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2291 Candy quotes by Catherynne M Valente
#1. Listen, everything is possible in here. You can burn every spinning wheel in the kingdom. You can cut your hair before he ever gets the chance to climb up. It is possible to decline the beanstalk. You can let the old witch dance at your wedding, hand out the kind of forgiveness that would wake the dead and sleeping. You can just walk away, get on a horse, and go wake some other maiden from her narrative coffin, if you're brave, if you're strong. What do you want? Do you want to escape? Or were you looking for that candy house? #Quote by Catherynne M Valente
2291 Candy quotes by Brenda V. Smith
#2. We had nine pails of candy for Halloween, now we are down to one. They go for a lot of the candy mixes. I think that they buy them for themselves sometimes. #Quote by Brenda V. Smith
2291 Candy quotes by Peter Diamandis
#3. Space is not a two-year objective. It used to be, in the early '60's, we had this eye candy of Mercury and Gemini and Apollo and every year we would do something more and more and it met those needs. But the easy stuff has been done. #Quote by Peter Diamandis
2291 Candy quotes by Emily Fridlund
#4. He wore a candy-cane scarf and a red pom-pom hat. Every time the wind started up, his pom bounced on the air like a bobber. #Quote by Emily Fridlund
2291 Candy quotes by Rachel Van Dyken
#5. Parades terrify me," Max piped up.
Jason nodded in understanding and slid the champagne toward him and Reid.
"Parades?" I couldn't help but ask. "Really?"
Max shot me a look of terror. "The clowns are allowed out of their tiny cars, Colton. Have you ever even been to a parade? They hand candy and balloons to small children and have permanent smiles on their faces. No one" - he shuddered - "should have a permanent smile. #Quote by Rachel Van Dyken
2291 Candy quotes by Kristen Ashley
#6. I been working for Cabe Delgado for seven years. When I walked my ass into this place to interview for the job, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Hot guys everywhere. So much fine ass, shit! I woulda worked here for nothin'. First day, thirty minutes in, these boys, they became a pain in my ass. Sortin' their shit out is like herdin' cats. Luckily eye candy provides job satisfaction. #Quote by Kristen Ashley
2291 Candy quotes by Tom Abrahams
#7. The grunt pulled his collar up around his neck. "Butterfinger." "Yeah." Queho nodded, a smile spreading across his face. "Butterfinger. Good one. I liked that one. I always got the candy stuck between my teeth. Same with the Heath Bar." He picked at his teeth with his finger. "Not worth the effort." The grunt kept pace with Queho. The caravan was traveling more like an amorphous pack. The town's wide streets accommodated the disorganization as the posse clopped along. Queho was so preoccupied with Dairy Queen, he didn't notice. "I always got the chocolate chip cookie dough," Queho said, licking his lips. "Oh, that was good. And remember? They'd hold it upside down?" He held out his hand to pantomime a Dairy Queen clerk holding a cup of ice cream upside down. "That way you knew how thick they made it." The #Quote by Tom Abrahams
2291 Candy quotes by Charles Krauthammer
#8. Israel is the very embodiment of Jewish continuity: It is the only nation on earth that inhabits the same land, bears the same name, speaks the same language, and worships the same God that it did 3,000 years ago. You dig the soil and you find pottery from Davidic times, coins from Bar Kokhba, and 2,000-year-old scrolls written in a script remarkably like the one that today advertises ice cream at the corner candy store. #Quote by Charles Krauthammer
2291 Candy quotes by Tatjana Ostojic
#9. Like a child
licking his lower lip
while looking through the window
of a candy shop,
eye-eating the sugar glazed apples
that are shining in all shades of red.
That is how you look at me.
With all the temptation
of a child,
wanting to break the glass
and indulge in something he cannot have. #Quote by Tatjana Ostojic
2291 Candy quotes by Dwyane Wade
#10. I'm just a kid in a candy store right now, trying to have fun. I'm getting a chance to show my ability and my talent. #Quote by Dwyane Wade
2291 Candy quotes by Rod Serling
#11. I only wanted to tell you that this was the wonderful time for you. Don't let any of it go by without enjoying it. There won't be any more merry-go-rounds. No more cotton candy. No more band concerts. I only wanted to tell you, Martin, that this is the wonderful time. Now! Here! That's all. That's all I wanted to tell you. #Quote by Rod Serling
2291 Candy quotes by Jamie Farr
#12. Canada has given us John Candy and Martin Short and Bill Shatner and Lord knows how many other wonderful performers. #Quote by Jamie Farr
2291 Candy quotes by Blake Lively
#13. I first started wearing fragrance when I was thirteen or fourteen, and the smell was candy-like. They were in very colorful bottles, like turquoise and pink. By the time I was sixteen or seventeen, it got more girly and more floral. #Quote by Blake Lively
2291 Candy quotes by Robert B. Parker
#14. I think you've never quite altogether forgiven yourself for that woman in Los Angeles all that time ago."
"Candy Sloan," I said.
Susan nodded.
"Only time I ever cheated on you," I said.
"Makes it that much worse, doesn't it?" Susan said.
"I'm not sure it makes any difference," I said.
Susan smiled the smile she used when she knew I was wrong but planned to let me get away with it. #Quote by Robert B. Parker
2291 Candy quotes by Joan Nestle
#15. After three hours, I come back to the waiting room. It is a cosmetic surgery office, so a little like a hotel lobby, underheated and expensively decorated, with candy in little dishes, emerald-green plush chairs, and upscale fashion magazines artfully displayed against the wall.
A young woman comes in, frantic to get a pimple "zapped" before she sees her family over the holidays. An older woman comes in with her daughter for a follow-up visit to a face-lift. She is wearing a scarf and dark glasses. The nurse examines her bruises right out in the waiting room.
And you are in the operating room having your body and your gender legally altered. I feel like laughing, but I know it makes me sound like a lunatic. #Quote by Joan Nestle
2291 Candy quotes by John Candy
#16. You wanna hurt me? Go right ahead if it makes you feel any better. I'm an easy target. Yeah, you're right, I talk too much. I also listen too much. I could be a cold-hearted cynic like you ... but I don't like to hurt people's feelings. Well, you think what you want about me; I'm not changing. I like ... I like me. My wife likes me. My customers like me. 'Cause I'm the real article. What you see is what you get. #Quote by John Candy
2291 Candy quotes by Candace Knoebel
#17. We must clean this, and then you must leave here. He will find you. He will smell you out as I did. You are full of purity and goodness. It's like candy to my kind. #Quote by Candace Knoebel
2291 Candy quotes by Margaret Atwood
#18. It's an event, a small defiance of rule, so small as to be undetectable, but such moments are the rewards I hold out for myself, like the candy I hoarded, as a child, at the back of a drawer. Such moments are possibilities, tiny peepholes. #Quote by Margaret Atwood
2291 Candy quotes by Stephanie Perkins
#19. Did you wake me up ... to talk about candy? #Quote by Stephanie Perkins
2291 Candy quotes by Seanan McGuire
#20. Didn't we talk about this?"
"That isn't an answer." I planted my hands on my hips. "Was there a reason for shoving the gummy bears off the counter? Did they tell you they were suicidal? On second thought," I raised a hand, palm out, "don't answer that. If the candy is talking, I don't want to know. #Quote by Seanan McGuire
2291 Candy quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#21. I know they say you shouldn't take candy from strangers, but it's a cookie and not candy and technically, I'm not a stranger. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
2291 Candy quotes by Candy Crowley
#22. I still get mad. I still get upset. But I let it go more quickly. #Quote by Candy Crowley
2291 Candy quotes by David Kushner
#23. Kids grow up hearing fairy tales, but the biggest fairy tale of all, I realized at the age of four, is that life is safe. Life isn't safe, I learned. It's crazy. Evil is real. One minute you could be riding your bike on the way to get candy, and the next, you're dead. Anything could happen anywhere at any time. So now what? How was I supposed to live without giving in to the fear? #Quote by David Kushner
2291 Candy quotes by Amy Sedaris
#24. I did shoplift but I didn't get in trouble for it. I shoplifted a lot when I was little. Candy. I would steal candy. #Quote by Amy Sedaris
2291 Candy quotes by Lewis Black
#25. The worst thing about Halloween is, of course, candy corn. It's unbelievable to me. Candy corn is the only candy in the history of America that's never been advertised. And there's a reason. All of the candy corn that was ever made was made in 1911. And so, since nobody eats that stuff, every year there's a ton of it left over. #Quote by Lewis Black
2291 Candy quotes by J.D. Robb
#26. Are you gonna arrest a robber?"
"Know any?"
"My friend Everet stoled a candy bar from the store, but his ma found out and made him go pay for it out of his 'lowance, and he couldn't have candy or nothing for a whole month. You could arrest him. He's over there."
He pointed, cheerfully ratting out his pal.
"It sounds like he's paid his debt to society. #Quote by J.D. Robb
2291 Candy quotes by Diablo Cody
#27. Everyone's favorite supper is a gluey carbohydrate-rich concoction known simply as "hotdish" and served in a community Pyrex. #Quote by Diablo Cody
2291 Candy quotes by J.J. McAvoy
#28. I'm not now, nor shall I ever be, any man's arm candy. #Quote by J.J. McAvoy
2291 Candy quotes by Sarah Martin
#29. I thought Candy Mountain was a real place #Quote by Sarah Martin
2291 Candy quotes by Lauren Layne
#30. You play tennis, Chloe?" I call out as I pull out another ball and serve it to Kristin, harder this time.
"Do I look like I'm all about cardio?" she calls back in a cheerful voice.
"What about when you were younger? You didn't take lessons?"
"Um, that's a negative," Chloe says around a mouthful of chocolate. She has a candy bar now. "Some of us were reading Harry Potter like normal kids. #Quote by Lauren Layne
2291 Candy quotes by Valerie Wilson Wesley
#31. Boredom is what you fight. Constant, ever-present boredom. So you learn to look forward to small things. Sunlight glimpsed through a cloud, an extra piece of pie or candy, good thread to sew your blouse, a ribbon to wear in your hair. #Quote by Valerie Wilson Wesley
2291 Candy quotes by Sarah Beth Durst
#32. Imagine that it's sugar," Korbyn said. 'You're riding across candy.'
"Salt can never be sugar," Fennik said.
"We should talk about the definition of the word 'imagine'. #Quote by Sarah Beth Durst
2291 Candy quotes by Collette West
#33. Maybe I am the eye candy on the team, but the only mouth I plan on melting in is hers. #Quote by Collette West
2291 Candy quotes by Elisabeth Rohm
#34. Our goal as women should be to discover who we are and not who we think we should be or who the world wants us to be. It's not our responsibility to be arm candy! #Quote by Elisabeth Rohm
2291 Candy quotes by David Wong
#35. The floor was littered with paper cups and candy wrappers and cigarette butts and other teenager droppings. I saw a used condom under my shoe. #Quote by David Wong
2291 Candy quotes by Bill Hicks
#36. Mister, I don't want no trouble. I just came downtown here to get some hard rock candy for my kids, some gingham for my wife. I don't even know what gingham is, but she goes through about ten rolls a week of that stuff. I ain't looking for no trouble, Mister. #Quote by Bill Hicks
2291 Candy quotes by Thomas King
#37. The sad truth is that, within the public sphere, within the collective consciousness of the general populace, most of the history of Indians in North America has been forgotten, and what we are left with is a series of historical artifacts and, more importantly, a series of entertainments. As a series of artifacts, Native history is somewhat akin to a fossil hunt in which we find a skull in Almo, Idaho, a thigh bone on the Montana plains, a tooth near the site of Powhatan's village in Virginia, and then, assuming that all the parts are from the same animal, we guess at the size and shape of the beast. As a series of entertainments, Native history is an imaginative cobbling together of fears and loathings, romances and reverences, facts and fantasies into a cycle of creative performances, in Technicolor and 3-D, with accompanying soft drinks, candy, and popcorn.
In the end, who really needs the whole of Native history when we can watch the movie? #Quote by Thomas King
2291 Candy quotes by Maya Angelou
#38. The best candy shop a child can be left alone in, is the library #Quote by Maya Angelou
2291 Candy quotes by Laura Moriarty
#39. Men don't want candy that's been unwrapped. Maybe for a lark, but not when it comes to marriage. It may still be perfectly clean, but if it's unwrapped, they don't know where it's been. #Quote by Laura Moriarty
2291 Candy quotes by Caitlin Moran
#40. Overeating is the addiction of choice of carers, and that's why it's come to be regarded as the lowest-ranking of all the addictions. It's a way of fucking yourself up while still remaining fully functional, because you have to. Fat people aren't indulging in the "luxury" of their addiction making them useless, chaotic, or a burden. Instead, they are slowly self-destructing in a way that doesn't inconvenience anyone. And that's why it's so often a woman's addiction of choice. All the quietly eating mums. All the KitKats in office drawers. All the unhappy moments, late at night, caught only in the fridge light. #Quote by Caitlin Moran
2291 Candy quotes by E.A. Bucchianeri
#41. Finding a taxi, she felt like a child pressing her nose to the window of a candy store as she watched the changing vista pass by while the twilight descended and the capital became bathed in a translucent misty lavender glow. Entering the city from that airport was truly unique. Charles de Gaulle, built nineteen miles north of the bustling metropolis, ensured that the final point of destination was veiled from the eyes of the traveller as they descended. No doubt, the officials scrupulously planned the airport's location to prevent the incessant air traffic and roaring engines from visibly or audibly polluting the ambience of their beloved capital, and apparently, they succeeded. If one flew over during the summer months, the visitor would be visibly presented with beautifully managed quilt-like fields of alternating gold and green appearing as though they were tilled and clipped with the mathematical precision of a slide rule. The countryside was dotted with quaint villages and towns that were obviously under meticulous planning control. When the aircraft began to descend, this prevailing sense of exactitude and order made the visitor long for an aerial view of the capital city and its famous wonders, hoping they could see as many landmarks as they could before they touched ground, as was the usual case with other major international airports, but from this point of entry, one was denied a glimpse of the city below. Green fields, villages, more fields, the ground grew closer #Quote by E.A. Bucchianeri
2291 Candy quotes by Charlie Munger
#42. It takes almost no capital to open a new See's candy store. We're drowning in capital of our own that has almost no cost. It would be crazy to franchise stores like some capital-starved pancake house. We like owning our own stores as a matter of quality control. #Quote by Charlie Munger
2291 Candy quotes by Aaron Blaylock
#43. As a teenager Valentine's Day was a stressful time. Either I didn't have a "girlfriend" and was forced to endure a day of hearts, cards and stuffed animals parading through my loneliness or even worse I had a "girlfriend" and felt pressure to provide just the right combination of cards, candy and stuffed animals to show the appropriate level of affection. Are flowers and a card enough? Should I get her balloons? Does she like balloons? If I don't get her candy will she think I think she's fat? Why did I want a girlfriend again? Valentine's Day was a report card on how you were, or were not in some sad cases, perceived as "boyfriend" material. #Quote by Aaron Blaylock
2291 Candy quotes by Maggie Young
#44. The crew did not fit the stereotype of the Navy sailors that I expected. The media always presented Navy men as being GI Joe's in white. But a good sum of them were in their thirties and forties. Very few sported less than two chins, let alone the six-pack of a warrior. While standing at attention, I saw a slew of potbellies jiggling atop Navy belt buckles. I saw bald spots, acne, retro porn mustaches, and wrinkles, but to my utter disappointment, no eye candy. #Quote by Maggie Young
2291 Candy quotes by Jeremy Radin
#45. Touch was absolutely
out of the question. I couldn't stop sweating. My heart, a butterfly pinned
to a glacier. Empires fell inside my mouth. I touched myself like a pogrom
& broke my sex into a history of inconsequential shames. I wept viciously
inside of my own stomach & had it condemned. From an upside-down bell
I drank silence, subsisted on the memory of someone else's hands. Wolves
sang & I did not answer. I forgot their names. Mornings were the worst, then
there were days & evenings. Streetlights & darkened sycamore & suburban
grief so full it made me foolish. I shattered my fist on the Lord's jaw. Sorrow
sat, licking my wrists & my neck. I slept at its convenience. O, uncelebrated
body. My penis, a lighthouse on the bottom of the ocean, shining shadows
at the undersides of boats. Nobody drowned for so many years. Desperate
for the making of those candy-throated ghosts, I found the rooms between
the violence of comets. I threw myself into anything's path. Even the sky
bent around me. How lonely to be something that nothing wants to kill. (So I Locked Myself Inside A Star for Twenty Years) #Quote by Jeremy Radin
2291 Candy quotes by Colson Whitehead
#46. The plastic-covered notebooks were candy-colored and palm-size, brimming with the characters and arcana of a prosperous and long-standing children's entertainment combine. The creation myth of the product line concerned the adventures of a clever, effeminate armadillo and his cohort of resourceful desert critters. #Quote by Colson Whitehead
2291 Candy quotes by Scott Nicholson
#47. Then on your tombstone, where you only get a little bit of space to sum up your life, some wax-faced creep chisels a set of meaningless numbers instead of poetry or a secret love or the name of your favorite candy.
In the end, all you get is a few words. #Quote by Scott Nicholson

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