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45 quotes by Charles Krauthammer
#1. Consider the oddity of those drug commercials on television. Fifteen seconds of the purported therapeutic effort, followed by about 45 seconds of a rapidly muttered list of horrific possible side effects. When the ad is over, I can't remember a thing about what the pill is supposed to do, except perhaps cause nausea, liver damage, projectile vomiting, a nasty rash, a four-hour erection, and sudden death. Sudden death is my favorite because there is something comical about it being a side effect. What exactly is the main effect in that case? Relief from abdominal bloating? #Quote by Charles Krauthammer
45 quotes by Derek Hough

The pH level measures how acid or alkaline something is. Your blood is slightly alkaline, with a pH between 7.35 and 7.45, and your stomach is very acidic, with a pH of 3.5 or below, so it can break down food. Most of the foods we eat release either an acid or an alkaline base in the blood. Acidified body cells become weak, which can lead to unhealthy conditions and diseases. They are robbed of the oxygen and energy needed to support a strong and healthy immune system.
I incorporate alkaline foods into my diet every day, and I feel like my energy is soaring. Food literally acts like a battery for the body. Every living thing on this planet is made up of energy, and this includes your food. This energy can be measured in megahertz. Chocolate cake only provides 1 to 3 MHz of energy, while raw almonds have 40 to 50 MHz and green vegetables have 70 to 90 MHz. So if you need 70 MHz of energy on a daily basis to function and you live off junk food and soda, you are creating an energy-deficit crisis in your body.
People say it's expensive to eat healthily. Here's how I see it: you're going to pay either way. Either you're going to pay now for the good foods and feel alive and have a clear mind. Or you'll save some money now and pay for medicine and hospital bills later. I used to make excuses: I'm getting older, that's why I feel so tired all the time. But now I know it doesn't have to be that way. You have to make the conscious decision to nour #Quote by Derek Hough
45 quotes by Ric Keller
#3. Illegal immigration costs taxpayers $45 billion a year in health care, education, and incarceration expenses. #Quote by Ric Keller
45 quotes by D. M. Turner
#4. I need to take a break from this life as a human for 45 minutes and go experience a little bit of immortality. #Quote by D. M. Turner
45 quotes by Ron Wyden
#5. Because of the Korean free trade agreement, South Koreans who want Oregon blueberries are gonna see their prices go down because we will be getting rid of a 45 percent tariff on this Oregon product. #Quote by Ron Wyden
45 quotes by Don Mihsill
#6. I do not know if this is love
or what love is
or if love's a thing, if it can be
worn like an old coat, or felt
like harsh fabric on naked flesh, or
if it is a sensation, like that first time
the brakes of my bike failed while riding downhill or
the climax of masturbation, or
if love is an invention, and we all
manufacture our own versions -
some bright, some dull, some marbled,
but all with labels and stickers
that say: this is love.

I do not know what love is
or if I can say what I think love is,
could be or should be. If we were
to ever sit on the marble floor,
on one of those dry, electricity free, 45 degree
Delhi nights, sharing a drink of Old Monk's
and I were to tell you that this is love,
slap me for I would either be drunk or a liar.
and if i were drunk, I won't be drunk on love or your loving
for I don't know what love is or if it can be known.

Maybe, one night, after thirty years of searching
for what love means, we will sit outside -
you and I -
amidst the debris of our meanderings,
our bent backs resting
on the rusted iron railing,
our skin pimpled, throats scratched
from prayers uttered to absent gods and
we would be in love and believe that love is this:

love is all the spaces, non-events,
the unspoken words and everything
in between the first second of these
thirty years #Quote by Don Mihsill
45 quotes by David Blaine
#7. As a kid I used to hold my breath longer than anybody else, and then I heard stories about people accidently underwater for 45 minutes - how do you recover from that? It's not a miracle. Something allows us to survive. #Quote by David Blaine
45 quotes by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
#8. They went Indian file. First came the scouts, clever, graceful, quiet. They had rifles. Next came the antitank gunner, clumsy and dense, warning Germans away with a Colt .45 automatic in one hand and a trench knife in the other.
Last came Billy Pilgrim, empty-handed, bleakly ready for death. Billy was preposterous - six feet and three inches tall, with a chest and shoulders like a box of kitchen matches. He had no helmet, no overcoat, no weapon, and no boots. On his feet were cheap, low-cut civilian shoes which he had bought for his father's funeral. Billy had lost a heel, which made him bob up-and-down, up-and-down. The involuntary dancing, up-and-down, up-and-down, made his hip joints sore. #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
45 quotes by Tony Abbott
#9. At one level, the Opposition's most urgent job, between now and the next election, is to publicise the government's mistakes. Randolph Churchill once declared that oppositions should oppose everything, propose nothing and turf the government out. He was right in this fundamental respect: the opposition's job is to get elected. Intelligent oppositions have no unnecessary enemies. They make the government rather than themselves the issue by ensuring that everyone harmed by government decisions well and truly
knows about it. #Quote by Tony Abbott
45 quotes by Julie Payette
#10. I'm 45, and I'm still at school, essentially. Even after being assigned to the mission, I had to write a number of exams, with people commenting on my performance. #Quote by Julie Payette
45 quotes by Gary D. Schmidt
#11. When 1:45 came, half the class left, and Danny Hupfer whispered, "If she gives you a cream puff after we leave, I'm going to kill you" - which was not something that someone headed off to prepare for his bar mitzvah should be thinking.
When 1:55 came and the other half of the class left, Meryl Lee whispered, "If she gives you one after we leave, I'm going to do Number 408 to you." I didn't remember what Number 408 was, but it was probably pretty close to what Danny Hupfer had promised.
Even Mai Thi looked at me with narrowed eyes and said, "I know your home." Which sounded pretty ominous. #Quote by Gary D. Schmidt
45 quotes by Michael Sucsy
#12. When I first started working on movies as a production assistant, we were shooting 65, 75, 85 days. I mean, granted some of those things were "Godzilla," "Deep Impact," and those kinds of things, but these days it's like 30-35 days or 40-45 days and you just feel like you're humping trying to get everything done. It's like "Move on, move on, move on!" That's not the way to get the best performances or the most interesting shots. You have to constantly balance schedule and quality of work. For me, that's the biggest thing. #Quote by Michael Sucsy
45 quotes by Dana Goldstein
#13. Just to deliver one high-quality 45 minute lesson requires many hours of planning in advance. #Quote by Dana Goldstein
45 quotes by Stephanie Kaza
#14. In the U.S. there are 45,000 shopping malls employing 10.7 million people. The average American family of four metabolizes four million pounds of material every year to support their lifestyle. That's 11,000 lbs. a day, 7.5 lbs. a minute. #Quote by Stephanie Kaza
45 quotes by Peter Diamandis
#15. At the turn of the 20th century, the disparity in literacy here in the U.S. largely came down to race. Nearly half of minorities at that time - 45 percent - were illiterate, while 94 percent of white citizens were literate. #Quote by Peter Diamandis
45 quotes by L. Jon Wertheim
#16. Inside the opponent's 45-yard line, facing anything less than fourth and eight, teams are better off going for it than punting. Inside the opponent's 33-yard line, they are better off going for it on anything less than fourth and 11.* Regardless of field position, on anything less than fourth and five, teams are always better off going for it. #Quote by L. Jon Wertheim
45 quotes by Tift Merritt
#17. Music is like a really sacred, awesome thing. That first 45 minutes to two hours that you're on stage spending time with music every night is always really great. #Quote by Tift Merritt
45 quotes by Anonymous
#18. 45 Then he opened their minds to understand the Scriptures. 46 And he said, "Yes, it was written long ago that the Messiah would suffer and die and rise from the dead on the third day. 47 It was also written that this message would be proclaimed in the authority of his name to all the nations,[*] beginning in Jerusalem: 'There is forgiveness of sins for all who repent. #Quote by Anonymous
45 quotes by Kobe Bryant
#19. I was shooting 45 times a game. What was I supposed to do? Pass it into Chris Mihm & Kwame Brown? #Quote by Kobe Bryant
45 quotes by Jules Verne
#20. Left London, Wednesday, October 2nd, at 8.45 p.m. "Reached Paris, Thursday, October 3rd, at 7.20 a.m. "Left Paris, Thursday, at 8.40 a.m. "Reached Turin by Mont Cenis, Friday, October 4th, at 6.35 a.m. "Left Turin, Friday, at 7.20 a.m. "Arrived at Brindisi, Saturday, October 5th, at 4 p.m. "Sailed on the Mongolia, Saturday, at 5 p.m. "Reached Suez, Wednesday, October 9th, at 11 a.m. "Total of hours spent, 158+; or, in days, six days and a half. #Quote by Jules Verne
45 quotes by Brandon Jay McLaren
#21. There are moments of levity. I feel like any great drama has moments of levity, or else it just becomes too hard to watch. 45 minutes of just pain and suffering is not enjoyable. We're trying to entertain people. #Quote by Brandon Jay McLaren
45 quotes by Jay Leno
#22. Paris Hilton got 45 days in jail. A lot of people were upset about this - they were hoping for the death penalty. #Quote by Jay Leno
45 quotes by Brandon Stanton
#23. The interviews have gotten much longer with 'Humans of New York.' When I was first starting, I was just photographing people. And then I went to just kind of including a quote or two. Now when I'm approaching somebody on the street, I'm spending about 30 to 45 minutes with them often. #Quote by Brandon Stanton
45 quotes by Naomi Klein
#24. Goods must once again be made to last, and the use of energy-intensive long-haul transport will need to be rationed - reserved for those cases where goods cannot be produced locally or where local production is more carbon-intensive. (For example, growing food in greenhouses in cold parts of the United States is often more energy intensive than growing it in warmer regions and shipping it by light rail.)45 #Quote by Naomi Klein
45 quotes by Brian Skerry
#25. I typically shoot underwater with my regular camera in an underwater housing, and then I usually have two big strobes that I use to light. But with whales, you're not going to be able to really light a 45-foot subject. Your strobes are only effective for maybe five or six feet underwater. #Quote by Brian Skerry
45 quotes by Eric Schlosser
#26. A typical workday for me is getting up at about 5:00, 5:15 in the morning, getting some coffee or tea as quickly as possible, and then getting to my desk. And ideally, I'll start writing around 5:30, 5:45, and I'll write for three, four hours, and then I'll take a break, and read over what I write. Maybe about lunchtime, I'll go exercise or get out into the day. Then I'll either read over what I wrote the day before and quit work around 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon and spend some time with my kids. #Quote by Eric Schlosser
45 quotes by Jerry Reinsdorf
#27. I only had one player in my 33 years of sports that couldn't be traded. He wore No. 23 - and 45 when he played baseball. #Quote by Jerry Reinsdorf
45 quotes by Fiona Apple
#28. I wrote 'Criminal' in 45 minutes when everyone else went to lunch because I had to have a hit. I can force myself to do the work, but only if someone is right up behind me. #Quote by Fiona Apple
45 quotes by Dieter F. Uchtdorf
#29. May I invite you to rise to the great potential within you. But don't reach beyond your capacity. Don't set goals beyond your capacity to achieve. Don't feel guilty or dwell on thoughts of failure. Don't compare yourself with others. Do the best you can, and the Lord will provide the rest. Have faith and confidence in Him, and you will see miracles happen in your life and the lives of your loved ones. The virtue of your own life will be a light to those who sit in darkness, because you are a living witness of the fulness of the gospel (see D&C 45:28). Wherever you have been planted on this beautiful but often troubled earth of ours, you can be the one to "succor the weak, lift up the hands which hang down, and strengthen the feeble knees" (D&C 81:5). #Quote by Dieter F. Uchtdorf
45 quotes by Augusten Burroughs
#30. My instinct was always have your gun in your hand. Especially when you are telling somebody to do something.
But, in fact, the police academy discourages this. They feel your gun should rarely, if ever, be brought out of its holster. Most certainly not when children are involved, which is exactly when I saw myself using my gun most often. A truant teenager loitering outside a movie theater is going to be far more motivated to return to school when he has the barrel of a .45 pressed against his cheek. #Quote by Augusten Burroughs
45 quotes by Tom Courtenay
#31. My emotional investment started when I read the first scene of the actual drama [45 Years]. I can't explain it, there's no logic to it, but the notion of one's youth that somehow comes back but is gone, a man of my age connecting to that timing of life. #Quote by Tom Courtenay
45 quotes by Jackie Stewart
#32. When there is an accident involving fire, in most cases death is caused by the inhalation of the toxic smoke. What we need is air to go to a driver for 45 seconds. I'm surprised that this is not done, and I would make it compulsory. #Quote by Jackie Stewart
45 quotes by Businessplans
#33. 7 Lessons on Failure You Can Learn From Top Athletes

What's the key to progress? You could state diligent work or commitment or even an inspirational mentality. Yet, the genuine mystery? Disappointment.
Your past disappointments are straightforwardly identified with your future achievement. Without them, you may not be sufficiently inspired to achieve your objectives. Competitors confront overcome regularly all through their vocations yet don't give it a chance to get them down. Rather, they let it drive them to progress. A recent report in which the analysts met Olympic gold medalists found that a large number of those competitors considered mishaps basic to their gold decoration wins.

Disappointment is similarly as basic to your profession, regardless of what your teach. For whatever length of time that you have the correct disposition and view your disappointments as learning encounters, you can utilize them to push forward and make progress.

Here are seven lessons that the world's best competitors can show you about disappointment.

1.There is no such thing as flawlessness.
This past August, Olympic champion Usain Bolt kept running in the men's 100-meter race at the IAAF World Championships in London. Despite the fact that he was relied upon to win, he completed third, denoting his first misfortune in an Olympic or big showdown last and consummation a 45-race winning streak.
While Bolt is generally #Quote by Businessplans
45 quotes by Xosha Roquemore
#34. I have, like, 45 celeb crushes at all times - celeb and Instagram crushes. I'm such a creep. #Quote by Xosha Roquemore
45 quotes by Keith Emerson
#35. They were keen for me still to play the piano, which I was going to, but 45 minutes of piano would be extremely boring. I like a bit of light and shade. #Quote by Keith Emerson
45 quotes by Brian Robertson
#36. Sure I've got an awesome overdraft but as a perk I've got someone personally assigned to look after me. When you spend £45,000 on doing up your house you don't have to speak to someone in a call centre. #Quote by Brian Robertson
45 quotes by Twiggy
#37. I don't like it when people say, 'You're 45, so you should be wearing X and never Y.' For me, dressing is about attitude, not age. #Quote by Twiggy
45 quotes by Robert Goulet
#38. You open the show with a bang, then don't come back on for 45 minutes. #Quote by Robert Goulet
45 quotes by Anthony Everitt
#39. Victories in the field count for little if the right decisions are not taken at home (45) - Cicero #Quote by Anthony Everitt
45 quotes by Walter E. Williams
#40. In explaining the Constitution, James Madison, the acknowledged father of the Constitution, wrote in Federalist Paper 45: 'The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the Federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite. The former will be exercised principally on external objects, as war, peach, negotiation, and foreign commerce.' Has the Constitution been amended to permit Congress to tax, spend and regulate as it pleases or have Americans said, 'To hell with the Constitution'? #Quote by Walter E. Williams
45 quotes by Leonard Mlodinow
#41. Other studies support this result, showing that doubling the size of a container of snack food increases consumption by 30 to 45 percent.15 I #Quote by Leonard Mlodinow
45 quotes by Phyllis Diller
#42. They just elected me Mis Phonograph Record of 1966. They discovered my measurements were 33 1/2, 45, 78! #Quote by Phyllis Diller
45 quotes by Arnold Bennett
#43. I know people who read and read, and for all the good it does them, they might as well cut bread and butter. Unless you give at least 45 minutes of careful, fatiguing reflection upon what you are reading, your minutes are chiefly wasted. #Quote by Arnold Bennett
45 quotes by Zhang Xin
#44. Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that he will donate $45 billion of his wealth to philanthropy. Two years ago, my husband and I decided to endow $100 million to set up the SOHO China Scholars. This program will give financial aid to Chinese students so they can attend the best universities in the world. #Quote by Zhang Xin
45 quotes by Diane Chamberlain
#45. There should be a public outcry about what happened to me and other women in the name of our government! But history has shown "the customs of society and laws of the State allowed it to crush my aspirations and barred me from the the pursuit of almost every object worthy of an intelligent, rational mind."45 What law has the right to entrust the interest of myself and my children into the hands of such an evil bunch of men? I did not occupy my rightful place in 1976.
45. (paraphrased from Gurko, Miriram, The Ladies of Seneca Falls; the Birth of the Women's Rights Movement, 1974. #Quote by Diane Chamberlain
45 quotes by Joe Eszterhas
#46. I began my addiction when I was 12 years old. By the time 40, 45 years later, when it, you know, it threatened my life and maimed me in terms of my voice, I was so addicted that I was smoking four packs of cigarettes a day. #Quote by Joe Eszterhas
45 quotes by Mosab Hassan Yousef
#47. Then I read this: "You have heard that it was said, 'Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.' But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven" (Matthew 5:43-45). That's it! I was thunderstruck #Quote by Mosab Hassan Yousef
45 quotes by John August
#48. I counted it up once. I think I have written 45 full screenplays. Of those, maybe 15 have been shot, in some form. That's a pretty good track record, but it's not 100%. It is frustrating that, as a screenwriter, I've seen all those movies and they don't exist in the real world. They're juts inside my head and on those pages. #Quote by John August
45 quotes by Chris Robinson
#49. If you had told me at 45 years old that I would have to go on tour to get rest, I would've said, 'That's not how it works.' But nothing can be more gratifying. I'm a very hands-on dad. #Quote by Chris Robinson
45 quotes by Michael W. Goheen
#50. This is the mission of God: to restore the creation and the life of humanity from the ravages of sin.[45] The church's function in this story is to participate in God's mission; we are to be caught up in God's own work of restoration and healing. This defines the identity and role of the church. #Quote by Michael W. Goheen
45 quotes by Linda Wisdom
#51. But I don't wanna go to the grocery store!" Her forehead connected with the table's surface. "It's a mean nasty place with soccer moms blocking the aisles as they talk to their friends or on their cell phones, kids running and screaming all over the place.AndFred,theproduceguy,fondleshismelons 5o ways to hex your lover 45 while looking at mine. And I'm not allowed to zap any of them!" she moaned. "It's so not fair! #Quote by Linda Wisdom
45 quotes by Drew Carey
#52. We'll never see national shows with 45 shares again. #Quote by Drew Carey
45 quotes by Henry Cho
#53. In the early days I was on the road 45-50 weeks a year, driving from gig to gig 6-8 weeks in a row. Not everyone can do that. The show becomes the easy part. Tt's the life on the road that is the hardest ... and you can't get any good at standup unless you do the road. #Quote by Henry Cho
45 quotes by Joseph Smith Jr.
#54. But my disciples shall stand in holy places, and shall not be moved; but among the wicked, men shall lift up their voices and curse God and die. #Quote by Joseph Smith Jr.
45 quotes by Ray Bradbury
#55. Montag, falling flat, going down, saw or felt, or imagined he saw or felt the walls go dark in Millie's face, heard her screaming, because in the millionth part of time left, she saw her own face reflected there, in a mirror instead of a crystal ball, and it was such a wildly empty face, all by itself in the room, touching nothing, starved and eating of itself, that at last she recognized it was her own ... #Quote by Ray Bradbury
45 quotes by Ahmet Ertegun
#56. I came close to signing Elvis Presley. I offered $25,000 for his contract and they asked for $45,000 and I just didn't have the other $20,000. #Quote by Ahmet Ertegun
45 quotes by Antonio Banderas
#57. No, obviously, the time goes by, the English gets better. Ever since I met Melanie, that was almost nine years ago now, you have to just speak the language continuously, hone every word. So, and the proof for me of that, was actually in theater. It has to be two hours and 45 minutes on the stage speaking a language that is not your language, and singing. #Quote by Antonio Banderas
45 quotes by Anonymous
#58. Passed to the pilots flying at NORAD's direction.By 10:45 there was, however, another set of fighters circling Washington that had entirely different rules of engagement.These #Quote by Anonymous
45 quotes by Andre Holland
#59. With 'Selma,' I grew up in Alabama, 45 minutes away from Selma. I have gone to that commemorative march many times with my parents. #Quote by Andre Holland
45 quotes by Rusty Schweickart
#60. Americans who read the papers or watch Jay Leno have been aware for some time now that there is a slim but real possibility - about 1 in 45,000 - that an 850-foot-long asteroid called Apophis could strike Earth with catastrophic consequences on April 13, 2036. #Quote by Rusty Schweickart
45 quotes by Donald Ray Pollock
#61. I was 35 when I started taking classes at Ohio University. After I got my degree, I kept working at the mill. When I was 45, I decided I was going to try to learn how to write short stories. #Quote by Donald Ray Pollock
45 quotes by Anonymous
#62. Why It Matters: Clarity Reduces Friction AWeber conducted a study to determine what kinds of email subject lines performed best. They tested 20 subject lines, sent to a list of over 45,000 subscribers and found that clear subject lines out performed catchy ones by 366 percent. Overall, maintaining clarity is a good policy for any experience, and the principle holds true for confirmation emails from the subject line, to the CTAs and everything in between. Be clear with your new subscribers (potential customers) about how you'll communicate with them, what they've subscribed to and what value you hope to add with your email communications. #Quote by Anonymous
45 quotes by Munindra Misra
#63. Richness and fat does need,
In logic clever fine deeds,
But paunches never do breed,
Fine thoughts or sublime seeds.
[45] - 2 #Quote by Munindra Misra
45 quotes by Maria Bamford
#64. In L.A., a lot of comics live here, but we don't get to spend that much time together because we've got to drive 45 minutes home, or do another set. So in San Francisco we can hang out, go for dinner - the community aspect of it is really lovely, as well as seeing people's shows that you don't normally get to see a longer version of. #Quote by Maria Bamford
45 quotes by Angela Thomas
#65. The king is enthralled by your beauty. (Psalm 45:11) #Quote by Angela Thomas
45 quotes by Geraldine Brooks
#66. I write while my son is at school. At about 7:45 A.M., I walk him there, with the dogs, then walk them for another forty minutes or so, go home and chain myself to the desk a little before 9 A.M., and try not to be distracted until I hear my son plunge through the front door at about 3 P.M. #Quote by Geraldine Brooks
45 quotes by Amy Gerstler
#67. Fuck You Poem #45

Fuck you in slang and conventional English.
Fuck you in lost and neglected lingoes.
Fuck you hungry and sated; faded, pock marked, and defaced.
Fuck you with orange rind, fennel and anchovy paste.
Fuck you with rosemary and thyme, and fried green olives on the side.
Fuck you humidly and icily.
Fuck you farsightedly and blindly.
Fuck you nude and draped in stolen finery.

Fuck you while cells divide wildly and birds trill.
Thank you for barring me from his bedside while he was ill.
Fuck you puce and chartreuse.
Fuck you postmodern and prehistoric.
Fuck you under the influence of opiun, codeine, laudanum, and paregoric.
Fuck every real and imagined country you fancied yourself princess of.
Fuck you on feast days and fast days, below and above.
Fuck you sleepless and shaking for nineteen nights running.
Fuck you ugly and fuck you stunning.

Fuck you shipwrecked on the barren island of your bed.
Fuck you marching in lockstep in the ranks of the dead.
Fuck you at low and high tide.
And fuck you astride
anyone who has the bad luck to fuck you, in dank hallways,
bathrooms, or kitchens.
Fuck you in gasps and whispered benedictions.

And fuck these curses, however heartfelt and true,
that bind me, till I forgive you, to you. #Quote by Amy Gerstler
45 quotes by Shawn Achor
#68. A Conference Board survey released in January of 2010 found that only 45 percent of workers surveyed were happy at their jobs, the lowest in 22 years of polling.2 Depression rates today are ten times higher than they were in 1960.3 Every year the age threshold of unhappiness sinks lower, not just at universities but across the nation. Fifty years ago, the mean onset age of depression was 29.5 years old. Today, it is almost exactly half that: 14.5 years old. #Quote by Shawn Achor
45 quotes by Isaac Asimov
#69. Is everything normal now?"
"Well he hasn't got religious mania, and he isn't running around in a circle
spouting Gilbert and Sullivan, so I suppose he's normal." (45) #Quote by Isaac Asimov
45 quotes by A.W. Tozer
#70. We think of time as something wound on a great spool in heaven and that it rolls off for men faster then it does for women. Time is not like that: time is the medium in which things change. It is not time that makes a baby grow - it is change that does it. In order for change to occur, there must be a sequence of change. We call that sequence time. (page 45) #Quote by A.W. Tozer
45 quotes by Toby Keith
#71. I play golf with my shirttail out. I own a golf course because it's very, very close to my house, and I don't want to drive 45 minutes to the north side of Oklahoma City to play golf every day. I have race horses 'cause I love horses and it's my hobby. #Quote by Toby Keith
45 quotes by John Flavel
#72. When the world smiles upon us, and we have got a warm nest, how do we prophesy of rest and peace in those acquisitions, thinking with good Baruch, great things for ourselves, but Providence by a particular or general calamity overturns our plans (Jer. 45:4,5), and all this to turn our hearts from the creature to God. #Quote by John Flavel
45 quotes by Epicurus
#73. The risings and settings of the sun, the moon, and the other heavenly bodies may come about from the lighting up and quenching of their fires ... ; for nothing in our sensory experience runs counter to this hypothesis. Or the said effects may be caused by the emergence of these bodies from a point above the earth and again by the earth's position in front of them; for nothing in our sensory experience is against this.45 Here two alternative explanations of "risings and settings" are offered; both are of equal value and equally true, since neither is contradicted by anything in our experience. On the contrary, we have all seen fires die down from lack of fuel, and lights obscured or blacked out by objects coming in front of them. #Quote by Epicurus
45 quotes by Rod Parsley
#74. Only 1 percent of the homosexual population in America will die of old age. The average life expectancy for a homosexual in the United States of America is 43 years of age. A lesbian can only expect to live to be 45 years of age. Homosexuals represent 2 percent of the population, yet today they're carrying 60 percent of the known cases of syphilis. #Quote by Rod Parsley
45 quotes by Warren Farrell
#75. A person working 45 hours per week averages 44% more income than someone working 40 hours per week. That's 44% more income for 13% more time. #Quote by Warren Farrell
45 quotes by Rashers Tierney
#76. The original Guinness Brewery in Dublin has a 9,000-year lease on its property at a perpetual rate of 45 pounds per year--one of the best bargains in Irish commercial history! #Quote by Rashers Tierney
45 quotes by Tedd Tripp
#77. Behavior is a manifestation of what is going on inside. What a person says or does mirrors the heart. "For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks" (Luke 6:45). #Quote by Tedd Tripp
45 quotes by Dallin H. Oaks
#78. The love of God is so universal that His perfect plan bestows many gifts on all of His children, even those who disobey His laws. Mortality is one such gift, bestowed on all who qualified in the War in Heaven (see Revelation 12:7–8). Another unconditional gift is the universal resurrection: 'For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive' (1 Corinthians 15:22). Many other mortal gifts are not tied to our personal obedience to law. As Jesus taught, our Heavenly Father 'maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust' (Matthew 5:45). #Quote by Dallin H. Oaks
45 quotes by Regina Brett
#79. When I turned 45, I lay in bed reflecting on all life had taught me. My soul sprang a leak and ideas flowed out. My pen simply caught them and set the words on paper. I typed them up and turned them into a newspaper column of the 45 lessons life taught me. When I hit 50, I added five more lessons and the paper ran the column again. #Quote by Regina Brett
45 quotes by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
#80. Therefore let every soul be in subjection to the higher powers' (Rom 13.1). The Christian must not be drawn to the bearers of high office; his calling is to stay below. The higher power are over him, and he must remain under them. The world exercises dominion, the Christian serves, and thus he shares the earthly lot of his Lord, who became a servant. 'For there is no power but of God.' (Mark 10.42-45) These words are addressed to the Christians, not to the powers. #Quote by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
45 quotes by Charles Bukowski
#81. After dinner or lunch or whatever it was
with my crazy 12-hour night I was no longer sure what was what
I said, Look, baby, I'm sorry, but don't you realize that this job is driving me crazy? Look, let's give it up. Let's just lay around and make love and take walks and talk a little. Let's go to the zoo. Let's look at animals. Let's drive down and look at the ocean. It's only 45 minutes. Let's play games in the arcades. Let's go to the races, the Art Museum, the boxing matches. Let's have friends. Let's laugh. This kind of life like everybody else's kind of life: it's killing us. #Quote by Charles Bukowski
45 quotes by Richard Doll
#82. The risk of developing carcinoma of the lung increases steadily as the amount smoked increases. If the risk among non-smokers is taken as unity and the resulting ratios in the three age groups in which a large number of patients were interviewed (ages 45 to 74) are averaged, the relative risks become 6, 19, 26, 49, and 65 when the number of cigarettes smoked a day are 3, 10, 20, 35, and, say, 60-that is, the mid-points of each smoking group. In other words, on the admittedly speculative assumptions we have made, the risk seems to vary in approximately simple proportion with the amount smoked. #Quote by Richard Doll
45 quotes by Allen James
#83. One of the first significant, substantial purchases I made after starting testosterone, was a Compact Colt .45 1991 A1 automatic pistol. It's just about the best penis substitute I've ever waved at a sex partner. I love my gun. Can I get an a-a-ay-men? You better fucking believe I lo-o-ove my gun. I love to take it apart and put it back together and admire...oh,you sexy little death-machine...I suppose I oughta feel guilty or something, loving and fetishizing to the point of anthropomorphizing it it. But I don't. I won't either-don't matter to me whether or not I'm supposed to keep this a dirty little secret. I got a dick and I can kill you with it. Yeah, baby, trip my trigger, why dontcha. Heh. #Quote by Allen James
45 quotes by Francis Ford Coppola
#84. I just finished a film a few days ago, and I came home and said I learned so much today. So if I can come home from working on a little film after doing it for 45 years and say, I learned so much today, that shows something about the cinema. Because the cinema is very young. It's only 100 years old. #Quote by Francis Ford Coppola
45 quotes by Ascension Press
#85. The more we allow God's "wine" (the Holy Spirit, see Eph 5:18) to purify our hearts through holy drunkenness, the more we experience a "real and deep victory" over the distortion of lust (see TOB 45:4). #Quote by Ascension Press
45 quotes by Don Lemon
#86. I think if I had seen more people like me who are out and proud, it wouldn't have taken me 45 years to say it - to walk in the truth. #Quote by Don Lemon
45 quotes by Ellen Page
#87. We're trying, despite having done research and having obviously preconceived ideas, we try our best to be as open-hearted as possible, and try to create context. So that's always going to be the challenge, making a program like 'Gaycation', and we are always thinking about it, reflecting on it, and doing our best to show the whole picture as much as possible in a 45-minute span. Hopefully that comes across. #Quote by Ellen Page
45 quotes by Beth Moore
#88. Many of the Jews who came to Mary and saw what He did believed in Him. John 11:45 #Quote by Beth Moore
45 quotes by Rachel Joyce
#89. I'm sure that everything you do contributes to the sort of novel that you write. A lot of actors have an understanding of drama and a good ear for dialogue and also the rhythm of speech. Similarly, my 16 years in radio drama has influenced me. You only have 45 minutes, or 7,000 words, to tell a story, so every scene has to have a point. #Quote by Rachel Joyce
45 quotes by Ian McShane
#90. I had a bit of a male menopause. It started at the age of 18 and continued until I was 45. #Quote by Ian McShane
45 quotes by Mohamed Ghilan
#91. What we call "man" and "woman" are material manifestations of the created duality referred to in the Quran where God says, "And that He created the pair, the male and the female" [53:45], which act as vehicles in this world to manifest the duality of Divine Attributes, those of Majesty coming forth predominantly in the masculine form, and those of Beauty dominating in the feminine form. It is balance between the masculine and feminine that should be sought to create harmony, not sameness. Sameness implies oneness, and oneness is God's alone. Sameness implies self-sufficiency, and self-sufficiency is God's alone. Sameness implies completeness, and completeness is God's alone. Creation on the other hand is the beautiful and diverse spectrum of deficient multiplicities that arise out of the initial paired duality. Each side of the paired duality is deficient in ways that render it unstable and in a state of constant anxiety until its deficiencies are complemented by the other side. That is the indication given in the verses recited at Muslim weddings: "And from among His signs is that He created mates for you from yourselves so that you may find tranquility in them, and He put between you love and compassion; most surely there are signs in this for a people who reflect." [30:21] #Quote by Mohamed Ghilan
45 quotes by Alexander Pope
#92. Hang o'er the Box, and hover round the Ring. Think what an equipage thou hast in Air, 45 And view with scorn two Pages and a Chair. #Quote by Alexander Pope
45 quotes by Nate Mendel
#93. How do you be a 45-year-old man in a rock band, do it well, keep your dignity and not become a parody of yourself? I don't think it will be simple. #Quote by Nate Mendel
45 quotes by Germaine Gibson
#94. -Now the paperwork –
-What if I don't want to do the Ultimate, right away? Maybe I want to ease into this thing gently.
-No you don't.
-I might. I might just want to ease into the activity, the idea of it.
-it'll be fine, said Rebecca.
-you will be fine, and no regrets, honestly. Jillian took me over to the desk.
-No possible regrets, said Rebecca, just sign this, she handed me a sheaf of forms.
-Jesus I don't want to buy the place, I scanned the pages – 45 pages.
-just fill in page 25 through28 and sign.
-Pages 25 through 28, what is this?
Rebecca took the pages of forms from my hand – look its simple stuff, here we'll read it through. Jillian looked over her shoulder at the pages
- Say 110, Jillian said.
-5' 8', Jillian again.
-Hair length?
-What? Why?
-Long, Jillian again.
-Cup size?
- O come on.
- say C
-how about say nothing, I was getting angry
-Shaved or bikini or natural?
-Fuck off
Rebecca ticked a box anyway – well she was at the waxing too. Why ask in fact?
-Last menstrual cycle?
- enough, enough, give me those papers
-Yes ignore that, said Rebecca taking the pages away from my grasping hand
-Tested? she said this to Jillian
-Tested? What tested? What do you mean tested?
-Yes, said Jillian, I forwarded a blood sample from the main island
-You what!
-You were sleeping.
-Great #Quote by Germaine Gibson
45 quotes by Brittany Bowe
#95. I'll get to the oval three hours beforehand and warm up for about 45 minutes off the ice. Then I'll stretch and get on the ice for 20 minutes. I'll cool down, then relax, close my eyes and think about what I need to do. #Quote by Brittany Bowe
45 quotes by Janet Evanovich
#96. Grandma has a .45 long barrel that she keeps hidden from my mother. She got it from her friend Elsie, who picked it up at a yard sale. Probably it was in Grandma's purse. Grandma says it gives the bag some heft, in case she has to beat off a mugger. This might be true, but I think mostly Grandma likes pretending she is Clint Eastwood. #Quote by Janet Evanovich
45 quotes by Richard Rogers
#97. If I remember rightly Holland for instance has something like 45, and it's a much smaller country. In comparison we have very few and they are very badly financed. #Quote by Richard Rogers
45 quotes by Hugh Jackman
#98. I do heavy weights in the morning for about an hour, and then I do 45 minutes of higher-volume lifting in the afternoon. My least favorite is the legs ... I do quite a few chin-ups and rows. I do mostly old-school lifting with a lot of squats. #Quote by Hugh Jackman
45 quotes by Brad Alan Lewis
#99. I felt okay for the first 45 seconds, and then my vision grew fussy. My lungs felt like deflated balloons. I would have sucked oxygen through my ears, if that were possible. I was experiencing oxygen debt, or perhaps better stated, oxygen death. #Quote by Brad Alan Lewis
45 quotes by U.S. Government
#100. To Rickover the titles and organization charts meant nothing; only the realities of responsibility mattered.45 #Quote by U.S. Government
45 quotes by Nick Hornby
#101. Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli sets his own house on fire, apparently after letting off fireworks in his bathroom. Two days later City beat United 6–1, and after scoring the first goal Balotelli revealed a T-shirt bearing the question 'Why always me?' This was presumably intended to be rhetorical, but Cheshire Fire and Rescue service, who were at Balotelli's house until 2.45 a.m., could presumably have provided an answer. #Quote by Nick Hornby
45 quotes by Kenneth Fisher
#102. If you're 35, 45, or even 55 - you have a very long time horizon - 40 years or vastly more. That is you, and/or your spouse, are likely to live about that long, and you'll be investing the whole way. #Quote by Kenneth Fisher
45 quotes by Padma Lakshmi
#103. I wasn't like those girls who give birth and are back on the runway. It took me probably six months to gain 45 pounds and I would say it took me double that time to lose it. #Quote by Padma Lakshmi
45 quotes by Narendra Modi
#104. I have been into social work since 45 years, and at an average, every day for one or two hours, I have been engaging in social discourses. It is not a small thing. #Quote by Narendra Modi
45 quotes by Sumner Slichter
#105. The greatest danger to an adequate old-age security plan is rising prices. A rise of 2% a year in prices would cut the purchasing power of pensions about 45% in 30 years. The greatest danger of rising prices is from wages rising faster than output per man-hour ... Whether the nation succeeds in providing adequate security for retired workers depends in large measure upon the wage policies of trade unions. #Quote by Sumner Slichter
45 quotes by Kathleen Tessaro
#106. My husband claims I have an unhealthy obsession with secondhand bookshops. That I spend too much time daydreaming altogether. But either you intrinsically understand the attraction of searching for hidden treasure amongst rows of dusty shelves or you don't; it's a passion, bordering on a spiritual illness, which cannot be explained to the unaffected.

True, they're not for the faint of heart. Wild and chaotic, capricious and frustrating, there are certain physical laws that govern secondhand bookstores and like gravity, they're pretty much nonnegotiable. Paperback editions of D. H. Lawrence must constitute no less than 55 percent of all stock in any shop. Natural law also dictates that the remaining 45 percent consist of at least two shelves worth of literary criticism on Paradise Lost and there should always be an entire room in the basement devoted to military history which, by sheer coincidence, will be haunted by a man in his seventies. (Personal studies prove it's the same man. No matter how quickly you move from one bookshop to the next, he's always there. He's forgotten something about the war that no book can contain, but like a figure in Greek mythology, is doomed to spend his days wandering from basement room to basement room, searching through memoirs of the best/worst days of his life.)

Modern booksellers can't really compare with these eccentric charms. They keep regular hours, have central heating, and are staffed by freshly scrubbed young p #Quote by Kathleen Tessaro
45 quotes by Brittany Howard
#107. We're from Athens, Alabama. That's my town. People think it's Muscle Shoals, but they have no idea. It's a quiet, sleepy little town, about 45 minutes from Muscle Shoals. It's really hard to be a band in Athens; there are no venues. #Quote by Brittany Howard
45 quotes by Sylvester Stallone
#108. I keep trying to tell people. I said, at 40, 45, you're at that crossroads. You really are there. And it's not like you can have gain without pain, but this is it. The days are - like when I wrote this whole thing about, in the beginning of my first magazine. I said, "If you live to be 75 years old, that's 3,900 weekends. That's it." #Quote by Sylvester Stallone
45 quotes by Tony Benn
#109. A letter today from a Mrs Gladys Freeman, 45 Sebastopol Terrace, Blackpool. 'Sir, reference the room you had here during the party conference season. Well, we know what it is. We know who done it. But for heaven's sake tell us where it is! #Quote by Tony Benn
45 quotes by Anonymous
#110. In our hunger for guidance, we were ordinary. The American Freshman Survey, which has followed students since 1966, proves the point. One prompt in the questionnaire asks entering freshmen about "objectives considered to be essential or very important." In 1967, 86 percent of respondents checked "developing a meaningful philosophy of life," more than double the number who said "being very well off financially." Naturally, students looked to professors for moral and worldly understanding. Since then, though, finding meaning and making money have traded places. The first has plummeted to 45 percent; the second has soared to 82 percent. #Quote by Anonymous
45 quotes by Juliette Binoche
#111. I like being a mother, and I want to be involved in my work, so I have to make choices. If you're a film actress, your career is from 20 to 45, but you can still dream. #Quote by Juliette Binoche
45 quotes by Robert Caro
#112. I never went to a ballet until I was 45 years old. I don't know why. #Quote by Robert Caro
45 quotes by Dick Wolf
#113. I get bored with establishing shots of people getting out of cars and walking into buildings, getting into elevators and then 45 seconds later they have a line. #Quote by Dick Wolf
45 quotes by Charles Shaar Murray
#114. Drummond is many things, and one of those things is a magician. ( ... ) Art is magic, and so is pop. Bill Drummond is a cultural magician, and 45 is his logbook. Shelve alongside Brian Eno's A Year With Swollen Appendices. Hail Discordia ! #Quote by Charles Shaar Murray
45 quotes by Beryl Dov
#115. Warning for the Poetry Know-It-Alls on Hello Poetry
Poets who say they
'know everything there is to know about poetry',
have pronounced their own extinction.
I've been writing poetry for 45 years
and still consider myself a newbie.

My greatest joy is in learning a little more
about my sublime craft
with each passing day. #Quote by Beryl Dov
45 quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#116. Attention, Sector 45," I say, the words rough and loud and mottled in my ear. "The supreme commander of The Reestablishment is dead. The capital has surrendered. The war is over." I'm shaking so hard now, my finger slipping on the button as I try to hold it down. "I repeat, the supreme commander of The Reestablishment is dead. The capital has surrendered. The war is over. #Quote by Tahereh Mafi
45 quotes by Mike Turner
#117. Drawing Odds Chart No. of Outs 1 card Turn 2 cards Flop 1 (trips) 2.2% 4.3% 2 (pocket pair) 4.3% 8.4% 3 (1 overcard) 6.5% 12.5% 4 (gutshot) 8.7% 16.5% 5 (one pair) 10.9% 20.4% 6 (two overcards) 13.0% 24.1% 7 (gutshot + 1 over) 15.2% 27.8% 8 (OESD) 17.4% 31.5% 9 (flush draw) 19.6% 35.0% 10 (gutshot + 2 overs) 21.7% 38.4% 11 (OESD + 1 over) 23.9% 41.7% 12 (flush draw + gutshot) 26.1% 45.0% 13 (OESD + pair) 28.3% 48.1% 14 (flush draw + pair) 30.4% 51.2% 15 (flush draw + OESD) 32.6% 54.1% #Quote by Mike Turner
45 quotes by Deke Slayton
#118. About the same time, I realized that it was suddenly going away from me and there I was, running at about 300 miles per hour. I tracked it for a little way, and then all of a sudden the damn thing just took off. It pulled about a 45 degree climbing turn and accelerated and just flat disappeared. #Quote by Deke Slayton
45 quotes by Greg Gutfeld
#119. Steer clear of pot. It's an ambition zapper. Wait till you've made it. When you're 45 buy a bong. But for now, buy a suit. #Quote by Greg Gutfeld
45 quotes by George Hunsinger
#120. The rule for social witness is that faithfulness is a higher virtue than effectiveness. Some things ought indeed to be done regardless of whether by human calculations they promise to be effective; and other things ought not to be done, no matter how effective they may promise to be. #Quote by George Hunsinger
45 quotes by Anonymous
#121. Resultant SCP-658 measures 45 by 45 by 20 cm. Upper half of object occupied by a single video screen, which constantly displays shaky, colorless footage of an unmoving human figure suspended in mid-air within a featureless room (tentatively identified as [DATA EXPUNGED]). #Quote by Anonymous
45 quotes by Francine Pascal
#122. I know you think that when you're 35, 45, 55, you'll be different. But I'm going to let you in on a bit of a secret. You're going to look different, and your life is going to be different, but in your head you'll always be that 16-year-old girl. #Quote by Francine Pascal
45 quotes by Lars Ulrich
#123. Parenting changes your life, it changes how you hear yourself in relationship to others - which is part of the reason that a bunch of people in the rock community are sick of the goodwill and positive energy and love between these 45-year-old musicians who they preferred when they were 25 and taking stabs at each other. #Quote by Lars Ulrich
45 quotes by Charlie Sheen
#124. There was this one time in Vegas when I took four Victoria's Secret models and did one gram off each of their bodies within, like, 45 minutes. I declared myself King of Vegas and decided to remodel my hotel room with my bare hands to resemble King Louis XIV's bedroom at Versailles. Knocked down two entire walls, and later had four knuckle surgeries. Still wasn't as high as Rob Ford. #Quote by Charlie Sheen
45 quotes by Jerry Z. Muller
#125. To realize the Enlightenment ideals of formal equality, the rule of law, freedom of commerce, and religious toleration, Voltaire and many of the other philosophes looked to absolutist monarchs, whose policies they hoped to influence. The support of the philosophes for the expansion of the monarch's sovereign power was tactical. It arose not out of a principled belief in the throne, but out of the recognition that only a strong monarchy had the power to override the resistance to enlightened legislation by the privileged churches, estates, and corporations that made up continental European society. (p. 45) #Quote by Jerry Z. Muller
45 quotes by Leslie T. Chang
#126. The binders hinted at the reasons past relationships had gone sour. SEEKING A 28- TO 34-YEAR-OLD WITH AN OPEN PERSONALITY WHO DOESN'T GAMBLE. SEEKING A CULTIVATED PERSON NOT ADDICTED TO WINE AND WOMEN. An occasional brave soul would throw caution to the winds: SEEKING A 35- TO 45-YEAR-OLD. THE REST IS UP TO DESTINY. #Quote by Leslie T. Chang
45 quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#127. So, let me get this straight," Winston says. "Our plan is basically seduce the soldiers and civilians of Sector 45 into fighting with us?"
Kenji crossed his arms. "Yeah, it sounds like we're going to go all peacock and hope they find us attractive enough to mate with."
"Gross," Brendan frowns. #Quote by Tahereh Mafi
45 quotes by Stephen Hawking
#128. When I was first diagnosed with ALS, I was given two years to live. Now 45 years later, I am doing pretty well. #Quote by Stephen Hawking
45 quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#129. Aaron Warner Anderson, chief commander and regent of Sector 45, son of the supreme commander of The Reestablishment.
He has a soft spot for fashion. #Quote by Tahereh Mafi
45 quotes by Candice Accola
#130. I love spin classes. I'm also very big on music, so I make a mix on my iPod that's 45 minutes to an hour long of music that pumps me up so I know how much time I've been at the gym without looking at the clock. Put your favorite songs towards the end of the mix, so this way you keep going until you hear your favorite song. #Quote by Candice Accola
45 quotes by Al Yankovic
#131. I'm always a little leery about doing shows where I'm not the headliner because when I first started playing in 1982 I opened for Missing Persons and got pelted for 45 minutes. After that, I made the decision to headline no matter what, even if I was playing to seven people. I wanted people to be there to see me. #Quote by Al Yankovic
45 quotes by Marilyn Boyer
#132. Portraits of Integrity is sure to be a favorite with your family! It contains 45 stories of real people from history who, in the course of their lives, have been placed in situations where their character shone through. History is best remembered when learned through the stories of those who lived it! For many years, I have given to parents a list of 45 character qualities with Scripture verses to learn what God's Word says about each one. Principles are best learned from practical examples and that is what has given birth to this book. Through the lives of people, some of whom you have heard of and some you will be meeting for the first time, you will learn how to appreciate character in the lives of others and be inspired to become people of character yourselves. I hope you will be challenged as I have to learn of people who, often at great sacrifice, strove to fulfill their responsibilities in life and as a result left to us a legacy of character! #Quote by Marilyn Boyer
45 quotes by Jere Longman
#133. Baseball may be called the national pastime, but it survives on the sentimentality of middle-age men who wistfully dream of playing catch with their fathers and sons. Football, with its dull stoppages, lost its military-industrial relevance with the end of the Cold War, and has become as tired and predictable in performance as it is in political metaphor. The professional game floats on an ocean of gambling, the players' steroid-laced bodies having outgrown their muscular and skeletal carriages. Biceps rip from their moorings, ankles break on simple pivots. Achilles' tendons shrivel like slugs doused with salt. Soccer and basketball are the only mainstream sports that truly plug into the modem-pulse of a dot-com society. Soccer is perfectly suited for a country of the hamster-treadmill pace, the remote-control zap and the national attention deficit--two 45-minute halves, the clock never stops, no commercial interruptions, the final whistle blows in less than two hours. It is a fluid game of systemized chaos that, no matter how tightly scripted by coaches, cannot be regulated any more than information can be truly controlled on the Internet. #Quote by Jere Longman
45 quotes by Conan O'Brien
#134. On Election Day, Ralph Nader will appear on the presidential ballot in only 45 states. Yeah, Nader said, this is really disappointing, I wanted to embarrass myself in all 50 states. That was the plan. #Quote by Conan O'Brien
45 quotes by Gerard Houllier
#135. Our job is to make the fans happy. When we win, 45,000 people go home happy. When we lose, it not only affects them, it affects their cats. #Quote by Gerard Houllier
45 quotes by J.M. Darhower
#136. Dr. DeMarco nodded, motioning toward Carmine. "I'm thankful for the Mazda - damn thankful you didn't return it scratched," he said, glaring at his father. "I'm thankful to be out of that ridiculous boarding school. Thankful for music and my gun ... I fucking love my gun." Haven looked at him with surprise as Dr. DeMarco laughed. "It's a nice gun. I checked it out. A 1911 .45 ACP. Where'd you get it?"
Carmine shrugged. "Maybe I don't recall." "Fair enough," Dr. DeMarco said. "Are you done?" "Uh, I'm thankful for you all, even if you get on my nerves sometimes," Carmine said. "Oh, and orgasms ... definitely thankful for those." "That's enough," Dr. DeMarco said, shaking his head as he turned to her. "What are you thankful for, child?" She hesitated, her nerves running amuck. "Having food to eat. A bed to sleep in, too. #Quote by J.M. Darhower
45 quotes by Keira Knightley
#137. My mum says that I was born 45, and I do remember at six thinking that I should be earning my own living. #Quote by Keira Knightley
45 quotes by Larry Ellison
#138. Lanai at one time grew 98% of the world's pineapples. But the world's pineapples are now grown in two places, Costa Rica and Panama, because no one wants to spend $45 for a pineapple from the United States. #Quote by Larry Ellison
45 quotes by Peter Hoeg
#139. Falling in love has been greatly overrated. Falling in love consists of 45 percent fear of not being accepted, 45 percent manic hope that this time the fear will be put to shame and a modest 10 percent frail awareness of the possibility of love.
I don't fall in love any more. Just like I don't get the mumps. #Quote by Peter Hoeg
45 quotes by Benjamin Franklin
#140. My Parents had early given me religious Impressions, and brought me through my Childhood piously in the Dissenting Way. But I was scarce 15 when, after doubting by turns of several Points as I found them disputed in the different Books I read, I began to doubt of Revelation itself. Some Books against Deism fell into my Hands; they were said to be the Substance of Sermons preached at Boyle's Lectures. It happened that they wrought an Effect on me quite contrary to what was intended by them: For the Arguments of the Deists which were quoted to be refuted, appeared to me much Stronger than the Refutations. In short I soon became a thorough Deist.
[Part I, p. 45 of autobiography] #Quote by Benjamin Franklin
45 quotes by W.E. DeVore
#141. Charlie Bourdel stood five foot nothing without his combat boots. His long, black, curly hair was caught up in a high ponytail that reached the middle of his back. He kept a switchblade in his right combat boot and a .45 in his guitar case and could and would willingly hurt anybody who made the mistake of messing with him. Between the badass attitude and the fifty-pound chip on his shoulder you'd think he had a fatal case of little man syndrome; you'd be dead wrong. He was one hundred and thirty pounds sopping wet of swagger and confidence. #Quote by W.E. DeVore
45 quotes by Robert Smith
#142. I don't want The Cure to fizzle out doing 45-minute shows of greatest hits. That would be awful for our legacy. #Quote by Robert Smith
45 quotes by William Scranton
#143. It took me 45 minutes to get in all of the suits and putting all the dosimeters on me so that they knew how much radiation I got and the protective boots and everything. #Quote by William Scranton
45 quotes by Endri Shqerra
#144. Eurobarometer 38 [1992, 45] reported that 23% of Europeans believed at the time that national identities would disappear and would be replaced by European identity, whereas 63% believed that the two identities are compatible and can co-exist. #Quote by Endri Shqerra
45 quotes by Anonymous
#145. In the latest period, cloud revenue - excluding update and support revenue - climbed 45% to $516 million. New software license revenue rose 3.6% to $2.05 billion. #Quote by Anonymous
45 quotes by Janet Evanovich
#146. Not that I've noticed." She looked down at my gun. "What a nice Glock. My sister carries a Glock, and she just loves it. I was thinking about trading in my .45, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. My dead husband gave it to me for our first anniversary. Rest his soul. #Quote by Janet Evanovich
45 quotes by Robert B. Parker
#147. It was 10:45. Across the continent Susan would be putting on her makeup now, and spraying some perfume on herself and making sure her hair was perfect. I looked at my reflection in the window. My hair wasn't perfect. Neither was I. #Quote by Robert B. Parker
45 quotes by Joanna Campbell
#148. 45,000 sections of reinforced concrete - three tons each.
Nearly 300 watchtowers.
Over 250 dog runs.
Twenty bunkers.
Sixty five miles of anti-vehicle trenches - signal wire, barbed wire, beds of nails.
Over 11,000 armed guards.
A death strip of sand, well-raked to reveal footprints.
200 ordinary people shot dead following attempts to escape the communist regime.
96 miles of concrete wall.

Not your typical holiday destination.

JF Kennedy said the Berlin Wall was a better option than a war. In TDTL, the Anglo-German Bishop family from the pebbledashed English suburb of Oaking argue about this - among other - notions while driving to Cold War Berlin, through all the border checks, with a plan to visit both sides of it. #Quote by Joanna Campbell
45 quotes by Will Rogers
#149. Every land or property owner in America would be tickled to death to pay 45 per cent of his profits, if he didn't have to pay anything if he didn't make it. #Quote by Will Rogers
45 quotes by Alan Keyes
#150. Black Americans make up 10 or 11% of the population, but they account now for something of 40 to 45% of all the abortions. This is a privileged position that I'm not sure anyone in their right mind would aspire to. #Quote by Alan Keyes
45 quotes by Carol Leifer
#151. I never thought I was going to have children. I just thought after 45, that was it. #Quote by Carol Leifer
45 quotes by Dave Winfield
#152. And then 45 years later, as I finished my career in the great city of Cleveland, that was another great way to end my career, going to the World Series. #Quote by Dave Winfield
45 quotes by Karina Halle
#153. Not that it was a crazy complicated skill, but operating an espresso machine during high traffic could be added to my repertoire along with card tricks and how to fire a Colt .45.
(Quote taken from ARC, subject to change) #Quote by Karina Halle
45 quotes by Dave Gahan
#154. When I was growing up in the early '70s and really getting into music, waiting outside the record store for that 45, waiting for a single from The Dead, The Clash, David Bowie, or T-Rex or something to be there. There was something about that that was so special. #Quote by Dave Gahan
45 quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
#155. In the year 2000, wars caused the deaths of 310,000 individuals, and violent crime killed another 520,000. Each and every victim is a world destroyed, a family ruined, friends and relatives scarred for life. Yet from a macro perspective these 830,000 victims comprised only 1.5 per cent of the 56 million people who died in 2000. That year 1.26 million people died in car accidents (2.25 per cent of total mortality) and 815,000 people committed suicide (1.45 per cent).4 #Quote by Yuval Noah Harari
45 quotes by Kerrelyn Sparks
#156. What is 45 minutes to an old goat like you?" - Vanda
"I believe it is still 45 minutes." - Connor #Quote by Kerrelyn Sparks
45 quotes by Phil Heath
#157. Personally, I like one hand preacher curls with dumbbells. You don't have to do 100 pound dumbbells to get a burn. Heck I can do 35- 45 dumbbells and get something out of it. It's also great for guys that travel. It's the one piece of equipment that most hotels always have. #Quote by Phil Heath
45 quotes by Aldous Huxley
#158. It's a little embarrassing that after 45 years of research & study, the best advice I can give people is to be a little kinder to each other. #Quote by Aldous Huxley
45 quotes by Paul Colvin
#159. The wrath of Scotland beckons, it's no more the 45
The no votes wakened up to you, Scotland is alive
Look at how our parties rise whilst you're in disarray
The undertaker's standing by, Scots will have their say. #Quote by Paul Colvin
45 quotes by Bob Woodward
#160. Once at Haldeman's 7:45 a.m. senior staff meeting, Moynihan grew so frustrated at the wandering discussion that he raised his clenched fist, brought it down hard on the table, and shouted, "Fuck!" There was immediate silence. Butterfield watched everyone turn to Rose Woods, the only woman at the meeting, in horror and embarrassment. #Quote by Bob Woodward
45 quotes by Stephen Mangan
#161. My mother was gentle and warm. She was the sort of person you could really open up to. I was the eldest and her only boy, so I guess I was treated differently. She did bring me up as a Catholic, and at one time I was an altar boy, but I lost my faith, as did my father, when my mother died at 45. #Quote by Stephen Mangan
45 quotes by Mr. T
#162. Back in the day, I would wear up to 45 pounds of gold. It would take me four hours to get dressed! #Quote by Mr. T
45 quotes by Craig S. Keener
#163. The image of keys (plural) perhaps suggests not so much the porter, who controls admission to the house, as the steward, who regulates its administration (Is 22:22, in conjunction with 22:15). The issue then is not that of admission to the church (which is not what the kingdom of heaven means; see pp. 45-47) but an authority derived from a delegation of God's sovereignty. #Quote by Craig S. Keener
45 quotes by Ving Rhames
#164. I spent three days with Don King, and I interviewed 45 people. I studied his speech, his mannerisms. He invited me to a couple of fights, and I watched him. #Quote by Ving Rhames
45 quotes by Karen Mills
#165. I haven't checked this out yet, but one of our guys told me we have a counselor within 45 minutes to an hour of most small businesses in this country. That's really powerful. I call it our bone structure. #Quote by Karen Mills
45 quotes by Christophe Honore
#166. I wanted to make a more Romanesque film that told a story over a long period of time - this one spans 45 years. I had a great desire to make another musical, but this time I wanted to be more ambitious. #Quote by Christophe Honore
45 quotes by Rose Schneiderman
#167. By working hard we could make an average of about $5 a week. We would have made more but had to provide our own machines, which cost us $45, we paying for them on the installment plan. We paid $5 down and $1 a month after that. #Quote by Rose Schneiderman
45 quotes by Dmitri Shostakovich
#168. I was a guest in the home of a conductor when I was in my early twenties. They turned on the gramophone and played a popular record of a foxtrot. I liked the foxtrot, but I didn't like the way it was played. I confided my opinion to the host, who suddenly said, 'Ah, so you don't like the way it's played? All right, if you want, write down the number by heart and orchestrate it and I'll play it. That is, of course, if you can do it and in a given amount of time: I'm giving you an hour. if you're really a genius, you should be able to write it in an hour.' I did it in 45 minutes. #Quote by Dmitri Shostakovich
45 quotes by Harry Reid
#169. The American people do not like privatization. They are afraid of the debt the president's willing to do. And they don't like benefit cuts. And everyone here should understand all 45 Senate Democrats are united. We are not going to let this happen. #Quote by Harry Reid
45 quotes by Gerad Adams
#170. Each team has a net liner, a goalie, and five attackers. We have two defenders on the ice and three forwards. Our forwards are left winger, centre man and a right winger. We work as units of five. In ice hockey you go out and you go as hard as you can for 35 to 45 seconds, then we change. #Quote by Gerad Adams
45 quotes by Ken Blanchard
#171. The most important habit is solitude, quiet time. People who enter their day by taking 45 minutes or an hour for themselves - meditation, prayer, inspirational reading, taking a walk - before they go for it in the real world do best. #Quote by Ken Blanchard
45 quotes by Thomas Harris
#172. It occurred to Dr. Lecter in the moment that with all his knowledge and intrusion, he could never entirely predict her, or own her at all. He could feed the caterpillar, he could whisper through the chrysalis; what hatched out followed its own nature and was beyond him. He wondered if she had the .45 on her leg beneath the gown.
Clarice Starling smiled at him then, the cabochons caught the firelight and the monster was lost in self-congratulation at his own exquisite taste and cunning. #Quote by Thomas Harris
45 quotes by Mary Roach
#173. Whereas the larger caliber .45 Colt revolver bullets caused the cattle to drop to the ground after three or four shots, the animals shot with smaller caliber .38 bullets failed even after ten shots to drop to the ground. And ever since the U.S. Army has gone confidently into battle knowing that when cows attack, their men will be ready. #Quote by Mary Roach
45 quotes by Nobuyuki Fukumoto
#174. In times like these I always cheered myself up with a certain story. I forgot just when I first heard it, or who I heard it from... but, back when I was young it would cheer me up when I was feeling depressed. Basically, you think of life in terms of a single 24 hour day. So if you take the average human lifespan, to be around 72 years, then dividing that by 24... that comes to 3 years per hour. Meaning, that if you were 18 it'd only be 6 AM! 6 in the morning is nothing! Schools aren't even open by then! It's only been a couple of hours before sunrise, the day's just begun! So if you're 18, you can still fix you life by then! In fact even if you were 30 year old, that's still only 10 AM! The sun's still high, and there's still 2 hours until noon! You still have the whole afternoon to fix your life! You could still make something of yourself. I've always been thinking that, but... I'm now 45 years old! 45 divided by 3 is 15 meaning, that the time 3PM! Ring Ring Ring! I can hear the clock, ringing in my mind! There's only 2 hours before work is over at 5PM! I can't redo anything, it's almost time to go home already. #Quote by Nobuyuki Fukumoto
45 quotes by Marisha Pessl
#175. Dad's romances could last anywhere between a platypus egg incubation (19-21 days) and a squirrel pregnancy (24-45 days). #Quote by Marisha Pessl
45 quotes by Chris Squire
#176. I thought, 'Wow, if we could have a career that was five or six years long, that would be fantastic.' And, of course, never even thinking it would still be something I'd be doing in 45 years. #Quote by Chris Squire
45 quotes by Abbey Clancy
#177. I'm determined not to start dressing like I'm 45 years old now that I'm a mum. #Quote by Abbey Clancy
45 quotes by The Catholic Church
#178. To live, grow, and persevere in the faith until the end we must nourish it with the word of God; we must beg the Lord to increase our faith;45 it must be "working through charity," abounding in hope, and rooted in the faith of the Church.46 (2089, 1037, 2016, 2573, 2849) #Quote by The Catholic Church
45 quotes by Pete Wentz
#179. Long live the car crash hearts Cry on the couch all the poets come to life Fix me in 45 #Quote by Pete Wentz
45 quotes by Linford Christie
#180. I think it is good for youngsters to see me at 45 still jogging around the track. If me being here gives them a boost then thats great. #Quote by Linford Christie
45 quotes by Rachel Hawkins
#181. At 7:45, I was in the bathroom putting on some mascara when Jenna slipped in wearing an outfit that I can only describe as Hello Kitty Goes Goth. #Quote by Rachel Hawkins
45 quotes by John Ringo
#182. Extreme zombie fighting kit. Tactical boots and tacticals. Firefighting bunker gear. Nomex head cover tucked under the collar of the bunker gear. Full face respirator. Helmet with integrated visor. Body armor with integral MOLLE. Knee, elbow and shin guards. Nitrile gloves. Tactical gloves. Rubber gloves. Assault pack with hydration unit. Saiga shotgun on friction strap rig. A .45 USP in tactical fast-draw holster. Two .45 USP in chest holsters. Fourteen Saiga ten-round 12-gauge magazines plus one in the weapon. Nine pistol magazines in holster plus three in weapons. Kukri in waist sheath. Machete in over-shoulder sheath, right. Halligan tool in over-shoulder sheath, left. Tactical knife in chest sheath. Tactical knife in waist sheath. Bowie knife in thigh sheath. Calf tactical knife times two. A few clasp knives dangling in various places. There was the head of a teddy bear peeking out of her assault pack. #Quote by John Ringo
45 quotes by Viola Davis
#183. Now, a lot of people may be surprised at that, but I'm very dedicated to working out. Usually, it's running. It clears my mind, totally. I get on the treadmill, which I just bought, and I run on that for about 40-45 minutes. #Quote by Viola Davis
45 quotes by Robert Mueller
#184. What we bring to the table is not only our 56 field offices in the United States and our number of resident agencies, but also we have 45 legal attaches overseas. #Quote by Robert Mueller
45 quotes by Mika.
#185. I can see how weird I was. One day I decided the school needed a Christmas tree and spent hours dragging this huge beast of a tree into school. No one was pleased. I got two weeks detention because I was 45 minutes late and had made a big mess of leaves and soil all over the building. All the kids just laughed at me. #Quote by Mika.
45 quotes by Ike Barinholtz
#186. I do this thing at every party: I go to a party, I stand around for, like, 45 minutes, and then I turn to my wife and say, 'I think we should go home.' And then we leave, and then I wake up the next morning and say to my wife, 'We don't go out anymore.' It's a great trick. #Quote by Ike Barinholtz
45 quotes by Marie Helvin
#187. I go to the gym four times a week for 45 minutes to an hour without fail; I like using weights for muscle tone and the bike and rower for my heart rate. I do quite a lot of floor exercises. #Quote by Marie Helvin
45 quotes by Annie Jacobsen
#188. On the morning of January 17, 1966, a real-life dirty bomb crisis occurred over Palomares, Spain. A Strategic Air Command bomber flying with four armed hydrogen Bombs - with yields between 70 kilotons and 1.45 megatons - collided midair with a refueling tanker over the Spanish countryside. #Quote by Annie Jacobsen
45 quotes by Zach Galifianakis
#189. Yesterday, I masturbated for 45 minutes ... with salad tongs. #Quote by Zach Galifianakis
45 quotes by Alber Elbaz
#190. I always think, if I were an editor, and I was invited to a show, and I would have to wait for 45 minutes in the dark or in the cold or in the heat, maybe I would like to have a fresh drink or a piece of chocolate. #Quote by Alber Elbaz
45 quotes by Ross Mathews
#191. I started walking rather than driving to get my coffee. I liked it so much, I do it for 45 minutes every day ... You know those annoying people who are like, 'If I don't work out I feel ... ugh'? I might be becoming one of those people. #Quote by Ross Mathews
45 quotes by Manny Pacquiao
#192. In the morning, I wake up at about 6 a.m. and I run for about 45 minutes, then more sprinting. Then I go back home, I eat and I sleep. When I wake up, I train.I do about three hours in the gym. #Quote by Manny Pacquiao
45 quotes by Stephen Colbert
#193. Baptists:
I'm a pious guy, but even I have my limits. I draw the line right around spending 8 hours in church every Sunday. Church should be a solemn 45 minutes to sit quietly and feel guilty, with donuts at the end to make you feel better. I don't go in for a full day of singing and dancing and rejoicing, no matter how nice the hats are. I prefer my Gospel monotonously droned to me from a pulpit, thank you very much. #Quote by Stephen Colbert
45 quotes by Anonymous
#194. In many ways, the U.S. bureaucracy has moved away from the Weberian ideal of an energetic and efficient organization staffed by people chosen for their ability and technical knowledge. The system as a whole is less merit-based: rather than coming from top schools, 45 percent of recent new hires to the federal service are veterans, as mandated by Congress. And a number of surveys of the federal work force paint a depressing picture. According to the scholar Paul Light, "Federal employees appear to be more motivated by compensation than mission, ensnared in careers that cannot compete with business and nonprofits, troubled by the lack of resources to do their jobs, dissatisfied with the rewards for a job well done and the lack of consequences for a job done poorly, and unwilling to trust their own organizations. #Quote by Anonymous
45 quotes by Janet Evanovich
#195. I know what you're thinking," Grandma said into the silence. "Do I have anymore bullets in this here gun? Well, with all the confusion, what with being locked up in a refrigerator, I plumb forgot what was in here to start with. But being that this is a 45 magnum, the most powerful handgun in existence, and it could blow your head clean off, you just got to ask yourself one question. Do you feel lucky today? Well, do you, punk?"
Christ," Spiro whispered. "She thinks she's f**king Clint Eastwood. #Quote by Janet Evanovich
45 quotes by Doug Collins
#196. I'm a numbers guy, and I think numbers sometimes tell stories and sometimes they don't. When you look at the NBA, when teams shoot 45% or better from the floor, what is their record? And if they shoot under that what is their record? #Quote by Doug Collins
45 quotes by Thomas Aquinas
#197. John saw only the linen cloths. He, Peter, also saw the linen cloths because we [Gentiles] do not reject the Old Testament, for as Luke says, "Then he opened their minds to understand the scriptures" (Lk 24:45). But in addition Peter saw the napkin which had been on his head: "The head of Christ is God" (1 Cor 11:3). Thus to see the napkin which had been on the head of Jesus is to have faith in the divinity of Christ, which the Jews refused to accept. This napkin is described as not lying with the linen cloths, and rolled up, having a place by itself, because the divinity of Christ is covered over, and it is apart from every creature because of its excellence: "God who is over all be blessed for ever" (Rom 9:5); "Truly, you art a God who hides yourself" (Is 45:15). #Quote by Thomas Aquinas
45 quotes by Narendra Modi
#198. I have toured around for 45 years and have experience of night halt at more than 400 districts. And that's why I know the reality of this earth. #Quote by Narendra Modi
45 quotes by Gigi Hadid
#199. I usually do my hair and makeup in 30 to 45 minutes, and if my hair is dirty, I'll just put it in a bun or a ponytail. If it's in a bun, I'll part it down the middle and do a low bun with a couple pieces in the front coming down. #Quote by Gigi Hadid
45 quotes by Jimmy Fallon
#200. President Obama is launching a new $6 billion space policy that will ultimately take astronauts to Mars. Of course, it's $6 billion and $45 if the astronauts have a carry-on. #Quote by Jimmy Fallon

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