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4 Perspective quotes by Eckhart Tolle
#1. There is nothing that strengthens the ego more than being right. Being right is identification with a mental position - a perspective, an opinion, a judgement, a story. For you to be right, of course, you need someone else to be wrong, as so the ego loves to make wrong in order to be right. #Quote by Eckhart Tolle
4 Perspective quotes by Niall Ferguson
#2. I wrote this book because I had formed a strong impression that the people currently living were paying insufficient attention to the dead. #Quote by Niall Ferguson
4 Perspective quotes by Diane B. Saxton
#3. Think how wonderful it might be to no longer matter, Mrs. Peregrine. Think how wonderful it might be to no longer worry, struggle… or fail. #Quote by Diane B. Saxton
4 Perspective quotes by Gyomay M. Kubose
#4. Enlightenment was not just Gautama Buddha's, but you too, individually, must find this new perspective of life, this new point of view in your life and in all things. #Quote by Gyomay M. Kubose
4 Perspective quotes by Buzz Aldrin
#5. We really didn't devote a lot of time to investigating the scariest aspects of our flight. It was more challenging and productive to concentrate on the remedies, and leave things that couldn't be solved to happen without thinking about them. There is a morbid human curiosity associated with tragic death-producing events. Though naturally, this needs to be kept in perspective. #Quote by Buzz Aldrin
4 Perspective quotes by Oprah Winfrey
#6. Keep a grateful journal. Every night, list five things that you are grateful for. What it will begin to do is change our perspective of your day and your life. #Quote by Oprah Winfrey
4 Perspective quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
#7. To a fireman, wind is a curse. To a sailor, wind is a blessing. #Quote by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
4 Perspective quotes by Douglas Adams
#8. Zaphod had never heard of this. He believed that he had heard of all the fun things in the Galaxy, so he assumed that the Total Perspective Vortex was not fun. #Quote by Douglas Adams
4 Perspective quotes by Francoise Mallet-Joris
#9. Nature does not loathe virtue: it is unaware of its existence. #Quote by Francoise Mallet-Joris
4 Perspective quotes by Warren W. Wiersbe
#10. When you and I hurt deeply, what we really need is not an explanation from God but a revelation of God. We need to see how great God is; we need to recover our lost perspective on life. Things get out of proportion when we are suffering, and it takes a vision of something bigger than ourselves to get life's dimensions adjusted again #Quote by Warren W. Wiersbe
4 Perspective quotes by Harold Holzer
#11. Feeling its power, one Civil War paper trumpeted that Milton and Homer were for another age but for this one was the New York Herald. #Quote by Harold Holzer
4 Perspective quotes by Glenn Haybittle
#12. That there's a deep compulsion in the human spirit to overcome the selfish antics of the I in us. War, grindingly, shifts one's perspective from I to we. Never again will many of us feel our lives so interpedently entwined as we do in these times of war. Never again will someone else's loss or gain become such an integral part of our own store of resources. #Quote by Glenn Haybittle
4 Perspective quotes by Salil Jha
#13. For a change, don't add new things in your life as a new year's resolution. Instead, do more of what's already working for you and stop doing things that are time-waste. #Quote by Salil Jha
4 Perspective quotes by Peter Singer
#14. Ben West points out that even from a selfish perspective, earning to give allows you to have things that people believe make them happy, like money and a high-status job, while still getting the fulfillment that comes from knowing you are helping to make the world a better place. #Quote by Peter Singer
4 Perspective quotes by John Darnielle
#15. I thought about the guy in the truck, the focus in his expression, and I felt like I already knew enough of the story to tell it to somebody else maybe better than either of its major players could. #Quote by John Darnielle
4 Perspective quotes by Melissa Febos
#16. Being a dominatrix, sticking my foot up people's asses for money, necessitated that I divorce myself from any sort of objective perspective on what I was doing. In order to think about things as a writer you have to objectify your experience. I couldn't have been enacting that experience if I was objectifying it. #Quote by Melissa Febos
4 Perspective quotes by Van Harden
#17. Personally, I'm choosing to dwell upon the glory of the kingdom of which I am a part, even though I'm still a witness and sometimes a victim of the junk in 'this' world. #Quote by Van Harden
4 Perspective quotes by Lysa TerKeurst
#18. Remember that everything that happens to you is first filtered through God's hand. Interruptions can become opportunities. What you might see as distractions God might see as divine appointments. Things may happen that seem so haphazard and distracting to our agenda, but with a fresh dose of perspective, they can turn into precious moments. #Quote by Lysa TerKeurst
4 Perspective quotes by Martijn Benders
#19. I started seeing poetry from a strictly consumerist perspective as poets serving up beverages. Most, maybe like 97 percent or something, serve lemonade. You can consume their work and it will teach you nothing, and it will leave a sticky unpleasant feeling in your mouth and a slight nausea in your stomach. There are all kinds of home-made lemonades, milky lemonade, watery lemonade, some throw pepper in it or even puke in the lemonade, but its still lemonade, just a puky sort.

Then there are a few that offer stronger drinks. Some say the secret is the cellar, but I think that's just a propaganda story. If you leave a bottle of lemonade in the cellar for 10 years it won't turn into wine. But some of these fools are doing exactly that. Stinky old lemonade full of dust. And then there's those that think the problem is the Lemonade isn't smooth enough and they start filtering it with a sieve, imagining to be gold-diggers or something. No no no, the secret isn't cellars. The secret is rather a sincere hate for lemonade. As long as you don't hate lemonade with every pore in your body, as long as a part of you accepts the lemonade, then forget about the cellars. But if your soul says 'Fuck the Lemonade' then it starts to search.

You will find that a small percentage of poetry offered is like a strong beverage. Most then, again, are like cheap beer or wine. To find a wine that's actually good or even a decent whiskey you have to sift to tuns of poems, and then yo #Quote by Martijn Benders
4 Perspective quotes by Simon Critchley
#20. Christianity in the West, opens up a perspective of depth into what it means to be a self. And that depth of the self is something that is experienced in the sight of God. So that the great thinkers of self and subjectivity are Paul and Augustine. They look at the self from the perspective of God and they find themselves wretched and interesting. Constituted by conflictual desires. #Quote by Simon Critchley
4 Perspective quotes by Philip G. Zimbardo
#21. Zimbardo and Boyd Time perspective is the often nonconscious personal attitude that each of us holds toward time and the process whereby the continual flow of existence is bundled into time categories that help to give order, coherence, and meaning to our lives. #Quote by Philip G. Zimbardo
4 Perspective quotes by Russell Crowe
#22. People say, 'Surely there's the right reasons for going to war?' And my perspective is, 'Surely there's a better way of asking that question?' #Quote by Russell Crowe
4 Perspective quotes by Ted Dekker
#23. When you step away from it all, you lose perspective. #Quote by Ted Dekker
4 Perspective quotes by Kid Ink
#24. I try to be true to myself yet still at the same time look at comments and look at what the fans have to say and kind of put it in perspective. I'm never someone whose not open for opinion, I'm always just down to make it work and see how we can do things but at the end of the day I always want to make sure it represents me. It's really about just being humble and not selling yourself on being there already. #Quote by Kid Ink
4 Perspective quotes by David Deming
#25. I'm a geophysicist who has conducted and published climate studies in top-rank scientific journals. My perspective on Mr. Inhofe and the issue of global warming is informed not only by my knowledge of climate science but also by my studies of the history and philosophy of science. #Quote by David Deming
4 Perspective quotes by Leslie Vernick
#26. From Christ's perspective, success isn't measured by how much we do, how much we earn, or how much we have, but by how well we love and what kind of person we're becoming in the midst of life's activities. #Quote by Leslie Vernick
4 Perspective quotes by Thomm Quackenbush
#27. The nature of God's plan can be difficult to fathom when you are toiling in some small corner of it, but it is glorious from above, if you allow yourself the perspective. #Quote by Thomm Quackenbush
4 Perspective quotes by Nicholas Day
#28. The psychologist Jerome Kagan has argued that parenting has a threshold function: up until that threshold is crossed, the effects of a child's very early experience even out in the end. But parenting that crosses the threshold - abuse, stress, utter indifference - can sink in deep, especially if the baby remains in that environment. There's a lot to be said for this perspective on parenthood, not least that it offers well-meaning parents some relief from scaremongering. It also accounts for the astounding flexibility of the human infant: he is game for the craziest parenting stuff you can come up with. #Quote by Nicholas Day
4 Perspective quotes by Robert M. Gates
#29. The challenge is to maintain a high-level, broad perspective, understand enough details to make sensible and executable decisions, and then delegate responsibility for implementation. "Microknowledge" must not become micromanagement, but it sure helps keep people on their toes when they know that the secretary knows what the hell he's talking about. If the secretary of defense doesn't #Quote by Robert M. Gates
4 Perspective quotes by Kathy Bates
#30. It was also wonderful to have the prospect of playing with Jack Nicholson. It was a terrific part, a terrific script, with Alexander Payne and Jack Nicholson. You can't get any better than that! #Quote by Kathy Bates
4 Perspective quotes by Moby
#31. I have no perspective as regards my work. One reason I put out records and books is people respond to it, and it enables you to actually see the work more clearly. It's a form of therapy for me. Sometimes abusive therapy. #Quote by Moby
4 Perspective quotes by Barbara Fredrickson
#32. Positive people are able to maintain a broader perspective and see the big picture which helps them identify solutions where as negative people maintain a narrower perspective and tend to focus on problems. #Quote by Barbara Fredrickson
4 Perspective quotes by L.R. Knost
#33. The moment you realize that you aren't creating a cut-and-paste version of yourself, but rather nurturing a stunningly unique individual with thoughts and feelings and hopes and fears and opinions and preferences and plans and interests of their own is the moment parenting becomes an adventure instead of a challenge. It's a simple shift in perspective that creates a world of difference. #Quote by L.R. Knost
4 Perspective quotes by Stephen Harper
#34. Those of different faiths and no faith should seek areas of common agreement based on their different perspectives. #Quote by Stephen Harper
4 Perspective quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#35. There are times in life that we ascribe qualities or traits to other people that are inaccurate or fail to recognize other aspects of their being because we are emotionally invested in that person fulfilling a specific role in our life. When we claim that the other person changed it is not so much that they altered their core composition, but we now must admit to ourselves that our original perception of them was imprecise. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
4 Perspective quotes by Agatha Christie
#36. He has neither what I call the outward vision (seeing details all around you what is called an observant person) nor the inner vision
concentration, the focusing of the mind on one object. He has a purposefully limited vision. He sees only what blends and harmonises with the bent of his mind. #Quote by Agatha Christie
4 Perspective quotes by Katie Holmes
#37. Definitely being a mom changes your perspective on everything. #Quote by Katie Holmes
4 Perspective quotes by Andy Andrews
#38. Wisdom can be gathered on your downtime. Wisdom that can change the very course of your life will come from the people you are around, the books you read, and the things you listen to or watch on radio or television. Of course, bad information is gathered in your downtime too. Bad information that can change the very course of your life will come from the people you are around, the books you read, and the things you listen to or watch on radio or television. One of wisdom's greatest benefits, is accurate discernment- the learned ability to immediately tell right from wrong. Good from evil. Acceptable from unacceptable. Time well spent from time wasted. The right decision from the wrong decision. And many times this is simply a matter of having the correct perspective. One way to define wisdom is THE ABILITY TO SEE, INTO THE FUTURE, THE CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR CHOICES IN THE PRESENT. That ability can give you a completely different perspective on what the future might look like... with a degree of intelligence and a hint of wisdom, most people can tell the difference between good and bad. However, it takes a truly wise person to discern the oh-so-thin line between good and best. And that line...[gives you the] perspective that allows you to see clearly the long-term consequences of your choices. #Quote by Andy Andrews
4 Perspective quotes by Meryn G. Callander
#39. Is this a negative perspective? The stance of a victim? No, It is a statement of truth. The way it is for a woman who refuses to be cast aside without protest. Who has the courage to bare her face and her heart to the reality of her partner's infidelity. Who will now accept and tolerate nothing but the truth.

Will she falter? Will she hide? Will she feel she can't go on? Of course she will. She is human. That is what is so real about her and what is so beautiful about her, even in her grief, and in her rage. #Quote by Meryn G. Callander

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