then I will tear off his wings and hang him from the eastern peak of Jade Mountain. #Quote by Tui T. Sutherland
660th Bomb quotes by Garrett Leigh
#37. If we cannot find Osama, bomb Iraq,
If the markets hurt your Mama, bomb Iraq,
If the terrorists are Saudi And the bank takes back your Audi And the TV shows are bawdy, bomb Iraq . . . #Quote by Garrett Leigh
660th Bomb quotes by Douglas Adams
#38. Wow,' said Zaphod Beeblebrox to the Heart of Gold. There wasn't much else he could say.
He said it again because he knew it would annoy the press. 'Wow.'
The crowd turned their faces back toward him expectantly. He winked at Trillian, who raised her eyebrows and widened her eyes at him. She knew what he was about to say and thought him a terrible show-off.
'That is really amazing.' he said. 'That really is truly amazing. That is so amazingly amazing I think I'd like to steal it.'
A marvelous presidential quote, absolutely true to form. The crowd laughed appreciativley, the newsman gleefully punched buttons on their Sub-Etha News-Matics and the President grinned.

As he grinned his heart screamed unbearably and he fingered the small Paralyso-Matic bomb that nestled quietly in his pocket.

Finally he could bear it no more. He lifted his heads up to the sky, let out a wild whoop in major thirds, threw the bomb to the ground and ran forward through the sea of suddenly frozen beaming smiles. #Quote by Douglas Adams
660th Bomb quotes by Hugh Howey
#39. Imagine the first discovery that one of these epidemics was man-made - the panic, the violence that would ensue. That's where the end would come. A typhoon kills a few hundred people, does a few billion in damage, and what do we do?" Erskine interlocked his fingers. "We come together. We put the pieces back. But a terrorist's bomb." He frowned. "A terrorist's bomb does the same damage, and it throws the world into turmoil."
He spread his hands apart like an explosion going off.
"When there's only God to blame, we forgive him. When it's our fellow man, we must destroy him. #Quote by Hugh Howey
660th Bomb quotes by Ambrose Bierce
#40. Coronation: The ceremony of investing a sovereign with the outward and visible signs of his divine right to be blown skyhigh with a dynamite bomb. #Quote by Ambrose Bierce
660th Bomb quotes by Chinelo Okparanta
#41. Chinasa continued to imagine the girl, a small, veil-wearing child with fear written all over her face, running for dear life. Soon she could see herself as the girl, running and running like the girl. But there was only so far her imagination could take her: She herself had never been a runner. And anyway, how fast did one have to run to outrun a bomb? #Quote by Chinelo Okparanta
660th Bomb quotes by George P. Shultz
#42. My experience is that if the military didn't want to use force and was confronted with a president that did, the military would come back with what I would call the 'bomb Moscow' scenario. They would say it had to be done with conditions that were so extreme, you obviously wouldn't do it. #Quote by George P. Shultz

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