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59th Street quotes by Don Scardino
#1. I grew up in Queens, and on Sunday evenings, my parents would drive my brother and me past the factory. We could smell the week's supply of bread baking. I always connected the 59th Street Bridge with that scent. Who woulda thunk, years later, I'd be there, directing and producing a hit TV show? #Quote by Don Scardino
59th Street quotes by Michael Shurtleff
#2. Humor [in a scene] is not jokes. It is that attitude toward being alive without which you would long ago have jumped off the 59th Street Bridge. #Quote by Michael Shurtleff
59th Street quotes by Gilbert Morris
#3. That's amusing." Ardon was offended. "Why is it amusing?" "Because you're so pure and stainless you'd cross the street to keep from walking close to one of those women, and now God chooses one of them to save your life." "I don't think of it like that. As a matter of fact, maybe we made a mistake. I felt we were doing wrong just by being in her house." "From what you said there wasn't any other choice." "I should have found a better way." Ariel shook her head. "You're a stubborn man, brother. One of these days you're going to have to learn how to change your mind. Well, I can get a better story from Othniel than from you. #Quote by Gilbert Morris
59th Street quotes by Helen Garner
#4. And always Melbourne, Melbourne, Melbourne, over and over the same photo in glaring greens and reds, of a tram, huffy, blunderous, manoeuvring itself with pole akimbo round the tight corner where Bourke Street enters Spring. #Quote by Helen Garner
59th Street quotes by Bill Veeck
#5. What we have are good gray ballplayers, playing a good gray game and reading the good gray Wall Street Journal. They have been brainwashed, dry-cleaned and dehydrated! ... Wake up the echoes at the Hall of Fame and you will find that baseball's immortals were a rowdy and raucous group of men who would climb down off their plaques and go rampaging through Cooperstown, taking spoils ... Deplore it if you will, but Grover Cleveland Alexander drunk was a better pitcher than Grover Cleveland Alexander sober. #Quote by Bill Veeck
59th Street quotes by Jane Seville
#6. He turned the Corner onto Third Street and went up the block to Cup O'Joe. "Hey, Jack," said Marc, the barista, as he approached the Counter. "Latte?"
"Mmm ... nah. Gimme a large Mocha with a shot of hazelnut, skim, no Whip."
"Okay." He rung up the sale. "By yourself tonight?"
"My better half is home asleep. Just got back from a two-week trip."
"Well, tell him I've got some 'regular goddamn coffee' here with his Name on it," Marc said, winking. #Quote by Jane Seville
59th Street quotes by William S. Burroughs
#7. Morphine hits the backs of the legs first, then the back of the neck, a spreading wave of relaxation slackening the muscles away from the bones so that you seem to float without outlines, like lying in warm salt water. As this relaxing wave spread through my tissues, I experienced a strong feeling of fear. I had the feeling that some horrible image was just beyond the field of vision, moving as I turned my head, so that I never quite saw it. I felt nauseous; I lay down and closed my eyes. A series of pictures passed, like watching a movie: A huge, neon-lighted cocktail bar that got larger and larger until streets, traffic, and street repairs were included in it; a waitress carrying a skull on a tray; stars in a clear sky. The physical impact of the fear of death; the shutting off of breath; the stopping of blood. #Quote by William S. Burroughs
59th Street quotes by Natalie Babbitt
#8. Life always seems to have worries, even if you own a big and beautiful house on the best street in town. #Quote by Natalie Babbitt
59th Street quotes by Joanna Cannon
#9. You'll understand as you get older. You can spot them a mile off, You'll learn to cross the street.' [...] 'Perhaps that's why they don't mix,' said Tilly, 'because everyone else is on the other side of the street? #Quote by Joanna Cannon
59th Street quotes by G. Willow Wilson
#10. That's something the head scarf, in a symbolic way, is meant to do in Arabic culture: it defines your relationship to your husband and the men of your family differently than your relationship to the average guy on the street you've never met. #Quote by G. Willow Wilson
59th Street quotes by Michael Lewis
#11. The people in a position to resolve the financial crisis were, of course, the very same people who had failed to foresee it: Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, future Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, Morgan Stanley CEO John Mack, Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit, and so on. A few Wall Street CEOs had been fired for their roles in the subprime mortgage catastrophe, but most remained in their jobs, and they, of all people, became important characters operating behind the closed doors, trying to figure out what to do next. With them were a handful of government officials - the same government officials who should have known a lot more about what Wall Street firms were doing, back when they were doing it. All shared a distinction: They had proven far less capable of grasping basic truths in the heart of the U.S. financial system than a one-eyed money manager with Asperger's syndrome. #Quote by Michael Lewis
59th Street quotes by Catherine Cruzan
#12. You will find glimpses of my friends, my family, and strangers off the street in everything I write, because I steal from life and then put it in a blender. #Quote by Catherine Cruzan
59th Street quotes by Margot Livesey
#13. Barry recounts all this in prose of often startling beauty. Just as he describes people stopping in the street to look at Roseanne, so I often found myself stopping to look at the sentences he gave her, wanting to pause and copy them down. #Quote by Margot Livesey
59th Street quotes by Thomas Bernhard
#14. The street that ran down from the poorhouse into the metropolis was chock-full of destinies. In that street there were many thousands of heads, which appeared in the window frames every morning, young heads and old ones, blond ones and brunette ones; and in each of these heads something was happening... and so nobody was very much surprised when every now and then one of these people went and emptied his bucket of water on to the head of one of the others, threw down his pickaxe, pocketed his pay packet and vanished; when one fine day he resurfaced with his body sun-brazened and battered beyond belief, with wildly unkempt hair and a mind sorely unhinged by the world, and with thousands and thousands of worthy thoughts that he could never give vent to, because he was despised - and he walked, onwards and onwards - and finally jumped into some sewer somewhere amid the gray rows of houses, so that nobody could ever discover a trace of him again, apart perhaps from a waterlogged shoe, a shirt, some paper on which he had written what he was called, what was depressing him, and what, in his heart of hearts, he actually was… #Quote by Thomas Bernhard
59th Street quotes by Penn Jillette
#15. Teller and I worked Renaissance Festivals and street performing - actually more real, no kidding around, Philadelphia street performing than we did Renaissance Festivals. #Quote by Penn Jillette
59th Street quotes by Christopher Reeve
#16. I think a hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles. The fifteen-year-old boy who landed on his head while wrestling with his brother, leaving him paralyzed and barely able to swallow or speak. Travis Roy, paralyzed in the first eleven seconds of a hockey game in his freshman year at college. Harry Steifel, paralyzed from the chest down in a car accident at seventeen, completing his education and working on Wall Street at age thirty-two, but having missed so much of what life has to offer. These are the real heroes, and so are the many families and friends who have stood by them. #Quote by Christopher Reeve
59th Street quotes by Ruth Rendell
#17. I'm very fond of Tennessee Williams' plays, and when my husband and I went to New Orleans in the late 1970s, we saw 'A Street Car Named Desire.' #Quote by Ruth Rendell
59th Street quotes by Lauren Kate
#18. I thought I'd never find you," Luce heard her past self say.
"We will always find each other," Daniel answered, lifting her off the ground and squeezing her closer. "Always."
"Hey,you two!" A voice shouted from a doorway in a neighboring building. "Are you coming?"
Across the square from the empty lot, a small group of people were being herded into a solid stone building by a guy whose face Luce couldn't make out. That was where Luschka and Daniel were headed. It must have been their plan all along, to take shelter from the bombs together.
"Yes," Luschka called to the others. She looked at Daniel. "Let's go with them."
"No." His voice was curt. Nervous. Luce knew that tone all too well.
"We'll be safer off the street. Isn't this why we agreed to meet here?"
Daniel turned to look back behind them, his eyes sweeping right past the place where Luce was hiding. When the sky lit up with another round of golden-red explosions, Luschka screamed and buried her face in Daniel's chest. So Luce was the only one who saw his expression.
Something was weighing on him. Something greater than fear of the bombs.
Oh no.
"Daniil!" A boy near the building was still holding open the door to the shelter. "Luschka! Daniil!"
Everyone else was already inside.
That was when Daniil spun Luschka around, pulled her ear close to his lips. In her shadowy hiding place, Luce ached to know what he was whispering. If he was saying any of the things Da #Quote by Lauren Kate
59th Street quotes by Jodie Evans
#19. For me, feminism is about equality. So, when someone works for a Wall Street firm and says they're a feminist, my eyes are going to roll. #Quote by Jodie Evans
59th Street quotes by Jordan Belfort
#20. But what I sincerely hope is that my life serves as a cautionary tale to the rich and poor alike; to anyone who's living with a spoon up their nose and a bunch of pills dissolving in their stomach sac; or to any person who's considering taking a God-given gift and misusing it; to anyone who decides to go to the dark side of the force and live a life of unbridled hedonism. And to anyone who thinks there's anything glamorous about being known as a Wolf of Wall Street. BOOK I #Quote by Jordan Belfort
59th Street quotes by Anita Neilson
#21. You can be kind in the street, in the office, at home - but the best place to be kind is in your heart! #Quote by Anita Neilson
59th Street quotes by Kevin Kwan
#22. I remembered that my grandfather had spent his teenage years in Shanghai and that he went back after he finished medical school to work there in a hospital. So I went back into my family archives and was able to find out his exact address; it was a street that was in the French Concession. #Quote by Kevin Kwan
59th Street quotes by Rodney Ross
#23. You can't go home again, not if you can't find the fucking street, Mr. Wolfe. #Quote by Rodney Ross
59th Street quotes by Banksy
#24. There are four basic human needs; food, sleep, sex and revenge. #Quote by Banksy
59th Street quotes by Dianna Agron
#25. Sometimes I feel people can move past what they've grown up around and their surroundings while in a place and some people need closure after they've left and then coming back. I've seen it happen with people I knew growing up that hated each other, and then years later you go home and you see them walking down the street and they have babies. #Quote by Dianna Agron
59th Street quotes by Jerome K. Jerome
#26. If a man stopped me in the street and demanded of me my watch, I should refuse to give it to him. If he threatened to take it by force, I feel I should, though not a fighting man, do my best to protect it. If, on the other hand, he should assert his intention of trying to obtain it by means of an action in any court of law, I should take it out of my pocket and hand it to him, and think I had got off cheaply. #Quote by Jerome K. Jerome
59th Street quotes by Markus Zusak
#27. There were people everywhere on the city street, but the stranger could not have been more alone if it were empty. #Quote by Markus Zusak
59th Street quotes by Paul Neilan
#28. There's nothing about me on the jacket because I have no credentials. I majored in English at school, but I only took one creative writing class. I think I got a B. And I never really thought about getting an MFA. I'm too spiteful to take criticism constructively and I'm only comfortable being honest about people behind their backs, so workshops or group critiques were never what I was looking for. For years I just wrote in journals and didn't really worry about turning any of it into stories or stuff for other people to read, so I guess I developed my writing style by talking to myself, like some homeless people do. Only I used a pen and paper instead of just freaking out on the street. If they switched to a different medium they might be better off. It would probably help if they had someplace to live too. #Quote by Paul Neilan
59th Street quotes by Christopher Brookmyre
#29. This is Glesca ... Any time you're confused, take a wee minute to remind yourself of that inescapable fact: this is Glesca. We don't do subtle, we don't do nuanced, we don't do conspiracy. We do pish-heid bampot bludgeoning his girlfriend to death in a fit of paranoid rage induced by forty-eight hours straight on the batter. We do coked-up neds jumping on a guy's heid outside a nightclub because he looked at them funny. We do drug-dealing gangster rockets shooting other drug-dealing gangster rockets as comeback for something almost identical a fortnight ago. We do bam-on-bam. We do tit-for-tat, score-settling, feuds, jealousy, petty revenge. We do straightforward. We do obvious. We do cannaemisswhodunit. When you hear hoofbeats on Sauchiehall Street, it's gaunny be a horse, no' a zebra ... '. #Quote by Christopher Brookmyre
59th Street quotes by Tatyana Fazlalizadeh
#30. I've generally gotten negative feedback from men who don't understand and don't find street harassment to be a serious issue. I've also gotten a lot of responses from women who are appreciative and thankful for the project; who relate to it who are passionate about it. #Quote by Tatyana Fazlalizadeh
59th Street quotes by Sally  Thorne
#31. He glances over his shoulder, no doubt hearing my insanely loud shoes stop in their tracks. Then he looks again. It's a double take for the record books.

"I'm out stalking," I call. It doesn't come out the way I'd intended. It's not lighthearted or funny. It comes out like a warning. I'm one scary bitch right now. I hold my hands up to show I'm not armed. My heart is racing.

"Me too," he replies. Another cab cruises past like a shark.

"Where are you actually going?" My voice rings down the empty street.

"I just told you. I'm going out stalking."

"What, on foot?" I come closer by another six paces. "You were going to walk?"

"I was going to run down the middle of the street like the Terminator."

The laugh blasts out of me like bah.I'm breaking one of my rules by grinning at him, but I can't seem to stop.

"You're on foot, after all. Stilts." He gestures at my sky-high shoes.

"It gives me a few extra inches of height to look through your garbage."

"Find anything of interest?" He strolls closer and stops until we have maybe ten paces between us. I can almost pick up the scent of his skin.

"Pretty much what I was expecting. Vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, adult diapers. #Quote by Sally Thorne
59th Street quotes by Joseph McCann
#32. There stood on the sidewalk amongst the clearing of dust and fog was a man in a long coat, grey hat, smoking a cigarette.
Ahead of the Machman, the sharp shadow of a lamppost had faded into the darkness of the street he stood on. #Quote by Joseph McCann
59th Street quotes by Matthew Rhys
#33. Well, it's a little harder in New York. It's not as forgiving to a film crew. You hold up a bunch of New Yorkers who can't cross the street, they're not going to take it well. Southern California? They'll wait. It's cool man. In New York, they're like, 'Are you kidding me? I gotta get to work.' #Quote by Matthew Rhys
59th Street quotes by Dave Eggers
#34. The desert wind was strong, and the dust came over the street like fog. Still, two men were sweeping the road. #Quote by Dave Eggers
59th Street quotes by Chuck D
#35. One side of the street is a Church; across the road is a liquor store. Both of 'em keepin us poor. #Quote by Chuck D
59th Street quotes by Joseph Conrad
#36. Nobody looked at him. He passed on unsuspected and deadly, like a pest in the street full of men. #Quote by Joseph Conrad
59th Street quotes by Stephen Richards
#37. Most of the pubs had barred Des, but he came in to the Tiger bar and he points to me and says, 'And you, out! I want you by the back of the car park.' So I obliged him and proceeded to kick the poor cunt all around the car park, he ended up in hospital for a week! Eventually, when he came out of hospital he said that I was the best thing that had happened to him, I'd cured him! #Quote by Stephen Richards
59th Street quotes by Bernie Sanders
#38. Wall Street is greedy, reckless and they operate illegally. That's fine. But what do you do? #Quote by Bernie Sanders
59th Street quotes by Betty White
#39. Take personal responsibility. A lot of people go, 'Well, I'll get a dog because I have a kid and a kid needs a dog.' And it doesn't work out for that dog and the dog is on the street. #Quote by Betty White
59th Street quotes by Jesse Jackson
#40. We must face the No. 1 critical issue of our day. It is youth crime in general and black-on-black crime in particular. There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery. Then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved. After all we have been through, just to think we can't walk down our own streets, how humiliating. #Quote by Jesse Jackson

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